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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Creative writers, Twentieth Century, continued, I-Z

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MOTTRAM: 5/119/1-7


Ken Irby: typescript letter, 20 Mar 1978 to Mottram, inviting an article for Credences; typescript letter, 12 May 1978, with mention of Basil Bunting; typescript carbon of Mottram essay headed '"Restlessness and patience": the poetry of Ken Irby', published in Credences 7 (Kent, Ohio, 1979) 128-141, with letter from editor, Robert Bertholf, 14 Dec 1978; Mottram manuscript draft essay on Irby opening 'The first words I ever read ...'; Mottram manuscript notes on Irby's works; Orexis (Station Hill, Barrytown, New York, 1981), booklet of Irby's poems; Irby poster poem 'Planks turned to marble', published by Tansy Publications (Lawrence, Kansas, 1979) and inscribed by the author (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/120/1-14


Tony Jackson: typescript letter, 26 Jan 1976, to Mottram, on current projects; typescript letter, 23 Mar 1976, after reading at The Poetry Society; typescript and manuscript letter, 30 Apr [1982], about issuing a tape cassette of himself reading; typescript letter, 20 Aug 1982, about tape copying facilities, with manuscript postscript enquiring after Bob Cobbing; typescript letter in red, 29 Sep 1984, recording his poor health; undated typescript note with cartoon illustration; undated typescript letter to Mottram enclosing typescript of short story 'Creatures of the Hollywood night'; two postcards advising changes of address; Notes towards lost chances (Assassin Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1973); Victims (Writers Forum, London, 1976); Pier five box tick (Laundering Room Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1976); Work (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1980); Slut (True Fantasies, no location given, 1981); Two tails (Writers Forum, London, 1985)

MOTTRAM: 5/121/1-4


Henry James: typescript and photocopy of draft article on James opening 'James learned from the theatre disaster ...'; typescript of final version of essay '"The infected air" and "The guilt of interference": Henry James' short stories', opening, 'In his notebooks ...', and published in The Nineteenth-century American short story ed. A. Robert Lee (Vision, London, and Barnes & Noble, Totowa, New Jersey, 1985), 164-190; extensive manuscript notes on James' works and themes; offprint of essay 'Isabel's freedom: Henry James's' The portrait of a lady' by Maria Santos (Coimbra, Portugal, 1987)

MOTTRAM: 5/122/1-6


John James: manuscript letter to Mottram, 2 Jul 1975, looking forward to future meeting; brief typescript letter, 8 Jun 1987, asking for enclosure to be forwarded, and including a short poem of his own titled 'Gnome'; Letters from Sarah (Street Editions, Cambridge, 1973); One for Rolf (Avocado Salad, Cambridge, 1975); War (A Grazed Avocado, London, 1978); poem card with verses by John James and Wendy Mulford, printed 1989

MOTTRAM: 5/123/1-7


David Jones: Mottram manuscript essay on Jones' In parentheses, 1937; typescript essay headed 'David Jones 1895-1974', followed by sections opening, 'The context then and now for In parentheses ...', 'In The anathemata (1952) ...' and 'The anathemata (Argo record note)' ...'; typescript headed 'David Jones-additional notes', 2 pages; typescript reading lists for David Jones, 1992, and for 'Contemporary British Poetry', and a separate stocklist on Jones from Oriel Bookshop, Cardiff; photocopies of individual Jones' poems, notably 'Middle-sea and Lear-sea' from Anathemata; newspaper cuttings on Jones, 1967-1980; undated letter from Chris Fletcher on commencing PhD on Jones at Edinburgh University

MOTTRAM: 5/124/1-4


James Jones: Mottram half-page typescript quoting Jones from Paris Review vol. 20; Mottram manuscript notes on From here to eternity (Scribner, New York, 1951); excerpt from new Jones novel, The thin red line, presented as 'First kill', in magazine Nugget: the man's world 7/6 (New York, Dec 1962); newspaper cuttings, 1959-1963, on Jones and his work



Leroi Jones-see Amiri Baraka

MOTTRAM: 5/125/1-37


Pierre Joris, correspondence with Mottram: typescript letter, 26 Dec 1972, Joris to Mottram, with news from New York; typescript letter, 5 Apr 1973, from Belgium; typescript carbon of letter, 19 Jun 1973, Mottram to Joris, with comments on Joris's writing; typescript letter, 4 Oct 1974 to Mottram, noting down current reading; undated typescript letter [1974], during preparations for new issue of Sixpack magazine; typescript carbon of letter, 17 Jun 1975, Mottram to Joris, commenting on Joris essay 'La fin at la manière ...'; typescript letter, 18 Oct 1975 to Mottram, describing Luxembourg; typescript letter to Mottram, 13 Dec 1976 from Oued el-Had, Algeria, with comments on The Poetry Society situation; accompanying it is a parallel typescript letter from Paige Mitchell; typescript letter, 21 Apr 1977, checking points in a translation into French of Mottram's poem 'Earth: men: angels'; typescript letter, 13 Jun 1977 from Joris in Algeria to Mottram, 1977, about problems teaching with typescript letter from Paige Mitchell; typescript letter, 29 Oct [1977], encouraging Mottram to visit Algeria; brief manuscript note, 2 Mar 1978 enclosing photocopy of review of Fire-work by Joris and Allen Fisher (Hatch Books, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, 1977); typescript letter, 11 May 1978, contemplating continuing working in Algeria; typescript letter to Mottram, 28 Sep 1978 from Oued El-Had, about working on course material, translation, and editing the Voix-Off / Angleterre anthology; typescript letter, 6 Jun 1979, expressing disillusionment with internal university politics; brief typescript letter [1982] enclosing photocopy of material on Hemingway from Beauvoir's memoirs; undated typescript letter [1983] before commencing last semester's teaching in Algeria; manuscript letter, 11 Apr 1984 from Paris, on publication of anthology Matières d'Angleterre: anthologie bilingue de la nouvelle poésie anglaise ed. Pierre Joris & Paul Buck (Trois Cailloux, Amiens, Picardy, 1984); manuscript letter, 1 Nov 1984 from Paris; manuscript letter, 24 Nov 1984 from Paris, asking to be put in touch with Tony Dunn; typescript letter, 16 Jan 1985, giving new address in Paris; manuscript letter, 3 Aug 1985, detailing translation work, and expressing disappointment with William Burroughs Place of dead roads (Holt Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1984); typescript letter, 6 Jun 1987, noting move to Binghampton, New York, in early 1988; manuscript letter, 16 Jun 1987 with further details of new opportunity in America; typescript letter 4 Jul 1987 from Paris, about Mottram introduction to Joris' own Selected Poems volume; manuscript letter, 30 Jul 1987 submitting possible promotional text for forthcoming publication Breccia (selected poems 1972-1986) (Editions Phi, Luxembourg, 1987); typescript letter, 26 Aug 1987, enclosing draft of Joris' own Preface to Breccia; typescript letter to Mottram, 28 Jul 1987, asking for Mottram introduction to Breccia to be forwarded to publishers direct; typescript letter, 13 May 1988 from New York, enclosing programme for 'Performing language: a conference & festival', 15-16 Apr 1988, at Binghampton; typescript letter, 1 Nov 1988, on plans to remain in America; typescript letter, 25 Apr 1989, on nearing completion of PhD; manuscript letter, 19 Jun 1991 from California; typescript letter, 10 Mar 1992, on work with Jerome Rothenberg; formal letter from State University of New York at Albany, 17 Jun 1993, requesting a reference for Joris from Mottram, with Mottram manuscript notes attached; typescript letter, 21 Jul 1993, Joris to Mottram, on progress of the 'Poems for the Millennium' anthology; typescript letter, 14 Dec 1994, mentioning forthcoming publication of his translations of Paul Celan; eleven manuscript postcards, 1975-1989, from Joris and Paige Mitchell

MOTTRAM: 5/125/38-39

1977, 1987

Pierre Joris: Mottram studies: manuscript and typescript carbon of Mottram review of Joris' Antlers (New London Pride, 1975), published in Oasis 18 (London, 1977); manuscript draft of Mottram introduction, headed 'For Pierre Joris: an interpretation as an introduction', with typescript version headed 'Oasis and crossroads: an introduction for Pierre Joris' in Breccia: selected poems 1972-1986 (Editions Phi, Echternach, Luxembourg, 1987), 7-11

MOTTRAM: 5/125/40-57


Pierre Joris: set of four printed postcards, with Joris visuals, 1972; typescript copy of Joris poem 'Antlers', dedicated to Mottram, 1973; printed copy of 'Thanksgiving poem 1970' as single sheet item; photocopy of typescript of essay '"La fin et la manière"-"The end of the road": an introduction to the work of Jean-Pierre Duprey, Feb 1975, with marginal notes by Mottram; manuscript copy of poem 'The Tassili connections' inscribed to Mottram 6 Sep 1978; printed copy of poem 'Tadpole strategist', 28 Nov 1981, with manuscript inscription to Mottram, received 16 Mar 1982; typescript of poem sequence 'Lemur mornings' inscribed to Mottram, 1991; undated poem card, 'Anton Webern's birthday' (outsize); photocopy of text, 'Rainer Maria Rilke: Testament' translated from the German by Joris, published in Sulfur 30 (1992); typescript essay headed 'Statement for Tyuonyi', 22 Nov 1992; typescript document [1992] listing contents of proposed anthology 'Poems for the Millennium' vol. 1; typescript of review article headed 'Bernstein's "Rough trades"' i.e. Charles Bernstein Rough Trades (Sun & Moon, Lose Angeles, 1991); two typescript copies of article 'Coover's apoplectic apocalypse or "Purviews of cunning abstractions"'; typescript copy of article 'Heidegger, France, politics, the university'; print-out of e-mail correspondence on literary theory, headed 'E-Salon November 21st 1992'; flyer for Joris' Breccia: selected poems 1972-1986 (Editions Phi, Luxembourg, 1987); flyer for Joris and Robert Vas Dias reading, 1975, on reverse of card designed by Paul Brown; Joris 'Bio-note' up to 1994

MOTTRAM: 5/125/58


Pierre Joris: computer print-out of text of Joris' The book of the European dead (selected poems 1972-1985), as published by Editions Phi (Luxembourg, 1987)

MOTTRAM: 5/125/59-76


Pierre Joris, booklets and published items: The fifth season, published as Strange Faeces 11 (London, 1971); The first fox poems (Poet & Peasant, Hayes, Middlesex, 1974); presentation copy of Joris' Antlers (New London Pride, 1975), with hologram of buck and doe on front cover; standard copy of Joris' Antlers (New London Pride, 1975); Jean-Pierre Duprey's Temporal flight translated from the French by Joris (Earthgrip Press, London, 1976); 'New work by Pierre Joris', with articles on Joris by Clayton Eshleman, Robert Kelly and Eric Mottram, published as Oasis 18 (London, 1977); Tanith Flies (Ta'wil Books, London, 1978); poem 'Body count', published as Twisted Wrist 6 (1979); The broken glass (Pig Press, Hasty Editions, Durham, 1980); The book of Luap Nalec (Ta'wil Books, London, 1982); Tracing (Arc, Todmorden, Lancs, 1982); Net work (Spanner, London, 1982); Five translations from Arthur Rimbaud's 'Une saison en enfer' (Writers Forum, London, 1984), visual poems in plastic wallet; poster poem, Paul Celan's 'Wer herrscht?' translated by Joris, printed by OtherWind Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan [1985], initialled and numbered by the translator (outsize); Goodbye to England, published as Loot 5:4 (Peterborough, 1987); Janus (St Lazaire Press, Rhinebeck, New York, 1988), 2 copies; The irrigation ditch (Parentheses Writing Series, California, 1991); examples of Ta'wil Books broadsides, 1991-1992, comprising no. 2 by Joris, nos. 3 and 5 by Jerome Rothenberg, no. 6 by Clayton Eshleman, no. 7 by Cesar Vallejo, no. 9 by Tom Raworth, no. 11 by Armand Schwerner, no. 12 by Rae Armantrout, no. 13 by Franco Beltrametti, and no. 14 by Norman Weinstein

MOTTRAM: 5/126/1-7


James Joyce: incomplete Mottram typescript essay [1994] drawing on the following material; typescript draft of Mottram talk on contemporary music's response to James Joyce, headed 'Joyce and Cage' and including motes on Gilles Deleuze and Pierre Boulez; Mottram manuscript notes on John Cage and Luciano Berio, regarding settings of Joyce; flyer for Mottram talk 'Luciano Berio & John Cage: contemporary music's response to James Joyce' given to the James Joyce Society of London, 2 Feb 1994, with letters from the James Joyce Society confirming the arrangements and afterwards offering thanks; letterpress printing of fragment of dialogue by Joyce, as greetings card from Bernard Stone; typescript letter, 13 Jan 1994 from Geoffrey Soar to Mottram, about Joyce, enclosing photocopy of brief article from Irish Post, 18 Dec 1993; Portsmouth Polytechnic Library list of articles about Joyce, 1965-1983



Pamela Karol-see La Loca

MOTTRAM: 5/127/1-11


Bernard J. Kelly: manuscript postcard [1971] remarking on mix-up over publication of Sonnet brushes, and enclosing copy of Michael McClure's essay 'Wolf net', see MOTTRAM 5 (Michael McClure), below; manuscript letter, 23 Apr [1973] to Mottram on privilege and ethics; manuscript letter [1973] asserting 'McCarthy called you a clerk'; manuscript letter on blue paper [1973] enclosing flyers and material on W. H. Auden; manuscript letter, 9 Mar 1974, citing Mottram as a referee for an application for a Yorkshire Arts Association grant; collage postcard featuring dog and snake, postmarked 16 May 1975, with manuscript request for a poem to publish, and brief manuscript note acknowledging receipt of poem; photocopy of manuscript letter, 15 Jan 1980 from Kelly to Nuttall, berating 'arch stalinist Cobbing and his K. G. B. director Motram' (sic); card in honour of Kelly and Dada, with design by John Digby (Hollow Sun Press, no place of publication given, 1967); Lutch love (Prison Clothes Press, no place of publication given, 1974), 2 copies; False Water, poems by Kelly (Caligula Books, London, 1976), with accompanying manuscript letter, 4 Jun 1976 from Kelly to Jeff Nuttall; Sonnet brushes by Ulli MacCarthy (Freer) and Bernard Kelly, published as Bonefold Imprint no. 4 (London, not dated), duplicator-printed pamphlet

MOTTRAM: 5/128/1-4


Robert Kelly, correspondence: typescript letter, 27 Apr 1987 to Mottram, advising of trip to Europe; manuscript postcard, 29 Jun 1987, after attending Black Mountain Conference; typescript letter, 14 May 1988, with photocopies of newspaper photographs of J. D. Salinger; left unopened by Mottram; poem-card with text of 'One of the Wise Men stayed' by Kelly, with added manuscript note, postmarked 17 Dec 1992

MOTTRAM: 5/128/5-8


Robert Kelly: Mottram essays and notes: unpublished manuscript essay by Mottram, headed 'Robert Kelly' and opening 'Both Robert Kelly and Jerome Rothenberg ...'; half-page typescript note by Mottram on Kelly, an introduction at a reading; Mottram manuscript notes on Matter, a magazine edited by Kelly; brief (one page) manuscript notes by Mottram on Kelly's essay 'The occult' in Io 6 (1969)

MOTTRAM: 5/128/9-13


Robert Kelly, booklets and publications: Armed descent (Hawk's Well Press, New York, 1961), poems; Kelly Lunes and Jerome Rothenberg Sightings (Hawk's Well Press, New York, 1964), inscribed to Mottram, 1965, by George (Dowden); Lectiones (Duende Press, no place of publication given, 1965), poems; Axon dendron tree (Salitter Books, New York, 1967), 2 copies, one inscribed by author; Devotions (Salitter Books, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, 1967-2nd printing); (note: found in assocation with three copies of Matter magazine, edited by Kelly, and Coyote's Journal, including Kelly's work, both now at MOTTRAM 7; also Kelly's publications The common shore (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1969), Kali Yuga (Cape Goliard, London, 1970), In time (Frontier Press, West Newbury, Massachusetts, 1971), Flesh: dream: book (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1971), The alchemist to Mercury ed. Jed Rasula (North Atlantic Books, Richmond, California, 1981))

MOTTRAM: 5/128/14-24


Robert Kelly booklets: Songs I-XXX (Pym-Randall Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1968), verse; Sonnets (1967) (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1968); Statement (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1968), 2 copies; A California journal (Big Venus, London, 1969), poems; Cities (Frontier Press, West Newbury, Massachusetts, 1971), prose; In time (Frontier Press, West Newbury, Massachusetts, 1971), poems and essays; The Pastorals, verse, published as Sparrow 1 (Los Angeles, 1972); A line of sight (prose, issued as Sparrow 20, Los Angeles, 1974), includes Mottram pencil annotations; The book of Persephone (Treacle Press, New York, 1978), verse, with publisher's announcement attached; The cruise of the Pnyx (Station Hill Press, Barrytown, New York, 1979), prose and verse, inscribed by the author, with as insert Kelly's single-sheet poem 'Solitudes', printed by Station Hill Press, 1979; Kelly's 'One leaf at no time', published as Bezoar 20/1 (Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1980); (note: found in group with Kelly's poems in English with Spanish translations, Her body against time (El Corno Emplumado, Mexico, 1963); Finding the measure (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1968), verse, with some annotation by Mottram; The scorpions (Calder & Boyars, London, 1969); Flesh dream book (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1971); The mill of particulars (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1973); The convections (Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, 1978); Kill the messenger (Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, 1979); Spiritual exercises (Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, 1981); The alchemist to Mercury ed. Jed Rasula (North Atlantic Books, Richmond, California, 1981); and-now at section 7-Coyote's Journal 4 (San Francisco, 1965))

MOTTRAM: 5/128/25-27


Robert Kelly, promotional material: flyer for Kali Yuga (poems 1962-1969 by Kelly, published by Cope Goliard, 1970), with extract on front cover; manuscript note [1992] from Drake Stutesman to Mottram, enclosing flyer for Kelly reading at Notting Hill Gate, London; newspaper cutting with review of Kelly's A transparent tree (McPherson, New Paltz, New York, 1985) by Larry McCaffery from New York Times Book Review, 15 Sep 1985

MOTTRAM: 5/129/1-6


Jack Kerouac, Mottram essays: manuscript note and typescript carbon of study published as an introduction to Kerouac's The scripture of the golden eternity (Corinth Books, New York, 1970); manuscript essay headed, 'Confidence (3) Kerouac', 69 pages; manuscript draft and typescript carbon copies of essay headed, 'A preface to Visions of Cody', published in The Review of Contemporary Fiction 3/2 (Elmwood Park, Illinois, 1983), 50-61; Mottram manuscript essay headed, 'Kerouac (b. 1922) and opening, 'Kerouac, like Ginsberg, was a student at Columbia University'; Mottram manuscript essay headed, 'The Beat Generation: 1980'; review-article on Ann Charters' Penguin book of the Beats, 1993, published as 'Beats' Casablanca 3 (London, 1993), 26-27, as manuscript and two typescript drafts, with accompanying promotional material and manuscript letter, 23 Dec 1992 from Amanda Sebestyen of Casablanca magazine

MOTTRAM: 5/129/7


Jack Kerouac, Mottram notes: manuscript and typescript notes on themes, including 'Beats in consumer-spectator society' and books by Kerouac, including Visions of Gerard (McGraw-Hill, New York, 1963), and Vanity of Duluoz (Coward-McCann, New York, 1968), Visions of Cody (Deutsch, London, 1973), Desolation angels (Capricorn Books, New York, 1978)

MOTTRAM: 5/129/8-17


Jack Kerouac, correspondence about, and studies of: manuscript postcard from Ann Charters to Mottram, 30 Oct 1973; typescript letter, 19 Nov 1975, from Paul Elliott to Mottram, about a possible film on Kerouac, enclosing a letter from John Montgomery with bibliographical details; Christmas card for 1987 from Carolyn Cassady, with manuscript message to Mottram; typescript letter, 8 Feb 1992 from 'Rod' to Mottram, seeking information on publication of 'Old Angel Midnight' in England; typescript carbon of essay 'Goodbye Jack Kerouac' by David Widgery (1970); article 'Gone in October' by John Clellon Holmes, from Playboy (1970); typescript article 'Kerouac: Brown Symphonie' by Joy Walsh, with covering typescript letter, 11 Apr 1977 from 'Dick' to Mottram; manuscript essay 'Towards an evaluation of the influence of Oswald Spengler's The decline of the West of Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation' by John Szlenkier [1980]; photocopy of manuscript essay 'Jack Kerouac's heroes' by Kris Chratal, 1986; photocopy of typescript dissertation 'Kerouac and Europe' by Ian Duckett, 1989, with covering manuscript note, 27 Jun 1990

MOTTRAM: 5/129/18-21


Jack Kerouac, printed material by Kerouac: photocopy of unsourced printed text 'Excerpts from Visions of Cody' [1973]; San Francisco Blues (Beat Books, no place of publication given, 1983), 3 copies; Old Angel Midnight (Midnight Press, no place of publication given, 1985); Safe in heaven dead: interview with Jack Kerouac ed. Michael White (Hanuman Books, Madras & New York, 1990)

MOTTRAM: 5/129/22-24


Jack Kerouac, promotional material and newspaper cuttings: flyers for events including showing of Kerouac film 'Pull my daisy' at British Film Institute, 1961, and the Kerouac Conference at The Naropa Institute, 1982; flyers for publications about Kerouac, including Scripture of the golden eternity (City Lights, San Francisco, 1970), and magazines The Kerouac Connection and Moody Street Irregulars: a Jack Kerouac Newsletter; newspaper cuttings on Kerouac and his work, 1958-1968, 1982-1990 ;(note: the 1982-1990 cuttings are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/130/1-2


Ken Kesey: Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Kesey's work, especially One flew over the cuckoo's nest (1962), and a biographical essay; newspaper cuttings on Kesey and his work, 1974, 1979

MOTTRAM: 5/131/1-5

John Keys: typescript letter to Mottram, 10 Oct 1977, with praise of Poetry Review; typescript letter, 11 Oct 1977, seeking contacts and addresses; typescript letter, 23 Oct 1977; typescript note, 24 Nov 1977, enclosing typescript poems for advice on publication; typescript and manuscript note, 10 Mar 1978, about reading at King's College

MOTTRAM: 5/132/1-3


Kenneth Koch: Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Koch, especially the poem 'Lunch'; photocopy of poem 'Lunch' from Thank you and other poems (Grove Press, New York [1962]), with Mottram annotations; flyers for events, 1965, 1969, and newspaper cuttings on Koch, 1970, 1977

MOTTRAM: 5/133/1-17


Richard Kostelanetz, letters to Mottram: typescript letter, 23 Apr 1968, accompanied by details of an anthology project and copy of poem-card 'Disintegration'; manuscript card, 21 Sep 1968, with visual poem on obverse; typescript poem-card, 12 Oct 1968; typescript letter, 13 Sep 1969; manuscript card with New Year's greetings for 1970, with visual poem 'Lollipop' on obverse; typescript letter, 24 Jun 1970; typescript letter, 21 May 1974, with comments on Mottram's approach to criticism and Pierre Joris; printed letter, 1 Jan 1978 on autobiographical project, enclosing photocopy of Kostelanetz article on 'Book Art'; printed letter, 1 Jan 1978, redated 21 Sep 1978, enclosing further printed details; typescript note, 20 Jun 1979, enclosing 'A Proposal for a Richard Kostelanetz Reader'; typescript note, 2 Jun 1980 seeking essay on 'aural literary criticism', with printed details on separate sheets, and manuscript draft by Mottram headed 'Notes for Kostelanetz', 2 pages; typescript letter, 2 Mar 1984, enclosing typescript essay 'Notes on duets, trios and choruses'; printed letter, 2 Dec 1985, on current projects, accompanying photocopied 'Annual Report' for 1985 and photocopy of 'Abridged Resume'; printed letter, 12 May 1987, reinforcing that, 2 Dec 1985; photocopied 'Year-end report, 1988'; adhesive note, 20 Apr 1991, accompanying offprint of Kostelanetz 'Memoir in ten parts'; seven typescript postcards, 1968-1989

MOTTRAM: 5/133/18


Richard Kostelanetz: photocopy of list of 'biblio-biographical notes' on modern American writers, prepared by Kostelanetz

MOTTRAM: 5/133/19-29


Richard Kostelanetz, published material and publicity: booklet Visual language by Kostelanetz (Assembling Press, Brooklyn, New York, 1970), inscribed by author; collage poem-card by Kostelanetz including poem opening 'Day to the hard / Rock tansfixt...', 1973; set of visual poem-cards by Kostelanetz on the theme 'Rain' [1976]; newspaper cutting with Kostelanetz review-article 'Finklestone carries on' from New York Times Book Review 1 Aug 1965; offprint of Kostelanetz review-article 'Commentary scrutinized' from Minnesota Review [1967]; offprint of Kostelanetz article 'Dissecting the 20th Century' from Dialogue 10/2 (1977), with preceding article 'The note of wonder in American writing' by Irving Howe, both items are annotated by Motram; typescript letter, 17 Mar 1988 from the editor of Northwest Review to Mottram, seeking response, and presumably support, for an enclosed article by Kostelanetz on late 1960s experimental fiction about to be published in Northwest Review; manuscript letter, 8 Jun 1994 from Chris Brookeman to Mottram, enclosing photocopy of Kostelanetz article 'The anarchist art of John Cage (1912-1992)' from Anarchist Studies 1/1 (1993); printed curriculum vitae to 1978 and printed stocklist for RK Editions, 1986 (note: both these items are outsize); flyer for Kostelanetz one man exhibition of visual poems in New York [1975]; flyer for celebration of Kostelanetz' Assembling Press, New York, 1978

MOTTRAM: 5/134/1-3


Anne Lauterbach: typescript letter, 'Late February' (1971) to Mottram, about Charles Olson evening at I. C. A., (Institute of Contemporary Arts) London; typescript letter, 16 Jul [1974] to Mottram, apologising over an unspecified embarrassment at a reading; typescript letter, 11 Sep 1978 to Mottram, hoping to meet in New York

MOTTRAM: 5/135/1-8


D. H. Lawrence: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Lawrence 1885-1930', with pages numbered 1-4 and 1-30, with one typescript insert; Mottram typescript essays on aspects of Lawrence's work, including 'Continuity and tradition', 'Psychology', 'Religion and religions'; a few Mottram typescript and manuscript notes on Lawrence, mainly related to teaching; typescript chronology headed 'D. H. Lawrence & the American novel'; a typescript reading list for students; Portsmouth Polytechnic Library printed list of articles on Lawrence, 1965-1983; article 'Rananim: D. H. Lawrence's letters to S. S. Koteliansky' by K. W. Gransden from The Twentieth Century (1956) 22-32, with review-article by Gransden, 'Dragons and destinations' from New Statesman 19 Jan 1973; newspaper cuttings, 1956-1963, on Lawrence and his work, including the 'Lady Chatterley Trial' (note: these items are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/136/1-4


Tom Leonard: typescript letter, 19 Sep 1979 to Mottram, on the importance of lists of references; booklet My name is Tom (Good Elf Publications, London, 1978); booklet Satires & profanities (Glasgow, 1984); flyer for booklet Intimate voices to be published by Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1984

MOTTRAM: 5/137/1-7


Denise Levertov: manuscript postcard from Levertov to Mottram, postmarked 22 Dec 1986, regretting non-publication of Mottram's review-article; manuscript letter, 28 Aug 1987, in appreciation of the Mottram article, now seen; Mottram review-article on Levertov's Light up the cave (New Directions, New York, 1981) and Candles in Babylon (New Directions, New York, 1982), in manuscript and typescript forms, with 2 letters from The New York Times 1982 regretting lack of space to print the review; brief manuscript and typescript bibliography and notes on Levertov by Mottram; Revelation and revolution in the poetry of Denise Levertov, a booklet by Peter Middleton (Binnacle press, London, 1981); flyer from New Directions for Levertov's light up the cave; newspaper cuttings 1967-1969 primarily reviews, but including a published letter from Levertov

MOTTRAM: 5/138/1-3


D. A. Levy, trial: A tribute to Jim Lowell (Ghost Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1967), with contributions from bpNichol, Michael McClure, Charles Olson, compiled by D. A. Levy, Doug Casement and Douglas Blazek, with flyers that explain, 'The Tribute is being sold for the legal defense of James R. Lowell, Cleveland bookseller indicted in December 1966 and arrested for possession and distribution of obscene literature'; interview with Levy in Los Angeles Free Press, 8 Sep 1967, after he had been arrested twice in early 1967; a different flyer for the Tribute to Jim Lowell, forwarded to Mottram by George Dowden

MOTTRAM: 5/138/4-7


D. A. Levy, suicide: newspaper fragment reporting Levy's death by gunshot, from Daily Kent Stater, 26 Nov 1968, prefixed to manuscript essay by Mottram headed 'White horses painted black D. A. Levy (1942-1968)', including sections on individual poems of Levy; cutting from New York Times 3 Mar 1969 assessing Levy's life, attached to typescript carbon of Mottram tribute opening 'A good example of the post-Beat generation of poets forced underground...', and background notes, manuscript and typescript; photocopies of obituaries and notice of memorial reading at Kent State University, 5 Dec 1968; Dust 3/4 (Paradise, California, 1969), featuring poems by and interview with Levy; (note: found in association with The Buddhist Thirdclass Junkmail Oracle issues 4 and 5 (1969), which contain further material by and on Levy)

MOTTRAM: 5/138/8-15


D. A. Levy, booklets: Farewell the floating cunt (Renegade Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1964), 2 copies; Fortuitons Motherfucker with Kent Taylor (Renegade Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1965); The North American 'Book of the Dead' part 1 & 2 (Free Lance Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1965); Suburban monastery death poem (Zero Edition, Cleveland, Ohio, 1968); Prayers and hymn for the American God (Renegade Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1966); Songs for dead children (Black Rabbit Press, San Francisco, 1969); The beginning of sunny dawn, and Red lady (Open Skull Press, San Francisco, 1969), prose; Prose: on poetry in the wholesale education and culture system (Gunrunner Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1970)-a reprint of the poem 'For James Sorcic' from Buddhist ... Oracle (1969), with post-script pencilled in from that source by Mottram; (note: found in assocation with The 18th dynasty Egyptian automobile turn on by D. R. Wagner (Today Press, Niagara, 1966); Early morning death fragments by Don Cauble (Cold Mt. Publishing Company, no place of publication given, 1969); and Gideon music by David W. Harris (Blue Ointment Press, Vancouver, 1967)

MOTTRAM: 5/139/1-3


Sinclair Lewis: Mottram draft manuscript essays headed 'Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951)' and 'The prophecies of Sinclair Lewis: Organization America and the writer'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual Lewis works; newspaper and magazine cuttings, 1960-1964, about Lewis and his work, including article 'Sinclair Lews and the Nobel Prize' by Mark Schorer

MOTTRAM: 5/140/1-5


Vachel Lindsay: review, apparently by Mottram, of Lindsay's Selected poems (published by Collier-Macmillan, London, 1963)-from Times Literary Supplement 9 Jul 1964, with copy of letter of criticism by Anna Massa, and further cuttings of correspondence generated by the review; typescript letter, 9 Oct 1964 from Walter Blare of University of Chicago, commenting on Lindsay's manner of performance; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources; selection of duplicator printed poems, including Lindsay's 'The Congo'; duplicator-printed text of Lindsay's poem 'General William Booth enters into Heaven'

MOTTRAM: 5/141/1-5


La Loca (Pamela Karol): typescript letter, 30 May 1989 to Mottram about future readings for herself and Gerald Luckily, and enclosing photocopy of newspaper reviews of readings by herself and Luckily; manuscript card, 11 Mar 1990, with thanks for Mottram's encouragement; typescript postcard, 4 Jul 1990, about forthcoming reading tour in U. K.; invitation to reading by La Loca at I. C. A. (Institute of Contemporary Art) London, 26 Mar (1990); promotional spread based on article on La Loca in San Francisco Chronicle, 29 Jan 1990, with photograph of the poet

MOTTRAM: 5/142/1-5


Jack London: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Jack London (1876-1916)' opening 'Jack London's novels and his career are important...'; Mottram manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Jack London 1876-1916', opening 'by the time Jack London came to publish his first novel...'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'The power of popular fiction', principally on Jack London, but also mentioning Mark Twain; newspaper cuttings, 1962-1967, on London and his work; newspaper cuttings 1977-1978, reviews of books about London

MOTTRAM: 5/143/1-14


Tony Lopez, letters to Mottram: manuscript letter [1978], acknowledging invitation to read at King's College, London; manuscript and typescript letter, 11 Jul 1979; manuscript letter, not dated, but prior to mid 1980, with mention of forthcoming examinations; typescript letter, 12 Jul 1980, reporting on his and Paul Brown's exam successes; typescript letter, 19 Oct 1981, on commencing PhD at Cambridge; Christmas card for 1981 with visual 'Waved symbols'; manuscript letter, 14 Mar 1989; typescript letter, 19 Mar 1991, enclosing flyer for Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry; manuscript letter, 7 Jul 1993, after reading at Sub Voicive in London; typescript letter, 5 Aug 1993; typescript letter, Oct [1993], enclosing photocopy of his poem 'Way up high' from CQ (Critical Quarterly) 35/3 (Exmouth, 1993); typescript letter, 8 Nov 1993, with mention of Fragmente magazine; four manuscript postcards, 1977-1979; photocopies of typescript texts of poems, 1976-1977, titled 'The English disease', 'Just a pretty face', 'Memoirs', 'The pioneers', 'New work', 'Excavations' and 'Napoli', with brief manuscript covering note

MOTTRAM: 5/143/15-24


Tony Lopez, booklets: Hide and seek (Oasis Books, London, 1973), prose; John's dream (Monolith Books, New Malden, Surrey, 1973), poems; Driftwood (Sceptre Press, Knotting, Bedfordshire, 1974), poem card; Snapshots (Oasis Books, London, 1976), poems; Desire (signed limited edition published by the author, 1977); Folio/Work in progress (Oxus Press, London, 1977); The English disease (Skyline Press, London & New York, 1978), with manuscript letter from author; Change (New London Pride Editions, London, 1978), 2 copies; A handbook of British birds (Pig Press, Durham, 1982); A theory of surplus labour (Curiously Strong, Cambridge, 1990), with inscription by author

MOTTRAM: 5/144/1-16


Edward Lucie-Smith: two typescript letters to Mottram [1965], one describing a poetry conference at Nottingham, the other commenting on Hugh Selby's Last exit to Brooklyn (Grove Press, new York, 1964); Christmas publication in 1965, 'Fir-tree song'; Christmas publication in 1966 'Gallipoli-fifty years after'; Borrowed emblems (Turret Books, London, 1967); Christmas publication in 1967, 'Hereux qui, comme Ulysse...'; Snow poem (Turret Books, London, 1968); Christmas publication for 1969, 'Six kinds of creature'; Six more beasts (Turret Books, London, 1970); Christmas publication for 1973, 'The rabbit'; A game of French and English (Turret Books, London, 1965); Jazz for the N. U. F. (Turret Books, London, 1965); Three experiments (Goliard Press, London, 1965)A garland from the Greek (Trigram Press, London, 1971); printed invitation to fortieth birthday party, 27 Feb 1973, including poem 'At forty'; copy of unsourced article 'The growth of Post-Impressionism' by Lucie-Smith [1990]; catalogue and flyer for exhibition 'The Little Press movement in England and America' at The American Embassy, London, 1968

MOTTRAM: 5/145/1-6


Lewis MacAdams: manuscript letter, 18 Apr 1977 to Mottram; typescript letter, 18 Jul 1977, recounting his activities in Bolinas, California; typescript letter, 31 Aug 1977, describing reading tour of Europe in September; manuscript letter, 19 Jul 1978, with reference to Tom Pickard and Bill Griffiths; manuscript letter, 16 Aug 1978, agreeing to reading in London; photocopied curriculum vitae, up to 1978; mock-up of book of poems New from Niman Farm, inscribed by MacAdams, 29 Dec 1976

MOTTRAM: 5/146/1-4


Mary McCarthy: Mottram typescript summary of career; McCarthy short story 'Polly Andrews, Class of '33' from New Yorker 29 Jun 1963, 23-61; McCarthy review of I. Compton-Burnett, from Encounter (Nov 1966) 19-31; newspaper cuttings, 1959-1967, primarily reviews of McCarthy's work



Ulli McCarthy-see as Ulli Freer

MOTTRAM: 5/147/1-8


Michael McClure: typescript text of long essay Wolf net by McClure, with manuscript alterations by the author, posted to Mottram by McClure in 1973, 203 pages; spiralbound photocopy of typescript text of McClure's poetry book Rare angel inscribed to Mottram, 24 Apr 1973, with foreword and epigraph inserted later; corrected proofs of McClure's book of poetry September Blackberries (published by New Directions, New York, 1974); photocopy of typescript text of McClure's poetry book Jaguar skies (published by New Directions, New York, 1975), inscribed by author '1, 5 copies December 10, 1974' and posted to Mottram; rehearsal script of McClure play 'General Gorgeous', 1975, with inscription from the author on title page; photocopy of hand-corrected typescript of McClure poem 'Listen, Lawrence, it's time to re-figure', with manuscript note by McClure explaining the background to the poem, 1978; copy of McClure playscript 'The red snake', 1979, inscribed by the author 'For Eric this first copy / of the last draft. / WE'RE / INSTRUMENTS / THAT / PLAY / OURSELVES, / Michael'; bound photocopy of typescript of poem 'The daily vision', with New Year (1984) inscription from the author

MOTTRAM: 5/147/9-28


Michael McClure, letters to Mottram: typescript letter from McClure, 16 Aug 1966, introducing himself, and enclosing poster of self at the Poetry Centre, San Francisco, and photocopy of review of play The beard from San Francisco Chronicle 21 Dec 1965 (note: review item is outsize); manuscript letter from McClure, 12 Aug 1973, offering enclosed 4 poems for Poetry Review, as copied out in longhand for him by 'Jane'; typescript letter from McClure, 16 Sept 1973, describing recent work, and explaining about his experience of motorcycles, with manuscript postscript enquiring about Hugh MacDiarmid; manuscript card from McClure, postmarked 5 Nov 1973, with note on his Wolf net essay; mailing postmarked 10 May 1974, comprising flyer for new play Gorf, and brief manuscript card; typescript letter, 27 Jun 1974, referring to the Zen monastery at Tassajara, posted with flyer for new play, The Derby; manuscript card, postmarked 12 Aug 1974, describing trip to South America; typescript letter, 9 Jun 1975, about play-scripts; typescript and manuscript letter, 18 Jun 1975, including poem 'Upon reading Paterson'; manuscript letter from McClure, 30 Jul 1975, regretting unable to attend Polytechnic of Central London poetry conference due to drama commitments; typescript postcard, 20 Oct 1975, on his birthday; manuscript letter from McClure recalling recent meeting with Mottram and recounting work on hand and performance events to come [1977]; three brief manuscript cards from McClure, with notes to Mottram, 1979; manuscript letter, 1 Jun 1979, on reverse of visual 'Shameless' by Jim Gustafson; manuscript letter, 1979, to be passed on the Royal Shakespeare Company, putting forward his play, 'The red snake'; typescript letter, 4 Oct 1979 from Peter Gill of the Riverside Studios, London, regretting 'severe retrenchment' made it unlikely they could produce 'The red snake'; manuscript letter, postmarked 5 Sep 1979, McClure to Mottram, about reading in London at Riverside Studio on 30 Oct 1979; card for Christmas 1980, with letterpress poem 'Little ode', and manuscript message from Michael and Joanna'; typescript letter mentioning latest work and looking forwards to meeting, enclosing photocopy of interview with Michael McClure from Portland Review 28/1 (1982) 20-23; manuscript card from McClure, querying Mottram's association of him with rock music, 1983; manuscript message, 5 Nov 1992 taking up three margins of flyer for 'Love lion: a performance of words and music'

MOTTRAM: 5/147/29-36


Michael McClure, studies by Mottram:manuscript list headed 'McClure holdings'; manuscript draft, opening 'Michael McClure's poetry and prose...', with newspaper cutting and photocopy of Mottram article on McClure 'This is Geryon', review of McClure's Ghost tantras and Meat science essays (City Light Books, San Francisco, 1964, 1963) from Times Literary Supplement 25 Mar 1965 p. 236 (note: the newspaper cutting of the review is outsize); manuscript essay opening 'McClure's dilemma in postulating a separation...'; manuscript essay opening 'At a poetry reading in Buffalo...'; typescript carbon of study of McClure's essay 'Wolf net'; sequence of manuscript draft, then a typescript and manuscript version of essay 'The romantic politics of the body in Michael McClure', on white and green paper, with two copies of subsequent typescript article, with further minor manuscript corrections; copy of article 'The romantic politics of the body in Michael McClure' in magazine Margins 18 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1975) 6-12, 2 copies; typescript letters, 1974-1975, from John Jacob about publication of the above essay in Margins

MOTTRAM: 5/147/37-43


Michael McClure, Mottram studies: Mottram typescript headed 'Reason or revolt: the poetry of MM', paginated 1-21 plus notes, drawing on both the Times Literary Supplement and Margins articles, and forming the core of parts 1 and 2 of a subsequently expanded essay with this title; manuscript draft and Mottram typescript of part 3 of the essay, opening, 'In his 1978 interview with Kevin Power...', paginated 21-36, including notes; typescript of all 3 parts of the essay as a continuous whole, apparently undertaken by Brian Docherty; two brief notes from Docherty, 1992, enquiring about the essay; manuscript draft bibliography of McClure, up to 1984, with typescript version, Mar 1987; manuscript page, opening 'McClure in the same flexible Jarett or Kerouac...', 1985, and other manuscript and typescript notes on McClure's poetry and poetic notation; manuscript notes, headed 'Addenda' and containing summaries of works on McClure from 1980 to 1990

MOTTRAM: 5/147/44-69


Michael McClure booklets: For Artaud (Totem Press, New York, 1959), poems; Hymns to St. Geryon and other poems (The Auerhahn Press, San Francisco, 1959); Dark brown (The Auerhahn Press, San Francisco, 1961), poems; The new book / A book of torture (Grove Press, New York & Evergreen Books, London, 1961), poems; Meat science essays (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1963), with marginal emphases by Mottram; Ghost tantras (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1964), poems, with marginal notes by Mottram; Thirteen mad sonnets (Pivano, Milan, 1964), printed from the McClure manuscript; Poisoned wheat (published by author, 1965), with signature stapled to front, poem; The beard (Grove Press, New York, 1965), a play; Love lion book (Four Season Foundation, San Francisco, 1966), poems, 2 copies; (untitled, or perhaps a round black spot), poems by McClure and visuals by Bruce Conner (Dave Haselwood, San Francisco, 1966) (note: this untitled booklet is outsize); The blossom, or Billy the Kid: a play (Great Lakes Books, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1967), 2 copies; Hail thee who play (Black Sparrow, Los Angeles, 1968); The sermons of Jean Harlow & the curses of Billy the Kid (Four Seasons Foundation, San Francisco, 1968), poems; Little odes, poems, & a play, The raptors (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1969); McClure poetry booklet The surge (Frontier Press, no place of publication given, 1969); McClure's essay Wolf Net, part one (Bonefold Imprint, London, [1971]) (note: for part two see MOTTRAM 7 / Clear Creek); McClure poster 99 theses (Tansy/Wakarusa Press, Lawrence, Kansas, 1972), with manuscript corrections to the text by the author, a second copy is a Mottram typescript (note: both versions of 99 theses are outsize); The mammals (Cranium Press, San Francisco, 1972), plays; The book of Joanna (Sand Dollar, Berkeley, 1973); A fist full (1956-1957) (published as Sparrow 16, Los Angeles, 1974), poems; Fleas 189-195 (signed limited edition, Aloe Editions, New York, 1974), poems; Hail thee who play (Sand Dollar, Berkeley, 1974), poems; Gorf or Gorf and the blind dyke: a play (New Directions, New York, 1976); Antechamber & other poems (New Directions, New York, 1978), with inscription by author; The grabbing of the fairy: a masque (Truck Press, St Paul, Minnesota, 1978), with inscription by author; poem published in connection with The Charles Olson Memorial lectures, Buffalo, New York, 1980; (note: found in group with Freewheelin Frank: secretary of the Angels (Grove Press, New York, 1967), biography, with Mottram marginal notes, The mad cub (Bantam, New York, 1970), novel, The adept: a novel (Delacorte Press, New York 1971), Gargoyle cartoons, a collection of plays (Delta, New York, 1971), Rare angel (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1974), September blackberries: a collection of new poems (New Directions, New York, 1974), Jaguar skies (New Directions, New York, 1975), Josephine the mouse singer: a play (New Directions, New York, 1980), Scratching the beat surface (North Point Press, San Francisco, 1982), essays, and second copies of Star and The beard)

MOTTRAM: 5/147/70-80


Michael McClure, teaching and promotional material: photocopies of McClure poems, for teaching purposes, some with Mottram annotations; photocopy of essay 'from Wolf Net' from Tree 3 (San Francisco, 1972); photocopy of typescript essay 'The outlaw within-observations on the poetry of Michael McClure' by Audrey M. Pluskowski, 1972; A catalogue of works by Michael McClure 1956-1965 compiled by Marshall Cements (Phoenix Bookshop, New York, 1965); publicity statement on McClure, March 1974; autobiographical article by McClure from Rolling Stone 14 Mar 1974 (note: outsize); photograph of McClure by Larry Keenan Jr; advertisement for McClure giving reading as part of Kent State University Creative Arts Festival, 1973, 3 copies (outsize); article on McClure from Soho Weekly News (Mar 1981) (note: outsize newspaper cutting)examples of McClure poetry circulated by I. C. A. (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London) in conjunction with reading by McClure and Gary Snyder; flyers for publication of Gorf (1976) and Antechamber (1978)

MOTTRAM: 5/148/1-10


Hugh MacDiarmid: Mottram manuscript essay [1980] headed 'MacDiarmid' and opening 'The sheer range of .. knowledge and ... pleasure ...'; Mottram typescript essay or talk with manuscript additions headed 'Hugh MacDiarmid 1892-1978' and opening 'MacDiarmid began his assault on current acceptances ...'; Mottram manuscript notes on MacDiarmid and on individual poems; photocopy of unattributed (student?) typescript essay headed 'Diamond body' (a MacDiarmid poem); brief Mottram typescript carbon reading list; photocopied excerpts from MacDiarmid poems as teaching aids; pamphlet entitled Hugh MacDiarmid: An exhibition celebrating the centenary of his birth, published by the University of Delaware, 1992; review-article 'The poetry of Hugh MacDiarmid' by David Craig from Delta 9 (1956); The Poetry Bookshop, Hay on Wye, catalogue [1986] of books, pamphlets and ephemera relating to Hugh MacDiarmid, owned by Duncan Glen, editor of Akros magazine; newspaper cuttings 1967-1972, mainly reviews of MacDiarmid's work, but including one short article by MacDiarmid, 'Views' from The Listener 10 Aug 1983 (note: 3 newspaper items are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/149/1-6


Achibald MacLeish: Mottram typescript and manuscript essay on MacLeish, opening 'Born in a well-to-do family ...'; Mottram typescript and manuscript notes on MacLeish, especially on secondary sources; typescript carbon summary of career; Mottram typescript excerpts of MacLeish poem 'Epistle' and drama 'J. B.'; MacLeish short play 'The secret of freedom' from Esquire Oct 1959, 153-173; newspaper cuttings, principally reviews, 1961-1968

MOTTRAM: 5/150/1-5


Jackson Mac Low: manuscript draft, typescript carbon and photocopy of typescript of Mottram essay 'Composition of the magus: The art of Jackson Mac Low', published in Vort 8 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1975); mailing from Mac Low to Mottram, 10 Sep 1973, comprising photocopies of typescript poems, '1958 poems', 'Early diastics', '4th French poem', '7 poems from the back of a collage by Ray Johnson', two 'Assymetry' poems, and visual item 'A vocabulary for Michael Wiater'; photocopy of typescript of Allen Fisher essay headed 'Poetry, a priority: being notes on my relationship with the work of Jackson Mac Low'; photocopies of biographical entries on Mac Low and some examples of Mac Low's work; photocopy of Mac Low poem 'Programmable film reader'

MOTTRAM: 5/151/1-43


Barry MacSweeney, correspondence with Mottram: typescript letter to Mottram about Lake District, July 1973; typescript note, 1973, including new poem 'Bone addicted spine oozer'; manuscript letter, postmarked 29 Aug 1973, on publishing prospects; manuscript poem, 28 Jun (1974) enclosing 'a recently finished poem', 'Letter to Pete Bland'; typescript carbon of letter, 12 Sep 1974 from Mottram to MacSweeney, reacting to 'Letter to Pete Bland'; undated typescript letter, but with this group, about writing to Northern Arts Association; typescript letter, 2 Jan 1975, referring to tape interview by Mottram; typescript and manuscript letter, 3 Mar 1975, complaining over 'liquor theft', and enclosing new poem, 'Naked reading Herodotus'; manuscript letter, 23 Mar 1975, in thanks for an evening's entertainment; typescript airmail letter-form postmarked 3 Oct 1975, describing Gloucester and Boston, New England; typescript letter, 9 Oct [1976] from MacSweeney to Mottram, describing Sparty Lea in Northumberland; brief typescript note by MacSweeney, recalling poetry festival at Sparty Lea; manuscript note on condolence, Nov 1976, at death of Eric Mottram's mother; typescript letter [1977] communicating Poetry Society's Council's support for Mottram's editorship and cash for printing his (final) double issue of Poetry Review; typescript letter, 22 Mar 1977, with some comment on Thomas Chatterton; typescript letters, 19 and 20 May 1977, with comments on The Poetry Society, and enclosing typescript poems 'Chatterton Ode' and 'Elegy' and a second 'Chatterton Ode' in photocopy of typescript; typescript letter, 29 Oct 1977, enclosing photocopy of typescript of poem 'Far cliff Babylon'; typescript letter, 19 Nov 1977, about boycott of The Poetry Society; manuscript note, 21 Nov 1977, enclosing typescript carbon of letter, 21 Nov 1977 to The Poetry Society about copyright and other matters affecting the 'Anglo-French Poetry Translation Conference Booklet'; typescript letter, 2 Jan 1978, further to Poetry Society dispute; typescript letter, 3 Jan 1978, about personal hardship during N. U. J. (National Union of Journalists) strike; typescript and manuscript letter, 2 Aug 1978, about running a smallholding; typescript letter (Aug 1978), enclosing typescript poems including 'Blackbird', and a photocopy of a manuscript poem 'In Little Salkeld'; typescript letter, 17 Sep 1978, about teaching at Arvon Foundation; typescript letter, 9 Oct 1979, with accompanying photocopy of typescript of Mottram article, 'Reading Barry MacSweeney's Odes'-the Odes: 1971-1978 were published by Trigram, London, 1978; typescript letter, 21 Nov 1979, with forebodings for the 1980s; typescript letter, 30 Jun 1980, from Mottram to MacSweeney, commenting on his 'Jury vet' poems; typescript letter, 12 Sep 1980, from MacSweeney in Northumberland; manuscript letter, postmarked 12 Nov 1980, seeking cover for 'Colonel B. (Sonata)' poem and including, as part of the letter, the typescript poem, 'Ode in praise of Herrick'; typescript letter, 17 Aug 1980, responding to Mottram comments on 'Jury vet' poems; typescript letter, 24 Sep 1982, with account of recent illness; typescript letter, 11 Aug 1983 from MacSweeney, quoting part of new poem 'Wild knitting'; typescript letter to Mottram, 8 Mar 1984 enclosing photocopy of typescript poem 'Ranter'; typescript letter, 29 Jan 1985, enclosing photocopy of typescript poem 'Revulsion'; typescript letter, 30 Oct 1985, on moving to South Shields; typescript carbon of letter, 15 Dec 1985, from Mottram to MacSweeney, commenting on poem 'Ranter'; typescript letter 16 Jul 1986, enclosing typescript of poem 'Finnbar's Lament' with title altered to 'Gladwolf / Battle Gosling'; typescript letter, 9 Dec 1986, with comments on Mottram's idea of leaving London; photocopy of Peter Donnelly artwork for cover of MacSweeney's 'Glad wolf / Battle Gosling', 1987; typescript letter, 4 Apr 1988 from MacSweeney, on pressures of work; two photocopies of typescript letter, 26 Jul 1988, Mottram to MacSweeney, in appreciation of MacSweeney's reading at the Battersea Arts Centre, attached are Mottram's manuscript notes on the event; typescript letter, 6 Oct 1988 from MacSweeney, commenting on problems encountered by Mottram in undertaking to co-edit Paladin anthology; twenty manuscript and typescript cards from MacSweeney to Mottram, 1973-1990, with wedding invitation, 12 Feb 1983 and letter-card, 15 Feb 1979

MOTTRAM: 5/151/44-46


Barry MacSweeney, studies by Mottram: photocopy of typescript of Mottram article 'Reading Barry MacSweeney's Odes', published later in Maxy's Journal 3 (Lonoke, Arkansas, 1979), 28-39, with two manuscript pages on Black torch (New London Pride, 1978); typescript of Mottram 'Interview with Barry MacSweeney, 14.12.74', later published in Poetry Information 18 (London, 1977-1978), 21-39; manuscript and typescript notes on individual MacSweeney publications, pre-1980

MOTTRAM: 5/151/47-56


Barry MacSweeney, poems in typescript format: typescript of 'Brush and drum: poems for/from painters and musicians', mostly from 1973; typescript of poem 'Starry messenger', 1975; typescript of poem 'Elegy' (for Gordon Calvert) (1975); typescript of poem 'Tapers & telegrams', 1976; typescript of 'The stiff, the nerk' from 'Muckraker', 1977; typescript of poem, 'Colonel B Sonata' and photocopy of typescript of poem 'Dearest Paul' and of prose item 'New Filth' (1978); photocopy of corrected typescript bound as mock-up for poetry booklet 'People on trial (fail the jury vet)', 1979; photocopy of corrected typescript of poem 'Liz Hard', on unbound pages, with mock-up of coloured cover; photocopy of typescript of 'Black Torch', 1975, from unsourced magazine publication; photocopy of corrected typescript of 'Hellhound memos', with covering manuscript note, 30 Nov 1992

MOTTRAM: 5/151/57-74


Barry MacSweeney, booklets: The last bud (Blacksuede Boot Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1969); Elegy for January (The Menard Press, London, 1970); Flames on the beach at Viareggio (Blacksuede Boot Press, Barnet, Herts, 1970); Joint effort, poems by Barry MacSwenney and Pete Bland (Blacksuede Boot Press, Barnet, 1970), inscribed 31 Aug 1983; Just twenty two and I don't mind dying, issued as Curiously Strong 4/3-4 (London, 1971); Brother wolf (Turret Books, London, 1972); Fool's gold (Blacksuede Boot Press, Sidcup, Kent, 1972); Fog eye (no publication details given other than date, 1973); Just twenty two and I don't mind dying, issued as Turpin 5 (Cambridge, 1973), 2 copies; a copy of magazine Greedy shark, 1973, edited by MacSweeney and Ian Patterson, with covering note from MacSweeney; Black torch (New London Pride, 1978); 'Dream Graffiti' by MacSweeney, issued as Freesheet, 2nd series, no. 4 by Good Elf, London, 1978; Far cliff Babylon (Writers Forum, London, 1978), with inscription from the author; Colonel B (no publication details [1980]), 2 copies; Jury vet odes, published as Other Branch Readings 7 by Bath Community Press, 1981; Wild knitting, photocopied by MacSweeney as bound booklet, perhaps for private circulation; Ranter (Slow Dancer, Nottingham, 1985); Hellhound memos (The Many Press, London, 1993), with flyer

MOTTRAM: 5/152/1-4


Norman Mailer, published essay by Mottram: manuscript draft essay headed 'N. Mailer: the reporter of the divine economy'; typescript with manuscript corrections, headed 'Norman Mailer: frontline reporter of the divine economy'; two photocopies of article as published in First person singular: studies in American autobiography ed. A. Robert Lee (Vision Press, London, and St Martin's, New York, 1988), 217-243, with a few manuscript additions; two typescript letters, 1987, from the editor Bob Lee, about the editing process

MOTTRAM: 5/152/5-16


Norman Mailer, other essays and notes by Mottram: manuscript essay headed 'Norman Mailer' and opening 'For his twentieth birthday in 1942...', 42 pages; manuscript essay headed 'Mailer' and similar in opening to the above: 'In A calculus at heaven, which was written ... before Mailer was 20 ...', 8 sides; manuscript essay headed 'Mailer 1955-1965'; manuscript essay headed ,'Unit 2: youth and war (continued)', drawing heavily on Mailer's The naked and the dead (Rinehart, New York, 1948), 84 pages; typescript essay headed 'Norman Mailer and the American was novel'; manuscript essay on Mailer's Why are we in Vietnam? a novel (Putnam, New York, 1967); manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Mailer and the crisis of leadership: Cannibals and Christians (1966)'; manuscript notes or draft essay on Cannibals and Christians (Dial Press, New York, 1966); typescript essays headed '2 The naked and the dead (1948) and Barbary Shore (1951)', '3 An American dream (1965)', '4 Why are we in Vietnam? (1967)', and-possibly from the same sequence-'7 Norman Mailer, connoisseur of power, 1. The Deer Park (1955)'; manuscript essay headed 'The Deer Park 1955'; typescript notes on The armies of the night (New American Library, New York, 1968); Mottram notes, mainly typescript, on individual books by Mailer, in date order, on yellow paper

MOTTRAM: 5/152/17-22


Norman Mailer, a letter and articles: typescript letter, 9 Oct 1961, Mailer to Mottram, regretting not meeting in London; articles from newspapers and magazines including review column 'The big bite' from Esquire1963, 'Norman Mailer: Miami and Chicago' from Harper's (Nov 1968), 'The prisoner of sex' from Harper's (Mar 1971), and an interview with Mailer in Writer's Digest (Oct 1983); 'Jacqueline Kennedy' from Esquire Jul 1962 (outsize); article 'In the red light: a history of the Republican Convention in 1964' from Esquire (Nov 1964) (outsize); photocopy of Mailer article 'A fire on the Moon'-'a personal study of the United States space program' from Life Magazine 29 Aug 1969 (note: this item is outsize); interview with Mailer from Rolling Stone 2 Jan 1975 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/152/23-27


Norman Mailer: articles about Mailer's book The executioner's song (Little, Brown, Boston, 1979) from The Listener (15 Nov 1979) and Time Out (13 Dec 1979); review of The executioner's song from The London Review of Books 6 Mar 1980 (outsize); publicity material for the film of the book, 1982, comprising two documents, 'Synopsis' and 'Production information'; review of the film on TV from The New York Times (28 Nov 1982); typescript letter, 3 Feb 1983, from Kaleidoscope, an radio arts programme on the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) inviting Mottram to review The executioner's song on air

MOTTRAM: 5/152/28-31


Norman Mailer, promotional and newspaper items: brief printed, summary of Mailer's career, unsourced; newspaper cuttings from 1969 about Mailer standing as candidate for Mayor of New York with 2 photographs of the Pentagon, New York; news and review items on Mailer from newspapers 1968-1982; photocopy of review of Mailer's novel Harlot's ghost (Random House, New York, 1991)

MOTTRAM: 5/153/1-4


Phil Maillard poetry booklets: typescript letter, 17 Nov 1982 to Mottram, in conjunction with Val Torrance, on current projects, including Stone Lantern Press; A North American journal (Blackweir Press, Cardiff, 1976); Keeping still published as Spanner 8 (London, 1976); Grazing the octave (Galloping Dog Press, Swansea, 1977)

MOTTRAM: 5/154/1-8


David Mamet: Mottram manuscript and typescript essay headed 'David Mamet and current US theatre'; Mottram manuscript notes on individual Mamet plays and on technical points e.g. 'Mamet's speech'; bound photocopy of Mamet script 'Glengarry Glen Ross'; newspaper cuttings, 1983, 1988, on Mamet's work; programmes of performances of Mamet's 'Sexual perversity in Chicago' at King's College London, 1968, 'Glengarry Glen Ross' at the Cottesloe Theatre, London, 1983, and 'The House of Games' at the National Film Theatre [1987]; information about the formation of a David Mamet Society, 1993-1994; DM: The David Mamet Review, The newsletter of the David Mamet Society 1 (Las Vegas, Nevada, Autumn 1994); invitation, 6 Jun 1994 from Leslie Kane at Westfield State College, Massachusetts, to Mottram, to contribute to a volume on Mamet

MOTTRAM: 5/155/1-4


Gabriel Marquez: manuscript and typescript of Mottram essay 'Existential and political controls in the fiction of Gabriel Marquez', published in Journal of arts and ideas 10-11 (New Delhi, 1985) 19-36; Mottram manuscript notes on individual works by Marquez; newspaper cuttings, 1983-1986, reviews and articles on Marquez; publicity on the campaign against United States cultural and military intervention in Central America (1984)

MOTTRAM: 5/156/1-16


Harry Mathews: a manuscript letter, 2 Oct 1974 from Mathews to Mottram, in appreciation of the gift of a Mottram book; manuscript postcard, 2 Sep 1975 from Mathews to Mottram, largely illegible through water damage; manuscript postcard, 23 Apr 1978; manuscript postcard, 11 Oct 1987, from Mathews, expressing thanks for Mottram article; manuscript postcard, 15 Jun 1988; manuscript draft and two typescript copies, one with manuscript corrections, of Mottram essay '"Eleusions truths": Harry Mathews' strategies and games' published in The Review of Contemporary Fiction 7/3 (Elmwood Park, Illinois, 1987) 154-172; four typescript letters and a postcard, 1984-1987, from the publishers, The Review of Contemporary Fiction; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'All roads lead to revelation: the rites of Harry Mathews'; Mottram manuscript notes on individual works by Mathews; The ring: poems 1956-1969 (Juillard Editions, Leeds, 1970); poetry booklet The planisphere (Burning Deck, Providence, 1974), inscribed by the author; Selected declarations of dependence: a novel as issue of Only Paper Today 3/6 (Toronto, 1976); typescript letter, 27 Jul 1992 from Matthew Hodges, seeking to arrange a reading tour for Mathews; flyer for launch of Mathews' The sinking of the Odradek Stadium (Carcanet, London, 1985); Extract from The Nation magazine, 19 Mar 1988, with articles on Harry Mathews, racial justice, and a review of William Burroughs' The western lands; newspaper cuttings, chiefly reviews, from 1966; found in group with: Atlas Anthology 1 and Mathews novels The conversions (Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London, 1960, 1962), Tlooth (Doubleday & Co, New York, 1966), The sinking of the Odradel Stadium (Carcanet, London 1985), and poetry Trial impressions (Burning Deck, Providence, 1977), Country cooking and other stories (Burning Deck, Providence, 1980)

MOTTRAM: 5/157/1-2


Paul Matthews: manuscript letter, 14 Nov 1969, enquiring about book in tribute to Bill Butler, and containing 'A few poems' in manuscript on the reverse; manuscript letter, 14 Nov 1970, with further enquiry about Bill Butler project

MOTTRAM: 5/158/1-2


David Meltzer: Mottram manuscript and typescript notes, biographical and bibliographical; Meltzer poetry booklet Luna (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1970)

MOTTRAM: 5/159/1-13


Thomas Meyer: typescript letter, 25 Aug 1977 to Mottram, enclosing typescript poems 'At Carnac'; typescript letter, 2 May 1980, explaining problems about reading at King's College London, and enclosing copy of poem booklet Excerpts from The Book of Jonathan (The Finial Press, Vermont, 1973); manuscript letter, 31 Jul 1980 to Mottram, looking forward to an essay from him; manuscript letter, 17 Sep 1981, commenting on completed essay; manuscript letter, dated 'Lincoln's birthday, '84' (12 Feb 1984); manuscript letter, 21 Jun 1985 seeking support for a Guggenheim grant application; manuscript letter, 16 Aug 1985, with comments on Mottram's essay in published form; photocopy of typescript of book of poems called 'Kitty Hawk', which includes the 'At Carnac' sequence; Mottram manuscript and typescript carbon of essay 'A reading of Thomas Meyer's first ten years', intended for publication in 1981, with appendix on later writings, (not issued until 1985, by Reality Studios); letter, 26 Jun 1980 commissioning the article for Text magazine in New York; Meyer booklet of poems Beautiful rivers (Tansy Press, Lawrence, Kansas, 1981; Simple E (Morning Star Publications, Edinburgh, 1990); invitation to exhibition associated with publication of translations of Sappho by Meyer (Coracle Press, 1982)

MOTTRAM: 5/160/1


Jack Micheline: typescript poem 'Reflections of city life', inscribed 'For Eric Mottram / This is first poem ...'

MOTTRAM: 5/161/1-9


Arthur Miller, material by Mottram: manuscript draft, typescript carbon, and revised typescript of essay 'Arthur Miller and the little tax: the development of a political dramatist in America'; photocopy of text of essay published in American Theatre ed. J. R. Brown, Bernard Harris (Edward Arnold, London, 1967), 127-161; typescript and manuscript essay on Miller opening, 'Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams shared the Theatre Guild National Award in 1937...', 45 pages; manuscript text of talk 'for the National Theatre 24/25-11-1986'; draft essay headed 'The main themes of Arthur Miller'; manuscript note on Miller, paginated 12-14, with added note 'Not to duplicate my inaugural lecture...'; manuscript and typescript notes on individual Miller plays including 'The crucible', 1953 and 'A view from the bridge', 1955; a Miller bibliography to 1965, chronology to 1968, and 2 duplicator-printed reading lists headed 'European theatre since 1800'; programme for lecture series at University of London, 1961, on 'Major modern dramatists', including note of Mottram lecture on Miller

MOTTRAM: 5/161/10-17


Arthur Miller, articles, programmes, news cuttings: copy of Miller's article 'The family on modern drama' from Atlantic (Monthly), Apr 1956; pamphlet Arthur Miller by Robert Hogan (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1964); copy of Richard Findlater's article 'No time for tragedy?' from The Twentieth century, 1957; programme for performance of A view from the bridge at the Comedy Theatre, London, 1956; programme for performance of The crucible at The National Theatre, London, 1965; programme of Miller's 'The American clock' as performed at the Cottesloe Theatre, London, undated; newspaper cuttings, 1965-1966, with reviews of Miller plays; unsourced magazine cutting with interview of Miller, and article on Miller by Jack Sutherland from Daily Worker 27 Jan 1965 (note: both these items are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/162/1-9


David Miller: typescript letter, 4 Apr 1976, in London, seeking help to stay in England; manuscript letter, 15 Dec 1977, seeking Mottram's advice on college courses; manuscript letter, 24 Mar 1986, enclosing curriculum vitae, list of publications, and copy of statement for British Academy application; All my life, poems (Joe DiMaggio Press, London, 1975); Essay 'Developable surfaces: the poetries of Christopher Middleton and John Riley' in Spanner 4 (London, 1975); booklet In the midst (Stingy Artist, Alverstoke, Hampshire, 1979); Orientation (Bran's Head Books, Frome, Somerset, 1982), poems; There and here: a meditation on Gerard de Nerval (Bran's Head Books, Frome, Somerset, 1982), prose, with brief manuscript covering note from the author; flyer for prose booklet Darkness enfolding, due from Stride, Exeter, 1989

MOTTRAM: 5/163/1-15


Henry Miller, material by Mottram: manuscript essay headed, 'Confidence-5-Miller', 67 pages; manuscript essay headed, 'Miller continued. VIII. The Beat Generation and Norman Mailer', covering also William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer, 1963, 57 pages; typescript essay headed 'Henry Miller and William Burroughs', June 1963; manuscript essay headed 'Henry Miller-1891' and opening 'If there is one idealistic programme...'; manuscript essay headed 'Henry Miller-1891' and opening 'With Henry Miller we reach the extreme case...'; manuscript essay headed 'Miller 1891-1980' and opening 'In 1941...'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'VII Henry Miller: Tropic of Cancer- 1934'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Lead-in to second lecture', covering a range of Miller's books; typescript essay headed 'Henry Miller: the emerging pattern'; manuscript item opening 'Henry Miller embodied American nonconformity', and probably intended by Mottram as an obituary notice (1980), 3 pages; manuscript review of Miller's The air-conditioned nightmare on its re-issue in 1962, with covering note, 30 May 1962, from Ron Bryden of The Spectator commissioning the review; manuscript and typescript notes by Mottram on works of Miller and secondary sources; manuscript and printed reading lists, with typescript biographical notes on Miller; typescript note and form from the B. B. C. (British Broadcasting Company) about Mottram contributions on Miller, 1979, 1980; manuscript letter, 24 Feb 1981 from Bob Weingrad in Los Angeles, describing a set of Miller's letters coming up for sale

MOTTRAM: 5/163/16-18


Henry Miller, essays by Eileen Labron: typescript essay, 'New views on Henry Miller-paper given at King's Jan 1982' with covering manuscript note to Mottram, 26 Apr 1982; typescript essay, 'The obliterated "I"-a linguistic approach to Henry Miller's prose'; typescript essay, 'The sanctification of the moment-eroticism and creativity in Henry Miller' with covering manuscript note, 9 Oct 1982

MOTTRAM: 5/163/19-22


Henry Miller, thesis by Eileen Labron: typescript plan of thesis on Henry Miller, Apr 1982; manuscript letter, 12 Jun 1986 to Mottram, enclosing further thesis description; manuscript letters, 1984-1986, from Labron to Mottram, about the progress of the thesis, 6 items; typescript of thesis on Miller by Eileen Labron, variously entitled 'Limit and transgression: the route to the real' and 'Desire's form: the self embodied in the discourse of Henry Miller' CLOSED

MOTTRAM: 5/163/23-28


Henry Miller, printed material: pamphlet The immortal bard by Henry Miller, about John Cowper Powys, no publishing details; Miller pamphlet Man in the zoo: George Grosz' 'Ecce Homo', no publishing details; copy of article 'Sex and language: obscene words in D. H. Lawrence and Henry Miller' by Brian Way, from New Left Review 27 (Sep-Oct 1964) (outsize); offprint of article 'Artists and artists: the 'aesthetics' of Henry Miller', by Edward B. Mitchell from Texas Studies in Literature and Language 7/1 (1966)103-115, with marginal notes by Mottram; Bernard Stone's catalogues no. 38 (1965) and 42 (1967) featuring Henry Miller's publications; newspaper cuttings and articles, 1960-1966, on Miller and the controversy surrounding his work (note: 4 of these newspaper cuttings are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/164/1-11


Richard (Dick) Miller: typescript note, 16 May 1972, London, enclosing typescript carbon on 'Interior poems'; typescript letter, 7 Oct 1972, about teaching in Greece at Aegean School of Fine Arts, Paros; manuscript letter, 7 Nov 1972, on falling ill; manuscript letter, 12 Dec 1972 from Greece, on recovering from illness; typescript letter, 16 Feb 1973, from Greece, enclosing set of typescript carbon poems; manuscript letter, mid April 1973, enclosing 4 typescript poems, 'Exploring hands', 'A current under sea', 'A woman drew her long black hair', 'And voices singing'; typescript letter from America [1977]; typescript letter, apparently from Miller in America, but if so misdated to 1973; two postcards, one 1978, from America; artwork based on photography, four items with calling card giving New York address (1979); poem broadsheet 'Goodwill advertisements' by Miller, published by Transgravity (London, no date)

MOTTRAM: 5/165/1-5


Paige Mitchell: postcard, 21 May 1979 from Arizona; manuscript letter, 1 Jun 1982 to Mottram, with invitation to lunch from Allen Fisher and herself, with copy of poem on reverse; booklet, Bumps on 'Flakes', printed by the author, 1985; Threshold addresses (Square Root, no place of publication given, 1986); Tonkin Mundane, issued as Spanner 28 (London, 1990), accompanied with brief manuscript and typescript notes on the booklet by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 5/166/1-13


Geraldine Monk poetry booklets:manuscript letter, postmarked 24 Jun 1982, inviting Mottram to visit Staithes; manuscript letter, 22 Oct 1984, seeking reference to study English at Sheffield Polytechnic; manuscript letter, 5 Nov 1984, expressing thanks, on achieving course at Sheffield Polytechnic; manuscript letter, Dec 1985, after first term of study; Christmas card to Mottram (1985);undated manuscript letter, about forthcoming visit to London to coincide with new River Project event; three manuscript letters, 1981, from Robert Clark, Monk's partner in Staithes, to Mottram, asking for copy of cassette of Monk reading with references to Bill Griffiths; Long wake (Writers Forum & Pirate Press, London, 1979), 2 copies; Spreading the cards (Siren Press, Staithes, Cleveland, 1980); La quinta del sordo (Writers Forum, London, 1980); Skyscrapers (Galloping Dog press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1986), with covering manuscript note front Monk; Quaquaversals (Writers Forum, London, 1990); Scarlet opening, poems by Monk, printed with prose by Glenda George, as a supplement to Split Curtains. No publication details; flyers for a performance and a publication; article on Monk and Maggie O'Sullivan from City Limits 13-19 Jul 1984

MOTTRAM: 5/167/1-4


Stuart Montgomery: typescript letter, 2 Oct 1969, enclosing unbound advance copy of Circe, a booklet of poems by Montgomery; typescript carbon transcript of Montgomery interviewed by Mottram at The Poetry Society 19 Mar 1973; photograph of Stuart and Deirdre Montgomery [1975] supplied by Ted Wilentz; undated cutting from The Guardian with article on Montgomery's Fulcrum Press

MOTTRAM: 5/168/1-8


Marianne Moore: typescript letter, 1 May 1966 to Mottram, expressing admiration for Mottram's article on W.C. Williams' poem, 'Paterson', with photocopy of the article, 'The making of Paterson' from Stand 7/3 (Leeds, 1966) 17-34; Mottram manuscript notes on books about Moore; brief manuscript list of studies of Moore, on file-cards; Mottram typescript copy of Elizabeth Bishop poem 'Invitation to Miss Marianne Moore'; a typescript letter, 1 Apr 1977 from 'Jan', a student, outlining the plan of a thesis on Moore; an unattributed typescript document with further details of a possible thesis on Moore; printed copy of photograph of Moore with elephant looming; two newspaper cuttings with reviews of Moore's work, one dated 1967

MOTTRAM: 5/169/1-2

1973, 1986

Nicholas Moore: Spleen: thirty-one versions of Baudelaire's 'Je suis comme le roi' (Blacksuede Boot Press and Menard Press, London, 1973); Peter Riley Books, 'Catalogue Nineteen, being the library of the poet Nicholas Moore, who dies on 26th January 1986'

MOTTRAM: 5/170/1-7


Edwin Morgan: typescript letter, 17 Feb 1968 to Mottram, in acknowledgment of a letter of appreciation; poem-card 'The computer's first Christmas card'; Star Gate: science fiction poems (Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, 1979); News poems (no publication details, 1987); flyer for Sweeping out the dark (Carcanet, Manchester, 1994), Themes on a variation (Carcanet, 1988) and Grafts/Takes (Mariscat Press, Glasgow, 1983); newspaper article 'Concrete Poetry' by Morgan, from Peace news 20 Aug 1965 (outsize); newspaper cuttings, 1966 and 1982, including text of Morgan poem 'Message clear'

MOTTRAM: 5/171/1-2


John Muckle: photocopy of typescript poem sequence 'Socialism or Barbarism'; bound booklet of photocopied typescript poems, comprising 'Wanna hymac mate' by Ian Davidson and 'Triumph crept past' by Muckle

MOTTRAM: 5/172/1-7


Wendy Mulford: manuscript postcard, 1 Nov 1987, asking for reference; manuscript letter, 10 Jun 1993 to Mottram with invitation to Saxmundham; typescript poem titled 'Beyond the faded bedspread of the day', inscribed to Mottram, 1990; bound photocopies of typescript poems, headed 'Twenty-six poems after Howard Hodgkin', 1987, with two accompanying manuscript postcards to Mottram; The light sleepers (Mammon Press, Bath, 1981); The ABC of writing and other poems (Torque Editions, Southampton, 1985); Nevrazumitelny, published as Poetical histories 15 (Cambridge, 1991); The Bay of Naples (Reality Studios, London, 1992), with covering manuscript note from the author

MOTTRAM: 5/173/1-2


Ágnes Nemes Nagy (Hungarian poetess): manuscript and typescript carbon of Mottram essay headed '"Intersections of the animate and the inanimate": the poetry of Agnes Nemes Nagy', a review of Nagy's Selected poems translated by Bruce Berlind (University of Iowa, 1980); the article appeared in The New Hungarian Quarterly 83 (Budapest, 1981) 181-183; inscribed copy of Nagy's Selected poems translated by Bruce Berlind (University of Iowa, 1980) with Mottram annotations in situ and on a slip

MOTTRAM: 5/174/1-14


Opal Louis Nations, letters, texts and visuals: manuscript letter [1972], Nations to Mottram; photocopy of typescript letter, 30 Jan 1972, Mottram to Nations, regretting slow response to request for an article; manuscript letter, postmarked 7 Jul 1973, from Nations in San Francisco, with mention of various poets visited; manuscript letter, postmarked 15 Oct 1973, from San Francisco; manuscript letter postmarked 1 Feb 1974, about preparations to leave Unites States; manuscript letter, postmarked 15 Jun 1974, from Vancouver; manuscript letter, 12 Oct 1974; manuscript letter, 22 Oct 1974; duplicator-printed typescript prose text 'The birth of the Messiah'; typescript carbon of prose text 'Buttered jungle sandwich'; typescript carbon of transcript of interview of Nations, Allen Fisher and Doug Lang by Mottram at The Poetry Society 19 Feb 1973; four A4-size visuals, two foolscap-size, and ten smaller cards, all with found, collage and hand-written elements; booklet on 'The gentle art of dentistry' (attributed to Offene Weide Publications, Oldenburg, Germany, 1973); pocket-size poetic licence, issued to 'Eric Mottram'

MOTTRAM: 5/174/15-26


Opal Louis Nations, booklets: Extracts from Stanley and the tie-tars (Covent Garden Press, London, 1971), inscribed by the author; New facts on evolution (published by the author, 1972), with flyer for Soft Needs magazine; Screen-teen signal (Strange Faeces Press, London, 1972); The blood donor (Global Infantilised Press, San Francisco, 1973); Dumb-bell (Baby Art Books, London, 1973); The fat wing lung company poems (no publication details, 1973), with accompanying postcard; The selected writings of Opal L. Nations (City Lights Books, New York, 1973); The private affairs of Heliomann and how the various parts of his body lived apart from the whole (no publication details [1974]); Preface XVIII (Prison Clothes Press, Boulder Clough, 1976); Stabbed to death with artificial respiration (Coach House Press, Toronto, 1979); The procreative habits of vans, pick-ups and macho heavy-duty trux (Pirate Press, London, 1979); Divinations (published by author, 1981)

MOTTRAM: 5/175/1-2


Lorine Niedecker: copy of PhD thesis '"and silence": Lorine Niedecker and the life of poetry' by Lorna Elizabeth Jowett (Durham, 1994), with Mottram's typed comments on separate sheet; book in tribute to Niedecker, Epitaphs for Lorine, edited by Jonathan Williams (The Jargon Society, North Carolina, 1973) CLOSED

MOTTRAM: 5/176/1-60


Jeff Nuttall, correspondence with Mottram, some Mottram notes and other letters: typescript letter from Barnet, 13 Oct 1964, opening 'Bill Butler says it would be a good thing if I wrote you a few details about me'; undated typescript letter from Barnet, opening 'Thanks for marvellous letter', mentioning possible move to Norwich, and reference to Criton Tomazos; undated typescript letter from Barnet, opening 'Here is a novel I have been tickling up'; undated typescript letter from Barnet opening 'Are you having a nice time in America?'; undated manuscript letter from Barnet, opening 'Val says you're back'; undated typescript letter from Barnet, commenting on Nottingham Poetry Conference [1965], and announcing intention to move to the provinces; manuscript letter from Pembroke, postmarked 1967, opening 'You see, nature is no prim madame'; brief manuscript note to Mottram on back of envelope postmarked 1967; undated typescript letter from Norwich opening 'Yes hope to be in town', with two period postcards; undated typescript letter from Norwich, opening 'Yes, a long cool blow'; typescript letter from Nautch (Norwich), postmarked 1968, 'rewriting' a lost letter with joke postcard; typescript letter from 'Norch' (Norfolk), postmarked 26 May 1968, enclosing biblical text on card; typescript letter from Norwich, 1969, with drawing and enclosures of found material (texts and playing cards); manuscript letter from Wyke, Bradford, postmarked 26 Oct 1970, enclosing duplicator-printed visual sequence 'Do not feed the parrot' and a bubblegum sticker; undated manuscript letter-card, pre-1972, opening 'Got yr. alarming article'; undated typescript letter from Wyke, opening 'Thanks for the detailed hatchet job'; manuscript letter, Nov 1972 opening 'Here is the new piece', with drawing on reverse; Mottram typescript letter, 20 Dec 1974, commenting on Nuttall's 'Samantha Wells-Roger waving a snake'; typescript letter to Mottram opening 'Forgive me', associated with embellished envelope postmarked 20 Jan 1975; Mottram typescript carbon of letter, 29 Apr 1975 in comment on Snipe's spinster (Calder & Boyars, London, 1975); Mottram typescript carbon of letter, 30 Jan 1976, discussing Nuttall's Man not man (Unicorn Bookshop, Llanfynydd, Dyfed, 1975); undated typescript letter to Mottram from Wyke, opening 'Thanks for long letter' and accompanying copy of House party (Basilike, Toronto, 1975); typescript letter from Wyke, 16 Jan 1977, opening 'What is to become of us?'; manuscript letter, 14 Nov 1977, accompanying copy of Muscle (Rivelin, Bradford, 1982); typescript letter from Wyke, postmarked 2 Feb 1978, responding to criticism from Mottram over jazz facts; girlie magazine 'Spick', posted to Mottram 22 Aug 1978; typescript letter [1978] describing recent publication The patriarchs (Arc, Todmorden, 1978); Mottram typescript carbon, 14 Aug 1978, commenting on Nuttall's novel The gold hole (Quartet Books, London, 1978); typescript letter, 21 Aug 1978, to Mottram, enclosing synopsis of proposed book 'Gagged Albion: the situation of English poetry' by Nuttall and Mottram; typescript letter, 5 Nov 1978, about reading at The Poetry Society, including picture of a hiding potato; typescript letter, 19 Nov 1978, against Poetry Society boycott; girlie magazine 'Span', posted to Mottram in 1978; Mottram typescript letter, 2 Jan 1979, commenting on Nuttall's King Twist: a portrait of Frank Randle (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1978), with extensive information about Mottram's own boyhood in Blackpool; Mottram typescript letter, 5 Feb 1979, on sexual engagement; typescript note of Jun 1979 to Mottram, comprising list of poets names, as for anthology; typescript letter, 20 Jun 1979, discussing poets to be included in a still unspecified anthology, and references to Bernard Kelly and to the Edinburgh Festival, 1964; undated manuscript letter, [1979], describing a collaborative project; Mottram typescript carbon and photocopy of letter, 25 Feb 1980, on Nuttall's article 'Bubble-pack culture' in The Guardian 12 Jan 1980; typescript letter, 18 Mar 1980 to Mottram, with a denunciation of wallflowers; Mottram typescript letter, 9 Jun 1980, in response to Nuttall's review-article 'Not for horses or stones'; typescript letter, 14 Jun 1980 to Mottram, in response 'to your massive missive'; typescript letter, 5 Jul 1980, with reference to Robert Vas Dias and Ken Smith; typescript letter, 16 Jul 1980, with further reference to strategies, and some mention of Bob Cobbing and Bill Griffiths; typescript letter, 19 Apr 1981, reporting on visit to Australia; typescript letter, 6 Oct 1981, about working at Liverpool; typescript letter, 2 Aug 1982, rejecting recent criticism; manuscript note, 15 Oct 1982, seeking work from Mottram for an anthology; undated manuscript letter, postmarked 23 Nov 1982, about Nuttall's essay on 'The case for impurity'; undated manuscript letter [1984] about loss of work at Rochdale; typescript letter, 8 Jun 1986, on settling in Portugal; typescript letter, 19 Sep 1986, asking for addresses; typescript letter, mid 1989 opening 'I penetrate each day from dream ...'; undated manuscript letter [1990], after exhibtion of work; undated typescript letter, opening 'was a little gobstruck at the thoroughness of your reading' i.e. of text 'Ravenswingyears'; Mottram typescript letter, 7 Nov 1994, in appreciation of Nuttall's landscape paintings, and with reference to his own painting and (more recently) photographic work; Nuttall manuscript letter, 15 Nov 1994, with some discussion of feminism; twelve postcards from Nuttall, 1966-1982, with one large greetings card; brief manuscript and typescript notes by Mottram on Nuttall's work to 1991, including a bibliography to 1970 and an introduction to reading by Nuttall and Tom Raworth; three typescript letters, 1976-1977, from Paul Davies, Canadian publisher of Nuttall, to Mottram; typescript letter, 4 Mar [1972] about printing problems with Nuttall's Foxes' lair (Aloes Books, London, 1972)

MOTTRAM: 5/176/61-69


Jeff Nuttall, typescript texts: duplicator-printed typescript headed 'Statement', spring 1965; two short sets of duplicator-printed poems, one group starting with 'Legacies', the other with 'Sunsets', Barnet, 1965; The eight-fifteen murders by Nuttall and others, writing as 'Christian Parsley' (Wild Pigeon Press, Norwich [1968]-[1969]; typescript of text 'The anatomy of my father's corpse' for possible inclusion in Poetry Review [1972], with undated manuscript covering note; typescript of poems headed 'A hanged dog', posted to Mottram 3 Feb 1978, with manuscript covering note; typescript text opening 'A root confusion of the century ...', 1978 and posted to Mottram 12 Feb 1979 with manuscript covering note; photocopy of typescript text of essay 'The case for impurity', 1981, with extensive marginal annotations by Mottram; untitled typescript text, autobiographical in content, with manuscript alterations by the author, opening 'The sculptures are up ...', posted from Australia 10 Mar 1981; typescript carbon of text 'Always waiting', posted to Mottram 18 May 1984

MOTTRAM: 5/176/70-78


Jeff Nuttall's newspaper articles: 'Not for mums and dads: pop records reviewed by Jeff Nuttall' from Sunday Times Magazine 21 May 1967; 'Cantos for our time', reviewing word of Mottram, Allen Fisher and Bill Griffiths, from Sunday Times 23 Nov 1975; photocopies of series of Nuttall review articles from The Guardian, comprising 'Unfamiliarity breeds contempt',11 Aug 1979, 'Setting off squibs' 8 Sep 1979, 'In the beginning was the word' 6 Oct 1979, 'A wrenching of habits' 8 Mar 1980, 'Sitting around' 24 May 1980, 'O for a life in the country' 21 Jun 1980, 'In a few well shod words' 12 Jul 1980; photocopies of 'Unfamiliarity breeds contempt' from The Guardian of 11 Aug 1979 and 'Punctuation by wrinkled duplicator skins' from The Guardian, 14 Jul (1979), forwarded by Steve Clews; excerpt from letters column of The Guardian, 18 Jul 1979 mostly criticising Nuttall's reviews, 2 copies; 'Bubble-pack culture' from The Guardian Weekend, 12 Jan 1980 (outsize); 'Themanipulation of the shaven image' from The Guardian 18 Oct 1980 (outsize); 'Taking a trip round the lights fantastic: Jeff Nuttall takes a look at the phenomenon of Christmas illuminations' from The Observer, 7 Nov 1993 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/176/79-99


Jeff Nuttall, booklets: Poems I want to forget (Turret Books, London, 1965); Come back sweet prince: a novelette (Writers Forum, London, 1966); Pieces of poetry (Writers Forum Poets no. 17, London, 1966); Oscar Christ and the immaculate conception (Writers Forum Poets no. 23, London, 1968); Mr Watkins got drunk and had to be carried home, mock-up of text and later published version (Writers Forum Poets no. 24, London, 1968); Journals (Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton, 1968); The eight-fifteen murders by Nuttall and others, writing as 'Christian Parsley' (Wild Pigeon Press, Norwich [1968]-[1969]; Love poems (Unicorn Books, Brighton, 1969), signed, limited edition; The Foxes' Lair (Aloes Books, London, 1972), 2 copies, both in original envelopes; The anatomy of my father's corpse (Basilike, Toronto, 1975), 2 copies; Fatty Feedmalls secret self (Jack Press, Wyke, Bradford, 1975); Krak (Jack Press, Bradford, 1975); Man not man (Unicorn Books, Llanfynydd, Carmarthen, 1975), prose, with some marginal notes by Mottram; Sun barbs (Poet & Peasant Books, Hayes, Middlesex, 1976); The patriarchs (The Beau & Aloes Arc Association, London, 1978); What happened to Jackson? (Aloes Books, London, 1978), prose; Muscle (Rivelin Press, Bradford, 1982), inscribed by the author, sent with 'a bonus', a card with a photograph of Ray Westwood, the footballer; 22 poems published as RWC 21-22 (London, 1994); Scrapyard (Prison Clothes Press, no publishing details), 2 copies; Klownz (Arc Publications, Todmorden, Lancashire, not dated); Songs sacred and secular (no publishing details), enclosing an invitation to an 'experience' at Better Books, and a drawing of 'a strange amphibious bird'; (note: found in association with the following books by Nuttall: Bomb culture (MacGibbon & Kee, London, 1968), with marginal notes by Mottram, Pig (Fulcrum, London, 1969), Poems 1962-1969 (Fulcrum, London, 1970), with inscription and drawing by the author, Snipe's spinster (Calder & Boyars, London, 1975), King Twist: a portrait of Frank Randle (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1978), Performance art (2 vols, John Calder, London, & Riverrun Press, Dallas, 1979), and in collaboration with Rodick Carmichael Common factors / Vulgar factions (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1977))

MOTTRAM: 5/176/100-108


Jeff Nuttall, visuals, photographs and promotional material: hand-drawn card for Mottram's 65th birthday, 1989; black and white photographs of Nuttall, including one with Bob Cobbing and Mottram, one of house in Todmorden, Lancashire, and one of a brass band, 6 items; five colour photographs of Nuttall sculptures/paintings, 1992; folder with details of exhibition at I. C. A. (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London) by students of Leeds Polytechnic Fine Art Department; printed sheets with details of Nuttall publication, career and exhibitions; newspaper article headed 'Jeff Nuttall's prolific anarchic word-painting' from Yorkshire Post 7 Apr 1978; newspaper articles on Nuttall and reviews of his work, 1966-1990, including 'Underground changes' from Village Voice 19 May 1966, mentioning My Own Mag, and review of exhibition at Halifax in 1990 by Robert Clark; photocopy of newspaper article on Nuttall by Anne Pickles, headed 'Looking back in anger' from Yorkshire Evening Poets 10 Sep 1990 (outsize); invitations to and leaflets of Nuttall events and exhibitions, including a retrospective at Dean Clough Contemporary Art Gallery, Halifax, Sep 1990, an exhibition of landscape paintings at the Angela Flowers Gallery, London, 1987, and a promotional leaflet for 'Jack', performance group based on Nuttall and Rose Maguire



For Mottram interview of Jeff Nuttall see MOTTRAM 9 (Collected Interviews)

MOTTRAM: 5/177/1


Conor Cruise O'Brien: short typescript letter, 1 Aug 1966 to Mottram, looking forward to meeting

MOTTRAM: 5/178/1-8


Flannery O'Connor: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Flannery O'Connor 1925-1964' and opening 'Flannery O'Connor's texts expose the processes ...'; Mottram manuscript draft essay or notes on O'Connor, with manuscript bibliography; Mottram typescript and manuscript notes on individual books; two articles by O'Connor, one titled, 'The fiction writer and his country' from The living novel ed. Granville Hicks (Collier Books, New York, 1962), and one titled, 'Some aspects of the Grotesque in Southern Literature', unsourced photocopies; unattributed typescript, 'Introduction to thesis' about O'Connor; offprint of article, 'A reading of Flannery O'Connor' by J. J. Quinn from magazine Thought (Fordham University, 1974), inscribed by Quinn; copy of issue 8 of Esprit magazine (University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, 1964), dedicated to O'Connor; newspaper cuttings, 1957-1979 on O'Connor's life and works

MOTTRAM: 5/179/1-5


Clifford Odets: Mottram manuscript essay opening '--Through the disaster of the Depression...'; Mottram manuscript essay opening 'The plays of Cifford Odets...', the basis of his published Introduction to Three plays of Clifford Odets (Penguin, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, 1963); typescript and manuscript notes by Mottram, especially on secondary sources; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual Odets plays; newspaper cuttings about Odets, 1960-1963

MOTTRAM: 5/180/1-6


Frank O'Hara, material by Mottram: typescript essay opening 'How to create demonstrations of style ...' [1990], with manuscript draft, March 1988; manuscript draft essay on O'Hara, untitled, opening 'The art of presenting the private in the public ...'; manuscript essay on dark yellow paper, opening 'Frank O'Hara prefaces his book ...'; manuscript draft essay headed 'Frank O'Hara 1926-1966' and opening 'b. in Baltimore, Maryland'; manuscript notes on individual O'Hara works and on secondary sources, including one set headed 'Robert Duncan on FOH'; flyers and programme of seminars on 'American literature and culture', notably 'Frank O'Hara and painters in New York', by Mottram and Allen Fisher at Goldsmiths' College, London, 5 and 26 Mar 1988, with typescript letter from Fisher to Mottram, 15 Mar 1988 about arrangement of content

MOTTRAM: 5/180/7-8


Frank O'Hara, studies by John Ferris: 'Frank O'Hara's passion', typescript essay by John Ferris, with covering letter to Mottram, 19 Oct 1983; partial typescript of thesis on Frank O'Hara by John Ferris, including, Introduction, chapters 3 and 6, and Notes, with covering letter to Mottram, 21 Feb 1986

MOTTRAM: 5/180/9-10


Frank O'Hara, studies by Marcus Boon: typescript proposal for thesis headed 'Frank O'Hara: art and life', with covering manuscript note to Mottram; typescript essay by Boon headed 'Boris Pasternak and Frank O'Hara'

MOTTRAM: 5/180/11-12


Frank O'Hara, photocopies and newspaper cuttings: O'Hara poems re-typed by Mottram, with group of O'Hara poems duplicated originally by the I. C. A. (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London) in 1971, and starting with 'The day Lady died', along with photocopies of other O'Hara poems; newspaper cuttings, primarily reviews of O'Hara's publications, 1959-1965

MOTTRAM: 5/181/1-6


Doug Oliver: manuscript letter, 14 May 1979 to Mottram, about planned magazine Open Field; manuscript letter, 16 Dec 1991 to Mottram, with bibliographical enquiries; typescript letter, 25 Jun 1992 to Mottram, on moving from new York to Paris; typescript letter, 13 Sep 1992, Mottram to Oliver, about recovery from his operation; flyer for publication of The harmless building, a novel by Oliver (Ferry Press, London, & Grosseteste Press, Pensnett, Staffordshire, 1973); statement by Oliver, titled 'The three lilies', published as LAMB (Letters, Arts, Music & Baa) 3 (London, 1982)

MOTTRAM: 5/182/1-9


Charles Olson, essays by Mottram: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Charles Olson and the leader in History', slightly torn; typescript carbon and a photocopy of the same text, headed 'The duties of an editor: Charles Olson's "Letters for Origin"', August 1970; typescript carbon and a photocopy of the same text, headed 'Charles Olson's rebirth between power and love' and opening 'On the "Reading at Berkeley" tape ...', with similar manuscript corrections in both cases; final version of the previous essay, as typescript carbon headed 'Performance: Charles Olson's rebirth between power and love', opening 'In March 1968 Olson read and lectured ...', published in Sixpack 6 (London and Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, 1973-1974), 95-114; manuscript essay headed 'Charles Olson was born in Worcester ...'; manuscript essay headed 'Olson and Melville: "madness in great ones"'; manuscript essay headed 'Commentary on RB's (Robert Bertholf's) Io 19 essay'; manuscript copy and photocopy 'master' of typescript of essay, '"Chaos is not our condition": Charles Olson in his time-an introductory note', published in Akros 49 (Nottingham, 1982) 52-73 under supertitle 'Charles Olson'; photocopy of published form of above essay from Akros 49 (Nottingham, 1982), 52-73

MOTTRAM: 5/182/10


Charles Olson, notes by Mottram: extensive manuscript and typescript notes on Olson's work and on secondary sources, notably sections headed 'Maximus from Dogtown-II', 'Charles Olson: The special view of history, 1970' and 'The responsibilities of the poet-Olson-entrance/en-trance', and brief notes on 'The Vinland Map' and 'The Havamal'

MOTTRAM: 5/182/11-24


Charles Olson, correspondence about Olson: typescript letter, 15 Mar 1970 from George Butterick to Mottram, inviting him to contribute an article on Olson to the magazine Maps; typescript letter, 3 Apr 1970 from Butterick to Mottram, acknowledging his response; typescript letter, 5 Jul 1971 from Butterick to Mottram about the Olson estate, and regretting Mottram's failure to write for Maps on Olson; typescript letter, 15 Feb 1974 (from Albert Glover, signing with an 'A' and a glove) to Mottram, with recollections of Olson and comments on aspects of his work including the concept 'ta'wil'; unsigned typescript letter, 3 Mar 1974 (from Albert Glover) to Mottram, mentioning Open Letter issue 2, 1972 on Olson; typescript letter, 3 Jun 1974 from Robert Bertholf at Kent State University to Mottram, answering queries on Olson, but also mentioning Ed Dorn, Diane Wakowski and Robert Duncan; typescript letter, 10 Jun 1974 from Mottram to Mark (Shackleton), commenting on his essay on Olson; typescript letter, 28 Jul 1974 from Bertholf to Mottram, on editorial commitments; faint typescript carbon of letter, 6 Aug 1975 from Mottram to Bertholf on Olson, Melville, Shelley, and Robert Duncan; typescript note, 16 Oct 1975 from Michael Köhler to Mottram, on reverse of feint photocopy of Olson typescript project for book on the discovery of the American West'; typescript letter, 9 Nov 1976 from Allen Fisher to Mottram, with queries on Olson's 'Maximus III'; typescript letter, May 1980 from Pierre Joris to Mottram about an 'Olson Reader'; typescript letter, 17 Oct 1990 (from Albert Glover), with accompanying information on Olson's project 'The curriculum of the soul'; typescript letter, 23 May 1994 from Mark Shackleton to Mottram, along with copy of Mottram's report on Shackleton's thesis on Olson

MOTTRAM: 5/182/25-28


Charles Olson, booklets: The Maximus poems 11-22 (Jonathan Williams, Stuttgart, 1956); typescript of 'The archaeology of morning: causal and applied', a seminar on mythology, Jan to May 1965, Buffalo University, with notes by Jack Clarke; West, poems (The Goliard Press, London, 1966); 'An essay on Queen Tiy' in Wivenhoe Park Revue (Wivenhoe, Essex [1967]) with annotations by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 5/182/29-32


Charles Olson, poems: letterpress printings, three poems, opening 'Wholly absorbed ...', 'Added to / making a Republic ...', and 'That there was a woman ...', posted by the Institute of Further Studies, Buffalo, New York in 1968; photocopies of Olson poems for teaching purposes, including 'Maximus, from Dogtown-II' with manuscript annotations by Mottram, 'An ode on the nativity', and 'The lordly and isolate satyrs'; photocopy of text and facsimile of manuscript of poem 'The secret of the black chrysanthemum' from the magazine Olson 3 (1975); photocopy, 2 poems from Unmuzzled Ox 14 (1976), with typescript copy, by Mottram, of poem from 'Mammal folder-1971'

MOTTRAM: 5/182/33-39


Charles Olson, articles and prose by Olson: photocopy of article 'Lear and Moby-Dick' from Twice A Year 1 (1938) 165-189, with manuscript annotations by Mottram; unsourced photocopy of article 'Dostoyevsky and The Possessed', written in 1940; photocopy of article 'Projective verse', no source given; photocopy of 'Four letters to the Gloucester Daily Times', from Sulfur 30 (1992); duplicator-printed version of an extract of a letter, 13 Jun 1952 from Olson to Cid Corman; Mottram typescript summary of Olson interview from Paris Review 49 (1970); photocopy of story 'Stocking cap' from Writing 13 (San Francisco, 1966)

MOTTRAM: 5/182/40-41

1966, 1970

Charles Olson: booklet Charles Olson reading at Berkeley as transcribed by Zoe Brown (Coyote, San Francisco, 1966), with manuscript annotations by Mottram; photocopy of typescript headed 'Charles Olson: the Berkeley reading, a tripartite edition, transcribed from tape and annotated by Ralph Maud' at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, 1970

MOTTRAM: 5/182/42-57


Charles Olson, studies of Olson: photocopy of article 'What I see in "The Maximus Poems" part 1' by Ed Dorn from Kulchur 4 (New York, 1961) 31-44; photocopy of excerpts from Jane Harrison's Epilogomena to hope (University Books, New Hyde Park, New York, 1962); photocopy of 'Two letters to the editor' from Olson and subsequent article 'Alchemy mythology & value' by John Crawford from Mail 3 (1970); photocopy of article 'Regaining the primordial (Charles Olson as teacher)', with other memoirs, from Athanor 1 (1971); photocopy of typescript transcript of lecture 'On Maximus IV, V, & VI' by Jeremy Prynne at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, 1971; photocopied extract on West Gloucester and Magnolia from Joseph E. Garland The Gloucester guide (1973); photocopy of extracts from A guide to The Maximus Poems of Charles Olson by George F. Butterick (University of California Press, Berkeley, 1979); typescript essay 'The uses of etymology in the poetry of Charles Olson' by Christopher Beckett [1980], with some annotations by Mottram; booklet Charles Olson: his only weather by Clive Meachen, published as Spanner 3/3 (London, 1983); photocopy of typescript of chapter 1 of thesis 'Olson's presentation of the theme of origin' by Chris Beckett, with covering manuscript note from Beckett, 10 Nov 1987; photocopy of typescript of introduction to thesis, headed 'Charles Olson: suspended in the genesis', with covering manuscript note from the author, Chris Beckett, 2 Mar 1990, in plastic presentation folder; typescript draft of part of thesis by Mark Shackleton of chapters 7 and 8 of his subsequent book Moving outward: the development of Charles Olson's use of myth (University of Helsinki, 1994), with annotations by Mottram; unattributed typescript essay on Olson headed 'An approach to culture'; unsourced extract from printed newsletter including article 'Melville and Olson: the poetics of form' by Robert Bertholf; photocopy of unsourced article 'Regarding Olsons' "Maximus"' by Robert Duncan; undated typescript essay by Mark Shackleton, on Olson's West (The Goliard Press, London, 1966)

MOTTRAM: 5/182/58-61


Charles Olson, notices and promotional material: flyers for A curriculum of the soul from Nemesis Distribution, New York, and Olson: the journal of the Charles Olson Archives at the University of Connecticut Library; newspaper cuttings, 1968-1975, principally reviews of Olson publications; two photocopies of obituary for Olson by Joel Oppenheimer from The Village Voice of 15 Jan 1970; two typescript versions of an obituary for Olson by Mottram, with cutting of printed version from The Times, 14 Jan 1970

MOTTRAM: 5/183/1-10


Eugene O'Neill: Mottram manuscript and typescript of essay 'Eugene O'Neill: themes and forms of a popular dramatist', published as 'Eugene O'Neill' pp. 21-45 in American drama ed. Clive Bloom (St Martin's, New York, 1995), associated with manuscript letter, 21 Dec 1990 from Brian Docherty about its publication; incomplete Mottram manuscript essay on O'Neill, paginated 6-16, not corresponding directly to Mottram published material; Mottram typescript charts analysing O'Neill's plays; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on O'Neill's career and on individual works; invitations from the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) radio arts programme 'Kaleidoscope' to review O'Neill plays produced in 1984, 1986; flyer for 2 talks on O'Neill by Mottram at the University of London; three duplicator-printed book lists on O'Neill; programme for performance of group of plays. Hughie and others, at the Theatre Royal Brighton, 1963; programme and information sheet for production of 'Long day's journey into night' at Arts theatre, London, 1984, and programme for 'Strange interlude' at Duke of York's, London, 1984; reviews of O'Neill plays as press cuttings, 1963, 1985

MOTTRAM: 5/183/11-13


Eugene O'Neill and the Provincetown Players: typescript of proposed introduction to book The Provincetown Players: a selection of the shorter works by Barabara Ozieblo; correspondence, 1993, about its possible publication with Sheffield Academic Press, including letter of recommendation from Mottram, 22 Dec 1993; photocopies of extracts, 'The Provincetown Players and other groups', by Joel O'Brien from Here's Provincetown (Provincetown Historical Association, Massachusetts, 1979) and chapter 13 from Time and the town: a Provincetown chronicle by Mary Heaton Vorse (Dial Press, New York, 1942)

MOTTRAM: 5/184/1-6


George Oppen, studies by Mottram: photocopy of typescript of article 'The political responsibilities of the poet: George Oppen' published in George Oppen: man and poet ed. Burton Hatlen (National Poetry Foundation, Orono, Maine, 1981), 149-167, with two typescript letters, 1980-1981, from the editor, Burton Hatlen; manuscript, typescript, photocopy of corrected typescript and photocopy of printed version of essay 'George Oppen's lyric reactions to the world: Preface to Of Being Numerous', from Over Here 8/2 (Nottingham, 1988) 1-15, with further corrections noted; undated typescript letter from Michael Cuddihy of Ironwood magazine, Tucson, Arizona, refusing an unspecified essay from Mottram on Oppen, and a more complementary manuscript letter from Douglas Tallack of Over Here, 7 Mar 1989; manuscript essay on Oppen, opening 'Whereas LeRoi Jones excoriated Michael Schwerner ...'; Mottram manuscript notes, principally on secondary sources on Oppen's work

MOTTRAM: 5/184/7-18


George Oppen, booklets and other material: Discrete series (The Asphodel Bookshop, Cleveland, Ohio, 1966); Of being numerous (New Directions, New York, 1968); newspaper cutting with review of Oppen's Of being numerous by L. S. Dembo from The Nation 24 Nov 1969; photocopy of article 'The mind's own place' by Oppen from Kulchur 10 (New York, 1963); photocopy of article 'Two objectivist poets' on Charles Reznikoff and Oppen, by Thomas Clark from The Review 10 (1964); photocopy of typescript seminar paper, 'George Oppen's "Process of discovery"' by Hanne Bramness, presented at King's College London, 1986; typescript letter, 23 Feb 1973 from Tim Longville to Mottram, seeking help to arrange readings for Oppen while in London; photograph of George and Mary Oppen in London, 1973; presentation programme accompanying Oppen's 75th birthday party tribute, 24 Apr 1983; short obituary notice for Oppen in Time magazine, 23 Jul 1984; typescript letters from Rachel DuPlessis, 1984, seeking co-operation in locating Oppen's letters; manuscript card postmarked 2 Sep 1986 from Mary Oppen reinforcing DuPlessis' request, and enquiring about any tapes of Oppen readings

MOTTRAM: 5/185/1-11


Joel Oppenheimer: typescript letter from Oppenheimer to Mottram postmarked 6 Sep 1980, enclosing photocopy of typescript poem 'Acts' inscribed to Mottram; typescript letter, 20 May 1986; typescript letter, 25 Jul 1966, from the poetry workshop at St Mark's Church in the Bouwerie, New York; poem 'The only anarchist general' by Oppenheimer, issued as 50th birthday card, 30 May 1980; Oppenhemier poem opening 'it is such / a simple text ...', issued as Christmas Broadside by State University of New York at Buffalo, Dec 1979; photocopy of typescript of play 'The Great American Desert' by Oppenheimer; Oppenheimer poem A treatise published in folder format by The Brownstone press, New York, 1966, with inscription by the author (outsize); three photocopies of obituary notice for Oppenheimer from The Village Voice (New York, 25 Oct 1988); typescript of obituary notice for Oppenheimer submitted by Jonathan Williams 12 Oct 1988; Mottram poem titled 'The effort', dedicated to Joel Oppenheimer, 1975 (outsize); Mottram manuscript note on Oppenheimer, as though for a tribute, referring to his death in 1988

MOTTRAM: 5/186/1-8


George Orwell: Mottram manuscript draft essay headed 'Orwell 1903-1950'; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Coming up for air-1939'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual Orwell works, and secondary sources; pamphlet George Orwell by Tom Hopkinsons (The British Council, London, 1953); article 'Is integrity enough? A study of George Orwell' by T. A. Birrell from The Dublin Review (not dated); newspaper cuttings 1980-1983, on Orwell's books and politics; notice of launch of Collected essays ... of George Orwell (Secker & Warburg, London, 1968) at Bernard Stone's bookshop; bibliography of articles on Orwell at Portsmouth Polytechnic Library, 1961-1983

MOTTRAM: 5/187/1-8


Maggie O'Sullivan: typescript letter, 11 Aug 1977 from O'Sullivan to Mottram after meeting at Lumb Bank; typescript card of acknowledgment [1978] on Wild Hawthorn Press poemcard; typescript letter, 15 Apr 1991, thanking Mottram for introduction to Paula Claire's book, in fact published as Declarations 1961-1991 by the International Concrete Poetry Archive, Oxford, 1991; An incomplete natural history (Writers Forum, London, 1984); A natural history in 3 incomplete parts (Magenta, London, 1985); Unassuming personas (Writers Forum, London, 1985); Divisions of labour (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1986); card promoting O'Sullivan reading at Sub Voicive, 29 Mar 1988

MOTTRAM: 5/188/1


Kenneth Patchen: Mottram manuscript notes on Patchen's poetry publications

MOTTRAM: 5/189/1-9


Robert Penn Warren: Mottram manuscript essay opening 'Of Warren's eight works, all but one are set in the past ...'; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Living in honour: the South in Penn Warren, O'Connor, Faulkner and Caldwell' (Flannery O'Connor, William Faulkner, Erskine Caldwell); Mottram manuscript essay opening 'The presence of the Christ figure in Warren's poetry ...'; manuscript and typescript notes by Mottram on Penn Warren's novels and on secondary sources; manuscript summary of his career and publications, finished 1953; 'Black is not the color of my true love's hair', excerpt from a novel by Penn Warren printed in Esquire Sep 1979 (outsize); issue 6/1 of Modern Fiction Studies (Lafayette, Indiana, 1960), a Robert Penn Warren special number; circular on the publication of a volume of critical essays on Warren edited by John Longley (University of London Press, 1967); newspaper cuttings 1960-1966, including reviews

MOTTRAM: 5/190/1-3


Steve Pereira: manuscript letter to Mottram seeking work for an edition of Angel Exhaust celebrating Bob (Cobbing's) work, enclosing a copy of Pereira's booklet Memory (Local Press, London, 1986), also a second copy of Memory; I can no longer be trusted: poem for my 30th birthday (Pongo Press, London, 1986); duplicator-printed Christmas card to Mottram, 1986

MOTTRAM: 5/191/1-3


Bob Perelman: typescript letter, 13 Nov 1980 from Perelman to Mottram about shipment of magazines (?Tuumba); Mottram manuscript notes on Perelman's publications 1978-1979; photocopies of article 'Perpetual motion: what makes Bob Perelman run?' by Eileen Myles from The Village Voice Literary Supplement, Nov 1993

MOTTRAM: 5/192/1-113


Tom Pickard, correspondence with Mottram: typescript letter, Pickard to Mottram, early 1971, opening 'I'm now happily installed in Mr McKenna's Bookshop ...'; typescript letter, 15 Nov 1971, opening 'Thanks for your note ...'; manuscript letter, 6 Dec 1971, Connie Pickard to Mottram, including account of finding of a sword at Morden Tower; typescript letter, 30 Dec 1971, Pickard to Mottram, mentioning Stuart Montgomery, photocopy of typescript letter, 15 Feb 1972, Mottram to Pickard, with memorabilia of the 'Poetry Reading on Behalf of the Miners Strike Fund', 12 Feb 1972 (including photograph of Brian Patten reading 'Interruption at the Opera House'); typescript letter, 27 Mar 1972, from Pickard, on the lot of 'the poor, miserable self employed bookseller'; typescript letter, 27 Apr 1972, with drawings in blue ink; typescript letter, 10 May 1972, enclosing typescript poem on April Fool's Day; undated typescript letter [May 1972], opening 'Enclosed a bunch of poems'; manuscript letter, 10 Jun 1972, enclosing flyer for Basil Bunting reading at Morden Tower; manuscript letter, 24 Jun 1972, opening 'How are you? I know my letters may have been eratic ...'; undated manuscript letter, on back on Bunting flyer, offering Mottram records for sale; typescript letter, July (1972): 'I got your Pound Olson Golden Flower essay which reads very well and easy'; typescript letter, August (1972) opening 'Fine seeing you in such good form', and including some poems, notably 'The window'; Mottram typescript carbon of letter to Pickard, 20 Aug 1972, enclosing carbon typescript of Mottram essay on Pickard opening 'Tom Pickard's work moves out ...', being the essay 'Tom Pickard', published in Lip 1 (Philadelphia, 1972) 14-25, and also enclosing a photocopy of Pickard printed article 'Teenage unemployment-what it really feels like'; typescript letter, 23 Aug 1972, Pickard to Mottram, enclosing flyers for Morden Tower; typescript letter, 19 Sep 1972, with comments on Allen Ginsberg and Basil Bunting, photocopy of Pickard letter to Victor (Bokris), 1972, forwarded to Mottram by Pickard with brief endorsement; manuscript card, [Oct 1972], accompanying photocopy of Pickard's typescript text 'Work & Play: an open letter to the Company of the University Theatre'; Mottram typescript carbon letter, 1 Nov 1972 to Pickard, with comments on 'Work and Play', and enclosing further photocopy of Mottram article on Pickard; typescript and manuscript letter, 12 Nov 1972, Pickard to Mottram, about further reactions to 'Work and Play'; typescript letter, 19 Dec 1972, inviting Mottram north for the New Year; undated typescript letter, [late 1972], enclosing a large number of typescript carbon poems, including 'Next door's bairn', 'The gift', 'A room'; a manuscript card of Jan 1973, enclosing cuttings of Pickard letter to The Journal 2 Jan 1973 on 'Brute force of land-owning class'; typescript carbon of Mottram letter, 14 Jan 1973, mostly on an unspecified article by Alan Jackson; manuscript letter from Pickard on airmail form from Denver, 3 Mar 1973; manuscript letter on airmail form from San Francisco, 12 Mar 1973; Mottram typescript carbon letter, 4 Jun 1973 enclosing programme of the Modern American Poetry Conference at the Polytechnic of Central London, 25-27 May 1973 and feint photocopy of reading list headed 'American poetry, poetics and poetic movements in the Sixties'; manuscript letter, 8 Jul 1973 from Newcastle upon Tyne; typescript letter [mid 1973], over family arrangements; typescript letter, 6 Sep 1973, mostly about Jack Common; typescript letter, 12 Sep 1973, with mention of Jonathan Williams; typescript letter, 15 Sep 1973, as appendix to letter, 12 Sep 1973; typescript and manuscript letter, 30 Sep 1973, opening 'Just a quick burst of the fingemasha ...'; manuscript letter, 8 and 10 Oct 1973; typescript letter, 9 Oct 1973 with sheet of photographs from the North-East; typescript, 19 Oct 1973, recounting meeting with Basil and Sima Bunting and Hugh MacDiarmid; manuscript letter, 4 Nov 1973, including poem opening 'an area of soul ...'; manuscript letter, 7 Nov 1973, on moving to flat at Hubert Terrace, Gateshead; typescript letter, 16 Nov 1973, inviting Mottram to stay while reading in the north; typescript and manuscript letter, 16 Dec 1973, with some mention of 'that shattering evening'; undated manuscript letter in red ink, apparently from 1973, with references to reading Mottram's The he expression (Aloes Books, London, 1973); typescript letter, 12 Mar 1974,discussing future plans; typescript letter, 16 May 1974, about visit to the Social Security; typescript letter, 2 Jun 1974 with unsourced newspaper cutting on the redevelopment of Eldon Square, Newcastle upon Tyne; undated typescript letter, [1975], enclosing typescript of 'Stolen poems 1' dedicated to Mottram; typescript letter, 2 Mar 1976, enclosing typescript carbon poem sequence 'Fragments', with manuscript alterations; typescript letter, 16 Mar 1976, referring to his poem 'Hero dust'; typescript letter, Mar 1976; formal letter, 14 Jul 1976 from University of York to Mottram, about Pickard's candidacy for Creative Writing Fellowship, with description of post, typescript carbon of Mottram's response, 22 Jul 1976, in recommendation, and acknowledgment from University of York, 23 Jul 1976; typescript letter, 25 Aug 1976, Pickard to Mottram, about theatre work in London; manuscript letter, 13 Nov 1976 from Brixton; typescript letter, 13 Mar 1977, with flyer for 'World Poetry series' and copy of printed poem headed 'Blues-Robert Creeley'; typescript letter, 13 Sep 1977 from solicitors to Mottram seeking character witness for Pickard; envelope decorated by Pickard, postmarked 10 Oct 1977; typescript and manuscript letter, 11 Nov 1977 from Warsaw; typescript letter, 1 Feb 1978, from Warsaw, with comments about forthcoming poetry publication Hero dust from Allison & Busby (London, 1979); manuscript letter, 9 Mar 1978 in red ink about application to British Council; typescript and manuscript letter, 4 Jul 1978, England, including text of poem opening 'this pattern / we must learn ...'; card announcing marriage to Joanna Voit on 20 Jul 1978 and photocopy of invitation to wedding party; manuscript card, 20 Sep 1978, about poetry festival in Amsterdam; manuscript letter, 27 Sep 1978 from Warsaw, with account of Warsaw poetry festival; manuscript card, 22 Aug 1979 from Italy; typescript letter, 11 Sep 1979 from Warsaw, describing return from Sardinia; typescript and manuscript letter, 15 Nov 1979, with account of W. S. Graham and others reading at University of Warwick; typescript letter, 29 Nov 1979, from University of Warwick, with some description of Michael Horovitz reading; typescript letter, 31 Dec 1979 including text of 'Only new poem I wrote in Warwick ... Its called Bastad'; typescript, 30 Jan 1980 from Warwick, enclosing photocopy of unsourced Pickard article 'Serving my time to a trade', typescript letter postmarked 11 Mar 1980, enclosing information sheet on Basil Bunting at Eighty festival at Warwick University; typescript letter, May 1980 enclosing copy of typescript letter to Home Office about visa protocol for Pickard's Polish wife; manuscript letter headed 'Domburg. Wed. 28th August', [1980], in green ink; typescript letter, 31 Aug 1980, on arriving back in Warsaw; typescript and manuscript letter, 25 Sep 1980 from Warsaw; typescript letter, 15 Oct 1980 from Warsaw, about future publication projects; typescript letter, 29 Oct 1980 from Warsaw, on approaching return to 'Angerland'; typescript letter, 31 Oct 1980 from Warsaw, with request to forward an item of mail; typescript letter, 13 Nov 1980 from Warsaw, including text of poem 'A sense of history November 1974' and description of his Jonathan Martin project; manuscript letter, 27 Nov 1980 in Amsterdam; typescript letter, 13 Dec 1980 from Seigen in Germany, noting travel plans; manuscript card, 23 Dec 1980 from Warsaw; typescript letter, 16 Jan 1981 from Warsaw, with details of visit to America; typescript airmail-form, 11 May 1981 from Boulder, Colorado; typescript letter, 27 Aug 1981 from Warsaw, on reverse of note of poetry reading by D. J. Enright in Poland; manuscript card, 10 Sep 1981 from Bieszczady, with typescript letter, including 6 short poems, dispatched in envelope postmarked 30 Sep 1981; typescript letter, 19 Mar 1982 from London, enclosing flyers for day course on 'The writer in the city' at Polytechnic of Central London 12 May 1982 and for Pickard publication Jarrow March (Allison & Busby, London, 1982); undated typescript letter of similar context, with note of meeting with Harry Fainlight; typescript letter, 1 Jul 1982; typescript letter received 15 Jul 1982, about reviews of Jarrow March; typescript letter, 12 Jul 1983, acknowledging assistance; manuscript card, 21 Jul 1982, suggesting Stand as magazine for Mottram review; typescript letter, 2 Aug 1983 from Warsaw, far from 'the Tin Tart'; typescript letter, 10 Aug 1983 from Warsaw, about project on Polish painter Henryk Stazewski; typescript letter, 24 Aug 1983 from Warsaw, reporting Charles Osborne's comments on Trotskeyites; typescript card postmarked 28 Oct 1983, from London, alerting Mottram to the Pickard television version of 'The Lambton Worm', relayed on 24 Nov 1983; typescript letter received 30 Dec 1985, including text of poem 'Midnight on a deserted Dutch beach'; manuscript letter, 9 Dec 1986, enclosing flyer for exhibition 'We make ships' at Sunderland Museum; typescript letter, 10 May 1987, with comments on the shipyards project; typescript letter received 25 Oct 1987, defending Tom Raworth; typescript letter, 22 Apr 1988, inviting Mottram to discussion about a poetry magazine programme for Channel 4 at Border Television; manuscript card, undated [1988-1989], reporting lack of progress on television poetry project; typescript letter, 6 Jun 1990 from Pallion Productions at Slaggyford, Cumbria; typescript letter, 10 Jul 1990, mentioning possible work in Plymouth, and enclosing a card of the Bewcastle Cross; typescript letter, 13 Oct 1990, about making documentary about the fishing industry; manuscript letter, 22 Oct 1991; typescript letter, 29 Nov 1991, on recovering from illness; typescript letter, 14 Jun 1992, on reading Moses Hardy Nickerson's poems; short manuscript note, 18 Jun 1992, with collage card, wishing Mottram well after surgery; typescript letter, 29 Jul 1992, enclosing computer print-outs of new poems including 'The bridge', 'The Three Bulls battle', and 'Miners' strike 1984/5'; typescript letter, 1 Sep 1992; formal letter, 30 Apr 1993 from The Society of Authors to Mottram, acknowledging Mottram's letter in support of a Pickard application; typescript letter, 29 Sep 1993 from Nick Woodroffe of Double Exposure, apologising to Mottram for not including him in recent television project with Pickard; typescript letter, 25 Mar 1994 from Pickard in Slaggyford, expressing his own regrets over problems in the making of 'The shadow and the substance'; typescript letter, 30 Mar 1994 in thanks for Mottram introduction to a Pickard reading; undated typescript letter from London, including text of poem 'Dawn raid on an orchard'; twenty postcards, 1971-1982, mostly with manuscript messages, from England, The Netherlands, Poland

MOTTRAM: 5/192/114-120


Tom Pickard, Mottram studies: photocopy of Mottram article 'Tom Pickard' published in Lip 1 (1972), with some manuscript corrections by Mottram; manuscript notes on unsourced article about the Morden Tower, Newcastle on Tyne; typescript carbon of new article, incorporating preceding material on Morden Tower, and material from Lip article, to make new piece published in Poetry Information 18 (1978); completed version in typescript and collage of the Poetry Information version of the article; Mottram manuscript note on 'The Jarrow March', Pickard radio item, 1976; typescript transcript of interview of Pickard by Mottram at The Poetry Society 23 Oct 1972; typescript of Mottram introduction for Pickard's reading at Compendium Books, Camden Town, 28 Mar 1994

MOTTRAM: 5/192/121-130


Tom Pickard, typescripts of works: Pickard film script entitled 'Squire', typescript, apparently reproduced on a duplicator; photocopy typescript of Pickard's radio documentary 'The Jarrow March', 1976; typescript of Pickard poem headed 'Rat Palace', dedicated to Mottram; typescript carbon of prose piece by Pickard headed 'The poets mate'; typescript carbon of prose piece by Pickard about a railway journey to Warsaw, opening 'Everything is moving backwards ...'; typescript carbon of prose piece by Pickard headed 'Rat', including an account of the Balcombe Street siege; photocopy of working typescript text of Hero dust, published by Allison & Busby, London, 1979; photocopy of working typescript text of part of High on the walls, published by Fulcrum Press, London, 1967; letterpress poem card from Slug Press, Vancouver, 1981, with text opening 'in search of ingenuousness ...'; printed poem sheet headed 'Domestic art', published by Slug Press, Vancouver, 1981

MOTTRAM: 5/192/131-137


Tom Pickard, printed work and studies: copy of Guttersnipe (City Lights, San Francisco, 1971), inscribed to Mottram, with photocopy of forward to Sam Shaw's autobiographical work Guttersnipe (Sampson Low, Marston, London, 1946); issue 1 of Lip (Philadelphia, 1972) containing Mottram essay on Pickard and Pickard's 'Snake poems' and 'Class trap'; Dancing under fire (Middle Earth Books, Philadelphia, 1973) with brief Mottram notes in inside cover; copy of Pickard's introduction to exhibition of Tyneside artist Charlie Rogers' work, 1973; offprint of article 'Serving my time to a trade' from Paideuma 9/1 (1980), which refers to Basil Bunting; copy of Contact 6 (Philadelphia, 1973), a Pickard special issue, including poems by Pickard, an interview by Bockris-Wylie, and articles by Robert Bly and Peter Mortimer, with covering note to Mottram from Jeff Goldberg; Poetry Information 18 (London, 1977-1978), including interview of Pickard by Mottram; letter to press by Pickard about police powers to search, with apposite second cutting from Guardian of 5 Apr 1983

MOTTRAM: 5/192/138-145


Tom Pickard, promotional material and reviews: flyer for Pickard's book of poems, High on the walls, published by Fulcrum Press, London, 1967; list of autumn events at Morden Tower, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1972photocopy of satirical press release about 'TV bias prize' forwarded to Mottram by Pickard in 1973; photograph of Pickard, early 1980s, against background of Newcastle upon Tyne architecture; invitation to preview of Pickard film about Roy Fisher Birmingham is what I think with, on 26 Nov 1991; printed curriculum vitae listing works in various media, to 1991; flyer for Pickard television item 'The shadow and the substance', about unemployment, screened 27 Mar 1994, 3 copies; newspaper cuttings, 1971-1982, about Pickard and his work

MOTTRAM: 5/193/1-5


Ezra Pound, Mottram's published essays: typescript draft and typescript carbon of final version of essay, 'Pound, Merleau-Ponty and the phenomenology of poetry' published in Ezra Pound: tactics for reading ed. Ian F. A. Bell (Vision Press, London, and Barnes & Noble, Totowa, New Jersey, 1982), 121-147; brief manuscript and typescript 'acknowledgments in the Pound article', apparently relating to the above item; typescript carbon of essay '"Man under fortune": bases for Ezra Pound's poetry' published in Modern American Poetry ed. R. W. (Herbie) Butterfield (Vision Press, London, and Barnes & Noble, Totowa, New Jersey, 1984), 77-92, with manuscript draft of the essay on blue paper; two typescript letters, 1983, from Butterfield at the University of Essex, as editor, and comment in a typescript letter, 28 Jan 1983 from Bob Lee; proof copy, with some manuscript corrections, of essay 'Pound, Whitman and the American epic transmission' published in Pound in multiple perspective ed. Andrew Gibson (Macmillan, Basingstoke, 1993), 216-244; uncorrected proofs of essay 'Ezra Pound in his time' published in Ezra Pound and America ed. Jacqueline Kaye (Macmillan, Basingstoke, and St Martin's, New York, 1992), 93-113, with typescript carbon draft endorsed 'This paper was initially delivered ... at the Seventh International Ezra Pound Conference, 1981', and typescript and manuscript letters, 1990-1991, from Kaye, as editor

MOTTRAM: 5/193/6-19


Ezra Pound, Mottram unpublished essays: manuscript draft and typescript revised form of essay headed 'Primal historicity' and opening 'In his (i.e. Maurice Merleau-Ponty's) essay "Eye and Mind" ... '; manuscript essay opening 'Jerome Rothenberg provides a scale and a political urgency ... ', and headed 'Margins article', though not actually published in Margins magazine; typescript essay opening 'A passage in Maurice Merleau-Ponty's "Preface .... "'; manuscript draft or notes headed 'Cantos'; manuscript draft essay headed 'Pound-1885' and with an epigraph from Canto XVII; manuscript draft essay headed 'A reading of two sections of Canto 74'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'On March 1, 1955, Edward Dahlberg wrote to Herbert Read ... '; manuscript essay headed 'Pound-Olson-Brown'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Ezra Pound', opening 'The method and pleasure in the Cantos is delineated in Canto 79 ... ', 61 pages; manuscript essay headed 'Pound on race etc.', paginated (1)-4, 11, 13, 5, 12, (14)-22, on blue and white paper; manuscript essay headed 'Notes on fascism and literature'; manuscript essay, cancelled throughout, headed 'Phenomenology and poetry'; manuscript essay opening 'Pound to his father on the shape of the Cantos ...', paginated A-C, 'Opening', 'Intro', (1)-8; typescript essay opening 'Since process is a key term ...'

MOTTRAM: 5/193/20-28


Ezra Pound, Mottram on Pound and music: typescript essay headed 'Ezra Pound's tastes in music', with untitled manuscript draft, and manuscript rough notes headed 'Pound and music'; Mottram manuscript notes on secondary sources, with some extra notes in another hand; programme for concert 'Ezra Pound: composer' in San Francisco, 1983, with additional French and English text of 'Le testament de Villon'; two typescript letters from Jeremy Silver of The National Sound Archive, London, inviting Mottram to talk on Pound in October 1985, with extracts from the Sound Archive catalogue regarding Pound; Mottram manuscript essay on pink paper headed 'A celebration of the centenary of Ezra Pound', being the text prepared for the Sound Archive evening; typescript essay opening 'The method of the Cantos is a rapid notation ...'; manuscript essay on yellow paper headed 'Performance'; typescript essay headed 'American poetics and Ezra Pound'; manuscript and typescript notes in preparation for the above items

MOTTRAM: 5/193/29-30


Ezra Pound, Mottram notes: Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Pound's poems, including annotations of photocopied or re-typed poems, separate notes on the Cantos, and extensive notes on secondary sources, and some chronological literature; photograph of a 15th century carving of an angel from Rimini

MOTTRAM: 5/193/31-34


Ezra Pound, material by Pound: photocopy of Pound article 'How I began' from T. P.'s Weekly (6 Jun 1913), 707; copy of booklet Love poems of Ancient Egypt translated by Pound and Noel Stock (New Directions, New York, 1962); photocopy of The cantos of Ezra Pound, CX-CXVI (Fuck You Press, New York, 1967) (outsize); Drafts and fragments of Cantos CX-CXVII (New Directions, New York, 1968), with annotations by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 5/193/35-50


Ezra Pound, studies: issues 1 and 2 of Academia Bulletin, a Washington, D. C. [1956], leaflet-format magazine in honour of Pound; photocopy of article 'Ezra Pound and segregation' by Jack Stafford from London Magazine (Sept 1969); Agenda: special issue in honour of Ezra Pound's eightieth birthday 4/2 (London, 1965), including articles by Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, and poem by Bails Bunting; typescript outline for a thesis on 'Ezra Pound and provençal poetry' by Peter Makin, 1969; typescript and manuscript letters from Peter Makin to Mottram, 1970-1972, with comments on textual details in Pound; offprint of review by Peter Makin of Stuart Y. McDougal's Ezra Pound and the troubadour tradition (Princeton University Press, New Jersey and Oxford University Press, London, 1972); offprint of article 'Ezra Pound and Scotus Erigena' by Peter Makin from Comparative Literature Studies 10/1(Illinois, 1973), 60-83, with covering note from the author; offprint of article 'Ezra Pound's abilities as translator of Provençal' by Peter Makin from Poetica 4 (Tokyo, 1975) 111-132; article on Pound on Camões in Portuguese by Stephen Wilson (Fender Editions, Coimbra, Portugal, 1980); The cantos (121-150) Ezra Pound, poems about Pound, published as Unmuzzled Ox 23 (New York, 1984) (outsize); photocopy of typescript essay 'Pound and/or fascism' by 'Kenny' [1986]; offprint of article 'Ezra Pound: the color of his money' by Martin A. Kayman from Paideuma 15/2-3 (Orono, Maine, 1986), with corrections by the author; computer print-out of essay 'Pound's Browning' by John Woolford, with Mottram manuscript notes on separate sheet, and Mottram typescript letter to Woolford, 5 Sep 1990 summarising his comments; computer print-out of revised version of Woolford essay, now titled '"What's left for me to do?": Pound, Browning and the problem of poetic influence'; photocopy of article 'Floating the Pound: the circulation of the subject of The Cantos' by Maud Ellmann from Oxford Literary Review, not dated; photocopies of review of works on Pound, without publishing details

MOTTRAM: 5/193/51-66


Ezra Pound, conferences and exhibitions: programme for 'Ezra Pound, 1885-1972: a celebration' at University Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, 26 Nov 1972; notices of conference on Ezra Pound at University College London, 9-12 Sep 1977; copies of duplicator-printed items 'Draft of glosses for Canto 90, Canto 91, and Canto 107' and 'Addenda and corrections to glosses' prepared by Caroll F. Terrell for the Ezra Pound Conference at University College London, 1977; programme of exhibition 'Ezra Pound in the magazines' by Geoffrey Soar at the Flaxman Gallery, University College London, 1977; information on Ezra Pound Conference at Durham University, 1979, with invitations to Mottram to participate from Ric Caddel and Diana Collecott; programme and circulated information about the Seventh International Ezra Pound Conference at Tapton Hall, University of Sheffield, 11-14 Apr 1981; details of International Ezra Pound Conference 'Ezra Pound and history' at Middlesex Polytechnic, 5-8 Apr 1982; two flyers for Eighth International Pound Conference 'Ezra Pound and the visual arts' at University of Reading, 28-30 Mar 1983 (note: outsize); flyer and events list for Ezra Pound Symposium at Tate Gallery, London, 19 Oct 1985; details of Ezra Pound Conference, Oxford, 14-16 Apr 1987 including schedule of events and list of participants; hand-outs distributed at the Oxford conference, including copy of unsourced article, 'Yeats's version of Colonus' praise' by Brian Arkins; flyers for 13th International Pound Conference at University of Essex, 5-7 Sep 1989; letter of invitation to the 14th International Pound Conference at Schloss Brunnenburg in the Italian Tyrol, 3-5 Jul 1991; letter of invitation to the '15th Ezra Pound International Conference' at Rapallo, Italy, 14-16 Jul 1993; flyer for 16th Ezra Pound International Conference, 'Ezra Pound and France', at Brantôme, France, 18-21 Jul 1995; letters to Mottram in connection with the conferences, from Wendy Flory, Viris Cromer, Matin Kayman

MOTTRAM: 5/193/67-69


Ezra Pound, promotional material: two photographs of Ezra Pound with Charles Olson [1970]; flyers for publications of texts by Pound; newspaper cuttings, 1969-1974, on Pound and his work, including an obituary ba Basil Bunting

MOTTRAM: 5/194/1-3


F. T. Prince: manuscript letter to Mottram, 13 Oct 1974, after meeting in London; manuscript letter to Mottram, 15 Jan 1975, enquiring about readings in America; manuscript letter to Mottram, 25 Jun 1975, on leaving for Jamaica

MOTTRAM: 5/195/1-3


J. H. Prynne: typescript letter, 3 Jun 1987 from Prynne to Mottram expressing regret being unable to spare time to attend a reading by Robert Kelly; booklet Word order by Prynne (Prest Roots Press, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, 1989), with covering manuscript note, 31 May 1990 from Iain Sinclair; booklet Not-you by Prynne (Equipage, Cambridge, 1993)

MOTTRAM: 5/196/1-12


Thomas Pynchon: Mottram typescript essay headed 'Thomas Pynchon, 1. Under the rose (1961) and Entropy (1960)'; Mottram typescript essay opening 'The epic urge of V ...'; Mottram typescript essay headed 'The crying of Lot 49 (1966)'; a second, independent Mottram typescript essay headed 'Thomas Pynchon-The crying of Lot 49'; Mottram manuscript essay opening 'Entropy is the dynamic theory of waste', paginated 25-64; Mottram manuscript essay headed, '"Across space and time"-American texts since 1945', 104 pages, including material on Pynchon; Mottram manuscript notes on individual Pynchon projects and themes; photocopy of Pynchon article 'A journey into the mind of Watts' from The California Dream ed. Dennis Hale and Jonathan Eisen (Collier Books, New York, 1968), 2 copies; typescript essay 'Thomas Pynchon: V-the redemptive possibilities of sexual love' by Wayne Harper, 1977; typescript essay 'Some points of intersection in the works of Thomas Pynchon' by Mark Bell, 1984; photocopy of unsourced essay 'Repression's Rainbow: the presence of Norman O. Brown in Pynchon's big novel' by Lawrence C. Wolfley; newspaper cuttings 1973-1990, primarily reviews but including passages on the 6-cent stamp, 1968 and the films of Kurosawa (with Mottram pencilled note 'American hero = samurai'); two copies of newspaper cuttings containing article 'Is it O.K. to be a Luddite?' by Pynchon from The New York Times Book Review of 20 Oct 1984 (note: these cuttings are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/197/1-3

1979, 1985

George Quasha: typescript letter, 19 Apr 1985 to Mottram, hoping to meet in London; tall poster poem on text 'Adam ate an apple', 1979 (outsize); poem leaflets 'Extratexterrial lecture tour of the man of light' by George Quasha and 'Lost paper or long text in short letters' by Susan Quasha, 1979

MOTTRAM: 5/198/1-16


Carl Rakosi: typescript letter, 23 Jun 1975, Rakosi to Mottram, suggesting a review opportunity; typescript letter, 26 Jul 1977, describing first performance of his poem 'My experiences in Parnassus'; typescript letter, 20 Oct 1979, about forthcoming visit to London; typescript letter, 24 Jan 1980, arranging reading in London; typescript letter, 13 Mar 1980, about last minute arrangements; typescript letter, 26 Mar 1980, on further detail; typescript letter, 24 Mar 1987, recalling London; manuscript letter, 3 Jan 1988, about forthcoming visit to London; manuscript, typescript and hand-corrected proofs of Mottram article '"A Mind Working": Carl Rakosi', published in Carl Rakosi: man and poet ed. Michael Heller (National Poetry Foundation, University of Maine at Orono, 1993), 369-385; three letters, 1987, 1989, 1990, from the editor, Michael Heller, about the project; Mottram manuscript notes, principally on recordings of Rakosi reading; printed notes introducing Rakosi reading in London and Cambridge, not dated; typescript letter, 27 Oct 1973 to Mottram, about progress in arranging readings for Rakosi in England, possibly from Roger Guedalla; booklet My experiences in Parnassus by Rakosi, published as Sparrow 53 (Santa Barbara, California, 1977), 2 copies; photocopy excerpt from Selected poems (1941); newspaper cutting from 1968, a review

MOTTRAM: 5/199/1-31


Elaine Randell: typescript letter to Mottram of Jan 1972, with appreciation of Poetry Review; typescript letter, [mid 1972], including news of her marriage to Barry MacSwenney on 13 May; typescript letter, Oct 1972, announcing the launch of a new magazine, Harvest, to be edited by herself and Barry MacSweeney; typescript letter, Feb 1973, about poems for Poetry Review; typescript letter, Mar 1973, on return from holiday in Scotland; manuscript letter, Mar 1973 on accpetance of poems for Poetry Review; typescript letter, 6 Apr 1973, about approaching Bernard Stone as a publisher; typescript letter, 2 Aug 1973, enclosing typescript text ;Watching work in the factory opposite'; typescript letter, 6 Jan 1974, seeking contact; typescript letter, 29 Jan 1974, on new typewriter; typescript and manuscript letter, not dated,[Easter 1974], opening 'How are you. Well I hope and not letting the awful business at your work get you down too much'; typescript letter, Jul 1974 about publication of 'Watching women with children'; typescript letter, Aug 1974, with estimate of 'David M's reading'; typescript letter, not dated, but possibly 1975, quoting a Frank O'Hara poem; typescript letter, Jan 1977, desribing Folkestone; typescript letter, not dated, [1977], with further reference to Folkestone; typescript letter, 11 Aug 1977, seeking reference for college course; typescript letter, 30 May 1979, about her college course; typescript letter, 5 Feb 1980, seeking to re-establish contact; manuscript card and letter, 15 Nov 1986, after meeting up; four cards and one notelet to Mottram, 1973-1981; typescript of poem 'Rousing the sleepers', 1973; typescript of poem sequence 'Watching women with children', 1974; Seven poems (Transgravity Press, Deal, Kent, 1973); Songs of Hesperus (The Curiously Strong, 1973); Telegrams from the Midnight Country (Blacksuede Boot Press, Sidcup, Kent, 1973); Untitled (Sceptre Press, Rushden, Northamptonshire, 1973); Work in progress (Pig Press, Hasty Editions, Newcastle on Tyne, 1980); Songs for the sleepless (Pig Press, Durham, 1982); Gut reaction (North & South, Twickenham and Wakefield, 1987; undated booklet Hard to place (Pig Press, Durham)

MOTTRAM: 5/200/1


John Crowe Ransom: Mottram typescript carbon essay on Ransom, with manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 5/201/1-36


Tom Raworth, letters to Mottram: manuscript letter headed Easter Sunday 1966 from Barnet, about printing and publishing work; typescript letter, 7 Jul 1966, including text of 'Untitled' poem; manuscript letter, 10 Aug 1966 to Mottram in New York, suggesting contacts; typescript letter, 24 Aug 1966 to Mottram in New York, enquiring about orders from Ted Wilentz' bookshop; typescript letter, 14 April, 1967 on green paper, seeking Mottram's endorsement for application to study Latin American literature at Essex University; typescript letter, 17 Jul 1967 about problems with Goliard Press; typescript letter, 25 Aug 1967 from Colchester, commenting on move to Essex; typescript letter, 5 Oct 1967, seeking subscription to aid Mexican poet Jose Emilio Pacheco; typescript letter, 28 Sep 1967 on success of Pacheco's visit; typescript letter, 15 May 1968 from Granada, including text of poem 'El barco del abismo'; typescript letter, 30 May 1968 from Granada, on recent publications; manuscript letter, 21 Jun 1968 from Colchester, on forthcoming publications; typescript letter, marked 1968 by Mottram, from Raworth at Colchester, noting problems with National Assistance Board; typescript letter [21 Mar 1969] reporting own illness and news of Ed Dorn; typescript letter, 1 Aug 1969, on lack of grant to continue studying; typescript letter, 25 Nov [1969] complaining at Ian Hamilton review in Times Literary Supplement; typescript letter, 15 Aug 1970, reporting job offer from University of Iowa; typescript letter, 7 Oct 1970, reporting failure of Iowa offer, but hoping for some readings in America instead, and enclosing newspaper cutting on workshops and readings at St Mark's Church in the Bouwerie, New York; typescript letter, 17 Aug [1972] about offer to teach in Ohio; typescript letter, 2 Feb 1974 from Val and Tom Raworth, in Chicago; typescript letter, 25 Mat 1974 from Tom Raworth on recent writing; typescript airmail letter from from Austin Texas [1974], reporting problems with Fulcrum Press; typescript airmail letter form postmarked Jan 1975 from California, on move from Austin Texas to San Francisco; typescript airmail letter form, 20 Apr 1975 from California, seeking assistance; typescript airmail letter form, 1 Aug (1975), including text of poem 'Tone cone'; manuscript letter, 17 Nov 1978 from Cambridge, excusing himself from reading in London; manuscript letter, 15 Sep 1980, mentioning own heart condition; manuscript letter, 17 Oct 1980, with mention of Cris Cheek; typescript letter, 13 Jan 1982, seeking educational advice for his daughter; manuscript letter, 24 Jun 1982, about anthology opportunity; typescript letter, 16 Jun 1986, translating excerpt from article on British poetry by Bernd Dietz in Syntaxis (Barcelona); manuscript letter, 1 Nov 1990, on return from visit to Europe; computer-printed letter, 28 May 1992, describing Coimbra in Portugal; manuscript letter, 12 Jun 1992 on recent and forthcoming poetry events; two manuscript letters from Val Raworth to Mottram, Jul 1968 and 3 Feb 1992; manuscript and typescript cards, greeting cards, and postal art, 1967-1994, 13 items

MOTTRAM: 5/201/37-41


Tom Raworth, Mottram studies and promotional items: brief manuscript note on Raworth, quoting Raworth and his reaction to American literature; manuscript and typescript of assessment of Raworth's work and career, 2 pages; flyers for Raworth publications, 4 items; manuscript letter, 20 Aug 1982 from Kit Robinson in California, seeking biographical information on Raworth; two newspaper cuttings, 1963, 1969, with reviews of Raworth's work

MOTTRAM: 5/201/42-45


Tom Raworth: poster-poem 'Continuation' with text by Raworth and illustration of rose by Barry Hall (Goliard Press, London, 1966) (outsize), (see also MOTTRAM 12 for a second version); typescript of poem sequence 'Lion lion', 21 Jun 1968; unbound pages from The relation ship (Goliard, London, 1966); computer print-out of text of Tom's book of sonnets

MOTTRAM: 5/201/46-63


Tom Raworth, booklets: My son the haiku writer (Trigram Press, London, 1968), section by Raworth in book with John Esam and Anselm Hollo, overall titled Haiku; The big green day (Trigram Press, London, 1968); Lion lion (Trigram Press, London, 1970); with Asa Benveniste & Ray Di Palma: Time being (Blue Chair, London, 1972); Bolivia: Another end of ace (Secret Books, London, 1974), 2 copies; Energy gap (Omnation Press as Ditto Rations Chapbook Series 9, no place of publication given, 2nd printing, 1976); The mask (Poltroon Press, Berkeley, 1976, as Poltroon Modern Poets vol. 1), 2 copies, one enclosing typescript letter from publisher Alastair Johnston to Mottram; Log book (Poltroon Press, Berkeley, 1976), illustrated by Frances Butler; Ace (The Figures, Berkeley, 2nd edn 1977); Tom Raworth: Selections from his forthcoming book 'Writing', printed to accompany a reading at Duke University, 1977; Common sense, a notebook-style publication (no publisher or place given, 1976), inscribed by Mottram 'Air Gallery, London April 27, 1977-gift of Tom Raworth'; Sky tails (Lobby Press, Cambridge, 1978), 2 copies; Four door guide (Street Editions, Cambridge, 1979); Nicht wahr, Rosie? Miscellaneous poems 1964-69 (Poltroon Press, Berkeley, 1979); Only a rubber stamp and time (printed for the author, 1983), signed by the author; Heavy light, printed for the author, 3rd edn, 1984, and signed, 1987; Lazy left hand: notes from 1970-1975 (Actual Size, no place of publication, 1986); All fours (Microbrigdae, London, 1991); (note: found in group with Outburst 1 and 2, The relation ship (Goliard Press, London, 1966), A serial biography (Fulcrum Press, London, 1969), John Ashbery, Lee Harwood, Tom Raworth (Penguin Modern Poets 19, 1971), Moving (Cape Goliard, 1971), Act (Trigram Press, London, 1973))

MOTTRAM: 5/202/1-2


Ishmael Reed: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Ishmael Reed', with typescript covering letter, 3 Oct 1992 to Shamoon Zamir, calling it 'the Ishmael Reed poetry essay'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Black literature and Reed

MOTTRAM: 5/202/3-7


Ishmael Reed, studies, studies by Shamoon Zamir: photocopy of typescript essay by Shamoon Zamir headed, 'Jitterbugging in the Republic: the alternative epistemology of Ishmael Reed', Feb 1986; typescript of essay 'Displacement and metamorphosis in the poetics of Ishmael Reed, or, Blake in Birdland' by Shamoon Zamir [1987]; typescript letters, 21 Nov 1987 and 21 May 1988 from Zamir in America to Mottram, and manuscript card postmarked 31 Aug 1988; bound copy of computer printout of Shamoon Zamir thesis 'Blake in Birdland: music, history and collage in the work of Ishmael Reed' in 2 bound parts, 'section 1, Musical Books of the Dead', 'section 2, Patchworks & necromancy', Oct 1988; bound copy of computer printout of Shamoon Zamir essay 'Jewish vodoun baffles posse: a report on literary capital gains from Ishmael Reed' [1989]

MOTTRAM: 5/202/8-10


Ishmael Reed, studies and reviews: photocopy of typescript essay 'Ishmael Reed: Neo-Hoo Doo satirist and saboteur of American historical orthodoxy' by Julian Cowley; unattributed typescript essay headed 'Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo (1972): detectives, histories, texts', with marginal comments by Mottram; two newspaper reviews from 1968 and one from 1986

MOTTRAM: 5/203/1-4


Carlyle Reedy: manuscript letter, 28 Jan 1981 to Mottram, explaining failure to give planned reading at King's College London; Sculpted in this world (Bluff Books, London, 1979), 2 copies; Combing for music, combine of part pieces, published as RWC 4-5 (London, 1991); two flyers for Reedy events, one dated 1978

MOTTRAM: 5/204/1-4


Kenneth Rexroth, Mottram studies and some letters: unbound proof copies of Mottram's The Rexroth Reader (Jonathan Cape, London, 1972) with covering note, 24 Jun 1971 from Jonathan Cape Ltd; typescript letter, 27 Mar 1972 from James Laughlin of New Directions, New York, Rexroth's publisher, praising the Reader; manuscript letter, 7 Apr 1972 from Rexroth to Mottram, in appreciation of the Reader; Mottram manuscript essay on Rexroth, opening 'Rexroth distinguishes between ...'

MOTTRAM: 5/204/5-12


Kenneth Rexroth, articles and studies: photocopy of typescript transcript of broadcast by Rexroth, called 'The Beat Generation'; Rexroth article 'What's behind the revolt in our colleges' from Swank 8/4 (1961); photocopy of Rexroth's 'San Francisco letter' from Evergreen Review, not dated; photocopy of Rexroth article 'The new American poets' from Harper's Magazine, Jun 1965; Rexroth article 'Ids and animuses' from New York Times Book Review, 17 Mar 1968; photocopy of typescript essay '"Transcendent architecture": Buddhist influences on the poetry of Kenneth Rexroth' by Thomas Evans [1991]; typescript letter, 27 Appr 1985 from Linda Hamalian to Mottram seeking assistance in a biography of Rexroth; newspaper cutting with review of Rexroth from The Nation, 6 Jun 1966

MOTTRAM: 5/205/1-2


Charles Reznikoff: brief Mottram manuscript notes on Reznikoff's career and secondary sources about his work; photocopy of typescript dissertation 'A critical examination of the life and works of Charles Reznikoff' by J. E. Sutherland, 1980

MOTTRAM: 5/206/1


Laura Riding: computer printout of first eleven chapters of a biography of Riding by Deborah Baker, with covering note to Mottram, 16 Nov 1990

MOTTRAM: 5/207/1-5


Denise Riley: manuscript letter, 2 Dec 1982 from Riley to Mottram, enclosing photocopies of typescript translations of Hölderlin poems; typescript letter, 3 May 1989 to Mottram about a contribution to 'a book of essays' she is editing; manuscript letter, 19 Jan 1991 to Mottram, regretting the project 'Poets on writing: Britain 1970-1991' is now complete without further submissions; Marxism for infants (Street Editions, Cambridge, 1977); Stair spirit (Equipage, Cambridge, 1992)

MOTTRAM: 5/208/1-7


Peter Riley: note of new address in Denmark, 1969, and typescript of draft of poem 'Cream puff', 17 Aug 1969; typescript letter to Mottram from Macclesfield [1972]; manuscript letter, 10 Dec 1972, with comments on Poetry Rewiew; typescript letter, 29 Mar 1976, about Mark Hyatt in Poetry Review vol. 65/2-3; typescript letter, 26 Oct 1982 about selection of poems; typescript letter [1984] regretting bad weather preventing meeting Mottram in London; The linear journal (Grosseteste Review Books no. 9, Pensnett, Staffordshire, 1973)

MOTTRAM: 5/209/1-8


Jerome Rothenberg, letters: typescript letter, 12 Nov 1972, enclosing flyer for magazine Alcheringa; typescript letter, 23 Apr 1975, enclosing information on new project Revolution of the word (Seabury Press, New York, 1975); typescript letter, 2 Mar 1980, about trip to Europe in mid-summer; typescript letter, 21 Jul 1982, about forthcoming tour of Europe; typescript letter, 30 May 1983, inviting contribution of poems to Sulfur magazine; typescript letter, 3 Jul 1986 enclosing photocopy of typeset poem '15 flower world variations' with drawings by Harold Cohen; typescript letter, 7 Sep 1994, about forthcoming visit to London; two manuscript postcards, 1982, 1984

MOTTRAM: 5/209/9-17


Jerome Rothenberg, studies and some promotional material: manuscript and typescript carbon of Mottram essay 'Where the real song begins: the poetry of Jerome Rothenberg'; copy of published essay in situ in Vort 7 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1975); Mottram typescript introduction to videotape of Rothenberg performance; Mottram typescript notes on 'Ethnic poetry' with reference to Rothenberg; Mottram typescript and manuscript notes on individual projects of Rothenberg's, with bibliographical notes; two typescript letters and a card from Gavin Selerie, as joint editor of The Riverside interviews: 4-Jerome Rothenberg (Binnacle Press, London, 1985); photocopy of curriculum vitae and bibliography for Rothenberg to 1986; newspaper cuttings, 1969-1970, on Rothenberg projects, with some inserted notes by Mottram; flyer for Rothenberg talk and reading at King's College London, 17 Nov 1994

MOTTRAM: 5/209/18-21


Jerome Rothenberg, texts: photocopy of Rothenberg's 'American medicine narrative' from Poetry Review 63/1 (1972), 2 copies; typescript proposal for anthology 'Poems for the millenium (sic): The 20th-century avant-gardes revisited' to be edited by Rothenberg and Pierre Joris; formal letter, 17 Nov 1992 from The University of California Press to Mottram, seeking his comments on the proposed contents on the anthology; print-out of 'commentaries' i.e. editorial material from vol. 1 of Poems for the millennium

MOTTRAM: 5/209/22-40


Jerome Rothenberg, printed material: New young German poets (translation) (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1959); White sun black sun (Hawk's Well Press, New York, 1960); The seven hills of Jigoku Zoshi (Trobar, New York, 1962), with enclosure of a poem from the book in Mottram typescript; The Gorky poems with version in Spanish by Sergio Mondragón, published as El Corno Emplumado 9 (Mexico, 1966); Ritual: a book of primitive rites and events (Great Bear Pamphlets, New York, 1966); The flight of Quetzalcoatl (translation) (Unicorn, Brighton, 1967), 2 copies of signed limited edition; Conversations (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1968); Poland / 1931 (Unicorn Press, Brighton, [1969]), in folder with inserts, plus extra insert of printed form of poem 'Poland / 1931-The wedding' posted by Rothenberg to Mottram; The directions, poem by Rothenberg with images by Tom Phillips (Tetrad Press, London, 1970 (outsize); A book of testimony (Tree Books, Santa Barbara, 1971); Esther K. comes to America (Unicorn Press, Greensboro, North Carolina, 1974); The notebooks (Membrane Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1976); Narratives and real theater pieces (Braad Editions, Bretenoux, France, 1977); Rothenberg and Harris Lenowitz Gematria 27 (Membrane Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1977), cards in a box; Abulafia's circles (Membrane Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1979, with covering card from Rothenberg; Songs from the society of the mystic animals (Spot Press, London & Published Books, New York, 1982); Altar pieces (Station Hill Press, Barrytown, New York, 1982); flyer for Sightings I-IX to be published in 1968; presentation pen with stanza of Rothenberg's printed on it; postcard (undated, unused) of Rothenberg's 'Old Man Beavers blessing song'; (note: found with The book of hours and constellations (translations of poems by Eugen Gomringer, Something Else Press, New York, 1968), Between: poems 1960-1963 (Fulcrum Press, London, 1967), Poems 1964-1967 (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1968), Poems for the game of silence 1960-1970 (The Dial Press, New York, 1971), Poland / 1931 (New Directions, New York, 1974), A Seneca journal (New Directions, New York, 1978), Khurbn and other poems (New Directions, New York, 1989) inscribed by author, the festschrift Joy! paise! Jerome Rothenberg at 60 (Ta'wil Books, Encinitas, California, 1991), and magazines Poems from the floating world, Trobar 3, The New York Quarterly Winter 1971, Some/thing 1)

MOTTRAM: 5/210/1-28


Muriel Rukeyser, letters: manuscript letter, 9 Jul 1963, about an arranged reading in London; manuscript letter, 10 Nov 1963, seeking a graduate or undergraduate assistant; telegram, 21 Apr 1966, with invite to party after a reading; manuscript letter on airmail form, 29 Jun [1966], in response to points by Mottram; manuscript letter postmarked 25 Sep 1968, hoping to make contact; manuscript letter on airmail form, 21 Nov 1969, about visit to Oxford; manuscript letter on airmail form, postmarked6 Apr 1970, arranging to meet during visit to London; manuscript letter, 21 Sep 1971, with scheme for book of Mottram essays and poems to be called 'Map-Makers'; manuscript letter, 25 Nov 1971, about possible publication of set of Mottram essays; telegram, 26 Nov 1971, with information on visit to London; manuscript letter, 29 Dec 1971, about publishing prospects; typescript letter, 30 Apr 1975, after spell in hospital, seeking advice for a new poet; manuscript letter postmarked 16 Aug 1976, about visit to London; typescript letter, 6 Jul 1978, about forthcoming visit to 'a health place in Suffolk' to improve on poor walking ability; typescript letter, 9 Aug 1978, hoping to meet up during visit to London; typescript letter, 18 Oct 1978, about The Poetry Society break-up; typescript and manuscript letter, 29 Mar 1979, about keys to her flat; undated manuscript note enclosing newspaper cutting about unusual foot-tickling case; undated manuscript note explaining some historical references; undated manuscript note reporting floods in Dorset; postcard from Spain and unused spare, printed with Rukeyser's text, 'The poems as mask: Orpheus'; Mottram typescript introduction to a reading by Rukeyser in London in 1963, with manuscript notes on her work; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Rukeyser's work, including a list of dates; photocopy of text of Slected poems of Gunnar Ekelöf translated by Rukeyser and Lefi Sjöberg (Twayne, New York, 1967); photocopy of section 'The education of a poet' from Muriel Rukeyser reader ed. Jan Heller Levi (Norton, New York, 1994); a programme of a Rukeyser reading at The Coolidge Auditorium, 1965; spirit-duplicator flyer for a Rukeyser reading at New York University in 1966; newspaper cuttings 1965-1968, principally reviews, with two obituaries of Mar 1980

MOTTRAM: 5/210/29-32


Muriel Rukeyser, booklets: Elegies (New Directions, New York, 1949), signed limited edition in case; The outer banks (Unicorn Press, U. S. A., 1967); 29 poems (Rapp & Whiting, London, 1972), inscribed by author; Sun stone by Octavio Paz, trans. Rukeyser (New Directions, New York, not dated), inscribed by author, 1963; (note: found in association with the following books by Rukeyser: U. S. 1 (Covici Friede, New York, 1938), Beast in view (Doubleday, Doran & Co, New York, 1944), The life of poetry (Current Books, New York, 1949), Selected poems (New Directions, New York, 1951), One life (biography of Wendle Willkie, with poems) (Simon & Schuster, New York, 1957), Waterlily fire: poems 1935-1962 (Macmillan, New York, 1962), Willard Gibbs (a biography) (E. P. Dutton & Co, New York, 1964), The orgy (Coward-McCann, New York, 1965), The speed of darkness: poems (Random House, New York, 1968), The traces of Thomas Hariot, biography (Victor Gollancz, London, 1972))

MOTTRAM: 5/211/1-6


J. D. Salinger: Mottram typescript essay headed 'J. D. Salinger and The Catcher in the Rye', with supplementary notes especially on Salinger's view of children; Mottram typescript notes on Salinger novels; Salinger short story, 'Seymour: an introduction', from The New Yorker, 6 Jun 1959; Salinger short story, 'Hapworth 16, 1924', from The New Yorker 19 Jun 1965; article on Salinger from Time 15 Sep 1961; newspaper cuttings, 1961-1963, on Salinger's novels including article by Mary McCarthy from Harper's Magazine Oct 1962 (note: found in group with The fiction of J. D. Salinger by F. L. Gwynn and J. L. Blotner (University of Pittsburgh, 1958) and Harper's (Feb 1959) with article on Salinger by Arthur Mizener)

MOTTRAM: 5/212/1-10


Ed Sanders, letters, studies and promotional material: duplicator-printed news releaseand circuar letter, addressed 'dear Eric' and signed 'Ed', giving account of Sanders' arrest on 2 Jan 1966, and asking for funds; manuscript letter, 14 Oct 1981 from Sanders in Hamburg to Mottram, regretting cancelling visit to London, and including brief description of local Germans; circular letter postmarked 1994, seeking contributions of new verses for the hymn 'Amazing grace', with Mottram manuscript notes on the hymn and draft stanza; undated manuscript letter after visit to London; partial typescript of poem headed 'Sanders/Hymn', lacking an opening and containing pages 2-4 only; Mottram manuscript and typescript essay on Sanders, with supplementary notes on items from 1963-1965; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Sanders' career and publications; duplicator-printed sheets accompanying reading by Sanders and Ted Berrigan at The Folklore Centre, New York, 20 Dec 1965; promotional material for Sanders and his music group 'The Fugs', including review, 2 albums by Michael Horovitz from Mojo 5 (London, 1994) 106-107; newspaper cuttings, 1966-1968, on Sanders and The Fugs (note: includes one outsize item)

MOTTRAM: 5/212/11-24


Ed Sanders, booklets: Poem from jail (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1963), inscribed jocularly to Mottram by Sanders; a copy of Sanders' letterpress poem booklet King Lord / Queen Freak (Renegade Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1965); Peace eye (Frontier Press, Buffalo, 1965), inscribed by the author; Peace eye: second enlarged edition (Frontier press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1967); Fuck God in the ass (Fuck You Press, New York, 1967); The toe queen poems (Fuck You Press, New York, not dated); Egyptian hieroglyphics: a curriculum of the soul (The Institute of Further Studies, New York, 1973), with insert of typescript note to Mottram at Kent State University, Ohio, 28 Dec 1973, unsigned, but apparently from Sanders; 20,000 A. D. (North Atlantic Books, Plainfield, Vermont, 1976), signed by Sanders; Investigative poetry (City Lights, San Francisco, 1976), essay; (note: found in a group with Sanders' Shards of God: a novel of the Yippies (Grove Press, New York, 1970), Tales of Beatnik glory (Stonehill Publishing, New York, 1975), Unmuzzled Ox 4/1 (New York, 1976), The family: the story of Charles Manson's dune buggy attack battalion (Dutton & Co, New York, 1971))Some poems for Robin (P. C. C. Publications, Woodstock, New York, 1987); The ocean etude and other poems (P. C. C., 1990), including photographs as illustrative material; The poems of '92 (P. C. C., 1992); Creativity and the fully developed bard: an essay on poetics (P. C. C., 1992); The cutting prow (Am Here Books & Immediate Editions, Santa Barbara, not dated); (note: originally this group included also Sanders' books Fame & love in New York (Turtle Island Foundation, Berkeley, California, 1980), Thirsting for peace in a raging century: selected poems 1961-1985 (Coffee House Press, Mineapolis, 1987), inscribed 'Eric! / my pal / Ed / '93'; Tales of Beatnik glory vols. 1 & 2 (Citadel Press, New York, 1990); Hymn to the rebel cafe (Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa, California, 1993))

MOTTRAM: 5/213/1-3


Aram Saroyan: brief manuscript note, 15 Jun 1972, inviting Mottram to Saroyan reading in London, enclosing pamhplet of poems by Victor Bokris and Saroyan (Strange Faeces Press, London, 1972); undated typescript letter [1973] to Mottram about Telegraph Books, enclosing typescript poems by Saroyan, and Victor Bokris for forwarding; booklet, Poems, by Saroyan (Telegraph Books, Philadelphia, 1972)

MOTTRAM: 5/214/1-5


Jean-Paul Sartre: Mottram manuscript essay on Sartre; Mottram manuscript notes on Sartre's life; photocopy of interview with Sartre and articles on Sartre from Le Nouvel Observateur, 17 Mar 1980 (outsize); interview with Sartre as cutting from Le Nouvel Observateur, 21 Nov 1982, forwarded by Pierre Joris; newspaper cuttings, 1961-1989, on Sartre, primarily articles (note: 3 items are outsize, including 1961 interview of Sartre by Kenneth Tynan)

MOTTRAM: 5/215/1-3


Armand Schwener: photocopy of typescript poems by Schwener including 'After ... Uri Greenberg' and 'Letter to ... Robert Kelly'; photocopy of booklet The lightfall (Hawk's Well Press, New York, [1963]); booklet, This practice (Permanent Press, London and New York, 1976)

MOTTRAM: 5/216/1-6


Hubert Selby: Mottram manuscript draft and typescript essay 'Free like the rest of us: violation and despair in Hubert Selby's novels' The Review of Contemporary Fiction 1/2 (Elmwood Park, Illinois, 1981) 353-363, with two typescript letters, 1981, from the editor, John O'Brien; Mottram manuscript notes on themes and works of Selby; photocopy of interview with Selby from Rapid eye ed. Simon Dwyer (Annihilation press, London, 1993), 146-157; typescript letter, 9 Feb 1967 from John Calder of Calder and Boyars Ltd, asking Mottram to be 'a witness for us for Last exit to Brooklyn', with newspaper cuttings, 1966-1967, about the prosecution; brochure with material on the film version of Last exit to Brooklyn, 1990; typescript letter, 2 Feb 1990 from Susan-Mary Grant of the Institute of United States Studies Former Students' Association seeking a retrospective article on the court case from Mottram

MOTTRAM: 5/217/1-16


Gavin Selerie, letters to Mottram and some booklets: typescript letter, 27 Feb 1982, enclosing details of his Binnacle Press; typescript letter, 19 Jan 1983; typescript letter, 14 May 1983; typescript letter, 25 Jun 1983 about a William Carlos Williams reading; undated manuscript letter [1983], seeking Mottram comment on project 'Azimuth', with background information, and typescript carbon of comments Mottram sent in response; manuscript card, 21 Feb 1984, 'to remind you that I need that cover blurb for Azimuth by April ...'; typescript and manuscript letter, 18 Apr 1984 about forthcoming publication of 'Azimuth'; manuscript letter, 31 Oct 1984, enclosing book list for his Binnacle Press; manuscript letter, 17 Jan 1986, with some information on Nathaniel Tarn, and enclosing copy of Selerie review of Barry MacSweeney's book Ranter (Slow Dancer, Nottingham, 1985); typescript letter, 8 Jan 1987 about trip to America; typescript letter, 17 Apr 1988, enclosing curriculum vitae details; typescript letter, 5 Jul 1991, enclosing copy of booklet Elizabethan overhang (Spectacular Diseases, Peterborough, 1989); manuscript letter, 11 Nov 1991 about mislaid letter; manuscript letter, 19 Dec 1991, enclosing note on and photocopy mock-up of 'the text of my sonnet sequence Tilting square'; Introduction by Selerie to North Dakota Quarterly 51/4 (1983), the issue edited by Selerie, with some examples of the poems published; A guide to 'Azimuth', one of '7 copies made Jun-July 1984 for private circulation'; Southam Street (New River Project, London, 1991); from 'Roxy', published as RWC 17 (Reading [1994])

MOTTRAM: 5/218/1-20


Robert Sheppard, letters and booklets (mostly produced in collaboration with Patricia Farrell): undated manuscript letter to Mottram [1981] after reading at King's College London; undated manuscript letter to Mottram enclosing copy of Pages 17-24, Sep 1987; undated Christmas card with poem beginning 'Working the gold book ... ' and visuals; printed sheet from Royal Sheffield Institution for the Blind with 'Winning Poem for 1980 by Robert G. Sheppard', entitled 'Blickling Hall'; loose-leaf publication, Sheppard's 'Returns', as Supranormal/Rock Drill freesheet, 1983, with covering manuscript note from Sheppard; Returns: texts 1980-1984 (Textures, London, 1985), with covering notes from Robert Sheppard and Patricia Farrell; private Number (Northern Lights, London, 1986); Mesopotamia (Ship of Fools, London, 1987); Reviews (1979-1986) (Ship of Fools, London, 1987), including reviews of works by Roy Fisher, Allen Fisher and Bob Cobbing; The education of desire (Ship of Fools, London, 1988); The cannibal club (Ship of Fools, London, 1989); Winged words ((Ship of Fools), London, 1990); Looking north (Ship of Fools, undated, but similar to publications, 1988-1990); poems published as RWC 1 (Sutton, Surrey, 1990); Codes and diodes, with Bob Cobbing (Writers Forum, London, 1991); Logos on kimonos (Ship of Fools, London, 1992); Seven (Ship of Fools, London, 1992); Wayne Pratt: watering the cactus (Ship of Fools, London, 1992); Empty diaries by Sheppard and John Seed (Ship of Fools, London, 1993); Fucking time: six songs for the Earl of Rochester (Ship of Fools, London, 1994); memorial sheet for Miles Davis, 1991, and flyers for Sheppard readings and books

MOTTRAM: 5/219/1-41


Bill Sherman, correspondence: typescript letter, 2 Mar 1970 to Mottram, from University of Wales, Aberystwyth; Mottram to Sherman, typescript carbon of letter, 10 Jul 1971; typescript letter, 2 Aug 1971 to Mottram, enclosing details of Aberystwyth film course taught by Sherman; typescript letter, 20 Nov [1972]; typescript letter, 8 Dec 1972; typescript letter received 7 Jun 1976, finishing with typescript poem 'A new blues'; typescript letter, 9 May (1976), enclosing photocopy of typescript essay 'Another poke at a poietic'; Mottram to Sherman, photocopy of typescript letter, 31 May 1976 in reaction to 'Poke'; Sherman's typescript 'report on the 91st MLA' (Modern Language Association conference), postmarked 25 Jan 1977; typescript letter, 6 Feb 1978 from Philadelphia; manuscript letter, 6 Feb [1978]; typescript letter, 13 Sep 1978; typescript letter, 11 Nov 1978; typescript letter from Blowing Rock, postmarked 9 May 1978; typescript letter, 21 May 1981, in London; typescript letter, 8 Jul 1981, enclosing photocopy of typescript statement in memory of john Lennon; typescript letter, 12 Aug 1981 from Philadelphia; manuscript note received 8 Apr 1982; typescript letter, 24 Dec [1982]; typescript letter on arimail form, 31 Jan (1984) from Ventnor, New Jersey; typescript letter, 10 Aug 1986 from Philadelphia; manuscript letter, 20 Apr [1987]; manuscript letter, 23 Jul 1987; typescript letter, 17 Sep [1987] about advertising She want to go to Pago-Pago (Branch Redd Books, Philadelphia, 1986); manuscript letter, 4 Nov (1987), enclosing printed broadsheet of translations of Ruwayda Rifka poems; typescript letter, 22 Oct 1988; typescript letter on airmail form postmarked 11 May 1989; typescript and manuscript letter, 16 Jun 1989, from Philadelphia; typescript and manuscript letter, 5 Jul 1989, enclosing typescript poems 'The American yuppie poets', 'Sunday, July 2, morning', and 'No metaphor is beyond poetry'; thank you card of Feb 1990; manuscript letter postmarked 9 Feb 1990; photocopied 'Bulletin on Polynesia', issued 'Earth Day 1990'; typescript letter, 22 Apr 1991, enclosing and objecting to a letter from T. Wignesan; typescript and manuscript letter, 17 Sep [1991]; manuscript letter, 14 Dec [1992] from Moorea in French Polynesia; manuscript letter, 17 Apr 1992; typescript card, 26 Jul 1992; manuscript card, 28 Nov 1993 with image of tattoed Polynesian; manuscript note and tourist material from Moorea, posted in Philadelphia 19 Apr 1994; further letters, typescript and manuscript, Sherman to Mottram, without year indicator, 7 items; curriculum vitae of Sherman [1977],[1982] with copies of letters of recommendation from Mottram, 2 Nov 1976 and 17 Mar 1992

MOTTRAM: 5/219/42-48


Bill Sherman, Mottram essay and texts by Sherman: Mottram manuscript notes and typescript carbon of introduction for Sherman's Tahitian journals (Hearing Eye, London, 1990); letterpress poem-card by Sherman, headed 'Hydra'; typescript of poem, 'Prologue to a Journey to Spain'; poems by Sherman, mostly in photocopied typescript format, including 'Last train from Taputapuatea', 'The hills of Madagascar', 'Fuhkin Mauberly', 'Spanish songs in Mandaine Land'; photocopy of typescript of Sherman essay 'Between assassinations: American Art and Life in the 1960's; a dissolution of genre', 1980; photocopy of typescript of Sherman essay 'The poetry of Eric Mottram: a brief introduction' with covering typescript letter from Sherman, 17 Dec 1981; photocopy of article '1837: the Mandan Indians' from The Anglo-Welsh Review 69 (1981), unsourced article headed 'Concerns and language', and newspaper cutting of unsourced article 'Establishment and the poet', all items by Sherman

MOTTRAM: 5/219/49-58


Bill Sherman, booklets: The springbok (Aloes Books, London, 1973); The horses of Gwyddno Garanhir (New London Pride, London, 1976), 2 copies; Mermaids (The X Press, Hove, 1977); Heart attack & Spanish songs in Mandaine Land (Dream Tree Press, San Rafael, California, 1981); Duchamp's door (Figlet Booklets, New Malden, 1982); Coda to 'Spanish songs in Mandaine Land' (Branch Redd, Margate, New Jersey, 1984); Mermaids, pts 1 and 2 (Spanner, London, 1986); She wants to go to Pago-Pago (Branch Redd, Philadelphia, 1986); Glimpses of India and Nepal (Hearing Eye, London, 1988), 2 copies; A tale for Tusitala (Branch Redd, Philadelphia, 1993), prose

MOTTRAM: 5/219/59


Bill Sherman: photocopy typescript text of Tahitian journals (published by Hearing Eye, London, 1990), partly as proofs hand-corrected by Sherman

MOTTRAM: 5/220/1-5


Colin Simms, manuscript letters to Mottram: from Clifton in Yorkshire, 1974-1976, 7 items; from Bessie Surtees' House, Newcastle on Tyne, 1976-1982, 38 items, including enclosures of photographs and printed postcards; from various addresses in the North-East but primarily Tarset in Northumberland, 1980-1983, 12 items, including notably a letter, 7 Jun 1982 with pencil drawing of golden eagle; from Low Woodhead North in Tynedale, 1984-1994, 56 items, including notably a letter, 10-11 Sep 1987 with information on Basil Bunting; separate postcards and greeting cards, 1973-1982, 15 items

MOTTRAM: 5/220/6-10


Colin Simms, projects involving Mottram: typescript carbon of letter, 18 Jun 1974, Mottram to Simms, with comments on Simms' poems and poetic technique in general; manuscript letter from Simms to Mottram, received 31 Jul 1978, with 20 copies of title page of Mottram poetry booklet A faithful private (Genera, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1976) for signing; typescript letter, 12 Nov 1988, Mottram to Simms, about supposed launch of The new British poetry (Paladin, London, 1988), with photocopy of typescript letter from Robert Vas Dias to Simms, 7 Dec 1977, on the same subject; manuscript and typescript carbon of Mottram essay '"Essential elements in the calculation": poems by Colin Simms' that served as introduction to Simms' Goshawk lives (Form Books, London, 1995); manuscript letter, 17 Jun 1992 from Harry Gilonis to Mottram inclosing photocopies of text of Goshawk, and manuscript letter, 12 Aug 1992 from Simms to Mottram, encouraging him to undertake the introduction

MOTTRAM: 5/220/11-25


Colin Simms, poems and an essay: group of typescript carbon poems comprising 'Fox lost ... ', 'Egg-collecting ... ', 'For a meeting of elements', and 'Middlesbrough Boys' High School', 1972; typescript, 2 poems headed 'Pentland 2' and 'Pentland 7' [1975]; photocopy of typescript set of poems headed 'Of yore: a revolution', composed in 1973, with covering manuscript note to Mottram, 26 Feb 1976; typescript of poems 'Parflèche' and 'Sisseton', with covering manuscript letter, 1 May 1976; manuscript copy in black and red ink of poem 'Carcajou: an account of an encounter for two voices', with covering manuscript letter, Jul 1976; group of photocopied typescript poems on various Northern Moors, opening with a poem called 'Prone', 1976-1977; typescript carbon of poems headed 'Harley-Davidson ... ' and 'At Osgodby ... ', 1977; typescript carbon of essay headed 'Seeing', with covering manuscript letter, 7 Feb 1977; photocopy of typescript poem titled 'Airon', 1979; photocopied pamphlet of manuscript poems, titled 'Windscale', 1979; photocopied card with view of Staithes from 1953 and poem, forming new year's card for 1983-1984; photocopied sheet of card bearing drawing of 'View from Low Woodhead North' and manuscript poem 'Greetings from a first year at Low Woodhead North!', 1984-1985; photocopy of typescript poems 'Canto 47' and 'Cuddy canto' with covering manuscipt note, 7 Mar 1991; manuscript letter, 1994 from Simms to Mottram including text of poem 'For the Bassl'd land'; photocopy of undated manuscript poem 'Revelation (at Lincoln Cathedral)'

MOTTRAM: 5/220/26-46


Colin Simms, booklets: Pomes and other fruit (Headland Publications, Sheffield, 1971); Birches and other striplings (Headland Poetry Publications, Sheffield, 1973); Modesty: Swaledale summer (Headland Poetry Publications, Sheffield, 1973); Bear skull (North York Poetry, no place of publication given, 2nd edition, 1974), 2 copies; Horcum and other gods (Headland Publications, New Malden, 1974); Photosopsis for Basil Bunting (Headland Publications, New Malden, 1975); Flat Earth (Aloes, London, 1976); No Northwestern Passage (Writers Forum, London, 1976); Rushmore inhabitation (Blue Cloud Quarterly Chapbook, Marvin, South Dakota, 1976); Humility, published as Spanner 12 (London, 1977); Parflèche (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1977), 2 copies; Voices (The Many Press, London, 1977); Midwinter housewife (Twisted Wrist, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, 1978); Ingenuity: Wensleydale winter (Shadowcat, Gateshead, 1979), with covering letter from publisher, Eleanor Makepeace, to Mottram; Spirits (Shadowcat, Gateshead, 1979); Pentland (Shadowcat, no place or date of publication [1980]), 4 copies; A celebration of the stones in a water-course (Galloping Dog, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1981); Time over Tyne (The Many Press, London, 1981); Eyes own ideas (Pig Press, Durham, 1987); Cal Clothier's poetry booklet Behind Heslington Hall, ed. Simms (York Poetry, York, 1973); Shots at otters, published as RWC 19 (Reading, 1994); (note: found in group with Simms' scientific publications, Lives of British lizards (Goose & Son, Norwich, 1970), Simms and D. T. Lees-Smith A provisional key-list of recent holarctic mammalia (The Yorkshire Museum, York, 1979), Simms et al. The artist naturalist in Britain (York, 1980))

MOTTRAM: 5/221/1-11


Iain Sinclair, letters to Mottram: manuscript letter, 6 Dec 1975, accompanying a gift of books; manuscript note, 4 Jun 1979, in apparent reference to Mottram's poetry; typescript letter, 5 Sep 1983, after using Jonathan Williams' letter as cover fo poetry catalogue; manuscript letter, 6 Feb 1985; manuscript letter, 8 Oct 1986; typescript letter, 21 Oct 1986; manuscript letter, 3 Dec 1986; typescript letter, 17 Dec 1986; typescript letter, 29 Dec 1986; typescript letter, 9 May 1988, mentioning the late Alexander Trocchi and the Sigma project; typescript letter, 11 Dec 1990, with some reference to Anthony Barnett

MOTTRAM: 5/221/12-14


Iain Sinclair, 'White Chappell': typescript photocopy of Sinclair's text 'White Chappell, scarlet tracings', 1986, with covering typescript letter from John Muckle of Grafton Books, London, 12 Feb 1987, explaining that the copy was intended for forwarding to William Burroughs; Mottram manuscript notes on 'White Chappell, scarlet tracings'; typescript letter, 7 Feb 1987 from Sinclair to Mottram, enclosing typescript of 'Prima Donna'-'related, obviously, to White Chappell'

MOTTRAM: 5/221/15-18


Iain Sinclair: photocopy of excerpt from 'Downriver', comprising pages 73-107, 1989; correspondence, March-August 1990, from Grafton Books and Iain Sinclair, seeking material from Mottram to use in blurb on Downriver cover; Mottram's manuscript notes on Downriver; photocopy of typescript draft text of 'Downriver, or The vessels of wrath: a narrative in twelve tales', published in 1991 by Paladin

MOTTRAM: 5/221/19-28


Iain Sinclair, booklets: Back garden poems and stories (Albion Village Press, London, 1970); The Kodak Mantra diaries (AlbionVillage Press, London, 1971), prose, with some material on Allen Ginsberg (outsize); Muscat's Würm (Albion Village Press, London, 1972), with typescript letter from the author and list of Albion Village Press's publications; The birth rug (Albion Vilage Press, London, 1973), with typescript letter from the author; The Penances (The Many Press, London, 1977); Brown clouds (Pig Press, Heaton, 1977); Fluxions (Albion Drive Chapbook, London, 1983); Autistic poses (Hoarse Commerce, [London], 1985); Significant wreckage (Word Press, Child Okeford, Dorset, 1988, as Mir Poets 6), inscribed by the author; Jack Elam's other eye (Hoarse Comerz Press, London, 1991), inscribed by the author and accompanied by a typescript letter to Mottram, 15 May 1991, referring to problems with Paladin; (note: found with Sinclair's novels, Lud heat: a book of the dead hamlets (Albion Village Press, London, 1975) and Suicide bridge: a book of the Furies (Albion Village Press, London, 1978))

MOTTRAM: 5/221/29-35


Iain Sinclair, studies and promotional material: typescript carbon of essay 'A confluence of energies: a reading of Iain Sinclair's Lud heat' by Allen Fisher, 4 Jan 1976; details of Pyramid art project sent to Mottram by Sinclair, 1975; typescript draft of blurb for Suicide Bridge (Albion Village Press, London, 1979); promotional leaflet for Sinclair's White Chappell, scarlet tracings (Goldmark, Uppringham, Rutland, 1987) and photocopy of review by Patrick Wright in London Review of Books 9/19 (1987); typescript carbon of list of subscribers, presumably to White Chappell, with covering typescript note from Sinclair, 28 Sep 1986; promotional map associated with Sinclair's Down river (Paladin, London, 1991), with covering manuscript note from Sinclair, 19 Nov 1990; flyers for Sinclair readings and photograph of Sinclairs and audience 'at the surgical séance'

MOTTRAM: 5/222/1-20


Ken Smith, letters and studies: manuscript letter, 7 Oct 1974 to Mottram from Tufts University, Massachusetts; typescript letter, 19 Jun (1975) to Mottram, on poetry and society; typescript letter, 27 Nov 1975 to Mottram, about new prose text 'Blue's Rocket'; manuscript letter, 8 Feb 1977, forwarding an article to Mottram; typescript letter, 5 Apr 1977 about The Poetry Society resignations; typescript letter, 15 Jun 1977 with comments on Mottram's 'Herne' poems; typescript letter, 4 Oct 1977, with thoughts on interview of himself by Mottram published in Poetry Information 18 (London, 1977-1978); typescript letter, 5 May [1978] about lack of funding for poetry event at Leeds Polytechnic; manuscript letter, 25 Apr 1978 with invitation to Mottram to read in Leeds on 10 June; typescript letter, 4 Jun 1978, with details of Arts Council of Great Britain policy on fellowships; typescript letter and manuscript note [1978], about event in Leeds; typescript letter, 15 Jun (1978), after Leeds event; typescript letter, 30 Jun 1978 opening, 'Fochrochti posscorbi fushtukru polynaise urdubu bok wagoni, fushturi'; typescript letter, 4 Sep 1978, in Didcot; typescript letter, 11 Oct [1978] to Mottram, anticipating a return to America; card with design by Smith, despatched 29 Apr 1991; manuscript notes by Mottram on individual poetry books by Smith, 1973-1978; typescript transcript of Mottram interview with Smith, 23 Sep 1974; published version of interview in place in issue of Poetry Information 18 (London, 1977-1978), 50-68; newspaper cutting with letter responding to Smith article on Her Majesty's Prison Wormwood Scrubs, from New Statesman & Society, 10 Aug 1990

MOTTRAM: 5/222/21-29


Ken Smith, booklets: Eleven poems (Northern House Pamphlet Poets, Leeds, 1964); Academic Board poems (Peeks Press, Harpford, Devon, 1968); The wild rose (Stinktree Press, Memphis, Tennessee, 1973); Frontwards in a backwards movie (Arc Publications, Todmorden, Lancashire, 1975); Hawk wolf (The Sceptre Press, Knotting, Bedforshire, 1975); Wasichi: a set of poems published as Spanner 5 (London, 1975); Anus mundi: black sonnets (The Four Zoas Press, Hardwick, 1976); Island called Henry the Navigator (Cat's Pyjamas Press, Oak Park, Illinois, 1976); Abel Baker Charlie Delta epic sonnets (Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle on Tyne, 1981), with flyer from Bloodaxe Books; (note: found in association at A18 with Smith The Pity (Jonathan Cape, London, 1967) and Work, distances / poems (Swallow press, Chicago, 1972), Burned books (Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle on Tyne, 1981), The heart, the border (Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle on Tyne, 1990))

MOTTRAM: 5/223/1-9


Gary Snyder:brief typescript letter on airmail form from Snyder toMottram, 24 Feb 1975, regretting unable to come and read in England; Mottram manuscript essay opening 'Gary Snyder is very much a presence in the works of Jack Kerouac and in Allen Ginsberg's poetry ... '; Mottram manuscript draft essay on Snyder and manuscript and typescript notes on Snyder's work; Snyder poetry card, 'Go round' (Unicorn Press, Santa Barbara, 1967); 'Six poems' from magazine Holiday (Aug 1966) (outsize); photocopy of interview with Snyder from Road Apple Review 1/4-2/1 (1969-1970) 59-68; information sheet from ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) London, on performance by Snyder and Michael McClure, 1971, printing 2 Snyder poems; proposal for a film on Snyder from Colin Still, London, 1987, including copy of letter from Snyder to Still, 24 Oct 1994; newspaper cuttings, 1966-1969, principally reviews of Snyder's work (one newspaper cutting is outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/224/1-11


Gilbert Sorrentino, letters and studies: typescript letter, 23 Nov 1971 on airmail form, Sorrentino to Mottram, with notes on several contemporary poets; typescript letter, 5 May 1972 on airmail form, mentioning negotiations with Marion Boyars; typescript letter, 24 Aug 1972 on airmail form, with comments on literature as 'a beautiful game'; typescript letter, 7 Mar 1978 on airmail form in appreciation of Mottram's support; typescript letter, 10 May 1978 on airmail form, including some assessment of Hubert Selby; typescript letter, 25 Aug 1978 on airmail form, with some notes on his new work Mulligan stew (Grove Press, New York, 1979); typescript letter, 23 Jan 1980 on airmail form, outlining future projects; typescript letter, 24 Nov 1981 on airmail form, in appreciation of Mottram's essay in Reality Studios, and with some details of his own work and outlook; manuscript and typescript of Mottram essay headed 'The black polar night: the poetry of Gilbert Sorrentino', published in Vort 6 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1974) 43-59; manuscript and typescript of Mottram essay headed 'Psychic dismembering and the staying sane: the fiction of Gilbert Sorentino', published in Reality Studios 3 (London, 1980-1981) 41-52; Mottram manuscript notes on individual Sorrentino novels

MOTTRAM: 5/224/12-17


Gilbert Sorrentino, texts, booklets and promotional material: newspaper cutting with Sorrentino poem 'No more coffee, no more pies' from Peace News, 25 Dec 1964; bound photocopy of pre-publication text of book of poetry The orangery with typescript letter, 14 Sep 1977 from the publisher, University of Texas Press, requesting comments and quotes for promotional use; The darkness surrounds us (Jonathan Williams, Highlands, North Carolina, 1960); Black and white (Totem Press with Corinth Books, New York, 1964); (note: found in association with the following books by Sorrentino, of poetry: The perfect fiction (W. W. Norton & Co, New York, 1968), Corrosive sublimate (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1971), White sail (Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, 1977), The orangery (University of Texas Press, Austin & London, 1978), and of prose: The sky changes (Hill and Wang, New York, 1966), Steelwork (Pantheon Books, New York, 1970), Imaginative qualities of actual things (Pantheon Books, New York, 1971), Splendid-Hôtel (New Directions, New York, 1973), Mulligan stew (Grove Press, New York, 1979), Aberration of starlight (Random House, New York, 1980), and of drama: Flawless play restored (Black Sparrow press, Los Angeles, 1974)); request for review of Mulligan stew and flyer for Sorrentino's Aberration of starlight (Random House, New York, 1980); newspaper cuttings, 1983 and 1985, reviews of Sorrentino's novels

MOTTRAM: 5/225/1-11


Jack Spicer: Mottram manuscript notes on Spicer's work and on secondary sources; After Lorca (White Rabbit Press, San Francisco, 1957), with a second undated edition by Aloes Books, London; Billy the Kid (Enkidu Surrogate, Stinson Beach, California, 1959); Language (White Rabbit Press, San Francisco, 1965); Book of magazine verse (White Rabbit Press, San Francisco, 1966); A book of music (White Rabbit Press, San Francisco, 1969); The Holy Grail (3rd edition, Augtwofive, Watertown, Massachusetts, 1970); Lament for the maker (Aloes Books, London, 1971); The red wheelbarrow (Arif, Berkeley, California, 1973); Admonitions (Adventures in Poetry, New York, not dated); Manroot 10 (San Francisco, 1974-1975)-'The Jack Spicer issue'

MOTTRAM: 5/226/1-8


Gertrude Stein: Mottram typescript and manuscript notes on Stein texts; photocopy of some Stein texts including 'If I told him' and Mottram typing-out of prologue to 'Four saints in three acts'; typescript 'Notes and Preamble' by Crispin Elsted, apparently work towards a thesis on Stein, with typescript letter from Elsted to Mottram and Mottram's response, 9 Aug 1977; offprint of Clive Bush's essay 'Toward the outside: the quest for discontinuity in Gertrude Stein's The making of Americans, being a history of a family's progress' from A Scholarly and Critical Journal 24 (New York, 1978) 27-56; typescript letter and manuscript card, 1982, from Ulla Dydo to Mottram, about her research on Stein; typescript with covering note, 1982 and offprint of published essay ;How to read gertrude Stein' by Dydo from Text 1 (1984) 271-303; offprint of Dydo article 'Landscape is not grammar: Gertrude Stein in 1928' from Raritan [1987], with covering manuscript letter, 5 May 1988; newspaper cuttings, 1958-1974, on Stein' life and work, including an obituary on Alice B. Toklas

MOTTRAM: 5/227/1-7


John Steinbeck: two slightly differing typescripts of Mottram essay 'The myths of law in Steinbeck's fiction', the version on A4 size paper being apparently later than that on foolscap; Motram manuscript essay on Steinbeck associated with flyers of and presumably written for one-day course on Steinbeck at The Polytechnic of North London, 30 Oct 1981; Mottram manuscript notes on individual Steinbeck works; article 'A primer of the 30's' by Steinbeck from Esquire Jun 1960 (outsize); offprint of article by James Woodress 'John Steinbeck: Hostage to fortune' from The American Review 9/4 (New Delhi, 1965) 78-90; National Film Theatre Guide, December 1983, with special feature on 'John Steinbeck: storyteller'; newspaper cuttings, 1959-1968, on Steinbeck's career and works (note: four of the newspaper items are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/228/1-3


Wallace Stevens: Mottram manuscript essay, with inserts, headed 'Wallace Stevens 1879-1955'; photocopies of some Stevens poems, illustrations to the previous essay and teaching material; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual Stevens works

MOTTRAM: 5/229/1-8


Nathaniel Tarn: typescript letter, 12 Jan 1972 to Mottram, mentioning the misprint 'feathers of goldfish' for 'feathers of goldfinch' in his Poetry Review poems; manuscript letter, 15 Mar 1974 on airmail form, recommending the poet, Tom Hagrath; typescript letter, 18 Jul 1974 on airmail form, before trip to Nova Scotia; three manuscript postcards to Mottram, one dated 1979 from Alaska; brief Mottram typescript summary of Tarn's publications; typescript carbon of Tarn poem 'The dictation', 1973; photocopy typescript of 'The kitchen' and 'The Artemision', being sections of a longer work 'Lyrics for the Bride of God', 1972; printed booklet containing Tarn poem 'Section: the Artemision', 1972, but providing no further publication details; five poems by Tarn, printed in The Listener 22 Aug 1963, 267-268 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/230/1


Dylan Thomas: newspaper cuttings, 1960-1966 on Thomas' personality and works, including items by Dame Edith Sitwell, D. J. Enright and Ted Hughes (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/231/1-5


David Tipton: two manuscript letters to Mottram, undated but apparently 1977, mentioning possibility of editing one issue of Poetry Review; photocopy of typescript of set of poems by Tipton titled 'Nomads and settlers'; Pachacamac (Rivelin Press, Sheffield, 1974); Black Clough (Rivelin Press, Sheffield, 1975); Nomads and settlers (Blackweir Press, Cardiff, 1980), inscribed by the author

MOTTRAM: 5/232/1-9


Chris Torrance: typescript letter, 5 Jun 1974, to Mottram, enclosing typescript carbon of poem 'Sweet rocket'; manuscript letter, 8 Sep 1974, about reading in London; typescript letter, 22 Sep 1979, enclosing typescript carbon of Torrance review of Barry MacSweeney's Black torch, book 1 (New London Pride, 1978) and Odes (Trigram Press, London, 1978); manuscript letter, 28 Nov 1979, in reaction ot comments on his work by Mottram; manuscript letter, 4 Feb 1983, with account of poetry scene in South Wales, and enclosing duplicator-printed poem-card 'A further canto for Brychan'; three postcards to Mottram, 1979-1980; Mirages (published by the author, 1976); 'Work in progress, from Book 4 of "The Magic Door"', published as Bezoar 14/3 (Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1979); The slim book / wet pulp (Stone Lantern Press, Swansea, 1986)

MOTTRAM: 5/233/1-17


Gael Turnbull: manuscript letter, 15 Sep 1969 to Mottram, with some mention of Ian Hamilton Finlay and Brian Patten; manuscript letter, 12 Jul 1971, accompanying a submission of poems; typescript letter, 21 Nov 1971 emclosing poem leaflet Kano by Omar Pound(Migrant Press, Birmingham, 1971); Christmas text for 1973, 'A sea story'; manuscript letter, 6 Jul 1978 about The Poetry Society issue; typescript letter, 11 Apr 1988 to Mottram, enclosing typescript of poem 'Residues: thronging the heart'; typescript, with manuscript corrections, of poem 'Residues: past midsummer'; three postcards, two with manuscript messages; duplicator-printed hand-out of poem 'The worst of Malvern poetry', 1 Jun 1978; booklets A very particular hill (Wild Hawthorn Press, Edinburgh, 1963); To you I write (Migrant Press, Worcester, 1963), with list of Migrant publications; Twenty words (Migrant Press, Worcester, 1966); Finger cymbals (Satis, Edinburgh, 1971); A random sapling (Pig Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1974); Don't stop (Migrant Press, not dated), with covering note from the author postmarked 1974; Briefly (Tarasque press, Nottingham, not dated); photocopy of printed text, 'From the language of the heart: someintimations from the Gaelic of Sìne Reisideach', 1985

MOTTRAM: 5/234/1-2


John Updike: article on Updike from Time 26 Apr 1968; newspaper cuttings, 1961-1969, on Updike and his novels

MOTTRAM: 5/235/1-33


Lawrence Upton, letters to Mottram: typescript letter, 18 Mar 1975; typescript letter, 28 May 1975; undated typescript letter [1975] about college entrance qualifications; manuscript letter, 28 Jan 1977; manuscript letter, 3 May 1978, enclosing duplicator-printed freesheets by Peter Meares and Roger Straus; manuscript letter, 16 Jul 1979; typescript letter, 10 Jul 1980; manuscript letter, 5 Jan 1983; typescript letter, 5 Feb 1984; typescript letter, 15 Sep 1984; typescript letter, 3 Jan 1987; typescript letter, 29 Apr 1987; typescript letter, 6 Jun 1987; undated typescript letter [1988] about word processors; manuscript letter, 30 Jun 1990; typescript letter, 11 Oct 1990; manuscript letter, 3 Dec 1990; manuscript letter, 22 Dec 1990; typescript letter, 13 Apr 1991; typescript letter, 25 May 1991; typescript letter, 11 Oct 1991; typescript letter, 30 Oct 1991; manuscript letter, 13 Nov 1991; manuscript letter, 27 Dec 1991; manuscript letter, 20 Jan 1992; typescript letter, 20 Feb 1992; manuscript letter, 21 Apr 1992; typescript letter, 16 May 1992; typescript letter and drawing, 29 Jun 1992; typescript letter, 18 Aug 1992, enclosing text titled 'Large painting'; manuscript letter, 31 Aug 1994; typescript letter, 1 Sep 1994; postcards to Mottram, 1987-1994, 14 items

MOTTRAM: 5/235/34-44reserved


Lawrence Upton, letters on legal matters: typescript letter, 9 Nov 1992; manuscript letter, 11 Apr 1993; typescript letter, 24 Apr 1993, with manuscript draft of character reference from Mottram; formal letter, 30 Apr 1993 from solicitors to Mottram on Upton's behalf; typescript letter, 4 May 1993, Upton to Mottram; undated typescript letter, before Aug 1993; typescript letter, 6 Aug 1993; formal letter, 27 Aug 1993, from solicitors to Mottram on Upton's behalf; manuscript letter, 25 Oct 1993, Upton to Mottram; manuscript letter, 24 Dec 1993; typescript letter, 8 Jan 1994 (Reserved file )

MOTTRAM: 5/235/45-50


Lawrence Upton, visual material: two A4 visuals, titled 'Vortex?' and 'Field', 1977; six printed visual poem cards of assorted colour; text leaflets for 40th and 45th birthdays, and unspecified birthday leaflet featuring Shelley; text card 'Walking on the lizard' (Form Books, London, 1994); four cards with hand and computer designs; set of Upton 'Poster Campaign' sheets, 1992, with spares of many items

MOTTRAM: 5/235/51-62


Lawrence Upton, typescript and computer print-out texts: duplicator printed text pages under general title 'Realignments', 1975; typescript poems under heading 'A reasonable man printing', 1982, 2 sets; 'All items enlarged to show detail', duplicator printed pages, May 1982; 'In Lieu Publications' numbers 1 (Nov 1986), 2 (Nov 1986), 3 (Dec 1986), 4 (Jan 1987), 5 (Jan 1987), 6 (Jan 1987), and unnumbered item '2 cartoons' (1987); 'In Lieu Publications' numbers 15 (Jan 1988), 16 (1988), 18 (not dated), 19 (Apr 1988); text headed 'Part 1-collages' (In Lieu Publications, no number, 1988); visual texts, 'Notation for voice and bodies' with introductory letter, Apr 1988; texts headed 'Trumpet breaks', with covering note, 11 Nov 1990, Upton to Mottram; 'Upton's jigsaw' numbers 1 and 2, 1991; text headed 'Rebus', May 1992; text headed 'Beauty and the Beast', May 1992; 'Proverbs', 3rd series, Jan 1994

MOTTRAM: 5/235/63-79


Lawrence Upton, booklets: Riming couples in series (Good Elf Publications, London, 1975); Four texts for text-sound compostignition (Älv Bokförlag, Stockholm, 1976); Exploits in Carthage (Press Press, London, not dated, [1977]); Karben fleem (no publisher or place given, 1977); Mutations (Zimmer Zimmer Press, London, 1977); Poems in Polar Martian (Good Elf Publications, London, 1977); Rehearsals, no publication details [1977]; Views of Lyonnesse, books 2 & 3 (Writers Forum, London, 1978; Letter to Ulli by Upton (Good Elf Publications, Sutton, Surrey, 1988); Postcards to England (Micro Brigade, London, 1988); End of an imaginary flipbook (Pointing Device, Sutton, Surrey, 1990); Picture songs for Bob i.e. Bob Cobbing (Pointing Device, Sutton, Surrey, 1990); Wall, no publication details, but with covering manuscript letter to Mottram, 6 Jul 1990; 4 outputs (Pointing Device, Sutton, Surrey, 1991); Letter to Ulli no. 3 and a fragment (Pointing Device, no place of publication, 1991); Postcards to England and Letters to Ulli (Pointing Device, Caversham, Berkshire, 1991); Icarus' first assent (sic), published as Spanner 32 (Hereford, 1994)

MOTTRAM: 5/235/80-83


Lawrence Upton, informational and promotional material: biographical statement from Poetry Review, 1977; duplicator-printed 'A list of publications', 1982; curriculum vitae at 1987; promotional material for Upton's own readings and for Sub Voicive series, for Pointing Device publications, and literary projects including 'The assembled garden' anthology

MOTTRAM: 5/236/1-3


Anne Waldman: manuscript postcard, 30 Oct 1968 from Waldman to Mottram, seeking contact with Lee Harwood; typescript letter, 14 Aug 1990 from Peterjon Skelt to Neil Pengelly, commenting on organisation of Waldman reading, 8 Aug 1990; Waldman booklet, Invention (The Kulchur Foundation, New York, 1985), inscribed by the author

MOTTRAM: 5/237/1-8


Tom Weigel, letters and some printed material: typescript letter, 15 Aug 1979 to Mottram, with thanks for hospitality in London; typescript letter, 1 May 1984 from Weigel and Nina Zivancevic to Mottram, enclosing details of themsevles and their work; manuscript letter, 6 Mar 1985 from Weigel to Mottram as first page of magazine Tangerine 7 (New York, 1985); manuscript letter, 7 Feb 1986 as inside page of booklet Paradise estranged (published by the author, 1985); manuscript letter, 10 Feb 1987, debating return to England; photocopy of typescript poem 'Stars fell on Alabama', inscribed by Weigel, 1985; photocopy of typescript poem 'Paradies refused' as bound booklet with manuscript card from the author, 3 Oct 1985; cutting of Weigel article on Julian Beck from Exquisite Corpse (no issue cited) 1986

MOTTRAM: 5/237/9-14


Tom Weigel, booklets: Panid hardware (Andre Doria Books, New York, 1979); Sonnets (Accent Editions, New York, 1980), 2 copies; Little heart (Accent Editions, new York, 1981); Audrey Hepburn's symphonic salad and the coming of autumn (Marz Verlag, Cologne, 2nd printing 1986); edited by Weigel, The full deck anthology (Andrea Doria Books, New York, 1982); A hot little number by Weigel and Michael Scholnick (Andrea Doria Books, New York, 1979)

MOTTRAM: 5/238/1-5


Nathanael West: Mottram typescript essay headed 'Nathanael West' and opening 'The four novels of Nathanael West ... '; Mottram manuscript draft essay headed '5, 'Will Hollywood never learn?', featuring West's final book The day of the locust (Random House, New York, 1939); Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Towards Nathanael West: comedy and satire'; typescript essay 'Technologically yours ... a look at Nathanael West' by Roger Larham; offprint of article 'The satire of Nathanael West' by Mária Ujházy from Studies in English & American 4 (Budapest, 1978)

MOTTRAM: 5/239/1-7


Philip Whalen: Mottram manuscript and typescript essay on Whalen, opening 'Like McClure ... Whalen has been using the holograph ...'; Mottram typescript review of Whalen's book You didn't even try (Coyote, San Francisco, 1967); brief Mottram manuscript notes on Whalen issues and dates; copy of Whalen's booklet Like I say (Totem Press, New York, 1960); Scenes of life at the capital (Maya Quarto, no place of publication given, 1970); Prolegomena to a study of the universe (Poltroon Press, Berkeley, 1976), with covering typescript letter, 11 May 1976 from Alastair Johnson in California; schedule of a New York protest against pricing a Whalen book too high

MOTTRAM: 5/240/1-7


John Wieners: Mottram manuscript draft and photocopy of typescript essay, 'John Wieners: guide through the suspended vacuum', first published in Contact 7 (Philadelphia, 1973) 20-35; Wieners poem-card 'A poem for Benzedrine' [Auerhahn Press]; photocopies of Wieners' poems including 'Wind comes from the mountain' and 'Children of the working classes'; Hotels (Angel Hair Books, New York [1974]); A superficial estimation (Hanuman Books, Madras & New York, 1986); letter and list from John Wilkinson seeking further Wieners publications; flyer for Wieners' complete poems from Black Sparrow Press, 1985

MOTTRAM: 5/241/1-4


T. Wignesan: typescript letter, 15 Jul 1967 to Mottram; manuscript letters, 5 Jun, 29 Jun and 14 Oct 1992, about Mottram's health; manuscript letter, 1 Jan 1994 enclosing curriculum vitae and article 'Wong Phui Nam's poietics' from the Proceedings of the annual conference of the Association for the Study of New Literatures in English, at Essen, 1991; bound copy of photocopied typescript, Mere deaths and the mostly dead: a collection of short stories by T. Wignesan, 1993

MOTTRAM: 5/242/1-3


John Wilkinson: manuscript letter, 15 Jun 1981 and typescript letter, 1 Jul 1981, to Mottram, about reading at King's College London; booklet, The Central Line: a novel (Infernal Methods, Cambridge, 1976); Tracts of the country (Oasis Books, London, 1977)

MOTTRAM: 5/243/1-2


Jonathan Williams, letters: Typescript letters to Mottram, 1967-1992, notably that, 9 Dec 1975 using coloured papers and enclosing signed copy of poem 'Hints from a Presidential Report ...', 48 items; typescript postcards to Mottram, 1962-1991, notably 19 Dec 1985 with visual, 'Delusions of the frog babies' by John Weiss on the obverse, 27 items

MOTTRAM: 5/243/3-13


Jonathan Williams: poem in folded-card format, opening 'out of the stills of Habersham ...', 1962; typescript carbon of group of poems 'For Robert Creeley', 1963; poem-sheet 'Homage of Ian Hamilton Finlay's Homage to Jonathan Williams', 1972; poem on folded card, 'Epitaph', 1972; poem-leaflet for Basil Bunting, with photograph of Bunting on cover, 1975, 2 copies; two copies of poem-card, 'An arabesk for Frederick Delius', 1981, with printed sheet of information on Delius, Basil Bunting, Raymond Moore; typescript of two poems, 1985, one titled, 'To A. E. Coppard', the other untitled but opening 'I fell asleep with / the light on ...'; typescript of poems, 'three shades of grey', 5 Jul 1988, posted to Mottram with letter, 27 Jul 1988; poem-sheet with text opening 'glory be to god / for jesse helms ...', 26 Jul 1989; undated poem on folded sheet, titled 'The apocryphal, oracular yeah-sayings of Mae West'; examples of poem postcards published by William's Jargon Society

MOTTRAM: 5/243/14


Joanthan Williams, typescript: typescript carbon of text of book of Williams' poems, 'Niches inches', with introduction by Mottram, published by Williams as Niches inches: new & selected poems, 1957-1981 (Dentdale, 1982)

MOTTRAM: 5/243/15-20


Jonathan Williams, studies by Mottram: manuscript, typescript and typescript carbon of essay headed 'Jonathan Williams' and opening 'An ear in Bartram's tree is a remarkable self-estimate ...'; three copies of the printed version of the same essay in Polytechnic of Central London (Polytechnic of Central London) booklet for Williams preformance, 1 Dec 1973; typescript carbon of essay 'Jonathan Williams, comedian' published in Truck 21 (Frankfort, Kentucky, 1979), unpaginated, in special issue 'A 50th birthday celebration for Jonathan Williams', a 3-page tribute; typescript carbon of essay '"Stay in close and use both hands"' published as introduction to Williams' Niches inches: new and selected poems 1957-1981 ([Jargon Press], Dentdale, Cumbria, 1982); manuscript draft, typescript and typescript carbon of essay 'For the Jonathan Williams CD record', [1987]; manuscript notes on Williams' interview and individual works

MOTTRAM: 5/243/21-46


Jonathan Williams, booklets: Amen Huzza Selah (1960, published as Jargon 13(a)); Elegies and celebrations (1962, as Jargon 13(b)), with preface by Robert Duncan; In England's green & (Auerhahn Press, San Francisco, 1962); Lullabies twisters gibbers drags (The Nantahala Foundation, Highlands, North Carolina, 1963); Lines about hills above lakes (Roman Books, Fort Lauderdale, 1964); Fifty epiphytes (Poet & Printer, London, 1967); The lucidities: sixteen in visionary company (Turret Books, London, 1967) including drawings by John Furnival; Mahler (Cape Goliard Press, London, 1969); Fruits confits (no publicaiton details, 1972); Adventures with a twelve-inch pianist beyond the blue horizon (photocopied edition, 1973), with covering typescript note from Williams, 29 Oct 1973; Imaginary postcards (Trigram Press, London [1973]); Untinears & antennae: for Maurice Ravel (Truck Press, St Paul, Minnesota, 1977); Superduper Zuppa Inglese (Aggie Weston's Editions, Belper, Derbyshire, 1977), 2 copies; Portrait photographs (Coracle Press, London, 1979), inscribed by Williams, original photographs of poets with accompanying text, including William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Louis Zukofsky, Basil Bunting, Denise Levertov, Kenneth Rexroth, Edward Dahlberg, Charles Olson, Allen Ginsberg, Gael Turnbull, Nathaniel Tarn, with invitations to book launch, and review by Michael Schmidt from The Listener 21 Jun 1979; Glees... swarthy monotonies... rince cochon... & chozzerai for Simon: poems 1979 (DBA Editions, Roswell, New Mexico, 1980), inscribed by author; Homage, umbrage, quibble & chicane (DBA Editions, Roswell, New Mexico, 1981), including drawings by John Furnival, 2 copies; The Delian seasons (Coracle Press, London, 1982); Niches inches: new and selected poems, 1957-1981 (no publisher given, Dentdale, 1982); Ten photographs, published as Aggie Weston's 18 (Belper, Derbyshire, 1982); 62 climerikews to amuse Mr Lear (DBA/JCA Editions, Roswell/Denver, Colorado, 1983); Lord Stodge's good thing guide to over 100 English delights (DBA/JCA Editions, Roswell/Denver, Colorado, 1983); Concise Dentdale dictionary of English place-names (Otis Edition, North Carolina, 1987); Dementations on shank's mare (Truck Press, New Haven, 1988); Metafours for mysophobes (North & South, Twickenham and Wakefield, 1989); Quantulumcumque (French Broad Press, Asheville, North Carolina, 1991); Horny & ornery (The Press of Otis the Lamed-Vovnik, North Carolina, 1994); (note: group in downstairs back library also included Williams' An ear in Bartram's tree: selected poems 1957-1967 (University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1969), The loco logo (Cape Goliard, London, 1971), Imaginary postcards (Trigram Press, London, 1975), Elite/elate poems: selected poems 1971-75 (The Jargon Society, 1979), The magpie's bagpipe: selected essays ed. Thomas Meyer (North Point Press, San Francisco, 1982), Get hot or get out: a selection of poems, 1957-1981 (The Scarecrow Press, Metuchen, New Jersey, & London, 1982))

MOTTRAM: 5/243/47-53


Jonathan Williams, promotional material: circular letters from Jonathan Williams to friends and perhaps a wider public, 1963-1991, mentioning itineraries, publishing projects and pesonalities; flyers for Jargon Press publications and events featuring Williams; photocopy endorsed 'a casual bibliography', with catalogues and lists for Jargon Press; photocopies of articles about Williams including 'America's largest openair museum' by Ken Irby from Parnassus 1981, and an untitled article by Ted Wilentz; interview of Williams and Tom Meyer in Gay Sunshine 28 (1976) (outsize); photograph of Williams by Douglas Moore, 1981; newspaper cuttings, 1968, including letter and article by Williams

MOTTRAM: 5/244/1-13


Tennessee Williams: Mottram typescript carbon of essay headed 'Tennessee Williams 1914-1983' and opening 'The Williams play incorporates 2 kinds of method'; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Tennessee Williams' and opening 'British experience of Tennessee Williams ...'; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Tennessee Williams-1, Williams's Southern experience' and opening 'The fourth major writer ...'; incomplete Mottram manuscript essay on Williams, comprising title page, pp. 2, A-B, 3-17, not dated, but after 1985; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual Williams plays; 'Sweet bird of youth', a play by Williams, from Esquire Apr 1959 (outsize); 'Period of adjustment', a play by Williams, from Esquire Dec 1960; 'The night of the iguana', an original working script published by Esquire in 1961; a tribute by Williams and others to Audrey Wood, Williams' agent, from Esquire Dec 1962 (outsize); 'Mama's old stucco house', a short story by Williams, from Esquire Jan 1965 (outsize); 'The mutilated', a play by Williams, from Esquire Aug 1965 (outsize); 'I can't imagine tomorrow', a play in one act by Williams, from Esquire March 1966 (outsize); flyer for 'A celebration of Tennessee Williams' at the Polytechnic of North London, 8 May 1981; newspaper cuttings, 1957-1965, articles and reviews (includes a number of outsize items)

MOTTRAM: 5/245/1-7


William Carlos Williams, material by Mottram: manuscript and typescript essay [1973], beginning with a quotation from Williams' autobiography; untitled typescript essay on Williams, covering 50 numbered pages with inserts, opening, 'In projecting the action of divorce and fusion ... '; typescript carbon of essay opening 'Poems (1909) began his long creative career ...'; typescript and manuscript essay headed, 'Paterson 1' and opening, 'When Book 3 of Paterson was published in 1949 ...'; typescript essay headed, '2. William Carlos Williams', paginated 19-30, the essay opens, 'just as Pound criticized Yeats ...'; manuscript draft, headed, 'WCW lecture', fuller manuscript version, only headed, 'Beginning', and typescript final form, opening, 'in Williams' play "A dream of love"';'"The generous spirit": a context and commentary for White mule' presented at Institute of United States Studies, London, 1983; photocopy of Mottram article 'The making of Paterson', published in Stand 7/3 (Leeds, 1966) 17-34; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Williams' works and on secondary works

MOTTRAM: 5/245/8-9


William Carlos Williams, text: photocopy of typescript excerpt from The second American caravan (Macauley, New York, 1928) and Williams' 'Improvisations'; selections from Williams' correspondence with Charles Tomlinson, from The American Poetry Review Nov-Dec 1992 (note: both these items are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/245/10-24


William Carlos Williams, studies: correspondence, manuscript and typescript, from Clive Meachen of the University College Wales, Aberystwyth, not dated, but relating to a possible Williams centenary conference in April 1983; correspondence relating to the replacement Williams colloquium at the Institute of American Studies, London, 2 Jul 1983, including letters from Tony Baker, Herbert Burke, and Paul Merchant; typescript of Mottram's introduction to the July 1983 colloquium, and programme for the day in light blue card cover; typescript of paper by Clive Bush, 'Knowing ourselves living: some notes on language and the world in the 'Preface' to William Carlos Williams's 'Paterson'', with typescript covering note to Mottram, 31 Dec 1983; essay by Clive Bush, pre-1983, headed, 'Is there an autonomy of literary experience? Some notes on the "Prologue" to Carlos Williams's "Paterson"', with covering manuscript note to Mottram, 30 Nov 1983; 'Violence and gentleness', typescript paper for the Williams colloquium by Allen Fisher; photocopy typescript of revised essay 'Extended form in William Carlos Williams' by Paul Merchant, with covering manuscript note to Mottram, 4 Nov 1985; typescript photocopy of essay 'Paterson and the planners' by J. B. Philip, also delivered at the centenary celebration; offprint of Tony Baker article 'The comedian as the letter 'N': sight and sound in the poetry of William Carlos Williams' from Journal of American Studies 18 (1984), 89-103, though first delivered at the centenary celebrations, and associated with photocopy of Williams poem, 'Della primavera transportata al morale'; copy of magazine Cambridge Opinion 41 (Cambridge, 1965), focussing on 'Carlos Williams in England', including articles by Mike Weaver and Gael Turnbull; '"Which is the American?": themes, techniques, and meaning in William Carlos Williams' three novels' by John C. Davies, offprint of article from American Studies 6/2, undated; typescript essay '"You can't steal credit": the economic motif in Paterson' by Joel O. Conarroe; manuscript essay 'William Carlos Williams, America and the Twenties: a question of confidence' byJane Sabin, with covering note, 12 Oct 1977 to Mottram; printed bibliography from portsmouth Polytechnic Library of articles on Williams, 1965-1978; newspaper cuttings 1953-1972, predominantly reviews of Williams' work

MOTTRAM: 5/246/1-7


Thomas Wolfe: Mottram manuscript and typescript essay opening, 'Writing from Harvard University to this Mother ...' (pages numbered 1-21, 7-13); unattributed typescript essay opening 'Thomas Wolfe's birth state was North Carolina ...', with corrections by Mottram and most likely Mottram's own work; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on various novels of Wolfe; offprint of article 'Thomas Wolfe and the opulent manner' by Charles Angoff, from Southwest Review Winter 1963; offprint of article 'In the age of lawspeak: Tom Wolfe's The bonfire of the vanities and American litigiousness' by Helle Prosdam from Journal of American Studies 25 (1991) 39-57; newspaper cuttings 1958-1963 on Wolfe, primarily reviews, but including a letter from his brother Fred Wolfe; guidebook (slightly damaged) to Wolfe's home at Asheville, South Carolina, and other tourist items

MOTTRAM: 5/247/1-2


Douglas Woolf: manuscript draft and typescript carbon of Mottram essay headed 'Douglas Woolf's escapes from enclosure' published in The Review of Contemporary Fiction 2/1 (Elmwood Park, Illinois, 1982), 66-81; newspaper cuttings, 1968-1992, reviews, interviews and obituary, 1992 (2 outsize items, including the Rolling Stone interview, 21 Aug 1980)

MOTTRAM: 5/248/1


Dave Wright: hand-bound copy of typescript novel 'Media spawn' by Wright, 1975-1977, with covering typescript letter to Mottram, 21 Jul 1978

MOTTRAM: 5/249/1-10


W. B. Yeats: Mottram typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Yeats 1865-1939', opening with a reference to Stephane Mallarmé; Mottram manuscript essay opening '-theosophy: a system of beliefs ...'; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Yeats: history and contemporaneity'; Mottram manuscript draft essay opening '-between two communities ...'; Mottram manuscript draft essay headed 'creativity: Yeats'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual poems and secondary sources; course proposal, chronology and reading list on Yeats; offprint of article by B. L. Reid, 'The House of Yeats', from The Hudson Review 1965; newspaper cuttings1958-1965, including article 'Yeats and Fascism' by Connor Cruise O'Brien; Portsmouth Polytechnic Library bibliography of articles on yeats, 1970-1983

MOTTRAM: 5/250/1-7


Louis Zukofsky, material by Mottram: typescript of essay headed '3, Louis Zukofsky' and paginated 31-41; typescript with manuscript corrections, and revised typescript, of essay '1924-1951: Politics and form in Zukofsky', published Maps 5 (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, 1973) 76-103; separate manuscript footnotes to the above; typescript letters, 1972-1973, from John Taggart as editor of Maps, initially querying many points and calling into question 'the whole business of your own position (political)', 6 items; manuscript letter, 16 Aug 1976, noting errors of detail in Mottram essay on Zufoksky, signed 'Michael'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual works by Zukofsky; manuscript essay headed, 'Louis Zukofsky-A 1-21 / All'

MOTTRAM: 5/250/8-15


Louis Zukofsky, texts, studies, reviews: booklet One herb and four flowers (privately printed [1978]); photocopies of Zukofsky poetry texts for teaching purposes; sketch by Mottram of projected cover of Zukofsky's 'Gamut: 90 trees', 1978; photocopy of Harry Gilonis' essay 'Dark heart: Conrad in Louis Zukofsky's A', published in The Conradian 14/1-2 (1989), with covering typescript letter, 27 Mar 1990 from Gilonis, mentioning Colin Simms; photocopy of obituary for Zukofsky from New York Times, 15 May 1978; copy of letter from Jonathan Williams to the Editor of The Spectator, 26 Oct 1987, about disrespect to Zukofsky, and notice of a commemorative project organised by Williams; 'A commemorative evening for Louis Zukofsky', involving Hugh Seidman, Allen Ginsberg, Robert creeley, Ceali Zukofsky, a special supplement from the American Poetry Review Jan-Feb 1980 (outsize); newspaper cuttings, 1965-1969, principally reviews

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