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FOULKES, Maj Gen Charles Howard (1875-1969)

Family and social correspondence and papers, 1900-1982 including memorial tributes

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FOULKES: 10/1-22 Family and social correspondence and papers, 1900-1982



Letters from friends and relations, with personal and social news. 19pp, 1 photograph [of a house, uncaptioned]



Papers relating to sports activities, including correspondence with Oscar State, Honorary Secretary of the British Amateur Weight-Lifters' Association on weight lifting feats; photographs taken at Henry Sandow's weight training school which Foulkes attended in 1904; group photograph c 1906 entitled 'The Follies' [Scottish six a side hockey team]; and programme for the finals between Army HQ and Ajmere of the Zamir Hockey tournament on 17 Feb 1920. 16pp, 3 photographs


1907 May 15

Completed income tax return for year ending 5 Apr 1908. 1p


1908 Nov 3

Telegram informing of the birth of a son to sister-in-law Maude in Leigh, Kent [married to Arthur Ffoulkes, Resident Magistrate on the Gold Coast]. 1p


1908 Nov 16

Letter to Maude Ffoulkes in Leigh, offering sympathy and support on the death of her husband Arthur from blackwater fever on 7 Nov, in the Gold Coast. 1p


1908 Nov

Letters from Jessie Foulkes, including references to the death of her son Arthur. 4pp


1910, 1919-1920, 1935, 1951

Papers relating to Foulkes' big game hunting trips in Ceylon, 1911 and Travancore and Coimbatore in India, 1920 including preparations for the trips and correspondence with brother Bertie in Madura. With account of trip to Ceylon and photographs taken in Travancore and Coimbatore, showing villagers, bison and a tiger. 50pp, 11 photographs


1926, 1934-1936

Papers and correspondence relating to the Foulkes' two month holiday touring central Europe, beginning in Sep 1934. With notes on military observations (including armoured vehicles) in Austria, Yugoslavia, Germany and Hungary, sent to Capt Garnell Williams at the War Office; printed booklet dated 1926 on the Haras horse breeding stud, Bucharest; and photographs of illustrations by Magda Banrevy, Hungarian acquaintance, relating to Seven Pillars of Wisdom (privately printed in London, 1926) by T E Lawrence. 85pp, 1 booklet, 5 photographs


1931-1939, 1947, 1982

Letters from family friend Charles Gerschel in Paris, with social news. With letters from Foulkes to son Charles (also known as Howard) and Charles to Thomas, referring to Gerschel. 8pp

FOULKES: 10/10

1935 Jul-Aug, 1980-1981

Correspondence between Foulkes and Eric Holt Wilson and papers relating to suspected German spy named Peroti, inventer of a code transmitter. With letter from Charles to Thomas, referring to Peroti. 7pp

FOULKES: 10/11

1936, 1957-1958

Newspaper cuttings of letters from Foulkes to The Times, The Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times, on the subjects of gas warfare, inflation and the Boer War. 3pp

FOULKES: 10/12


Correpondence with J B Platnauer, concerning proposed publication of short stories about southern India, including Platnauer's recommendations for alterations to the tale 'Serpent Love'. 10pp

FOULKES: 10/13


Letters and postcards from family friend E Cardoso in Tunis, with social news. With letter to son Howard, referring to Cardoso. 11pp

FOULKES: 10/14


Whimsical postcards depicting children, from the series 'Britain and her Friends' and 'Little Folk of Many Lands'. 7pp

FOULKES: 10/15


Copy of letter to Thomas Foulkes, describing sports activities and prizes won, including rowing, weight lifting, football, rugby, skating, cricket, billiards and hockey. 5 copies, 67pp

FOULKES: 10/16

1950 Jun

Programme for order of service in memory of FM Earl Wavell held at Westminster Abbey on 7 Jun. 1 booklet

FOULKES: 10/17


Copy of letter to the Daily Mail, referring to a recent letter to the newspaper criticising the participation of the Queen in foxhunting. With reply from H E Clapp, Managing Editor, acknowledging Foulkes' letter. 3pp

FOULKES: 10/18

1959 Sep 14

Letter from G A Beattie, formerly of No 3 Special Company, congratulating Foulkes on his 55th Wedding Anniversary. 1p

FOULKES: 10/19


Unpublished article by Foulkes, 'The jungle tribes of Travancore', in southern India and notes on the flora and fauna of Travancore. 12pp

FOULKES: 10/20


Papers including copy of Foulkes' baptism, marriage and death certificates. 10pp

FOULKES: 10/21


Personal correspondence between Thomas Foulkes and various institutions including KCL, IWM and the Institution of Royal Engineers, Chatham mainly concerning the choice of repository to hold his father's papers. 99pp CLOSED

FOULKES: 10/22

1980 Jul

Correspondence between Thomas Foulkes and Dr Cameron Hazlehurst relating to his proposed book on David Lloyd George. 3pp

FOULKES: 10/23-27 Papers relating to the memorial service at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, 1969 and tributes from acquaintances

FOULKES: 10/23

1937, 1961-1971, 1986

Papers collected by Thomas Foulkes relating to Foulkes' career, usedto write the article appearing in the Royal Engineers Journal (Sep 1969). Including two copies of the monthly supplement to the Royal Engineers Journal (Jun 1937), and correspondence with Foulkes concerning his career details. 32pp, 2 booklets

FOULKES: 10/24

1969 Jun

Programme for the memorial service held at the Chapel of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea on 10 Jun and text of the address by Canon E A Berrisford, former Special Brigade member. 3pp

FOULKES: 10/25


Correspondence and papers relating to the article (copies included) entitled, 'Memoirs', by Thomas Foulkes appearing in the Royal Engineers Journal (Sep 1969) and describing Foulkes' career. 8 booklets, 28pp

FOULKES: 10/26


Papers relating to the Park Crematorium, Aldershot, including charges for the planting of flowers and inscription in the book of remembrance. 8pp

FOULKES: 10/27


Papers comprising tributes from acquaintances on the career of Foulkes, following the memorial service and memoir contributed by Thomas Foulkes which appeared in the Royal Engineers Journal (Sep 1969). With Special Brigade 'C' Company newsletter, No 23, dated Jan 1970. 123pp

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