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FOULKES, Maj Gen Charles Howard (1875-1969)

9/1-34: Papers relating to the writing of '"Gas!" The story of the Special Brigade' (W Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1934) and 'Commonsense and ARP' (C A Pearson, London, 1939)

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FOULKES: 9/1-20 Correspondence and papers concerning the writing of "Gas!" The story of the Special Brigade (W Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1934)



Photographs of the 4" Stokes Mortar and the 'M' device (thermo generator), and negative of a projector discharge on the Arras-Lens front, illustrations used in "Gas!". 2 photographs, 1 negative


1932 Nov-1932 Sep

Correspondence with Maj Gen Sir Ernest Swinton, including the terms offered by Blackwoods, the title and layout. 7pp


1932 Dec-1936 Oct

Correspondence with acquaintances including Rev E A Berrisford, George Pollitt, Lt Col A M Prentis and F A Iles, referring to casualties in Royal Engineers, mustard gas and details of the attack on the Doberdo Plateau, 29 Jun 1916. 16pp


1933 Feb-1933 Sep

Correspondence with Prof J B S Haldane and Gen Thuillier, concerning the rejection of the chemical dichlorethyl sulphide suggested for use in the war in 1915, as discussed in Haldane's book Callinicus, a defence of chemical warfare (Kegan Paul and Co Ltd, London, 1925). With copy of Haldane's book. 1 vol, 9pp


1933 Sep-1934 Jun

Correspondence with Blackwood and Sons Ltd, concerning publication of the book including maps, photographs and illustrations, choice of contributor for the introduction, the title the book, alterations required by the War Office, indexing and reviews. With sample colour diagram of enemy gas shell bombardments on the First Army Front, 7 to 9 Apr 1918 in the Arras and Bethune areas. 35p


1933 Oct 25, 1933 Oct 31

Letter to Winston Churchill, asking whether he would be willing to write the foreword, and Churchill's refusal. 2pp


1933 Oct 25-1933 Nov 22, 1934 Oct

Correspondence with Sir Clive Wigram, Private Secretary and extra Equerry to the King, and FM Earl Cavan concerning the planned reproduction in the book of photographs of King George VI and the Prince of Wales, and the offer and acceptance of a presentation copy. With photographs of the King, Queen, Prince of Wales and Duke of Connaught at Helfaut, 1917. [Permission to include all but one of the photographs of the King was refused]. 4 photographs, 17pp


1933 Nov, 1934 Jun

Correspondence with FM Earl Cavan, asking whether he would be willing to write the foreword, and Cavan's consent. With Cavan's manuscript for the introduction. 9pp


1933 Oct-1934 Mar

Correspondence with Brig Gen Sir James Edmonds of the Military Branch, Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence, Maj R L Brown of the Geographical Section, War Office and A N Selby of the War Office referring to publication of maps and diagrams, and alteration of the title from 'Frightfulness' to "Gas!". 10pp



Articles and correspondence relating to the use gas in the event of an attack on London, including criticism, published in The Times on 10 Dec 1936 of Lord Halsbury's speeches and his article 'Gas!', in the British Legion Journal (Jan 1933). 38pp


1934 Jan-1934 Jul

Correspondence with A B Clough and Winterbotham at the Ordnance Survey Office in Southampton, concerning the reproduction of maps and graphs. 4pp


1934 Feb 22, 1934 Feb 25

Correspondence with Sir Bindon Blood, concerning the propriety of including the title of 'late ADC to the King' on the title page. 2pp


1934 May-1934 Jun

Letters, including comments and suggestions, from acquaintances involved in proof reading including Prof Jocelyn Thorpe, Maj Gen Sir Louis Jackson, Prof Claude Douglas, Brig Gen Sir Harold Hartley and Maj Gen Sir Henry Thuillier. 18pp


1934 Oct

Publicity leaflet for "Gas!", including the preface and introduction by FM Earl Cavan, and a list of contents, illustrations and photographs. With typescript synopsis of the chapters, and dust jacket. 1 booklet, 8pp


1934 Oct-1937 Nov

Letters, including comments and appreciation from acquaintances and institutions on reading "Gas!", including the Imperial War Museum, W Griffiths (formerly Royal Engineers), Muriel Thompson, John Bicknell, Maj Gen Mottistone and H G L Strange (formerly 'Z' Coy, Special Brigade). 30pp


1934 Nov-1934 Dec

Correspondence with Maj Gen H L Pritchard, referring to casualties from German gas attacks on the Western Front, and concerning Pritchard's use of these figures to estimate the number of casualties in the event of a gas attack on London. 13pp


1934 Nov

Correspondence with the General London Press, Maj Gen Sir Ernest Swinton and Raymond Savage Ltd, concerning the rights to publish "Gas!" abroad. [Rights to publish abroad given to Raymond Savage Ltd]. 5pp



Typescript transcript of extracts from reviews of "Gas!", including the Times Literary Supplement, Yorkshire Post and the Army, Navy and Air Force Gazette. 3pp


1935 Mar-1935 Dec

Correspondence concerning reviews of "Gas!" in USA, including Maj Gen C E Brigham, Chief of Chemical Warfare Service, J Enrique Zanetti, Columbia University suggesting journals likely to review the book and L A Codd, Journal of the Army Ordnance Association. 9pp


1938 May 28, 1940 May 1

Letter from Capt E W Brown at the US Naval Medical School, Washington DC, USA requesting permission to reproduce photographs from "Gas!", and from F A Hessel, regarding quotations from "Gas!" to be published in his Chemistry in War (Hastings House, New York, 1940). 3p

FOULKES: 9/21-34 Publication of Commonsense and ARP (C A Pearson, London, 1939) with texts of lectures on and correspondence concerning air raid precautions, 1936-1942



Papers relating to work as consulting specialist in air raid precautions, including list of receipts from companies advised, 1936-1940, list of companies advised and schemes devised for John Oakey and Sons Ltd, abrasives manufacturers, and W J Davies and Sons (subsidiary of John Oakey). 59pp


c 1936

Papers relating to work as air raid precautions adviser, including copy of basic letter of introduction as consulting specialist in air raid precautions with list of companies using the scheme. 3pp


1937 Jan, Nov

Correspondence relating to and text of lecture entitled 'Chemical warfare and the civil population', given at the Institute of Chemistry, Leeds University on 15 Nov and Oxford University Junior Scientific Club on 19 Nov. With correspondence with The Chemist and Druggist concerning article entitled 'Chemists in the service of the community' [not published]. 25pp



Papers relating to reviews of publications on air raid precautions for Nature, including copies of reviews of Breathe Freely! (G Bell and Sons, London, 1938) by Prof James Kendall, Air Defence and the Civil Population (Cresset Press, London, 1937) by Dr H Montgomery Hyde and G R Falkiner Nuttall, On Guard Against Gas (Hutchinson and Co, London, 1938) by H A Sisson [copy included] and The Protection of the Public from Aerial Attack, a critical examination of the recommendations put forward by the Air Raid Precautions Department of the Home Office (Victor Gollancz, London, 1937) by the Cambridge Scientists' Anti-War Group. 1 vol, 34pp


1938 Jan-1939 Jun

Article submitted to the Daily Mail 'Air Raid Protection' [not published] and letter referring to the recent publication of the Code relating to air raid precautions which formed part of the Civil Defence Bill, published in The Daily Telegraph, 8 Jun 1939. 22pp


1938 Oct-1938 Dec

Papers relating to the publication of the article 'Commonsense and ARP' in Blackwood's Magazine (Dec 1938), with copy of the article and letters of appreciation, including Lt Col P B Arbuthnot. 19pp


1938 Dec

Blackwood's Magazine, including Foulkes' article 'Common-sense and ARP', referring to bombing during the Spanish Civil War and of Shanghai and preparations for defence. 1 vol



Papers relating to the publication of Commonsense and ARP (1939), including legal agreement with the publisher, C Arthur Pearson dated 16 Dec 1938, royalty accounts, publicity leaflet and letters of appreciation including those from Maj Gen H L Pritchard and FM Earl Cavan. 25pp


1939 Jan

Correspondence relating to and text of lecture entitled 'Chemical warfare and the civil population', given at the Institute of Chemistry in Liverpool on 18 Jan and the British Xylonite Company Ltd, London on 19 Jan. 26pp


1939 Mar 2, 1939 Apr

Letter from Sir Patrick Kelly, chief air warden in Wimbledon, inviting Foulkes to lecture on air raids and the civil population. With text of lecture given 12 Apr. 21p


1939 Nov

Text of lecture on air raid precautions given to 'AFS' in Walton on Thames on 16 Nov. 13pp



Commonsense and ARP, a practical guide for householders and business managers (C Arthur Pearson Ltd, London, 1939) by Foulkes. 1 vol


1939 Nov-1940 Jan

Articles published in The War Illustrated, referring to air raids on the civilian population, gas attacks and bomb attacks. With correspondence with E Royston Pike and S G B Stubbs at the magazine regarding their publication. 12pp



Volume of press cuttings, largely book reviews of and advertisments for "Gas!" (1934) and Commonsense and air raid precautions, including articles in the Observer, The Times, Blackwood's Magazine, The Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard, and the RE Journal. With cuttings from local papers commenting on lectures on air raid precautions given by Foulkes in Surrey, Leeds and Liverpool, 1937-1938. 1 vol, 1p

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