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SAUNDERS, Dame Cicely (1918-2005)

K/PP149/1/1-38: Papers, 1918-2003, relating to family and personal life



Papers of Cicely Saunders: official documents and certificates, chiefly relating to Saunders’ professional career

Certificates, registration cards, letters and photographs of official documents relating to Cicely Saunders’ professional career, health and citizenship. File includes: early letters of reference; medical certificates from the General Nursing Council and Medical Research Council; her birth certificate and National Insurance number card; black and white photographs of Saunders; medical documents relating to health insurance, optical prescription and correspondence relating to medical issues. The file also includes personal letters and greeting cards received, including membership of the Anglo-Polish Society, birthday wishes and invitations.

1 file


1948, 1952-2003

Papers of Cicely Saunders: professional appointment diaries

Pocket-sized appointment diaries kept by Saunders, recording her daily appointments, mainly referring to work and meetings but also some social engagements. Entries include: her frequent visits to see David Tasma in Bayswater Hospital, January-February 1948; her volunteer nurse appointments at St Luke's Hospital in 1948; studying Medicine at St Thomas' Hospital, London, 1952-1957; her research at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, 1957-1964; her work as attending physician at St Joseph's Hospice, Hackney, 1958-1965; talks and lectures; St Christopher's Hospice Ltd committee meetings, 1963-1966; meetings and talks relating to her managerial roles at St Christopher's Hospice, 1967-2003. The diaries also contain her address book and contact details, and written memoranda, including notes on work, books read, holidays and personal notes from her husband, 1990-1992. The volumes also contain a few loose items, including printed prayers, religious passages and memoranda.

53 volumes


c 1951-1960

Papers of Cicely Saunders: published choral music scores

Music scores for choral pieces relating to performances by St Thomas' Hospital Musical Society, of which Saunders was a member.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to the will of Ela Maher ('David') Tasma

Papers relating to the last will and testament of Ela Maher ('David') Tasma, who died at Archway Hospital, London, 25 February 1948. David Tasma was a Polish Jewish waiter who was one of Saunders' patients during her work as an almoner. They become close friends and he made her his executor. File includes: copies of Tasma's will and probate details; letters received from Maffey & Brentnall, solicitors; Tasma's certificate of registration, bank statements and cheque receipts; letters received from named legatees of the will to Saunders thanking her for the cheques they received and regarding the burial arrangements.

1 file


c 1952-1977

Papers of Cicely Saunders: travel brochures and related material

Travel brochures, postcards, maps, pamphlets and guide books for holiday destinations and places of interest visited by Saunders. File includes sites in the UK and abroad including USA, Italy and Turkey and chiefly reflects her interests in history, ecclesiastical architecture and wildlife.

5 files



Papers of Cicely Saunders: collected printed and personal memorabilia

Collected memorabilia, chiefly religious printed material including prayer cards, booklets and pocket books; note book of handwritten prayers for hospice staff, by Saunders; collected postcards and a copy of a travel guide to Poland; leaflets for the London Philharmonic Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra; manuscript lists and notes by Saunders; empty envelopes and stamps; colour photographs of Saunders and Marian Bohusz-Szyszko on holiday in 1969; photographs of Christopher Saunders and his family; letters and postcards from friends including messages regarding holidays, birthday wishes and home and family news. Correspondents include Madge Drake, Freda Saunders, and missionary friends based in Malaysia and Laos.

2 files



Papers of Cicely Saunders: collected material relating to Poland

Correspondence, press cuttings and printed material relating to Poland, including letters and a greetings card from Saunders' friend, Dr A Ukeja Bortkiewicz, chiefly relating to her visit to the UK in 1964. Also collected articles on Poland's history, politics and culture, travel brochures, maps and typescript notes from various sources including a film review by Dilys Powell, 'From the enigmatic Poles' (undated), and Home to Poland by Christine Hotchkiss (London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1958).

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: collected personal and religious material

Personal and published items, some relating to suffering and illness, including postcards, prayer cards, religious texts and press cuttings. Also: letters received from friends and relatives referring to personal news and congratulations, including Saunders' OBE, 1965; decorative stamps; music and film programmes; financial statements and receipts; photographs, including Marian Bohusz-Szyszko lecturing to an audience with Saunders in attendance, c 1968.

2 files


c 1960

Papers of Cicely Saunders: religious texts selected by Madge Drake

Typescript copies of Bible verses, hymns and prayers chosen by Madge Drake, a close friend of Cicely Saunders and former manager of a convalescent home.

1 file


1961, 1963, 1968-1970

Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to the funeral and legacy of Mary Christian Saunders

Papers, including will, correspondence, condolence cards and financial statements, relating to the funeral and will of Mary Christian Saunders (d 1968), mother of Cicely Saunders, who was co-trustee for the estate with her brother John Saunders.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to the funeral and will of Daisy Elizabeth Saunders

Papers, including will, correspondence, condolence cards, receipts and financial statements relating to the funeral and legacy arrangements for Daisy Elizabeth Saunders (d 1964), paternal aunt of Cicely Saunders.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: travel diary for a 1963 tour of the USA and Vancouver, Canada

Diary of a tour of the USA by Cicely Saunders, 27 March – 30 May 1963, visiting palliative care services and individuals, and giving lectures. The tour covered New York, Yale University, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver. Volume includes daily diary entries and contact information for the people and institutions visited.

1 item


1965, 1970

Papers of Cicely Saunders: travel diary for a 1965 tour of the USA

Diary of a tour of the USA by Cicely Saunders, 10 May-15 June 1965, visiting New York, Philadelphia, Yale University, Harvard University, Charlottesville, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Kansas City, with notes on schedules, meetings and lectures. Also details of a later visit to the USA by Saunders, October-November 1970, including notes on personal impressions and travel information.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: travel diary for a 1966 tour of the USA

Diary of a tour of the USA by Cicely Saunders, April – May 1966, including a month spent teaching at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, and visits to New York, Boston and Cleveland. Diary includes meeting notes on pain medication, contact information and memorabilia, including a printed postcard of a painting by Marian Bohusz-Szyszko (later Saunders' husband).

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: travel diary for a 1973 tour of the USA

Diary of a tour of the USA by Cicely Saunders, 28 February-23 March 1973, visiting New York, Yale School of Nursing, Atlanta, St Louis and Chicago. Diary includes notes on nursing and hospital visits, tour itinerary, contact list and general notes on schedules and activities. The diary also includes entries for a holiday in Jerusalem, 14 April-4 May 1973, and a three day conference in Zagreb, Croatia, 11 May-14 May 1973.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: travel diary for a 1974 tour of the USA

Diary of a tour of the USA by Cicely Saunders, February-April 1973, visiting New York, Los Angeles, Reno, San Francisco, Phoenix, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Georgetown. Diary includes detailed notes on the travel schedule, her personal impressions, contact information, and lists of cards and presents given.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: travel diary for 1976 visits to the USA and Canada

Travel diary covering four separate trips to the USA and Canada by Cicely Saunders, 1976, making professional and social visits to institutions in Chicago, Denver, Vancouver, Montreal, McGill, Buffalo, Halifax and elsewhere.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: 1977 travel diary

Travel diary for a 1977 world trip by Cicely Saunders and Marian Bohusz-Szyszko (later Saunders' husband), visiting San Francisco, Fresno, Perth, Sydney, Singapore, Athens, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Diary contains photographs, hotel bills and a pressed flower.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: 1978 travel diary

Travel diary for visits by Cicely Saunders to Poland, June 1978, and to the USA, September 1978, the latter covering Dallas, Kentucky University, Charlottesville, Washington DC and New York. Diary includes itinerary details, contact information, daily entries and inserted receipts, bills and notes.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: 1979 travel diary

Cicely Saunders' diary of overseas travel during 1979, including a lecture tour of South Africa, March 1979; New York, May 1979; San Francisco, June 1979, Washington DC September 1979 and Egypt, October 1979. Volume includes contact details, inserted postcards, and lists of birds sighted in South Africa.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: 1980-1981 travel diary

Cicely Saunders' travel diary for 1980 and 1981, including: a conference in Sicily, March 1980; a tour of the USA and Canada, September-October 1980, when she visited local hospices and gave several presentations; New York, Feb 1981, when she was interviewed by Newsweek magazine.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: 1981 travel diary

Cicely Saunders' diary kept during a lecturing and sight-seeing visit to the USA and the Bahamas, May-June 1981, with her husband, Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, covering Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Nassau. Diary contains contact details, collected memorabilia, and notes on religion.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: prayer diaries

Pocket-sized diaries with entries on religious themes and handwritten prayers by Saunders. Also loose items, including details of church services.

7 volumes



Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to Saunders' tenancy of a flat in Kennington, south London

Correspondence between Cicely Saunders and the Duchy of Cornwall estate regarding the rent of a flat in Restormel House, Chester Way, Kennington, London, where Saunders lived, June 1967 – December 1969.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: correspondence with the National Post Office Building Society

Correspondence, statements and other papers relating to Cicely Saunders' National Post Office Building Society account.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: newsletters of the Church Missionary Society (CMS)

Issues of Church Missionary Society (CMS) newsletters: No. 303, April 1967; No. 312, January 1968; No. 319; September 1968; No. 346, February 1971.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to the purchase of 6 Lawrie Park Crescent, Sydenham

Correspondence and related papers concerning Cicely Saunders' purchase of a house in Lawrie Park Crescent, close to St Christopher's Hospice in Sydenham, south London.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to the estate of Gordon Saunders

Correspondence, inventory, financial statements, rent statements and receipts relating to the estate of (Philip) Gordon Saunders (d 1961), Cicely Saunders' father.

4 files



Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to Abbey Life Property Bonds

Bond certificate, receipts, account statements, annual reports and correspondence relating to Cicely Saunders' investment in Abbey Life Property Bonds.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: correspondence with Leech, Evans & Co, chartered accountants

Correspondence, and related papers, with Leech, Evans and Co (from 1965 known as Leech, Peirson Evans and Co), chartered accountants, London, concerning Cicely Saunders' personal accounts. File includes details of personal expenditure, fees received for lectures and articles, invoices and receipts, and correspondence, 1981-1986, with John Saunders (brother), relating to expenses, payments and personal news.

4 files



Papers of Cicely Saunders: correspondence with Pawley & Malyon, chartered accountants

Correspondence, receipts, share dividends and financial statements relating to Cicely Saunders' personal finances, including: her pension as a former nurse; tax assessments; rental income from properties; the trust set up for her late father's estate; deeds of covenant to trusts and institutions, including St Anne's College, Oxford, and the charity Christian Aid.

5 files


1948, 1961-1978

Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to insurance valuations

Correspondence, receipts and copies of inventories and valuations of furniture and effects conducted by insurers chiefly for Saunders' property at home and in St Christopher's Hospice. File includes a valuation for property owned by Mary Christian Saunders, mother of Cicely, June 1948.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: letters of congratulations on Saunders' marriage

Letters, greetings cards and postcards congratulating Saunders on her marriage to Professor Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, 1980.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: messages of thanks and support on the 13th anniversary of the founding of St Christopher's Hospice

Notebook of messages of thanks and support from Cicely Saunders' colleagues and other hospice professionals on the 13th anniversary of St Christopher's Hospice, June 1980, including personal messages from Florence Wald, Dr Tom West and Dr Vittorio Ventofridda.

1 item



Papers of Cicely Saunders: papers relating to a party for Marian Bohusz-Szyszko

Correspondence, menus and price list relating to arrangements for a 90th Name Day Luncheon for Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, husband of Cicely Saunders, held at St Christopher's Hospice, 2 February 1990.

1 file



Papers of Cicely Saunders: thesis, 'Twórczość Mariana Bohusz-Szyszko', by Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz

Text of a PhD thesis by Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz, 'Twórczość Mariana Bohusz-Szyszko' ('The work of Marian Bohusz-Szyszko'), Catholic University of Lublin. Also illustrations and photographs, including photographs of Bohusz-Szyszko's work in situ at St Christopher's Hospice, and photographs of him and Cicely Saunders, draft chapters (in English), with annotations by Saunders, and a computer 3 ½ inch floppy disk of the text. In Polish and English.

4 files


c 1996

Papers of Cicely Saunders: business cards

Personal business cards collected by Cicely Saunders, chiefly for doctors and journalists.

1 file


c 1998

Papers of Cicely Saunders: notes by Saunders on people who helped found St Christopher's Hospice

Manuscript list compiled by Cicely Saunders, entitled 'Pantheon- in no order of gratitude', of seventy people who contributed to the formation of St Christopher's Hospice and provided support.

1 file

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