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Sir Henry Wentworth Dyke Acland (1815-1900)



Letter from Godfrey Lushington (1832-1907) to Henry Wentworth Dyke Acland, relating to the son of Rev F D Maurice coming to Christ Church, Oxford 21 Oct 1861.

Thomas Dyke Acland (1851-1931)



Papers of Thomas Dyke Acland comprising: letters relating to cases of actinomycosis, and the publication of research by Peverell S Hichins, 1905, including manuscript of thesis 'Actiniomycosis and allied disorders', Peverell Hichens, MA MD Oxon, MRCP London; Reprint of 'Some remarks on a case of actinomycosis of the lungs' by P S Hichens, published in the British Medical Journal, Nov 4 1905; Photograph of a case of actinomycosis involving skin; Letters from W K Treves, 1905; S G Shattock (1852-1924), 1895, 1906; W Stanley Melsome, 1895; H D Rolleston, 1906; J J Pringle (died 1922); Sir Alfred Pearce Gould (1852-1922), 1893; C J Cullingworth (1841-1908), 1902; and a number of anatomical illustrations; Survey of published reports of actinomycosis; and table of English cases of actinomycosis, 1886-1906. Also includes letter from Dr Graham F Harford, Church Missionary Society, concerning one of Acland's patients, Feb 1910.

Thomas Anwyl-Davies (1891-1971)



Papers of Thomas Anwyl-Davies, comprising photograph albums of exterior and interior scenes of St Thomas's Hospital, 1910-1917, compiled whilst a student and House Surgeon at St Thomas's, including photographs of staff, sports teams and surgical operations; albums of press cuttings, [1918-1965], relating to venereal disease, his work at St Thomas's Hospital Department of Venereal Diseases and London Hospital (Whitechapel) Clinic for Venereal Diseases, copies of some of his articles and lectures on venereal disease, press cuttings relating to the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.

Edward Barber (fl 1828-1830)



Papers of Edward Barber comprising his notes on Joseph Henry Green's lectures on the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye and ear, and anatomy and physiology of the larynx, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, 1829-1830.

Norman Rupert Barrett (1903-1979)



Annotated typescript article by N R Barrett titled 'The contribution of Australians to medical knowledge'.

C W Bartley (fl 1969-1987)



Papers of C W Bartley comprising typescript copies of 'Lambeth Poor Law and Workhouse Infirmary, 1552-1878 – a study in the evolution of the National Health Service'; and a different version of the same work 'Lambeth Hospital – from Poor Law Workhouse to Teaching District Health Authority – a study in the evolution of the National Health Service'.

Thomas S Basnett (fl 1775-1776)



Papers of Thomas Basnett comprising notes on lectures on anatomy, 1775, and surgery, 1775-1776, delivered by Joseph Else (d1780).

Walter Reginald Bett (b.1903)



Papers of Walter Reginald Bett comprising a letter from Sir George Makins, 16 Apr 1931, concerning Bett's article, and relating a number of anecdotes about Sir James Paget.

William Cuthbert Blackett (fl 1850-1902)



Notebook of William Cuthbert Blackett, 1851-1853, medical student at St Thomas's Hospital, recording cases admitted to Jacob's and Ann's wards in the hospital under Dr R Bennett, Assistant Physician.



Ink drawing titled 'Blackett's Specification', 5 Nov 1902;



Volume titled 'Blackett's certificates 1853' containing sixteen certificates of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School confirming Blackett's attendance and proficiency in various subjects 1851-1853; examination certificate of the Society of Apothecaries, May 1853; Royal College of Surgeons certificate Apr 1853; receipt from the Council of Medical Education and Registration for £2; printed copy of the testimonials for Blackett 1853-1878.

Percy Croad Brett (fl 1917)



Papers relating to Percy Croad Brett, comprising notes on lectures by Professor John Ernest Frazer on embryology, 1917, including sketches, [? taken at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington].

John Syer Bristowe (1827-1895)



Collection of watercolour paintings and sketches of John Bristowe including two volumes of watercolours by John S Bristowe, 1886-1895, including images of St Mary's Abbey, York; Studland Bay; Corfe Castle; Matterhorn; Vienna; Craig-y-care; Harlow Mill River Stort; North Wales; (some with loose pages and incomplete); sketch book containing pencil sketches, 1889-1897, including images of Welsh landscapes, Lake Geneva, Bradfield, and Norway; and loose paintings of Bradfield College, Staverton Bridge, Amalfi 1895, Capri, [Loen Nourn] Norway, and various other images.



Nine watercolour paintings attributed to the daughter of John Bristowe.

Brown Animal Sanitary Institution (1895-1904)



Register, [1895-1904], entitled 'Rabies Investigations' of tests on the bodies of dogs sent to the Brown Institution for suspected rabies. Descriptions and results of the tests are given, with some related correspondence pasted into the register. Cases were investigated by Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, Sir John Rose Bradford and Frederick William Twort, Professor-Superintendents of the Institution.

H H Carwardine (fl 1815-1845)



Papers attributed to H H Carwardine comprising manuscript notes including extracts from the minute books of the United Company of Barber Surgeons respecting lectures, 1645-1744; and other notes.

Sir Walter Eric Chiesman (1900-1973)



Papers of Sir Walter Eric Chiesman comprising typescript copies of his theses, including his MD thesis 'The application of Rehberg's filtration re-absorption theory of renal secretion in the study of the excretion of water urea etc by the human kidney in health and disease', and 'The treatment of tuberculous pleural effusion by aspiration and replacement with air' [1920s].



Papers by Chiesman, including off-prints of published articles and typescript lectures relating to toxic effects of ethylene, haemorrhage from peptic ulcers, diagnosis and treatment of lesions, industrial medicine, absenteeism, 1932-1963.



'Wartime papers' file containing mainly papers and lectures of Dr W E Chiesman, Medical Officer of the Ministry of Supply Factories, including papers relating to medical aspects of chemical warfare including health of factory workers and descriptions of individual cases, accident statistics, treatment of toxic burns, first aid in event of gas attack, decontamination of clothing, 1938-1943.

Frederick Le Gros Clark (1811-1892)



Papers of Frederick Le Gros Clark, comprising volume of surgical cases at St Thomas's and Guy's Hospitals, 1828-1830, compiled by Clark for a prize, containing cases under Joseph Henry Green, Benjamin Travers, Frederick Tyrell, Charles Aston Key, Bransby Blake Cooper and John Morgan.

Henry Cline (1750-1827)



Notebook of Henry Cline 1777-[1824], titled 'pathology and surgery', containing notes on pathological conditions and contemporary surgical practice, with individual case histories, details of patients inoculated by Cline, 1778-1789, his post-mortem examination of Charles Fox, account of influenza, 1782.



Notebook of Henry Cline 1777-[1824], titled 'anatomy and physiology', containing notes on pathological conditions and contemporary surgical practice, with individual case histories, details of patients inoculated by Cline, 1778-1789



Notebook of Henry Cline 1777-[1824], titled 'effects of the mind on diseases' containing notes on pathological conditions and contemporary surgical practice, with individual case histories, details of patients inoculated by Cline, 1778-1789



Notes on a course of Henry Cline's lectures on anatomy, physiology and surgery, [1790]. (3 volumes)



Manuscript notes [1818], on Henry Cline's lectures on surgery delivered 1805-1806. (1 volume)

William D Cribb (fl 1778-1779)



Papers of William Cribb comprising his notes on lectures by Joseph Else on diseases of the bones, [1779].

William Cullen (1710-1790)



Notes of lectures by William Cullen taken by an unidentified student, 1771, entitled 'Methodus medendi febrium', including lectures on arthritis and gout, malaria and measles. (2 volumes)

George William Davies (fl 1808)



Papers of George William Davies comprising his notes on lectures on surgery delivered Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1808. (1 volume)

Edwin Henry Denison (fl 1887)



Decorative volume containing a list of subscribers to the Denison Testimonial, 1887; also includes note relating to donation of the Testimonial, along with a pair of cases and a clock to St Thomas Hospital (undated). (1 volume)

Thomas Denman (1733-1815)



Papers relating to Thomas Denman, comprising notes on his lectures on midwifery, 1782, taken by an unidentified student. (1 volume)

Leonard Stanley Dudgeon (1876-1938)



Notebooks of Professor L S Dudgeon comprising pathology reports, including two volumes titled 'glands' which also describe the cases, 1935-1939; two volumes titled 'tumour films', containing register of specimens and their diagnosis, [1929-1937]. (4 volumes)

John Elliotson (1791-1868)



Notes of lectures on the theory and practice of medicine, delivered by John Elliotson at St Thomas's Hospital, 1829-1830, taken by an unknown student. (17 volumes)

George Fordyce (1735-1802)



Manuscript volumes containing notes on the chemistry lectures of George Fordyce, taken by an unidentified student [1788] (4 volumes)



Manuscript volume containing notes on George Fordyce's lectures on Physiology taken by an unidentified student [1770]. (1 volumes)

Ellen V Gatter (fl 1905-1909)



Papers of Ellen Gatter comprising note/sketch book containing anatomical drawings, mostly pencil sketches, occasional colour added, as well as some notes on anatomy. The volume also contain sketches of classical designs, and patterns and ornaments, and notes on 'the principles of ornament' [1905-1909]; note/sketch book, containing pencil drawings of anatomical subjects and human models, as well as bibliographic notes, 1907; sketch book, of anatomical drawings, some coloured, and sketches of models, 1905-1909, with sketches in the back depicting coats of arms, and armour. (3 volumes)

Joseph Henry Green (1791-1863)



Papers of Joseph Henry Green, comprising notes of his lectures on anatomy, physiology and surgery, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, taken by an unidentified student, 1825 (1 volume)



Clinical reports of cases in St Thomas's Hospital under Mr Green, 1824-1826, prepared by one of his dressers for a prize. (1 volume)



Clinical reports of cases in St Thomas's Hospital under Mr Green, 1832-1836, probably prepared by John Simon (Sir John Simon was an apprentice of Green at this time). (1 volume)



Incomplete report of a medical case, possibly by Green, undated [mid 19th century].

William Gruggen (fl 1809-1811)



William Gruggen's notes on lectures on surgery, delivered by Sir Astley Cooper, 1809-1811. (1 volume)



William Gruggen's notes on John Haighton's lectures on physiology 1810-[1811], delivered at Guy's Hospital [1809-1811], and on the gravid uterus, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, 1810. (1 volume)

Marshall Hall (1790-1857)



Papers relating to Marshall Hall, comprising notes on his lectures on dropsy and neurology, 1835, as well as notes on lectures by Frederick Tyrell and John Morgan, 1833, taken by an unidentified student. (1 volume)

Clifford Vivian Harries (fl 1933-1960)



Typescript copy article by Surgeon Commander C V Harries comprising 'Typhus fever, a historical review with special reference to the Epidemics in Algeria and Naples during the Second World War' [1950s].

Sir Thomas Jeeves Horder (1871-1955)



Papers of Sir Thomas Horder comprising list of references and notes for his article on 'Diseases old and new' published in Health and a day, 1937.

Raymond John Horton-Smith (1873-1899)



Papers relating to Raymond John Horton-Smith, (1873-1899), including printed notices of his death, obituaries, photograph, and various published articles Horton-Smith 1895-1897. (1 volume)

Thomas Byrdall Hugo (fl 1780)



Papers of Thomas Byrdall Hugo comprising notes on lectures on anatomy and surgery by Joseph Else, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, 1780. (1 volume)

John Hulbert (fl 1807)



Two volumes of manuscript notes bound together, containing lectures on the principles and practice of surgery by Astley Paston Cooper, and Benjamin Travers's lectures on diseases of the eye, taken by Hulbert as a pupil, 1807. (2 volumes)

John Hunter (1723-1793)



Papers relating to John Hunter, comprising notes on his course of anatomical and chirurgical lectures, [1780], taken by an unidentified student. (1 volume).



Notes on Hunter's lectures on the 'Principles of Surgery', 1777, copied by an unidentified student from notes by Cline. (1 volume)

George Ilsey Charlton Ingram (fl 1941-1974)



Archaeological artefacts mounted in a case, collected by G I C Ingram, comprising 20 surface stone and pottery finds from a site six miles south of Guildford, Surrey, near to the hutted hospital where St Thomas's Hospital was evacuated during WW2. The collection was displayed at a Doctors' Hobbies Exhibition, 1957. (1 box)

Grant De Jersey Lee (fl 1939-1987)



Papers of Grant Lee comprising a typescript copy of his St Thomas's Hospital Endowment Fund Travelling Scholarship – Report on a visit to the United States of America, April to October 1954.

John Rudd Leeson (b 1854)


1878-1884, 1951

Papers of John Rudd Leeson comprising letters and testimonials from Joseph Lister (1827-1912), 1877-1878, 1884. Also contains note from Spencer Leeson providing biographical information about his father, and explanation of the medals and letter, 1951. (1 file)

John Lowndes (1892-1976)


[1950s], 1982-1984

Papers of John Lowndes comprising typescript papers titled 'Departmental Story', an account of the history of Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry , St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, John Lowdes FRIC, 1957; manuscript list of lecturers in Chemistry, Professors of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Also contains some related letters of Thomas McLachlan, Secretary of St Thomas Hospital, concerning the accuracy of some details, 1982-1984. (1 file)

William MacCormac (1836-1901)



Papers relating to the application of William MacCormac for the post of assistant surgeon at St Thomas's Hospital, 1870-1871; also letter to MacCormac from S L Wallace, concerning the repayment of a sum of money, May 1873. (1 file)

Sir George Henry Makins (1853-1933)



Letter from George Fletcher, Highgate, London to Sir George Makins concerning an article by Robert Cory, 3 Nov 1921.

E M McInness (fl 1940-1965)



Papers of Miss E M McInness comprising files containing a draft typescript history of St Thomas' Hospital, with proposed illustrations, and some manuscript notes. (5 files)

Major General Philip Henry Mitchiner (1888-1952)



Papers of Philip Henry Mitchiner comprising notebooks [1904-1910], notebook on fevers (undated); notebook on practical chemistry and physics and nervous diseases, 1904; on anatomy and diseases, with sketches, (2 vols) [1907]; notebook recording instruments for operations, preparations of ligatures, 1910; notebook on district (maternity) cases and pregnancy, [1908]; notebooks containing lecture notes on surgical pathology, 1909; surgery, 1909; diseases of stomach and intestines, 1909; medicine, lung and liver, 1910]; practical surgery and diseases of the breast, 1910. (11 volumes)



Collection of typescript papers and articles by Mitchener on subjects including abdominal problems, gas, swellings in the groin, organisation of surgery under war conditions, injuries of blood vessels, wounds of joints, diseases of the veins, techniques of intravenous transfusion and infusion, comparison of the results of conservative and radical surgical treatment in carcinoma of the breast, 1924-1933 (co-authored), etc; also contains a list of Mitchiner's published articles, 1915-1939; and printed photograph and obituary.

Charles Murchison (1830-1879)



Papers of Charles Murchison comprising school essays, 1845-1846. (1 volume)



Notebook containing notes and extracts on anatomy and zoology, 1846-1847, including an account of a meeting of the Edinburgh Botanical Society, 1847. (1 volume)



Murchison's notes on the New Testament, 1846. (1 volume)



Murchison's notes on Homer's Iliad, 1846. (3 volumes)



Murchison's notes on the skin and subcutaneous cellular structure, with sketches, 1847. (1 volume)



Murchison's notes entitled 'observations on the spleen', with pencil sketches, 1849. (1 volume)



Murchison's notes on Professor John Hutton Balfour's lectures on botany, delivered at Edinburgh University, 1847, including ink and pencil sketches (1 volume)



Murchison's notes on Sir Robert Christison's lectures on vegetable material medica, delivered at Edinburgh University, 1847-1848, including diagrams and some notes on electricity. (2 volumes)



Murchison's notes on Professor James David Forbes' lectures on heat, delivered at Edinburgh University, 1846, with diagrams. (2 volumes)



Murchison's notes on John Goodsir's lectures on comparative anatomy, delivered at Edinburgh University, 1846-1847, including sketches. (5 volumes)



Murchison's notes on Robert Jameson's lectures on natural history, including geology and zoology, delivered at Edinburgh University, 1848, including ink diagrams. (3 volumes)



Murchison's notes on Professor Allen Thomson's lectures on the institutes of medicine, delivered at Edinburgh University, 1848. (1 volume)



Murchison's case notes taken at Edinburgh, 1850, containing details of six cases and an autopsy. (1 volume)



Murchison's notes of fifty cases taken at Edinburgh, 1850, and of one hundred and fifty six cases at Westminster General Dispensary, 1854-1855. (1 volume)



Murchison's notebook entitled 'observations on temperature'.



Murchison's case books containing notes of (mainly male) patients at St Thomas's Hospital, 1871-1879, including temperature charts and letters, written in a variety of hands. (4 volumes)



Murchison's case books, containing case notes of female patients at St Thomas's Hospital 1877-1878. (4 volumes)



Letter to Murchison from [R Cokam] relating to a report of operations (undated); manuscript notes on Metals, 1847. (1 file)

Charles Oxley (fl 1725-1726)



Papers of Charles Oxley, comprising casebook, 1725-1726, recording details of surgical cases at St Thomas's Hospital; notes on lithology and operations for cataracts.

Frederick Gymer Parsons (1863-1943)



Papers of F G Parsons comprising a catalogue of Comparative Anatomy Specimens in the Museum, Oct 15th 1892, containing annotated descriptions of specimens. In the back of the volume are notes and illustrations on human anatomy; file containing Parsons' notes on the ward names and their location within St Thomas's Hospital, 1934.

Henry George Plimmer (1856-1918)



Papers of Henry George Plimmer comprising letter from Ronald Ross to Captain Robert Henry Plimmer, stepson of H G Plimmer, 1910, relating to publication of a report, and the death of H G Plimmer; manuscript notes describing Plimmer's keen interest in music; notebook contains instructions for H G Plimmer's funeral; copies of letters and commonplace collection 1918; printed obituaries from the Proceedings of the Royal Society, 1919, and Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society .

Percivall Pott (1714-1788)



Notes on surgical lectures of Percivall Pott, [1770-1792], taken by an unidentified pupil, [1770]. (1 volume)

Charles Rayner (fl 1800-1810)



Papers of Charles Rayner comprising his notes on lectures on anatomy by Sir Astley Cooper and Henry Cline, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, [1800-1810]. (3 volumes)

George Rendle (1843-1922)



Indenture of George Rendle, son of William Rendle, Surgeon of Newington Causeway, Surrey, as apprentice to his father for seven years as surgeon and apothecary.

Philip Rhodes (1922-2002)



Typescript copy Philip Rhodes' Bronte Prize Essay 1972, 'A medical appraisal of the Brontes'.

Charles Robinson (fl 1819)



Charles Robinson's certificate of attendance at lectures in Anatomy and Surgery, St Thomas's Hospital, 1819.

Henry Betham Robinson (1860-1918)



Henry Betham Robinson's notes on anatomy (with sketches), titled 'abdomen and pelvis', 1892; 'lower extremity', 1893; 'thorax', 1894; 'head and neck', 1895; 'brain', undated; 'anatomy notes', 1882. (6 volumes)



Henry Betham Robinson's certificates from the University of London for Bachelor of Surgery, 1885; Bachelor of Medicine, 1885; Bachelor of Surgery, 1885; and gold medal award. (1 file)

Ronald Henry Ottywell Betham Robinson (1896-1973)



Papers attributed to Ronald Henry Ottywell Betham Robinson including notebook containing loose typescript and manuscript notes on botany and anatomy, some appear to be of lectures given by R H O B Robinson; copy of the Ridgeway Trimble lecture by R H O B Robinson; R H O B Robinson's St Thomas's Hospital Medical College certificate of honour with the University Scholarship, 1917; two letters addressed to 'Joey' from 'Pasty' – apparently letters from Mr Barnett to Robinson, 1935, concerning various medical cases; letters from S G Shattock (1852-1924), 1920, (undated) related to various specimens; also letter form G D Thane (1850-1930), concerning a licence for experimentation on animals (undated).

William Savory (fl 1788-1789)



William Savory's notes on Henry Cline's lectures on anatomy and surgery, 1789 (missing the lectures on surgery), and including a few notes from the clinical lectures of John Rutherford. (1 volume)



William Savory's notes on William Saunders' lectures on the theory and practice of physic, 1788. (1 volume)

John Sheldon (1752-1808)



John Sheldon's notes on lectures by Alexander Monro on anatomy and surgery, delivered at Edinburgh [1770]. (4 volumes)

Sir John Simon (1816-1904)



Papers of John Simon comprising a letters to Simon from Joseph Henry Green [1850]; and from E Headlam Greenhow (1814-1888), Apr 1866 relating to a 1849 report on cholera. (1 file)

Thomas Smart (fl 1786-1845)



Papers of Thomas Smart comprising lecture notes of 'Mr Cline's physiological, anatomical, and chirurgical lectures', [1790], delivered 1786-1787, taken by Smart when a student.

Robert Percy Smith (1853-1941)



Papers of R P Smith comprising artworks including a sketch book containing pencil sketches and water colours, (some incomplete) including images of the pleasure boat of the Rajah of Jehore; humorous cartoon; Knockholt House, Knockholt, Kent; Hobson's Bay, Victoria; Sir Walter Scott's memorial, Edinburgh; Stirling Castle; Rumbling Bridge, Dunkeld; Loch Lomond; Hand coloured maps of the Western Hemisphere signed Percy Smith, Enfield, 1865; and Denmark, signed by Robert Percy Smith, Jun 1864; Loose watercolours depicting a woman in peasant costume; cottage and pond in winter, ship on the rocks, [1869].

Samuel Solly (1805-1871)



Papers of Samuel Solly, comprising surgical casebook containing notes on patients examined by him at St Thomas's Hospital, privately, and at Hanwell, including operative details and post mortem findings, [1828-1846], with some water colour sketches, mostly of the brain. (1 volume)



Letter to Solly from Sydney Jones, 1856; and two letters from John Sharpe (undated).

John Flint South (1797-1882)



Papers of John Flint South, comprising surgical case notes of patients admitted to St Thomas's Hospital, 1859-1862, with index classified by disease, 1841-1861; notice of meeting of the British Medical Association – South Eastern Branch, 17 Sep 1863. (5 volumes)

Alicia Frances Jane Lloyd Still (fl 1913-1944)



Material relating to Alicia Still comprising printed copy of Dame Alicia Lloyd Still, DBE RRC, a memoir, Lucy Ridgley Seymer, Nightingale Fellowship, St. Thomas's Hospital: London, May 1953; and two black and white photographs of Dame Alicia.

William Sturton (fl 1830-1838)



William Sturton's certificate of attendance at lectures in surgery, St Thomas Hospital Theatre, 1830-1831.

Miss W W Tait (died 1982)



Papers relating to Miss W W Tait, Almoner, St Thomas Hospital, including letters of appreciation for her work, 1925-1948; typescript diary of events (at St Thomas' Hospital) Sept 1940; photograph of Miss Cumming; extract from St Thomas Hospital Gazette concerning the resignation of Miss Cummins as Lady Almoner; Ephemera relating to St Thomas's Hospital Medical School collected by Tait including invitations, 1951, 1963; and order of service, 1951; newspaper cuttings relating to the Hospital, 1930-1960s; crest; photograph of the hospital; printed open letter to Almoners at Hospitals, C S Loch, 1909; printed address 'The work of Hospital Almoners', A E Cummins, 1922; printed illustration of the Minister of Health and his colleagues, 1943. Includes letter relating to the deposit of the material, 1983.

Stephen James Lake Taylor, Baron Taylor of Harlow (1910-1988)



Anatomy notebook of Stephen James Lake Taylor, containing printed text pasted into the volume, annotated and accompanied by hand drawn illustrations (undated). (1 volume)

Henry Thomas (died 1953)



Papers of Henry Thomas comprising his medical record relating to an operation on a lump on the back of his head, including application for admission which described his case and the surgeon's record cards, Aug 1921-Nov 1922.

William Roger Griffith Thomas (fl 1937-1972)



Papers of W R G Thomas comprising manuscript notes relating to antiviral chemotherapy, and mycoplasma, attributed to Thomas (undated); and offprint of article 'A screen test of rubella haemagglutination inhibition antibodies' W R G Thomas and Wendy J Kempsell, Journal of Clinical Pathology, Vol 25, 1972.

Johann Ludving Wilhelm Thudichum / John Lewis William Thudicum (1828-1901)



Letters to Dr Johann Ludwig Wilhelm Thudichum, from F Hoppe-Seyler, Tubingen, 1869; and from Justus Liebig, Academie der Wissenschaften, 1871. (2 items)

John Newton Tomkins (fl 1831-1834)



John Newton Tomkins, 1831-[1834], essay on the mechanism of the circulation and the diseases of the heart and large arteries, illustrated by cases and with references to preparations in St Thomas's Hospital's Museum, [1834] (medical prize essay). (1 volume)



Tomkin's surgical case notes of 110 patients admitted to St Thomas's Hospital, 1831-1832. (1 volume)

Jonathan Toogood (died 1869)



Papers of Jonathan Toogood, 1810-1843, comprising letters from Henry Cline, 1814, J Clarke, 1815, R Willan, 1810, Sir Astley Cooper, 1823-1833, and Thomas Turner, 1843, concerning medical conditions and treatment relating to treatment of a patients; letter from Gilbert Wakefield to Rev C Toodgood, Sherborne, Dorsetshire, (uncle of Jonathan Toogood) Jan 1795 (damaged). Also contains correspondence of depositor concerning the Toogood family history, 1979. (11 letters)

Benjamin Travers (1783-1858)



Papers relating to Benjamin Travers, [1834], comprising notes, with sketches, on his lectures on diseases of the eye, [1834], possibly taken by Marc Anthony Bazille Corbin, a medical student. Also letter relating to deposit of volume pasted in the back of the volume.

Henry Gristock Trend (fl 1851-1859)



Notebook of Henry Gristock Trend containing his notes on lectures on midwifery by Dr Waller, delivered at St Thomas Hospital, 1852. This volume also records deliveries attended by Trend, Nov 1851-Aug 1854.

Frederick A Tubbs (1910-1978)



Frederick A Tubbs' City of Westminster Air Raid Warden's notebook, 1939-1943, containing press cuttings and notes concerning the duties of wardens and relating to Westminster. (1 volume)

David Tuckett (fl 1970-1979)



Papers of David Tuckett comprising typescript copies of the introduction and chapters 1 to 4 of An introduction to Medical Sociology, edited by David Tuckett, Tavistock Publications.

John Turner (fl 1758-1763)



Manuscript volumes of John Turner comprising notes on lectures on midwifery by John Harvie probably delivered by him, 1763, including lectures 18 to 20 and part of lectures 17 and 21, and also notes on forty-nine lectures by Joseph Warner on anatomy and surgery, probably delivered by him, 1763. (1 volume)

J William Valantines (fl 1802)



Manuscript volume comprising J William Valantines' 'fugitive extracts' and 'practical remarks' from Henry Cline's lectures on anatomy and surgery, 1802, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, 1783. (1 volume)

James Ware (1756-1815)



Volume of shorthand notes attributed to James Ware, the oculist, on a second course on lectures on surgery, delivered by Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1810.

Henry Warren (fl 1802-1859)



Papers of Henry Warren comprising his notes on lectures on anatomy delivered at St Thomas's Hospital by Sir Astley Paston Cooper and Henry Cline, [1802-1803]. (1 volume)

Hampton Weekes (1760-1855)


1796-1806, 1890

Letters of the Weekes family, comprising mainly correspondence between Hampton Weekes and his family, 1801-1803, whilst a medical student at St Thomas's Hospital, 1801-1803, detailing his expenses, his training and operations he saw by hospital surgeons, including those by John Chandler, Astley Cooper and Henry Cline; also includes letters from Owen Evans to Mr Weekes, 1796; letter from Mr Brown to Mr Weekes Jnr, 1806; letter from Charles Betham to Miss Weekes from, 1890. Also letter relating to the deposit of the material, 1942.

William Wegg (1815-1893)



Papers of William Wegg comprising testimonials for his candidature as Physician to the General (Public) Dispensary, Bishop's Court, 1844-1845; and Assistant Physician at St Thomas's Hospital, 1849, from Thomas Alfred Barker (1808-1891), 1844, 1849; Sir James Risdon Bennett (1809-1881), (undated), 1849 1849; Henry Burton (1799-1849) 1845; Frederic Le Gros Clark (1811-1891), 1845, 1849; Daniel W Cohen, 1849; R H Goolden, 1849; Joseph Henry Green (1791-1863), 1849; Marshall Hall (1790-1857) 1944; Henry Beaumont Leeson (1803-1872) (undated); Gilbert W Macmurdo, 1845; Henry S Roots, 1944, 1949; Sir John Simon (1816-1904), 1844, 1849; Samuel Solly (1805-1871), 1844, 1849; John Flint South (1797-1882), 1845, 1949; Benjamin Travers junior, 1844; Robert Williams (d 1845) 1845.

Harvey Henry Vincent Welch (fl 1911-1938)



Papers of H V Welch, comprising testimonials from medical colleagues in London and Kenya, 1925-1929. Also includes letter from depositor, Oct 2000.

Richard Whitfield (c.1764-1837)



Manuscript notes on a course of anatomy lectures by Henry Cline including lectures on pathology and physiology, 1793, delivered 1787, taken by Whitfield. (1 volume)



Manuscript notes on anatomical lectures of Joseph Else delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, [1780], including notes on John Hunter's lectures on anatomy, 1781, taken by an unidentified pupil. (1 volume)



Manuscript notes on Fordyce's lectures on medicine, delivered [1788-1789], taken by Richard Whitfield, [1792], containing lectures on material medica, natural history of the human body, doctrine of diseases, doctrine of fevers, doctrine of inflammations, particular inflammations, inflammation of the mucous membrane, eruptive fevers, chronic diseases, spasmodic disease. (6 volumes)



Manuscript notes on lectures on the practice of physic of James Gregory, delivered at Edinburgh, 1814, taken by an unidentified student. (3 volumes)



Manuscript notes on William Herbeden's lectures containing observations on the history, nature and cure of poisons, delivered at the College of Physicians, 1749, with copy notes made by Whitfield, 1792. (1 volumes)



Whitfield's manuscript notes on surgical lectures by John Hunter, 1786. (2 volumes)



Whitfield's manuscript notes on anatomical and surgical lectures by Alexander Monro, [1788]. (4 volumes)



Whitfield's manuscript notes on Percivall Pott's surgical lectures, delivered [1787], taken down [1794]; (1 volume)



Whitfield's manuscript notes titled Pharmacopoeia Chirurgica vel Institutiones Chirugicae . (1 volumes)

Robert Whytt (1714-1766)



Manuscript volume containing notes on Robert Whytt's clinical lectures, delivered at Edinburgh University, [1760], taken by an unidentified student. Also includes some 'Directions given by the Physician General at the Havannah to the surgeons of the Army relating to the management of the sick'. (1 volume)

John Morgan Williams (fl 1779-1894)



Manuscript volumes attributed to John Morgan Williams containing notes on lectures on anatomy delivered by Joseph Else and Astley Cooper, at St Thomas's Hospital, [1779-1780]. (2 volumes)



Manuscript volumes attributed to John Morgan Williams containing of a course of surgical lectures probably given by John Chandler, 1794, and taken down by Williams whilst a student at St Thomas's. (1 volume)

Personal Papers - Miscellaneous correspondence, manuscripts and unidentified papers



Miscellaneous collection of autographed letters including letter from Henry Hugh Clutton, concerning the removal of a patient's appendix, with diagram, 1899; letter from Charles Darwin, concerning book references, [1859]; agreement by J Dikson, surgeon, to attend poor patients and provide medicine for the parish of Sholden, Kent, 1829; letter from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1929, concerning books relating to the Kaiser and the Grand Fleet; note from Florence Nightingale concerning an inquiry into the state of colonial hospitals, [1860s]; letter from Florence Nightingale to Dr J M Cunningham about his 'General Review', 1871; letter from Cyril A Nitch to Robin Bernard, 1854, concerning notes on Mr Clutton; notes from cover of a book concerning the catalogue of Beckett's Library; A J Wrigley's manuscript obituary of James Wyatt, 1953; Dr C H Webb bill to Mr White for medical services, 1779; letter to Henry Currey from Robert Wainwright enclosing the St Thomas's Hospital Grand Committee resolution concerning the appointment of Hospital surveyors, 1846.



Miscellaneous letters and notes (some apparently found in St Thomas's Hospital Medical School Library volumes) including, letter from Spencer Pidcocke relating to receipt of his certificates, 1839; letter from C H Jennings, relating to directions for treatment of a patient, 1866; letter of Dr Buchanan from Charles J Stoddart relating to government policy on vaccinations, 1888; letter from Robert Marcus Gunn (1850-1909) relating to Alfred Gibbon's eye, 1894; letter from W [Diplock] Turner to [I] A Wallis, relating to provision of lectures 1896; letter from W Peach Hay, Peterborough, relating to successful a patient, 1911; postcard from Sir Maurice Cassidy to R J C Thompson, Medical School Secretary relating to the clinical lecture timetable, 1935; autograph of Florence Nightingale (undated).



Patient casebook, Jul 1808-Dec 1809, compiled by unidentified author.


1918 Jul-1920 May

'Record of malignant cases and their treatment, Jul 1918-May 1920'. Volume recording operations on women patients, mainly for carcinoma of the cervix, but including some other malignant growths. Contains patient's name, number of pregnancies, date admitted, diagnosis, age, description of condition, treatment and subsequent report, date of death, sometime includes name of examining doctor or surgeon. Also contains watercolour illustration by JPSW of case of 'Epithelioma Labia minora' Feb 1920. Indexed by surname of patient. (1 volume)



Bound typescript and copy titled 'St Thomas Hospital, Diary of events from September 9th 1940' Describing the bomb damage to St Thomas Hospital due to enemy action, Sep 1940-Apr 1941. Also copy of printed report in St Thomas Hospital Gazette, Feb 1942.



Bound typescripts accounts of the relief of Bergen Belsen concentration camp, 1945, possibly by P J [Horsey].



Typescript notes on Ophthalmology, St Thomas hospital, 1948', 12 pp.



Laboratory notebook containing instructions for the use of the microscope and drawings of specimens observed through the microscope, [1971-1972]



Manuscript notebook of lectures - undated



Annotated typescript article 'Centenary of the Ear and Throat Departments' [1963-1977].



Photocopies of letters and newspaper cuttings relating to the St Thomas's Hospital choir, and their performance of settings composed by R Vaughan Williams. Includes copies of letters to Wilfred Dykes Bower, conductor of the choir from Vaughan Williams, 1942-1954; letter from Ursula Vaughan Williams, 4 Sep 1958; letter from [C O] Dowling, 30 May 1949; C Dyson, 8 Feb 1952; copy of programme for concert by St Thomas's Hospital Musical Society, 29 May 1949; and related cuttings. Also contains letters relating to the deposit of the material by Dr H J Wallace, 1977

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