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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Reference material, World War Two, 1939-1945

References on this page: LIDDELL HART: 15/4/11-37

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/11-20 Western Front, 1939-1940. Papers dated 1938-1969

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/11 'Phoney war', Sep 1939-Apr 1940, German invasion of France and the Low Countries, May 1940. Papers dated 1939-1940



Papers and newspaper cuttings relating to the 'phoney war', Sep 1939-Apr 1940 and German invasion of France and the Low Countries, May-Jun 1940, including typescript extract from notes on meeting of Army Council, 20 Nov 1939, discussing shortage of pill boxes in France, with typescript copy of note on pill boxes in France by Maj Gen Francis Wilfred de Guingand. 2 files

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/12-14 Fall of Belgium and Holland, May 1940. Papers dated 1940-1960



Papers relating to German invasion of Belgium and Holland, May 1940, including typescript 'Account of military, naval and air operations in the Netherlands, 10-14 May 1940', probably by LIDDELL HART, Jun 1940; typescript account of 'The German attack on Belgium' by LIDDELL HART, Mar 1941; photocopy of printed map of Belgium, annotated with directions of German attacks, 26-27 May 1940, scale 1:350,000; summary of Belgian army operations, May 1940, in French; typescript account of Belgian operations on Albert Canal, 10-11 May 1940, in French, with printed maps and diagrams attached, annotated with troop dispositions [1946]. 1 file



Publications relating to fall of Belgium, May 1940, including booklet by Emile Cammaerts, The situation of Belgium, Sep 1939-Jan 1941 (Evans Brothers, London, 1941); two journal articles by Capt J Ducq entitled 'The eighteen-days' campaign' and 'The heroic resistance of Fort Pépinster', from Message: Belgian Review, Dec 1941, Jan 1942; journal article by Maj B Defraiteur entitled 'The Battle of the Lys, 24-27 May 1940', from Message: Belgian Review, Jul 1943; Belgian journal entitled L'armeé la nation, May 1957. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to German conquest of Belgium and Holland, May 1940. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/15-17 Defeat of France, May-Jun 1940. Papers dated 1938-1961



Publications relating to defeat of France, 1940, including published collection of French documents captured by Germans in 1940 entitled Les Documents Secrets de l'Etat-Major Général Français (German Foreign Office, Berlin, 1941); article by German Gen Heinz Guderian, 'The campaign in France', from Irish defence journal, An Cosantóir, Jan 1948; article by Ulrich Liss, dated Sep 1958, entitled Der französische Gegenangriff gegen den deutschen Maasdurchbruch im Mai 1940 on French counterattack on river Meuse, May 1940. 1 file



Papers relating to defeat of France, 1940, including account of Allied Plan D, to counter a German attack on France and Low Countries in 1939-1940; typescript extracts from Why France fell by André Maurois (John Lane, London, 1940) and What happened to France? by Gordon Waterfield (John Murray, London, 1940); account of the French campaign, probably by LIDDELL HART [1940]; typescript extracts from letters, dated Jul 1949, by Col J L Cuny, Assistant French Military Attaché in London, 1939, on French campaign, 1940; typescript notes by LIDDELL HART on a battlefield tour of north-eastern France, Aug 1947. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to defeat of France, May-Jun 1940. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/18-20 Operation DYNAMO, Evacuation of British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, 26 May-3 Jun 1940. Papers dated 1941-1969



Publications relating to Operation DYNAMO, Dunkirk evacuation, May-Jun 1940, including booklet by Eric Linklater, The defence of Calais (HMSO, London, 1941); three editions of Supplement to the London Gazette, Mar 1941, May 1946, Jul 1947, on despatches by Gen John Standish Surtees Prendergast Vereker, 6th Viscount Gort, on French campaign, Sep 1939-Jun 1940, Lt Gen Sir Alan Francis Brooke's despatches on British Expeditionary Force operations in France, 12-19 Jun 1940 and V Adm Sir Bertram Ramsay's despatches on Dunkirk evacuation, 18 Jun 1940. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to Operation DYNAMO, evacuation of British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, 26 May-3 Jun 1940, including despatches by Gen John Standish Surtees Prendergast Vereker, 6th Viscount Gort, on French campaign, the German advance and Dunkirk evacuation, May-Jun 1940. 1 file



Papers relating to Operation DYNAMO, evacuation of British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, May-Jun 1940, including typescript articles by LIDDELL HART entitled 'The 1st Armoured Division and the Somme crossings, May 1940' and 'The Dunkirk 'Halt order'-a further re-assessment', Jan 1954; letter from LIDDELL HART to Professor Michael (Eliot) Howard discussing article on Dunkirk, 16 Jun 1965. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/21-32 Western Desert and North African campaigns, 1940-1943. Papers dated 1939-1969


1939 Jun-1941 Feb

Newspaper cuttings relating to Western Desert and first Libyan campaign, 1940-1941, including Italian invasion of Egypt, 13 Sep 1940; Operation COMPASS, first British Western Desert offensive, Dec 1940-Feb 1941; capture of Bardia by Australian troops, 5 Jan 1941; capture of Tobruk, 22 Jan 1941; capture of Benghazi, 6 Feb 1941; arrival of German Maj Gen Erwin Rommel in Libya to command Afrika Korps, 12 Feb 1941; arrival of German Afrika Korps in Libya to support Italian troops, 18 Feb 1941. 2 files



Papers relating to Western Desert and North African campaigns, 1940-1943, including typescript extracts from Lt Gen Richard (Nugent) O'Connor's report on first Libyan campaign [1941]; typescript copy of letter, dated 29 Apr 1941, to Maj Gen Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart from Brig John Alan Lyde Caunter relating 4 Armoured Bde's role in Battle of Beda Fomm, Libya, Feb 1941; description, probably by LIDDELL HART, of 32 Armoured Tank Bde's attack on Sidra Ridge, Libya, 5 Jun 1942; typescript copy letters from Wg Cdr F Searl, Desert Air Force HQ, to Robert Ranke Graves, Jan-Sep 1943; notes, dated Apr 1946, on 4 Indian Div artillery in North Africa, 1942-1943, by Brig (Harry) Kenneth Dimoline, Commander Royal Artillery, 4 Indian Div, 1942-1944; typescript extracts from letter, dated 6 Jun 1946, to LIDDELL HART from Lt Gen Eric Edward Dorman-Smith, answering questions on Western Desert campaign, Jul-Oct 1941; typescript account of service in French North Africa 1942-1943, by Lt Col Charles Earle, Grenadier Guards, Sep 1964. 1 file


1940 Dec-1941 Dec

Papers relating to 7 Armoured Div, 4 Armoured Bde and 6 Royal Tank Regiment in Battle of Sidi Barrani, Egypt, Operation COMPASS, 9-11 Dec 1940 and Operation CRUSADER, 18 Nov-10 Dec 1941, Western Desert, including typescript 7 Armoured Div operational instructions 81-83, dated 6-11 Dec 1940; intelligence summaries 83 and 85, dated 10-12 Dec 1940; 4 Armoured Bde operational orders 11-12, dated 6 Dec 1940; typescript extracts from 7 Armoured Div standing orders, Apr 1941; typescript copy of 7 Armoured Div 'Report on operations in Libya, 18 Nov-27 Dec 1941'. 1 file


1941 Mar-Oct

Newspaper cuttings relating to Libyan and Egyptian campaign, Mar-Oct 1941, including first German counter-offensive in Cyrenaica, 31 Mar-1 May 1941; British evacuation of Benghazi, 3 Apr 1941; encirclement of Tobruk and capture of Bardia by Axis forces, 13 Apr 1941; Axis invasion of Egypt and occupation of Halfaya Pass, 27 Apr 1941; Operation BREVITY, launched by British to recapture Halfaya Pass, 15 May 1941; Operation BATTLEAXE, launched by British to relieve Tobruk, 15 Jun 1941. 2 files


1941 Nov-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to Libyan campaign, Nov-Dec 1941, including Operation CRUSADER, second British Western Desert offensive, 18 Nov-10 Dec 1941; link up of 8 Army and Imperial forces from Tobruk, 26 Nov 1941; retreat of Axis forces to Gazala, 17 Dec 1941; recapture of Benghazi by 8 Army, 24 Dec 1941. 2 files


1942 Jan-Jun

Newspaper cuttings relating to Libyan and Egyptian campaign, Jan-Jul 1942, including second German counter-offensive in Cyrenaica, Libya, 21 Jan-1 Jul 1942; capture of Benghazi by Afrika Korps, 29 Jan 1942; launch of German offensive at Gazala to outflank Imperial forces, 26 May 1942; withdrawal of 8 Army from Gazala, 13 Jun 1942; advance of Axis forces to Egyptian border, 20 Jun 1942; capture of Tobruk by Afrika Korps, 21 Jun 1942; Lt Gen Neil Methuen Ritchie relieved of 8 Army command and direct control of operations assumed by Gen Sir Claude (John Eyre) Auchinleck, Commander-in-Chief, Middle East Command, 25 Jun 1942; capture of Mersa Matruh, Egypt, by Axis forces, 28 Jun 1942. 3 files


1942 Jul-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to Egyptian and Libyan campaign, Jul 1942-Jan 1943, including first Battle of El Alamein, 1-22 Jul 1942; appointment of Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery to command 8 Army, 13 Aug 1942; replacement of Gen Sir Claude (John Eyre) Auchinleck as Commander-in-Chief, Middle East Command, by Gen Sir Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, 15 Aug 1942; Battle of Alam Halfa, 30 Aug-7 Sep 1942; second Battle of El Alamein, 23 Oct-4 Nov 1942; advance of 8 Army into Libya, 11 Nov 1942; Bardia, Tobruk and Sollum recaptured by Imperial forces, 13-14 Nov 1942; capture of Sirte by 8 Army, 25 Dec 1942. 5 files


1942 Nov-Dec

Newspaper cuttings relating to North African campaign, Nov-Dec 1942, including Operation TORCH, Anglo-American landings in French Morocco and Algeria, 8 Nov 1942; capture of Oran, Algeria by US troops, 10 Nov 1942; cessation of all French resistance to Allied landings in North Africa ordered by French Adm (Jean) François Darlan, 11 Nov 1942; occupation of Bône, Algeria by British 1 Army, 12 Nov 1942; advance of 1 Army into Tunisia, 18 Nov 1942; Allied advance stalls west of Tunis, Dec 1942. 2 files


1943 Jan-Apr

Newspaper cuttings relating to North African campaign, Jan-Apr 1943, including creation of US 5 Army in Tunisia, commanded by Lt Gen Mark Wayne Clark, 5 Jan 1943; capture of Tripoli, Libya, by 8 Army, 23 Jan 1943; advance of 8 Army into Tunisia, 29 Jan 1943; Battle of Kasserine Pass, Tunisia, 19-25 Feb 1943; withdrawal of Axis forces from Mareth Line, Tunisia, 27 Mar 1943; link up between 8 Army and US 2 Corps in Tunisia, 7 Apr 1943; launch of 1 Army offensive to capture Tunis, 22 Apr 1943. 4 files


1943 May-Jun

Newspaper cuttings relating to North African campaign, May 1943, including Allied capture of Tunis and Bizerta, Tunisia, 7 May 1943; unconditional surrender of Axis forces in north-east Tunisia to US 2 Corps, 9 May 1943; capture of Lt Gen Hans-Jürgen von Arnim, Commander-in-Chief German forces in Tunisia, 12 May 1943; surrender of last Axis forces in Tunisia, 13 May 1943; Operation CORKSCREW, Allied occupation of Italian island of Pantellaria, 11 Jun 1943. 4 files



Publications relating to Western Desert and North African campaigns, 1940-1943, including article by Col Harry Cunningham entitled 'Sahara, the Fighting French march to Tripoli', from Infantry Journal, Oct 1943; article by Brig Richard Michael Power Carver entitled 'Auchinleck's desert battles', from Royal Armoured Corps Journal, Oct 1960; two articles from Royal United Services Institute Journal, Aug 1962, 'Desert victory base' by Maj Gen George Surtees and 'Defeat before Dakar' by Anthony Irwin. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to Western Desert and North African campaigns, 1940-1943. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/33-34 East African campaigns, 1940-1942. Papers dated 1940-1946



Newspaper cuttings relating to East African campaigns in British Somaliland, Italian Somaliland and Abyssinia, Jun 1940-Nov 1941, including Italian invasion of British Somaliland, 4 Aug 1940; British forces evacuated from British Somaliland, 19 Aug 1940; invasion of Abyssinia from the Sudan, by Imperial forces, commanded by Maj Gen William Platt, 19 Jan 1941; Battle of Keren, 17-27 Mar 1941; invasion of Italian Somaliland from Kenya, by Imperial forces, commanded by Lt Gen Sir Alan Gordon Cunningham, 11 Feb 1941; capture of Mogadishu, Italian Somaliland, 25 Feb 1941; capture of Addis Ababa, Abyssinia, 6 Apr 1941; arrival of Emperor Haile Selassie in Addis Ababa, 5 May 1941. 1 file



Publications relating to campaigns in East Africa including article by Col van der Meersch entitled 'The Belgian campaign in Ethiopia', from Message:Belgian Review, Nov 1942; three editions of Supplement to the London Gazette, Jun-Jul 1946, on Gen Sir Archibald Percival Wavell's despatches on operations in Somaliland, 1939-1940, operations in East Africa, Nov 1940-Jul 1941 and Lt Gen Sir William Platt's despatches on operations of East Africa Command, Jul 1941-Jan 1943. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/4/35-37 Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq 1940-1946. Papers dated 1940-1954



Newspaper cuttings relating to Syria, 1940-1945, including invasion of Vichy controlled Syria and Lebanon by Imperial and Free French forces, 8 Jun 1941; occupation of Damascus by Free French forces, 21 Jun 1941; armistice signed, 14 Jul 1941. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to Iran, 1941-1942, including Operation COUNTENANCE, joint Soviet and British invasion of Iran, 25 Aug 1941; abdication of Shah Reza Pahlavi in favour of his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, 28 Aug 1941; cessation of hostilities in Iran, 29 Aug 1941; Anglo-Soviet-Iranian Treaty of Alliance signed in Teheran, Iran, 29 Jan 1942; creation of British 10 Army for service in Iraq and Iran, commanded by Lt Gen Edward Pellew Quinan, 16 Feb 1942. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to Iraq, 1941-1945, including arrival of Imperial troops in Basra, Iraq, 18 Apr 1941, in accordance with the Anglo-Iraqi Treaty of 1930; attack on Habbaniya RAF base by Iraqi pro-Axis rebels, 2 May 1941; RAF bombing of Iraqi forces at Habbaniya, 3 May 1941; dispersal of rebel Iraqi forces from Habbaniya, 6 May 1941; Habforce, comprising 5 Indian Infantry Bde and Transjordan Frontier Force, cross Iraqi border and advance on Baghdad, 13-31 May 1941; collapse of Iraqi revolt and signing of armistice, 31 May 1941; creation of Persia and Iraq Command and appointment of Gen Sir (Henry) Maitland Wilson as General Officer Commanding, 23 Aug 1942. 1 file


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