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NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL: Minutes of Meetings, with Special Advisory Reports ›

Minutes of Meetings of the National Security Council, with Special Advisory Reports are microfilmed copies of meeting minutes and Special Advisory Reports undertaken by the US National Security Council, 1947-1960. Material in the collection relates to US strategic nuclear forces capabilities, 1947-60; US policy with respect to Japan, the Soviet Union, China, 1948-49; military assistance to non-communist…

NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL: Minutes of Meetings: First Supplement ›

Minutes of the Meetings of the National Security Council: First Supplement are microfilmed copies of minutes of meetings, official meeting files and supporting documentation, and detailed records relating to meeting of the National Security Council, 1947-1956. Document material relates to policies and procedures governing the National Security Council, 1947; initial directives to the Central Intelligence…

NATO: Publications relating to ›

Publications relating to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and western European defensive strategy, procurement, and technology, 1948-1988, most notably editions of NATO's Fifteen Nations, a journal devoted to NATO alliance politics, force structure, integration, combined training, and procurement, May 1958-Jun 1988; an edition of Laboratory of the Air (HMSO, Ministry of Supply, 1948),…


Photographs taken on board an unidentified ship; [1917]; including views of other ships in convoy HMS LYSANDER, HMAT SHROPSHIRE, HMS IMPLACABLE, HMS MANTUA, HMAT ASCANIAS, RMS RIMUTAKA, HMAT TOFUA, HMS KING ALFRED, SS HIGHLAND GLEN, HMS KENT, HMHS OXFORDSHIRE, HMAT SUFFOLK, HMAT MARATHON, and HMS ORAMAH; pictures of crew and passengers; scenes of life and work onboard, including sailing from Melbourne,…

NEILSON, Lt Col Ian Godfrey (1918-2017) ›

'The Air Observation Post in Normandy, June 1944', a typescript article on his service with B Flight, No 652 Air Observation Post Sqn, RAF, Jun-Jul 1944, and a copy of The Army Air Corps Journal, 1994, including a cut and illustrated version of the article.

NELSON, Maj Gen Sir (Eustace) John (Blois) (1912-1993) ›

'Always a Grenadier', a memoir covering his life and career, 1916-1968, notably his evacuation from Dunkirk, May 1940, his service with the Grenadier Guards in North Africa, 1942-1943 and 1950-1952, and Italy, 1943-1945, including the landings at Anzio, Jan 1944, and with the 1 Guards Parachute Bn, Palestine, 1946-1948, his involvement in the planning of the Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation, 1952-1953,…

NELSON, Sqn Ldr Thomas Robert (1915-1999) ›

Photocopies of articles by Thomas Robert Nelson on wartime service in RAF, 1942-44; 'A Desert Landing' describing crash landing in the Western Desert, 18 Sep 1942, and subsequent capture by German forces and 'Tom, Dick and Harry of Stalag Luft III' describing the construction of three escape tunnels from Stalag Luft III at Sagan, Germany, and the escape of eighty allied airmen, Mar 1944 (later filmed…

NEWEY, Lt Col Thomas Henry (1897-1983) ›

Photocopies of papers relating to his internment as a POW by the Japanese, 1943, comprising account of the treatment of H Force during their work on the Burma-Thailand railway, 1943, written [for the Malayan Government] in 1945; notebook containing financial accounts and a register of deaths for 5 Bn, H Force, 1943; account of the experiences of 1 Subsection, H Force, Sep-Nov 1943, written in 1943.

NEWMAN, Colonel Sir Stuart (Richard) (1919-2002) ›

Papers of Colonel Sir Stuart (Richard) Newman, 1916-1994, including call up and telegram, Aug 1939; letters home, [1940-1945]; two portrait photographs, [1940] and [1944]; photograph album, 1941-1942; letter to Newman, Mar 1948, from three former Luxembourg cadets, requesting confirmation of their Officer Cadet Training Unit training under Newman, 1945-1946; White Paper, 'Re-organisation of the army…

NEWMAN, Wg Cdr Leslie William James (fl 1945) ›

Copy of photograph album concerning his work on Operation BACKFIRE (the employment of captured military personnel to demonstrate the assembly and firing of V2 rockets), 1945, with copies of related newspaper cuttings, 1945, 1985, 1989.

NICHOLS, Capt Charles Alfred Godfrey RN (1898-1986) ›

Papers relating to his service on HMAS SHROPSHIRE in the Pacific Ocean, 1944-1945, dated [1984-1985], principally comprising ''Shropshire' in the Philippines', a pamphlet on the service of HMAS SHROPSHIRE in the Philippines, 1944-1945, including the Battle of Leyte, Oct 1944, and the landings at Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Jan 1945, written by Frank Hoolahan and published for New South Wales Branch of the…

NIND, Maj Philip Frederick (b 1918) ›

Scrapbook of his service with SOE Force 133, North West Greece, 1943-1944, compiled in [1944] and [1977-1985], including copy of his official report on resistance activities, Sep 1943-Dec 1944, with particular reference to relations between the National Republican Greek League (EDES) and the National People's Liberation Army (ELAS), written in Dec 1944; essay on the political situation in Greece, 1942-1944,…

NIXON, Professor John Alexander (1874-1951) ›

Copy of letter from Nixon to Dr G C Linder concerning Nixon's post-mortem on Baron von Richthofen ('The Red Baron'), Oct 17 1934.

NORMAN, Maj Gen Charles Wake (1891-1974) ›

Papers of Maj Gen Charles Wake Norman, notably on armoured warfare, 1938-1965, including copy of war diary, May 1940, France and Belgium; report of the Massy Committee on the military education of the army officer, 1938, and first progress reports; papers on armour, including discussion on armoured tactics, 1941, notes on the early history of 9 Armoured Div, order of battle, Jul 1942 for 1 Armoured…

BOX LISTNORTH, Maj John Francis Allen (1894-1973) ›

Papers relating to Gallipoli (Faber and Faber, London, 1936), 1927-1967, principally comprising original typescript, [1936]; correspondence, 1927-1967, notably with Brig Gen Cecil Faber Aspinall-Oglander, 1933-1939, Gen Sir Ian (Standish Monteith) Hamilton, 1934-1941, Capt Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart, 1936-1937, AF Sir Roger John Brownlow Keyes, Bt, 1934-1939, and Maj Gen Arthur Cecil Temperley, 1935-1939;…

NORTON, Edward Felix (1884-1954) ›

Copies of photographs relating to his service with the Royal Artillery in India, 1909-1912, and in France and Belgium, 1914-1919; photographs and press cuttings relating to Norton's service as Acting Governor, Hong Kong, 1940-1941.

NUCLEAR AGE, THE Television Documentary Series ›

The Nuclear Age is a twelve part television documentary series on the history of nuclear strategy, from the discovery of nuclear fission in 1938 and the Allied development of the atomic bomb, 1942-1945, to the last years of the Cold War, 1987-1989


Microfilm copies of official US government reports and US military, scientific, academic and policy journals relating to nuclear weapons, arms control, weapons technology, deterrence, nuclear strategy, and US foreign policy, 1919-1995. The reports have been arranged chronologically and include material relating to non-proliferation treaty safeguards; civil defence in the United States; deterrence theory;…

NUREMBURG TRIALS, THE: American Tribunal III, official transcript, 31 Jul 1948, Nuremberg: USA versus Alfried Krupp, et al ›

The collection is a microfiche copy of the official transcript of 'American Military Tribunal III in the Matter of the United States of America against Alfried Krupp, et al, defendants, sitting at Nuernberg, Germany, on 31 July 1948

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