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WILKINS, Maurice Hugh Frederick (1916-2004)

K/PP178/1/1-11: Papers, 1928-1949, relating to early life and education

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Papers of M H F Wilkins: early essays and other writings by Wilkins

Manuscript essays and notes for talks by Wilkins, including: adventure story, ‘Radium Island’, written in an exercise book from Wylde Green College, Birmingham (Wilkins’ school), [1928]; essay, ‘Growing down instead of growing up’; whimsical essay, ‘Fairology: how fairies come and how they go’; essay on the nature and importance of scientific knowledge, subsequently dated by Wilkins as 1934; essay, ‘Some roots of astronomy’; notes, ‘Revolutionary nature’; notes for a talk on the potential beneficial peaceful uses of nuclear power, [1945]. Original file title ‘Very early MSS 1928-1934’

1 file


1928 Aug 25

Papers of M H F Wilkins: issue of The Illustrated London News, 25 Aug 1928

Issue of The Illustrated London News, 25 Aug 1928, including a photographic feature on the future threat to UK cities from aerial bombardment

1 outsize item



Papers of M H F Wilkins: notes on crystal physics

Manuscript notebook on crystal physics compiled by Wilkins as an undergraduate, St John’s College Cambridge, including notes, formulae, collected data, graphs and diagrams on the basic physical properties of crystals, crystallography, x-ray diffraction, lattice structure, the scattering effect of electrons in different atoms, and the research of Linus Pauling

1 vol, 4 loose items


1937 Nov

Papers of M H F Wilkins: issue of The Meccano magazine

Issue of The Meccano magazine, Nov 1937, including a full page illustrated advertisement for Gilbert scientific products with a micro-chemistry set, captioned ‘thrilling scientific discoveries’

1 item



Papers of M H F Wilkins: notebook relating to physics experiments

Wilkins’ laboratory notebook relating to experiments conducted as an undergraduate, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, including graphs, notes, results, diagrams and formulae on subjects including Beta particle absorption, the ballistic galvanometer, the Rayleigh refractometer, experiments with a valve, and the Rayleigh fork

1 vol and 8 loose items


1937, 1973-1990

Papers of M H F Wilkins: papers relating to Cambridge University in the 1930s

Manuscript notes, articles, obituaries and background information relating to Wilkins’ student life, Cambridge University, during the 1930s, including article, ‘The truth about Mars’, by Wilkins writing as ‘John J Johns’, published in Challenge (the magazine of the Young Communist League), 23 Sep 1937. Also two copies of Wilkins’ article, ‘Recollections on the 1930s’, published in Science for people, the magazine of the British Society for Society Responsibility in Science (BSSRS), 1982. Original file title ‘Cambridge thirties’

1 file



Papers of M H F Wilkins: photographs and other papers relating to Wilkins’ research for the Cambridge Scientists Anti-War Group

Photographs and a manuscript sketch relating to incendiary bomb testing by Maurice Wilkins as a member of the Cambridge Scientists Anti-War Group. Also notes on Wilkins’ early interest in microscope studies of sperm heads

8 items



Papers of M H F Wilkins: notes compiled by C D Darlington on genetics

Booklet of notes compiled by Cyril Dean Darlington (1903-1981), biologist, on conferences on genetics, 1938-1940, including notes on biophysics, current research on nucleic acid, and chromosome structure

1 vol



Papers of M H F Wilkins: text of Wilkins’ doctoral thesis, ‘Phosphorescence decay laws and electronic processes in solids’

Bound typescript text of Wilkins’ PhD thesis, ‘Phosphorescence decay laws and electronic processes in solids’, University of Birmingham, Oct 1940, including manuscript diagrams and graphs. Two copies

2 vols



Papers of M H F Wilkins: papers relating to research on phosphorescence

Typescript report by Wilkins, ‘Investigation of methods for rapid testing of long afterglow characteristics of phosphors’, compiled for the Luminescent Material Sub-Committee of the Civil Defence Research Committee, Ministry of Home Security, Aug 1942 (3 copies). Draft article by Wilkins, ‘The temperature dependence of long period phosphorescence decay curves and its relation to thermoluminescence’ 1946, with related notes and drafts. Article by G F J Garlick and A F Gibson, ‘Electron traps and dielectric changes in phosphorescent solids’, offprint from Proceedings of the Royal Society, Vol 188, 1947. Short article by Daniel Curie, ‘Sur la distribution des pièges à électrons dans les sulfures de zinc et de calcium’ (‘On the distribution of electron traps in zinc sulphide and calcium’, offprint from Séances de L’academie des sciences,Paris, 1949

1 file



Papers of M H F Wilkins: issue of Circle literary magazine

Issue No 5 of Circle literary magazine, USA, with essays and poems by authors including Henry Miller, e e cummings and Max Jacob, on topics including astronomy, imaginary war machines, and the lasting consequences of the European conquest of South America

1 item


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