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ALANBROOKE, FM Alan Francis, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke of Brookeborough (1883-1963)

Papers relating to his business activities, 1946-1963, dated 1940-1963

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ALANBROOKE: 7/17/1-21


Papers relating to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, mainly official correspondence between Brooke and the Treasury relating to Brooke's appointment and reappointment as Government-nominated Director of the Company, 1946-1953; correspondence and photographs, Jul 1948, relating to the visit of Muhammad Riza Pahlevi, Shah-an-Shah of Iran, to the Company's Sunbury Research Station, 24 Jul 1948; printed annual report, 1948.

1 file

ALANBROOKE: 7/18/1-19


Papers relating to Belfast Banking Company Limited, mainly official and semi-official letters to Brooke from fellow directors, 1959-1963; annual reports of the Belfast Banking Company Limited, 1961-1962, and the Scottish Australian Company Limited, 1962; Belfast Bank Executor and Trustee Company Limited handbook, 1953.

1 file


1953 Jun 17

Letter to Brooke from W D Shaw, Chairman of Board of Directors, Hill Thomson and Company Limited, informing him of his appointment as a Director of the Company.

1 letter

ALANBROOKE: 7/20/1-26


Papers relating to Hudson's Bay Company, mainly correspondence relating to his appointment as a Director, 1948, and his retirement, 1959; papers relating to Brooke's tour of the Company's Canadian offices, depots and stores, 1949, including correspondence, Hudson's Bay Company publicity brochures, tourist guides and maps of Canada, notes on itinerary, photographs, Brooke's diary of his visit, 20 Jun-25 Jul 1949; 'Beaver House: headquarters of the Hudson's Bay Company', souvenir booklet, 1951; North of 55°: Canada from the 55th Parallel to the Pole, edited by Clifford Wilson (Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1954); printed annual reports and accounts, 1961-1962.

1 box

ALANBROOKE: 7/21/1-30


Papers relating to the Lowland Tanker Company Limited, mainly typescript annual report, 1953; correspondence relating to Brooke's appointment as a Director, 1954; monthly financial statements, 1959-1963.

1 file

ALANBROOKE: 7/22/1-18


Papers relating to Midland Bank Limited, mainly correspondence relating to Brooke's election as a Director, 1946; 'Brief survey of banking and economic conditions in Northern Ireland', text of speech by Brooke to fellow directors, 30 Oct 1959; annual reports for Midland Bank Limited, 1961-1962, and Forward Trust Limited, 1961; Midland Bank Review, May 1963.

1 file

ALANBROOKE: 7/23/1-44

1940, 1947-1963

Papers relating to the National Discount Company Limited, mainly articles of association, 1940; printed annual reports of National Discount Company Limited, 1947-1962, and Alexanders Discount Company Limited, 1949; correspondence relating to Brookes' appointment as a Director, 1948, and his retirement, 1963.

1 file

ALANBROOKE: 7/24/1-9


Papers relating to Triplex Safety Glass Company Limited, mainly correspondence relating to Brooke's appointment as a Director, 1953, and his resignation, 1956; printed interim and annual reports for Triplex Safety Glass Company Limited, 1957, and Triplex Holdings Limited, 1959-1962.

1 file


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