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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Note on physical arrangement - Military writings: articles, 1925-1969

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LH10 Introductory Note

NOTE: Because some items in this section were mounted in binders by LIDDELL HART, researchers in the reading room ordering items from LH 10 should include the additional volume reference numbers when these are given in catalogue entries. If the item number contains the addition: 'LH Cuttings vol 2/11', the bound volume contains the only version of the item contained in LH 10.

This Section consists of LIDDELL HART's published articles, including reviews, from various newspapers, journals and magazines, from his appointment as military correspondent of The Daily Telegraph in 1925 to Dec 1969. Also included are LIDDELL HART's forewords to other people's books, and his contributions to various edited works.

Articles are arranged chronologically by the date of writing, if known, or of publication; an article republished over a number of years is listed at the date it was originally written. Within a year, articles on a particular subject, such as army training, may be grouped together.

Articles from Jul 1925 to Mar 1935 were published in The Daily Telegraph; from Mar 1935 to Aug 1939 inThe Times; and from 1941 to 1945 in The Daily Mail.

In the years 1925 to 1939 there are two sets of articles. One set is composed of clippings pasted into scrapbooks (cuttings books Volumes 1 to 7), the other of loose clippings and the manuscripts or typescripts of some articles collected together in files. Neither set is complete, so it is necessary to consult both the file and the scrapbook sets for all the articles in these years; a reference to the scrapbooks is given in the list only where the file set is incomplete.

Further, particularly in the years 1935-1939, the manuscript or typescript of an article as originally written by Liddel Hart may be in the file set, but the only copy of the cutting when it was published is pasted into one of the scrapbooks. All the articles are listed as one chronological sequence regardless of whether they are in a file or a scrapbook. Three imaginary examples can best explain how the location of an article is indicated in the list: -

LIDDELL HART: 10/1925/1

1925 Jan 1

'Territorial training', article by LIDDELL HART in The Daily Telegraph

i.e. the article is in the file of articles for 1925

LIDDELL HART: 10/1925/2

1925 Jan 2

'Army training', article by LIDDELL HART in The Daily Telegraph. LH Cutting vol 1/18

i.e. the article is not in the '1925' file of LH10; it is to be found on page 18 of LIDDELL HART cuttings book, volume 1. To consult the item a reader should place an order for 'LH 10 volume 1', then consult page 18.

LIDDELL HART: 10/1925/3

1925 Jan 3

'Territorial army', article by LIDDELL HART in The Daily Telegraph. Typescript; LH cuttings vol 1/19

i.e. the typescript of the article is in the file; the cutting is to be found on page 19 of cuttings book, Volume 1

Where manuscript, typescript and various published versions of the same article have been collected together, they have the same number in the list, with a, b, c, etc added on the actual items, a dash indicating the last in the series.

For LIDDELL HART's contributions to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Cambridge and New Cambridge Modern Histories and the Statesman's Yearbook see section LH 3; for articles on T E Lawrence see LH 9/13, and on the German Generals see LH 9/ 24; for those on religion, tennis and fashion see LH 14.

At the end of the regular Section is LH10.5, a short Supplementary List of articles 1925-1933 which were found after the lists had been finalised.


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