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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Reference material, World War Two, 1939-1945

References on this page: LIDDELL HART: 15/4/38-79

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/38-48 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 1939-1946. Papers dated 1937-1969


1937, 1945-1968

Newspaper cuttings relating to Red Army and to German-Soviet War, 1941-1945. 1 file


1939 Oct-1941 Jun

Newspaper cuttings relating to USSR, Oct 1939-Jun 1941, including expulsion of USSR from League of Nations, 14 Dec 1939; Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and northern Bukovina, 28 Jun 1940; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania incorporated into USSR, 14 Jul 1940; Japanese-Soviet neutrality pact signed in Moscow, 13 Apr 1941; Operation BARBAROSSA, German invasion of USSR, 22 Jun 1941. 2 files



Papers relating to German-Soviet War, 1941-1945, including typescript extracts from Hitler's 'Directive 21, Operation BARBAROSSA', 18 Dec 1940; typescript copies of translated German OKW staff documents on preparations for Operation BARBAROSSA, Feb-Apr 1941; typescript extracts from letters by German FM Gerd von Rundstedt, Jun 1941-Aug 1942; typescript accounts, by German Gen Günther Blumentritt, on the 'Marcks plan' to invade USSR, encirclement battles (Kesselschlachten) and the 1942 campaigns in USSR, Nov 1948; typescript of book by Arthur Ehrhardt entitled 'Red partisan warfare', Jun 1949; typescript extract from letter, by German Gen Heinz Guderian, on invasion of USSR, 2 Feb 1950; typescript copy of notes, by (Reginald William Winchester) Chester Wilmot, of interview with German Lt Gen Fritz Bayerlein, on German preparations for invasion of USSR, 5 Aug 1950; extracts from letter, dated 21 Apr 1950, to LIDDELL HART from German Gen Franz Halder on objectives in USSR in 1942. 1 file


1941 Jul-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to German-Soviet War, Jul-Dec 1941, including German capture of Smolensk, 16 Jul 1941; withdrawal of Soviet forces across Dnieper river, 18 Aug 1941; capture of Kiev by German forces, 19 Sep 1941; evacuation of Odessa by Red Army, 16 Oct 1941; German capture of Kharkov, 24 Oct 1941; launch of Operation TYPHOON, the German advance on Moscow, 28 Nov 1941; Red Army counter-offensive launched in front of Moscow, 6 Dec 1941. 6 files


1942 Jan-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to German-Soviet War, 1942, including advance of Red Army into Ukraine, 28 Jan 1942; signing of Anglo-Soviet Treaty in London, 26 May 1942; launch of Operation BLUE, German offensive to capture Caucasus, 28 Jun 1942; capture of Sevastopol by German forces, 1 Jul 1942; advance of German forces to river Don, 4 Jul 1942; Soviet evacuation of Rostov, 27 Jul 1942; first Moscow conference, 12-15 Aug 1942; German forces enter outskirts of Stalingrad, 12 Sep 1942; launch of Red Army counter-offensive at Stalingrad, 22 Nov 1942. 10 files


1943 Jan-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to German-Soviet War, 1943, including lifting of Leningrad siege, 18 Jan 1943; German FM Friedrich von Paulus captured by Soviet forces at Stalingrad, 31 Jan 1943; surrender of German forces at Stalingrad, 2 Feb 1943; recapture of Kursk by Red Army, 8 Feb 1943; Germans launch Operation CITADEL, Battle of Kursk, Jul-Aug 1943; recapture of Kharkov by Soviet forces, 23 Aug 1943; recapture of Smolensk by Red Army, 23 Sep 1943; second Moscow conference, 19-29 Oct 1943; recapture of Kiev by Soviet forces, 6 Nov 1943. 10 files



Newspaper cuttings relating to diplomatic and political aspects of Soviet liberation of eastern Europe including Soviet-Czech alliance of mutual assistance and post-war co-operation, 13 Dec 1943; Soviet-Polish dispute over proposed Polish frontier, Jan 1944; Soviet-Polish relations, 1944-1945; Yalta conference between Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, Rt Hon Winston (Leonard Spencer) Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 4-11 Feb 1945. 2 files



Newspaper cuttings relating to cultural and ideological aspects of Soviet life and Soviet homefront, 1943-1946. 1 file



Publications relating to German-Soviet War, 1941-1945 including journal articles by Paul Muratoff entitled 'The Russian Summer campaign of 1942', 'The third Russian Winter campaign' and 'The Russian Summer offensive of 1944', from Message: Belgian Review, Mar 1943, Jul 1944 and May 1945; article by German Col Gen Heinz Guderian entitled 'The Moscow offensive 1941', from Irish defence journal, An Cosantóir, May-Jun 1949; article by German Gen Günther Blumentritt entitled 'Attack on Moscow', from An Cosantóir, Aug-Oct 1952; article by German Col Gen E Raus entitled 'The defence of Pomerania', from An Cosantóir, Aug-Oct 1954; twelve editions of Soviet News, Jan 1943-Jan 1951 (Press Department, Soviet Embassy, London). 1 file


1944 Jan-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to German-Soviet War, 1944, including Red Army advance crosses 1939 Polish frontier, 10 Jan 1944; lifting of Leningrad blockade, 27 Jan 1944; Red Army enters Romania, 2 Apr 1944; recapture of Sevastopol by Soviet forces, 7 May 1944; Minsk recaptured by Red Army, 3 Jul 1944; Soviet forces cross river Vistula, Poland, 3 Aug 1944; signing of armistice between USSR and Romania, 23 Aug 1944; Red Army enters Bucharest, Romania, 31 Aug 1944; Soviet forces cross Hungarian frontier, 23 Sep 1944; Red Army enters Yugoslavia, 1 Oct 1944; third Moscow conference, 9-19 Oct 1944; Red Army cross Czechoslovak border, 18 Oct 1944; Red Army enters East Prussia, 23 Oct 1944; armistice signed between USSR and Bulgaria, 28 Oct 1944; Red Army cross river Danube, 10 Nov 1944. 6 files


1945 Jan-Mar

Newspaper cuttings relating to German-Soviet War, Jan-Mar 1945, including capture of Warsaw, Poland, by Soviet forces, 11 Jan 1945; Red Army advance to river Oder, Germany, 22 Jan 1945; Red Army cross Pomeranian frontier, Germany, 28 Jan 1945; capture of Danzig by Soviet forces, 30 Mar 1945; Soviet troops cross Austrian border, 30 Mar 1945. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/49-56 Balkans, Turkey, and the Aegean Islands, 1939-1946. Papers dated 1939-1967



Newspaper cuttings relating to Turkey, 1939-1945, including Anglo-French Treaty with Turkey, 19 Oct 1939; German-Turkish Treaty of Territorial Integrity and Friendship, 18 Jun 1941; declaration of war by Turkey against the Axis powers, 23 Feb 1945. 1 file


1940 Oct-1941 Mar

Newspaper cuttings relating to Italian campaign in Greece, 1940-1941, including Italian invasion of Greece from Albania, 28 Oct 1940; RAF bombing of Naples, 1 Nov 1940; landing of British troops in Greece, 3 Nov 1940; Fleet Air Arm attack on Italian fleet anchored at Taranto, Italy, 11 Nov 1940; Greek forces counter-attack and drive Italians back into Albania, 14 Nov 1940; capture of Koritza, Albania, by Greek forces, 21 Nov 1940; Greek occupation of Klisura, Albania, 10 Jan 1941; Bulgaria joins the Axis and is occupied by German troops, 1 Mar 1941; Italian forces launch offensive in Albania, 9 Mar 1941; Greeks halt Italian attacks, 16 Mar 1941. 2 files



Newspaper cuttings relating to Balkan campaign, Apr-May 1941, including German invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia, 6 Apr 1941; occupation of Salonika by German forces, 8 Apr 1941; withdrawal of Imperial forces from Florina gap in Greece, 11 Apr 1941; Germans enter Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 13 Apr 1941; surrender of Yugoslav army, 17 Apr 1941; surrender of Greek forces in Epirus and Macedonia, 20 Apr 1941; Imperial forces begin evacuation from Greece, 22 Apr 1941; evacuation of King George II of Greece to Crete, 23 Apr 1941; German forces enter Athens, Greece, 27 Apr 1941; completion of the evacuation of Imperial forces from Greece, 2 May 1941. 2 files



Papers relating to the Balkans, 1939-1946, including undated typescript account of German 12 Army in the Balkan campaign, Apr-May 1941, by Ernst Wisshaupt, Heeresarchivrat (German Army archives council); typescript transcript of interview between official of the US Young Men's Christian Association and Alex Minotis, refugee from Athens, discussing food shortages in Greece, 6 Nov 1942; typescript account, dated Dec 1948, by German Lt Gen Hasso-Eccard von Manteuffel, on the employment of Grossdeutschland Panzer Grenadier division during the battle of Targul Frumos, Romania, 2-5 May 1944. 1 file



Publications relating to the Balkans, 1939-1945, including booklet by Robert Machray entitled King Carol and Rumanian unity (Garden City Press, London, 1940); booklet by Greek Gen Alexander Papagos entitled The German attack on Greece (Greek Office of Information, London, 1946); journal article by Capt D N Brunicardi entitled 'Aegean enterprise', from Irish defence journal, An Cosantóir, Mar-Apr 1955; journal article by Lt Col Edward Wainhouse entitled 'Guerilla war in Greece, 1946-1949', from The Military Review, Jun 1957. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to Greece, 1941-1946, including severe food shortages in Greece, Jan-Jun 1942; landing of British forces at Patras, Greece and on Greek islands, 5 Oct 1944; British troops enter Athens, 14 Oct 1944; riots in Athens between EAM demonstrators and police, 3 Dec 1944; street-fighting in Athens between British troops and Greek ELAS guerillas, 5 Dec 1944; arrival of Prime Minister Rt Hon Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill and Rt Hon (Robert) Anthony Eden, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in Greece for Athens conference, 25 Dec 1944; Archbishop Damaskinos appointed as Regent of Greece, 31 Dec 1944; ceasefire between British forces and ELAS guerillas, 11 Jan 1945. 2 files



Newspaper cuttings relating to Yugoslavia, 1941-1946, including appointment of Gen Josip Tito as an Allied Commander, 22 Dec 1943; Red Army advance crosses Yugoslav border, 1 Oct 1944; link up of Red Army with Yugoslav Army of National Liberation, led by Marshal Josip Tito, 4 Oct 1944; capture of Belgrade by Tito's partisans, 20 Oct 1944; trial and execution of Gen Dragoljub (Draza) Mihailovic, former Chetnik commander, 17 Jul 1946. 3 files



Newspaper cuttings relating to Aegean Islands campaign, 1943, including occupation of Castelrosso island by British forces, 10 Sep 1943; German troops defeat Italian garrisons on Dodecanese islands, 11 Sep 1943; German airborne and seaborne attack on Cos, 3 Oct 1943; surrender of Allied troops on Cos, 4 Oct 1943; German assault on Leros, 12 Nov 1943; surrender of Allied forces on Leros, 16 Nov 1943. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/57-60 Eastern Europe; Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary, 1939-1946. Papers dated 1939-1946



Newspaper cuttings relating to Romania, 1939-1946, including abdication of King Carol in favour of Prince Michael, 6 Sep 1940; German troops enter Romania to re-organise Romanian army, 7 Oct 1940; German troops move into Romania from Hungary, 13 Dec 1940; declaration of war by Romania on USSR, 22 Jun 1941; Romanian declaration of war on USA, 12 Dec 1941; Red Army advance crosses Romanian border, 2 Apr 1944; armistice signed between United Nations and Romania, 13 Sep 1944. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to Czechoslovakia, 1939-1946, including assassination of SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, 4 Jun 1942; Czech Government in London broadcasts a call to arms to Czech population, 12 Mar 1944. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to Bulgaria, 1940-1945, including Bulgaria joins the Axis, 1 Mar 1941; Bulgarian declaration of war on UK and USA, 13 Dec 1941; death of King Boris III of Bulgaria, 28 Aug 1943; Red Army advance crosses Bulgarian border, 8 Sep 1944. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to Hungary, 1940-1946, including Hungary joins Axis, 20 Nov 1940; Hungarian declaration of war on USSR, 27 Jun 1941; British declaration of war on Hungary, 6 Dec 1941; Hungarian declaration of war on USA, 13 Dec 1941; Red Army and Romanian forces advance across Hungarian border, 23 Sep 1944; Hungarian Provisional Government agrees to join Allies and signs armistice with USSR, UK and USA, 20 Jan 1945; capture of Budapest by Red Army, 13 Feb 1945. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/61-63 Malta and Crete, 1941-1943. Papers dated 1941-1968



Newspaper cuttings and publications relating to the defence of Malta, 1941-1943, including appointment of Maj Gen Daniel Marcus William Beak as General Officer Commanding, Malta, 9 Jan 1942; supply convoy MW10 from Alexandria, Egypt, reaches Malta, 24 Mar 1942; Operations HARPOON and VIGOROUS, convoys from Gibraltar and Alexandria, attempt to reach Malta, 13-16 Jun 1942; Operation PEDESTAL, convoy from Gibraltar, reaches Malta, 14 Aug 1942; Operations STONEAGE and PORTCULLIS, two convoys from Alexandria, arrive in Malta intact, Nov-Dec 1942; article by Lt Col Hamilton Edward Weldon entitled 'The artillery defence of Malta' from Irish defence journal An Cosantóir Aug 1952. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to German invasion of Crete, 20-30 May 1941, including appointment of Maj Gen Bernard Cyril Freyberg as Commander-in-Chief, Allied forces in Crete, 5 May 1941; landing of German paratroopers on Crete at Galatas and near airfields at Maleme, Heraklion and Retimo, 20 May 1941; capture of Maleme airfield by German forces, 21 May 1941; withdrawal of RAF from Crete, 22 May 1941; German occupation of Canea, 27 May 1941; withdrawal of Allied forces to Sphakia, 27 May 1941; evacuation of Allied forces from Crete, 28 May-3 Jun 1941. 2 files



Publications and papers relating to German invasion of Crete, May 1941, including typescript account by Alexander Clifford, of alleged war crimes committed by Australian troops in Crete, 23 Jul 1946; typescript copy of letter to LIDDELL HART from German Col Gen Kurt Student on the invasion of Crete, 14 Mar 1950; typescript copy of article by Ian Stewart entitled 'Failure in Crete', from New Statesman, 18 Dec 1964; article by German Maj Gen Walter Gericke entitled 'Assault from the air, Crete 1941', from Irish defence journal, An Cosantóir, Mar 1965. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/64-79 Italy, 1935-1945. Papers dated 1935-1969



Newspaper cuttings relating to Benito Mussolini's political career, 1935-1945. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to political, military and diplomatic events before and after the outbreak of war with Italy, including Italian declaration of war on UK and France, 10 Jun 1940; Italian aircraft bomb Malta, 11 Jun 1940; Tripartite Pact, between Italy, Germany and Japan, signed in Berlin, 27 Sep 1940; Italian declaration of war on USSR, 22 Jun 1941; Italian declaration of war on USA, 11 Dec 1941. 2 files



Newspaper cuttings and book reviews relating to the Italian campaign, 1943-1945. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to political and diplomatic events connected with Italy, 1943, including dismisal and replacment of Count Galeazzo Ciano di Cortellazzo as Italian Foreign Minister by Benito Mussolini, 5 Feb 1943; Fascist Grand Council invite King Victor Emmanuel III to command Italian armed forces, 24 Jul 1943; resignation and arrest of Mussolini, 25 Jul 1943; Marshal Pietro Badoglio becomes Italian Prime Minister, 25 Jul 1943; Fascist Party dissolved by Italian Government, 26 Jul, 1943; Italian armistice signed, 3 Sep 1943; surrender of Italy, 8 Sep 1943; rescue of Mussolini, by German paratroops, from Gran Sasso in Abruzzi mountains, 12 Sep 1943; Mussolini establishes Italian Social Republic (Salò Republic) in northern Italy, 15 Sep 1943; Italian declaration of war on Germany, 13 Oct 1943. 4 files


1943 May-Jun

Newspaper cuttings relating to Italian islands of Pantellaria, Linosa and Lampedusa, May-Jun 1943, including Allied air attacks against Pantellaria, May-Jun 1943; Operation CORKSCREW, Allied forces occupy Pantellaria, 11 Jun 1943; surrender of Axis garrisons on Lampedusa and Linosa, 12-13 Jun 1943. 1 file


1943 Jul-Aug

Newspaper cuttings relating to Operation HUSKY, Allied invasion of Sicily, 9-10 Jul 1943, and Sicilian campaign, Jul-Aug 1943, including capture of Syracuse by 13 Corps, 8 Army, 10 Jul 1943; US 7 Army enter Palermo, 22 Jul 1943; capture of Catania by British troops, 5 Aug 1943; Luftwaffe FM Albert Kesselring, German Commander-in-Chief, Army Group South-West, orders evacuation of Axis forces from Sicily, 11-12 Aug 1943; US troops enter Messina, 17 Aug 1943; Axis resistance on Sicily ends, 17 Aug 1943. 1 file


1943 Aug-Sep

Newspaper cuttings relating to Operations BAYTOWN, SLAPSTICK and AVALANCHE, the Allied invasion of Italy, 9 Sep 1943, and Italian campaign, Sep 1943, including Operation BAYTOWN, landing of 8 Army between Reggio and Catona, 3 Sep 1943; surrender of Italy, 8 Sep 1943; Operation AVALANCHE, Allied forces land at Salerno, 9 Sep 1943; occupation of Rome by German troops, 10 Sep 1943; Operation SLAPSTICK, Allied sea and airborne forces land at Taranto, 11 Sep 1943; 8 Army and US 5 Army link up south of Salerno, 16 Sep 1943. 2 files


1943 Sep

'Report of operations of United States Seventh Army in the Sicilian campaign, 10 Jul-17 Aug 1943', published by the Staff of US 7 Army, Sicily, 1943, including maps, statistical tables, photographs, illustrations and narrative of operations. 1 vol


1943 Oct-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to the Italian campaign, Oct-Dec 1943, including Allied capture of Naples, 1 Oct 1943; capture of Capua by US 5 Army, 7 Oct 1943; US 5 Army launches offensive on Volturno river, 12-13 Oct 1943; 8 Army launches offensive on river Sangro, 22 Nov 1943; capture of summit of Monte Camino by US 5 Army, 3 Dec 1943. 2 files



Papers relating to the Italian campaign, 1943-1945, including transcript of article entitled 'Who fought where in Sicily', from Yank, the Army weekly (26 Sep 1943), with manuscript map showing routes taken by major Allied formations in Sicilian campaign; transcript of report by Lt Col Robert Henriques, Assistant Chief Military Planner, Combined Operations HQ, on the planning and assault phases of the Sicilian campaign, [1943]; memorandum from US Office of War Information on use of 36,000 Italian POWs as 'auxiliary soldiers' of the US Army under the Volunteer Italian Service scheme, 18 Jan 1945; typescript interrogation report on Col Gen Heinrich von Vietinghoff, commander of German 10 Army, 1943-1945, by Historical Section, Canadian Military HQ, 24 Oct 1946; account of 7 Armoured Div operations from North Africa to river Volturno, Italy, 1943, author unknown, [1946]; typescript account of Italian campaign, 1943-1945, by Maj Gen Hubert Essame, 27 Sep 1960. 1 file



Correspondence relating to the Sicilian and Italian campaigns, 1943-1945, including typescript extract from letter by Lt Gen Sir Francis (Ivan Simms) Tuker on Battle of Cassino, 5 Jul 1961; correspondence between LIDDELL HART and Maj Gen Richard (Alan) Fyffe and Col A G Close, Public Relations Department, War Office and Sherrod East, US National Archives and Records Service, on Allied and German formations at Salerno, Sep 1943, dated Jul 1961-Mar 1962; letter and statistics, dated 18-25 Jul 1961, from the Air Historical branch, Air Ministry, on Allied air strengths in Italy, May 1944 and Mar-Apr 1945. 1 file



Publications relating to the Italian campaign, 1943-1945, including article by Jack Belden entitled 'Hey, soldier, I'm wounded!', from Life, Sep 1943; article by Lt John Scofield entitled 'Italian weapons', from The Infantry Journal, Oct 1943; article by German Gen Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin entitled 'The Sicilian campaign, 1943', from Irish defence journal, An Cosantóir, Jul 1950; article by German SS Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny entitled 'My secret mission for Hitler', from John Bull, Jun 1952; article by Raleigh Trevelyan entitled 'Return to Anzio', from The Observer Magazine, 19 Jan 1969. 1 file


1944 Jan-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to the Italian campaign, 1944, including appointment of Lt Gen Sir Oliver William Hargreaves Leese to command 8 Army, 5 Jan 1944; Operation SHINGLE, Allied landing at Anzio, 22 Jan 1944; Monte Cassino Abbey bombed by Allies, 15 Feb 1944; 8 Army and US 5 Army open offensive on Gustav Line, 11-12 May 1944; capture of Cassino and Monastery Hill by British and Polish troops, 18 May 1944; US 5 Army link up with Anzio beach-head, 25 May 1944; Rome occupied by US 5 Army, 4 Jun 1944; capture of Florence by 8 Army, 11 Aug 1944; attack on Gothic Line by 8 Army, 31 Aug 1944; appointment of Lt Gen Sir Richard (Loudon) McCreery to command 8 Army, 3 Nov 1944; appointment of US Lt Gen Mark Wayne Clark as Commander-in-Chief, Allied armies in Italy, 25 Nov 1944. 4 files



Newspaper cuttings relating to political and diplomatic events connected with Italy, 1944-1945, including trial and execution of Count Galeazzo Ciano di Cortellazzo, 8-11 Jan 1944; King Victor Emmanuel III declares Prince Umberto regent, 5 Jun 1944; resignation of Marshal Pietro Badoglio as premier in favour of Ivanhoe Bonomi, 9 Jun 1944; capture and execution of Benito Mussolini and his Cabinet by Italian partisans, 28 Apr 1945; Ferruccio Parri forms new Italian Government, 19 Jun 1945. 1 file


1945 Jan-Sep

Newspaper cuttings relating to the Italian campaign, 1945, including assault by 8 Army across river Senio and Lake Comacchio, 10 Apr 1945; Argenta occupied by 8 Army, 17 Apr 1945; Allied forces enter Bologna, 21 Apr 1945; 8 Army and US 5 Army cross river Po, 24 Apr 1945; surrender of German forces in northern Italy, 29 Apr 1945. 2 files


1945 Feb-Sep

Newspaper cuttings relating to assassination of Benito Mussolini, 28 Apr 1945. 1 file


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