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ALLFREY, Lt Gen Sir Charles Walter (1895-1964)


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ALLFREY: 1. Corps Commander's Memoranda, circulated to Allfrey as Commander of 43 Division, mainly from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, 1941-42


1941 May 7

'Extract from Corps Commander's Personal Memoranda for Commanders' from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, Commander 12 Corps, to Allfrey, entitled 'Wives and Families'. 1p.


1941 May 16

'Corps Commander's Personal Memoranda for Commanders' from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, Commander 12 Corps, to Allfrey, notably on the leadership qualities of unit commanders, the fitness of officers and men, tactical training, and anti-aircraft training. 2pp.


1941 May 28

'Corps Commander's Personal Memoranda for Commanders' from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, Commander 12 Corps, to Allfrey, notably on the problems of dispersment within units and of reserves; suggestions to improve the quality and tone of the officer corps and the introduction of annual inspections. 2pp.


1941 Jun 1

'Corps Commander's Personal Memoranda for Commanders' from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, Commander 12 Corps, to Allfrey, notably on the importance of having suitable candidates for commissions, and the importance of drill. 2pp.


1941 Jul 20

'Corps Commander's Personal Memoranda for Commanders', from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, Commander 12 Corps, to Allfrey, mainly on the standard of senior regimental officers, and Montgomery's ideas on leadership. 3pp.


1941 Aug 27

'Corps Commander's Personal Memoranda to Commanders' from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, Commander 12 Corps, to Allfrey, on 'Minor Tactical Training', specifically its importance for company commanders. 2pp.


1941 Nov 11

'12 Corps Study Week for Commanders, 15-20 Dec 1941: Note By Corps Commander', by Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, Commander 12 Corps, to Allfrey, including a brief fourteen point analysis entitled 'Some lessons learnt during the first two years of war'. Annotated, probably by Allfrey. 5pp.


1942 Feb 25

'Extract from Corps Commander's Personal Memorandum', from Maj Gen James Andrew Harcourt Gammell, Commander 12 Corps, to Allfrey, entitled 'Future policy for training'. 1p.


1942 Jun 4

Remarks of the South East Army Commander Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery at the final conference on exercise TIGER, an attempt to study both certain aspects of mobile operations, and the new model organisation for armoured and infantry divisions. The opposing sides in this exercise were 12 Corps and Canadian Corps. 19pp.


1942 Jun 12

'Summary of the Army Commander's Address to Commanders of the Canadian Royal Artillery and the Royal Artillery', from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery to Allfrey, on training other sections of the army in the use of the artillery. 2pp with handwritten note by Allfrey.

ALLFREY: 2 Addresses, mainly by Allfrey, 1941-1944



'The Corps Role', text of an address given by Allfrey, probably to his Corps Headquarters, whilst acting Lt Gen of 5 Corps, Home Forces.



Text of a talk by Allfrey to officers of 5 Corps, about the imminent 'David Conference-Third Period', notably on the reorganisation of infantry and armoured divisions and the future role of the corps with regard to the establishment of a nucleus of fighting men unavailable for drafting. 6pp.


[1944 Jul]

Text of an address by Allfrey to the men of 38 Irish Bde upon their disbandment. 4pp with handwritte addition by Allfrey.


[1944 Jul 13]

Text of an address by Allfrey at a training session at Benevento, Italy, on the work of a Corps Headquarters', including its role in administration and the implementation of army directives. 5pp.


[1944 Jul 13]

Text of an address by Allfrey at a training session at Benevento, Italy, on cooperation between artillery, tanks and infantry, concentrating on the lessons learnt by each of the branches in recent operations. 8pp.



Text of an address by Allfrey to officers concerning morale, giving a brief survey of the causes of demoralisation amongst troops and methods of combatting it. 5pp.



'The attack in war', a description of a training exercise involving 43 Div, consisting of an infantry attack on a limited frontage supported by an artillery barrage, and demonstrating the importance of planning and preparation. 8pp.



'Letter to a Platoon Commander in England', by Maj PEC Bryan, being an imaginary letter giving some "tips from the front". 3pp.

ALLFREY: 3. Papers relating to the Tunisian Campaign, including a personal diary of events and reports on operations, 1942-1943


1943 Jan 3-1943 May 28

Personal diary of the Tunisian Campaign, giving a detailed day-to-day account of the campaign as experienced by 5 Corps in northern Tunisia, including the early push by 1 Army on Tunis and Bizerta; counter attacks by the 5 Panzer Army under German Col Gen Hans-Jurgen Theodor Von Arnim; the effects of Von Arnim's Operation OXHEAD; communications with the French and US armies; Allfrey's working and social relations with officers; descriptions of tactics and troop deployment; a detailed account of the final days of the campaign, including the clearing of Tunis and the surrender of Von Arnim to Allfrey. The diary is typed and appears to have been collated from various personal and official sources at a later date. Includes printed map of area. 1 vol.



Microfilm of photograph album entitled 'Tunisian Battlefields'.


1942 Dec 7

Memorandum from Allfrey to his divisional commanders concerning the reasons for a temporary halt in the advance to Tunis and Bizerta, Tunisia. 1p.


1943 Jan 18

Report by Brig Edwin William Conquest Flavell on the operations of 1 Bn Parachute Regt from 16 Nov to 11 Dec 1942, as part of BLADEFORCE in Tunisia, including details of actions at Gue Hill and Coxens Farm and various patrol reports. 19pp.


1942 Dec 19

Report on the activities of 1 Commando (in support of 36 Infantry Bde) in the Bizerta area of Tunisia between 1 and 5 Dec 1942, including details of Operation BIZERTE; information on topography, enemy positions and equipment, and casualties; recommendations for honours and mentions; troop reports and a detailed narrative of events. 27pp


1942 Dec 28

Report by Lt Col Arthur Ainslie Crook Commanding Officer 5 Bn Northamptonshire Regt, answering questions as to why his battalion was unable to make radio or personal contact with 18 Bn Lincolnshire Regt during the battle for Longstop Hill, Tunisia, from 22-26 Dec 1942. Including an extract from a report by Captain JM Barton, Commanding Officer of 2 Bn Hampshire Regt, on difficulties in radio communication experienced during the same period and a comment by [Maj Gen Vyvyan Evelegh], Commanding Officer 78 Div, on signalling problems. 8pp.


1943 Jan 12

Report by Brig Bernard Howlett on the 36 Infantry Bde operation to capture Dj el Azzag and Si Ayed, Tunisia, on 5-7 Jan 1943, including a narrative of events; information on the troops and fire power of enemy; the topography and weather, and reasons for the failure of the operation. 5pp and sketch plan of German defences.



List of divisions and brigades in 5 Corps, with the names of brigade commanders. 1p.


1943 Mar 2

Letter from AM Sir Arthur Coningham, Air Officer Commanding North African Tactical Air Force, to Allfrey, enclosing a copy letter to Lt Gen Kenneth Arthur Noel Anderson; a General Operational Directive for the North West African Tactical Air Force, outlining the course of action to be taken in order to provide maximum support for land operations, and a copy of a talk by Coningham on cooperation between the Army and Air Force. 9pp.


[1943 Mar 3]

Report by Brig RM Stott on an operation by 5 Bn Foresters, east of Sedjenane, Tunisia, on 2 Mar 1943. Includes a manuscript map of the area and troop positions (enlargement from 1:50,000). 1p and map.


1943 May 12

Photocopy of handwritten diary notes by Allfrey on the surrender of Col Gen Hans-Jurgen Theodor Von Arnim, differing substantially from the official diary entry (see 3/1, p132) due to the addition of more personal detail, and the incorporation into the text of a description from The Times of 16 May 1943. 4pp.


1943 May

Text of an article from The Times of 22 May 1943, detailing the 'Gallantry of the 78th Division', in a narrative of the part the division played in the defeat of Axis forces in North Africa. 3pp. Three copies.



Report entitled 'Summary of the part played by First Army in the North African Campaign with particular reference to 5 Corps'. 21pp. Two copies.



Map entitled 'The North African Campaign from 21 April to 13 May 1943', printed by 518 Field Survey Company, Royal Engineers; on a scale of 10 miles:1 inch; showing the movements of the corps and divisions at various dates throughout the campaign.

ALLFREY: 4. Papers relating to the Italian Campaign, including personal diaries, reports and maps, 1943-1944.


1943 Sep 11-1943 Dec 22

Personal diary of the Italian Campaign, giving a detailed day-to-day account of the activities of 5 Corps in eastern Italy, including details of the clearing of the Taranto area; the progress of the Corps up the Adriatic coast; the crossing of the Trigno river; the crossing of, and battle at, the river Sangro; communications with 13 Corps, culminating in their joining with 5 Corps at Sangro; descriptions of tactics and troop deployment; working and social relations with officers. The diary is typed and appears to have been collated from various personal and official sources at a later date. 1 vol.


1943 Dec 22-1944 Aug 8

Personal diary of the Italian Campaign, continuing the account of 5 Corps' gradual clearing of the Adriatic coast from Ortona to the Gothic Line, including the replacement of Gen Sir Bernard Law Montgomery by Lt Gen Sir Oliver Hargreaves Leese, 3rd Bt; their position with relation to 8 Army; the handing over of command to Canadian Corps Headquarters in Jan 1944; Allfrey's return to England for a month; the return of 5 Corps to the Northern sector to work independently; the reduction of troops in the northern sector in order to support the attacks on Monte Cassino in the south; visit to Monte Cassino, 31 May; details of Allied progress in southern Italy and France; visits to 8 Army headquarters in the south; visit by HM George the Sixth, 30 Jul; ending of his command, 4 Aug 1994; Allfrey's return to England. The diary is typed and appears to have been collated from various private and official sources at a later date. 1 vol.


1943 Jul 1

Text of speech made by Gen Sir Bernard Law Montgomery, to the officers of 78 Div on joining 8 Army, including a description of the fighting styles of the German and Italian commanders and soldiers, and the steps their British counterparts will have to take to counter them. 9pp.


1943 Nov 28

Photocopy of a letter from Gen Sir Bernard Law Montgomery to Allfrey, advising him on the policy his Corps must adopt to capture Mozzagrona and Santa Maria, Italy. 3pp.


1944 Apr 9

Text of an address to senior officers of 13 Corps at Venafro, by Lt Gen Miles Christopher Dempsey, mainly concerning cooperation between the infantry and tanks, and including various methods of attack and support; use of tanks in village fighting; methods of clearing routes for tanks through minefields; river crossings and traffic control. 14pp.



Narrative entitled 'The story of Fourth Armoured Brigade in Italy, Sep 43-Dec 43', possibly by Allfrey, detailing their role in clearing the east coast of Italy from Bari to San Vito, and the lessons learned from this period. With a covering letter from Capt Tudor P Weaver, to whom Allfrey had lent the account (1946). 15pp.



A short account of the 5 Corps operations which culminated in the capture of the German 'winter line' on the Sangro river in eastern Italy, Nov-Dec 1943. With the order of battle as at 26 Nov 1943. 9pp.


1944 Feb 16

An account of the tactics and weapons employed by 1 Canadian Div in a battle against German Parachute troops in Ortona, Italy, and the lessons learned about large-scale street fighting. 20pp, with illustrations including an aerial photograph of Ortona.



Magazine cuttings entitled 'River Crossing Lessons from Italy' and 'Eighth Army Operations on the Trigno River', including details of the Battle of Termoli; the crossing of the Trigno river; the attack on, and battles of, San Salvo. From a confidential publication, probably by the US Army. 22pp.



Italian Road Map, Sheets 16, 17 & 18. Printed by the US Army Map Service from the Italian Touring Club Map, on a scale of 1:200,000.



Italian Road Map, parts of sheets 16, 17 & 18. Printed by the US Army Map Service from the Italian Touring Club Map, on a scale of 1:200,000.



Map of Italy up to the area of the Gothic Line, several sheets joined together. Published by the War Office, on a scale of 1:500,000.

ALLFREY: 5. Various papers, including a regimental newspaper and copies of German propaganda leaflets, 1943-1944

ALLFREY: 5/1-6

1943 Feb 20-1943 Apr 3

'Biskwee-Kamerade', a weekly regimental news review produced by British 71 Field Regt, Royal Artillery, in North Africa. Issues 2-7, with another copy of No 7. 1 file.



Three photographs of German Panzer KW 6 Tiger tanks, stapled onto a sheet of paper annotated "photos taken by and captured from Germans".



Copy of Appendix A to 5 Corps Intelligence Summary No 276, entitled 'Lives for the Lords?', giving the text of two German propaganda leaflets dropped on Allied troops. 1p.


1943 Dec

Copy of Appendix C to a 5 Corps Intelligence Summary, giving the text of a German propaganda leaflet sending 'Happy Christmas Greetings'. 1p.


1944 Apr 17

Copy of 'Notes for the use of Italian Officers attached to the British Army', compiled by an Italian officer, and giving hints on behaviour and dress. 2pp.

ALLFREY: 6. Letters from various correspondents to Allfrey, relating mainly to military matters, 1942-1944, all but 6/16-20 being photocopies.


1942 Oct 10

Copy personal letter from Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery to Allfrey, notably on his first engagement with German Col Gen Erwin Rommel at the Battle of Alam Halfa in North Africa. 2pp.


1942 Dec 24

Copy letter from Lt Gen Alphonse Juin, Commander in Chief of Land Forces in North Africa, to Allfrey, asking for a tank squadron for the French attack south of Pont du Fahs, and recommending postponement of Allfrey's own action. 1p.


[1943 May]

Copy personal letter from Lt Gen Brian Gwynne Horrocks, thanking Allfrey for the work he and 5 Corps have done in North Africa. 1p.


1943 Jul 11

Copy personal letter from Maj Christopher "Kit" Huxley to Geraldine Allfrey, giving news of Allfrey and his popularity with the troops in North Africa. 1p.


1943 Aug 10

Copy personal letter from Lt Gen Sir Kenneth Arthur Noel Anderson, congratulating Allfrey on his CB, and outlining the preparations of 2 Army for the invasion of Europe. 2pp.


1943 Aug 15

Copy personal letter from Lt Col Claud Andrew Montagu-Douglas-Scott, 1 Bn Irish Guards, thanking Allfrey for his help in obtaining a Victoria Cross for Sgt John Patrick Kenneally for his actions at Dj Bou Arada, Tunisia. 2pp.


1943 Aug 29

Copy personal letter of congratulation to Allfrey on recent achievements from Lt Gen Herbert Lumsden, Commander 2 Corps. 1p.


1943 Sep 5

Copy letter from Lt Col William Branfoot Wilson, on behalf of his Royal Artillery regiment, congratulating Allfrey on his CB. 1p.


1943 Sep 9

Copy personal letter from Adm Lord Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten notably on his new post as Supreme Allied Commander in South East Asia and his request to have Allfrey as his Chief of Staff. 1p.


1943 Sep 14

Copy official letter from Gen Sir Bernard Law Montgomery, welcoming 5 Corps to 8 Army. 2pp.


1943 Nov 30

Copy letter from Gen Sir Bernard Law Montgomery, congratulating Allfrey and 5 Corps on the success of the Sangro battle in Italy. 1p.


1944 Jan 1

Copy personal letter to Allfrey from Adm Sir Walter Henry Cowan notably on the appointment of AF Sir Andrew Browne Cunningham as Commander in Chief in the Mediterranean. 2pp.


1944 Jan 18

Copy personal letter to Allfrey from Gen Georges Barré, thanking Allfrey for his help and friendship in Tunisia. 2pp.


1944 May 12

Copy personal letter from Pte J Roberts, thanking Allfrey for his excellent leadership of 5 Corps. 2pp.


1944 Jun

Copy letter from Gen Sir Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, thanking Allfrey personally for his assistance in Italy. 2pp.


1944 Feb 4

Letter from Maj Gen Dudley Russell, Commander 8 Indian Div, thanking Allfrey on behalf of the departing Div, in appreciation of his work as their commanding officer. 2pp.


1944 Apr 26

Letter from Lt Col Oliver Stedan, Commander Light Anti-Aircraft Regt, Royal Artillery, thanking Allfrey on behalf of his departing Regt. 1p.


1944 Jul 1

Illustrated Retreat Programme of the 79 Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, giving a list of music to be played at a party held that evening. 1p.


1944 Aug

Official letter of thanks from Allfrey to the Headquarters and Staff of 5 Corps, on the occasion of his leaving them. 1p.



Letter to Allfrey from Lt Gen Wladyslaw Anders, sending a badge and certificate as a token of gratitude from the soldiers of 2 Polish Corps, who served in Italy.


1943 Jun 11

Letter to Allfrey from French Capt G Betesta, in memory of the warm welcome he received from 5 Corps, and enclosing as a souvenir a copy letter from Gen Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre, dated 6 Dec 1893, requesting local information whilst fighting in Africa. 4pp.

ALLFREY: 7. Papers copied from an album collated by Allfrey, 1928, 1944-1947.


1928 Oct 3

Copy of an Equitation certificate for Allfrey, from the Equitation School at Weedon, praising him as a first-class regimental officer. 1p.


1947 Apr 21

Annual confidential report by Gen Sir Miles Christopher Dempsey on Allfrey, in the year of his retirement. 4pp.


[1944 Jan]

Extract from The Griffin (probably a 5 Corps publication) concerning a comment in the Daily Sketch of 1 Jan 1944 that Allfrey had been considered as a successor to Gen Sir Bernard Law Montgomery. 1p.



Copy of a published article written by Allfrey entitled 'The use of artillery', giving ten points to remember for continued cooperation and confidence between the Royal Artillery and other arms of the services. 1p.


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