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HAMILTON, Gen Sir Ian Standish Monteith (1853-1947)

Official papers, orders and regulations, South African Field Force and Natal Army, 1895-1900

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1895 Aug 8

Act to repeal laws nos 19, 1888 and 19, 1889, and to provide for the better organization, regulation and discipline for the volunteer force of the colony, printed copy of the Natal Volunteer Act, enacted at Pietermaritzburg, Natal, 8 Aug 1895. 1 booklet, 9pp



Regulations for the clothing of the regular army, part 3-war, clothing and necessaries (Her Majesties Stationery Office for the War Office, London, 1898). 1 booklet



Notes on the country to the east and north of Pretoria [War Office, London, 1899-1900] by Capt George Townshend Forestier Forestier-Walker, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, and 'Lt Col C V H, DMI' (Lt Col Charles Vernon Hume, Director of Military Intelligence) giving topographical descriptions of country and routes in Transvaal from Pretoria to Middelburg, De Springs, Waterval, Balmoral, Machadodorp, Lydenburg, Belfast, Nylstrom and Pietersburg, and distances between stations on the Netherlands Railway, Transvaal. 1 booklet, 20pp


1899 Nov 2-1900 Feb 28

Printed daily Natal Field Force orders, nos 203-541, issued by Maj Gen Sir Archibald Hunter, Chief of Staff to Lt Gen George Stuart White, commanding Natal Field Force, Ladysmith, mainly covering arrangements for water supplies, rations, forage, appointments of officers, pay, stray horses and including general news for troops. 1 file, 104pp


1899 Nov 2-1900 Mar 16

Typescript epitome, 16 Mar 1900, of principal Army Orders South Africa and Natal Army Orders, 2 Nov 1899-14 Feb 1900, mainly relating to arrangements for animals, casualties, administrative returns, discipline and pay. 15pp


1900 Jan 2-1900 Sep 28

Printed daily Lines of Communication Orders nos 2-260, issued by Col James Keith Trotter, Chief of Staff to Lt Gen Sir Frederick William Edward Forestier Forestier-Walker, Commanding Lines of Communication, South Africa, mainly relating to details of arriving and departing officers, men and horses; appointments of officers, clergy, veterinary and medical staff; compositions of courts martial and names of prisoners to be tried; officers granted leave of absence and administration of railway travel and postal services. 259pp


1900 Jan 16-1900 Jul 11

Printed memoranda issued by Maj Gen Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Baron Kitchener of Khartoum and Aspall, Chief of Staff South Africa, including notes for guidance in South African warfare, 26 Jan; on martial law, 30 Jan; rules to be observed by all troops serving in the Transvaal or Orange Free State, 18 May; instructions for officers engaged in foraging duties, 26 Jun; on civil administration, 11 Jul. 36pp


1900 Feb 18-1900 Sep 3

Three printed Army Orders, South Africa (18 Feb, 7 Apr, 3 Sep), including publication of promotion of Hamilton from Colonel to Major General commanding Mounted Infantry Div, 7 Apr. 3pp


1900 Mar 6-1900 Apr 10

Printed Natal Army Daily Orders, nos 28-65, issued by Col Herbert Scott Gould Miles, Chief of Staff to Gen Sir Redvers Henry Buller, commanding Natal Army, Ladysmith, mainly relating to appointments of officers, administrative returns, sick and stray horses, pay, officers granted leave of absence, musketry practice and postal and telegraph arrangements (Orders 6-7 Mar are typescript duplicates, orders nos 1-27 missing). 1 file, 36pp

HAMILTON: 2/4/10

1900 May 31-1900 Aug 14

Three printed proclamations (31 May, 16 Jun, 14 Aug) issued in English and Afrikaans by FM Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Baron Roberts of Kandahar and Waterford, Commander in Chief South Africa, to inhabitants of the South African Republic, guaranteeing safety of those swearing an oath of non participation in hostilities, 31 May; warning of reprisals to those aiding and abetting damage to railway bridges and telegraph wires, 16 Jun; warning of punishment for those breaking their oath of non participation in hostilities, 14 Aug. 3pp

HAMILTON: 2/4/11

1900 Jul 7

Letter from Maj Gen Coleridge Grove, Military Secretary War Office, (to Lt Gen George Stewart White, Commander-in-Chief Natal), regarding awards for bravery in action on 21 Oct-4 Nov 1899 during the Second Boer War, confirming the award of the Victoria Cross (VC) to Capt Matthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn, 2nd Lt John Norwood and Sgt Maj William Robertson, the Distinguished Conduct Medal to Sgt Drummer G Lawrence, Cpl K McLeod, L Cpl S Dryden and Trooper A W Evans, and refusing the bestowal of the VC upon Hamilton, as this would establish a precedent for awarding the VC to General Officers. One manuscript copy, 2pp; one typescript copy, 1p

HAMILTON: 2/4/12

1900 Aug 28

Typescript copy of letter from Col Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain to Henry Charles Keith Petty Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Landsdowne, Secretary of State for War, enclosing typescript notes by FM Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Baron Roberts of Kandahar and Waterford, Commander in Chief South Africa on the respective capabilities of senior officers serving in South Africa, including Maj Gen Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Baron Kitchener of Khartoum and Aspall; Lt Gen Paul Sandford Methuen, 3rd Baron Methuen; Lt Gen Sir Henry Macleod Leslie Rundle; Lt Gen Thomas Kelly-Kenny; Maj Gen Sir Herbert Charles Chermside; Lt Gen Sir Archibald Hunter; Lt Gen Sir Charles Tucker; Maj Gen Reginald Pole-Carew; Hamilton; Lt Gen Sir John Denton Pinkstone French and Maj Gen Edward Thomas Henry Hutton. 8pp

HAMILTON: 2/4/13


Printed booklet of codewords for abbreviations of regiments and corps for use in telegraphing to units serving in South Africa, 1900. 1 booklet, 8pp


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