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JACOBS-LARKCOM, Col Eric Herbert Larkcom (1895-1982) ›

Papers relating to service in World War One, 1917-1919, and in China, 1921-1945, including copies of personal letters from Army colleagues, 1918-1919; copy of manuscript account of service during third battle of Ypres, 1917; typescript narrative diary of 15 Field Company Royal Engineers, 8 Div, 2 Army, Somme, German March offensive, 1918, with copy of manuscript account ofthe German attack, 21 Mar…

JAMBO 1944-1945: magazine for East Africa Command personnel ›

Collection consists of seven issues of the East Africa Command monthly magazine Jambo, Dec 1944-Jun 1945. The issues include fiction, service information, East Africa cultural articles, verse, and illustrations relating to British service in East Africa during World War Two, and notably contain articles by Damon Runyon, (William) Somerset Maugham, and J(ohn) B(oynton) Priestley

JAMES, Lt Col Noel (1910-1985) ›

Typescript account of his experiences during the Japanese attack on Singapore and his subsequent escape to Sumatra, Jan-Feb 1942, written in [1948].


Anti-British propaganda leaflet, in Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu; anti-British propaganda leaflet calling for the Indian Independence League in East Asia to assist the Japanese in ridding Asia of all British influences; anti-French propaganda leaflet distributed in Indo- China announcing the fall of Singapore to the Japanese, 1942

JEFFRIES, Brig William Francis (1891-1969) ›

Copies of papers and negatives of photographs relating to his career, 1914-1945, including printed copy of message to officers, non-commissioned officers and men of 8 Corps from Lt Gen Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston, Battle of the Somme, 4 Jul 1916; typescript letter by Jeffries, dated 1930, to the Director, Historical Section, Committee of Imperial Defence, on the attack by 2 Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers,…

JENKINS, Cdr Humphrey Leoline, RN (1903-1993) ›

Papers relating to Jenkins' early RN service, 1932-1941, including four editions of HMS ENTERPRISE magazine The 'Prise wail, 1932-1934, including accounts of service in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf; thirteen uncaptioned photographs of aircraft carrier operations, Mediterranean Fleet [1936]; two punishment registers in French, taken from the French battleship PARIS, atPlymouth, Devon, when…

JOB, Cdr Patrick Dalzel (1913-2003) ›

'Special service', typescript memoir covering his life and naval career, 1913-1945, notably his service in Norway, 1940 and 1942, his involvement in Motor Torpedo Boat operations in Norway, 1942-1943, his service with 12 (Special Service) Submarine Flotilla, 1943-1944, and his reconnaissance work with 30 Assault Unit in France, Belgium and Germany, 1944-1945, written in [1960-1970],with photographs,…

DETAILED CATALOGUEJOFFÉ, (Emile) George (Howard) (b 1940) ›

Comprising copies of journals, maps, newspaper cuttings and supporting printed literature relating to politics, trade, international development and relations between nations in North Africa and the Middle East, 1959-1993; notably including personal papers and notes compiled by George Joffé for Menas (Middle East and North African Studies Press) Ltd, and in the course of his work as a journalist, principally…


The Lyndon B Johnson National Security Files, 1963-1969: Country Files are microfilmed copies of foreign policy working papers during the Johnson administration, 1963-1969. The 'Country Files' contain extensive cable traffic between the departments and agencies in Washington and embassies and missions abroad; memoranda of conversations between US and foreign officials and among top US officials; intelligence…

JOHNSTON, Maj Duncan (1914-1945) ›

Papers primarily relating to his service in the Royal Marines during the period 1942-1945, written in [1942], 1945, 1962, 1976 and 1987, principally comprising typescript copy of Johnston's account of Force Viper operations in the Burma Campaign, 1942, written in [1942] and copied in 1987, photocopy of 'The Red Vipers', an article on Force Viper operations in Burma in 1942, by Cecil Hampshire, from…

DETAILED CATALOGUEJOHNSTON, Sir Charles (Hepburn) (1912-1986) ›

Papers relating to his life and career, 1924-1971, principally comprising papers relating to his work as British Ambassador to Jordan, 1956-1959, including newspaper cuttings concerning the termination of the Anglo-Jordan treaty of 1948, 1956-1959, and correspondence relating to the stationing of British troops in Jordan, 1958; papers relating to his work as Governor, Commander-in-Chief and High Commissioner,…

JONES, Capt Basil, RN (1901-1986) ›

And so to battle: a sailor's story , a memoir of his life and career, 1900-1967, notably his service in Russia, 1919-1920, the Mediterranean, 1922-1926, 1930-1931, 1938-1939 and 1943, and the East Indies, 1945, his work with the Director of Naval Ordnance, Admiralty and his service with 10 Destroyer Flotilla in the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, 1944, written in [1976] and privately published…

JONES, Dr Tim (b 1966) ›

Dr Tim Jones' research notes, 2001-2006, for his books Postwar counterinsurgency and the SAS, 1945-52; SAS, the first secret wars and SAS: Zero Hour including notes from interviews.

JONES, Sgt Charles Francis (fl 1916-1932) ›

Copy of 'NCO', typescript memoir of his service as a non-commissioned officer in France, 1916 and 1918, Salonika, [1916-1917], and Palestine, [1917-1918] written in [1932] under the pseudonym Sgt John Francis, with sketches by Pte James Browning, 1916-1918.

JOWETT, Col Sgt George (1921-2004) ›

My long journey: a true story of World War II as seen through the eyes of a former commando soldier , typescript memoir by Colour Sergeant George 'The Joker' Jowett, including descriptions of training with King's Own Royal Border Regiment in Armagh, Northern Ireland and Liverpool, England; selection for Special Service as a Commando; training at the Commando Basic Training Centre, Achnacarry, 1942;…

DETAILED CATALOGUEJOYCE, Lt Col Pierce Charles (1878-1965) ›

Papers relating to his service in Hedjaz (Hejaz), 1916-1919, dated 1916-1919, 1936, 1963, 1939, 1941, 1963, 1965, principally comprising official correspondence relating to operations against the Turks in Hedjaz, 1916-1918, and supplies and stores for bases at Rabegh, Wedj, Yenbo, Akaba and Abu Lissal, 1916-1918, and including letters to and from Thomas Edward Lawrence (laterShaw), Col Cyril Edward…

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