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HAMILTON, Gen Sir Ian Standish Monteith (1853-1947)

Correspondence and articles relating to the Gallipoli Campaign, 1916-1967, including material relating to tours, films and radio programmes

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1916 Jan 16

Reprint of article from the Vossische Zeitung (translated into English), comprising account of correspondent with an Austrian battery attached to Turkish forces during the Allied evacuation of Suvla Bay, Gallipoli, on 19-20 Dec 1915. 4pp With typed copy


1916 Apr 18

Manuscript letter from Bombardier C A Clarke, Australian Field Artillery, and his comrades of Hut 63, Australian Camp, Monte Video, Weymouth, Dorset, commemorating the ANZAC landing of 25 Apr 1915, expressing their loyalty to Hamilton, and stating their belief that the British Government ruined opportunities for the success of the Gallipoli Campaign. 2pp With typed copy



'Proud passages', newspaper review of Tales of the Great War by Sir Henry John Newbolt (Longmans, London, 1916). 1 cutting (Newspaper title or date not given)


1918 Mar 8

Typescript remarks by Hamilton disagreeing with a speech made by Rt Hon Andrew Bonar Law, Chancellor of the Exchequer, on 7 Mar, which had proposed that the differing strategic views of 'Westerners' and 'Easterners', or those who favoured military concentration on the Western Front as opposed to other theatres of operations, was of little importance. 2pp


1918 Mar 11

Typed extract of letter from Capt C T Atkinson, Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence, noting the opposition of General HQ, Western Front, to operations in Eastern theatres. 1p


1919 Jan 9

Typescript memorandum by Hamilton, recording a conversation between himself, Brig Gen Cecil Faber Aspinall, Walter Francis Roch MP, and Col Josiah Clement Wedgwood MP, regarding the circumstances of the visit of Gen Sir Charles Carmichael Monro to Gallipoli on 30 Oct 1915, and the role of Lt Gen Sir William Riddell Birdwood, Monro, and Maj Gen Arthur Lynden Lynden-Bell, Monro's Chief of General Staff, in determining the evacuation of the peninsula. 7pp


1919 Apr 12

Typed copy of letter [to Gen Sir William Riddell Birdwood, 1st Bt] from Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean, Official Historian of the Australian Imperial Force, regarding Bean's recent visit to Gallipoli, including description of desecration of Allied graves, and work of Imperial War Graves Commission in identifying graves; structures of Turkish trenches; Turkish military opinion on the success of the ANZAC action at Lone Pine, 6 Aug 1915, and deception of the Allied evacuation. 5pp With memorandum by Bean, comprising answers by the Turkish General Staff to his questions relating to their expectations of initial Allied landing sites on Gallipoli; Turkish units involved in opposing the landings of 25 Apr 1915, the Turkish offensive of 19 May 1915 at Anzac, and during operations at Sari Bair and Suvla Bay, Aug 1915; Turkish expectations of an Allied evacuation; German units attached to the Turkish forces. 11pp (Three copies)


1919 Jul 16-1919 Nov 24

Correspondence between Hamilton and Maj Gen Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes, Chief of the Air Staff, relating to information on strength of the Royal Naval Air Service during the Dardanelles Campaign, including letter from Sykes, 22 Nov 1919, giving details of numbers and types of aeoplanes and seaplanes present on 20 Oct 1915, and totals of available pilots and observers, 14 Sep 1915-14 Jan 1916. 1 file, 3 letters


1922 Sep 22

Typed extract from an interview with German Gen Otto Victor Carl Liman von Sanders in The Daily Telegraph, comparing casualties suffered by the British and Turkish in Gallipoli. 1p

HAMILTON: 7/9/10

1923 Jan 1

'Constantinople et les Dardanelles: L'Expédition de 1915', article by French Gen Albert d'Amade from French journal Revue des Questions Historiques, relating to the strategic importance of Constantinople, its place in German aspirations for expansionism prior to World War One, and the failure of the Allied naval attack on the Dardanelles of 18 Mar 1915. 32pp

HAMILTON: 7/9/11

1923 Nov 13-1940 May 10

Correspondence relating to films on the Gallipoli Campaign and World War One, involving Hamilton's participation, including Gallipoli (Embassy Film Co Ltd/British Dominion Films, Australia, 1927); Tell England (British Instructional Films, Great Britain, 1930); Forgotten men (British International Pictures, Great Britain, 1934). 1 file

HAMILTON: 7/9/12


Two typescripts of 'The landing at the Dardanelles', lecture delivered by Hamilton at Hull, Yorkshire, in aid of the British Legion, 12 Apr 1924 (one with manuscript additions and corrections by Hamilton). 1 file

HAMILTON: 7/9/13


Typescript remarks by Hamilton on Military operations Gallipoli by Brig Gen Cecil Faber Aspinall-Oglander (William Heinemann, London, 1929). 20pp

HAMILTON: 7/9/14


Typescript of anonymous article, 'The first heroic defence by the Turks at Sed-ul-Bahr, 12-13 Apr 1915', translated from the Turkish Military Review. 16pp

HAMILTON: 7/9/15


Typescripts of chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 of Military operations, Gallipoli vol 2 (William Heinemann, London, 1932) by Brig Gen Cecil Faber Aspinall-Oglander, with minor variations from final published version, and with manuscript annotations by Hamilton to chapters 1 and 2. 1 file

HAMILTON: 7/9/16

1928 Dec 12-1929 Jan 23

Unbound page proofs of second proof of Military operations, Gallipoli vol 1 (William Heinemann, London, 1929) by Brig Gen Cecil Faber Aspinall-Oglander. 365pp

HAMILTON: 7/9/17

1934 Apr 11-1936 May 12

Correspondence relating to tours of Gallipoli, including correspondence between Hamilton and William Edward Stanton Hope, regarding Hamilton's goodwill message for the 1934 tour of Gallipoli by 700 British ex-servicemen aboard the liner DUCHESS OF RICHMOND, 11-22 Apr 1934; correspondence between Hamilton and C D Clark, Secretary of the Gallipoli and Salonika Pilgrimage Committee, 10 Oct 1935-12 May 1936, regarding their invitation for Hamilton and FM Sir William Riddell Birdwood to act as leaders of a Gallipoli cruise in 1936 aboard the Cunard liner LANCASTRIA, including letter from Birdwood, 28 Nov 1935. With 'Another look at Gallipoli', article by Stanton Hope, The Daily Telegraph, 12 May 1934. 1 file

HAMILTON: 7/9/18

1934 Nov 10-1934 Dec 14

'Through the war with Monash-letters to his wife', cuttings from The Herald, Melbourne, Australia, comprising extracts of letters from Gen Sir John Monash to his wife Victoria, 24 Dec 1914-28 Dec 1918, including letters written while commanding 4 Australian Bde, ANZAC, during the Gallipoli Campaign. 1 file, 30 cuttings

HAMILTON: 7/9/19

1939 Apr 23

Typed transcript of 'Gallipoli', BBC radio documentary broadcast on the Dardanelles Campaign, produced by Val Henry Gielgud. 32pp

HAMILTON: 7/9/20

1956 Feb 3

Typed transcript of review by Sir Compton Mackenzie of Gallipoli by Alan McCrae Moorehead (Hamish Hamilton, London, 1956), being part of a BBC European Service radio broadcast. 8pp

HAMILTON: 7/9/21

1965 Sep 30

Typed transcript of 'Return to Gallipoli', BBC radio documentary broadcast written by Maurice Brown relating to memories of veterans of the Dardanelles Campaign during a visit to Gallipoli in May 1965. 31pp

HAMILTON: 7/9/22


Their name liveth, some pictures of Commonwealth war cemetaries, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, volume 6 part 1, relating to graves of World War One in Gallipoli and Greece, with foreword by FM William Joseph Slim, 1st Viscount Slim (HMSO by order of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, London, 1965). 1 vol

HAMILTON: 7/9/23

1967 Feb 5

Typed transcript of 'Trial by inquiry, Sir Ian Hamilton and the Dardanelles Commission', BBC radio documentary broadcast written by Arthur Swinson. 47pp


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