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WHEATSTONE, Sir Charles (1802-1875)

K/PP107/7/1-11: Various papers including biographical material relating to the life and career of Charles Wheatstone, and patents, 1757-1975

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Papers of Charles Wheatstone: certificates, diplomas, awards and appointments

Certificates, diplomas and correspondence relating to modern exhibitions on the life of Charles Wheatstone, notably including letter of appointment to the chair of Experimental Physics, King's College London, 1834; correspondence and certificates relating to his election to the Royal Society, Royal Institution, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and numerous other French, German and Italian learned societies, 1836-1875; request by the Office of Works for Wheatstone to examine commercial clock chiming mechanisms during his jurorship at the Exposition Universelle, Paris, for possible incorporation in new Houses of Parliament, Westminster, 1855; correspondence relating to membership by Wheatstone of various parliamentary select committees on trade, public health and ordnance, 1855-1861; diplomas and certificates relating to service as juror at the Paris exhibitions, 1855, 1867, with mounted copies of diplomas, certificates, photographs of Wheatstone's birthplace and Wheatstone and Co. music shop, Charing Cross, copies of correspondence from Royal Society library on his duties and attendance at King's College, 1835; material relating to exhibitions at Science Museum, South Kensington, and King's College London, 1975. 

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Papers of Charles Wheatstone: patents

Copies of patent specifications submitted by Charles Wheatstone and others, mainly relating to the electric telegraph. 

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Papers of Charles Wheatstone: Universal Private Telegraph Company v Silver & Co

Papers relating to the Exchequer case Universal Private Telegraph Company v Silver and others, principally correspondence with William Allen Miller (1817-1870), Professor of Chemistry, King's College London, and expert witness, regarding deficiencies in cable insulation of electric telegraph cables delivered by Messrs S W Silver & Co, [Stephen William Silver (1817-1905)], to the Universal Private Telegraph Company, 1865. With test reports on samples of cable and printed Report of the Proceedings of the Meeting Held at the Silvertown India Rubber Works, regarding S W Silver & Co's patent caoutchouc insulator.

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1881, 1908

Papers of Charles Wheatstone: certificates

Framed certificates commemorating the participation of the Wheatstone Laboratory and King's College London in the Exposition Internationale D'Electricite, Paris, 1881, and Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908. 

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1900, 1910

Papers of Charles Wheatstone: certificates

Framed certificates commemorating the participation of the Wheatstone Laboratory and King's College London in the Paris Exposition, 1900, and Japan-British Exhibition, London, 1910. 

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Papers of Charles Wheatstone: ‘The invention of the electric telegraph’

Manuscript copy of historical narrative entitled 'The invention of the electric telegraph', by D A Bayliss, Balliol College, Oxford, Jane Willis Kirkaldy Essay Prize-winner, University of Oxford, 1959, detailing in part the career of Charles Wheatstone. With related correspondence. 

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Papers of Charles Wheatstone: C Wheatstone & Co, Ltd

Papers related to C Wheatstone & Co, Ltd, London, manufacturers of concertinas and music publishers, including brochure advertisements for concertinas and aeolas. 

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Papers of Charles Wheatstone: press-cuttings

Material relating to Charles Wheatstone including reprint of an engraving of Wheatstone published in Nature, 27 April 1876, with negatives; newspaper cutting from Gloucester Journal, 24 October 1925, reporting the unveiling of a memorial tablet to Wheatstone in St Michael's Church, Eastgate Street, Gloucester. Also including copies of The Daily Advertiser, 8 August 1757 describing recent naval engagements, and The Morning Chronicle, 15 January 1811, highlighting the sale of a presentation to a rectory in Norwich. 

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Papers of Charles Wheatstone: printed articles

Printed articles relating to the life and career of Charles Wheatstone published during the centenary of Wheatsone's death, notably including John Hall, 'Wheatstone's wheezes on show', in Nature, 256, 14 August 1975; William Price, 'Lyell and Wheatstone', in Physics bulletin, October 1975; Robin Spring, 'Charles Wheatstone, inventor extraordinary', in New scientist, 16 October 1975; booklet on Wheatstone issued by the Science Museum, South Kensington, to publicise their centenary exhibition, October 1975, with review on the exhibition by Richard Fifield in New scientist, 30 October 1975. 

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Papers of Charles Wheatstone: Wheatstone library

Papers found inserted in books in the Wheatstone Library. Includes letter to Wheatstone from John Tindall, undated [1870]; letter to Wheatstone from C Boyd, in which Boyd asks for Wheatstone's co-operation on a project, 2 Jun 1837; list, by Wheatstone, of books on acoustics (undated); page of rough scientific sketches/drawings (undated); page of notes including scientific equations and diagram (undated).

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