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Miscellaneous non-medical illustrations [1720s-1960s]



Embroidered and painted picture of a Canadian Indian on a lake – worked by Private Woodruff, Canadian Regiment, St Thomas's Hospital, Jun 1917.



Ink drawing of aerial plans for rebuilding St Thomas's Hospital, modified from County of London Development Plan, 1962. (Published in St Thomas's Hospital Gazette )



Bundle of 170 watercolour and ink botanical illustrations, some appear to be prints which have been tinted, others appear to be totally original works. Some of the prints were published by Dr Woodville, 1791-1792. 2 files


1822, 1827

Watercolours of Saint Mary Overy's Church and the High St, Southwark, from London Bridge, signed JCB 1827; and Saint Saviour's Church as it appeared before the alterations in 1822 taken from London Bridge, signed JB 1822.



Pencil drawing titled 'In the Library' showing St Thomas's medical students at their study by Charles Paul Renouard. Published in the Graphic, 2 Oct 1886. [See TH/ILL1/19]



Painted full length portrait, in profile of Mr Ludlow [Book]



Painting of a hunting scene in mixed media, signed by Finch Mason, (undated) (possibly George Finch Mason (1850-1915), British artist)



Charcoal drawing of a figure at prayers signed by Dudley [H…?] 1814, Antwerp.



Pencil sketch of an exterior view of St Thomas's Hospital showing the corner of the Tuberculosis Department, unsigned and undated.



Colour prints of work by Herbert J Finn depicting the Shattock Museum (2 copies), the Smith Theatre, a Unit Laboratory c.1930, and the Terrace, 1931.



Colour print reproducing the original drawing by the architect H Currie showing his proposal for the St Thomas' Hospital building opened 1871. (2 copies)



Coloured humorous print captioned 'Indeed Doctor, you trump'd a heart; - No such thing, ma'am'. E Hill del, printed by C Hullmandel, and published by Rowe & Walter, London, March 1825.



Coloured print of caricature captioned 'Taking physick' published by H Humphrey, London, Feb 1800.



Etching of St Thomas's Hospital by J S C Simpson [1900-1914].



Set of prints by Graham Clilverd (1883-1959) depicting hospitals, including St Thomas's, University College Royal Free, The London, King's College, Guy's, Westminster, St Bartholomew's and St George's in London, as well as the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Radcliffe Infirmary (Oxford), and the Liverpool Royal Infirmary. (Undated)



Mounted set of small prints depicting medical buildings including St Luke's Hospital, the London Hospital, the Apothecaries Hall, Physician's College in Warwick Lane, Guy's Hospital, St Thomas's Hospital, and the Royal College of Surgeons.


c 1720-1845

Prints depicting hospitals and medical buildings including St Thomas's Hospital in Southwark, c.1785; The Blind Asylum, Southwark; Asylum in St George's Fields; Magdalen Hospital in St George's Fields, c 1789; Bethlehem Hospital; Surgeons Hall, Lincolns Inn Fields, c 1817; Surgeons' New Theatre, Lincolns Inn Fields, c 1814 (2 copies); The Royal College of Surgeons, Lincolns Inn Fields, 1828; the New College of Physicians, Pall Mall East, 1828; the General Lying-In Hospital, c 1835; The Barber Surgeon's Hall where the Company admits a New Member (undated); the South and East prospects of St Bartholomew's Hospital; a view of the Foundling Hospital c.1730; St Thomas's Hospital in Southwark c.1720; St Thomas' Hospital Lambeth; the first Anatomy Theatre at Queen's Lane, University of Cambridge, 1815; and the distribution of prizes to the Medical Students of St Thomas's Hospital by HRH the Prince Albert, 28 Jun 1845.



Printed depicting St Thomas's (hospital chapel) Southwark, 1814; High St Borough; Southwark Church (2 different images); a general view of the City of London next to the River Thames (pre 1825); New London Bridge, 1831; East side of London Bridge from South to North in the reign of Queen Elizabeth c. 1600, from an engraving by John Norden; a view of the East Side of London Bridge from a drawing by Major G Yate, 1827; view of entrance into the City by London Bridge, 1836; aerial depiction of London from London Bridge through the Borough to Newington Butts and St George's Fields; Chapel of the Hospital for Lepers in Kent St, Southwark called Le Lock, 1813; A south view of Queen Elizabeth's Free Grammar School in Tooley St in the Parish of St Olave, Southwark, with a plan of the adjacent neighbourhood, 1813; representation of the Southwark Arms - the Loyal Southwark Regiment, 1804; Lambeth Palace from the garden; a general view of the remains of Bermondsey Abbey, Surrey, as it appeared in 1805, with adjacent country, 1820; the London terminus of the Brighton and Dover Railroads; South Eastern Railway Station, London Bridge; South Eastern and South Coast Railway Station, London Bridge; Searle's Boat-house, on site now occupied by St Thomas' Hospital c.1860; the Library at the Leeds School of Medicine; the Nightingale Cradle, 1856; St Thomas's Hospital under construction, details and view from the terrace of the Houses of Parliament, and bookplate from St Thomas' Hospital Library.



Illustrations from the Illustrated London News depicting Queen Victoria laying the foundation-stone of the new St Thomas's Hospital on the Southern Thames Embankment, 23 May 1863, and Queen Victoria opening St Thomas's Hospital, 1 Jul 1871; also illustrations from The Graphic, including 'The lecture in Chemistry', 'In the Library', 'Practical Chemistry, Oct 1886', and 'Visiting Day at St Thomas's Hospital, Surrey Gardens, 24 Jun 1874'.



Large charcoal drawing of portrait of unidentified man [possibly a portrait of T Anwyl-Davies – which is the label on the folder. Dr Anwyl-Davies played Association Football with the University of London Team that visited Moscow, 1914].



Large framed colour print depicting Samuel Wood, who had his arm torn off in a mill, 15 Aug 1737, and was 'cured' by Mr Ferne.



Framed print of the site of St Thomas's Hospital and Charing Cross railway works, Southwark [1860-1880].



Framed print of St Thomas's Hospital, Surrey Gardens [1860s].



Framed print of the proposed new building of St Thomas's Hospital at Stangate, Lambeth above Westminster Bridge [1860s].



Small framed print of portrait of John Leake M.D. (1729-1792), male midwife.



Small framed print of portrait of Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689), physician.



Small framed print of portrait of William Withering FRS (1744-1799), physician and botanist.



Large framed print of portrait of Richard Duggan Grainger (1801-1865), Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology.



Large framed print of portrait of William Chesleden (1688-1752), surgeon and anatomist



Large framed print of portrait of Abraham Coltes.



Large framed print of portrait of John Hunt.



Large framed tinted photographic print of a portrait of Arthur Beeny Appleton (1888-1950), Professor of Anatomy at St Thomas's Hospital



Large printed portrait of Sir Thomas Watson (1792-1882), physician.

Medical Illustrations [1730s-1960s]



Medical illustrations 3 drawings medical equipment and patient 'Robinson', 1964, 1965.



45 painted medical illustrations and 4 photographs, salvaged from the Old Surgical Unit, (pre 1976), mainly depicting carcinoma of the prostate. Description in the handwriting of Sir Cuthbert Wallace. Most are identified on the back, some are indicated as in the museum of St Thomas's. Also photograph of case of Epulis; and an unidentified diagram.



Printed copies of cartoons published in the Charing Cross Hospital Gazette, by 'GEB' and 'Geo S W', depicting Dr Green, Dr Mitchell Bruce, Dr Abercrombie, Mr Bloxam, Mr Morgan, and Mr Boyd.

TH/ILL2/4 (oversized)


Miscellaneous illustrations including colour print of Sir George Beatson's case of Traumatic Asphyxia (undated); anatomical drawing by W Thornton Shiells; painted illustration showing Murphy's approach to the hip-joint; illustration comparing Murphy's approach and Smith Peterson's approach, and structures surrounding the right hip-joint; two illustrations of the shoulder muscles; illustration of case of Epulis, 1922; illustration of an anatomical section through the Corpora Mammillaria and the Anterior Part of Pons; painted anatomical illustration, with printed copies, drawn by R E Holding, [1905];


1733, 1936

Miscellaneous photographs of medical cases including gigantism of feet; gangrene of fingers, 1936; malformation of an arm, 1936; two unidentified images of a growth on the scalp; and one unidentified image of a man. Also anatomical image taken from the Osteographia, 1733.

Postcards [1900-1970]



Postcards depicting St Thomas's Hospital including exteriors, George ward, operating theatre, and groups of military patients, [1900-1970] (10 cards)

Paintings 1825-1970s



Watercolour painting of the interior of the New Theatre of Anatomy, St Thomas' Hospital, Southwark, built 1814, by G Yates, 1825.



Watercolour painting of exterior the theatre of anatomy, St Thomas' Hospital, Southwark, by G Yates, 1825.



Watercolour painting of the interior of the operating theatre, St Thomas' Hospital, Southwark, by G Yates, 1825.



Watercolour painting of the exterior of the wards of Job and Lazarus, St Thomas' Hospital, Southwark, by G Yates.



Oil painting of portrait, Anthony Gordon Gregory (1917-1942), by his mother, E M Gregory. Gregory entered St Thomas's in 1939. He was killed in action, 1942 (unframed canvas).



Framed oil painting of Sir Max Page, Consulting Surgeon to St Thomas's Hospital, by J Crockford.



Framed oil painting titled 'The original hospital, St Thomas', depicting three figures looking at a drawing of a hospital building.



Framed miniature portrait of John Roland Wallace [Possibly a doctor at St Thomas's].

Large anatomical drawings on paper [1900-1980]



Series of large anatomical illustrations of cross sections of vertebrae, numbered 1-6. 6 illustrations



Series of large anatomical illustrations of cross sections including 11th thoracic vertebrae, disc between thoracic ad lumber vertebrae, 1st sacral vertebrae, numbered 1-15. 15 illustrations



Series of large anatomical illustrations of cross sections of the leg and foot, numbered 1-15. 16 illustrations



Series of large anatomical illustrations of cross sections of the arm and hand, numbered 5-13. 9 illustrations



Series of large anatomical illustrations of cross sections of the vertebrae and disc. 6 illustrations



Large anatomical illustrations depicting: Through posterior part of pituitary Fossa seen from in front; and through gasserian ganglion posterior to Foramen Spinosum seen from behind. 2 illustrations.



Series of large anatomical illustrations of cross sections including arm, hand, shoulder, chest and hips. 16 illustrations, linen backed.



Large anatomical illustrations charting foetal development. 8 illustrations



Large anatomical illustrations of cross section of a rabbit, and a comparison of the pelvic structure various animals. 2 illustrations



Series of large anatomical illustrations of human leg and foot, hand and arm, and shoulder. 13 illustrations



Large anatomical illustrations of the arm. 3 illustrations.



Large anatomical illustrations of bone structure of the pelvis, comparing male and female, and the spine. 3 illustrations



Large anatomical illustrations on the back of a list of relating to statistics of medical education. 2 illustrations



Large anatomical illustrations numbered section A-C, E-G; and restiform body – inferior cerebellar penduncle Section D-C. 4 illustrations



Large anatomical diagrams of the ciliary and submaxilary ganglia. 3 illustrations



Large anatomical diagram of the arch of aorta. 1 illustration, linen backed



Large anatomical illustrations of the ventral and dorsal surface of the brain stem. 2 illustrations, linen backed



Large anatomical illustrations of the brain including diagram of the area of the convolutions. 2 illustrations, linen backed.



Large anatomical illustrations of the brain. 4 illustrations, linen backed.



Large anatomical illustrations of the brain. 5 illustrations, linen backed.



Miscellaneous large anatomical diagrams and illustrations of the brain. 7 illustrations



Series of large cross section diagrams. 4 illustrations



Large anatomical illustration of the eye, and auditory nerve. 2 illustrations



Pencil and ink anatomical drawings of parts of the neck. 3 illustrations



Miscellaneous anatomical drawings (depicting nerve pathways?). 18 illustrations



Miscellaneous anatomical drawings. 19 illustrations



Miscellaneous anatomical drawings. 16 illustrations



Small ink and pencil anatomical drawings (water and mould damaged). 2 illustrations



Chalk/crayon (?) anatomical drawings, mould damaged 3 illustrations

Large anatomical prints [1850-1950]



Large prints of anatomical drawings, some annotated, including the hip joint, groin, cross sections of the brain, nerves of the hand, arm, leg and neck. 12 prints

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