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RADFORD, Brig Walter Buckley (1903-1987) ›

Typescript report, '23rd Armoured Bde operations in Greece, October 15 1944-January 7 1945' issued by Headquarters, Royal Armoured Corps, Central Mediterranean Forces, May 1945, and typescript volume, 'The Second World War 1939-1945 - Army - Planning' by Col Robert David Quixano Henriques, issued by the War Office, 1954.

RAE, AVM Ronald Arthur Ramsay(1910-1994) ›

Memorial addresses and obituaries, 1994, including details of his service as Commander, RAF Tengah, Singapore, 1942, and his subsequent capture and imprisonment by the Japanese, 1943-1945.

RAEBURN, Maj Gen Sir (William) Digby (Manifold) (1915-2001) ›

'Some recollections of a Scots Guardsman, 1935-1947', a memoir covering his military career during the period 1935-1947, notably his service at General HQ, Middle East Land Forces, 1940-1943, and with the Scots Guards in Italy, 1943-1944 and 1947, and Germany, 1945, written in [1992].

RAF DURING WORLD WAR TWO: Official Publications ›

Official illustrated edition of RAF Middle East: The Official Story of Air Operations in the Middle East, from February 1942 to January 1943 (His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1945); official illustrated edition of Atlantic Bridge: The Official Account of RAF Transport Command's Ocean Ferry (His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1945)

BOX LISTRAMSBOTHAM, General Sir David John (b 1934) ›

Papers of Sir David Ramsbotham, including reports, correspondence, photographs, lecture texts, press cuttings and ephemera, relating to his career, 1974-1995.Papers relating to Northern Ireland including Northern Ireland intelligence summaries, 22 Mar-11 Aug 1978; reports including report on 2nd Bn, Royal Green Jackets, Northern Ireland operations, Nov 1974-Feb 1975 and related correspondence; report…

BOX LISTRAVEN, R Adm John Stanley (1910-1987) ›

Papers relating to service in HMS GLOUCESTER, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, World War Two, including photocopy of diary, 1939-1940, naval messages, 1940-1943, and photographs; official service records, 1941-1958; and papers relating to naval career, 1949-1964, including article dated 1965, 'A Perspective View of Naval Engineering', on the Electrical Branch of the Royal Navy.


Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, part 1: 1942-1945 is a themed microfilm collection containing copies of official documents of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1942-1945. Documents include meeting minutes and memoranda and reports relating to grand strategic issues, the Pacific theatre, the European theatre, and the Soviet Union. Meeting minutes include those for the conference held at Casablanca,…


Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, part 2: 1946-53 is a themed microfilm collection containing copies of official documents of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), 1946-1953. Documents include meeting minutes and memoranda and reports relating to strategic issues; Europe and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); the Far East; the Middle East; the Soviet Union; and the United States. Meeting…


Recruitment and fundraising posters, World War One, 1914-1916, including Parliamentary Recruiting Committee posters and Parliamentary War Savings Committee posters. The posters are full colour and are designed as postive and negative propaganda to aid recruitment and encourage donation to the war effort and were aimed at domestic civilian audiences. Highlights include posters referring to the sinking…

REDMAN, Wg Cdr James George (1914-1981) ›

Papers of Wg Cdr James Redman, 1930-1943, comprise copy photographs relating to the career of Wg Cdr James Redman: aircraft including Vickers Victoria V, Bristol Type 105 Bulldog, Handley Page Heyford, Hawker Hart, Hawker Hind, and various crashed aircraft, 1930s; HMS GLORIOUS after refit as an aircraft carrier, [1935]; and group personnel photograph with an Avro Lancaster, [1943].

REEVES, Lt Col George Clive (1910-1985) ›

Papers relating to his life and career, 1936-1961, principally comprising diary of tour of Germany to assess capacity of industrial installations, Apr-Jun 1945, written in [1945-1946] and including related reports and photographs of sites visited, 1945; record of service pocket book, 1936-1948.

REVELL-SMITH, Major General William Revell (1894-1956) ›

Personal letters to Maj Gen William Revell-Smith's sister in law, 'Tricia' (Ann Patricia Lowson, 1919-2003, wife of Sir Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew Lowson, 1st Bt, 1906-1975), as Commander, 53 Light Anti Aircraft Regt, British Expeditionary Force, UK and France, 1939-1940. Includes reference to recruiting his wife Norma (First Aid Nursing Yeomanry 1914-1918 and 1939-1945), to give gas training to militia…


Digital transcripts of interviews with individuals who fought in the Rhodesian civil war, 1970s-1980s, conducted 2008-2009.  Please note: the collection is presently CLOSED.

RIALL, Air Cdre Arthur Bookey (1911-1984) ›

Papers relating to the RAF Levies (Iraq), 1955-1959, including typescript copy of speech by Sir Michael (Robert) Wright, British Ambassador to Iraq at the RAF Levies (Iraq) disbandment parade, RAF Habbaniya, 2 May 1955; typescript copy of report to the Air Ministry by Riall entitled 'The Royal Air Force Levies (Iraq) [1955]; typescript 'The RAF Regiment bulletin report on the RAF Levies (Iraq) - the…

RIALL, Maj Malcolm Brown Bookey (1879-1968) ›

Newspaper cuttings mostly from The Irish Times, Evening Herald and The Globe, 1899-1901, relating to the Second Boer War, South Africa, 1899-1902. Papers and photographs relating to the Mohmand Field Force, North West Frontier, India, May-Jun 1908, including pocket diary detailing operations of 1 Bn, Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regt) against Mohmand tribesmen, 1908; typescript extract, written…

RIDDELL, Maj Gen Ralph Anthony (1900-1979) ›

Copy of typescript text on the use of nuclear weapons and significance of nuclear power, [1940-1965], written in [1965].

RIDLEY, Col Dan Dunglinson (1916-2006) ›

Copies of papers relating to service of Colonel Dan Dunglinson Ridley, Berlin, Germany, 1945-46. Diary kept during work with American military government detachment in Remschied, Germany, assessing local infrastructure, May 1945. Account, written after his retirement, 1970, of his work for the Military Government of the Greater Berlin Area (MGGBA) administrating the Wilmersdorf District, British Sector,…

RIDLEY, Gp Capt Leslie R (1907-1982) ›

'The history of 72 Wing', May 1944-Sep 1945, concerning the Wing's role in providing radar navigational and bombing aids for British and American forces during the Allied invasion of North West Europe, written in Oct 1945.

RILEY, Lt Cdr Quintin Theodore Petroc Molesworth (1905-1980) ›

Papers relating to Riley's service in World War Two, 1939-1945, with a recent biography, 1989, mostly concerning the training of Commando forces, 1940-1943, including letter from acting Col Colin McVean Gubbins, War Office, dated 8 Jul 1940, thanking Riley for his work in Norway, 1940; correspondence, memoranda, directives and reports relating to the training of Independent Companies in seamanship…

RITCHIE, Maj Gen Walter Henry Dennison (1901-1984) ›

Bound minutes of meetings of Operation SATIRE Works Committee meetings, Jul 1946-Mar 1947, concerning the provision of accommodation for military units moving to the Canal Zone, Egypt.

ROBERTS, Gen Sir Ouvry Lindfield (1898-1986) ›

Papers of General Sir Ouvry Lindfield Roberts, 1898-1986, including diaries, 1913-1985; memoirs, including drafts; personal and official photographs; personal and official correspondence; press cuttings; issues of the Royal Engineers' journal, 1976-1986 and papers relating to Iffley Church, Royal events, Roberts' time in Canada, ceremonies, dinners and memorials.

ROBERTS, Maj Gen (George) Philip (Bradley) ('Pip') (1906-1997) ›

Papers relating to Roberts' life and career, 1940-1992, including twenty four detailed letters home to his father, Col William Bradley Roberts, from North Africa and North West Europe, 1940-1944; papers relating to operations in North Africa, 1941-1943, including memoranda, typescript intelligence summaries and typescript and manuscript notes, notably on operations of 22 Guards Bde and 7 Armoured Div,…

DETAILED CATALOGUEROBERTSON, FM Sir William (Robert), 1st Bt (1860-1933) ›

Pre-war papers and correspondence, 1898-1914, including lectures, texts and notes written whilst Commandant of the Staff College, Camberley, Surrey. Papers relating to his service as Quartermaster General to the BEF (British Expeditionary Force), Western Front, 1914-1915, including correspondence with Maj Gen Sir Stanley Brenton von Donop, Master General of the Ordnance, and Maj Gen Sir John Steven…

ROBERTSON, Lt Col Thomas Argyll (1909-1994) ›

Booklet of memorial addresses giving details of his service with Section B1A, MI5, [1939-1945], dated 1994.

ROONEY, Air Cdre William David (1921-1979) ›

Typescript bound report by AVM William Derek Hodgkinson entitled 'The report of the Committee on the Officer structure of the RAF', Ministry of Defence, London, 7 May 1969, with bound 'Annexes to the report of the Committee on the Officer structure of the Royal Air Force', 1969. Typescript official correspondence relating to Rooney's service as Deputy Air Officer, Administration, Headquarters, Maintenance…

ROSENBAUM, Dr Sidney (b 1918) ›

Offprints of articles by Sidney Rosenbaum including: 'Heights and Weights of the Army Intake, 1951', Journal of the Royal Statistical Society , Series A (General), Vol 117, Part III, 1954; 'Head Injuries to Motor-Cyclists', with D T Beeston, Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 102, 1956; abstract of article 'Changes in Body Weight and Subcutaneous Fat Thickness in Man on a Polar Expedition',…

ROWELL, Sir (Herbert Babington) Robin (1894-1981) ›

Copies of papers and photographs relating to his military career, 1915-[1921], dated 1915-[1921], [1970-1980] and 1983, principally comprising letters to his father, 1915-1916; his flying log book, 1915-1917, covering his service with 1 Reserve Aeroplane Sqn, Royal Flying Corps, UK and with 8 and 12 Sqns, BEF, France; notes and texts of lectures relating to aerial combat tactics, produced by instructors…


Bound issues of In Ruhleben Camp , the Ruhleben camp magazine, June 1915 - June 1917; with two issues of La Vie Française de Ruhleben , April 1916 and July 1916. Also The History of Ruhleben: A Record of British Organisation in a Prison Camp in Germany , Joseph Powell (Captain of the Camp) and Francis Gribble (W. Collins, London, 1919).

RUMP, Capt Robert Hugh, RN (1901-1992) ›

Papers relating to his naval career, [1920-1959], dated [1920-1959], 1985, principally comprising photographs, [1919-1933], notably of the evacuation of [White] Russian refugees, Black Sea, 1919-1920, and of HMS NELSON, West Indies and Panama, 1929-1931, and HMS GANGES, 1931-1933.

RUSBRIDGE, Col Robert Alfred (1889-1981) ›

Papers relating to his life and career, [1931-1936], 1940, 1942-1943, principally comprising 'The army instructor or the instructor and the soldier' and 'The art of lecturing', typescript texts by [Rusbridge], [1931-1936]; detailed lecture notes, [1931-1936], notably on teaching methods and psychology, [1931-1936]; typescript summaries of lectures on psychology by Capt Frederick Wren, delivered at…

RUSSELL, Don (fl 1927-1970) ›

Twenty seven letters from Capt Basil Henry Liddell Hart to Russell, 1927-1943, mostly relating to books and articles by Liddell Hart, with four typescript articles by Liddell Hart, 'The problem of quickening manoeuvre', Dec 1942; 'Arms for the attack', Dec 1942; 'Where are our airborne troops?', Jan 1943; and 'Is our soldiership carrying too much top hamper?', Feb 1943. Also two typescript copies of…

RUSSELL, Lt Gen Sir Dudley (1896-1978) ›

Photocopy of '8 Indian Div newsletter', consisting of an account of the division's activities in Italy and lists of staff and awards, Mar-Nov 1944.

RYLAND, John Patrick (1922-1994 ) ›

Papers of John Patrick Ryland, comprising papers relating to the Home Guard, 1940-1944 and collected material relating to World War One, 1916-1918, Home Guard papers, 1940-1944, comprise published material including Home Guard instructions on training 1940-1944; regulations, 1942, and training manuals, 1940-1944 and unpublished material including instructions for training exercises; notes from training…

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