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ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL: Medical school records


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TH/EPH1 Admission Cards [1800-1900]



File containing admission cards, including: blank ticket of admission to the operations and practice of surgery in St Thomas’s and Guy’s Hospitals, with printed drawing of statue of Edward VI on the reverse [1800-1900] (LMA Ref: H1/ST/MS/G10); St Thomas’s Hospital Medical and Surgical College, Surgical Practice admission card of Frederick Gordon Brown, 1859-1861; Edward Treves' admission card for entry to the second summer session at St Thomas' Hospital Medical School, 1 May 1860.

TH/EPH2 Orders of Service and Obituaries 1932-2000



Order of Service to commemorate the second founding of the hospital under letters patent granted by King Edward the Sixth in 1551



Orders of Service for funeral or thanksgiving services of George Denison Faber (1851-1931); Jon Wilfred Scopes (1930-1999); Frank Ashley (1942-2000); and Elizabeth Armitage ([1848]-1932). Sir George Makins (died 1933); Gordon Willie Garland, (died 1967).



File containing obituaries of Lord Wittenham, The Times, 5 Feb 1931; Theodora Turner (1907-1999); Margaret Matthews (died 1994); Sir Frank Young (1908-1988); Leslie Young (1911-1992); Henry McIlwain (1912-1992); and Anthony Diplock (1935-2000).

TH/EPH3 Programmes and Flyers 1875-1991



Programmes and flyers including printed order of Presentation for University of London Presentation Day, 12 May 1886; printed programme for 'Ring Round the Moon', by Jean Anouilh, adapted by Christopher Fry, and presented by the St Thomas’s Hospital Dramatic Society, 23-26 May 1955; Annual Congress of Surgeons of North America held at St Thomas's Hospital [1970-1990]; Official programme of the Victory Celebrations, 8 Jun 1946; St Thomas's Hospital Boat Club Oxford to Westminster Challenge, Centenary Year 1888-1988; programme and news cutting for the opening of St Thomas's House and unveiling of memorial to those killed in the Great War, 1914-1918, 26 Apr 1927; visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, 26 Apr 1978; opening of the Governors Hall, 21 Oct 1991; and photocopy of programme for the foundation stone ceremony for the new St Thomas Hospital, 13 May 1868.



Programmes for distribution of prizes at St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, 1929-1938



Christmas Show programmes, 1950, 1953, 1954, 1960 and undated



Papers relating to Old Students' dinners including list of Chairmen, 1875-1939, menus, 1928-1932; invitations for dinners, 1948-1969; and programmes and newsletter, 1965-1984; letters and papers relating to arrangements for old students dinners, 1966-1970



Signed menu for dinner at the Garrick Club, 1 Apr 1987, guests include Peter Daniel, Hywel Thomas, Herman Bachelard, Philip G Day

TH/EPH4 Notices 1865-1977



Printed prospectus for the sale of shares in the London Bridge Land Company Ltd, formed for the purchase of the site lately occupied by St Thomas’s Hospital and containing the South Wing of St Thomas’s, situated at the termini of the South Eastern and London, Brighton, and South Coast Railways. Includes plan of the site and drawing of the remaining standing building, 1865; printed notice of sale of materials from the demolished buildings of St Thomas’s Hospital Southwark, 2 Oct 1866, including conditions of sale and catalogue of goods; St Thomas’s Hospital Gazette Prospectus, Oct 1891; flyer for a concert in aid of St Thomas’ Hospital, held at the Royal Albert Hall, London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dr Malcolm Sargeant, 28 Sep, on the reverse is a short article ’Milestones in the history of St Thomas’s Hospital’[1945-1960]; St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School notice of Clinical Prizes open for award 1976-1977.

TH/EPH5 Miscellaneous papers 1800-1990



Miscellaneous material including printed standing orders for the creation and keeping of Medical Notes at St Thomas’s Hospital, Jul 1907; information leaflets from St Thomas's Hospital Dental Department and the Children’s Department, relating to the development and care of teeth, direction to parents after a child has been operated upon for adenoids and enlarged tonsils; directions for the care of paralysed limbs; directions for use of the bottle; summer diarrhoea; directions for weaning and subsequent feeding; directions for the care of children suffering from rickets; and directions for the management of infants; unused St Thomas' Hospital certificate for absence from work; collection of Library book plates; invitation for the laying of the foundation stones of the new hospital (undated); menu for complimentary dinner for Sir Cuthbert Wallace, 1 Jul 1930; two admission tickets to witness the arrival of Alan Cobham, 1 Oct 1926; typescript poem titled 'The student and the lecturer', author unknown (undated); St Thomas's Hospital diet table, 1907; humorous menus for dinner attended by Daniel Alexander (Alec) Davies and his wife, at Deal, 29 Dec 1936; Dr Peart's laundry bill (undated); wine bill, 1805; scraps of parchment (probably from book binding).



File containing copy of letter to the Dean, St Thomas's Hospital Medical School and accompanying memoranda listing chemicals and apparatus on opening of Department [of Pharmacology], c.1948.



Copy of cadaver dissecting schedule, 20 Nov 1884, and blank copies of schedule form; also carbon copies of St Thomas’s Hospital schedule of surgery, 18 Dec 1913, 18 May and 18 Jul 1918.


1870, [1936]

Typescript notes on the History of the Department of Psychological Medicine, St Thomas Hospital [1936].



Photocopy of The Hospital Pupil's Guide Through London in a series of letters from a Pupil at St Thomas's Hospital to his friend in the country, 1800.



Collection of menu cards from St Thomas' Hospital annual St David's Day dinners, 1977-1998 (in Welsh).



Miscellaneous news cuttings and articles relating to St Thomas' Hospital, 1907-1990.


[19th century]

Miscellaneous manuscript notes, undated and by unidentified authors, on anatomy, Anglo-Saxon institutions, Graeco-Persian history; list of surgical equipment.


1907, 1962

Papers relating to the menu for hospital patients and staff, including St Thomas’ Home menu, 26 Mar 1962; St Thomas’ Hospital Menu, 23 Mar 1962; cake list, 6 Mar 1962; Works’ Dining Room menu, 5 Mar 1962; Night Nurses Menu, 6 Mar 1962; Staff Manu, 6-12 Mar 1962; Light Diets Menu, 6 Mar 1962. Also includes typescript note from Catering Officer to the Archivist, 29 Mar 1962; manuscript notes relating to the hospital menus; copies of the Diet Table (Revised Apr 1907) describing the full diet, fish diet, fancy diet, fever diets.


1924-1925, 1980

St Thomas Hospital Surgeon's cards for patient, May Shephard, giving details of appointments, and treatment, 1924-1925. Also contains letters relating to deposit in the St Thomas Hospital Medical School Library, 1980.



Miscellaneous news cuttings relating to St Thomas Hospital, [1900-1990s].



St Thomas' Hospital Medical School academic staff list for the academic year 1967-1968, listing professors, readers, lecturers and demonstrators for individual departments (8pp)



Medical Research Society booklet of rules and membership list (64pp)



National formulary for national health insurance purposes (Insurance Acts Committee, British Medical Association, London, 1929), with blank pages used for extensive manuscript notes on prescriptions for specific conditions, made by Col Edgar Hunt Condon (1868-1944), of Ivybridge, Devon, who retired from the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), 1920. Annotated at front of volume 'E H Condon Ivybridge 1930'


1953, [1964]

'St Thomas' Hospital notes on current affairs for the information of staff', [1964]. Plus letter to James Briggs, student at St Thomas' Hospital acknowledging receipt of document, 14 Jul 1953; sheet of blank headed notepaper from the Louis Jenner Laboratory, St Thomas' Hospital.

TH/EPH6 Audio recordings [1900-2000]



Audio recording titled 'Dr Goadby' undated.



Magnetic tape audio recording of Dr William Sargant interviewed by R S Maurice Williams, Autumn 1966.

TH/EPH7 Artefacts 1854-[2000]



Leather instrument wallet inscribed ‘St Thomas’s Hospital Physical Society’s Prize 1854, Mr William Allingham'.



Ophthalmoscope, presented to Hutton Castle as the Physical Society’s Prize, 3rd Year 1877, St Thomas’s Hospital Medical and Surgical College.



Silver shield engraved with hospital coat of arms for the William Tite Scholarship, St Thomas’s Hospital Medical and Surgical College, awarded to T D Savill, 1876. [Thomas Dixon Savill (1855-1910) Physician] (Formerly affixed to a microscope box).



Medal of the International Medical Congress London, James Paget, Pres. William MacCormac, Hon. Sec. Gen.1881. Presented to John S Billings, 1881.


1855, 1887

St Thomas's Hospital Medical School Cheselden Medal presented to William Miller Ord (1932-1904), for Surgery and Surgical Anatomy, 1855; and Richard Mead Medal (damaged) awarded to William Wallis Ord for proficiency in practical medicine, 1887.



Wooden case inscribed Wm Stead, 1830, containing surgical instruments, including 3 hooks attached to a chain; spatula; hook with ivory handle; and a large blunt needle. Also includes a receipt for 6 scalpels, hooks and forceps; 2 pairs of scissors and claws, from maker J Ellis, Sheffield.



Surgical instruments including five scalpels (1 missing), scissors, five needles and a hollow metal tube with fitted wire, in a fitted case engraved ‘J Liddell’.



Medicine dispensing case belonging to Alfred Pern, who used to take it on his ‘rounds’ when St Thomas’s Hospital was located at The Surrey Gardens. Includes 14 glass bottles containing medicines (two missing, one disintegrated); rectangular glass plate; glass pestle and mortar; balance with ten weights (scruple and dram); measuring flask; bottle with stopper; two ivory spatulas; ivory handled metal spatula; three needles; thread; small roll of coated paper, in a fitted case, with key. Presented by the family of Dr Alfred S Pern, Southampton.



[Microscope] with lenses of various sizes (approx 25 pieces) in a fitted wooden case. Maker: John Browning, London. Case is damaged.



Alexandra Feeding Bottle, including bottle, two glass tubes, two teats, rubber tube and screw top fitting, two bottle brushes; labelled original box, and instructions. Maker: S Maw, Son & Thompson, London



Mackenzie-Lewis Polygraph, in fitted wooden case, with instructions for use pasted inside the lid of the case. Maker: Cambridge and Paul Instrument Co. England. Rubber tubing has perished.



Thermometer in fitted case, with small tube unidentified substance. Maker: J J Hicks, Hatton Garden, London.



Long mercury thermometer in tubular case 30 cm in length.


c. 1850

Mercury thermometer in fitted case, from which other equipment is missing. Maker: Durroch, 2 New Street, Borough, London



Laryngoscope in fitted case. Maker: J Weiss & Co, 62 Strand, London



Morton’s Ophthalmoscope, in fitted case. Maker: Pickard and Curry, London. Contains visiting card for Mr Bertram M H Rogers.



Ophthalmoscope, in fitted case. Maker: S Maw, Son & Sons, London



Ophthalmoscope, in ill fitted case with two large lenses and 5 small lenses. Does not appear to the right instrument for the case.



Miscellaneous piece of an ophthalmoscope.



Apothecaries scale and weights (including 20-500 mg), in small wooden box.



Empty case of the lancets of John Hunter (died 1793) Lancets were stolen, 1970s.



Syringe kit containing syringe, two needle fittings, two vials containing hypodermics of pilocarpine and apomorphine hydrochlorate (four vials appear to be missing), a bundle of brushes, in fitted metal case and leather pouch.



Two pointed instruments - wooden handle, brass mounting and plastic (?) point in leather pocket.



Small collection of medals including two medals for the Third International Kongress fur Irrenpflege, Wien, 1908; Fourth International Congress Zur Fursorge Fur Geisteskranke, Berlin 1910; Seventheenth International Congress of Medicine, London, 1913; and badge for ‘BMA Ipswich 1900’. (attributed to J S Bristow)



Small spatula (double ended)



Souvenir mug (handle broken) depicting Westminster Bridge and St Thomas’s Hospital.



Stamp or punch depicting hospital arms.



Punch of stamps, metal with wooden handle ‘St Thomas’s Hospital Library’.



St Thomas's Hospital Amalgamated Clubs seal stamp (both upper and lower impression pieces).


Roman coin of the Constantine era, apparently found during the digging of foundations for new hospital wings in 1840.



Copper plates for printing of STHMS certificates.

TH/EPH8 Printing blocks for publications



Series of copper on wood printing blocks of scenes from publications connected with the history of St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, with illustrations of human anatomy, recent staff of St Thomas’s, plaque on the internal wall of St Thomas’s, medieval medicine, graph of the numbers of transplants undertaken, 1968-1978, statues of worthies, nineteenth century crowds, St Thomas’s Hospital Gazette Christmas edition cover, 1951. 1 box.



Series of copper on wood printing blocks of scenes from publications connected with the history of St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, with illustrations of bomb damage at the Hospital (?), frontispieces from Early Modern medical textbook, nineteenth century ward, old operating theatre with Mr H B Robinson, which appeared in the St Thomas’s Hospital Gazette, [1963]; stained glass featuring child, possibly baby Jesus, seventeenth or early eighteenth century illustration of St Thomas’s Hospital, late 19th century St Thomas’s operating theatre, 19th century map of the environs of St Thomas’s Hospital. 1 box



Series of copper on wood and steel printing blocks of scenes from publications connected with the history of St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, with portraits of 18th century men, detail of human foot made up of vegetables and fruit, cartoon art work, possibly from a student magazine, X-ray or similar treatment suite, [1950-1970], sporting trophy, croquet team, [1910], British Army officer, [1914], possibly Samuel Osborn, an anaesthetist at St Thomas’s, medical procedure from 16th century textbook, cross section of human brain. 1 box



Series of copper on wood and steel printing blocks of scenes from publications connected with the history of St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, with 19th century and post World War Two senior staff, Victorian wall tiling from the Hospital, casualty unit at the Hospital, 1909, William Hogarth of similar grotesque, anatomical drawings of hand, torso and other parts of the human body, exterior of St Thomas’s, 16th century medical procedure, celebrations of yachting team, [1970]. 1 box

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