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ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL: Medical school records

Photographs of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School

References on this page: TH/PH1-TH/PH9



Black and white photographs and negatives of the Honour boards at St Thomas's House, recording winners of sporting competitions, 1879-1984.



Black and white photographs of boards recording benefactors to Royal Colleges, from 16th century-1934. Photographs are undated.

TH/PH1/3 (oversized)


Mounted black and white photographs of the opening of the new Medical School wings, 1892.

TH/PH1/4 (oversized)


Large black and white photographs of events including St Thomas's Hospital Staff Club dinner, 1897; St Thomas's Hospital Old Students’ Annual Dinner, 1903; dinner at Shepherd’s Hall 1924; Prof L S Dudgeon, HRH Duke of Connaught, Miss Lloyd Still, Matron, and Sir Maurice Jenks at the Prize Giving Day, 23 Jun 1932; members of the Bridewell Royal Hospital Council including the Duke of Connaught; and an image of a painting depicting the admission of HRH the Duke of Connaught as a Governor of the Royal Hospitals of Bridewell and Bethlem.

TH/PH1/5 (oversized)


Photographs of ceremonies and events relating to St Thomas's Hospital and Medical school, including a group of medical students arriving at Schipol airport to help in flooded areas of Holland, 1953; opening of St Thomas's House Extension, by R W Nevin, Dean of the Medical School and Mrs Nevin, 1959; ceremonial tree planting, with clergy in attendance, (undated); Mr John Ormsby Gore, Vice President of the Amalgamated Clubs and Mr Nevin at unidentified events, 1950s; a group of nurses demonstrating over the decrease in the numbers of hospital beds [1970s-1990s]; receipt of a donation to the Clinical PET Centre, 1993; Christmas on the ward [1950-1980s]; images of laying of foundation stones, and cutting of the ribbon (undated); tree planting at the opening of the Clubhouse at Cobham, 1962; unveiling a plaque to Thomas Wakley; spectators at a boxing match; old students day 1955; and a student rag [1964]; patients with violinist [1968].

TH/PH1/6 (oversized)


Black and white photographs of operations and the operating theatre at St Thomas's Hospital, including images of the North Theatre and operating staff c1896, c1912; South Theatre, c1912-1914; operation in progress, c 1914; Drs Nosworthy, J B Menell, in operating dress, 1940s; Drs Nitch and Roche performing a local anaesthetic; modern operating theatre, [1970-1990s]; Casualty room, [1900-1930], with portrait of W H Crowne pasted on the back.

TH/PH1/7 (oversized)


Black and white photographs of St Thomas's Hospital wards with their patients and staff, including children’s Christmas party; Arthur Ward (men) c.1912-1914; male ward c 1900; male ward c 1904; Clayton Ward 1910; female ward c 1912-1914; female ward 1921; Beatrice Ward (children), 1904; and Victoria Ward (children) Christmas, 1904; also some unidentified wards and patients [1960s].

TH/PH1/8 (oversized)


Black and white, and colour photographs of theatricals and musical performances of St Thomas's Hospital, including the first Christmas show after World War One; Beethoven performance in Southwark Cathedral, 1963; production of Bugsy Malone; scene of men in Swiss folk costume; circus performers; violinist with hospital patients [1968]; and various plays and reviews, some of which have been published in St Thomas's Hospital Gazette.

TH/PH1/9 (oversized)


Black and white photographs of the restored operating theatre of the old St Thomas’s Hospital, London Bridge, and also images of its operating equipment.



Black and white photographs of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School library, as well as photographs of a library exhibition, and sketch of library floor plan, 1960s-1970s.


1935, 1946

Black and white photographs of the Sherrington School of Physiology, (Physiology Department of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School) 1935, 1946.



Black and white photographs of the Department of Nuclear Medicine, St Thomas's Hospital,

TH/PH1/13 (oversized)


Black and white photographs taken by John Fenton (Anatomy Department) of the old North Wing of St Thomas's Hospital, with view of the post mortem room, dissecting room, old lift, exterior of the wing and demolition work. [1970s]



Black and white photographs of the St Thomas's Hospital Medical School Anatomy department staff from 1714 onwards, some of which are copies of paintings, drawings or busts including Robert William Anderson, A B Apelton, C H Barnett, W Cheselden, Sir W Le Gros Clark, Henry Cline, and Astley Cooper, D V Davies, M H Day, J S Fenton, A V Freeborn, J H Green, F G Parsons, George Rainey, S Solly, and J Flint South. There is also an image of a board listing the department heads.



Photographs of the Biochemistry Department St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, Biochemistry laboratory and lecture theatre prior to and after restoration in 1955; staff including Rex Morrison, Roy Hopkins, Prof Herman Bachelor, Henry McIlwain, Prof J N Davidson, Mike Thorn; group of teaching staff, late 1950s; staff cricket match, 1985; biochemistry practical class of First Year MBBS students in the Block 9 Laboratories, 1990s; images of departmental apparatus donated to the Biochemistry Society, March 1977 including a polarmeter used by Prof Plimmer, and an Erbach Albuminometer, and related letters.



Black and white photographs of the Bristow and Cheselden medals; trophy cups including the Gutteridge Cup and the General Strike; 1876 Football Club tankard; clocks; statues; St Thomas's Hospital coat of arms; boards listing past members and staff of St Thomas’s Hospital in Lambeth and Southwark from 1556-1974.



Black and white photographs showing various hospital equipment and surgical instruments being used.



Images of royal visits to St Thomas's Hospital including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s inspection of war damage, 1940s; visit of Queen Elizabeth II [1950-1970s].



Black and white photographs of works of art – mainly images of the Thames and St Thomas's Hospital, caricatures of surgeons, printed and manuscript medical texts and illustrations, title pages etc. Also images of sketches of medical student life.



Photographs of exteriors of St Thomas’s Hospital Lambeth, including demolition and construction work, and aerial views. [1950s-1990s]



Miscellaneous black and white photographs, some of which have been published in the St Thomas’s Hospital Gazette, including images of the grave of Rupert Brooke, African and Chinese children, an early x-ray, African villagers, unidentified cottage (with negatives), carved door, country church and road scene, sculpture representing visual aspects of science, the Discovery II expedition, Macquarie Islands, 1950-1951, and an expedition to a snow covered mountain region.

TH/PH1/22 (oversized – rolled)


Panoramic black and white photograph of participants of the First International Congress on Medical Librarianship, London 1953.



Collection of photographs taken by Philip E W Street, including interior and exterior images of the Chapter House of Southwark Cathedral, No 29 St Thomas Street, Bermondsey, the Treasurer’s House, Foster Hall, 18th and 19th century engravings showing St Thomas’s Hospital, Southwark, statuary and monuments, and Guy’s Hospital after bomb damage, 1947-1949.



Four large black and white photographs showing the construction of the sports pavilion at Cobham playing field, 1961.



Bundle of twenty-eight colour photographs of historic library volumes before and after conservation work [1980s].

Slides [1900-1980]



Slide of newspaper illustration of St Thomas's Hospital Surrey Gardens, 1842; and portrait of Sir James Cambell.



Slides of including portraits of Thomas Addison, Thomas Barlow, Richard Bright, William Cheselden, Astley Paston Cooper, J H Green, Thomas Hodgkin, William Jenner, John Coakley Lettsom, B Travers, and one unidentified portrait; three slides of the Old St Thomas's Operating Theatre including a general view, re-enactment of an operation, and a 19th century amputation set; image of protest banner at St Thomas’s Hospital; image of surgical implements; two illustrations of medical practices; painting of surgical operation; and image of an exhibition of printed works.

Glass plate slides [1900-1960]



Nineteen glass slides of images of wartime, produced by the Church Army Lantern Department, including images of a Belgian cutting bread and butter for his comrades; Belgian soldiers billeting in a church; Germans in Brussels; London Scottish (pipe band); London Scottish Rifles; British Bluejacket; Indian soldiers; a Howitzer crew; British Red Cross Nurse; Policeman guarding a gunpowder factory; hospital ward; HM King George V; the Battle of Ypres; the Colonies rallying to the flag, and artillery going into action; words of the song It’s a long way to Tipperary. Also two colour slides ‘Welcome’ and ‘Goodnight’. A note with the collection indicates that these slides were the property of Mr Tubbs, Librarian.



Nine glass slides showing extracts of texts and illustrations from medical publications.



Three glass slides of views including the Grammar School, Stratford on Avon; the Choir, York Minster; and an unidentified village street. Collected by Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson

Negatives [1950]-2003



Negative of print of newspaper illustration of St Thomas's Hospital Surry Gardens, 1842. (Print with held in files of photographs of works of art)



Negative of image of portrait of Sir James Cambell



Negative of portrait sketch of William Cheselden



Negatives of photographs of Pre-clinical Students, Oct 1972 and Oct 1973. [Negatives were created Dec 2003 for reproduction purposes]

Portraits A-Z [1742-1980]



Photographic and printed portraits of John Abernethy; J E Adams, Surgeon; T D Acland, Class Physician; Henry Ainslie, Physician 1795-1800; Mark Akenside, Physician 1759-1770; W Anderson FRCS, 1891; Henry Arnott, 1871-1876; John Ashbourner (c.1795-c.1879) Lecturer in Obstetrics.



Photographic and printed portraits of Sir Charles Ballance, Surgeon, 1919; Dr Mary Barber; J Bamforth, 1939; W G Bernard, Professor of Pathology, 1939-1956; Dr Robert Barnes, Obstetrician, 1875; Mr N R Barrett, 1925; G H Bateman, Surgeon, 1948 and 1955; Richard Battls, Surgeon; W H Battle, Class Surgeon, 1891-1919; J [Baufilt]; Dr Bauwens, c.1960; Sir J Risdon Bennett, Physician, Dean 1853; G C Berg; H L Bernays; R H Boggon, 1955; Dr J G Bourne, c.1960; Dr Charles R Box, Physician; William Briggs, Physician, 1783-1689; J H Brinkworth, c 1935; Rowley Bristow; John S Bristow, Physician, 1854-1892; Sir E Farquhar Buzzard, Physician, 1910-1927.



Photographic and printed portraits of Sir James Cambell; Sir Maurice A Cassidy; William Cheselden, Edward Clapson M D, 1860-1874; Henry Hugh Clutton (1850-1909); Dr W Cochrane; John Gordon Coles; W S Colman; Dr Dennis Neville Cons (died 1957); Sydney Arthur Monckton Copeman (1862-1947); E M Corner, Surgeon; Robert Cory (died 1900), Assistant Obstetrician; Dr D G Cottam; Maurice Craig; Desmond Croft (and Professor Mallard), 1974; John Croft; Mr J H Cyriax.



Photographic and printed portraits of Prof J N Davidson, Biochemistry, 1946-1948; D A Davies, 1920; Dr Anwyl Davies; Prof David Vaughan Davies, 1966; Prof O L V S de Wesselov, 1924-1948; Dr G B Dowling, 1932-1936; P G Doyne; Professor Dudgeon; HM Queen Elizabeth II; Dr J StC Elkington; J W Elliott c.1908; Dr Evan-Jones; J S Fairbairn, Obstetrician; M Faraday; Herbert Fischer, 1896-1924; Dr J A C Fleming; George Fordyce, 1770-1804; Mr Forrest-Smith; Mr R J Furlong; Dr Henry Gervis, Obstetrician; R D Grainger, 1827; Mr Goffi; E H Grant-Morris, Anaesthetist; Joseph Henry Green, Surgeon 1820-1853; George Gulliver, Physician to Out Patients, 1881-1891



Photographic and printed portraits of Walter Baugh Hadden (died 1893) Senior Assistant Physician to Out Patients; Col L W Harrison, Director of V D Department, 1919-1936; Dr John Harley, 1893; William Harvey; H P Hawking; G T Hebert (died 1957), Dr E W Hedley, Anaesthetist; Dr J P Hedley, Obstetrician, 1911-1936; W H Higan, 1905; W G Howarth, 1911-1939; J H Howell, Dental Department; A B Howitt, Anaesthetist; A C Hudson; The Hon Godfrey Martin Huggins, Premier of Southern Rhodesia, 1935 (with signed dinner menu); Mr John Hunter; Louis Jenner; R C Jewesbury, 1919-1938; Isaac Jones; Sydney Jones, Surgeon; Dr Peter Kandela; Dr R Kelly; P T Kilner, 1934-1946; John Kinmonth, 1981; J B Lawford, Ophthalmic Surgeon; Richard Liebreich, Ophthalmic Surgeon 1871-1878; Sir Charles Locock, 1825-1830; John Coakley Lettsom, Dr P Lloyd-Williams; H Low, Anaesthetist.



Photographic and printed portraits of Thomas White Mann; Tim Matthews; [Dr McAuslan]; Sir William MacCormac, Surgeon, 1892; R McKay, Dental Surgeon; Sir Hector Mackenzie, 1892-1916; Sir G h Makins; Mr J H Marriag, 1904-1932; F W Marlow; W Somerset Maugham; B C Maybury, 1919-1948; Dr J B Mannell, Physiotherapist, 1916-1935; Major General Philip H Mitchener, Honorary Surgeon to the King, 1942; E Nettleship, Ophthalmic Surgeon, 1895; R W Nevin, c1958; Mr C A R Nitch, Surgeon, 1907-1935; Dr M D Nosworthy (died 1981).



Photographic and printed portraits of William M Ord, Physician, 1870-1897; Samuel Osborn, Anaesthetist; Sir Max Page; J F Payne, MD 1871-1900; Dr T B Peacock, 1877; G Perkins, Surgeon, 1929-1957, also images of his last teaching session 1956; J J Perkins, Physician 1888-1922; Prof R H A Plimmer; A F Potter, Anaesthetist, 1927-1946; Sir W Bentley Purchase.



Photographic and printed portraits of Prof Philip Rhodes; J S Richards, 1929-1945; Lord Richardson, Bart, 1932; R B K Rickford; Harold Ridley; Mr Henry Betham Robinson, Surgeon, 1893-1911; W h C Romanis, Surgeon, 1919-1954; Dr Wilfred Rushton, 1919-1952; A E Russell, Physician; [Ernest] Rutherford.



Photographic and printed portraits of Prof Hermann Sable of Bern; Dr Savage; Sir Seymour J Sharkey, Physician 1879-1910; B Shreis, 1927-1941; John Simon; Dr R Percy Smith, Psychological Department, 1905-1933; Sir Bernard Spilsbury; E Stainer, Skin Department, 1902-1920;Dr W H B Stoddart; William Henry Stone, 1870-1890; Samuel Solly, Surgeon 1870; J T South, 1858; Sir Henry L Tidy; Dr R T Timmberg, Physiotherapy Department; Benjamin Travers, Surgeon, 1815-1841; F G Turner, Dental Surgeon 1900-1905; Horace George Turney (1860-1944), Physician 1884-1920.



Photographic and printed portraits of William Warwick Wagstaff, Surgeon to Out Patients; Sir James Wainwright (died 1929), Governor, Almoner and Treasurer; Thomas Wakley; Sir Cuthbert Wallace; Dr H J Wallace (born 1932) Physician; Dr Philip James Watkin; E F White, Anaesthetist; Richard Gullet Whitfield, Apothecary and Secretary of the Medical School, 1833-1876; Dr Robert Williams, 1815; Dr Brian Wilson; Ken Wrattan; J M Wyatt, 1919-1948; A S Wrigley; Henry Yellolees, 1928-1945; F G Young; Prof L Young, Biochemistry.


c. 1942-1943

Miscellaneous photographic of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School staff and teaching activities, c 1942-1943, including portraits of Drs J Forest Smith, Evan Jones, H K Goadby, Gardiner Hill, C T Maitland, and J St C Elkington, Professors O L V S De Wesselow and W G Barnard, and Sir Bernard Spilsbury, as well as a number of unidentified prints.



Group of small black and white photographs of St Thomas's Hospital depicting wards, buildings, students, and staff. Some individuals have been identified. Presented by Dr P C Collingwood Fenwick.



Miscellaneous portraits of unidentified individuals (9 prints)



Bundle of miniature portrait photos [possibly applicants for House Appointments, collected by Professor Holland], including photographs dated 1939-1940 include portraits of M O Jenks, P R M Kerr, P L Langton Lockton, G W MacGregor, L R B Parker, D R Urquhart, A H C Walker, B A Ward, W V C Wiley; photographs dated 1941-1942 include portraits of P L Allen, John G [Coxon], H W Edwards, E Holden, K T Lockhart, P B [Makay], A M Read, J A Robertson, A M B Tompkin; photographs dated 1943 include portraits of E M Edwards, J H Ferries, J D M McLaren, P W T Pender, D M Rees, B W Rhodes, John H Shearer, N W Tattersall, P L Watts; photographs dated 1944 include portraits of E W Heinz, G deJ Lee, B M Matthews, C R Palmer, Mr Patel, G N Shell, Philip Smith, R Y [Storter], R E L Tattersall, B M Vawdsey, V J k Wright; undated photographs include portraits for H S Adams, P Allebone, Edmond Brewster Allen, J Armstrong, F R StC Assinder, W R Bodenham, R E Bowers, P R Browning, V R Bruce, F H Budden, J N Callot, J Carre, N O Caruthers, W F Cavanagh, B S [Corf], G M C Crawford, R E [Danchwerts], C D Drew, A E Duddington, H J W Fisher, J A S Forman, W M Foreman, M B Fox, H A Fraser, N R Geake, R M [Haidisty], D M Hare, G Hartridge, J C [Hesketh], J [Hermenay], D E H Hoffman, Walter W Holland, J A [Houlder], D A Howell, Ingram, Nevill H James, P G Keates, H B Kelly, B M Layrence, G H Leatham, R E D Leigh, S G Fox Linton, B R Little, D W R Lytle, S R [Macorr], P C MoxonT B Oswald, K G Paddle, J C R Peshall, M P Pick, N E Rankin, Patrick Salt, F D Schofield, H J R Sears, R A Setchell, J Sharkey, G B Smith, J S [Stafforth], D G H Stone, P A Trafford, S B Van der [Meswy], John R F Williams, Norman Peter Leete Wildy, H S C Wight, W D Wylie; and a number of unidentified portraits.


[1870, 1900-1980]

Original portrait drawing of John Ashburner M D (c 1795-c 1879) by Wherry; and portrait sketches by an unidentified artist of T Acland, W Anderson, C J Cullingworth, Sir Hector Mackenzie, Sir George Makins, Sir Seymour Sharkey, and one unidentified.

TH/PH5/16 (oversized)


Large photographic and printed portraits of John Abernethy, Surgeon; Charles Ballance, 1919; Sir Thomas Barlow, (born 1845) Surgeon; Sir J Risdon Bennett, Dean 1853; Charles J Cullingworth, Obstetrician 1888-1904; John St Clair Elkington (born 1904) Physician; F le Gros Clark, Dean, 1856, Surgeon 1873; King Edward VI; R D Grainger, Dean 1852; John Hadly MD (died 1764); John Hunter, 1788; W Iliff; Edward Jenner; Joseph Lister (born 1827); G W Mackmurdo, Surgeon 1843, Dean 1850, 1860; Francis Mason (1837-1886) Surgeon; Dr Mead; T W Mimpriss, 1916; Dr Charles Murchison; William Miller Ord, Physician 1877-1897, and Dean; T B Peacock; William Pitcairn, 1807; Bernhard Pitts, Surgeon 1893-1908; Richard Pulteney, Surgeon 1805; H R Reynolds, Physician 1777-1783; Richard Gullet Whitfield c.1865.

TH/PH5/17 (oversized)


Very large printed and photographic portraits of John Abernethy; Atkinson, Surgeon; John Ash MD; Sir Charles Ballance; B G Babington; Michael [Bokwyn]; John Birch, Surgeon; John Syer Bristowe, 1893; Henry Trentham Butlin (born 1845), Surgeon; Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1830; Samuel Cooper, Professor of Surgery, 1840; Edward VI (statue at St Thomas’s Hospital) 1849; Edward VI by unknown artist; R D Grainger; Joseph Henry Green; William Jenner; John Haighton; William Harvey, 1739; John Howard, 1789; John Hunter 1788; John Latham 1816; David Macbride 1797; Sir George Makins, 1915; Richard Mead, 1749; Henry Moyes MD and Mr Nicoll, 1806; John Nussey, Apothecary and Michael Lambton MD, William Nash; Sir Lucas Pepys MD, 1809; Sir Richard Douglas Powell MD (born 1842); Dr J F Ryan, 1924-1955; Seymour J Sharkey; Franciscus Deleboe Sylvius; Walter Tate; G H Turney 1860-1944; Richard Warren MD, Sir William Watson MD; Dr Willis, 1789; Thomas Willis MD (died 1675), 1742.

TH/PH5/18 (oversized)


Very large photograph of portraits of Sir William Withey Gull (1816-1890); William Cheselden (1688-1752); Richard Bright (1789-1858); Thomas Hodgkin (1789-1866); Thomas Addison (1793-1860).

TH/PH5/19 (oversized)


Copies of large prints of portrait of Sir George Henry Makins, 1853-1933.

TH/PH5/20 (oversized)


Large printed portraits of unidentified men. (4 prints)



Framed printed portrait of John Hunter 1728-1793, and photograph portrait of Mr A C Hudson, benefactor of the School.



Photographs of portraits of men with links to St Thomas Hospital including Sir James Campbell, President St Thomas Hospital 1626; William Bowden (died 1780), Treasurer St Thomas Hospital, 1761; Sir James McNeill; Henry Bence Jones (1813-1873).

Photograph Albums 1880s-1970s



‘Unidentified staff photographs’ File containing black and white photographs pasted onto pages including images of a statue of Sir Robert Clayton, c1900; Dr W T Harrison; street scene; E L Atkinson (?); medical school beadle; C H Toldon, School Beadle; unidentified man Also contains list of 31 photographs, some identified.



‘Portraits’ File containing black and white photographs pasted in pages including images of Joseph Bamforthof; Dr J L Pinnerger; Joseph Bamforth Senior; and B C Maybury; taken by Dr A G Leatham, [1942-1943]; images of Dr A L Crockford, Dr T Anwyl Davies; Dr H Gardiner Hill, Prof J B Kinmoth, attending an Old Students Day 1955; and portraits of H Gardiner Hill; Sir William Osler (1849-1920), 1915; and George Allardice Ridell, Baron (1865-1934).



‘Photographs’ File of black and white photographs pasted on pages including images of the anatomy department, 1888; students, 1888, 1911, 1919-1920; Medical School library, 1888; sports pavilion at Cobham, decorated mug depicting Westminster Bridge and St Thomas’s Hospital; St Thomas's operating theatres, 1899; pathology department, 1942-43; aerial view of St Thomas, 1951; Shattock Museum [1888]; Shattock Museum, 1955; Hospital wards, c.1898, c.1920; Christmas in Lillian Ward, 1920; Lillian Ward balcony, c.1940; and colour print of painting of St Thomas's Hospital by J Glozener.



Photograph album containing approximately 100 interior and exterior images of Southwark Cathedral Chapter House, and some images of Foster Hall, No 9 St Thomas Street, and old St Thomas's Hospital. Taken by Philip E Street, 1947-1949, each with detailed caption.



Photograph album containing images of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, including exteriors and interiors, hospital, wards, chapel, operating theatre, dining room, kitchen, autographed portrait photos of hospital staff. Contains list of images in the front. Presented by Lady Cassidy, 1950.



Photograph album presented by Dr J P Hedley, containing images of St Thomas's Hospital, interiors, staff, wards, theatre, nurses, patients and events c.1908.



'Photographic reminiscences of St Thomas's Hospital London, 1908-1915' album attributed to P C Collingwood Fenwick, containing images staff, students, patients and buildings, 1908-1915.

Scrap books 1885-1920s



Scrap book containing photos and cuttings relating to St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, relating to staff of the hospital, including Sir Cuthbert Wallace, foundation laying ceremony, medals and prizes, and sporting fixtures, 1920s.



Scrap book containing news cuttings and articles relating to dissection, obtaining of bodies for dissection purposes, disposal of bodies of paupers, dissection practices, 1885-1897. (Previous Ref: 31.g.5)

Student and Staff photographs [1870]-1988



‘Groups – Med Unit 1924-1932'. Album of black and white photographs of groups of medical students and teachers, Sep 1924-Apr 1932, individuals are identified.



‘Groups – med unit, 1932-'. Album of black and white photographs of groups of medical students and teachers, Jul 1932-Apr 1939 with captions identifying them



Album containing groups of clinical students, Oct 1924-Jan 1932. (with captions)



Album containing groups of clinical students, Apr 1932-Jul 1939. (with captions)



Album containing groups of clinical students, Oct 1930-Apr 1963. (with captions)



Album containing groups of clinical students, Oct 1963-Apr 1974. (with captions)



Album containing black and white group photographs of clinical entry students, 1975-1987. (with captions)


1920s-1930s, 1943

Loose copies of photographs, including some sent alumni, including College House group, Autumn 1941; clinical students attached to Professorial Medical Unit, Oct 1935-Jan 1936, and accompanying letter; Medical Unit, fourth year students, 1938-1939; Medical Unit 1939; students, 1943.

TH/PH8/9 (oversized)


Photographs of groups of Clinical entry students, 1964-1981.

TH/PH8/10 (oversized)


Photographs of groups of Pre-clinical entry students 1972-1981.



Miscellaneous student photos, 1950s-1980s, some with names dates, some undated and or unnamed.

TH/PH8/12 (oversized)


Mounted black and white photographs of student groups, 1958-1988, including first and second year groups, and most individuals are named.



Black and white photographs of Final FRCS groups, 1957-1963.



First MB Class photographs, 1957/1958-1970/1971, mounted with individual names. (collected by A G Hamilton)



Mounted black and white photographs of B.Sc. Anatomy students, Apr 1967-[1973], with captions. Also contains class lists of anatomy students 1964-1966.



Mounted black and white photographs of Anatomy prosectors, 1972-1988, including some duplicates and some undated, with name captions.

TH/PH8/17 (oversized)


Large black and white mounted photographs of St Thomas's College House groups 1859-[1948].



Large black and white photographs of miscellaneous staff and student groups including image titled the 'York Retreat', [St Thomas's Hospital Staff?] 1892; photomontage of Medical and Surgical staff of St Thomas's Hospital, 1879; St Thomas's Medical School (staff and students) 1904-1905; returnees from the war c.1919; combined 1st and 2nd years, 1911-1912; Pre-clinical students 1947; Surgical unit 1958; student group (undated).



Black and white photographs of surgeons (including B Pitts, W H Battle, H H Clutton and H B Robinson Sir George Makins, Sir Charles Balance, with groups of nurses and dressers, c.1890-1920.



Black and white photograph of St Thomas Hospital staff, 1946 (including Dr Arthur Unwin).



Black and white photograph of a souvenir of a visit of St Thomas Hospital Medical Students to the pharmaceutical laboratories of Parke, Davis & Co, Hounslow, 9 Feb 1938. The laboratories were a frequent destination for London medical trainees (see King’s College Hospital Medical School photographs). Includes modern copy of the photograph, and photocopy of letter from donor, 1996.

Sports Club photographs



St Thomas's Hospital Mountaineering Club (founded 20 Apr 1953) photograph album, 1953-1954.



Large black and white mounted photographs of the United Hospitals (Rugby) Football team, 1876-[1880s]. (4 prints)



Large black and white mounted photographs of the St Thomas's Hospital Rugby Football team, 1875-1986. (27 prints, including some duplicates). Also includes some letters relating to identification of the 1956 cup winning team.



Black and white photographs of St Thomas's Hospital Rugby team in action including the Inter-Hospital Cup Finals 1952, 1958 (St Thomas's vs Guy’s Hospital), 1960 (St Thomas's vs London Hospital) and 1964 (St Thomas's vs St Mary’s); unidentified match, 1953; photograph of illustration of the Inter-Hospital Challenge Cup Guy’s v St Thomas, 1877; and printed portraits of J H Dewhurst, St Thomas's Hospital 1887-1890 and English International 1887-1890, also P W J Goodie, Captain of St Thomas’s Hospital 1889-1892, and Scottish International 1889-1892.


1922-1924; 1989

Black and white photographs of St Thomas's Hospital Cricket Club team including cup winners, 1922, 1924, 1989, and one image of the team in action (undated).


c. 1927

Large mounted black and white photograph of St Thomas’s Inter Hospital Cup boxing team, c.1927



Black and white photographs of St Thomas's Hospital Association Football teams, 1914, 1934-1935, 1985-1987, and one undated. Also includes photocopies of photographs and documents relating to the University of London Association Football XI and their inaugural trip to Moscow, 1914.



Black and white photographs of St Thomas's Hospital Hockey teams, 1921, 1926-1931, 1952-1958; also contains photographs of games in action including Inter-Hospital Cub finals, against Guy’s, 1921, King’s College, 1922, Middlesex, 1924, and some matches from the 1950s.



Black and white photographs of St Thomas's Hospital Rowing Club team and action, [1950s]; St Thomas’s Hospital Water Polo team in action, 1953; Croquet team finalists, [1976]; Fencing team, 1958; athletics race, 1920s; Sailing Club (undated); tennis team, (undated) sports day including egg and spoon race, relay, tug-of-war (undated); Cup Winners (undated); miscellaneous prints depicting parachuting; shooting.

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