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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Little presses, in alphabetical order, with associated material, 1954-1998

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MOTTRAM: 6/1/1


Aba-Poru Press (London): poem card by Antonio Claudio Carvalho, 1974

MOTTRAM: 6/2/1-3


Actual Size Press (Paul Brown, Deal, Kent): Limited Sale, essay by David Cevet, 1975; Wild geraniums by Rikki Ducornet, 1975; Senile poems by Roger Howard, 1988

MOTTRAM: 6/3/1


Allardyce-Barnett (Anthony Barnett): poem card by Anthony Barnett

MOTTRAM: See also

Aloes Books. Founded by Allen Fisher, Richard Miller and Jim Pennington in London, [1971]: see MOTTRAM 5 Allen Fisher, and letters at end of MOTTRAM 6

MOTTRAM: 6/4/1-8


A. L. P. (Association of Little Presses): Getting your poetry published (1973). Informational booklet compiled by Peter Finch; Little press books in print 1977 (4th catalogue). With list of original member presses, promotional sheet for ALP and subscription reminder; Catalogue of little press books in print (Catalogue no.5, 1978-1979), 2 copies; Catalogue 6, 1980, with introduction by Allen Fisher, 2 copies; Catalogue 7, 1982, with introduction by Peter Finch; Catalogue (8), 1985; Catalogue 9, 1988; Catalogue 10, 1989-1990

MOTTRAM: See also

Alphabox Press (Jeremy Adler, London): see MOTTRAM 5 Adler

MOTTRAM: 6/5/1


The Alternative Press (Detroit): postcard series, featuring poems by Joel Oppenheimer, Allen Ginsberg, Jerome Rothenberg, Clayton Eshleman and others. 9 items

MOTTRAM: 6/6/1


Amra Imprint (Seaham, Co. Durham): Amra Imprint book list, 1994; see also MOTTRAM 5 Griffiths

MOTTRAM: 6/7/1


An Ant's Forefoot Eleventh Finger (Wivenhoe, Essex): Night school by David Rosenberg, 1970

MOTTRAM: 6/8/1-3


Anarcho Press (Stan Trevor, Hampstead, London): Après les images by Jean Trevor, 1978; The marriage of Heaven and Hell by Stan Trevor, 1978; Chaka's Rock by Stan Trevor, 1980

MOTTRAM: 6/9/1-3

1981, 1985

Andrea Doria Books (Tom Weigel, New York): Kiss my lips by Helena Hughes, 1979; Both sides of the goat by Lenny Goldstein, 1981; The Full Deck Anthology (poetry 1959-1985) also issued as The Tangerine Anthology (New York, 1982), edited Tom Weigel, includes work by Frank O'Hara, Ted Berrigan, Anne Waldman, Alice Notley, Anselm Hollo, Gerard Malanga, William Burroughs; with second revised edition, 1985

MOTTRAM: 6/10/1-5


Angel Hair Books (in 1970, Bolinas, California, later Lenox, Massachusetts, and New York): The golden palomino bites the clock by Sotere Torregian, 1967; ING by Clark Coolidge, 1968; Secret clouds by Harris Schiff, 1970; Columbus Square journal by William Corbett, 1976; Cleaning up New York by Bob Rosenthal, 1976

MOTTRAM: 6/11/1


Antiphon Press (Harlow, Essex): The sherrif of Hunger County by Mel Hardiment, 1973

MOTTRAM: 6/12/1


Anvil Press Poetry (London): Generation and other poems by Heinz Winfried Sabais, translated by Ruth & Matthew Mead, 1968

MOTTRAM: 6/13/1-4


Aporia Press (Edmund Baxter, Raynes Park, London): The peasant of Portugal by Thomas De Quincey, 1985 with typescript letter from Ed Baxter to Mottram 26 Sep 1985; Anarchy and ecstasy by John Moore, 1989; Lovebite by John Moore, 1990; The machine against the garden by F. Perlman, 1992

MOTTRAM: 6/14/1-7


Aquila Poetry Pamphlets (Jim Green, Solihull, later Isle of Skye): Born under Leo, poems by Stephen Morris, 1972; Interludes by John Vidler (Aquila Poetry Pamphlet 9, 1973); Poetry and the mind of modern man -an essay by Conrad Aitken, 1981; The art of poetry: Cummings, Williams, Stevens 1982; Some of my beginnings, a statement by Gregory Corso, 1982; The new criticism -an essay by David Daiches, 1982; Sixty Haiku by J. C. R. Green, 1982

MOTTRAM: 6/15/1-11


Arc Publications (Tony Ward at Gillingham, Kent, then Todmorden, Lancashire), later Arc & Throstle Press Ltd (Tony Ward, Todmorden, Lancashire): I see you on my arm, poems by Pete Morgan, 1975; Calendar for 1979 featuring visual poems by Allen Fisher, Asa Benveniste, Bill Griffiths, Robert Clark, Jeff Nuttall and others (outsize); Drawings by Peter Inch, not dated; Calendar for 1982 featuring visual poems by Asa Benveniste, Jeff Nuttall and others; New Year gift booklet for 1974; New Year gift booklet for 1977, Snowman, a cartoon by Brodnax; New Year gift booklet for 1983; New Year gift booklet for 1989; New Year gift booklet for 1990, 'to celebrate the dawn of the new decade'; New Year gift booklet for 1991; Verily '93 (no authors given, New Year item for 1993)

MOTTRAM: 6/16/1


Artists' Workshop Press (Detroit): reprint of The Fugs' Songbook after the Fug Press edition of Ed Sanders, New York, 1965

MOTTRAM: See also

Association of Little Presses-see A. L. P.

MOTTRAM: 6/17/1


Audit East-West (Buffalo, New York): Mistakes, a poemby Lennart Bruce, 1967

MOTTRAM: 6/18/1


The Auerhahn Press (San Francisco): A bibliography of the Auerhahn Press and its successor, Dave Haselwood Books, Poltroon Press, Berkeley, 1976

MOTTRAM: 6/19/1


Awede Press (Vermont): A ceremony somewhere else by Keith Waldrop, 1984

MOTTRAM: 6/20/1-2


Beau Geste Press (Cullompton, Devon): Fluxshoe,1972; Parts of a body house book by Caroline Schneemann, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/21/1-2


Bedlam Press (Pateley Bridge): At the antipodes: homage to Paul Valéry by David Moody (1982), 2 copies; News odes: the El Salvador sequence by David Moody, 1984

MOTTRAM: See also

Binnacle Press (Gavin Selerie, London): see MOTTRAM 2/2 and MOTTRAM 5 Selerie

MOTTRAM: 6/22/1-2


Birth Press (Tuli Kupferberg, New York): The grace and beauty of the human form by Kupferberg, 1961; The Rub-ya-out of Omore Diem by Kupferberg, 1962; (note: compare MOTTRAM 7 Birth and MOTTRAM 7 Yeah magazines)

MOTTRAM: 6/23/1


Blackberry (Brunswick, Maine): Magpie feathers by James Koller, 1981

MOTTRAM: 6/24/1


Blackmore Press (Gillingham, Dorset): Under the influence by Jenny Craven, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/25/1


Black Rabbit Press (San Francisco): The dimensions of the morning by D. R. Wagner, 1969

MOTTRAM: 6/26/1


Black Sparrow (Los Angeles): poem card 'The dialogues' by David Posner, 1969

MOTTRAM: See also

Blacksuede Boot Press-see MOTTRAM 5 MacSweeney

MOTTRAM: 6/27/1


The Black Tarantula (San Francisco): anonymous booklet of prose, titled I dreamt I was a nymphomaniac: Imagining, 1974, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 6/28/1

Blue Ointment Press, Vancouver: Gideon music by David W. Harris, 1967

MOTTRAM: 6/29/1-2

1979, 1988

Branch Redd Publications (Bill Sherman, London and Philadelphia): Four poems by John Lobb, 1979; Witches by Kate Ruse Glason, 1988

MOTTRAM: 6/30/1


Breakthru Publications (Haywards Heath, Sussex): Nightpriest: a quartan by Bruton Connors, 1965

MOTTRAM: 6/31/1


Buffalo Press (New York): poem leaflet, Blink, by Ted Greenwald, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/32/1-2

1978, 1992

Burning Deck (Providence, Rhode Island): Anasphere: le torse antique by Christopher Middleton, 1978; Light travels by Rosemary and Keith Waldrop, 1992

MOTTRAM: 6/33/1


George Butterick: 3 free poems by George Butterick, Stephen Rodefer, Fred Wah. Dated 27 Jul 1966, but no other publishing details

MOTTRAM: 6/34/1


'C' Press (Ted Berrigan, New York): The lily of St. Mark's, by Steve Carey, 1978

MOTTRAM: 6/35/1


Catcher Press (Kent, Ohio): Skins, poems by Alex Gildzen, 1981

MOTTRAM: 6/36/1-2

1972, 1974

Ceolfrith Press (Sunderland): Henri Chopin, 1972, published as Ceolfrith 18; Bob Cobbing and Writers Forum, 1974, published as Ceolfrith 26

MOTTRAM: 6/37/1-2


Cheapo Productions (Medway, Kent): Cat woman by Miriam Carney, 1980; Some of the hits of the Medway poets, 1980

MOTTRAM: 6/38/1


City Lights Books (San Francisco): Mishap, perhaps by Carl Solomon, 1966

MOTTRAM: 6/39/1


Cold Mt. Publishing Company [U. S. A.]: Early morning death fragments by Don Cauble, 1969

MOTTRAM: See also


Cold Turkey Press (Amsterdam): Duende: theorie & divertissement by Federico Garcia Lorca, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/40/1


Collection Ou (Henri Chopin, Ingateston, Essex): D2+D3Z by Bernard Heidsieck, 1973. Includes 45 r. p. m. gramophone record (note: see also MOTTRAM 7 Revue Ou

MOTTRAM: 6/41/1


C. O. L. P. (Consortium of London Presses): Curtal sails, 1976. Anthology of work including contributions by Sean O Huigin, Bill Griffiths, Lawrence Upton, Steve Clews, Bob Cobbing, Herbert Burke

MOTTRAM: 6/42/1


Jo Cook (Leeds, self-publisher): Poems by Jo Cook, 1980

MOTTRAM: 6/43/1


Corinth Books (Ted Wilentz, New York): Greenwich Village by Fred W. McDarrah, 1963

MOTTRAM: 6/44/1


Curiously Strong (London): Love laughs at locksmiths by Ian Patterson, Martin Thom, Nick Totton, 1978

MOTTRAM: See also

Curtains (Paul Buck): see Pressed Curtains

MOTTRAM: 6/45/1


Daft Lad Press (Leicester): A little earth for charity by Chris Challis, 1992

MOTTRAM: 6/46/1-2


Dark Child Press (Pocatello, Idaho): poem card by Donald Powell, 1981, with brief manuscript note from author; North America: continent of conjecture by Robert McAlmon, 1983

MOTTRAM: 6/47/1


Délires (Liverpool): The Cenozoic asylum by Christopher Dewdney, 1983, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 6/48/1


Joe Dimaggio (John Robinson, Bexley Heath, Kent): Stories by Glen Baxter, 1973

MOTTRAM: 6/49/1


Dovecliff Grammar School (Burton-on-Trent): Dovecliff Poems, 1973, a student anthology

MOTTRAM: 6/50/1


E. A. P. N. (East Anglian Poetry National): Tapio by Stuart Thonnesen, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/51/1


Earthgrip Press (London): Wolf month by Marius Kociejowski, Earthgrip with Flugsprung Press, 1975

MOTTRAM: 6/52/1


Eboracum (York): Poems by Robin Hamilton, 1973

MOTTRAM: See also

El Uel Uel U Books (P. C. Fencott): see MOTTRAM 5 Fencott

MOTTRAM: 6/53/1


Excello & Bollard (Canterbury): Being a lunatic is no easy thing by George Cairncross (1973); Greatest hits by Paul Lamprill (1973) (note: connected with Sandwiches magazine)

MOTTRAM: 6/54/1-2

1968, 1980

Ferry Press: Rothschild's Lapwing by John Temple, 1968; What was shown,by Peter Philpott, 1980

MOTTRAM: 6/55/1-2


Fetish Books [London]: The wonderful world of Max Jacob (no other publishing details) with a brief note from Cory Harding; The gentle art of camouflage by Keith Dersley, not dated; (note: see also MOTTRAM 7 Peeping Tom)

MOTTRAM: 6/56/1


Fiasco (Filey, Yorkshire): Tides in the sky by Peter Faulkner, 1972, with typescript letter from the author

MOTTRAM: 6/57/1-2


First Offense Publications (Tim Fletcher, Stodmarsh, Canterbury, Kent): Firesong by Tim Fletcher, 1991; Derivatives by Tim Fletcher, with prints by Ulli Freer, 1991

MOTTRAM: See also

Flaming Tuchas Publications (Lower East Side, New York): see Fuck You Press

MOTTRAM: See also

Flugsprung Press-see Earthgrip

MOTTRAM: See also

Form Books (Harry Gilonis, London): see MOTTRAM 5 Gilonis

MOTTRAM: 6/58/1


Fuck You Press / Fug Press (Ed Sanders, New York): Bugger: an anthology of anal erotic, pound cake, cornhole, arse-freak, & dreck poems, with Flaming Tuchas Publications, 1964 including work by Allen Ginsberg, Ed Sanders, Ted Berrigan (For The Fugs' songbook see MOTTRAM 6/16 Artists' Workshop Press)

MOTTRAM: See also

Fulcrum Press (London)-see MOTTRAM 5 Montgomery

MOTTRAM: 6/59/1


Gallery Bookshop (London): Dreamland and drunkenness by Peter Russell, 1963

MOTTRAM: 6/60/1-2

1980, 1986

Galloping Dog Press (Peter Hodgkiss, Swansea 1976, Newcastle on Tyne): Unearth by William Pryor, 1980; Rural Tales by Ian Breakwell, 1986

MOTTRAM: 5/61/1


Genera Editions (Colin Simms, Gateshead, etc.): Sarmatians by E. Flintoff, 1978

MOTTRAM: 6/62/1


Giles Gordon (Edinburgh): Deer on the high hills by Iain Crichton Smith, 1962

MOTTRAM: 6/63/1


The Goldsmith Press (Newbridge, Ireland): Seeing double by Desmond Egan, 1984. Inscribed copy

MOTTRAM: See also

Good Elf Publications (Lawrence Upton, Sutton, Surrey): see MOTTRAM 5 Upton) and MOTTRAM 5 O Huigin

MOTTRAM: 6/64/1-4


Great Works Editions (Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire): The Bishop Stortford Variations, poems by Peter Philpott, 1976, 2 copies; The golden forgotten by Neil Oram, 1977; And Ada Ann by John Welch, 1978; Couch Grass by John Hall, 1978; (note: see also MOTTRAM 7 Great Works magazine)

MOTTRAM: 6/65/1


Green Horse Press (Duncan Tweedale, Winchester): Departure in yellow by David Tipton, 1976

MOTTRAM: 6/66/1


Grosseteste Review Books (Tim Longville, Pensnett, Staffordshire, then Leeds): poem postcards by Franco Beltrametti and Ralph Hawkins

MOTTRAM: 6/67/1


Ground Zero (Cleveland, Ohio): collection of reprinted / extra pages to existing publications, including samples of work by Doug Blazek and D. A. Levy

MOTTRAM: 6/68/1


Hard Lines Press (Michael Hurney, Walsall, Staffordshire): Y'know by Michael Hurney, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/69/1


Hawk's Well Press (New York): Drawings by Beate Wheeler, 1963

MOTTRAM: 6/70/1


Hors Commerce: Machine and destiny by William Wantling [1964]

MOTTRAM: 6/71/1


Hunting Raven Press (Frome, Somerset): Foster the ghost by David Annwn, 1984

MOTTRAM: 6/72/1-2


Imble Publications (Cliff James, Blackwood, Monmouthsire): Fox horizon blues,by Dave Reid, not dated; Cadwgan to keep a song, by Cliff James, 2nd edition, not dated

MOTTRAM: 6/73/1


Institute of Further Studies, New York: Perspective by Daniel Zimmerman, 1974

MOTTRAM: 6/74/1


Interim Books (jointly run by Jay Socin & Kirby Congdon, New York): Backfire by Jay Socin, 1963

MOTTRAM: 6/75/1


Jimmy's House of Knowledge (no address, but posted from California): Oriflamme day by Stephen Rodefer and Benjamin Friedlander (1984)

MOTTRAM: 6/76/1


Kayak Books (Santa Cruz, California): The scale of silence by Lawrence Fixel, 1970

MOTTRAM: 6/77/1


Basil King: Miniatures by Basil King, 1993

MOTTRAM: 6/78/1


KMP K! (no address given): Boboli / Mariette / Le machine by Richard Tabor, 1980

MOTTRAM: 6/79/1


Layton Press (New York): 1001 ways to beat the Draft by Tuli Kupferberg & Robert Bashlow, 1966

MOTTRAM: 6/80/1-31


Leave Books (Buffalo, New York): Letters to Elizabeth Bishop by Elizabeth Burns, 1991; Gods to the elbows by Jefferson Hansen, 1991, inscribed by the author; Manifesto: for the next New York School by Robert Kelly, 1991; Private residence by Bill Tuttle, 1991; 1968 series by Tina Darragh [1992]; Answer by Dodie Bellamy, 1992; Balance by Jena Osman, 1992; Catalogue reaisonné by Bin Ramke, 1992; Cris / screams by Joyce Mansour, translator Serge Gavronsky, 1992; Grammar of the margin road by Susan Smith Nash, 1992; I was this war reporter in Egypt by Nina Zivancevic, 1992; Interalia by John Byrum, 1992; Nuclear by Juliana Spahr [1992]; Pollux by Pam Rehm, 1992; The three queens by Cathleen Shattuck, 1992; Two essays by Nick Piombino, 1992; Unplace, place by Rena Rosenwasser, 1992; You bring your whole life to the material by Mark Wallace, 1992; Another childhood by Susan M. Schultz, 1993; Crush by Lee Ann Brown, 1993; Arcane lavender morals by Will Alexander, 1994; from Perturbation, my sister by Kristin Prevallet, 1994; Icarus falling by Joan Retallack,,1994; One constellation by Laynie Browne, 1994; Push by Joe Ross, 1994; Rhyme the lake by Kimberly Lyons, 1994; Sea-Land by Kevin Magee, 1994; Stamina by Lori Lubeski, 1994; Under the neath by Sally Doyle, 1994; Wale, or, The corse by Elena Rivera, 1994; Walk by Cole Swensen, 1994

MOTTRAM: 6/81/1


Leaves / Scales (London): The fabulist by Paul Holman, 1991, with a typescript note from the author

MOTTRAM: 6/82/1


Lines [New York]: Lapstrake by Ted Greenwald, 1965

MOTTRAM: 6/83/1-2


Lobby Press (Richard Tabor, Colchester, Cambridge, etc): AOL by Richard Hammersley, 1977; There are trees all over it by Alaric Sumner and Richard Tabor, 1979

MOTTRAM: 6/84/1


Lovebooks (London): Darazt: an anthology, 1965. Includes work by William Burroughs and Lee Harwood

MOTTRAM: 6/85/1-6


Mammal (Tunbridge, Vermont): Four texts, being found texts about gods (no author given); Dream theory in Malaya, essay by Kilton Stewart; Essay on the media, list poem by Michael McClure; reprint of Preface to the third edition of 'Mass Psychology of Fascism' by Wilhelm Reich; The agency of man on earth, essay by Carl O. Sauer; The origin of man essay by C. Loring Brace; promotional material on single sheets

MOTTRAM: See also

Mammon Press (Fred Beake, Bath): see MOTTRAM 5 Mulford

MOTTRAM: 6/86/1


Manchester Institute of Contemporary Arts: Twelve secret poems by Tony Connor, 1965

MOTTRAM: 6/87/1-3


Many Press (John Welch, London): Five poems by John Welch and Five landscapes by Amanda Welch, 1976; The fish-god problem, a poem by John Welch, 1977, with manuscript note to Mottram from the author; Filibustering in Samsara by Tom Lowenstein

MOTTRAM: See also

Matrix Press (Tom Raworth, London): see MOTTRAM 5 Raworth

MOTTRAM: 6/88/1-4


The Menard Press (Tony Rudolf, London): A masque of surgery by Andrew Glaze, 1974; Dánta Grádha: love poems from the Irish by Augustus Young, 1975; 'Gentle spirit...' a tribute to Luis de Camões, 1980; Science advisers, scientific advisers and nuclear weapons by Lord Zuckerman, 1980

MOTTRAM: See also

Microbrigade (Ulli Freer, London): see MOTTRAM 5 A. Duncan and MOTTRAM 5 Griffiths

MOTTRAM: 6/89/1


Mid Northumbrian Arts Group (Ashington, Northumberland): Killhope Wheel by Jon Silkin, 1971

MOTTRAM: See also

Morning Star Publications (Alec Finlay, Edinburgh): see MOTTRAM 5 T. Meyer, MOTTRAM 5 Thomas A. Clark and MOTTRAM 5 Corman

MOTTRAM: 6/90/1


Nevada /Tattoo (San Francisco): Peace among the ants,1969. Anthology including Tuli Kupferberg, Charles Bukowski, D. A. Levy, Douglas Blazek (outsize)(note: conservation problem)

MOTTRAM: See also

New Departures (London, and later, Bisley, Stroud, Gloucestershire): see MOTTRAM 5 Horovitz

MOTTRAM: See also

New London Pride. Founded by Allen & Elaine Fisher, Brixton, 1975: for Bill Sherman The horses of Gwyddno Garanhir,1976, see MOTTRAM 5 Herman; for Bill Griffiths For rediffusion, 1978, see MOTTRAM 5 Griffiths; for Anthony Lopez Change, 1978, see MOTTRAM 5 Lopez

MOTTRAM: 6/91/1-2

1985, 1993

New River Project (Bob Cobbing, Islington, after the 'New River' running below Petherton Road): Where we touch by Paul Buck and David Barton, 1985; The chaos by G. N. Trenité, 1993, 3 copies

MOTTRAM: 6/92/1


North & South (Peterjon & Yasmin Skelt, Twickenham, Middlesex), Frances Presley and David Annwn were active press members until 1991: King Saturn's book by David Annwn and Peterjon Skelt (North & South, Tooting and Wakefield, 1987). First publication, accompanied by note announcing change of address to Twickenham as of 3 Apr 1987; (note: see also at MOTTRAM 2, and letters and material at end of MOTTRAM 6)

MOTTRAM: 6/93/1-4

1964, 1973

Northern House Pamphlet Poets (University of Leeds): Flower poems by Jon Silkin, 1964; Preghiere by Geoffrey Hill, 1964; for Eleven poems by Ken Smith, 1964, see MOTTRAM 5 Smith; Notes for a survivor by Emanuel Litvinoff, 1973; The sense on't by Fred Reed, 1973

MOTTRAM: 6/94/1-11


Northern Lights (run by Michael Carlson, London): Columbus Day by Michael Carlson, 1984; The Haight by August Kleinzahler, 1984; A gallimaufry by Tony Baker, 1985; Cartography by Michael Carlson, 1985; Blue at 4pm by August Kleinzahler, 1986; Private number by Robert Sheppard, 1986; The promise-The premise by Cid Corman, 1986; Mucho mojo by Mcihael Carlson, 1987; Six pavanes by Theodore Enslin, 1987; Going on like this by Laurie Price, Brooklyn series, 1991; Oxygen: fourteen poems by Kimberley Lyons Northern Lights, Brooklyn series, 1991

MOTTRAM: See also

Oasis Books (Ian Robinson, London): see MOTTRAM 5 Wilkinson

MOTTRAM: 6/95/1-2


Open Field (Eric Mottram's own press): Banda by Allen Fisher (with Spanner, 1983), 7 copies; Mud by Cris Cheek (with Spanner, 1984), 11 copies; (For Three Letters by Mottram (Open Field and Spanner, London, 1984), see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 6/96/1-7


Openings Press (John Furnival, Woodchester, Gloucesterhire): mailing to Mottram, 15 Dec 1967, comprising-John Furnival construct 'Who asked the pussy cat', 1967,Hansjörg Mayer 'Openingnisolc no. 8',Ronald Johnson 'Sunflowers' (Opening no. 7),Tom Phillips' 'The singing mushroom' (Opening no. 9), 2 copies, Richard Loncraine 'Rhythm machine' (Plakat 2), Ian Hamilton Finlay 'Fauve poem' (Plakat 5, 1966), Jiri Valoch 'Homage to Vietnam' (Plakat 6, 1966), Tom Phillips 'Gloopseend' (Plakat 8, 1967), Philip Ward 'Loakrime' (Plakat 9), George Dowden 'Landscape 2' (Plakat 10), Patrick Bridgewater 'Tomato Atom' (Card Series 1, 1968), four copies of R. E. M period: a coloured picture book by Furnival, 1968, with four extra copies, loose, of the item 'Papers' (outsize); Christmas card from Furnival, 2 Dec 1967; mailing to Mottram, 17 Feb 1968, comprising Catalogue of 'Freewheel' exhibition with introduction by Dom Sylvester Houedard, promotional leaflet for 'Arlington 2' exhibition, 1967, visual by Augusto de Campos (Opening no. 2), Ian Hamilton Finlay's Pole Night, (Opening no. 3), construct titled 'Opening 4' by Melvin Clay and Peter Bevan, construct based on Basho frog haiku, by Houedard, (Opening no. 6, 1965); 'Plakat', poem card series, 1,3-7, 1965-1966, including visual poems from Dom Sylvester Houedard, Jiri Valoch, bpNichol, Ian Hamilton Finlay; poem card Bestiary by Furnival, 1969; poem card Dessin 1 by Joel Drouilly, 1977, 2 copies; poem card Forlona this by Paul Johnson (not dated), 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 6/97/1


Outposts Publications (London): A journal and other poems by Frank Lissauer, 1965

MOTTRAM: See also

Oxus (London): see MOTTRAM 5 Lopez

MOTTRAM: 6/98/1


Oyez (U. S. A.): Earth music by William Everson, 1971 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 6/99/1


Panjandrum Chapbooks (San Francisco, Californai): Time to destroy / to discover by Lawrence Fixel, 1972, with covering typescript letter, 6 Dec 1973 from Edward Mycue and Lawrence Fixel

MOTTRAM: See also

Permanent Press (Robert Vas Dias, London): see MOTTRAM 5 Blackburn

MOTTRAM: 6/100/1-4


The Phyroid Press (Chatham and Gravesend, Kent): Bizzar oxen by Billy Childish and Sexton Ming, 1980; The old onion of the mountain by Billy Childish and Sexton Ming, 1980; Merz no. 1, a miniature anthology of Medway Writers, 1980; Shed country by Billy Childish, 1980

MOTTRAM: 6/101/1-5


Pig Press (Ric Caddel, Newcastle upon Tyne, then Durham): Montpelier biscuit by William Corbett, 1980; Schedule rhapsody by William Corbett, 1980; Water, glass, the toad of guilt by Peter Laver, 1981; A feast of friends by Robert Hampson, 1982; February 29th by William Corbett, 1984; (note: see also MOTTRAM 5 Seed)

MOTTRAM: 6/102/1-9


Pirate Press (Bill Griffiths, Middlesex), Pirate Press started printing in 1970, and closed in 1990 to be reopened as Amra Imprint: Gisli's Saga: the verses edited and translated by John Porter, 1974; Beowulf: Anglo-Saxon text with Modern English parallel translated by John Porter, 1975. 2 subscribers' copies with documentation; Aron's Saga translated John Porter, 1975; Small printings, a folder of small-format booklets from Pirate Press; Pyrofiche One: Beowulf: Text and Modern English Parallel edition John Porter;Pyrofiche Two: Bill Griffiths poems 1968-1978; poem card, Day trip to Boulogne by Andy Clarke; Poem list 1968-1978; Book List (1972-1978)

MOTTRAM: 6/103/1


Pod Books (London): Water bird by Kirby Malone, 1976, with an extra typescript poem 'for Eric Mottram' from Malone, dated 24 Oct 1975

MOTTRAM: See also

Poet & Peasant Books (Mike Dobbie, Hitchin, Herts): see at MOTTRAM 2 and MOTTRAM 5

MOTTRAM: 6/104/1


Poet & Printer (Woodford Green, Essex): Teller: four poems by Martin Booth, 1973

MOTTRAM: 6/105/1-23


Poetical Histories(Peter Riley, Cambridge): item 1 Disguises of the soul by Nicholas Moore, 1985; item 8, Autumn to summer sequence by Dorian Cooke, 1989; item 9, Remote sensing by Nigel Wheale, 1989; item 10, Knife cuts the water by Andrew Duncan, 1990; item 11, Filibustering in Samsara: a footnote by Tom Lowenstein, 1990; item 12, Local by John James, 1990; item 13, Odes on St. Cecilia's Day by Peter Hughes, 1990; item 14, Remember remember by Kelvin Corcoran, 1991; item 15, Nevrazumitelny by Wendy Mulford, 1991, 2 copies; item 17, The Watches by Rajiv C. Krishnan, 1992; item 18, North Star by Simon Smith, 1992; item 19, When you wish... by Tony Lopez, 1992; item 20, Sothfastness by Michael Haslam, 1992; item 21, 'Over and through' by Maurice Scully, 1992; item 22, (title in Chinese characters) by J. H. Prynne, 1992; item 23, 'Routes & abrasions' by Ralph Hawkins, 1993; item 24, 'Simple objects' by Helen Macdonald, 1993; item 26, 'Four falling' by Denise Riley, 1993; item 28, 'What fades will be' by Douglas Oliver, 1993; item 30, devoted to R. F. Langley; item 31, Rilke I, IV, VI translated Geoff Ward, Ian Patterson, Stephen Rodefer, 1994, 2 copies; item 32, Bottle of pop by Andrew Webster, 1994; out of series: Noon province by Peter Riley, 1989

MOTTRAM: 6/106/1


Poetry Leeds: Dogbowl by Mark Burke, [1975]

MOTTRAM: 6/107/1


Poets & Painters Press (London): Cold mine by Guy Birchard, 1984

MOTTRAM: 6/108/1


Poets of Le Metro (New York): Absence by Dan Saxon, 1963

MOTTRAM: 6/109/1


Poltroon Modern Poets (posted from Bolinas, California): An American ensemble ed. Louis Patler, 1979; (note: also see MOTTRAM 6 The Auerhahn Press)

MOTTRAM: 6/110/1


Pressed Curtains (Paul Buck, Hebden bridge, Yorkshire): Sentence. And would be superfluous by Paul Buck, 1976; (note: also see at MOTTRAM 5 Buck and MOTTRAM 11)

MOTTRAM: See also

Prison Clothes Press: see MOTTRAM 5 B. J. Kelly

MOTTRAM: 6/111/1


A purge of dissidence, Anthology with no note of editor or publisher, including work by Gavin Selerie, Harry Gilonis, Robert Sheppard, Lawrence Upton

MOTTRAM: 6/112/1


Pushtika Press, London: Unicorns: 7 studies in velocity by Rober Hampson, 1989

MOTTRAM: 6/113/1


'R' Books (Cambridge): The last-minute choice, an anthology including work by Peter Riley, Lee Harwood, Wendy Mulford [1969]

MOTTRAM: See also

Reality Studios (Ken Edwards, London, founded 1978; joined with Street Editions of Cambridge to form Reality Street): see at MOTTRAM 5 and MOTTRAM 11

MOTTRAM: 6/114/1-21


Renegade Press (D. A. Levy, Cleveland, Ohio): Cornponetonepome by Carl Heckman, 1963; Objects 2 by Russell Atkins, 1963; Aleatory letters by Kent Taylor, 1964; Farewell the floating cunt by D. A. Levy, 1964; Keys by John Keys, 1964; Parenthetical Poppies by Russell Salamon, 1964; Poems of the glass by Margaret Randall, 1964; Selected poems by Judson Crews, 1964; Subways by Dave Rasey, 1964; The bloodletting by Allan Katzman, 1964, plus copy of second edition, 1965, different cover; Who is dead, poemsby Irene Schramm, 1964; Fortuitons Mortherfucer by D. A. Levy & Kent Taylor, 1965; Leah by Carl Larsen, 1965; Polluted Lape Series 2, Geoffrey A. Cook, 1965; Polluted Lake Series 3, Eric K. Albrecht, 1965; Polluted Lake Series 5, Russell Salaman (for Salamon?), 1965; Polluted Lake Series 7, Edwin Morgan, 1965; Polluted Lake Series 8, Dom Sylvester Houedard, 1965; Polluted Lake Series 10, Susan Koppelman Cornillon, 1965; Polluted Lake Series 11, Alan Denis, 1965; Polluted Lake Series 12, by Dagmar, not dated

MOTTRAM: 6/115/1-10


Rivelin Press (David Tipton, Bradford): Patterns of friendship, verse by Jeremy Hilton, 1975; Strange landfalls, verse by Ena Hollis, 1975; The green tide by A. G. Hill, 1975; In a city in Western Asia by Martin Bates, 1975; Degress of exile by Allan Burgis, 1975; Seasons in a raw landscape by Kevin Borman, 1981; Woods beyond a cornfield by Stanley Cook, 1981; Death mask by Cal Clothier, 1981, 2 copies; Shared images by C. A. de Lomellini, 1981; Going home by John Freeman, 1983; (note: see also MOTTRAM 5 Tipton)

MOTTRAM: 6/116/1


Roco Books (Baltimore, Maryland): What whole wheat means by Ro Malone, 1979

MOTTRAM: 6/117/1-2

1991, 1992

Room Press (John Perlman, White Plains, New York): Suggesting blue by Peter Dent, 1991; The house in the fields by Donald Wellman, 1992

MOTTRAM: 6/118/1


Noel Rooney: The burning man by Rooney (self-published, Bognor Regis 1987), with covering note to Mottram

MOTTRAM: 6/119/1


Sand Dollar (Berkeley, California): Gnomonology by Howard McCord, 1971

MOTTRAM: 6/120/1-2


Sceptre Press (Martin Booth, Rushden, Northamptonshire): Flood by William Elliott, 1973; Late March by David Jaffin, 1973

MOTTRAM: 6/121/1-3


Screeches Publications, Dave Cunliffe, Blackburn, Lancashire: Golden Convolvulus anthology of sexual writing edited by Arthur Moyse [1965]; Whether you or I love or hate by Tina Morris, 1965; Deep within this book of earth by Dave Cunliffe, 1966

MOTTRAM: 6/122/1-5


Second Aeon Publications (Peter Finch, Cardiff): Remittances by Cyril Hodges, 1971; Typewriter poems ed. Peter Finch (Second Aeon and Something Else Press, 1972). Includes work by Paul Claire, Thomas A. Clark, Bob Cobbing, Dom Sylvester Houeard, Andrew Lloyd, Edwin Morgan; Connotations by Michael Gibbs 1973; Twelve lyrics and Liu by Andrew Lloyd, 1973; From alphabet to logos by J. P. Ward, 1973, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: See also

Secret Books (Elaine Randell): see at MOTTRAM 5 Randell

MOTTRAM: 6/123/1-7


Seven Flowers Press (Cleveland Ohio): Lumina by Carol Bergé, 1965; Late stations by Kent Taylor, 1966; Long dongs by Douglas Blazek, Steve Richmond, Joe Nickell, 1966; Spyrytual by Russell Atkins, 1966, 2 copies; Napalm, Hydroem por Nadie, Psamba: three poems by Dennis Saint-Eden, 1967; The day is a prayer they can't understand by D. R. Wagner, 1967, with hand-painted cover by D. A. Levy; Flags of loneliness by Matt Schulman, not dated

MOTTRAM: 6/124/1-3


Shadowcat (Eleanor Makepeace, Gateshead): Pentland by Colin Simms, [1975], 2 copies; Tynes: for Basil Bunting by Eleanor Makepeace, 1986; Contradictions by Makepeace, 1990, with covering note from Siena; (note: see also at MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: See also

Share Street Editions (Ken Edwards, London): for Dover: Four poems in praise of community by Ken Edwards, 1977, see MOTTRAM 5 Edwards

MOTTRAM: 6/125/1-4


Shelley's Press (Ravenna, Ohio): On the border, prose by Stacey Smith, 1979; Kencompotl 8, Poem 'Dakota' by Gary David, 1979; Kencompotl 9, Poems by Stacey Smith, 1979; Kencompotl 10, Poems by Philip St. Clair, 1979

MOTTRAM: 6/126/1


Paul Shevlin (London): Sheet value poems by Paul Shevlin, 1992

MOTTRAM: See also

Siren Press (Geraldine Monk, Staithes): see MOTTRAM 5 Monk

MOTTRAM: See also

Socialist Workers Party-see S. W. P.

MOTTRAM: See also

Solaris (Peterjon & Yasmin Skelt, Twickenham, Middlesex): see MOTTRAM 2 and MOTTRAM 3

MOTTRAM: See also

Something Else Press (run by Dick Higgins 1964-1973): see MOTTRAM 5 Higgins

MOTTRAM: 6/127/1


Southern Arts (Winchester, Hampshire): Eight Sussex poets, 1973. Poem cards in folder

MOTTRAM: See also

Spanner Editions, incorporating New London Pride (Allen Fisher, London): see MOTTRAM 5 Allen Fisher and MOTTRAM 7 and MOTTRAM 11

MOTTRAM: 6/128/1-3


Spectacular Diseases (Paul Green, Peterborough): Loot 1:1, work by John Freeman, 1979; Loot 1:2, work by Graeme Jukes; (note: see also MOTTRAM 5 Dowden, and MOTTRAM 5 Griffiths); folder concerning case of Tommy Trantino in America, distributed by Paul Green with covering note dated 14 Jan 1984

MOTTRAM: 6/129/1


Station Hill (Rhinebeck, New York): Distance function by Franz Kamin, 1977

MOTTRAM: 6/130/1


Stingy Artist (Alverstoke, Hampshire): A meeting by John Riley. Forwarded with 1978-1979 booklist

MOTTRAM: 6/131/1


David Stoker (Leamington Spa): Couvade by Stoker, 1972, with inscription to Mottram 1973

MOTTRAM: 6/132/1


Stone Lantern Press (Swansea): The unseizable-poems by John Freeman, 1984

MOTTRAM: See also

Street Editions-see Reality Studios

MOTTRAM: 6/133/1-6


Street Press (Port Jefferson, New York), all limited edition booklets dating to 1978: Planting pahos by Allen De Loach; The ballad of the boss' son by Richard Elman; The dance by Aaron Kramer; Four for Theodore Roethke by Charles Martin; Dada suite Jim Tyack; From the scrivener's desk by Jeanne Voege

MOTTRAM: 6/134/1


Stride (Exeter): photocopy extracts from How the net is gripped: a selection of contemporary American poetry ed. David Miller and Rupert Loydell, 1992

MOTTRAM: 6/135/1


Swollen Magpie Press (Brooklyn, New York): Broadway: a poets and painters anthology ed. James Scuyler and Charles North, 1979 including work by Bruce Andrews, John Ashbery, Ted Berrigan, Ray DiPalma, Barbara Guest, Ralph Hawkins, Alice Notley, Anne Waldman

MOTTRAM: 6/136/1


S. W. P. (Socialist Workers Party, Leeds): 1. 2. 3. 4. by O. T. L. / Ben Watson, 1980

MOTTRAM: 6/137/1-2


Tamarisk (Philadelphia): Echo of the imperfect by Dennis Barone, 1981; Art in America by Bobby Byrd, not dated

MOTTRAM: 6/138/1-4


Tapocketa Press: Deja vu by Peter J. King, 1976; Performance poets at Battersea,1977, including work by Bob Cobbing, Cris Cheek; Chapbooks series 11978, including items by Jeremy Adler and Alaric Sumner; Chapbooks series 2 1978, including items by Herbert Burke and Bob Cobbing

MOTTRAM: 6/139/1


Tarasque Press (East Markham, Nottinghamshire): Metaphor and motif: Tarasque Press Exhibition 1972, article on the press and examples of work

MOTTRAM: See also

Ta'wil Books (Pierre Joris, California, later Buffalo, New York): for broadside series see MOTTRAM 5 Joris

MOTTRAM: See also

Taxus (Taxvs) Press (run by Michael Farley, Leicester). Ceased publication in 1987: see at MOTTRAM 2 and MOTTRAM 11

MOTTRAM: 6/140/1-2


Tetrad Press: visual booklet Free stamp offer (1971); Three friendly warnings from Richard Johnny John, Jerome Rothenberg, Ian Tyson, 1973 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 6/141/1


Stuart Thonnesen (Leiston, Suffolk): An exile's Italy by Christopher Hampton, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/142/1


Today Press (Niagara): The 18th dynasty Egyptian automobile turn on by D. R. Wagner, 1966

MOTTRAM: 6/143/1


Tombouctou Press (Bolinas, California): This eating and walking at the same time is associated all right by Leslie Scalapino, 1979

MOTTRAM: 6/144/1-3


Toulouse Press (Liverpool): A black look on the bright side by Sylvia and Harold Hikins, 1972; An oriental affair by Nigel Walker, 1973; Every good girl's big book of dragons by David Porter, 1973

MOTTRAM: 6/145/1


Tragara (Edinburgh): Fescennines by David Burnett, 1973

MOTTRAM: 6/146/1-3


Transgravity Press (Paul Brown, Deal, Kent, founded 1971; by 1974, in London): Homage to Singer by Paul van Ostaijen, 1974; The tired lovers they are machines by Lucebert, 1974, poems in folder, with photocopied advert sheet; Four Dutch poets (Lucebert, Gerrit Kouwenaar, Sybren Polet, Bert Scheirbeek) ed. Peter Nijmeijer, 1976

MOTTRAM: 6/147/1-2


Trigram Press (Asa Benveniste): booklet forming Invitation to celebrate the 114th anniversary of the birth of Ernest P. Fenollosa, 1967; Work in progress by Kevin Power and Ian Tyson, 1977; (note: further material at MOTTRAM 5 Benveniste)

MOTTRAM: 6/148/1


Turkey Press (no place of publication given): Stolen and contaminated poems by James Laughlin, 1985

MOTTRAM: 6/149/1-5


Turret Books (Bernard Stone, London): The twelve hotels by George MacBeth, 1965; Bedlam etcetera by Dom Moraes, 1966; The god-trap by Peter Redgrove, 1966; My son by Kevin Crossley-Holland, 1966; Theory of diet by D. M. Black, 1966; The burning of the brothel by Ted Hughes, 1966; No music please by Ernst Jandl, 1967; The screens by George MacBeth, 1969. 6 poems in a folder; Sergei De Diaghileff by Anthony Howell, 1968; Unlucky for some by Roger McGough, 1980; Poem card by Harry Fainlight, with flyer for his Selected Poems; poem cards nos.1-4, not dated

MOTTRAM: 6/150/1

1977, 1981

Tuumba Press (Lyn Hejinian, Berkeley, California): for item 12, The gospel of Celine Arnauld by Clayton Eshleman,1977, see MOTTRAM 5 Eshleman; item 33 State Lounge by Alan Bernheimer, 1981; for item 34 P-E-A-C-E by David Bromige, 1981, see MOTTRAM 5 Bromige

MOTTRAM: 6/151/1


Typos Verlag (Frankfurt): Typoaktionen by Hansjörg Mayer, 1967, folded format, visual poetry

MOTTRAM: 6/152/1


Underwhich Editions (Toronto): Sound poetry: a catalogue ed. Steve McCaffery and bpNichol, 1978

MOTTRAM: 6/153/1-3


Unicorn Bookshop (Bill Butler, Brighton and Seattle): Why I want to fuck Ronald Reagan by James Graham Ballard, 1968; Leaves of grass: a compendium of marijuana,1971; Survival scrapbook. 1. Shelter,1972. For Third part unordered by Allen De Loach, 1970, see at MOTTRAM 3/2; for Allen Ginsberg in the Sixties by Mottram, 1972, see at MOTTRAM 3/1; for poster 'Four ancient folksongs (from the Chinese)' by Kenneth Rexroth see MOTTRAM 12; (note: see further at MOTTRAM 5 Butler and MOTTRAM 2 and MOTTRAM 11)

MOTTRAM: 6/154/1


Unimproved Editions: 20 poems by Steve Carey, 1987

MOTTRAM: See also

Unpublished Editions founded by Dick Higgins in mid 1970s, and changed to Printed Editions in 1978: see at MOTTRAM 5 Higgins

MOTTRAM: See also

University of Salzburg Press (Wolgang Görtschacher, Salzburg): see at MOTTRAM 3

MOTTRAM: 6/155/1


Verb Editions (Peter Mayer, London): Earmouth by Peter Mayer, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/156/1


Peter Way Publishers (Covent Garden, London): Chicken factory / Girls that swim by Christopher Martin, 1972

MOTTRAM: See also

Wellsweep (John Cayley, London): see at MOTTRAM 11

MOTTRAM: 6/157/1


Whittier Press (Philadelphia): The prisoners by Walter Lowenfels, 1954

MOTTRAM: 6/158/1-4


Working Press, Kennington, London, 'Books by and about working class artists': The unknown deserter: nine drawings by Clifford Harper, 1989; An alphabet: twenty six drawings by Clifford Harper, 1990; Illustration by Clifford Harper, visuals on card, not dated; Train journey by Clifford Harper, zigzag-fold visual, not dated

MOTTRAM: 6/159/1


Workshop Press, London: Selected poems by Marguerite Edmonds, 1972

MOTTRAM: 6/160/1-69


Writers Forum (Bob Cobbing, London): We just wanted to tell you, poems by David Ball & Anselm Hollo, 1963; Barnet poets: an anthology by children of the new Borough of Barnet (Writers Forum Poets, no. 10, 2nd edition, 1965); Mai hart lieb zapfen eibe hold by Ernst Jandl (Writers Forum Poets no. 11, 1965), with manuscript postcard from Jandl to Mottram; Op and kinkon poems / and some non-kinkon by Dom Silvester Houedard (Writers Forum Poets no. 14, 1965); Sound poem sequence by Bob Cobbing (Writers Forum Poets no. 7, 1965); The excrement of angels by Heather Richardson & Keith Musgrove (Writers Forum Poets no. 9, 1965); To the North by Anne Hardwick (Writers Forum Poets no. 8, 1965); Group H: 36th exhibition at the Drian Galleries... 1966; The ten plagues by John Rowan, with drawings by Jeff Nuttall (Writers Forum Poets no. 12, London, 1965); Who wrote 'fixed' on the carraway horse? by David Mycroft, 1966; Swift scripts, notes & after effects by Claude Pelieu, trans. Mary Beach (Writers Forum Poets, no. 22, 1967); Lament: a sound poem, to the memory of d. a. levy by bpNichol, 1969; Wump Ertater: a number in progression by Jennifer Cobbing (Writers Forum Folder no. 8, 1970); Free form poetry by George MacBeth & Bob Cobbing (Writers Forum Pamphlet 4, 1970); Number score for 2 voices by Neil Mills (Writers Forum Score no. 1, 1970); Red white blue by John Rowan (Writers Forum Quartos no. 8, 1970); To night: Little David on mouth harp by W. C. Stickney (Writers Forum Quartos no. 10, 1970); Nancy Adler poems by P. J. O'Rourke (Writers Forum Quartos no. 11, 1970); Free form poetry 2 by George MacBeth & Bob Cobbing (Writers Forum Pamphlet 8, 1971); Re a vow al by Charles Verey (Writers Forum 'Fours' no. 2, 1971); Ga by Jiri Valoch (Writers Forum 'Fives' no. 1, 1971); 20 Monogram poems by Alison Bielski (Writers Forum 'Fives' no. 2, 1971); Bi(s)onics: the science of (sound) systems based on living things by David Toop, 1973; Paths into the forest: compositions / musical events by Paul Burwell (Writers Forum & Mirliton Publications, London, 1973); Vancouver mainland ice and cold storage by Bill Bissett (Writers Forum, 1973); ' by Criton Tomazos (Writers Forum no. 99, 1973); Lilac flinder by Michelene Wandor (Writers Forum Folder no. 13, 1973); Bridegrooms daughter by Ross Rowan (Writers Forum 'Fours' no. 6, 1974); Lovechant by John J. Sharkey, 1974; Tune in to reality by Lily Greenham (1974); The Clare poems by John Rowan, 1975; Typed texts Typed texts by Ruth Rehfeldt, 1975; ABC by John and Peri Rowan, 1976; A sound poem by Jean Trevor, 1976; Guerilla by Stan Trevor, 1977, 2 copies; Jojo by Seah O'Huigin, 1977; Regentiere by Bettina Adler, 1977, cards in transparent wallet; Towards the city by Jeremy Adler and Bob Cobbing, 1977; The heart of the ancient balcony by Glyn Pursglove, 1977; Twelve drawings (At the same time) by Franciszke Themerson, 1977 (outsize); O Escape by Jean Trevor, 1978; Masks by Betty Radin (chapbook, 1978), 2 copies; Poems for the left hand by Keith Musgrove, 1978; Water works, chapbook by Jennifer Cobbing, 1978, 2 copies; Now no longer is by Jean Trevor, 1979; What is life / and when it ceases by Toby Lurie, 1979; Precipice of Fishes by Mottram, 1979; Tears from a chrysanthemum by Teri O'Neal, 1979; Semiotic poems by Jiri Valoch, 1980; Alphabet by Robin Magowan, 1980; Switch feeds by E. E. Vonna-Michell, 1981; Essay in articulation by Stan Trevor, 1983; The inner game of research by John Rowan, 1984; Cage on Cage, 1985, loose leaves in wallet. John Whiting's realisation of a potential Cage text; Moonhatten by Betty Radin, 1985. Loose leaves in wallet; New issue by David Barton, 1985; Democracy, placard poem by Craig Hill, 1985; Saga by Peter Mayer, 1985; Two tails by Tony Jackson, with illustrations by Jeff Nuttall, 1985; I script over water I dance over the sea by M. Rapanakis, 1985; Windows by H. G. Adler, 1985; Yuga night by Kathleen McGee, Lawrence Butler, Gerald Loose, 1986; Ryma's throat by Tony Jackson & Myra Grierson, 1988; A forward step to the primitive by Chris Jones, 1993; Eel earth by Nicholas Johnson, 1993; Excla by Bruce Andrews and Maggie O'Sullivan, 1993; Three zero by Simon Wickham-Smith, 1993; Loup by Nicholas Johnson, 1994; Priority by Maurice Scully, 1994; (For Writers Forum press items related to Allen Ginsberg and Anselm Hello see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 6/160/70-71

1994, 1998

Writers Forum indices: Writers Forum check list of publications 1954-1998; Writers Forum catalogue 1992-1994, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 6/161/1-3


The X Press (Cory Harding, Croydon): 19 songs by Martin Thom, 1980, with accompanying manuscript letter from Harding; 13 pieces by John Welch, 1980; Blue yellow and green by Cory Harding, 1980; (note: see also Steve Pereira)

MOTTRAM: 6/162/1


Zum Zum Books (Neil Oram, London): Beauty's shit by Neil Oram, 1975, with manuscript letter from Oram, 1976

MOTTRAM: 6/163/1-2


Zunne Heft (Ulli Freer, Maidstone): First footing first by Barry Lane, 1980; Willow wents this hand wrapped beneath some stitching wire by E. E. Vonna-Michell, accompanied by undated manuscript letter from Freer to Mottram

MOTTRAM: 6/164


North & South: letters to Mottram from Peterjon Skelt of North & South, including postcards, flyers, invoices and reviews

MOTTRAM: 6/165


Shadowcat: manuscript letters to Mottram from Eleanor Makepeace of SHadowcat, at Haltwhistle, Northumberland, and then Siena, including photocopies of typescript poems of her own, guides to exhibitions of her paintings, and photographs of her paintings in three wallets

MOTTRAM: 6/166


Letters and cards from: Paul Brown of Actual Size, Peter Mayer of the Alphabet Archive, with photocopies of articles on concrete poetry for circulation, Jim Pennington of Aloes, Robert Bank of Arrowspire, Bill Griffiths of Amra Imprint, Tony Ward of Arc Publications, Tuli Kupferberg of Birth Press, K---of Black Sparrow, Sexton Ming of Cheapo Productions, enclosing a song-sheet, Donald Powell of Dark Child Press, enclosing photocopy of his typescript poems, Alan Halsey of Carcanet, Cory Harding of Fetish Books, enclosing Socialist Workers Party publication brochure, 1981, Peter Philpott of Great Works Editions, Tim Longville of Grosseteste, Peter Hodgkiss of Galloping Dog Press, mentioning Tom Leonard and Bill Butler, Peter Dent of Interim Press, mentioning Ian Robinson, Nigel Wheale of Infernal Methods, Fred Beake of Mammon Press, John Welch of Many Press, Tony Rudolf of Menard Press, mentioning Peter Riley, Peter Riley of Poetical Histories forwarding spirit duplicator print of prose work 'Randel's Vision' by Mark Hyatt, Alec Finlay of Morning Star Publications, Griselda Ohannessian of New Directions, David Tipton of Rivelin Press, Snowdon Barnett of Rivelin Grapheme Press, Paul Green of Spectacular Diseases, Keith Musgrove of Spineless Books, Douglas Messerli of Sun and Moon Press, Denis Maloney of White Pine Press

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