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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Creative writers, Twentieth Century, by alphabetical order of surname, A-H

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MOTTRAM: 5/1/1-11


Gilbert Adair, letters: manuscript letter to Mottram, 13 Mar 1980; manuscript letter, 26 May 1980 listing future readings at Sub-Voicive; manuscript letter, 11 Nov 1981; manuscript postcard from Ireland, 1981; manuscript letter, 10 Feb 1985 about Sub-Voicive readings; manuscript letter, 23 Jul 1986 about Sub-Voicive readings; manuscript postcard from Berlin [1988] reproducing poster of Joseph Beuys; manuscript letter, 19 Feb 1988 referring to Robert Sheppard reading; wedding invitation, 21 Mar 1991; momentoes from wedding in envelope; typescript letter, 17 May 1993 from Singapore, including description of the city and its university, includes manuscript postscript from Adair's wife, Suzi

MOTTRAM: 5/1/12


Gilbert Adair, printed material: Frog boks (1982-1984), signed, limited edition, loose leaves in box

MOTTRAM: 5/1/13-23


Gilbert Adair, printed material: 'Keep the curtains the farce is ended', verbal text, in published form as Spanner 26 (London, 1986); Hot licks (Sub-Voicive, London, 1987), a booklet of poems; photocopy of 'Frog Spectacle Poem' and 'Frog Questionnaire'; booklet, Frog boks selections (no publication details); photocopy of 'Frog instrumental poems 6' and 'Frog comix poems 4'; four photocopied sheets including list of poems and 'Frog thought poem'; photocopy of 'Sable smoke' [1993]; Jizzrim-first outtake (Writers Forum, London, 1993); Jizzrim-second outtake (Writers Forum, London, 1994); review of Frank Stella's Working space (Harvard University Press, 1986); 'No one listens to poetry? An introduction and preliminary papers' issued as RWC Extra 1 (London, 1991) for the Sub-Voicive colloquium at the Institute of United States and Latin American Studies, University of London

MOTTRAM: 5/2/1-4


Jeremy Adler, printed material: Alphabox (Writers Forum object series no. 1, London, 1973), miniature concertina format; Tarot (Pirate Press, London, 1975), designs by Adler silkscreened onto paper, 2 copies; The Amsterdam quartet (Alphabox Press, London, 1976), visual poems on card in plastic envelope; Homage to Theocritus, prose poems by Adler with visuals by Bob Cobbing (Writers Forum, London, 1985)

MOTTRAM: 5/3/1-8


James Agee: Mottram manuscript draft and typescript of talk on Agee, opening 'The American South to our mid-century imaginations...', recorded in July 1965 for later transmission; Mottram typescript and manuscript notes on individual Agee works; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'James Agee-etc.', 4 pages; Mottram manuscript item on Agee, opening 'But Agee's documentary...' and paginated A-E; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Religion and the Bible Belt', 4 pages; Mottram manuscript notes or draft essay on The Fugitive (a Tennessee magazine, 1922-1925); typescript letter, 11 Jun 1965 from Peter Owen to Mottram about organising an Agee evening in London, with carbon copies of two related letters; newspaper cuttings 1962-1967 on Agee and his work

MOTTRAM: 5/4/1-4


Edward Albee: Mottram article on Albee titled 'Towards a theatre of cruelty?', The Times Literary Supplement 27 Feb 1964 (outsize ); Mottram manuscript draft of essay 'Edward Albee', with some typed notes on the plays; programmes of Albee's plays 'The American Dream' and 'The death of Bessie Smith' (London, 1961); newspaper cuttings 1962-1967 on Albee's work

MOTTRAM: 5/5/1-11


Bruce Andrews, letters and articles: manuscript letter, Dec 1988 enclosing photocopies of articles on the Beckett Interview Project, by Marjorie Perloff, 'Poetry as explanation, poetry as praxis' by Andrews, 'Be careful now & other texts' by Andrews, and an interview of Andrews and Charles Bernstein by Andrew Ross; manuscript letter, Oct 1989, noting recent engagements and commenting on Mottram's poems; manuscript letter, Jan 1991 mentioning dates he will be in London; manuscript letter, Jun 1991, inviting an essay from Mottram; manuscript letter, 27 Sep 1991, enclosing copy of article 'Paradise and method'; photocopy of Andrews introduction to work by Tom Beckett, 1988; offprint of Andrews' article 'Total equals what: poetics and praxis' from Revista Canaria de Estudos Ingleses 18 (Laguna, 1989); copy of Andrews stapled document 'Teach-in sentences', 1990; photocopy of Andrews poem 'Verbal sallies' from Hot Bird Mfg magazine 1/3 (1990); photocopy of Andrews article 'Friedlander question'; photocopy of Gilbert Adair article on Andrews from Reality Studios 10 (London, 1988)

MOTTRAM: 5/5/12-14


Bruce Andrews, printed material: book of poems, Executive summary (Potes & Poets Press, Elmwood, Connecticut, 1991); pamphlet Voodoo for anti-communist tourists with poems by Andrews and visuals by Bob Cobbing (Writers Forum, London, 1991), includes manuscript notes by Mottram on 2 loose sheets of paper; pamphlet Divestiture-E (Leave Books, Buffalo, new York, 1993)

MOTTRAM: 5/6/1-6


David Antin: manuscript letter, 28 Aug 1972, referring to Mottram as 'the terror of English orthodoxy' and enclosing photocopy of (Antin's) article 'Modernism and Postmodernism' from Boundary 2 (1972); manuscript notes by Mottram on Antin's Selected poems 1963-1973 (Sun & Moon Press, Los Angeles, 1991); copy of article 'David Antin and the oral poetics movement' by Henry M. Sayre, from Contemporary Literature 23/4 (Wisconsin, 1982) 428-450; article 'Writing at the boundaries' by Michael Davidson (unsourced, America, 1985), referring to the work of David Antin, Robert Bly, and non-generic writing (outsize); photocopy of article 'Thinking about it: David Antin's selected poems 1963-1973' from Virginia Quarterly Review 69 (1993) 367-376; manuscript letter from Gilbert Adair in Singapore, postmarked 1993, enclosing photocopy of Antin text 'The fringe' from magazine High Performance 45 (1989) 38-48

MOTTRAM: 5/6/7


David Antin: typescript letter, 29 May 1983 to Mottram with some account of family problems (note: reserved)

MOTTRAM: 5/7/1-18


John Ashbery, letters, poems, and Mottram essays: typescript and manuscript letter from Ashbery to Mottram, 14 Oct 1963, accompanying a gift of a book; typescript letter, Ashbery to Mottram, 30 Mar 1964, accompanying a gift of a tape cassette; typescript letter, Ashbery to Mottram, 22 Aug (1964), with comments on the tape; undated manuscript note from Ashbery to Mottram from Stockholm, comprising short poem titled 'Ugh' after the press debate on William Burroughs in the Times Literary Supplement 1963-1964; typescript carbon of Mottram essay headed 'John Ashbery: "All, in the refined, assimilable state"', published later in Poetry Information 20-21 (1979-1980); duplicator print of Ashbery poems including 'The instruction manual'; photocopy of manuscript of Ashbery's 'Three madrigals', written 1958; 'Two poems' by Ashbery, as extract from The New York Review, 31 Mar 1977; photocopies of Ashbery poems, including 'Turandot', 'A life drama', and 'The instruction manual'; Mottram typescript essay headed '5. John Ashbery' and opening 'In 1965 Ashbery made a statement on his work...'; Mottram manuscript biography headed 'John Ashbery b. 1927'; Mottram manuscript essay on Ashbery opening 'Readers of the old school...'; Mottram essay on Ashbery opening 'Ashbery's longer poems have the ambition...', 3 pages; Mottram typescript notes, headed 'John Ashbery (NY poets)'; Mottram manuscript notes on poem 'The hod carrier' and other individual poems; Mottram manuscript draft essay headed 'Ashbery, Koch, O'Hara...' (John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Frank O'Hara); Mottram manuscript notes on Ashbery's 'A place for everything' (1970), 'Three poems' (1972) and 'Litany' (1981); manuscript notes by Mottram on Ashbery opening 'The New York poets-or their poetic statements...', 2 pages

MOTTRAM: 5/7/19-36


John Ashbery, studies: John Ashbery and Kenneth Koch: a conversation (Interview Press, Tucson, Arizona, 1966); 'The New York school of poets: the serious at play' by Stephen Koch from The New York Times Book Review 11 Feb 1968 (outsize); 'The craft of John Ashbery', an interview by Louis A. Osti from Confrontation 9 (New York, 1974) 84-96; 'How to be a difficult poet' by Richard Kostelanetz from The New York Times Magazine, 23 May 1976, 18-31, 2 copies; 'A poet of the transitory' by Edmund White Dialogue 11 (Washington, 1978) 126-128; photocopy of interview-article 'John Ashbery in Warsaw', by Piotr Sommer, from Quarro, 17 May 1981, 13-15 (outsize); 'John Ashbery: an interview' by David Remnick Bennington Review (Vermont, Sep. 1980) 14-21; 'The desire to displease' by Peter Porter from Sunday Observer, 31 May 1981; 'The experience of experience: a conversation with John Ashbery' by A. Poulin, Jr., from Michigan Quarterly Review 20 (1981) 242-255; 'An interview with John Ashbery' by John Koethe, from Sub Stance (1983) 178-186; photocopy of interview-article 'John Ashbery: the art of poetry' by Peter Stitt from Paris Review 33 (1983) 30-59 (outsize); 'The diffracting diamond: Ashbery, romanticism and anti-art' by Alan Williamson in Introspection and contemporary poetry (Harvard University Press, 1984), 116-148, 199-200; 'The poetry of John Ashbery' by John Bayley in Selected essays (Cambridge University Press, 1984), 33-44; 'Cocksure muse' by Peter Porter from The Observer 21 Oct 1984, with covering note from Mary Joan Connors; 'The pleasures of poetry' by David Lehman from New York Times Magazine 16 Dec 1984, 62-92; 'John Ashbery: an interview with John Murphy' Poetry Review 75/2 (London, 1985) 20-25; 'The Leonore Marshall Prize' by John Hollander, from The Nation, 19 Oct 1985, 386-388; 'Getting rid of the burden of sense' by James Fenton The New York Times Book Review, 29 Dec 1985, 10 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/7/36-38


John Ashbery, promotional material: mock-up cover for Ashbery's Selected poems [1985]; notices from Grafton Books and The Tate Gallery about launch of Ashbery's Selected poems (1987); flyers for Ashbery books from Jonathan Cape and Holt, Rinehart and Winston

MOTTRAM: 5/7/39-43


John Ashbery, studies by Mary Joan Connors at Edinburgh University: typescript letter, 21 Jun 1984 and manuscript letter, 9 Jul 1984, arranging to meet Mottram and discuss her Ashbery thesis; excerpts from the thesis as at June 1987: part 3 of Introduction, Chapters 2-4; typescript letters, 10 Apr, 19 Apr, and 27 May 1987 to Mottram about Ashbery reading in London, and copy of typescript letter, 19 Apr 1987 to Ashbery himself; copy of typescript letter, 17 Apr 1987 to Faculty of Arts Office, Edinburgh University, about PhD examination procedure; further excerpts from PhD as at April 1987: second draft of biographical Preface, and copy of Chapter 6

MOTTRAM: 5/8/1-3


David Attoe: manuscript letter, 10 Aug 1981, recalling visits to London and Paris; manuscript letters, 24 Sep and 4 Nov 1992, after Mottram's operation; Purporters: post poems by David Attoe and Ian Hays (no publishing details but inscribed 1972)

MOTTRAM: 5/9/1-9


W. H. Auden: Mottram manuscript notes headed 'Auden-biographical etc.'; Mottram manuscript notes headed 'Isherwood'; Mottram manuscript composition headed 'Post-romantic poets in a sacrificial society'; offprints of articles from New Left Review, 'Romanticism and contemporary poetry' by Gabriel Pearson (vol. 16, 1962), 'The new poetry of Socialism' by David Craig (vol. 17, 1962), 'Romanticism and Socialism' by Stanley Mitchell vol. 19, 1963); booklet Young writers of the Thirties to accompany exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, London, 1976; flyer for book The Auden generation by Samuel Hynes Bodley Head, London, 1976); bibliographical notes on Auden up to 1960; newspaper cuttings on Auden and his work, including some articles by Auden, 1951-1966; further newspaper cuttings on Auden, 1956-1966, (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/10/1-19


Tony Baker: typescript letter, 10 Oct 1981 on reverse of flyer for magazine Figs; manuscript letter, 1 Nov 1981, with short extra manuscript note, accompanying copy of Baker poetry booklet Field notes (no publication details); typescript letter, 28 Oct 1982, mentioning Mottram's Interrogation Rooms (Spanner, London, 1982); typescript letter, 18 Feb 1983 with photocopy of typescript of poem 'The fabric'; manuscript postcard, 31 Mar [1983] asking for poems for magazine Figs; typescript letter, 10 Sep 1985, mentioning Colin Simms, and enclosing leaflet-poem A gallimaufrey by Baker (Northern Lights, London, 1985); typescript letter, undated but probably 1985, with enquiry about historical reference to mushrooms; typescript letter, 29 Dec 1985, accidentally torn; manuscript postcard, 5 Aug 1988, with postscript on separate sheet; typescript letter, 2 Feb 1989, with some reference to Robert Creeley; typescript letter, 6 Sep 1989, further to Robert Creeley; typescript letter, 13 Sep 1989, with description of Winster, Derbyshire, and manuscript postscript; typescript letter, 29 Sep 1989 accompanying inscribed copy of Baker's books of poems, Scrins, (Pig Press, Durham, 1989); manuscript card, postmarked 5 Mar 1991, with invitation to visit; manuscript postcard, 1993 on Baker poem-card 'Hoovers' published by Form Press (London, 1993); typescript letter, 26 Nov 1994; manuscript card, postmarked 5 Mar 1991, with invitation to visit; copy of poem-sheet, 'Renga' by Baker and Harry Gilonis, published by Slug Press (Vancouver and Durham, 1990) (outsize); newspaper cutting of review of Baker's book of poems, A bit brink green quartz-like (Pig Press, Durham, 1983) from City Limits (London, 30 Dec 1983-5 Jan 1984)

MOTTRAM: 5/11/1-7


James Baldwin: Mottram typescript carbon review-essay headed 'The play next time: The Actors Studio produces Chekhov and James Baldwin', with programme and newspaper cuttings on Baldwin's play Blues for Mr Charlie (1965); Mottram typescript notes or draft essay, paginated 6-16, on Baldwin's 'Letters from a journey' (Harpers, May 1963); works by Baldwin as extracts from magazine publications including 'Letters from a journey' (Harpers, May 1963), 'This morning, this evening, so soon' (unsourced), 'Letter from a region in my mind' (unsourced); newspaper cutting of article by Baldwin titled 'Notes on the house of bondage' from The Nation, 1 Nov 1980; newspaper cuttings 1959-1981, including Baldwin talk 'The Black experience' in The Hustler (London, 24 May 1968), 4 items, (outsize) (note: conservation problem); issue of Daylight magazine (London, May 1964) with article on Baldwin by Lindsey Barrett; magazine articles and newspaper cuttings 1963-1991, but predominantly 1963-1964, on Baldwin and his work

MOTTRAM: 5/12/1-8


Amiri Baraka (formerly Leroi Jones), material by MOTTRAM typescript account of Jones' life and works, with manuscript draft, published as 'Poetry in motion' Marxism Today 44 (London, May 1991), 2 pages; further typescript and manuscript notes by Mottram headed 'LeRoi Jones / Imamu Amirir (sic) Baraka', and including some details of the Black writer Langston Hughes; two typescript copies, with manuscript corrections, of Mottram essay headed 'LeRoi Jones' and opening 'October, 1965, carried LeRoi Jones into public life', one copy endorsed 'August 1971'; offprint of final version of above essay headed 'Towards the alternative: the prose of LeRoi Jones', opening 'October 1965 carried LeRoi Jones into public life...', published in Black fiction: new studies in the Afro-American novel since 1945 ed. A. Robert Lee (Barnes & Noble, New York, and Vision, London, 1980) pp. 97-135; Mottram manuscript review-essay of Jones' Raise Race Rays Raze (1971); typescript copies (apparently by Mottram) of Baraka poems, including 'A poem some people will have to understand' and 'The plank'; photocopy of Baraka prose item 'When Miles split' from Sulfur 30 (Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1992) 4-6, 2 copies; newspaper cuttings on Jones (Baraka), 1983, including unsourced interview by Val Wilmer

MOTTRAM: 5/13/1


Howard Barker: photocopy of typescript of Barker play, Crimes in hot countries, written in 1980

MOTTRAM: 5/13/2


Howard Barker, playscript: photocopy of typescript of Barker play, The Europeans, with a letter from Judy Daish Associates Ltd, 17 Nov 1988, about providing the copy

MOTTRAM: 5/13/3-23


Howard Barker, letters, studies and promotional material: typescript letter to Mottram, 9 Aug 1985, with programme of 'Barker poems' performance in London; undated typescript letter, probably 1985, about sensitivity to reviews; typescript note, 17 Feb 1986, with invitation to visit; typescript letter, 29 Jan 1987 about participation in a Mottram course; manuscript card postmarked 21 Jun 1989; typescript letter postmarked 29 Jul 1991; typescript letter [1992], acknowledging receipt of Mottram's article 'History and the perfectly human'; undated typescript letter about PhD being undertaken on Barker himself; undated typescript letter opening 'Thanks for your paper on Saturday'; Mottram typescript essay 'The vital language of impotence', published in Gambit: international theatre review 41 (London, 1984) 47-57; typescript note by Mottram on Barker's 'recent work', 2 pages; Mottram manuscript notes on individual plays by Barker; typescript carbon of Mottram article 'History and the perfectly human: Howard Barker's recent plays' published in Englisches Theater der Gegenwart ed. Klaus Peter Müller (Gunter Narr, Tübingen, 1993), 453-477; Mottram essay 'History and the perfectly human: Howard Barker's recent plays' as draft typescript with manuscript corrections, revised typescript, and copy marked up for publication, with correspondence 1991-1992 from the editor, Dr Klaus Mueller, and the publisher, Gunter Narr Verlag; typescript carbon of transcript of an interview with Barker, by 'TD' (?Tony Dunn), 29 Jan 1983; photocopy of typescript of unattributed article on Barker's play 'Victory', headed 'Exile, treachery and hope: 1969 in 1983', with covering note, 9 Apr 1984 signed 'Tony' (?Dunn); letter from Anne Foreman to Mottram, 23 Sep 1985, about interviewing Mottram as part of a programme on Barker; formal letter, 26 Oct 1988 from Birkbeck College, London, inviting Mottram to speak at a Day School on 'Howard Barker and political theatre', on 10 Dec 1988, with flyers for the event; notices and programmes of Barker plays in London, 1981-1992; press cuttings 1983-1985, principally reviews of Barker plays; newspaper cutting of Robert Cushman's review of Barker play 'Victory' at the Royal Court, London, from The Observer 27 Mar 1981 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/14/1-2


Djuna Barnes: Mottram typescript notes on Barnes' work headed 'Djuna Barnes-Nightwood (1936)'; newspaper cuttings on Barnes' fiction and drama

MOTTRAM: 5/15/1-3


Anthony Barnett: Fear and misadventure, and Mud settles, poems by Barnett (Ferry Press, London, 1977); postcard poem by Barnett opening 'I have a poster by Ku Yuan...', 5 Jun 1989; flyer and prospectus featuring Barnett as musician, 1978

MOTTRAM: 5/16/1-8


Roland Barthes: Mottram manuscript essay on Barthes' Fragments d'un discourse amoureux (Editions du Seuil, Paris, 1977), which also includes some material on Ezra Pound; Mottram manuscript essay on Barthes, incomplete, paginated 3,9-33; Mottram manuscript notes on individual works by Barthes; Mottram manuscript essay on Barthes' 'A lover's discourse' (1977), 4 pages; checklist of Roland Barthes' work from Portsmouth Polytechnic Library, 1981; newspaper cutting of article on Barthes by Christopher Prendergast from New Statesman, 25 Apr 1980; newspaper cutting of review of Barthes' The rustle of language (Hill & Wang, New York, 1986) by Harold Brodkey, from The New York Times Book Review 20 Apr 1986 (outsize); article 'Barthes signs off' by Philip Brooks, from Time Out 11-17 Apr 1980

MOTTRAM: 5/17/1-5


Georges Bataille: Mottram manuscript notes on topics including Bataille's life, Le Coupable (1939-1944), 'Georges Bataille-tragedy', 'Georges Bataille-Art and Literature', 'Sartre and Bataille' and 'Georges Bataille-Literature and Evil'; Mottram typescript note on hunting and law based on Bataille; programme of a celebration of Bataille's work at Bloomsbury Theatre, London, 19-22 Sep 1984; notices and programme of international conference on Bataille at Birkbeck College, London, 1991; review of Bataille from Times Literary Supplement of 3 Aug 1967

MOTTRAM: 5/18/1-10


Saul Bellow: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Introduction or interim report on Saul Bellow'; Mottram notes, mainly typescript, on Bellow's works; Mottram notes, typescript and manuscript on Bellow's novels; 'Some notes on recent American fiction', article by Saul Bellow in Encounter (Nov 1963) 22-29; review by Bellow in The New York Times Book Review, 15 Jan 1961; A wen, a play in two scenes, by Saul Bellow, as extract from Esquire magazine, Jan 1965, 72-74 (outsize); review article 'The confessions of Moses Herzog' by Rosette Lamont, as offprint from The Massachusetts Review 6/3 (1965) 630-635, inscribed to Mottram by the author; article 'Saul Bellow: America's major novelist' by Joseph Epstein from Dialogue 10/3 (1977) 47-67; newspaper cuttings, 1958-1985 on Bellow and his work; further newspaper cuttings, 1968, 1975, including an interview with Bellow, (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/19/1-5


Asa Benveniste: typescript letter from Benveniste to Mottram, 28 Jun 1973; typescript letter from Benveniste, 21 Jul 1973, with some reflections on the confrontational situation at The Poetry Society; Invisible ink (Singing Horse Press & Branch Redd Books, Philadelphia, 1989), with manuscript letter from Bill Sherman describing the publication of what turned out to be Benveniste's last book; announcement of and invitation to Benveniste's funeral, 26 Apr 1990; programme for memorial service for Benveniste, by various artists, 1990, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 5/20/1-9


Charles Bernstein: typescript letter from Bernstein to Mottram, 13 May 1978, seeking permission to quote Mottram's work; typescript letter, 18 Mar 1985, on forwarding tape of Mottram reading; typescript letter, 30 Nov 1992 from Bernstein to Mottram, enquiring about an Edwin Morgan title; undated typescript letter (1992), with book enquiries; typescript letter, 24 Nov 1993 from Bernstein to Mottram about forthcoming visit to England; manuscript postcard, 24 Jan 1994 from Bernstein to Mottram, with Armand Schwerner poem on obverse; Mottram's manuscript notes on Bernstein's Preface to The politics of poetry (Roof Books, New York, 1990); Bernstein lecture What's art got to do with it: the status of the subject of the humanities in the age of cultural studies (Buffalo, 1992; flyer for Paper Air magazine, publishing essay by Bernstein, 'Artifice of absorption'

MOTTRAM: 5/21/1-16


Ted Berrigan, letters and minor items: Mottram manuscript notes of conversations with Peter Schjeldahl, Berrigan and James Schuyler, 5 Nov 1965; Mottram manuscript notes on Berrigan performance at 'Metro', 24 Nov 1965, with mention of Kenneth Koch and John Ashbery; Mottram manuscript note on Berrigan reading at The Poetry Society 20 Jun 1969, with further brief notes on the back of an envelope; Mottram manuscript note headed 'key', referring to Berrigan; typescript letter from Westminster Bank, 14 Aug 1974, about making credit available to Berrigan; further bank communication, 7 Mar 1978 on the same subject; printed notice of Berrigan reading at The Folklore Centre, New York, 29 May 1966, including prose-poem 'The Sunset Motel'; Fragment, by Ted Berrigan and Jim Dine, print with poem and visual elements, in folder, issued by Cape Goliard, London, 1969 in a signed limited edition (outsize); Berrigan 'Two poems' published as Unicorn Poetry Sheet no. 1, Brighton, 1970; typescript (possibly by Mottram) of Berrigan poem 'Things to do in Anne's room'; copy of printed edition of poem-card 'Noh' by Berrigan and Ron Padgett; photocopy of typescript interview with Berrigan, George Oppen and Marvin Cohen, 1973, with introductory manuscript letter from the interviewer, Ruth Gruber; manuscript letter from Lee Harwood in America, on back of programme for Berrigan memorial reading in California, 9 Aug 1983; correspondence, 1983, about a Berrigan memorial reading, including letters from Doug Oliver, Tom Raworth, J.H. Prynne, Wendy Mulford, 9 items; manuscript letter, 20 Mar 1985 from Tom Weigel of Tangerine magazine and Andrea Doria Books, New York, seeking Mottram's advice in reprinting some of Berrigan's poems, with two subsequent postcards on the same subject, and some manuscript notes by Mottram; newspaper cuttings, 1967, 1968, reviewing Berrigan and Ron Padgett's Bean spasms (Kulchur Press, New York, 1967) (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/21/17-21


Ted Berrigan, printed booklets: The sonnets (Lorenz & Ellen Gude, New York, 1964); An interview with Ted Berrigan (Ignu Publications, no place of publication, 1971), being 'An abbreviated transcript of an interview with Ted Berrigan conducted by George MacBeth and broadcast by the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Company) in May, 1971', 2 copies; The morning line (Am Here Books and Immediate Editions, Santa Barbara, 1982); The drunken boat (printed from handwritten poems, no publication details); Ted Berrigan poems: Apr 82-June 83 (Andrea Doria Books, New York, 1985)

MOTTRAM: 5/22/1-10


Paul Blackburn, Mottram studies and some reviews: Mottram manuscript and typescript carbon versions of essay 'The ear and muscle under music', published Sixpack 7-8 (London & Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, 1974) 182-199; Mottram manuscript and typescript versions of essay 'Paul Blackburn: writing, inscription and performance', published Ninth Decade 10 (London, 1988), 37-52; page proofs of Mottram essay 'Paul Blackburn: writing, inscription and performance'; photocopy of published article 'Paul Blackburn: writing, inscription and performance'; Mottram manuscript essay on Blackburn's 'Later poems'; Mottram manuscript notes on Blackburn, including material as for spoken introductions and some transcripts of poems; Mottram typescript of Blackburn poems from Wild Dog 9 (1964) and photocopies of other Blackburn poems; manuscript letter from Robert Vas Dias, 25 Jun 1986, enquiring about Mottram essay on Blackburn; typescript letter from Vas Dias to Mottram, 19 Mar 1986, about Blackburn's Collected poems; review by Peter Schjeldhal of The collected poems of Paul Blackburn (ed. Edith Jackson, Persea Books, New York, no date) from New York Times Book Review, 10 Nov 1985

MOTTRAM: 5/22/11-25


Paul Blackburn, published booklets: The dissolving fabric (The Divers Press, [New York], 1955), 2 copies; Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit: a bouquet for Flatbush (Totem Press, New York, 1960); The nets (Trobar Books, New York, 1961); Sing-song (Caterpillar 4, New York, 1966-1967); In, on, or about the premises (Cape Goliard, London, 1968); Hunk of skin (City Light Books, San Francisco, 1968), translation of Pablo Picasso; Three dreams and an old poem (Beau Fleuve 1, Buffalo, New York, 1970); Pierre Vidal: translations (Mulch Press, New York, 1972); Halfway down the coast: poems and snapshots (Mulch Press, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1975); By ear (# Magazine (sic), New York, 1978); Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca chosen and translated by Paul Blackburn (Momo's Press, San Francisco, 1979); Paul Blackburn: a checklist (Documents for New Poetry 2, University of California, San Diego, 1980), 2 copies; Against the silences (Permanent Press, London & New York, 1980); The dissolving fabric (no publishing details, seal on folder-like cover unbroken); The accumulated criticism of Paul Blackburn (Bibliphasia Reprint Service, not dated); (note: found in group with The cities (Grove Press, New York, 1967); Early selected Y Mas: poems 1949-1966 (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1972); The journals (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1975); Proensa: an anthology of Troubadour poetry selected and translated by Paul Blackburn (University of California Press, Berkeley, 1978); The collected poems of Paul Blackburn (Persea Books, New York, 1985))

MOTTRAM: 5/23/1-21


Paul Bowles: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Paul Bowles', 2 pages; unattributed typescript review of two Bowles novels presumably composed by Mottram; Mottram typescript essay with manuscript corrections headed 'Paul Bowles: "staticity" and terror'; correspondence, 1972-1974, principally from Don Graham of the University of Pennsylvania, about publication of Mottram's Bowles essay in his proposed book on 'Naturalistic tradition in American fiction'; undated letters from Jim Pennington of Aloes Books about preparation of Mottram's Bowles essay for publication, with photocopy of typescript comments from Paul Bowles in Tangier, 13 Jan 1976; rough copy of eventual published booklet form of essay, Paul Bowles: staticity and terror (Aloes Books, London, 1976), with accompanying card from Jim Pennington, the replacement publisher; Mottram manuscript notes on Bowles, apparently preparation for speaking about Bowles on the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) radio programme, Kaleidoscope, in 1989; Mottram notes on Bowles' work, apparently from 1951, with later notes, 1966-1967, on subsequent works, transcripts of Bowles' poems and newspaper cuttings on Bowles up to 1972; Mottram manuscript notes headed 'Mark Wallace The mechanics of Oppression: Bowles'; offprint of short story 'Merkala Beach' by Bowles from London Magazine, Oct 1960; Bowles booklet of poetry Scenes (Black Sparrow press, Los Angeles, 1968); short story 'The Prophet's slippers' by Mohammed Choukri, translated by Bowles, from Harpers Feb 1974; short story 'Allal' by Bowles, from Rolling Stone, 27 Jan 1977 (outsize); copy of article, 'An evening with Paul Bowles' by Richard Rumbold, from London Magazine, Nov 1960; article 'An evening with Paul Bowles' by Richard Rumbold, from London Magazine Nov. 1960; photocopy of interview with Bowles by Michael Rogers from Rolling Stone, 23 May 1974; Mottram typescript notes on 'Talk with Paul Bowles' by Harvey Breit, unsourced; typescript letter, 27 Dec 1984, from Jay Kurtz to Mottram, enclosing 'prospectus for my thesis' on Bowles; manuscript letter, 4 May 1985, from Jay Kurtz to Mottram, enclosing typescript of short thesis, 'Paul Bowles: the underlying terror'; manuscript postcard, 16 Jun 1987 from Oliver Harris to Mottram about visit to Bowles; newspaper cuttings 1963-1967 about Bowles and his work

MOTTRAM: 5/24/1-11


Hanne Bramness: typescript letter, 18 Feb 1982, introducing self to Mottram; typescript letter, 19 Mar 1982 to Mottram, enclosing hand-coloured card and typescript copy of poem 'Canal'; manuscript letter, 15 Jun 1982 and manuscript postcard, 17 Jun 1982, accompanying her poem booklet Impulse tests (Atlantic Cedar Cooperative [1982]); manuscript postcard, 30 Jul 1987 accompanying typescript poems by Bramness including 'A North meditation' and 'The choice'; typescript letter, 26 Feb 1988 from Bramness to Mottram; Slow climb, three poems by Hanne Bramness (Atlantic Cedar Cooperative, 1982); Urgent waves (Atlantic Cedar Cooperative, 1983); The poems of Dagny Juel Przybyszewska trans. Bramness (Branch Redd, Philadelphia, 1988); The sailor does not see the North, (Sub-Voicive, London, [1988]), 2 copies, 1 inscribed to Mottram; Night's continent: new and selected poems, published by the author, 1993; photocopy of article on Bramness, her role as editor of Talus, and her translation of Denise Levertov's poetry, by Anne Simonsen in Scandinavian periodical Kultur, 28 Mar 1988 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/25/1-4


David Bromige, letters: typescript letter from Bromige to Mottram, 14 Jul-26 Jul (1972) with autobiographical material in association with a photocopy of typescript text of short story, titled 'He was', with some manuscript clarification; typescript letter, 12 Oct 1981, enclosing copy of My poetry (The Figures, Berkeley, California, 1980) and of P-E-A-C-E (Tuumba Press, Berkeley, California, 1981, as Tuumba 34), with photocopy of review of My poetry; manuscript letter, 30 Jun 1993 to Mottram, while giving a reading in London

MOTTRAM: 5/25/5-17


David Bromige, printed booklets: The ends of the earth (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1968); Threads (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1971); Birds of the west (The Coach House Press, Toronto, 1973); Ten years in the making: selected poems, songs and stories 1961-1970 (Vancouver Community Press, 1973); Three stories, published as Sparrow 4 (Los Angeles, 1973); Spells and blessings (Talon Books, Vancouver, 1974); Out of my hands (issue 25 of Sparrow, Los Angeles, Oct 1974); Tight corners and what's around them: prose and poems (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1974); Credences of winter (issue 42 of Sparrow, Los Angeles, Mar 1976); Living in advance, lyrics and music by David Bromige, Paul de Barros, & Barry Gifford, with introduction by Bromige (Open Reading Books, Rohnert Park, California, 1976); prose booklet P-E-A-C-E (Tuumba Press, Berkeley, California, 1981, as Tuumba 34); Tiny courts in a world without scales (Brick Books, London Ontario, 1991); poems by Bromige and A.L. Nielson in :that: magazine (Peacham, Vermont, March 1993)

MOTTRAM: 5/26/1-19


Paul Brown: typescript letter [1977 or 1978], from Brown to Mottram, giving biographical details in connection with a pending reference; typescript letter, 4 Sep 1981, Brown to Mottram, enclosing flyer for Heretic magazine; typescript letter, 12 Feb 1987, Brown to Mottram, asking advice on 'enclosed mss', no longer present; manuscript letter, Brown to Mottram, not dated, listing contents of a tape cassette of Robert Duncan reading; typescript poem by Brown titled 'Transparent things', signed 'Paul' and marked 7 Sep 1977 by Mottram; photocopies of typescript poems in grey card covers: 'All this I said', 'We species' and 'Lacuna', as though self-published material for circulation to friends; a selection of photocopies of typescript poems of Brown, loose or once stapled, including 'Great savannahs of the West', 'Simulkinesis', 'Lacuna', with dates in 1974; hand-made New Year's card for 1975, featuring the word 'Medium'; a printed errata list, noted by Mottram as 'Paul Brown / Sub Voicive 5 Sep 1988'; four visual postcards designed by Brown, 1972; Reclaimed Land (Arc Publications, Gillingham, Kent, 1973); Silhouette in rainbow garden (Transgravity Press, Deal, Kent, & The Man Ray Dog Rocket Society, London, 1973), 2 copies; All through the pig fashion (Transgravity Press, Deal, Kent, & The Man Ray Dog Rocket Society, London, 1973), 2 copies; Q.E.D. published as Poet & Peasant 8 (Middlesex, 1974); We species (Oasis Books, London, 1975); Venus in ultraviolet light (Second Aeon Publications, Cardiff, not dated); Le dome di colore, visual poems in envelope (Transgravity-Dimaggio, not dated); It aint no sin to take off your skin and dance about in your bones (The X Press, not dated); Dioscuri (Pretexts Urdition, London, 1980)

MOTTRAM: 5/27/1-62


Paul Buck, letters: typescript letter [1968] from Buck, making contact with Mottram; manuscript letter, 1 May 1969, offering work for publication; typescript letter, 6 Jan 1973, with poemcard and typescript poems by Buck; manuscript letter, 3 [?Apr] 1973; manuscript letter, 1 Sep (1973), about move from Hebden Bridge to Foster Clough; manuscript note, 7 May 1974, on back of flyer for Edmond Jabès reading at The Poetry Society; manuscript letters, 25 May 1973 and 29 May 1973, about work and events; typescript letter, 2 Feb 1976 about current projects, with flyers; typescript letter, 6 Jan 1977, 6 pages, opening with problems of local criticism of his press; manuscript letter, 7 Jan 1977, reporting local press attack; typescript letter, 4 Feb 1977, about study opportunities; manuscript note of Apr 1977; manuscript letter, 27 Mar 1977, and typescript letters, 13 May 1977 and 25 May 1977, largely on forthcoming issue of Curtains magazine, but examining many poets and poetic issues, and accompanied by duplicated list of booklets imported by Pressed Curtains and duplicated list of Open Mouth Productions poetry readings in London, with poem by Emil Benveniste on reverse; BG 1 Oct 97typescript letter to Mottram, 9 Jun 1977 about publication in France; typescript letter, 16 Jun 1977 with reference to Yorkshire Arts Association; typescript letter, 25 Jun (1977); typescript letter, 8 Aug 1977, about tape of Mottram reading and 'Bourgois anthology'; manuscript note, 13 Aug 1977, with Pressed Curtains book list as at Aug 1977; typescript letter, 25 Aug 1977; typescript letter, 26 Sep 1977, asking for essay on the oral ground of British poetry; typescript letter, 7 Oct 1977, recounting problems with Social Security; typescript letter, 13 Oct 1977, with reference to Bill Butler; brochure for Anglo/French Poetry Translation Conference in London, 20-21 Oct 1977; typescript letter, 20 Dec 1977; typescript letter, 2 Apr 1978; typescript letter, 8 Apr 1978; undated typescript note [1978] asking for essay on censorship; undated manuscript note [1978] about a faulty tape cassette; typescript letter, 26 Jun 1978 to Mottram, describing trip to France with Ulli Freer; typescript letter, 25 Aug 1978 on forthcoming anthology; typescript letter, 16 Aug 1978; typescript letter, 5 Oct 1978 on problems with anthology; duplicated press statement concerning the Yorkshire Arts Association; typescript letter, 14 Nov 1978 on move from Foster Clough to Maidstone; manuscript letter, 23 Jan 1979 about problems with Curtains magazine; typescript letter referring to 8 Jun (1979), mainly about problems with Cambridge Poetry Festival, accompanied by promotional material; manuscript letter, 19 Jul 1979, enclosing copy of Twisted Wrist 4; typescript letter, 29 Jul 1979; typescript letter, 17 Aug 1979, with comments on Richard Tabor, J.H. Prynne and Cambridge poetry scene; typescript letter, 12 Apr 1980, fearing a distancing on Mottram's side, and enclosing photocopy edition of manuscript poems, inscribed to Eric (Mottram), with copies of Fête by Ulli McCarthy (Freer) and Twisted Wrist 6 by Pierre Joris; typescript letter, 7 Jun 1980, in reconciliation, with comments on the general poetry scene; manuscript letter, 21 Aug 1980 on publication of Voix-off/Angleterre anthology; typescript letter, 28 Sep 1980 with flyer; manuscript postcard, 29 Nov 1980; typescript letter, 7 Dec 1980, answering queries from Mottram; typescript letter, 20 Apr 1981, enclosing flyer and leaflets by Kris Hemensley and Kathy Acker in the series Fête; typescript letter, 2 Nov 1981, about separation from Glenda (George); typescript letter, 9 Aug 1982 enclosing brief anthology titled Shoestring (ed. Buck, Maidstone, for 1983) and Sylvie Nêve issue of Fête; manuscript letter, 9 Dec 1982, enclosing photocopy of typescript of performance work 'Grapes'; typescript letters, 27 Oct, 19 Nov and 15 Dec 1982 about David Antin event and publication; typescript letter, 21 Jan 1983, enclosing Angel of Fire flyer and Buck booklet Turkish delight (Pressed Curtains, Maidstone, 1982); typescript letter, 24 Aug 1983 about Georges Bataille event; typescript letter, 21 Mar 1985, with information on Tremblor magazine; typescript letter, 19 Mar 1986, about problems with Andrew Crozier; manuscript letter, 10 Apr 1986, on current projects; typescript letter, 30 May 1987, on new music; typescript letter, 29 Feb 1988, enclosing his booklet Rites but for affection (Microbrigade, London, 1987); typescript letter, 4 Feb 1989, with mention of Ulli Freer and Allen Fisher; typescript letter, 7 Apr 1989, enclosing booklet The halter of passions by Buck and David Barton (apparently published by David Barton, London (1989)); manuscript notes, 5 May, 10 Jul and 22 Jul 1989; typescript letter, 18 Sep 1989, about new opportunities; typescript letter, 30 Dec 1989, with flyer for Buck reading at Sub-Voicive; undated typescript letter commenting on American poets reading in Amsterdam

MOTTRAM: 5/27/63-76


Paul Buck, Mottram notes and some booklets and promotional material: Mottram typescript letter, 26 Aug 1976 to Buck, page 1 a poor photocopy, pages 2-7 typescript carbon, literary issues, some self-analysis and biographical data; Mottram manuscript notes, 3 pages (1976), headed 'Paul Buck'; Mottram notes on Buck, seemingly recording performances in Nov and Dec 1976, 1 page; short Mottram manuscript note on Buck, opening 'The act against decorum...'; photocopy of Buck performance script 'Public patronage / particularly to literature' 1977-1978 (outsize); Buck poem chapbook Erotic reversal (Tapocketa, London 1978), with publicity for Pressed Curtains, and issues of Fête by Glenda George, Paul Green, and Paul Buck; Buck and Ulli McCarthy The table (an art book, Pressed Curtains, Hebden Bridge, 1977); copy of Buck booklet Tide of Availability (Pressed Curtains, Hebden Bridge, 1978); Improvisations, poem notations, by Buck, published as Spanner 18 (London, 1980); xxxx 5 by Buck (Zunne Heft, Maidstone, Kent, 1980) with covering manuscript letter to Mottram, 4 Mar 1980 from Ulli Freer; flyer for Buck reading at Cabinet Gallery, London, 1992; undated flyer for Buck reading at Sub-Voicive; undated flyer for Georges Bataille event at Riverside Studios, with typescript note by Buck; undated flyer for London Musicians Collective event including performance by Buck

MOTTRAM: 5/28/1-12


Basil Bunting, letters to Mottram: typescript letter, 28 Oct 1972, expressing his reaction to Poetry Review; typescript letter, with brief manuscript addition, 8 Nov 1972, trying to reconcile Mottram and Stuart Montgomery over Poetry Society finances; typescript letter, 13 Nov 1973 mentioning financial problems, a meeting with Hugh MacDiarmid, and the benefits of a revolution; typescript letter, 28 Jan 1974, on prospect of teaching at an American university; typescript letter, 29 Jun 1974, with brief manuscript addition, on general parlous situation and problems associated with attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace to which he had been invited; typescript letter, 19 Feb 1975, recommending readers for a forthcoming Bunting celebration; typescript letter, 26 Mar 1975, agreeing to do an interview when in London; typescript letter, 8 Jan 1977 referring to his housing problems, and with striking analysis of Tom Pickard's situation; manuscript letter, 19 Jun 1977, describing his new flat in Washington, Co. Durham, and the area, in graphic terms; manuscript letter, 21 Jul 1977, objecting to bunk beds (presumably at the Arvon Foundation), while providing reminiscences of the 1920s, especially of W. B. Yeats; typescript letter, 7 Feb 1978, perhaps referring to 'The pious cat' translation, and reservations about a public reading of Wordsworth; typescript letter, 19 May 1978, mentioning his youthful arrest in Paris

MOTTRAM: 5/28/13-21


Basil Bunting, Mottram essays: B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Company) transcript of Mottram 1975 interview of Bunting with many manuscript corrections of detail by Cathy Hignett at the B.B.C. and subsequently by Mottram; typescript of Mottram interview-article 'Conversation with Basil Bunting on the occasion of his 75th birthday, 1975', published in Poetry Information 19 (London, 1978) pp. 3-10; manuscript and typescript of Mottram essay '"An acknowledged land": love and poetry in Bunting's Sonatas' (published Poetry Information 19 (London, 1978) 11-29); photocopy of revised version of '"An acknowledged land": love and poetry in Bunting's Sonatas', as published in Basil Bunting: man and poet ed. Carroll F. Terrell (National Poetry Foundation, Orono, Maine, 1981) pp. 77-105; second photocopy of revised form of article; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Basil Bunting 1900-1985' and opening 'Our greatest living poet...', 3 pages; typescript of Mottram article, 'Bunting in Buffalo', later published in A tribute to Basil Bunting, ed. Jonathan Williams in Conjunctions 8 (New York, 1985), 154-157; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Bunting' and opening 'His short erotic poems...', with note of a Bunting limerick on Bartok; Mottram manuscript essay opening 'Bunting's British location is Scotswood on Tyne...'

MOTTRAM: 5/28/22-25


Basil Bunting, Mottram essays: 'Poetics Program introduction' for State University of New York at Buffalo [1993], based on Basil Bunting, David Jones, Hugh MacDiarmid; teaching notes or draft essay on the three poets; essay on yellow paper headed 'Jones, MacDiarmid, Bunting'; short note headed 'Basil Bunting, David Jones, Hugh MacDiarmid'

MOTTRAM: 5/28/26-45


Basil Bunting, other material by MOTTRAM typescript notes on reviews of Bunting Collected poems (Fulcrum Press, London, 1968), with photocopy of Roger Guedalla's review in The Nation (15 Feb 1971); biographical typescript note on Bunting by Mottram together with short biography of Bunting from University of Newcastle upon Tyne Gazette, 23 (1971), 11-12, on which Mottram's note is based; photocopy of Bunting's article 'Yeats recollected' from Agenda 12/1 (London, 1974) 36-47, with Mottram manuscript notes based on it; poster for National Poetry Centre's celebration of Bunting's 75th birthday (1975), with Mottram typescript introduction to poets reading and some administrative correspondence; Mottram's typescript notes on Paul Johnstone's 1977 interview of Bunting; typescript and manuscript notes by Mottram on interview given by Bunting in America, 1977; Mottram manuscript note on W.B. Yeats as possible source of image in Bunting's Briggflatts; Mottram manuscript notes on Briggflatts and on music in Bunting's life and work; Mottram manuscript transcript of a statement by Bunting on his independence from David Jones' work; Mottram typescript transcripts of Bunting material, primarily excerpts from first draft of 'Briggflatts'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes headed 'BB biographical' and including copy of typescript chronology of Bunting compiled by Garth Clucas [1978]; four typescript letters, Jan-Aug 1980, and manuscript card, 12 Mar 1980, from David Burnett, reporting on attempts to raise funds for Bunting, with copy of letter to Royal Literary Fund especially aimed to obtain rehousing for Bunting away from Washington New Town; Mottram typescript extract [1980] of material on Bunting in Paris from Ford Madox Ford; letter from The British Council, 14 Jun 1982, explaining their unwillingness to fund Bunting for a trip to Norway; Mottram manuscript notes on an Open University broadcast on 'Modernism and tradition' (September 1983) that includes some reference to Bunting; two typescript letters of Jul 1984 from Carroll F. Terrell of the journal Paideuma, seeking support for Bunting to be proposed as next Poet Laureate; Mottram poems for Basil Bunting, in typescript, collected here together as published in volume Raise the wind for me (Pig Press, 1992); Mottram manuscript note quoting Bunting for use in 'Ta'wil and Henri Corbin' essay [1992]; Mottram manuscript notes on Bunting's works; photocopy of text of Bunting's Briggflatts (Fulcrum Press, London, 1966)

MOTTRAM: 5/28/46-58


Basil Bunting: Fulcrum Press's Christmas card, 1965, printing Bunting's poem 'Ode II/2'; transcript of taped talk by Bunting on Louis Zukofsky (1974); postcards with Bunting's list 'I suggest' (from 'early seventies') and his version of a Horace Ode (1977); list of contents of 'Bunting tapes' (apparently three cassettes of Bunting reading others' poems as for a tape anthology) sent to Mottram in 1978 by Peter Makin in Japan; copies, part typescript transcript and part photocopy of music reviews by Bunting for journal The Outlook in the 1920s, provided by Peter Makin, 1978; photocopies of Basil Bunting poems in Active anthology ed. Ezra Pound (Faber & Faber, 1933) accompanied by typescript letter from Peter Makin, 25 Dec 1978; photocopy of 'An interview with Basil Bunting' from Scripsi 1/3-4 (1982), 27-45; photocopy of Jonathan Williams article 'An interview with Basil Bunting' from Conjunctions 5 (New York, 1983), 75-87; photocopy of Bunting article 'The use of poetry' from Writing 12 (Vancouver, 1986); Mottram typescript of Bunting's 'Villon' and some other poems; print illustrating Bunting stanza 'Praise the green earth...'; sheet with two typed quotations from Bunting; photocopy of printed text of Bunting's The pious cat (Bertram Rota, London, 1968)

MOTTRAM: 5/28/59-66


Basil Bunting, booklets: The spoils (The Morden Tower Book Room, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1965); 'Two new odes' in Agenda 4/5-6 (London, 1966), with essays on Bunting by Herbert Read, Charles Tomlinson, Robert Creeley and Kenneth Cox, and poems by Geoffrey Hill, John Heath-Stubbs, Gael Turnbull, and Hugh MacDiarmid on William Dunbar; first printing of Briggflatts in Poetry 107/4 (Chicago, 1966); first book-form publication of Briggflatts (Fulcrum Press, London, 1966) (outsize); Descants on Rawthey's madrigal: conversations with Basil Bunting by Jonathan Williams (Gnomon Press, Lexington, Kentucky, 1968); Presidential address: an artist's view on regional arts patronage by Basil Bunting (Northern Arts, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1976); Agenda 16/1 (London, 1978). 'Basil Bunting special issue', with 3 poems by Bunting and Bunting talking about Briggflatts, and essays by Kenneth Cox, Peter Makin, Robert Creeley and others; Bunting A note on 'Briggflatts' (Basil Bunting Poetry Archive, Durham, 1989); (note: found in association with Bunting Collected poems (Fulcrum Press, London, 1968), Collected poems (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2nd edn, 1978), Uncollected poems ed. Richard Caddel (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1991), Bunting's translation of Obaid-e Zakani, The pious cat (Bertram Rota, London, 1986), Loquitur (Fulcrum Press, London, 1965), Poetry Review 65/4 (London, 1975), including Bunting's poem 'At Briggflatts Meetinghouse', Whips & scorpions: specimens of modern satiric verse 1914-1931 ed. Sherard Vines (Wishart, 1932), including four poems by Bunting, Victoria Forde The poetry of Basil Bunting (Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1991), Basil Bunting: man and poet ed. Carroll F. Terrell (National Poetry Foundation, Orono, Maine, 1981), and magazines Stand 8/2, Scripsi 1/3-4, Paideuma 9/1 and Writing 12, which all have some material by or on Bunting)

MOTTRAM: 5/28/67-79


Basil Bunting, studies of: copy of magazine King Ida's Watch Chain 1 (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1965), a looseleaf anthology of material on Bunting edited by Tom Pickard with articles by Louis Zukofsky, Gael Turnbull and others, and visual material; duplicator-printed version of Gael Turnbull's 1965 article 'An arlespenny: Some notes on the poetry of Basil Bunting' (outsize); 'Out loud', an article based on extracts from Mottram's radio interview of Bunting, printed in The Listener, 28 Aug 1975, p.274; John Woolford article 'Briggflatts: a poem shaped like a tombstone' from Mews 1 (Cambridge, 1975) 41-45; Poetry Information 19 (London, 1978) 'Basil Bunting special issue'; manuscript letter from Robert Bank of Colne, Lancashire, 6 Dec 1978, with observations on topography of 'Briggflatts' and an appended genealogy; photocopy of typescript of study of Bunting by Andrew McAllister, titled '"Today's posts are piles to drive into the quaggy past on which impermanent palaces balance"' with manuscript letter from McAllister, 29 Mar 1985; offprint of Peter Barry article 'A reading of Basil Bunting's Briggflats' from Forum for Modern Language Studies 21/3 (1985)208-224, inscribed by the author; photocopy of article referring to Bunting by Donald Davie, headed 'Nonconformist poetics: a response to Daniel Jenkins', published in Journal of Literature & Theology 2/3 (Sep 1988), 163-173; Peter Quartermain Basil Bunting: poet of the North (Basil Bunting Poetry Archive, Durham, 1990); review article on books on Bunting, 'Remember the song' by Robert Carver, from New Statesman & Society (1 Nov 1991), 42-43; photocopies of essays and poems from American students at Buffalo [1992], detailing reactions to Mottram teaching Bunting; photocopy of unattributed bibliography of Bunting's printed work

MOTTRAM: 5/28/80-109


Basil Bunting, commemorations and the foundation of the Basil Bunting Poetry Centre at Durham University: photocopy of published, unsourced obituary for Bunting, who died 17 Apr 1985; typescript letter, 18 Apr 1985 from Jonathan Williams, inviting literary contributions to a commemorative volume for Bunting; photocopy of A tribute to Basil Bunting ed. Jonathan Williams in Conjunctions 5 (New York, 1985) 154-157; typescript letter, 3 Jul 1985 from Jonathan Williams, seeking comment on his enclosed Introduction to American edition of Bunting's Collected poems; manuscript note, 8 Jul 1985 from Ric Caddel to Mottram about arrangements for 'Bunting celebration readings' in Newcastle on Tyne for 27 Sep and 5 Oct 1985, including Mottram reading on 27 Sep 1985; brief (one paragraph) typescript summary of Bunting's role, prepared by Mottram on 11 May 1985 for Derek Smith; typescript letter to Mottram from Oxford University Press, 15 May 1985, declining to subsidise a memorial poetry reading for Bunting but offering books for sale; flyer prepared for commemorative readings in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1986, 4 copies plus leaflet on music being performed; notice of anthology for Bunting to be called 'A dog's nose' to be published by Taxvs in 1986; typescript letter, 19 Sep 1985 from Michael Farley regretting delay due to ill-health affecting Taxvs publications, necessarily including A dog's nose: Basil Bunting 1900/1985; published copy of A dog's nose: Basil Bunting 1900/1985 (Taxvs Press, Leicester, 1986); programme of exhibition at Durham University Library, Jan-Feb 1987, entitled 'Basil Bunting, 1900-1985: a life in images'; manuscript postcard, 6 Apr 1987 from Caddel to Mottram announcing intention to for a Basil Bunting Archive; typescript letter, 4 May 1987, Caddel to Mottram with further details of Basil Bunting Poetry Archive; manuscript letter, 3 Jun 1987 from Caddel to Mottram with mention of the Bunting Archive; printed letter, 10 Jul 1987 from Caddel at the University of Durham, reporting on grant from National Heritage Memorial Fund to purchase the Roger Guedalla Collection of Basil Bunting printed material for the Archive; press release by the University of Durham for 4 Mar 1988 with separate letter to Mottram and appeal leaflet, reporting progress of establishing Basil Bunting Poetry Archive at Durham University; printed letter, 22 Apr 1988 from Ric Caddel at the University of Durham, reporting purchase of Bunting material from his executors as foundation of Archive collection; formal invitation to attend the opening of the Basil Bunting Poetry Archive at Durham University, 30 Jun 1988, with covering manuscript note form Caddel; manuscript postcard from Robin Davey inciting Mottram to read at Bunting commemorative event at Briggflatts, 17 Nov 1989; copy of Bunting booklet A note on Briggflatts (Basil Bunting Poetry Archive, Durham, 1989), with insert manuscript note by Mottram on Alexander the Great; two leaflets and an information sheet on the Basil Bunting Poetry Centre, University of Durham, celebration, 1-3 Mar 1990, 2 copies; manuscript letter, 7 Mar 1990 from Caddel to Mottram reporting on opening of the Bunting Centre at Durham University Library; three leaflets and an information sheet on Basil Bunting 'Birthday greeting' at Durham University Basil Bunting Poetry Centre, 1-3 Mar 1991; undated manuscript note from Caddel forwarding tapes 'of the Bunting celebrations'; printed sheets containing general introduction, 'Recordings' and 'Handlist of manuscripts' at Basil Bunting Poetry Archive, Durham University Library, as, 1991; manuscript letter from Ric Caddel, 17 Nov 1992, enclosing details of Basil Bunting Special Issue of Durham University Journal; flyer for Peter Makin's book, Bunting: the shaping of his verse (Oxford, Feb 1992), with typescript letter from Peter Makin, 11 Feb 1992; flyer for Fifth Basil Bunting Birthday Celebrations at Durham; manuscript letter from Caddel, 3 Nov (1994) with invitation to Bunting exhibition at Durham University

MOTTRAM: 5/28/110-122


Basil Bunting, papers relating to Mottram's tenure as Mountjoy Fellow at Durham University: correspondence, mainly typescript, Jan 1991-Apr 1992, from Ric Caddel and Diana Collecott, concerning Mottram's participation in Basil Bunting Poetry Centre events, and application for the Mountjoy Fellowship, including Mottram typescript letters, 4 Feb 1991, congratulating Caddel and Collecott on recent Basil Bunting Birthday Greeting event, and, 24 Dec 1991 detailing programme of intended events for coming term; Mottram manuscript lists headed 'Bunting-bag', 'Bunting tapes & videos', 'Bunting...folder', presumably items Mottram intended to take to Durham with him in 1991; typescript listing of books and articles on Bunting held by Mottram as at Feb 1992; typescript list of 'miscellaneous' items on Bunting held by Mottram, such as letters, photographs, newspaper cuttings; flyer for Basil Bunting Poetry Centre seminars by Mottram in Epiphany Term, 1992, and flyer for Mountjoy lecture by Mottram, 3 Mar 1992, with some accompanying notes for the occasion by Mottram; Mottram manuscript notes and manuscript draft of Mountjoy Lecture; Mottram typescript of Mountjoy Lecture, with title 'Basil Bunting: human framework and "Nature"', with Mottram's name in right-hand corner, and various manuscript revisions; retyped version of Mountjoy Lecture, incorporating revisions, with same title, but Mottram's name in left-hand corner; Mottram typescript draft headed 'Basil Bunting: the performance of poetry' and expanded typescript version headed 'Basil Bunting and performance', a talk to be delivered at the Basil Bunting Poetry Centre, 9 Mar 1992, as 'an introduction to the performance of tapes of Bunting reading...'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on the tapes of Bunting he had with him; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources concerning Bunting, including some made at the Archive in 1992; Mottram manuscript poems connected with his trip north, in notepad, with extra leaf carrying short poem beginning 'A place to be in...'; Mottram manuscript notes on Bunting's Uncollected poems ed. Richard Caddel (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1991)

MOTTRAM: 5/28/123-131


Basil Bunting, visual material: two enlarged photographs, one a collage of passport snapshots, the second Bunting before 'Desnudismo' poster (outsize); mounted photograph of Bunting with Northern landscape background; three mounted photographs, two of Bunting solo, one of Bunting with Tom Pickard; photograph and slide of Bunting in Washington New Town; snapshot of seated group including Mottram and Bunting; printed card of photograph of Bunting next to 'Beware bull' sign, with typed message from Jonathan Williams, 7 Sep 1994; Mottram photographs and commercial picture cards of the Pennine region, including views of the Meeting House at Briggflatts and of Bunting's grave, 19 items; brochure on Briggflatts Meeting House, 2 copies; reproduction of historical print titled 'How Robert Foster, member of the Society of Friends, attended Brig Flatts Meeting, while serving as Lieutenant on the 'Pelican' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/28/132-140


Basil Bunting, flyers and newspaper cuttings: flyer to advertise Bunting reading 'Briggflatts' on Radio 3, including supporting paragraph from Hugh MacDiarmid; invitation card to launch of Bunting's Collected poems (Oxford University Press, 1978); catalogue of exhibition on Bunting shown in London and Newcastle on Tyne under aegis of Oxford University Press, 1978; typescript letter, 14 Jul 1980 from Oxford University Press to Mottram about Jacques Darras' film of 'Briggflatts'; invitation from the Arts Council of Great Britain to view Peter Bell's 1982 film on Bunting; flyer for 'Bunting at 80' celebration at University of Warwick, 1980, with covering manuscript note from Tom Pickard; printed circular letter from Pickard to participants at 'BB at 80 Festival'; two printed programmes for the event, with inserted calendar of readings; newspaper cuttings, 1965-1990, including reviews of Bunting's publications, Bunting's letter to The Times, 15 Jun 1970 on Arts Council funding, and Bunting talking to Edward Lucie-Smith in The Times, 25 Sep 1965 (note: 3 reviews, 1978, 1991 are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/29/1-12


Herbert Burke: typescript letter, 2 Nov 1978; manuscript note, 14 Nov 1979, after reading at King's College London; manuscript note, 5 Jul 1983; manuscript note, 11 Nov 1983, enclosing art photograph; manuscript note, 7 Mar 1984; manuscript note, 23 April 1986, enclosing photograph of Innsbruck; booklet Remember Soweto (Zimmer Zimmer Press, London, 1978); 5 5 5 (Writers Forum, London, 1981); To you then (Writers Forum chapbook, 1981); Cantatas (Writers Forum, 1982); ASTTS S-L (Writers Forum, London, 1985); Toxic Yahoo (Writers Forum, London, 1985), cards in transparent folder

MOTTRAM: 5/30/1-5


Jim Burns: typescript letter, 17 Dec 1975, Burns to Mottram, accompanying gift of a book of poems; typescript letter, 30 Dec 1975, ostensibly to be forwarded to 'Lukia', on socialist issues, with photocopy of typescript poem 'Song for sectarians'; Burns' poem 'The cause' and article 'Mr Block up a ladder' in issue 4 of The Industrial Unionist (Manchester [1975]); booklet of poems, Easter in Stockport (Rivelin Press, Sheffield, 1975), 2 copies; flyer for Burns' The goldfish speaks from beyond the grave (The Salamander Imprint, London, not dated)

MOTTRAM: 5/31/1-2


John Horne Burns: manuscript and typescript note on Burns by Mottram, 3 pages; article on Burns by Brigid Brophy from Sunday Times Magazine 11 Oct 1964

MOTTRAM: 5/32/1-8


William Burroughs, letters, cards, typescripts: typescript letter from William Burroughs to Mottram, 14 Aug 1970, expressing appreciation of Mottram's essay, William Burroughs: the algebra of need (Intrepid Press, Buffalo, New York, 1971; typescript letter, 1 Jan 1978, Burroughs to Mottram, in appreciation of the study William Burroughs: the algebra of need (Marion Boyars, London, 1977); typescript letter, 16 Nov 1979, Burroughs to Mottram, expressing thanks for a gift; brief letter from John Lyons enclosing copy of letter from Burroughs to Lyons, 15 Jun 1982 on the Mayan calendar; postcards and Christmas cards, 1971-1974, from Burroughs to Mottram, usually bearing a short manuscript message, 6 items; typescript carbon of Burroughs article 'Goat God out of site', with manuscript corrections by Burroughs; printed version of the article in Oui 2/8 (Chicago, 1973); Burroughs typescript of his short story 'The monkey head' with typescript covering note from Burroughs postmarked Jul 1994, and brief manuscript forwarding note from Mottram to the Skelts, as editors. (The story was published in the tribute to Mottram Alive in parts of this century (North & South, Twickenham and Wakefield, 1994))

MOTTRAM: 5/32/9


William Burroughs: composite typescript of Burroughs novel Exterminator! published 1973, with occasional manuscript corrections by Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 5/32/10-15


William Burroughs, Mottram studies: Mottram essay on Burroughs with title 'The algebra of need' written in later; opening in typescript, 'The name of William Burroughs penetrated the insular, censored air of British literary life...' but mainly in manuscript; typescript of Mottram essay headed 'William Burroughs: The algebra of need', with opening paragraph, similar to the previous essay, cancelled, to start, 'Burroughs writes: "In my writing..."'; typescript carbon of Mottram essay headed 'William Burroughs' and opening '"In my writing I am acting as a map maker..."', with manuscript inserts between pp. 27 and 28; letter, 15 Mar 1963 from The London Magazine explaining their inability to publish Mottram essay on Burroughs; Mottram letters, 1965-1966, seeking publication of unspecified study of Burroughs with Tom McGrath at Peace News, London, then seeking return of script; fragment of Mottram essay on Burroughs headed 'William Burroughs: The algebra of need' and opening 'William Burroughs' four fictions from Junkie to Nova Express...'

MOTTRAM: 5/32/16-19


William Burroughs, Mottram studies: expanded typescript version of Mottram's essay on William Burroughs, opening '"In my writing I am acting as a map maker..."', 75 pages; photocopy of the previous item, with 2 extra pages inserted; a second photocopy, with occasional manuscript corrections; published form of the essay, in Allen DeLoach's Intrepid magazine, 14-15 (Buffalo, New York, 1969-1970), marked 'master copy' but with pencil annotations by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 5/32/20-25


William Burroughs, Mottram studies: copy of William Burroughs: the algebra of need (Intrepid Press, Buffalo, New York, 1971) with corrections marked and typescript insertions in place; typescript carbon headed 'Part two', being a continuation to form a new enlarged publication on Burroughs; typescript letter, 26 Jun 1974 from Marion Boyars asking for delivery of the manuscript of the new book; typescript letter from Philippe Mikriammos, 5 Jan 1976 seeking help on points in his translation of the Mottram book into French; corrected galley proofs of Mottram's revised book, William Burroughs: the algebra of need (Marion Boyars, London, 1977) (outsize); unsourced offprint of review of Mottram's 1977 book on Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 5/32/26-33


William Burroughs, Mottram studies: Mottram manuscript essay on Burroughs' book The wild boys (Grove Press, New York, 1972), opening 'The guerrilla army of boys....'; separate Mottram manuscript note on The wild boys; newspaper cuttings, 1972, mainly reviews of the book; manuscript essay by Mottram on Burroughs' works, and principally on Naked lunch (1959), 26 pages, paginated 41-65 with a note of publications 1976-1978 (unpaginated), then 6-16; manuscript of Mottram essay to be published as 'William Burroughs: survivalist in a Manichean world' in The Final Academy: statements of a kind ed. Roger Ely, David Dawson, Genesis P. Orridge (London, 1982), 30-34 ; first stage typescript version of the essay with four inset quotations on opening page; typescript carbon and photocopy of typescript with some manuscript alterations, representing a further stage in the completion of the essay; copy of The final academy (London, 1982) with Mottram article in situ and with pass and programme of events associated with the publication

MOTTRAM: 5/32/34-48


William Burroughs, Mottram studies: Mottram essay on Cities of the red night (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1981), beginning with five pages of manuscript, then switching to typescript with the incorrect heading, 'continuation of page 5 of The Place of Dead Roads'; manuscript summary of Mottram's early involvement in teaching 'Beat Generation writers'-retrospective item, apparently headed 'Boulder-not used', 3 sides ; essay opening "In an interview published in the first issue of Departures...", and relevant to Burroughs Place of dead roads (Holt Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1984), 2 pages; Mottram manuscript essay on The place of dead roads (Holt Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1984), opening 'In 1964 Burroughs published a sheet of newsprint...', and including a photocopy of 'The Coldspring News'; three further copies of 'The Coldspring News' (1964); typescript essay, headed 'The Place of Dead Roads', and opening 'In 1964 Burroughs published a sheet of newsprint...', with what appears to be its sequel, headed 'continuation of page 5 of The place of dead roads; separate typescript and manuscript essay, headed The place of dead roads and opening '-initial statement on the original title-The Johnson Family...'; two loose pages bearing separate comments on The place of dead roads; Mottram 3-page essay headed 'Instructions and ?pleasures for the neotonic tadpole'; Mottram manuscript article, paginated A-H, headed 'Hopes and despairs for the neotonic tadpole', which includes analysis of William Burroughs' short story 'The ghost lemurs of Madagascar' (New Statesman 19, 26 Dec 1986) (note: 'neotonic tadpole' is a reference to the human condition originating in 'The Four Horsemen', p. 161); Mottram manuscript essay on Burroughs, opening with the 1987 Lawrence Kansas celebrations of his 73rd birthday; typescript and manuscript essay on The Western Lands (1987), comprising one page of introduction, and six pages of text; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Intro. to WSB', 4 pages; manuscript essay on Burroughs opening, 'Since this pioneering study...', apparently composed 1991, a provisional transcript is provided, 26 pages; manuscript and typescript of essay headed '"The self-sustaining oasis": William Burroughs since 1975' as delivered at Keele University Symposium, 1994

MOTTRAM: 5/32/49-61


William Burroughs, Mottram notes: typescript and manuscript notes on the earlier novels,Junkie (Ace Books, New York, 1953)Naked lunch (Olympia Press, Paris, 1959)Exterminator! (Auerhahn Press, San Francisco, 1960)Minutes to go (Two Cities Editions, Paris, 1960)The soft machine (Olympia Press, Paris, 1961)The ticket that exploded (Olympia Press, Paris, 1962)Nova Express (Grove press, New York, 1964); continuing with notes onAbstract (New York, 1969),The job (Grove press, New York, 1970),The unspeakable Mr Hart (London, 1970),The last words of Dutch Schultz (Cape Goliard, London, 1970),Ah Pook is here (pre-publication, 1970),The book of breething (Ingatestone, Essex, 1974); manuscript notes on anthropological and medical topics relating to Burroughs' work, with newspaper cuttings on technical points; manuscript notes headed 'Nova Convention: Burroughs' with typescript letter, 18 Oct 1978 from James Grauerholz about 'The Nova Convention' to be held 1-2 Dec 1978 in New York; manuscript and typescript notes on Burroughs' work, including 'Sects and death' and 'The whole tamale' in Roosevelt after inauguration (City Lights, San Francisco, 1979), The Port of Saints (Blue Wind Press, Berkeley, 1980), and other works such as Friedrich Nietzsche's The Antichrist (1895); manuscript notes, paginated 2-3, and slips written in pencil, on Burroughs' Cities of the red night (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1981); further manuscript notes on works by and on Burroughs, including his 'Revised Boy Scout Manual', 1970 (in Re/Search, 4-5, 1982); notes on Interzone (Viking Penguin, New York; Picador, London, 1989), Queer (Viking, New York, 1985), Letters to Allen Ginsberg 1953-1957 (Full Court Press, New York, 1982) and other writings; notes on Burroughs' exhibition of paintings at the Suzanne Beiderbeg Gallery, Amsterdam, and The October Gallery, London, 1988; manuscript notes for Burroughs colloquium at Naropa Institute, Colorado, July 1985, with promotional material; manuscript notes, especially on slips, on Burroughs' The Western Lands (Picador, London, 1987); manuscript notes on The Burroughs file (City Lights, San Francisco, 1984) with postcard from Dale Carter in San Francisco, postmarked 2 Feb 1989; notice of Burroughs symposium, 5 Feb 1994, at Keele University, at which Mottram read paper '"The self-sustaining oasis": William Burroughs since 1975', with Mottram preparatory notes, further details of the event, and correspondence from Oliver Harris, the organiser

MOTTRAM: 5/32/62-76


William Burroughs. published material: photocopy of section 'The Lemon Kid' from Exterminator! (1962); Apo-33 bulletin (City Lights, San Francisco, 1964); Time (C Press, New York, 1965), with flyer; letter on 'Literature and drugs' to New Statesman 31 Mar 1966; 'They do not always remember' Esquire (May 1966), 95; Burroughs (with Claude Pélieu, Carl Weissner) pamphlet So who owns Death TV? (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1967); photocopy of pages from A descriptive catalogue of the William S. Burroughs Archive compiled by Miles (Covent Garden Press, London, 1973) comprising autobiographical and literary material; photocopy of Burroughs' 'Prospectus for an Institute of Advanced Studies' [1974]; Burroughs and Terry Southern, 'Strange sex we have known' National Lampoon 1/47 (New York, 1974) 42-43; 'Time of the assassins' from Crawdaddy (New York, Sep 1976), 12-13; offprint of Burroughs' talk 'The four horsemen of the Apocalypse' from Man, Earth and the challenges (Synergetic Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1981), 153-168; photocopy of 'The four horsemen' from Man, Earth and the challenges (Synergetic Press, Santa Fé, New Mexico, 1981) 153-168); Intrepid 14-15 (Buffalo, New York, 1969-1970). 'Special Burroughs issue, including new work by Burroughs and essay by Mottram; 'The ghost lemurs of Madagascar' from New Statesman 19-26 Dec 1986; Apocalypse (George Mulder Fine Arts, New York, 1988); text by Burroughs, visuals by Keith Haring (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/32/77-85


William Burroughs, interviews: typescripts of Mottram interview with Burroughs, 'The Algebra of Need' recorded 18 Dec 1963 and transmitted 9 Mar 1964; one copy, with pencil corrections, appears to be a draft, from which three formal copies were made by the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Company); letter from the B.B.C. on forwarding scripts to Mottram, 2 Jul 1963; manuscript postcard from Burroughs to Mottram, 28 Jan 1964, conveying his approval of the script; telegram of congratulations on the transmission, 9 Mar 1964, with Radio Times note of its transmission, and report of the programme in The Listener, 18 Mar 1964; two offprints of excerpts from interview in 'Rencontre avec William Burroughs' from Les Langues Modernes vol. 59 (Paris, 1965) 79-83; typescript note, undated but probably 1975, from Jim (Pennington) about publication of Snack, the full printed text of the interview (Aloes Books, London, 1975); three typescript letters, 1977-1978, from James Grauerholz, Burroughs' secretary, about the copyright of the interview in the case of the publication of a Spanish translation in Pre-Textos (Valencia, 1978); typescripts of interview with Burroughs for the B.B.C. by Gary Goldhill (1970), 2 copies, both with some measure of annotation; photocopy of typescript text, 1973 talk between Burroughs, Mottram, Jim Pennington and Graham Dawes, headed 'El hombre invisibile', also published in Snack

MOTTRAM: 5/32/86-95


William Burroughs, interviews: interview with Burroughs Rolling Stone 108 (1972) (outsize); poor photocopy of Burroughs interview in Rat: subterranean news, 1968; Burroughs interview by Dan Georgakas, published in Dutch in William S. Burroughs (Cold Turkey Press, Rotterdam, 1970); Burroughs interview Gay Sunshine 1974, with Mottram typescript notes on both; Mottram typescript notes on the Rat and Gay Sunshine interviews; Burroughs interview in place in copy of Frendz 14 (London, 1972)(outsize); Burroughs interview in The Real Paper 1974 (outsize); photocopy typescript of 'An interview with Terry Southern by Victor Bokris (with the assistance of William Burroughs)', with covering letter from Bokris to Mottram, 24 Oct 1979; interview with Burroughs by Duncan Fallowell from Time Out 631 (London, 24-30 Sep 1982); photocopy of Burroughs interview by Allen Ginsberg from The Observer Magazine [1991]

MOTTRAM: 5/32/96-97


William Burroughs, interviews: typescript letter, 24 Aug 1979 from Victor Bokris in New York, mentioning his new work on Burroughs, 'a giant montage of conversations, notes, comments, queries, etc.'; photocopy of Victor Bockris' typescript 'Conversations with William Burroughs', 179 pages with covering letter from author to Mottram, 5 Nov 1979

MOTTRAM: 5/32/98-102


William Burroughs, correspondence about: 'Freedom to read' correspondence, initiated by letter from Mottram printed in Times Literary Supplement 29 Mar 1963, over seizure of copy of Burroughs' Naked Lunch posted into this country; letters from Times Literary Supplement, Peace News, and Laurence Pollinger Limited, 1963, encouraging Mottram in his campaign; The 'Ugh' correspondence. Times Literary Supplement review of Burroughs' Naked lunch (Olympia Press, Paris, 1959) and Dead fingers talk (Calder, London, 1963) with subsequent extended correspondence, including items from Edith Sitwell, John Calder, Eric Mottram, Anthony Burgess, and Burroughs himself; manuscript draft of Mottram's letter to Times Literary Supplement; examples of a parallel correspondence in the Kensington Post (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/32/103-113


William Burroughs, correspondence about: typescript letter, 17 Jul 1963 from Fred Hunter in London, expressing admiration for Burroughs; note, Apr 1972 with miniature film clip and promotional leaflet for 'E.M.E. News' from Udo Breger in Germany; letter from Peter Monck to Mottram, 1975, enclosing copy of brief typescript note from Burroughs to Monck, and copy of newspaper review of The last words of Dutch Schultz; typescript letters, 4 Sep 1975 and 18 Sep 1975 from Philippe Mikriammos to Mottram, concerning the Geneva Symposium on Burroughs and Brion Gysin, 25-28 Sep 1975, with flyer for the event; typescript letter, 6 Mar 1980 from postgraduate student Gary Margi in New York seeking advice on relationship between Burroughs and Samuel Beckett; typescript letter, 7 Aug 1981 from Richard Seaver of Holt, Reinhart and Winston, New York, publishers of Cities of the red night, acknowledging communication from Mottram; typescript letter, 5 Feb 1982 from Dr C. M. Murray of Cambridge Univeristy Press seeking help checking a quotation from Burroughs; manuscript letter (1983) from D. F. Allen in Paris, offering to reprint Snack booklet; typescript letter [1985] from Tom Pickard to Mottram with views on Jennie Skerl's book William S. Burroughs (Twayne, Boston [1985]); typescript correspondence, 1988-1991, from Jennie Skerl at the State University of New York, about the possible re-publication of Mottram material on Burroughs, with a manuscript letter from Professor Robin Lydenberg; typescript letter postmarked 27 Oct 1994, from Joe Ambrose, enclosing promotional material and seeking an article on Burroughs or Gysin from Mottram; attached is Mottram's typescript response, 13 Dec 1994, including remarks on his teaching of Beat poets in Holland and early meetings with Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 5/32/114-123


William Burroughs, material by Barry Miles: typescript letter, 22 Nov 1967 from Miles to Bernard Stone of Turret Books, London, about problems in compiling a Burroughs bibliography; manuscript and typescript notes by Mottram listing publications by and about Burroughs, 2 pages; copy of a duplicated college bibliography, including entry on Burroughs; typescript letter, 19 Sep 1974 from Miles to Mottram announcing completion of his Burroughs bibliography; manuscript letter, 4 Oct 1974 from Miles to Mottram, enclosing 'a copy of our Puerto Rican Bulletin'; typescript letter, 10 Oct 1974, from Miles to Mottram, enclosing stocklist of Burroughs items for sale; Miles' 'Catalogue 8' [1974] 'featuring important items from William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg'; typescript postcard postmarked 6 Jan 1975 from Miles to Mottram, reporting on failing health of Brion Gysin; flyer for Burroughs publications available through Miles in London [1975]; photocopies of poem on Dr Tim Leary by Allen Ginsberg and prose-poem by Burroughs beginning 'a man of letters..', forwarded to Mottram by Miles [1975]

MOTTRAM: 5/32/124-135


William Burroughs, studies: report by Ann Beat on Burroughs at the Edinburgh Festival from Books and Bookmen (London, Mar 1963); typescript carbon bibliographical lists compiled by Donatella Manganotti, on 'Reviews of Nova express', 'Works about William Burroughs' and 'The works of William Burroughs', with entries up to 1965; letters to Mottram, 1973, from Bernard Sigaud, with supporting material, on intended research on Burroughs' work, and examples of translation of Burroughs into French, with unattributed cut-up sequence titled 'Nooze expen metal fuehrer prints square matter empor up and heavy'; article by Josephine Hendin 'Angries: S-M as a literary style' from Harpers Feb 1974; typescript and manuscript bibliography of Burroughs by Peter Monck, with 52 entries up to 1974; photocopy of article '"Junky" restored' by Allen Ginsberg from New York Times Book Review of 6 Feb 1977; photocopy of unsourced article 'Aspects of the Maya in the work of Ernesto Cardenal and William S. Burroughs' by John Lyons, with accompanying typescript letter from Lyons, 3 Jan 1983; photocopy of typescript dissertation by Andy Hibbert (1983), titled '"A Boy's Book": an investigation into the work of American writer William S. Burroughs, and specifically his latest novel, Cities of the red night (Calder 1981)'; typescript letter, Sep 1984 from Michael White to Mottram enclosing his essays 'Poets, prophets and heroes' and 'Blast on through: a review of The place of dead roads by William S. Burroughs', with the table of contents for a proposed anthology of Jack Kerouac's writing; two photocopies of Michael White's typescript essay, 'The search for the final fix: a review of Queer by William S Burroughs including interviews with William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, with covering notes from White, 1986; photocopy of typescript sheet headed 'The Beat generation: a short bibliography', Mar 1985; photocopy of article on Burroughs, 'The return of the invisible man' by James Fox, from The Sunday Times Magazine 22 Mar 1987 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/32/136


William Burroughs, thesis: bound copy of doctoral thesis, 'The last words of William Burroughs' by Oliver Harris, inscribed by the author

MOTTRAM: 5/32/137-143


William Burroughs. Oliver Harris' thesis: photocopy of typescript of Harris' thesis 'El hombre invisibile: radical form in William Burroughs' [1982]; typescript letter, 8 Jan 1986 from Harris to Mottram enclosing photocopy of typescript of chapter synopses for theses, subsequently annotated in pencil by Mottram; manuscript letter, 16 Mar 1987 from Harris to Mottram, regretting delay in submitting thesis, and enclosing photocopy of manuscript letter from Burroughs on the subject of cats; two letters from Oxford University, 1988, seeking Mottram as external examiner for Harris' PhD thesis; Mottram manuscript notes on the thesis; typescript letter, 2 Aug 1989 from Sarah West at Macmillan Press requesting a 'report for publication' on Harris thesis, and typescript carbon of Mottram's reply, 9 Sep 1989 in recommendation with a number of 'constructive' suggestions for improvement; typescript letter, 27 Jan 1993 from Harris to Mottram, recounting his work of recent years and seeking backing for application for post at Keele University

MOTTRAM: 5/32/144-145


William Burroughs, Mark Wallace's dissertation: typescript letter, 1 Oct 1994 from Wallace to Mottram, about his dissertation; Wallace's unbound typescript dissertation 'The end of time: the Gothic universe in the fiction of Paul Bowles and William Burroughs'

MOTTRAM: 5/32/146-153


William Burroughs, visual material: amateur colour photographs, principally of Burroughs on his own; Sep 1971, 9 items; colour photographs, including Burroughs lecturing, probably at Naropa Institute, Colorado, 5 items; two black and white photographs of participants at Naropa Institute, Colorado, colloquium on Burroughs, 1985, including William Burroughs, Gergory Corso, Philip Whalen, Anne Waldman, and Mottram, with names written in by Allen Ginsberg; photocopies of black and white photograph of Burroughs by Brion Gysin, endorsed by Burroughs; black and white photograph of Burroughs, copyright Andromeda Press, Düsseldorf, not dated, and printed flyer; black and white photograph of Burroughs by Harriet Crowder, not dated; postcards issued by the October Gallery, London, 1988-1990, including photographs of Burroughs, and Burroughs texts illustrated by Keith Haring with newspaper cuttings, 1990, and obituaries of the artist Haring, (1959-1990); photocopy of visual assemblage featuring Burroughs and the wording 'Naked Lunch'

MOTTRAM: 5/32/154-172


William Burroughs, flyers and newspaper cuttings: flyers for Burroughs publications from publishers Viking Penguin, New York, Bernard Stone, London, Cape Goliard, London, and Coach House Press, Toronto; flyer for videotapes released by IKON, New York; catalogue of Burroughs items for sale from Andrew Sclanders, London [1992]; flyer and receipt for gramophone records of The Nova Convention; flyer for Howard Brookner movie 'Burroughs', with typescript letter, 13 Apr 1984 from Sydney Krause at Kent State University to Mottram, enclosing review of the film; catalogue of archive of Burroughs tape cassettes and photographs offered for sale by 'Words etc.' in 1988; promotional booklet and newspaper reviews of David Cronenberg's film of 'Naked:Lunch', 1991; invitation to Burroughs press conference in London, 27 May 1970; invitation to theatre performance based on Burroughs' novels, called 'Reconstruction of the countdown', at October Gallery, Nov 1979; flyers for 'The Final Academy' events in London, 1982, with booklet The Final Academy: statements of a kind ed. Roger Ely (London, 1982); cutting from Radio Times, 22 Feb 1983 listing 'Arena' profile of Burroughs on B.B.C. 2 television; press release and list of exhibits for exhibition of Burroughs' paintings and drawings at The October Gallery, London, 1 Jun-2 Jul 1988; invitations to exhibitions of 'Apocalypse' and 'The valley' at the October Gallery, London, 1990, and 'The seven deadly sins' at the October Gallery, 1992; invitation to and flyers for Graham Duff's one-man play 'Burroughs' at Camberwell, London, Apr 1992; promotional material for Burroughs celebration 'A present from William Burroughs' at I.C.A. (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London), Feb 1994, to mark Burroughs' 80th birthday; Mottram did not attend; multiple copies of flyer for William S. Burroughs Symposium at Keele University, 1994; newspaper cutting of advertisement for Burroughs Accounting Machines; newspaper cuttings on Scientology, 1968 and 1991; newspaper cuttings, mainly reviews of Burroughs' works, 1963-1993

MOTTRAM: 5/33/1-14


Bill Butler, correspondence with Mottram: poster-size typescript letter from Butler to Mottram, 11 Mar 1966, enclosing printed poster poem 'Twenty-four names of God' (Goliard Press, London, 1966) (outsize); undated typescript letter, apparently 1967, Butler to Mottram, enclosing typescript of poem 'A cardgame', with Mottram manuscript notes on the poem, and newspaper cutting from Newsweek, 15 May 1967, about the Hindenburg airship; manuscript letter, 14 Mar 1968, Butler to Mottram, enclosing photocopy of typescript poem 'Byrne's Atlas', with typescript carbon of Mottram's response, 29 Mar 1968; carbon typescript of Mottram's letter to Butler, 28 Apr 1969, with photocopy of typescript of Butler's poem 'Home movies' and Mottram manuscript notes on the poem; typescript letter, 20 Jan 1970, Butler to Mottram, enclosing copy of printed text, one sheet, opening 'I am God...', by Benedict Schwartzberg, New York; typescript letter, 23 Nov 1970, describing progress of Unicorn Books, and dispute with John Keyes; typescript letter, 15 Mar 1971, enclosing 2 copies of 'Unicorn Poetry Sheet number 2'; typescript letter, 23 Oct 1971, while teaching in Greece, and including new poems opening 'Pieces from an old drawer...', and 'The same dream...'; typescript letter, 23 Mar 1972, accompanying proofs of a book no longer attached; typescript letter, 5 May 1972 with comments on Mottram's work on William Burroughs and on Mottram's own poems; typescript letter, 7 Apr 1974, detailing financial problems of Unicorn Books, and including a poem opening 'the Minotaur at home...'; typescript letter, 11 Jan 1975, mentioning writing contract, and commenting on Mottram's opportunity at Kent State, Ohio; typescript letter, 11 May 1976, conveying the author's depression; manuscript note of uncertain date on back of spoof printed proposal from invented 'Committee for a Christian Britain'

MOTTRAM: 5/33/15-27


Bill Butler, poems: typescript of poem 'Seattle: everybody died', 18 Dec 1959, with manuscript alterations to the ending by Butler; typescript of long poem 'One', winter 1964-1965; photocopy of typescript of poem 'The discovery of America', 28 Apr 1965; typescript of poem 'A long slow waltz', 1965; typescript of long poem 'Unicorn', 5 Mar 1966, with inscription to Mottram; typescript of poems 'Landscapes of Saint Sebastian', 1 Jun 1968, and of 'Invisible Scarlet O'Hara', 25 Aug 1968; photocopy of typescript of Butler's poem, 'Home movies' part one, with inscription, 18 Apr 1969 asking Mottram for reactions and Mottram's comments on the text; typescript of poem sequence 'My one leaf head', completed Jun 1969; typescript and typescript carbon of poems 'In my dreams an old god waking' and 'Lines for Robert Bly', posted 11 Dec 1969; photocopy of typescript text of Butler's poem 'Home movies', parts one to four, 7 Jun 1970; undated typescript of poem 'Charles I've written you a poem', about Charles Ives, dedicated to Mottram, with inscription from the author; typescript carbon of poems beginning 'a rain of death' and 'All I am saying to you', both 1977; photocopies of manuscript poems of Butler, 1976-1977, with some notes on outer sheet (now reverse of bottom sheet), in unidentified hand, recollecting events of Butler's last three months of life (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/33/28-40


Bill Butler, booklets published by Unicorn Bookshop (Brighton and Seattle): Capricorn (1963), with extempore verse inscription by the author; The unicorn: self-destroying poem (unopened, in envelope, 1966); White skin (poemcard, 1968); Peace talking (poemcard, 1968); My one leaf head (1969), poems, 2 copies; The Gertrude Stein cookbook (1969), poems; Angel dancing (self-published, 1971), poems; Country decadence (1971), poems; Home movies (1972), poems; Unicorn (1972), poem; poemcard opening 'Dream at the bottom of Clearwater Lake..', sent as note to Mottram, 16 Jul 1974; invitation card to Butler's trial, 1968; undated poemcard, opening 'Hurray, hurray...'

MOTTRAM: 5/33/41-48


Bill Butler, booklets, published other than by Unicorn Books: The discovery of America (Writers Forum, London, 1966) containing title poem and extra material; The discovery of America (Interim Books, New York, 1967); title poem only, 2 copies; A long slow waltz (Prensa de Lagar, Portland, Oregon, 1968); Byrne's atlas (Wallrich Books, London, 1970); In progress: Alder Gulch and other poems (apparently a photocopy reprint of original edition by Haunted Bookshop, Berkeley, California, 1961, presented to Mottram, Christmas 1971); Savonarola's drum (Claude Rains, Brighton, 1971); Seattle, everybody died (Aloes Books, London, 1971); A Cheyenne legend (Turret Books, London, 1972)

MOTTRAM: 5/33/49-57


Bill Butler's prosecution under Obscene Publications Act: newspaper cuttings from 1968 about the case; copies of circular from Larry Wallrich and Mottram seeking contributions to anthology to raise money for Butler's defence costs, with Mottram typescript and manuscript lists relating to responses; four typescript notes from Caroline Benn to Mottram, not dated, about how best to proceed; papers relating to the case, including a letter to Mottram from Butler's solicitors, 8 Jul 1968, a list of books deemed obscene, a letter of acknowledgment from Butler to Mottram, 13 May 1968, and a copy of Mottram's typescript statement on Butler's behalf; papers concerning the wider campaign, including two letters from Tony Smythe of the National Council for Civil Liberties, Jun 1968, a notice of a public meeting in Brighton, 20 Jun 1968, and an encouraging letter from Hugh Jenkins, M.P.; photocopy of transcript of proceedings of the trial, paginated 2-92, including report of Mottram's evidence; manuscript note postmarked 23 Aug 1968 from Phil Harsley to Mottram, congratulating him on his evidence on Butler's behalf; typescript carbon copy of letter, 4 Sep 1968 on Mottram's behalf written by the Association of University Teachers to the Lord Chancellor, protesting at comments made by magistrates at the trial; article 'Justice and the Law' from The Daily Telegraph Magazine 281 (6 Mar 1970), including note of Butler's continuing problems with official censorship at Unicorn Books

MOTTRAM: 5/33/58-62


Bill Butler, death in 1977 and aftermath: typescript letters, 8 Nov 1977 and 9 Mar 1978, from Sue Hogg to Mottram, concerning Butler's literary estate; typescript letter, 26 Feb 1980 from Jonathan Williams, signing himself 'Lord Bent' and enclosing two slides of Butler; typescript letter, 2 Mar 1980 from Sue Hogg to Mottram enclosing photocopy of typescript of Butler's poem 'The Sibyl good morning'; typescript letter, 8 Mar 1982 from Peter Hodgkiss of Galloping Dog Press about forthcoming publication of Butler's poems, with manuscript and typescript carbon copies of Mottram's introduction; copy of booklet Angel dancing (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1982)

MOTTRAM: 5/33/63-69


Bill Butler, additional material: Mottram typescript carbon note on Butler's poem 'Seattle, everybody died'; Mottram typescript and manuscript bibliography of Butler up to 1972; typescript carbon of transcript of interview with Bill Butler, 7 Nov 1972; typed bibliography, on cards, of Butler's publications, up to 1977; article from Evening Argus, 19 May 1969 on alternative 'Brighton Festival' involving Butler(outsize); printed sheet advertising readings at the I.C.A. (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London) for Jun (1970), including notes on Butler; unsourced newspaper cutting [1972] about Unicorn Bookshop reprinting a work of William Morris; (note: found in association with interview with Butler in Frendz 28 (London [1972]), at Mottram 7 outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/34/1-36


Ric Caddel, letters to Mottram and some related material: manuscript letter, 28 Dec 1976, suggesting meeting; manuscript letter, 29 Mar 1977, notifying Mottram of reading in Durham and enclosing typescript material on Lorine Niedecker; manuscript postcard, 19 Apr 1977, accompanying sample copy of Mottram's booklet Spring ford (Pig Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1977); manuscript postcard, postmarked 20 Feb 1978, on publication of Mottram's 'Spring Ford' pamphlet; manuscript letter, 7 Aug 1978 seeking to publish further poems of Mottram's; manuscript letter, 12 Sep 1978, enclosing photocopy of typescript of Caddel poem 'Shelter'; manuscript letter, 13 Feb 1979 enclosing flyer for Pig Press; typescript letter, 18 Nov 1979 about reading in London; manuscript letter, 10 Dec 1979 with news of reviews; manuscript letter, 30 Jan 1980 enclosing copy of Ulli McCarthy (Freer) booklet Clearage (Pig Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1977); manuscript letter, 12 Feb 1981, accompanying booklets; manuscript letter, 27 May 1981, enclosing flyer for Pig Press; manuscript letter, 19 Sep 1981 about event at Poetry Society; manuscript postcard [1981] about Mottram reading in Durham; typescript letter, 18 Oct 1983 on possible Colin Simms publication; typescript letter, 15 Apr 1984 on Colin Simms project; typescript letter, 29 Jun 1984, formally suggesting Mottram edit a selected poems of Colin Simms for Pig Press; typescript letter, 9 Nov 1984, mentioning possible trip to America; typescript letter, 30 Dec 1984 on Colin Simms project; typescript letter, 16 Mar 1985 assuming Mottram's withdrawal from Simms project; manuscript letter, 8 Sep 1985 about new date for Basil Bunting exhibition; manuscript letter, 22 Apr [1987] accompanying gift of booklets; manuscript postcard, 9 Aug 1987, accompanying gift of photocopy of typescript of his poem 'Against numerology'; manuscript postcard, 3 Feb 1988 arranging meeting; manuscript letter, 14 Sep [1989] seeking to review Mottram's Selected poems (North & South, Twickenham & Wakefield, 1989), and enclosing Pig Press flyer; manuscript letter, 3 Apr 1992 about claiming expenses; postcard, 1 May 1992, expressing concern for Mottram's health; manuscript postcard, 28 May 1992, with get well message, and enclosing typescript of Caddel poem 'Block quilt'; manuscript letter, 30 Nov 1992, seeking support for application to Buffalo Poetics fellowship; manuscript letter, 27 May 1993, with wry reference to Harry Gilonis; postcard, 6 Jul [1993] acknowledging receipt of essays; typescript letter, 6 Aug 1993 on Pound conference at Rapallo; undated Christmas card with picture of Durham Cathedral; typescript copy of Caddel's review of Floating capital anthology (Potes & Poets, Elmwood, Connecticut, 1991); two copies of typescript letter from Peterjon & Yasmin Skelt to Mottram, 11 Jan 1992, expressing surprise at editorial decision by Caddel; flyer for Caddel reading at Morden Tower, Newcastle on Tyne [1994] with note from Connie Pickard to Mottram on reverse

MOTTRAM: 5/34/37-43


Ric Caddel, printed material: Heron (Makaris Publications, Durham, 1973); Quiet alchemy (Ceolfrith Press, Sunderland, 1976, and Ceolfrith 33); A Morden Tower reading, poems by Caddel and Koef Nielsen (Morden Tower Publications, Newcastle on Tyne, 1977), with covering note from Caddel; Fantasia in the English choral tradition (Slug Press, Vancouver, 1987); Against numerology (North & South, Twickenham & Wakefield, 1987); booklet-format photocopy of typescript poem 'Uncertain time' by Caddel, with covering note, Nov 1989 to Mottram; published form of Uncertain time (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1990)

MOTTRAM: 5/35/1-6


Erskine Caldwell: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Erskine Caldwell (1903-)', and opening 'Caldwell was born in Georgia...'; Mottram typescript essay on Caldwell headed 'Intro(duction) for IUSS (Institute of United States Studies) 1976', and opening 'For the average white Southerner...'; brief Mottram typescript notes on biography and publications; brief Mottram manuscript notes on Caldwell biography; copy of invitation to meet Caldwell at reception at PCL (Polytechnic of Central London) prior to an interview of Mottram by Caldwell 'for a videotape recording.' [1976]; newspaper cuttings, 1961-1965, principally reviews of Caldwell's books

MOTTRAM: 5/36/1-3


Truman Capote: Mottram typescript summary of Capote's career, and notes, typescript and manuscript, on his novels; article 'The new Capote and the old Soviet advice' by Lee Baxandall from Studies on the Left 6/2 (1966) 91-100; extensive newspaper cuttings, 1958-1966, on Capote and his work; (note: some newspaper items including Kenneth Tynan's article in The Observer 13 Mar 1966 and Capote's response, 27 Mat 1966, are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/36/4


Truman Capote, published work: Capote's novel In cold blood, as serialised in four parts in The New Yorker, 1965

MOTTRAM: 5/37/1-6


B. J. Catling: Mottram manuscript notes on Catling's written work 1974-1976; information sheet on Catling as 'Henry Moore Fellow' at Norwich School of Art, postmarked 1982; manuscript postcard and photocopy of typescript of Catling poems titled 'Four chambers from "Written rooms & penciled crimes", a work in progress, Autumn 1986'; invitation card to Catling exhibition at Matt's Gallery, London, 1987, 2 copies; invitation to 'Site Works', an exhibition featuring Brian Catling, London, 1988; poster for the same event (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/38/1-2


René Char: Mottram manuscript notes on Georges Bataille's 'René Char and the force of poetry' from The absence of myth (1951); Mottram manuscript notes up to 1989, on various secondary sources about Char, with what is apparently a translation of the poem 'Vitres de son' by Antonin Artaud

MOTTRAM: 5/39/1-5


Cris Cheek, letters: manuscript letter, 3 Oct (1977) enclosing miniature booklet Bouquet by Cheek (Shabby Editions [1976]); postal greeting based on milk carton diagram, postmarked 15 Dec [1979]; manuscript letter from Cheek to Mottram, with comments on 'Poetry and Politics' conference, 1980, enclosing two folded sheets of visual work; manuscript postcard postmarked Feb 1982, with apologies for missing a Mottram reading; undated [1982] manuscript postcard about forthcoming reading at King's College London

MOTTRAM: 5/39/6-21


Cris Cheek, booklets: Lardhead by Cheek (Bluff Books, London, 1976); Short story in sound by Cheek (Bluff Books, London, 1977); A5 momenta nos. 3, 7, 8 by Cheek (Bluff Books, London, 1978); mailing, 29 Dec 1978 comprising three miniature booklets by Cheek with wording 'Cris mess rose', 'Unofficial diversion' and 'Crossing' on the covers; First body of work by Cheek (Bluff Books, London, 1978), 3 copies; Is television the moving, booklet by Cheek and Lawrence Upton [1978]; visual booklet by Cheek with the wording 'The potential sparing the moment' on the cover (Bluff Books, London, 1979), with a brief note from the author; The hill by Cheek (Bluff Books, London, 1980); visual publication comprising loose leaves in a paper band with title: 'Shape Speaks / to Eric / with Love / Cris Cheek / Instantprints 1980'; Balance wipes by Cheek (Shabby Editions, Editions, 1982); Mud by Cheek (Spanner/Open Field, London, 1984), 6 copies; 444 by Cheek (Writers Forum, London, 1992), 2 copies; three unattributed booklets of visual work, kept by Mottram in Cheek grouping; visual publication bound with paper band, inscribed by Cheek; promotional booklet for performance group JgJgJg; flyer for Cheek reading at The Rainbow Cafe, Hornsey Rise, London; flyer for Cheek seminar at King's College London

MOTTRAM: 5/40/1-2


John Cheever, Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Cheever's The Wapshot chronicles (Harper & Bros., New York, 1957); newspaper cuttings on Cheever, principally reviews, 1964-1965

MOTTRAM: 5/41/1-17


Paula Claire, letters and studies: typescript letter, 30 Oct 1976, enclosing some recent visual texts; manuscript letter, 12 May 1977, reporting on recent performance; manuscript letter, 25 Oct 1977 from Claire to Mottram enclosing 'Statement for Berlin Dada Festival September 1977'; manuscript letter to Mottram, 16 May 1978, enclosing loose leaf sheets of visual work; manuscript letter, 12 Oct 1978, accepting a reading at King's College London, and enclosing a sample of work; manuscript letter, 31 Oct 1978 commenting on trip to Toronto; manuscript letter, 6 Mar 1979 following performance at King's College London; manuscript letter, 1 Jun 1979, mentioning trip to Münster; typescript letter, 1 Nov 1990, from Maggie O'Sullivan of Magenta Press, seeking an introduction from Mottram to a collection of work by Paula Claire; typescript letters, 4 Dec 1990 and 13 Dec 1990 from Claire to Mottram, and 2 postcards, concerning details of the introduction, now to be published by Claire herself as Declarations 1961-1991 (International Concrete Poetry Archive, Oxford, 1991); Mottram manuscript draft, and typescript and typescript carbon copies of final version of introduction for Claire's book; two single pages with further Mottram manuscript notes on Claire's work; typescript letter, 12 Feb 1991 from Claire to Mottram, commenting on introduction and seeking extra coverage of a new project 'Resoundscore'; typescript letter, 25 Feb 1991 from Claire to Mottram thanking him for extra paragraph on a new project of hers, to be included in the introduction; manuscript, typescript, and typescript carbon copies of extra material supplied by Mottram; data relating to a performance Claire gave of her poems in 1991, attended by Mottram, and including a feather for 'The Fellowship of the Green Parrot' and a gingko leaf for 'Gingko' poem; manuscript letter, June 1992, seeking a reference for a post at Oxford Polytechnic

MOTTRAM: 5/41/18-33


Paula Claire, published items: Mobile poems (self-published, 1968); Sounsword (Writers Forum folder no. 12, London, 1972); Stone tones, cards in envelope (Writers Forum, London, 1974); Significances, cards in envelope (Writers Forum, London, 1976); Codesigns, cards in envelope (Writers Forum, 1976), 2 copies; EIED? cards in envelope (Writers Forum, 1977, reprinted 1978); Codestones of Venice (Writers Forum, 1978), 2 copies; Gingle, visual poem in envelope, (Writers Forum, 1978); Meiosis, (Writers Forum, 1978); Circuits, visual chapbook (Writers Forum, London, 1979); Graphic granite, visual card (Writers Forum, 1979); Niagar C, cards in envelope (Writers Forum, 1979); Silverbirchmorse, visuals in envelope (Writers Forum, 1979); The great organ, visuals in transparent cover (Writers Forum, 1980); The development of my sound poetry, 1961-1983, loose leaves in transparent plastic cover (Oxford, 1983), 2 copies; Leonardo's lists, found poems in transparent folder (Writers Forum, 1985)

MOTTRAM: 5/41/34-45


Paula Claire, promotional material: I.C.P.A. (International Concrete Poetry Archive), Oxford, Catalogue no. 1, 1980, with covering note from Claire, the founder and curator, to Mottram; information sheet about the I.C.P.A. catalogue no. 2, 1980; circular, 8 Jun 1983 about I.C.P.A.; flyer in form of visual poem for exhibition at Sunderland, 1984; flyers for an I.C.P.A. exhibition at University College London, 1985; promotional items mailed to Mottram in 1987 including newspaper cutting on Claire's work from The University Daily (Texas, 24 Apr 1986); list of I.C.P.A. publications, to 1988; prospectus for one-day course, 'Word: sound and image' at Rewley House, Oxford, 4 Jun 1988; advertisement for 'Poetry and Electronics' conference at Rewley House, Oxford, Jan 1989; flyer for performance series called 'Resoundscore' [1991]; flyer for launch of Claire's Declarations, 1961-1991 (Oxford, 1991); four photographs of Paula Claire, 1991, 2 of her in her 'white crane' gown, 2 in performance with Lawrence Upton (left), Betty Radin (far left) and Bob Cobbing (in background)

MOTTRAM: 5/42/1-11


Thomas A. Clark. typescript poems, letters, studies, notices: short poems in Clark's own typescript, titled 'English pastoral', 'Scottish poetry', 'Secret Tibet', 'An Eastern delicacy', 'American cake breaker', 'Erratum', 'Raged Robin', 'Heartsease' and 'Iris'; typescript letter, 4 Jun 1966, Clark to Mottram, about 'Ices' series of magazines (Frice, Vice, etc.); undated [1978] typescript letter about forthcoming edition of Truck magazine; undated [1978] typescript letter mentioning reading at King's College London; undated [1979] typescript letter referring to 'the Cambridge show' and enclosing poem-cards 'Four English flowers'; undated [1983] typescript letter enclosing booklets The hollow way and Pauses and digressions; typescript carbon transcript of interview with Thomas A. Clark at The Poetry Society 5 Feb 1973, conducted by Mottram; four pages of Mottram manuscript notes on Clark's work; printed flyer from Jonathan Williams of The Jargon Society, with printed invitation to launch of Clark's new book A still life (The Jargon Society, Dentdale, 1977); flyer from The Poetry Society Bookshop [1987] for titles including book of essays on Clark's work; printed invitation to Clark poetry reading in Edinburgh

MOTTRAM: 5/42/12-53


Thomas A. Clark booklets, from his own Moschatel Press, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire: Fly patterns for still waters, 1978; A short tour of the Highlands, 1979; Four English flowers, cards, 1979; From a glossary of Old Scots, 1979; The frog leaps, 1979; Adjectives for grasses, 1980; After Marvell, 1980, 2 copies; Four horizons, 1980; Tansy buttons, 1980; Sixteen sonnets, 1981; A dedication, 1982; For returning warriors, card, 1982; Twenty four sentences about the forest, 1982; Under the brae, 1982; Wayward definitions, 1982; A collect, 1983; The Blue Boat, card as flyer for the magazine of that name, 1983; From sea to sea, 1990; A basket of landscapes, undated; A vase of daffodils, a patch of sorrel, undated; After Pissarro, undated; An affinity of eye and petal, card in envelope, undated; Flower, card in envelope, undated; Folding the last sheep, undated, in envelope; Four flowers, undated; Gatherings, undated; Haystacks and islands, undated; Horizon, undated, in envelope; Moss stitch, undated; Of leaves, undated; Pauses and digressions, undated; Proverbs of the meadow, undated; Shape and shade, undated; The hollow way, undated; Two evergreen horizons, undated; Water c(a)resses, card, undated; untitled card showing rose varieties, undated; untitled card with flowerheads, undated, in envelope; untitled card with wording 'September...ember', undated; untitled card showing wood stove; untitled folded card with wording 'but all shall be well...'; untitled booklet opening 'Toe pebble', undated

MOTTRAM: 5/42/54-67


Thomas A. Clark booklets, published by presses other than his own Moschatel Press: The sand burg (Ferry Press, London, 1966); Down and out in Tighnabruaich (Akros Publications, Preston, 1970); Emphatic forms (Bettiscombe Press, Bridport, Dorset, 1971); Some particulars (The Jargon Society, Dentdale, as Jargon 75, 1971); Some life until I took wing (Writers Forum, [1972]); Pointing still (Arc Publications, Gillingham, Kent, 1974); Stumbling on lemons, published as Aggie Weston's 5 (Belper, Derbyshire, 1974); A still life, with Six variations on a chrysanthemum of William Morris by Ian Gardner (The Jargon Society, Dentdale, 1977 as Jargon 86); Arrangement in a blue jug (Arnica Press, no place of publication given, 1977); Pebbles from a Japanese garden (Topia Press, New York & Bradford, 1977); Corners of a lost garden (Borken Ground Press, Bristol, 1980); Four sonnets (Other Branch Readings, Bath, 1980); The pocket glade dictionary (Underwhich Editions, Toronto, 1980); Candid fields: essays and reflections on the work of Thomas A. Clark (Interim Press, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, 1987); Nothing in particular (Morning Star Publications, Edinburgh, 1990); found in association with Madder Lake (The Coach House Press, Toronto, 1981), A Ruskin sketchbook (Coracle Press, London, 1979)

MOTTRAM: 5/43/1


Tom Clark (U.S.A.): photocopy of typescript transcript of 'Interview with Tom Clark, Boulder, 16 Nov 1979', conducted by Ed Dorn

MOTTRAM: 5/44/1-4


Adrian Clarke: poetry booklet Immediate measure (Alighieri & Co. London, 1986), 2 copies; Shadow sector (Writers Forum, London, 1988); essay 'Listening to the differences', published as RWC magazine, extra issue 2 (London, 1991); Five visitations (and other poems) published as RWC 7 (Sutton, Surrey, 1991); Altered states (and other poems) published as RWC 18 (Caversham, Reading, 1994); photocopy of photographs of Adrian Clarke in performance from The Guardian, 30 Jul 1991

MOTTRAM: 5/45/1-12


Bob Cobbing, correspondence with Mottram and statements: manuscript letter, 21 Mar 1974, Cobbing to Mottram, about developments in promoting poetry; four manuscript postcards from Cobbing, Clive Fencott and Lawrence Upton in Stockholm to Mottram, 1973-1983; typescript carbon of letter, 30 Jun 1978 from Mottram to Cobbing, about Henri Chopin's work, with a manuscript page of further notes appended; typescript carbon of letter, 6 Dec 1978 from Mottram to Cobbing, congratulating him on publication of Concerning concrete poetry (Writers Forum, London, 1978); two typescript letters, 14 Dec 1982 and 22 Dec 1982 from Downing Street to Mottram, about a Civil List Pension for Cobbing; two manuscript letters, 26 Nov 1990 and 9 May 1991 from Cobbing to Mottram about the publication of Mottram's Season of Monsters (Writers Forum, London, 1991); three statements on poetry by Cobbing, 1969-1971, reprinted on mauve and yellow sheets as hand-outs; photocopy of Cobbing article 'Concrete sound poetry 1950-1970', accompanied by a trilingual version in English, Dutch and German, as published in Sound texts/concrete poetry/visual texts (Amsterdam, 1971); assemblage of newspaper quotes on Cobbing's work and performances; assemblage of passages by Cobbing, 1952-1979, reprinted as 'Some statements on concrete sound poetry'; print-out of article 'A note on Bob Cobbing's poetry' by Stan Trevor, 1990; same essay as booklet from Anarcho Press, London, 1992

MOTTRAM: 5/45/13-20


Bob Cobbing, studies by Eric Mottram: manuscript notes on Cobing's publications up to 1970; press notice and brief letter from the Arts Council of Great Britain, 1971, on release of long-playing record including performance by Cobbing, with typescript carbon of Mottram sleeve notes; typescript notes and introduction for 'WF100' event, The Poetry Society, London, 1973; typescript of article 'A prosthetics of poetry: the art of Bob Cobbing', with some manuscript corrections, published in Second Aeon 16-17 (Cardiff, 1973); offprint of the above article bound in booklet form by Cobbing, with manuscript card from Cobbing; half-page typescript note on Cobbing, probably as spoken introduction to a performance, mid 1970s; typescript carbon of article 'A successful campaign-Writers Forum', 1974; programme and Mottram manuscript notes for performance at October Gallery, London, by 'Oral Complex' (Bob Cobbing, John Whiting and Clive Fencott)

MOTTRAM: 5/45/21-23


Bob Cobbing interview: typescript transcript of Mottram interview with Cobbing in 1973, amended by Mottram and Lawrence Upton, with covering manuscript note, 30 Jan 1977 from Mottram to Cobbing, seeking his approval to publish; typescript letter, 23 Feb 1977 from Michael Gibbs, editor of Kontexts magazine to Mottram, enclosing his own typescript carbon version of the interview, 'reduced by about a quarter of its length', for final approval before publication in Kontextsound (Kontexts issue 11, 1977); two flyers for Kontexts issue 9-10, 1977

MOTTRAM: 5/45/24-26


Bob Cobbing: Mottram typescript of talk on Bob Cobbing and Writers Forum delivered at Sunderland Arts Centre 1974, beginning 'In his "takes" on Bob Cobbing...'; Mottram typescript of revised text headed 'Beware of imitations: Writers Forum poets and British poetry in the Sixties'; published copy from P. S. (Poetry Student) 1 (Leamington Spa, 1975)

MOTTRAM: 5/45/27-32


Bob Cobbing, WF500, leaflet promoting 1992 as 'Anniversary year' for Bob Cobbing and Writers Forum; Mottram manuscript draft and typescript essay headed 'In celebration of Writers Forum', used as introduction to anthology Verbi visi voco (Writers Forum's 500th publication, 1992); mock-up of anthology for Mottram's guidance, with accompanying manuscript note, 27 Aug 1992 from Bob Cobbing of Writers Forum, and list of poets represented; proofs of Mottram's introduction; four manuscript letters from Cobbing to Mottram, Feb-Jun, 1992, about the progress of the publication; copy of Andrew Duncan's article 'The material practice of bad writing', an aggressive review of Verbi visi voco published in Angel Exhaust 9-10 and later put on the Internet as a 'Review of an anthology of weird poetry'

MOTTRAM: 5/45/33-35


Bob Cobbing, Mottram manuscript draft and typescript versions of introduction to Cobbing's Voice prints (1993); letter from Cobbing accompanying unbound copy of contents of Voice prints; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'A context for Cobbing'

MOTTRAM: 5/45/36-37


Bob Cobbing, a group of monotypes or duplicator prints, on paper and card, created over the period of printing at Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale, up to 1984, 70 visual items; a set of duplicator prints issued in orange folder as Eyearun, 1966 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/45/38-39


Bob Cobbing, a group of unconnected photocopier prints, created on new equipment at Petherton Road, Islington, post-1984, 6 visual items; a second more coherent group of photocopier prints on card, 22 visual items

MOTTRAM: 5/45/40-50


Bob Cobbing, items in unpublished format: verbal poems as single sheet prints, including 'Sumerian hymn to the Sacred Mushroom', 'For Jack Kerouac, 3' and 'Gold's Miths', 10 items; 'e & o poem' booklet, 25 Dec 1970, 2 copies; stapled set of concrete poems by various authors, starting with 'Sand...rock...tide' text, and a similar booklet of sound poems including Cobbing's 'Make perhaps this out sense of can you' and Edwin Morgan's 'Am wondering', believed to have been produced for a Bob Cobbing and Edward Lucie-Smith 'Dialogue' at the National Poetry Centre, 14 Jun 1971; booklet version of 'For Jack Kerouac' poems, 13 Mar 1973; concertina-form visual poem based on 'Are your children safe in the sea?', an item in the 'Processual' series, 2 copies; photocopies of Cobbing sound poems including 'Are your children safe in the sea?' and 'Tan tandinanan'. 7 pages; early form of 'Verbal Computer Poems'; 'poemSound' sequence of Cobbing sound poems; stapled set of '3 poems', 'Kyoto to Tokyo', 'Two rows of tomatoes' and 'Poem for two or more voices'; stapled set of Cobbing's 'Shakespeare kaku' poems; photocopy mock-up of Concrete Poetry-an introduction by Cobbing and Peter Mayer, as published later by Writers Forum, 1978; second copy, with yellow cover

MOTTRAM: 5/45/51


Bob Cobbing, diptychs and triptychs: poem constructs, two or more sheets of card taped together, including 'Undum Eidola', 'Trigram 1-2-3', 'A-nan an' nan', 'The five vowels', 'Principles of movement', 'Concretion from within creates the specific place', 'The Judith poem', 'Alphapita suite', 16 items

MOTTRAM: 5/45/52-124


Bob Cobbing's work published by Writers Forum: The massacre of the innocents, with John Rowan, 1963; Kurrirrurriri, 1967; Six sound poems, 1968; Whisper piece, 1969; Whississippi, 1969; Why Shiva has ten arms, 1969; A typographical problem, 1969; Sonic icons, 1970; Three poems for voice and movement, 1971; Five visual poems, 1971, 2 copies; Why Shiva has ten arms, 2nd edn, 1972; Kris Kringles Kesmes Korals, 3rd edn, 1972, 2 copies; Spearhead, 2nd edn, 1972; Trigram, 1972; Fifteen Shakespeare kaku, 3rd edn, 1973; E colony, 1973; A round dance, 1976, 3 copies; Poems for the North West Territories, 1976; Jade-sound poems, 1976; Furst Fruts Uv 1977, with Lawrence Upton, 1977, 2 copies; Title: Of the work, 1977; Tu To Ratu, 1977; Number structures, 1977; Bob Cob's rag bag mark one, 1977; Scorch scores, 1977; Concerning concrete poetry, with Peter Mayer, 1978; NiagarA, 1978; Gin Chap, with Bill Griffiths and Paula Claire, 1978; Grin, 1979, 2 copies; A short history of London, with Jeremy Adler, 1979; Kwatz, 1979; Pattern of performance, 1979, 3 copies; Winter poem no. 3, 1980; The scared mushroom, 1980; Voicings, 1980; Winter poem no. 4, 1980; Light song, 1981; Kyoto to Tokyo, 1981; Four letter poems, 1981; Winter poem no.6, 1981; Four letter poems, series two, 1981; In line, 1982; Sound of jade, 1982; Processual 2, with Jennifer Cobbing, 1983; Processual 3, 1983; Random snippets ..., 1983; A processual spin-off, 1983; Processual 4, 1983; Lightsong 2, 1983; Processual quintet, 1983; Processual novation, 1984; Jade sound poems, 1984; A processual double octave, 1984; Processual spin-off 2, 1985; A processual nonny-nonny, 1985; Souvenir, 1985; Hydrangea, 1985; Van Gogh: symptoms, 1985; A processual summation, 1985; Bothboth, with Bruce Andrews, 1987; Twelve, 1987, 3 copies; Stracci, 1988; Stracci 2, 1988; Stracci 3, 1988; Changing forms in English visual poetry, 1988, 2 copies; A choice of whiskies, 1989; Self-portrait with glasses, 1989; Traipses, 1990; A further choice of whiskies, 1990; Computer poems, 1990; Fuerteventura, 1992; Open folios, 1993; Domestic ambient noise, with Lawrence Upton, 1994, 3 varying copies

MOTTRAM: 5/45/125-135


Bob Cobbing, 'Collected works' series: Cygnet ring: collected poems vol. 1 (Tapocketa Press, London, 1977), 2 copies; Wan do tree ABC: collected poems vol. 2 (El Uel Uel U Publications, Croydon, 1978), 2 copies; A peal in air: collected poems vol. 3 (Gronk, Toronto, 1978); The kollected kris kringle vol. 4 (Anarcho Press, London, 1979), 2 copies; Bob Cobbing's girlie poems: collected poems vol. 5 (Good Elf publications, London, 1982); Sockless in sandals: collected poems vol. 6 (Second Aeon Publications, Cardiff, 1985); Vowels and consequences: collected poems vol. 7 (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1985); Astound and risible: collected poems vol. 8 (Inkblot Publications, Oakland, California, 1987); Lame, limping, mangled, marred and mutilated: collected poems vol. 9 (David Barton, London, 1986); Processual: collected poems volume ten (New River Project, London, 1987); box containing 15 items in different format and an introductory sheet; Improvisation is a dirty word: collected poems vol. 12 (Magenta, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, 1990)

MOTTRAM: 5/45/136-149


Bob Cobbing, works published by presses other than Writers Forum: Cobbing issue of Extra Verse 17 (London, 1966) with article by Dom Silvester Houedard; Chamber music (Edition Hansjörg Mayer, Stuttgart, 1967); Etcetera (Vertigo Publications, Cardiff, 1970), 2 copies; Kwatz (Arc, Gillingham, Kent, 1970), 2 copies; Konkrete Canticle (Covent Garden Press, London, 1971), plus unbound copies of selected pages; Song signals (Second Aeon, Cardiff [1972]), 3 copies; Concrete poetry: Gloup and Woup ed. Cobbing (Arc, Gillingham, Kent, 1974); Bill jubobe (The Coach House press, Toronto, 1976); Sensations of the retina (Gronk, Toronto, 1978); Statue of Liberty suite (Bath Place Community Arts Press as Other Branch Readings 1, 1980); Serious dissertations on something or other (Anarcho press, London, 1989); Bob jubile (New River Project, London, 1990), 2 copies; Life, the universe and everything (Interim Books, London, 1993); Ulli's set (Micro Brigade, London, 1994)

MOTTRAM: 5/45/150-157


Bob Cobbing, cards and notices: Cobbing designed New Year and greeting cards, 1970-1993, 12 items; flyers for performances and publications including Cobbing, 1971-1992; list of members of 'Group H', 1965; information sheets about Writers Forum's 100th publication celebrations in 1973, the 300th in 1984, the 500th in 1992, and notes for the celebration of Cobbing's 70th birthday at the I.C.A. (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London) 6 Aug 1990; press cuttings from Hampstead Evening News including launch of Mottram's Precipice of fishes (Writers Forum, London, 1979), and photograph of Bob Cobbing in performance from City Limits, 25 Nov-1 Dec 1983; one black-and-white and two colour photographs of Cobbing in the front room of his flat at 262 Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale, London; duplicated list of Cobbing poems available on tape; Cobbing's own printed lists of tapes and gramophone records of his work available, with book lists of Writers Forum publications from 1971, 1973, 1979

MOTTRAM: 5/46/1-21


Kirby Congdon, letters and booklets: typescript letter, 25 Aug 1964, defending his work, and referring to many contemporary American poets; typescript letter, 6 Apr 1965, mentioning possible publication of Mottram interview with William Burroughs; typescript letter, 7 Sep 1966, informing Mottram that manuscript of Congdon's 'Dream-Work' and 'Fables' will follow by post; typescript letter, 14 Nov 1966, enquiring about arrival of and reaction to manuscript; typescript letter, 27 Feb 1967, referring to forthcoming publication of Bill Butler's poem 'Discovery of America'; typescript letter, 14 Apr 1967, about forthcoming publication of Congdon's 'Dream-Work'; manuscript letter, 10 July 1968, reporting the death of Jay M. Socin of Interim Books; typescript letter, 10 Oct 1968, referring to Bill Butler, Jay Socin and Allen De Loach, enclosing Figure by Congdon (Interim Books, 1967), with photograph of Congdon printed in the booklet; invitation, postmarked October 1968, to memorial gathering in honour of Jay Socin, typescript; letter, 19 Dec 1968, touching on sexuality, typescript; letter, 1 Jul 1970, with general literary news, typescript; letter, 17 Oct 1970, referring to Allen DeLoach, and enclosing copy of review of Congdon's Dream-Work (Cycle Press, New York, 1970), typescript, 10 pages; letter, 16 Feb 1971, mentioning Ted Wilentz, Marguerite Harris, Carol Bergé, typescript; letter, 'First day of Spring, 1971', on Mottram's reaction to Congdon's Dream-Work, typescript; letter, 15 Mar 1971, about lack of a home, typescript; letter, 27 Apr 1971 about forthcoming issue of Magazine, typescript; letter, 10 Oct 1971, about current projects, typescript; letter, 27 Nov 1971, on Magazine 5 and 6, typescript; letter, 27 Dec 1971, about grants for magazines, typescript; letter, 1 Mar 1972, typescript; letter, 12 Aug 1973, about future publications, typescript, enclosing booklets A play on words by Richard Latta (Cycle Press, New York, 1972), He-Man by Christine Zawadiwsky (Interim Books, New York, 1973), and The Compass (Interim Books, New York, 1973)

MOTTRAM: 5/46/22-33


Kirby Congdon, essays and work in non-published format: typescript carbon of essay 'A look back, a look away'; typescript carbon of essay 'How to succeed in poetry without really trying', 1964; typescript carbon of essay on 'Lowell Nesbitt'; typescript carbon of essay 'Poetry in New York: the 'war' of independence'; typescript carbon of essay 'The mimeograph revolution', 1964; typescript carbon of essay 'The final symbol', a review of Ernest Hemingway's A moveable feast (1964, 1965), posted by Congdon in 1968, with brief covering note; typescript note [1966], with copies of correspondence relating to unsuccessful bid for grant from Ingram Merrill Foundation, and photocopy of short commentary by Margaret Guiton on Congdon's work with fables; with photocopy of typescript prose work 'Fables after Krylov and Aesop', photocopy of typescript of one-act play 'Here I am!' and photocopy of typescript of one-act play 'The gravy train'; photocopy of untitled set of new fables by Congdon, with brief covering note from the author, 5 Sep 1966, and photocopy of typescript of short prose pieces titled 'Dream-work'

MOTTRAM: 5/46/34-51


Kirby Congdon, published material: poem booklet The iron ark: a bestiary (Interim Books, New York, 1962), 2 copies; poem booklet Icarus in Aipotu (Crank Books, New York, 1963); poetry booklet Icarus (Interim Books, New York, 1963); a second copy of Icarus, accompanied by a printed broadsheet 'A word for Icarus'; A century of progress (Interim Books, New York, 1964); A poem and a drawing (Coronado Press, Lawrence, Kansas, 1964); offprint of article 'Art as axle grease', on the work of artist Lowell Nesbitt, from Américas magazine, Oct 1964; drawing by Lowell Nesbitt printed with poem by Congdon, as Broadside Poems 9 (Lawrence, Kansas, 1964); booklet of short story 'The Christmas Tree' by Congdon, published by Interim Books, and posted to Mottram Dec 1968; copy of Congdon's A Key West rebus: poems and photographs (with Cory McDonald, Interim Books, New York, 1969); review of A Key West rebus reprinted from The Key West Citizen 26 Jan 1969; list of Interim Books, New York, publications as, 1968, showing photo of Congdon on reverse, with up-date sheet, 1969; prose booklet Dream-work by Congdon (Cycle press, New York, 1970); Suns (no publishing details, but in the manner of Coronado Press); Landscape (Interim Books, New York, not dated); Conch (Crank Books, New York, not dated); poetry sheet headed 'Manifesto' (Crank Books, New York, not dated); booklet Ego (Crank Books, New York, undated); (note: found in association with Poetmeat 6, and Backfire by Jay Socin (Interim Books, New York, undated))

MOTTRAM: 5/46/52-57


Kirby Congdon, promotional material: catalogues for Interim Press, Crank Books and flyer for Magazine, postmarked July 1964; a second set, with additional list of Congdon's published work; flyer featuring review of Congdon's A Key west rebus; copy of article on Congdon by Dorothy Raymer, called 'Being paged', from The Key West Citizen, 30 Jan 1966; copy of article by Harry Gilroy, from The New York Times of 17 Aug 1967, which mentions Congdon's Magazine; flyer for Interim Books, 1968, with printed photograph of Congdon on reverse

MOTTRAM: 5/47/1-8

1935, 1958-1983

Joseph Conrad: Mottram manuscript essay opening 'In the preface to the secret agent...'; Mottram manuscript essay, with one typescript insert, opening 'Conrad's advice to a young writer...'; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Conrad: three novels', referring to The nigger of the Narcissus, Typhoon, and The shadow-line; Mottram manuscript notes on individual works by Conrad; partial photocopy of article by Ford Madox Ford 'Conrad and the sea' from The American Mercury June 1935, 169-175; photocopy of V.S. Naipul article 'The darkness of Conrad' from Naipul's The return of Eva Perón (Knopf, New York, 1980), with covering note, 19 May 1990, from correspondent in New York signing 'David'; newspaper cuttings on Conrad, 1958-1982; Portsmouth Polytechnic Library bibliography of articles on Conrad, 1965-1983

MOTTRAM: 5/48/1-4


Sid Corman: typescript letter to Mottram, 2 Sep 1985, seeking reading in London; typescript letter, 29 Sep 1990, in answer to Mottram enquiry about Corman's published work; photocopy of article from Serif 5/1 (1968) with information from Corman about the founding of his Origin magazine, and an index of its issues; A haiku calendar (Morning Star Publications, Edinburgh, 1990)

MOTTRAM: 5/49/1-4


Gregory Corso: manuscript letter from Corso to Mottram, postmarked 18 Nov 1961, excusing himself from calling on Mottram, and enclosing typescript carbon of letter of complaint about the press, 5 sides; Mottram typescript notes on secondary sources on Corso; two newspaper articles by Corso, 'Notes form the other side of April', Esquire 1964, 'Life, death and dancing' from Esquire, July 1965 (outsize); newspaper cuttings about Corso, 1961-1963

MOTTRAM: 5/50/1-3


Hart Crane: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Hart Crane'; Mottram manuscript notes on studies of Crane; Crane's poems 'Island quarry' and 'The mermen' typed out by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 5/51/1-5


Robert Creeley, correspondence: typescript letter, 2 Nov 1979, from Creeley to Mottram, on teaching work at Buffalo; typescript letter, 20 Oct 1984, from Creeley to Mottram, on moving to Ithaca, New York; copies of correspondence 1987-1992 about the nomination of Robert Creeley for a Nobel Prize for Literature, including two letters from Tony Baker; acknowledgment from the State University of New York at Buffalo, 11 Feb 1988, of Mottram's recommendation on behalf of Creeley; typescript letter, 14 Jun 1990 from Julian May of the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Company), after Mottram interview of Creeley

MOTTRAM: 5/51/6-12


Robert Creeley, Mottram studies: Mottram manuscript essay opening 'Robert Creeley was born in 1926 in Arlington, Massachusetts...'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Robert Creeley-A Method / A Sight / The Hole-Words (1967) p. 100-p. 106'; manuscript essay headed 'Creeley', opening with a quote from Creeley, 'I want to live in the world...'; manuscript notes accompanying copy of essay and poem 'The creative' by Creeley, published as Sparrow 6 (Los Angeles, 1973); extensive manuscript and typescript notes by Mottram on individual works by Creeley; manuscript notes on Creeley's biography and bibliography; typescript carbon of Mottram paragraph on Creeley, 10 Feb 1990, intended for publication in City Limits magazine

MOTTRAM: 5/51/13-25


Robert Creeley: typescript copy by Mottram of Creeley poem 'The door'; photocopy of unsourced article by Creeley 'Love's labors won-Norman Bluhm's art'; photocopy of interview, 'Robert Creeley in conversation with Charles Tomlinson', from The Review 10 (Jan 1964); photocopy of typescript poems by Creeley, including 'The door' and 'The finger', with some accompanying manuscript notes by Mottram; duplicator print-out of poems by Creeley including 'Hart Crane', and 'After Lorca'; photocopy of typescript of Creeley poem 'People'; photocopy of typescript of Creeley poem 'Numbers'; duplicator print-out of Creeley poems, including 'Some place' and 'Song'; photocopy of typescript of poem 'The finger'; photocopy of account of Black Mountain Review by Creeley and index of issues from The Serif 2/2 (1965); photocopy of interview with Creeley from Cottonwood Review (Kansas, 1968) (note: for original see Mottram 7 (1968)); a calendar for 1984, published by The Toothpaste Press, West Branch, Iowa, with poems by Robert Creeley; Christmas broadside, poem card issued by State University of New York at Buffalo, 1987

MOTTRAM: 5/51/26-32


Robert Creeley booklets: Four poems from 'A form of women' (The friends of The Eighth Street Bookshop, New York, 1959), booklet in envelope; Creeley, with Allen Ginsberg, Contexts of poetry, lecture issued as Audit 5/1 (Buffalo, New York, 1968); Robert Creeley reads (Turret Books, London, 1967), booklet plus gramophone record; prose introduction to John's Book by Alan Marlowe (Poets Press, no place of publication given, 1969); 1234567890 poem by Creeley with drawings by Arthur Okamura (Shambala, Berkeley & Mudra, San Francisco, 1971); St Martin's (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1971); Listen (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1972)

MOTTRAM: 5/51/33-44


Robert Creeley, booklets: Athanor 4 (Clarkson, New York, 1973), Creeley issue; For my Mother (The Sceptre Press, Rushden, Northamptonshire, 1973); The creative (Sparrow 6, 1973), essay; His idea (The Coach House Press, Toronto, 1973); Inside out (as issue 14 of Sparrow, Nov. 1973): lecture; Away (Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, 1976), poems; Desultory days (The Sceptre Press, Knotting, Bedfordshire, 1979), inscribed copy; Echoes: poems (The Toothpaste Press, West Branch, Iowa, 1982); Memories (Pig Press, Durham, 1984), 2 copies; The company (Burning Deck, Providence, Rhode Island, 1988), inscribed by author; Autobiography (Hanuman Books, Madras and New York, 1990), prose, cover photo inscribed 'Creeley patient with me, July 1984, Naropa Summer Poetics: early supper. Allen Ginsberg';Gnomic verses (Zasterle Press, La Laguna, Italy, 1991)

MOTTRAM: 5/51/45-51


Robert Creeley: Warren Tallman Three essays on Creeley (The Coach House Press, Toronto, 1973); select bibliography and essay by John Osborne and Peter Easy [1976]; manuscript list of articles on Creeley by Michael Shear, with short Mottram typescript account of Creeley's publications to 1969; poster for Creeley reading at Buffalo, 1978; leaflet for Creeley reading tour of England, 1982, 7 copies; flyer for Creeley reading at Riverside Studios, London (1982); newspaper cuttings on Creeley, 1963-1967, principally reviews, but also some articles on Ludwig Wittgenstein

MOTTRAM: 5/52/1-5


Harry Crews: Mottram manuscript draft essay headed 'Harry Crews', paginated (1), 2, (1), 2, 3, 3, 4-7; Mottram manuscript list of Crews' books, with extra information pasted in; newspaper cuttings, 1974-1992, on Crews and his work; letters from David (Attoe) in New York, 1988, about securing copies of Crews' books for Mottram, with receipts and lists of books sent; article on Crews by Scott Hiaasen from The Observer Review, 30 Oct 1994

MOTTRAM: 5/53/1-13


Andrew Crozier: fragment (one page) of typescript carbon of letter, 5 Feb 1973, Mottram to Crozier, with some comment on Crozier's recent books; typescript letter, Crozier to Mottram, 25 Feb 1973, in response to the above item, and enclosing list of Ferry Press books; typescript letter to Mottram, 8 Mar 1973 from New York, largely about Contact magazine; typescript letter, 10 Mar 1976 about his poems in Poetry Review; typescript letter, 23 Mar 1976, with comments on the larger format of Poetry Review; poem card by Crozier with card announcing change of address; typescript letter to Mottram, 9 Apr 1979 about Ferry Press and its work; typescript letter, 14 Jul 1979 with some reference to 'RVD' (Robert Vas Dias); manuscript postcard, 1 Sep 1979 acknowledging an invitation, obverse features Tom Phillips' 'Could this be the day'; manuscript letter, 5 Oct 1981 about King's College London reading series; manuscript letter, 6 Dec 1982 about new home; poetry booklet Neglected information (Blacksuede Boot Press, Sidcup, Kent, 1972); offprint of Crozier article 'Thrills and frills: poetry as figures of empirical lyricism' in Society and literature 1945-1970 ed. Alan Sinfield (Methuen, London, 1983), 119-233

MOTTRAM: 5/54/1-8


e. e. (edward estlin) cummings: manuscript draft and typescript of Mottram review-essay 'Dreams in the mirror: the poetry of e.e. cummings'; proofs of Mottram article 'Dreams in the mirror' published in London Magazine 1961, being a review of Norman Friedman's e.e. cummings: the art of his poetry (Oxford University Press, 1960); summary of cumming's career by Mottram, typescript, 1 page; notes by Mottram on cumming's career and publications, typescript, 4 pages; Mottram typescript summary of critical works on cummings; Mottram manuscript appreciation of cummings poem 'buy me an ounce' with typed text of poem; some retyped and duplicated examples of cumming's poetry; newspaper cuttings, 1958-1963, on cummings and his work

MOTTRAM: 5/55/1-9


Edward Dahlberg: typescript letter, 11 Aug 1966, from James Laughlin of New Directions to Mottram, in appreciation of Mottram's efforts on Dahlberg's behalf; typescript letter from Dahlberg to Mottram, 22 Oct 1969, asking for a view of Mottram's article on him; typescript letter, 30 Oct 1969, in appreciation of Mottram's article, 'Ishmael in America'; typescript letter, 30 Jul 1970, expressing thanks for hospitality and friendship; typescript letter, 8 Dec 1970, Dahlberg to Mottram, about work and writing, enclosing photocopy of a review of his Confessions of Edward Dahlberg (Braziller, New York, 1971); typescript letter, 8 Apr 1971, regretting Mottram's lack of communication; Mottram typescript carbon of essay headed 'Ishmael in America', a review of Edward Dahlberg Alms for oblivion (University of Minnesota Press and Oxford University Press, London, 1964) and Because I was flesh (Methuen, London, 1964) published in The Times Literary Supplement, 19 Aug 1965, 714, there are two pages of extra notes prefaced to the essay; offprint of Jonathan Williams' essay 'Edward Dahlberg's Book of Lazarus' from The Texas Quarterly (1963); newspaper cuttings on Dahlberg and his work, 1964-1967, including 1 outsize item

MOTTRAM: 5/56/1-8


Fielding Dawson: typescript letter, 21 Feb 1974 from Dawson in appreciation of Mottram's article on him; Mottram manuscript draft for essay on Fielding Dawson; typescript carbon of Mottram essay 'A first appreciation of Fielding Dawson', and further typed fair copy of the same published in Vort 4 (1975); short prose booklet An essay on American fiction (Interim Books, New York, 1963), with covering note from Tom (Meyer); prose sheet headed 'Different People' (Shortstop Press, New York, 1964), initialed by Dawson; short prose booklet Man steps into space (Shortstop Press, New York, 1965), 2 copies, one endorsed by Dawson; critical booklet Fielding Dawson on Duberman's Black Mountain & B.H. Friedman's Biography of Jackson Pollock (Coach House Press, Toronto, 1973); Dawson review-article headed 'Baseball America', as cutting from New York Times Book Review, 17 Mar 1985

MOTTRAM: 5/57/1-5


Samuel Delaney: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Samuel R. Delaney' with notice of talk on Delaney's novels by Mottram in 1983; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Delaney 2'; section on Delaney from larger Mottram manuscript essay, paginated 53-68; Mottram manuscript notes or draft essays on Delaney; Mottram manuscript bibliography of Delaney and typescript selected bibliography of science fiction

MOTTRAM: 5/58/1-6


Don DeLillo, studies and letters: manuscript draft, typescript and photocopies of printed form of Mottram essay 'The real needs of man: DeLillo's novels', published in The new American writing: essays on American literature since 1970 ed. Graham Clarke (Vision Press, London, and St. Martin's, New York, 1990), 51-98; letters from Graham Clarke, at the University of Kent, concerning publication of the essay, 1988-1989; letters from Stephen Bernstein at the University of Michigan-Flint, inviting further essay on DeLillo, 1993-1994; typescript of Mottram essay '"The lethal society": Don DeLillo's investigations of leader and crowd'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual DeLillo works; review of DeLillo's Mao II (Viking, New York, 1991) from Time, 10 Jun 1991

MOTTRAM: 5/58/7


Don DeLillo, Gary Bell thesis: bound M.A. dissertation 'Raids on human consciousness: culture, technology, and the work of Don DeLillo' by Gary Bell, 1991

MOTTRAM: 5/59/1-24


Allen De Loach, letters to Mottram: typescript letter, 8 Feb 1968 acknowledging Mottram's role in helping revise De Loach poem 'Elegy: Walt Whitman'; typescript letter, 6 Feb 1969, mostly on publication opportunities, but also mentioning many poets including Allen Ginsberg and Robert Creeley, and including the text of part of De Loach poem opening 'You say to the me listening...', with a manuscript postscript about editing Lowenfels' work and a newspaper cutting about a drugs prosecution; brief manuscript note, 17 Mar 1969; typescript letter, 15 Aug 1969, mentioning visit to Ginsberg Cherry Valley farm; typescript letter, 21 Nov 1969, first mentioning possibility of publishing Mottram's work on William Burroughs; postcard from 1970, apologising for not writing; manuscript note of Feb 1970, promising letter to follow; typescript letter, 12 Jul 1971, about visit to Europe; brief undated manuscript note from De Loach, Dec 1971 by context, recording gift of Olson material to Mottram, six undated letters from De Loach from around 1971, 2 typescript, 4 manuscript, with a note of the forthcoming publication of Mottram's William Burroughs essay from Intrepid Press; undated typescript letter from Joan De Loach [1971], including poem opening 'at night / soft at first...'; four postcards from a vacation in 1972, mentioning a proposed book on Charles Olson by Mottram; card, 2 Apr 1975, with photograph of Zuni woman on front; typescript and manuscript letter from De Loach to Mottram, 27 Dec 1976, seeking support in winning university tenure; two copies of typescript letter from Mottram, 20 Feb 1977, recommending De Loach in application for university tenure; typescript letter, 20 Feb 1978, on giving up teaching work, with flyer and newspaper reports of exhibition and reading of material on Hopi Indians; manuscript letter, 29 May 1979, detailing agricultural work, and noting forthcoming poetry festivals with flyer for De Loach exhibition of 'poems and photographs of Hopi Indians'; typescript letter, 11 Sep (1979), with poem 'Chili' on back; manuscript letter, 1 Jul 1981, with enclosures on various projects; postcard, 22 Aug 1981 during visit to Hopi Indians; printed invitation, with collage of images, to De Loach's 50th birthday party (1989); typescript letter, 8 Apr 1989, with note of domestic problems; printed invitation to marriage of Allen W. De Loach and Janet L. Burden, 19 Jan 1991; undated birthday card for Mottram, on reverse of photocopy visual titled 'Kali Yantra'; undated Christmas card from Allen and Janet De Loach, with Noah's Ark design

MOTTRAM: 5/59/25-30


Allen De Loach, letters from Joan De Loach to Mottram: typescript letter, 14 May 1972; typescript letter, 28 Jul (1972), after move to new house; typescript letter, 12 Sep 1972, describing visit to San Francisco and Bolinas; typescript letter, 11 Jan 1973; typescript letter, 20 May 1974, with account of unsuccessful enactment of 'Naked Lunch' with William Burroughs as Dr Benway; typescript letter, 15 Jun 1975, on problems facing the family

MOTTRAM: 5/59/31-41


Allen De Loach: photocopy of typescript of poem 'Elegy for Walt Whitman', to be published by Anonym Press, New York, 1968; photocopy of typescript essay 'The eclectic Dylan', with covering typescript letter, 8 Dec 1968, recounting driving accident in which Allen Ginsberg was injured; mailing of Sep 1969, enclosing typescript carbons of poem sequence beginning 'Herein lies the art...', poem sequence titled 'Fragments, etc.', untitled poem sequence, found elsewhere as 'Three parts unordered' and prose item headed 'The poems is a real thing, baby'; recapitulatory mailing, with typescript, four poems in 'Herein lies the art...' group, and photocopies of typescript of 'Fragments, etc.' and 'from Three parts unordered'; mailing of November 1969, comprising a photocopy of De Loach's poem 'From Maine', to which have been added many marginal comments by Mottram; photocopy of poem sequence 'Three parts unordered', containing short poems numbered 1-33; photocopy of typescript of prose item headed 'from an Introduction to Who is Lowenfels?' (23 pages), endorsed 'Buffalo '74' in Mottram's hand; photocopy of typescript, 'Crow Mother poem'; mailing of typescript work at Christmas 1975 including short story in letter format, poems including 'Recognitions', 'Looking out' and untitled short story opening 'Dalmiki sat, legs crossed...'; photocopy of typescript of poem 'The left-handed Kachina', sent to Mottram 4 Aug 1989; photocopy of typescript and manuscript story opening 'It's a good opening line for any story,' with covering manuscript note, 5 Apr 1990

MOTTRAM: 5/59/42-52


Allen DeLoach, the 'Mudhead Kachina' project: typescript letter, 13 Jan 1979, DeLoach to Mottram, with comments on Trumpa at Naropa Institute, and seeking a publisher for 'Mudhead Kachina: poems and photographs of Hopiland'; originals of letters from Paul Green, potential publisher of the book, to Mottram, 1980-1983, covering the progress of the enterprise; photocopies of correspondence between DeLoach, Paul Green and Jane Reese, 1980-1981, concerning the Mudhead Kachina project, forwarded to Mottram by DeLoach in Feb 1981; photocopies of select letters covering the Mudhead Kachina project from 1980 to its breakdown in 1983 on personal and publishing issues, with copies of letters from Green to DeLoach, DeLoach to Green, and Mottram to Green; promotional sheet for Mudhead Kachina, to be issued under the imprint of International Literature, 2 copies; typescript carbon of Mottram's text for the promotional sheet; photocopy of typescript text of Mottram's intended introduction for 'Mudhead Kachina' book; two letters from Tony Ward of The Arc and Throstle Press, Nov 1982, about the printing of the book; further undated letter from Tony Ward, enclosing photocopy of text of Mudhead Kachina; newspaper cutting referring to old Indian rock carvings in Southwest United States, from Time 31 Jan 1983; two newspaper cuttings from The Buffalo News, 20 Oct 1983 and 11 Jan 1984, on DeLoach domestic problems at this time

MOTTRAM: 5/59/53-54


Allen DeLoach, the 'Mudhead Kachina' project: letters from Paul Green to Mottram on 27 May 1983, with copies of Green's letters to De Loach and De Loach's replies, 1980-1983, 9 items; further correspondence forwarded to Mottram by Green, 31 Jul 1983, 7 items

MOTTRAM: 5/59/55


Allen De Loach, 'Mudhead Kachina' project: typescript and photographs comprising text of book 'Mudhead Kachina', in ringbinder, as returned to Mottram by printer Tony Ward of The Arc & Throstle Press after failure of publication bid

MOTTRAM: 5/59/56-68


Allen De Loach, booklets and promotional material: Elegy for Walt Whitman (Anonym Press, Buffalo, New York, 1968); Third part unordered (Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton, 1970); From Maine (University Press Buffalo, New York as Beau Fleuve series no. 3, 1970); copy of Buffalo Cold Spring Precinct 23 Bulletin an illustrated prose work by De Loach in newsletter format, 1971; Planting pahos (Street Press, Port Jefferson, New York, 1978); Literary assays: portraits of writers (White Pine press, Buffalo, New York, 1984), a folder of photo-montage portraits; poster poem titled 'Paul Diamond is fifty years old', 23 Nov 1992 (outsize); typescript note, by Mottram, on De Loach's career, as, 1970; programme of Bisbee Poetry Festival, Arizona, 1979; card with details of events at Peopleart, Buffalo, including event with De Loach, no year given; catalogue of Videopoetics 'a unique and innovative video series conceived by Allen De Loach', 1980-1982; poster for Bisbee Poetry Festival, 1979 (outsize); poster for Floorplay Contemporary Dance Theatre, Buffalo, with concert including De Loach (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/59/69-72


Allen De Loach, photographs: photograph of Ann Waldman, Simon Ortes, Gary Snyder and Jerome Rothenberg at Wilwaukee Conference, 1975; photograph of De Loach against background of Mesa Verde, Colorado [1976]; photograph of poets at Naropa, Colorado, with Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Jerome Rothenberg prominent [1976]; ten further photographs including portraits, montage and treated prints; (note: found in association with Notations in passing (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 1974), a collection of photographs by Nathan Lyons who was on the staff at the State University of New York at Buffalo and may have influenced De Loach's photographic experimentation)

MOTTRAM: 5/60/1-7


Ray DiPalma: Works in a drawer (Blue Chair Press, Bowling Green, Ohio, 1972), with covering typescript letter to 12 Sep 1972 from the author to Mottram; Cuiva sails (Sun & Moon Press, College Park, Maryland, 1978); rubber-stamp work as issue 9 of magazine Rubber (Amsterdam, 1978); Planh (Casement Books, New York, 1979); Dreiundzwantzig Arbeiten (23 works) (Vogelsang, Berlin, 1982); Dreizehn Arbeiten (13 works) (Volgelsang, Berlin, 1982); Chan (no publishing details, but endorsed by author in 1984), with covering typescript letter from DiPalma, 17 May 1984

MOTTRAM: 5/61/1-18


Mike Dobbie, letters and booklets: typescript card, not dated but relating to 1973, and proposing publication of Mottram's poems, 'Two elegies'; typescript letter, 22 Feb 1974 forwarding copies of Mottram's Two elegies (Poet & Peasant, Hayes, Middlesex, 1974); two typescript letters, not dated, but apparently referring to publication of Two elegies in 1974; typescript letter, 10 Feb 1976, inviting poem for future issue of Fix magazine; typescript letter, 10 Sep 1976, announcing new pamphlet series called 'Mugshots' and new reading series in London; manuscript postcard (1976) with request for a text for Mugshot series; typescript letter, 18 Nov (1976), with reference to his own outlook and that of Ulli Freer; manuscript letter, 16 Dec 1976, after Mottram reading; manuscript letter, 20 Dec 1976, about progress of mugshots series; manuscript letter, 30 Aug [1977] about planned move to Brighton, on reverse of visual print; manuscript letter, 3 Jul 1978 about closure of Poet & Peasant as publisher, and new activities in Brighton; undated typescript letter inviting Mottram to participate in Herts Free Festival; Just like John Clare's blues: a novelette / prose poem (published by the author, 1973), with manuscript note from author, 16 Apr 1973; a second copy, with manuscript note from author, 4 May 1973; Rams flesh (Electric Abortion Press, Hitchin, Hertfordshire 1973), accompanied by a manuscript note from the author, 4 Dec; As starships fall (Bonefold Imprint, London [1975]), with accompanying typescript letter from the publisher, Bernard [Kelly]; Junk sculptures (Prison Clothes Press, not dated), with typescript letter from the author, referring to inauguration of Fix magazine, and a second copy; Apostle bridges (Bonefold Imprint, London, not dated)

MOTTRAM: 5/62/1-2


H. D. (Hilda Doolittle): Mottram manuscript biographical notes on H.D., and notes on secondary sources; photocopied selection of H.D. poems

MOTTRAM: 5/63/1-8


Ed Dorn, material by MOTTRAM manuscript essay on Dorn, 4 pages; Mottram manuscript notes headed 'Dorn-Slinger-1975'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes headed 'Creeley: Edward Dorn's Geography-Stand vol. 8 No. 2 1966', 1 page; excerpts from Dorn's poem 'This is the way I hear the momentum', in manuscript by Mottram; folder with poems form Dorn's The newly fallen (Totem Press, New York, 1961), typed out by Mottram, along with excerpts from Larry Eigner's On my eyes (Jargon Foundation, 1960); three poems of Dorn, 'A song', 'Chronicle' and 'The explanation' typed out by Mottram; brief bibliography of Dorn, by Mottram, typescript and manuscript, to 1978 with a second list, manuscript, covering 1960-1970, and a brief separate list of contents of Dorn's book Geography (Fulcrum Press, London, 1965); formal letter, 4 Aug 1981 from Professor Levitt at University of Colorado, Boulder, asking Mottram for reference for Dorn, and enclosing Dorn's curriculum vitae

MOTTRAM: 5/63/9-20


Ed Dorn, other material: manuscript letter-card from Dorn to Mottram, 20 Dec 1974, on current commitments; manuscript postcard from Jennifer Dorn, 21 Jan 1986, about problems with Compendium Bookshop, London; duplicator print-out on loose pages of poems by Dorn, headed 'Box score'; poems by Dorn, duplicated as hand-outs for 'Poetry Information' event on Dorn and Charles Olson; photocopy of Dorn article 'What I see in The Maximus Poems: part one' from Kulchur 4 (New York, 1961) 31-44; Dorn poster poem 'The octopus thinks with its third arm', no publishing information [1980] (outsize); typescript essay on Edward Dorn's Gunslinger by Simon Pettet. 1976, with covering letter, also typescript, to Mottram, discussing possible titles for a thesis, and commenting on the conception o f a new magazine Saturday Morning; review of Dorn's book The Shoshoneans (William Morrow, New York, [1967]) from The New York Times Book Review, 12 Mar 1967 (outsize); item about Dorn reading on campus in Daily Kent Stater 23 Apr 1974 (outsize); photocopy of unsourced review by Bill Sherman of Dorn's translations of Cesar Vallejo's poems; cover as promotional poster for Our word: guerilla poems from Latin America ed. and trans. Dorn and Gordon Brotherston (Cape Goliard, London, 1968) (outsize); three flyers for Dorn readings in London, 1968-1992

MOTTRAM: 5/63/21-36


Ed Dorn, booklets: The newly fallen (Totem Press, New York, 1961); From Gloucester out (The Matrix Press, London, 1964); Hands up! (Totem Press, New York, 1964); Idaho out (Fulcrum Press, London, 1965); Gunslinger, book 1 (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1968); Gunslinger Book 2 (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1969); Gunslinger 1 & 2 (Fulcrum Press, London, 1970 for 1969); Twenty-four love songs (Frontier Press, U.S.A., 1969); Songs: set two: a short count (Frontier press, U.S.A., 1970); The cycle (Frontier Press, West Newbury, Massachusetts, 1971) (outsize); Gunslinger Book 3: the winterbook (Frontier Press, West Newbury, Massachusetts, 1972); Recollections of Gran Apachería (Turtle Island Foundation, San Francisco, 1974); with Jennifer Duncar Manchester Square (Permanent Press, London & New York, 1975), 2 copies.; The poet, the people, the spirit (lecture on Native American life) (Talonbooks, Vancouver, 1976); Roadtesting the language: an interview with Edward Dorn (University of California, San Diego, 1978, as Documents for new poetry 1); Hello, La Jolla (Wingbow Press, Berkeley, 1978); Interviews (Four Seasons Foundation, Bolinas, California, 1980) (note: found in association with the following books by Dorn: Geography (Fulcrum Press, London, 1965), The rites of passage (Frontier Press, Buffalo, 1965), North Atlantic turbine (Fulcrum Press, London, 1967), with annotations by Mottram, By the sound (Frontier Press, Washington, 1971), Some business recently transacted in the white world (Frontier Press, West Newbury, Massachusetts, 1971), Gunslinger (Wingbow Press, Berkeley, 1975), with inscription from the author, Yellow Lola (Cadmus Editions, Santa Barbara, 1980) and The book of Daniel Drew (Frontier Press, New York, 1969) with introduction by Dorn)

MOTTRAM: 5/64/1-6


John Dos Passos: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'John Dos Passos (1896): The fiction of determinism and the fiction of revolution'; Mottram manuscript essay on Dos Passos opening 'John Dos Passos wrote from Massachusetts...', not dated, but associated with notebook on 'Thirties Poetry', [1985-1990]; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on individual works by Dos Passos and on secondary sources; Dos Passos article 'The code of Mrs. Roosevelt: or uplift goes global' from Esquire (Dec 1960); Dos Passos travel article 'Ten days in the Ice Age' from Holiday (Apr 1966) (note: above 2 items are outsize); newspaper cuttings, 1958-1984, about Dos Passos

MOTTRAM: 5/65/1-46


George Dowden, letters: typescript letter from Dowden to Mottram to 21 May 1964, seeking introduction for forthcoming book; typescript letter, 2 Jun 1964, referring to Anselm Hollo, and enclosing typescript poem 'New city vision'; typescript letter, 18 Jun 1964; typescript letter, 30 Aug 1964, with mention of Andrew Crozier, Michael McClure, Dom Sylvester Houedard; manuscript letter, 17 Nov 1964, enclosing two photographs of Mottram and Dowden on beach, and hand-coloured poem 'The sacrificed'; manuscript letter, 4 Feb 1965; undated manuscript note of about this period, with reference to Stuart Montgomery; manuscript letter, 7 Sep 1965, from America; typescript letter, 28 Oct 1965, putting Mottram in touch with Dave Cunliffe; manuscript letter, 17 Aug 1966, after return to England on 'Queen Mary'; manuscript letter, 4 Mar 1967 enclosing 2 typescript letters, 15 Feb 1967 and 20 Feb 1967; typescript letter, 10 Apr 1967, recommending some magazines; manuscript letter, 28 Jul 1967; typescript letter, 27 Nov 1967, responding to Mottram comments on a draft article of Dowden's; typescript letter, 21 Jan 1969 from Brighton; typescript and manuscript letter, 25 Jan 1969, debating application of term 'fascism'; manuscript letter, 9 Feb 1969; typescript letter, 15 Feb 1969, seeking bibliographic information on Allen Ginsberg; typescript letter, 9 Mar 1969, accusing Mottram of being a liberal; typescript letter, 5 Apr 1969; manuscript letter, 15 Apr 1969, enclosing Dowden poem sheet 'Landscape: 14' and circular for Tlaloc magazine, recording the deaths of D.A. Levy and Kenelm Cox; typescript letter, 25 Mar 1969, enclosing 'print of levy's suiciding, by I am sure t.l.kryss' and circular from Cleveland, 24 Nov 1968, about Levy's death and the future of his publication projects; manuscript letter, 3 May 1969; typescript letter, 1 Jun 1969, expressing ambition to go to India; typescript letter, 12 Jun 1969; typescript letter, 18 Jun 1969, commenting on Mottram's apprehension 'you might get fired or something?'; manuscript letter, 25 Nov 1969, enclosing poem pamphlet of Dowden's from Second Aeon; typescript letter, 14 Mar 1970; typescript letter, 15 Apr 1970, with comments about his own poems in Hapt magazine; typescript letter, 2 Apr 1970, reporting Indian evening at Sussex University; typescript letter, 19 May 1970: 'Keep at 'em bustuds at London Univ.-if they lose you, they deserve to be exiled, one and all, to the Midlands!'; typescript letter, 27 Jun 1970, expressing concern over publication of his Allen Ginsberg bibliography; typescript letter, 18 May 1971; typescript letter, 13 Jul 1971, with attached note on Ezra Pound; typescript letter, 15 Jul 1971; manuscript letter, 20 Jul 1971, on future visit to India; manuscript letter, 6 Aug 1971, on future trips; typescript letter, 23 Aug 1971, with advice on some technical and practical matters; typescript letter, 1 Oct 1971, with note of purges on socialists in India; typescript letter, 19 Oct 1971, about forthcoming move to India; manuscript letter, 22 Feb 1972, from India; typescript letter, 5 Dec 1972, on return to England; typescript letter, 17 Feb 1973, on country life; typescript letter, 5 Oct 1976 accompanying gift of booklet Earth incantations / body chants; typescript letter, 27 Oct 1976, seeking response to gift of book of poems; manuscript postcards and letter cards from Dowden to Mottram, covering 1964-1970, 32 items; Christmas cards for 1974 and 1986

MOTTRAM: 5/65/47-56


George Dowden: manuscript and typescript carbon of Mottram introduction for Dowden's book Flight from America published by Mandarin Books, 1965, with postcard, 25 Jan 1965 from the publisher; typescript carbon of text of Dowden's book of poems, 'Flight from America'; carbon typescript of book of poems, 'From the stone through you', 1967; photocopy of manuscript of long illustrated poem 'Thirty-seventh birth day and the Year of the Moon', or alternately 'All is one & perfect in the body in the light: first acid trip 4 Apr 70'; flyer for poetry reading in Brighton, 10 Jun 1964, by Dowden and Anselm Hollo; syllabus of course on 'The new American poetry' to be given by Dowden in Brighton, 1965; newspaper cutting of poem by Dowden headed '"Therefore, monks..."' from The Village Voice 10 Aug 1967; photocopy of typescript letter, 24 Aug 1971 from Kent State University to Dowden, hoping to purchase his Allen Ginsberg collection; brief typescript note, 1973 accompanying present of inscribed booklet Mukteshwari by Swami Muktananda (Shree Gurudev Ashram, Ganeshpuri, India, 1972); poster and flyer for Dowden book Great love desiderata (Oracle, Brighton, 1988)

MOTTRAM: 5/65/57-67


George Dowden, booklets: Because I am tired of the night (Eleventh Finger, no place of publication given, 1965), inscribed by the author, New York, 1966; Renew Jerusalem (Cut Underground, 1966, plus reprint by Smyrna Press, New York, 1969); Letters to English poets (Rain Press, London, 1967), copy inscribed by the author; He or Genesis (a long, long story) (Paradox Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1968), copy inscribed by the author; Birth vision and Green song (Five Poets Press, Brighton, 1968), copy inscribed by the author with accompanying flyer and manuscript note; This is the Land of the Dead, the Island of the Blesséd ('free-print' supplement to Hapt magazine, Bournemouth, 1970); New York: first poems (Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton & Seattle, 1971); Poem for Jayne (The Sceptre Press, Rushden, Northamptonshire, 1973), signed limited edition; Homage aan Ezra Pound, poems in Dutch (Cold Turkey Press, Rotterdam, 1973), 2 copies (note: found with magazines Hapt 16, Iconolâtre 11 and Bias 1/2, which are filed at 7.); Earth incantations / body chants (Moving I Books, Hove, Sussex, 1976), with inscription from author; Mukhtananda and other poems, issued as Loot 1:3 (Peterborough, 1979)

MOTTRAM: 5/66/1-5


Theodore Dreiser: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Theodore Dreiser 1871-1945 and American Naturalism'; Mottram manuscript essay, headed 'Theodore Dreiser 1971-1945', with revised typescript version of the same essay; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Sister Carrie'-undated; typescript notes by Mottram on individual Dreiser works; article by Lester Cohen on Dreiser and his publisher, from Esquire Dec 1960

MOTTRAM: 5/67/1-3


Andrew Duncan: manuscript letter [1991], 'I still recall with gratitude your arranging for me to read at King's in 1979; this helped me through one of the low points of my life'; Cut memories and false commands (Reality Studios, London, 1991); From the kitchen floor by Andrew Duncan, (Microbrigade, London, 1992)

MOTTRAM: 5/68/1-18


Robert Duncan, correspondence with Mottram: Duncan to Mottram, typescript letter, 2 Jul 1971, with discussion of various American poetic centres; Mottram to Duncan, typescript carbon letter, 30 Sep 1971, recounting problems with the printing of his first Poetry Review, and other literary matters; Duncan to Mottram, manuscript letter, 5 Oct 1971 on workers and government, poetry and polis; Mottram to Duncan, poor photocopy of typescript letter, 10 Jan 1972 on the class struggle and the issue of tyranny; Duncan to Mottram, manuscript letter, 14 Jan, 1972, about astrology, accompanied by photocopy of typescript pages from 'Notes on Jess's Translation Series-Preface for the Catalogue'; Mottram to Duncan, photocopy of typescript letter, 1 May 1972, referring to an experience of 'utter treachery' during the Second World War, the need to move from his Kensington flat, and the possibility of leaving King's College (refers to enclosures which were possibly transferred to the Pickard (MOTTRAM 5) and Dunn (MOTTRAM 8) sections of the collection); Duncan to Mottram, manuscript and typescript letter, 12 May 1972, with quotations from John Milton and Ezra Pound; Duncan to Mottram, typescript letter, 16 Dec 1972, describing current projects; Mottram to Duncan, partial typescript carbon of letter, 26 Mar 1973, touching on concepts of authority and myth; Duncan to Mottram, typescript letter, 3 Apr 1973, responding to Mottram's on authority; Duncan to Mottram, typescript letter, 10 Apr 1973 on forthcoming visit to London; Duncan to Mottram, typescript letter, 18 Apr 1973, on 'socialised forms'; Mottram to Duncan, typescript carbon of letter, 1 May 1973 on cultural authority and puritanism; Duncan to Mottram, manuscript letter, 23 Jan 1974, on Charles Olson and the Promethean myth; Duncan to Mottram, manuscript letter, 23 Jan 1974 with further material on Olson despatched with Duncan to Mottram, manuscript letter, 16 Feb 1974, looking forward to seeing Mottram in America in 1974; Mottram to Duncan, typescript carbon of letter, 4 Apr 1974, with extensive consideration of Duncan's poetry, and some examples of his childhood resistance to authority; two brief manuscript notes, Duncan to Mottram, about meeting and failing to meet, one dated 10 Apr 1979; (note: further copies of Mottram's letters to Robert Duncan available in MOTTRAM 15, forwarded from Buffalo University Library)

MOTTRAM: 5/68/19-25


Robert Duncan, Mottram studies: Mottram typescript essay, with numerous manuscript emendations, headed '6. Robert Duncan' (possibly part of a larger work); review article of Duncan's Bending the bow (New Directions, New York, 1968), with New York Times Book Review's own article attached; manuscript essay on green paper on Bending the bow; manuscript essay on white paper on Bending the bow; typescript essay 'Heroic survival through ecstatic form: Robert Duncan's Roots and branches' published in Robert Duncan: scales of the marvellous ed. Robert J. Bertholf and Ian W. Reid (New Directions, New York, and George J. McLeod, Toronto, 1979), 116-142; manuscript draft and typescript version of essay 'Robert Duncan: "The possibility of an adequate history and of a poetics of event"', as published in Talus 3 (London, 1988) 118-148; manuscript biographical account opening 'Robert Duncan was born in Oakland, California...', with biographical notes headed 'Robert Duncan 1919-1988'

MOTTRAM: 5/68/26-30


Robert Duncan, Mottram studies: four typescript copies of Mottram essay 'Heroic survival through ecstatic form: Robert Duncan's Roots and branches', published 1979 in Robert Duncan: scales of the marvellous ed. Robert J. Bertholf and Ian W. Reid (New Directions, New York, 1979); three lists of possible cuts to the essay for publication purposes, including some critical assessment of the essay by one of the editors, Ian Reid; typescript letters from the editor, Robert Bertholf, chiefly about the Mottram essay, 10 Feb 1975-3 Jan 1979, 16 items; typescript letter, 2 Jun 1983 from Michael Cuddihy of Ironwood magazine, about possible Mottram essay on Duncan's politics; typescript letter, 27 Oct 1986 from Bertholf informing Mottram of Duncan's deteriorating health

MOTTRAM: 5/68/31-33


Robert Duncan, Mottram notes: brief bibliographical and biographical notes, manuscript and typescript; manuscript and typescript notes on individual works by Duncan, often extensive enough to be considered as separate essays e.g. studies of Duncan's essays 'Man's fulfillment in order and strife', and 'Pound, Eliot and HD: the cult of the gods in American poetry'; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources on Duncan

MOTTRAM: 5/68/34-36


Robert Duncan, photocopies of essays in three black albums: The H.D. Book part 1, 'Beginnings', chapters 1-5, with Mottram list of contents; The H.D. Book part 1, 'Beginnings', chapter 6 and part 2 'Nights and days', section 'From the day book' in situ in the magazine Origin, 2nd series, 10 (Kyoto, Japan, 1963); The H.D. Book part 2 'Nights and days' chapters 1-5

MOTTRAM: 5/68/37-40


Robert Duncan, essays, poems, letters: photocopies of essays by Duncan including 'Notes on poetics: regarding Olson's 'Maximus'' from Black Mountain Review 6 (1956), 'Ideas on the meaning of form' Kulchur 4 (New York, 1961) and offprint of 'The world of Jaime de Angulo', an interview of Angulo by Duncan from The Netzahualcoyotl News 1/1 (Turtle Island, 1979); photocopies of poems by Duncan for teaching purposes including 'My mother would be a falconress', 'Tribal memories', 'The multiversity'; a passage from 'Dante etudes' copied out in manuscript by Mottram; photocopy of retying of Duncan letters to Robert Bertholf during 1974, headed 'Ground work', and commenting on his work and ideas

MOTTRAM: 5/68/41-44


Robert Duncan, studies of: 'Adventurous song: Robert Duncan as romantic modernist' by Thom Gunn, photocopy of typescript of essay later published in PN Review and Threepenny Review; 'The high road' by Thom Gunn, photocopy of essay on Duncan and Elizabeth Bishop, with photocopy of typescript of poem by Gunn on Duncan, appended; 'Robert Duncan: the opening of the field', typescript essay by Graça Capinha, with covering manuscript note from Capinha to Robert Bertholf, 27 Sep 1993; 'Robert Duncan: the years as catches, or A learning in disorder', typescript essay by Graça Capinha; 'Robert Duncan: agonic structures in The opening of the field' by Graça Capinha

MOTTRAM: 5/68/45-73


Robert Duncan, booklets: Letters published as Jargon 14 (Highlands, North Carolina, [1956]); Selected poems (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1959); Faust foutu: an entertainment (published by the author, 1960); O! collages and poems by Jess with introduction by Duncan (Hawk's Well Press, New York, [1960]); The opening of the field (Grove Press, New York, 1960), with Mottram annotations; Bending the bow (New Directions, New York, 1963, repr. 1968); As testimony: the poem and the scene (White Rabbit Press, San Francisco, 1964); Stein imitations (Sumbooks, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1964), 2 copies; Medea at Kolchis: The maiden head, (Oyez, Berkeley, California, 1965), a drama; The sweetness and greatness of Dante's Divine Comedy (Open Space, San Francisco, 1965), 2 copies; Fragments of a disorder'd devotion (Gnomon Press San Francisco, and Island Press, Toronto, 1966), reproducing hand-written poems, 2 copies, with variant covers; Of the war: passages 22-27 (Oyez, Berkeley, California, 1966) with, as insert, newspaper cutting containing Duncan poem 'Up rising' from The Nation 13 Sep 1965; signed limited edition version of the previous title (outsize); issue vol. 4 no. 3 of Audit (Buffalo, New York, 1967) "featuring Robert Duncan"; Copy of Robert Duncan's children's story The cat and the blackbird (White Rabbit Press, San Francisco, 1967); The truth and life of myth: an essay in essential autobiography (House of Books, New York, 1968), with some annotations by Mottram, with later paperback edition (The Sumac Press, Fremont Michigan, not dated); Play time (no publication details, 1969), 2 copies; Poetic disturbances (Maya Quarto 8, no place of publication given, 1970), inscribed to Mottram by Duncan; Tribunals, passages 31-35 (Black Sparrow, Los Angeles, 1970); Caesar's gate: poems 1949-1950 (Sand Dollar, no place of publication given, 1972), with manuscript addition, 'PrePreFace for Eric Mottram' by Duncan; Poems from the margin of Thom Gunn's 'Moly' (published by the author and inscribed to Mottram, 1972); Dante (Institute of Further Studies, New York, 1974), book of poems inscribed to Mottram in presentation envelope; Maps 6 (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, 1974), issue devoted to Duncan; A seventeenth century suite (published by the author, London, 1977), 2 copies; Medieval scenes (Kent State University Libraries, Ohio, 1978), poems; Robert Duncan: an interview by George Bowering and Robert Hogg (Beaver Kosmos, Toronto, 1969); Parable, myth and language ed. Tony Stoneburner (The Church Society, Cambridge, Massachusetts, [1970], includes an essay by Duncan; An ode and Arcadia by Duncan and Jack Spicer (Arc, Berkeley, California, 1974); (note: found in group with The years as catches: first poems 1939-1946 (Oyez, Berkeley, California, 1966), First decade: selected poems 1940-1950 (Fulcrum Press, London, 1968), Ground work: before the war (New Directions, New York, 1968, repr. 1984), Stony Brook 1-2 (New York, 1968) which included Duncan essay 'Occult matters', Translations by Jess (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1971) with introduction by Duncan, Allen Upward The Divine Mystery (Ross-Erikson, Santa Barbara, 1976) with introduction by Duncan, Ground work 2: in the dark (New Directions, New York, 1977 repr. 1987), Robert Duncan: scales of the marvellous critical essays ed. Robert J. Bertholf and Ian W. Reid (New Directions, New York, 1979), Ironwood 22 (Tucson, Arizona, 1983), a special Robert Duncan issue, Ekbert Faas Young Robert Duncan (Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, 1983), Faust foutu: a comic masque (Station Hill Press, Barrytown, New York, 1985))

MOTTRAM: 5/68/74-81


Robert Duncan, promotional material: manuscript note from R.B. Kitaj [1988] granting permission for use of his portrait of Duncan on a cover of Talus magazine; promotional sheets from New Directions, publishers, enclosing photograph of Duncan reading from a lectern; catalogue of exhibition of Duncan's drawings and decorated books, Berkeley, California, 1992; brochures and flyers for events featuring Duncan; newspaper cuttings with reviews of Duncan's work, 1969, 1984; newspaper cuttings with obituaries for Duncan, 1988; special print-out of Jonathan Williams' obituary for Duncan; photograph of Duncan by Allen DeLoach, 1980

MOTTRAM: 5/69/1-8


Bob Dylan: Dylan booklet Tarantula: a fragmentary novel (Booklegger, no place of publication given, 1970); Dylan booklet Poem to Joanie (Aloes Books, London [1971]); Dylan: words to his songs (no publishing details, 1971); Dylan (booklet of lyrics, no publishing details [1971]); Dylan Blonde on blonde (Bob Dylan Words & Music Co., no place of publication given, 1966), lyrics and score of the album; The Byrds: complete works (no publishing details): lyrics, including several Dylan songs; lyrics to four Dylan songs typed out by Mottram; newspaper article on Dylan by Dave Marsh from Rolling Stone of 21 Oct 1976, with another by Richard Goldstein (no publishing details, 1974); (note: found in group with: Michael Gray Song and dance man: the art of Bob Dylan (Abacus, London, 1973), Writings & drawings of Bob Dylan (Jonathan Cape, London, 1973), and Bob Dylan song book (Witmark & Sons, New York, not dated))

MOTTRAM: 5/70/1-4


William Eastlake: Mottram manuscript draft and typescript essay headed 'The limits of survival with the weapons of humour: William Eastlake', published in The Review of Contemporary Fiction 3/1 (Elmwood Park, Illinois, 1983), 68-83, with a note from the editor, John O'Brien; two short stories by Eastlake, cuttings from The Nation, 4 Jul 1966 and 22 Jan 1968; Mottram manuscript notes on Eastlake and a chart of publication made up from notes written on slips; typescript letter, 14 Sep 1988 from Eloina Santos in Brazil, enclosing abstract of her dissertation 'William Eastlake's undiscovered country: a portrait of the artist' for comment

MOTTRAM: 5/71/1-2


Richard Eberhart: Mottram typescript and manuscript notes on Eberhart and individual works; newspaper cuttings 1960-1962, principally reviews of Eberhart's work

MOTTRAM: 5/72/1-11


Ken Edwards, letters: photocopy of typescript letter, 12 Sep 1972 from Mottram to Edwards, with assessments of Charles Olson and Robert Duncan; manuscript letter, 10 Mar 1977 from Edwards to Mottram, originally to accompany gift of a tape cassette; typescript letter, 2 Jul 1977 about loss of publishing grant; typescript letter, 25 Sep 1979, on publicity matters; manuscript letter, 9 Oct 1982 enclosing two photocopies of pages from his 'Tilth dub' poem; typescript letter, 11 Jun 1984 about Mottram's essay on Thomas Meyer; manuscript letter, 13 Sep 1989 seeking reference; manuscript letter, 6 Nov (1992), about his recent writing; five postcards, 1979-1990, with brief messages; Christmas card, 1989; newspaper cutting with article on poetry opportunities in London by Edward, from City Limits, 4-10 Feb 1983

MOTTRAM: 5/72/12


Ken Edwards, novel, 'Joseph Martin or, Uncertainty', photocopy of typescript

MOTTRAM: 5/72/13-27


Ken Edwards, poetry booklets: Terminal object (Share Publications, London, [1974]), with brief manuscript letter from Edwards; Erik Satie loved children (Share, London, 1975); Dover (Share Street Edition, London, 1977); Lorca: an elegiac fragment (Alembic Editions, Orpington, 1978); My half of the conversation (Writers Forum chapbook, London, 1980); Tilth (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1980); Tilth dub (Reality Studios, London, 1980); The writing's flood (Reality Studios, London, 1981); Drumming & poems (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1982); Loot 4/2 (Peterborough, 1984), comprising Ken Edward's poem 'A4 portrait', signed by the poet; Banknotes that made history (Pig Press, Durham, 1985); Intensive care (Pig Press, Durham, 1986); Lyrical ballets (Torque press, Southampton, not dated); A4 landscape (Reality Studios, London, 1988); RWC 6 (London, 1991), comprising Edwards' poem 'New word order'

MOTTRAM: 5/73/1-9


T. S. Eliot, material by Mottram: typescript essay headed 'Strange gods: T.S. Eliot-the South, America and conservatism'; correspondence, 1989-1990, on delivery and possible publication of this item; two untitled manuscript essays on Eliot, apparently linked, one opening 'In A commentary that Eliot published in...1926...', and the other 'In the 1930s, because of the gains in state control...'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'T.S. Eliot: critical bases, social and literary'; typescript essay headed 'T.S. Eliot and culture', with manuscript material following; Mottram manuscript essay 'The new critics' with frequent reference to Eliot; privately printed essay 'The waste land: from "ur" to "echt"' by Harry Levin, posted to Mottram in Dec 1972; typescript carbon of Mottram letter, 5 Feb 1973 to Levin, thanking him for the essay and commenting on it; Levin's typescript response to Mottram, 12 Feb 1973

MOTTRAM: 5/73/10-16


T.S. Eliot: Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on and analysis of Eliot's individual works; Mottram manuscript notes on the poem 'Marina', on other Eliot works and on secondary works; photocopy of article by Marshall McLuhan headed 'Pound, Eliot, and the rhetoric of The waste land' from new Literary History 10 (1979) 558-580; unattributed typescript dissertation on Eliot headed 'The place of the dance: a reading of T.S. Eliot's "Four Quartets"' [1977]; Portsmouth Polytechnic Library checklist of journal articles about Eliot, 1917-1981; newspaper cuttings and offprints concerning Eliot, 1951-1966, including Eliot's 'Speech to the BBC Governors' and 'Culture and T.S. Eliot' by R. Hinton Thomas from The Modern Quarterly 1951; further newspaper articles on Eliot from 1978 and 1988, particularly on Eliot's letters (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/74/1-7


Theodore Enslin: typescript letter, 3 Oct 1979 from Theodore Enslin, thanking Mottram for his studies, and with some statement of his own position; manuscript, typescript photocopy, typescript carbon and photocopy of printed version of Mottram essay '"The poem of healing": Enslin's "Synthesis 1-24"', published in Occurrence 7 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1977), 6-35, with manuscript notes on the 'Thomas Jefferson tapes' mentioned in the essay; manuscript, typescript carbon and photocopy of printed version of Mottram essay, 'The Lower East Side, the single-head axe and the flat page: Enslin's preferences', published in Truck 20 (Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1978), 69-85; two letters from John Wilson, of Occurrence magazine, manuscript, 24 ?Sep [1976] and typescript, 9 Mar 1977, and 2 typescript letters from John Taggart, for Margins magazine, 28 Dec 1976 and 26 Jan 1977, about publication; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Enslin', with a bibliographical note; Mottram manuscript essay on Enslin's poems 'Forms', which first appeared in 1970-1971; Mottram manuscript notes on individual Enslin publications and aspects of Enslin's work

MOTTRAM: 5/74/8-17


Theodore Enslin, poetry booklets: The place where I am standing (The Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, New York, 1964), verse; New Sharon's prospect and journals, verse and prose, published at Coyote no. 7 (San Francisco, 1966); This do (& the talents) (El Corno Emplumado, Mexico, 1966), verse; The Diabelli Variations, & other poems (Matter, New York, 1967); Views 1-7 (Maya Quarto 9, no place, 1970); The country of our consciousness, verse published as Sand Dollar no. 5 (Berkeley, 1971); The July book (Sand Dollar, Berkeley, 1976), prose; Ascensions, verse published as Sparrow 56 (Los Angeles, 1977); 'Poems of the physical world', published as Occurrence 8 (Landsdowne, Pennsylvania, 1978); prose published as For Now 21a (New York, not dated); F.P. (Ziesing Brothers, Willimantic, Connecticut, 1982) (note: found in association with the following titles by Enslin: Forms, Part 1: The first dimensions (The Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, New York, 1970), The poems (The Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, New York, 1970), Forms, Part 2: The tessaract (The Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, New York, 1971), Etudes (The Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, New York, 1972), verse, Views (The Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, New York 1973), verse, With light reflected: poems 1970-1972 (The Sumac Press, Fremont, Michigan, 1973), Ländler (The Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, New York, 1975), verse, Synthesis (North Atlantic Books, Plainfield, Vermont, 1975), The median flow (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1975))

MOTTRAM: 5/75/1-36


Clayton Eshleman, correspondence: typescript carbon letter, 7 Sep 1972, Mottram to Eshleman, with references to George Dowden, Wilhelm Reich and Poetry Review; short typescript reminder note, 14 Oct 1972, Eshleman to Mottram; typescript letter, 25 Oct 1972 enclosing note on himself and typescript of poem 'The physical traveler'; typescript letter, 19 Dec 1972, reproving Mottram and Allen Ginsberg for their "cluttered messy minds"; typescript letter, 20 Jan 1973, defending his previous letter; typescript letter, 1 Jul 1973, enclosing typescript carbon of poem 'Charlie Parker'; typescript carbon letter, 12 Jun 1974, Mottram to Eshleman, relating problems at King's College London, and with some discussion of Antonin Artaud; typescript letter, 15 Jul 1974, Eshleman to Mottram, with comments on Charles Olson, with typescript of poem, 'Study for a self-portrait at 12 years old'; typescript letter, 11 Sep 1974, enclosing poems for Poetry Review; typescript letters on airmail letter, 3 and 4 Mar 1975, about publication opportunities, and his own collaboration with Norman Glass; typescript letter, 13 Mar 1975 from Norman Glass to Mottram, seeking aid in grant application; typescript letter, 22 May 1975, Eshleman to Mottram, about translating Antonin Artaud, and enclosing photocopy of typescript prose piece 'The female gate'; Mottram's typescript carbon of letter to Eshleman, 3 Jun 1975, with first page replaced by poor photocopy, containing references to Robert Bertholf and Pierre Joris; typescript airmail letter, 16 Jul 1975, from Eshleman to Mottram, including observations about Charles Olson's work; typescript airmail letter, 20 Jul 1975, raising details about Olson's work; typescript airmail letter, 22 Jul 1975, with critical assessment of Mottram's recent article on Jerome Rothenberg; typescript letter, 19 Aug 1975, enclosing photocopy of typescript of poem 'Study for a portrait of Norman'; typescript letter, 18 Sep 1975 about publication of poems; typescript airmail letter, 12 Dec 1975, commiserating on criticism of his editorial work; typescript airmail letter, 28 May 1976, announcing visit to London; typescript letter, 24 Mar 1976 about his prospects in California; typescript haiku postmarked 17 Dec 1976; typescript letter, 8 Jul 1977, with some reference to Paul Blackburn, and enclosing offprint of poem 'Study for a portrait of Norman Glass'; typescript airmail letter, 25 Jul 1977, seeking a revision of Mottram's essay on Jacques Derrida; typescript letter, 18 May 1978, about publishing Mottram's essays, and with reference to Charles Olson and Amiri Baraka; typescript airmail letter, 28 Jul 1978, before setting off for Lascaux, and enclosing photocopy of a printed translation of a Vallejo poem; typescript letter, 24 Aug 1980, inviting contribution to Sulfur magazine; typescript letter, 30 Jul 1982, about current projects; typescript letter, 16 Jan 1986, reproachful in tone, and enclosing photocopy of typescript text 'Junk mail' and Black Sparrow Press catalogue; typescript letter, 16 Oct 1986, enclosing photocopy of typescript poem 'Mistress Spirit'; typescript letter, 1 Oct 1987 about Hungarian issue of Sulfur magazine; typescript letter, 7 Aug 1988, on poetry and domestic matters; postcards, typescript and manuscript, from Eshleman to Mottram, 1968-1974, 9 items; photocopies of typescript correspondence in 1972 between Eshleman and Charles Shively, over Eshleman's rejection of Shively's homosexual verse; typescript letter from Carol Bergé to Mottram, not dated but 1976, complaining at Mottram quoting Eshleman's criticisms of her writing; manuscript letter, 17 May 1976 from Paul Buck to Mottram, enclosing photocopies of typescript poems translated by Eshleman; typescript letter from Martha Sattler in California to Mottram, 16 Aug 1987, about compiling a Eshleman bibliography

MOTTRAM: 5/75/37-42


Clayton Eshleman: typescript carbon of Mottram essay, 'The poetics of rebirth and confidence: an introduction to Clayton Eshleman's Coils', 1974; 1973 manuscript draft of the above essay, with a typescript note of introduction for an Eshleman reading; photocopy of typescript 'Interview with Clayton Eshleman, by Gyula Kodolanyi'; photocopy of Eshleman poem 'Rhapsody on a theme by Vallejo' from Sulfur 30, 1992; photocopy of typescript of unsourced review by Luis Harss of The complete posthumous poetry of César Vallejo, translated by Eshleman and José Bracia (University of California Press, 1978); flyers for Eshleman publications from Treacle Press, New York

MOTTRAM: 5/75/43-53


Clayton Eshleman, booklets: Walks (Caterpillar 10, New York and Cleveland, Ohio, 1967); Yellow River record (Big Venus, London, 1969); Bearings (Capricorn Press, Santa Barbara, 1971); The Sanjo bridge, published as Sparrow 2 (Los Angeles, 1972); Aux morts, published as Sparrow 18 (Los Angeles, 1974); Antonin Artaud To Have Done With The Judgment of God trans. Clayton Eshleman & Norman Glass (Sparrow 34, July 1975); Portrait of Francis Bacon (Rivelin Press, Sheffield, 1975), with hand-drawn Eshleman footprint; Core Meander (Sparrow 57, Santa Barbara, California, 1977); Grotesca (New London Pride, London, 1977); The gospel of Celine Arnauld (Tuumba Press, Berkeley, California, 1977, as Tuumba 12); The name encanyoned river (The Woodbine Press, USA, 1977) (note: found in association with following books by Eshleman: The house of Ibuki: a poem (Sumlac Press, New York, 1967), Indiana (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1969), Altars (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1971), Coils (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1973), Realignment: poems & essays (Treacle Press, Providence, R.I., 1974), The gull wall (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1975), On mules sent from Chavin: a journal and poems 1965-66 (Galloping Dog Press, Swansea, 1977), and What she means (Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, 1978))

MOTTRAM: 5/76/1-4


George Evans: typescript letter, 21 Mar 1984, Evans to Mottram, enclosing curriculum vitae; booklet, A.M., (Figs Press, New Malden, Surrey [1982]), with covering typescript note, 26 Dec from publisher Tony Baker to Mottram; Nightvision (Pig Press, Durham, 1983), with second copy in slightly different, 1988, printing; Eye blade (Pig Press, Durham, 1988)

MOTTRAM: 5/77/1-28


Paul Evans, correspondence: manuscript postcard, 9 Jan 1966, to Mottram, enquiring about study opportunities in London; manuscript letter, 7 Jul 1967, enclosing typescript carbon of poems 'Launch the mind', 'Out of unrest', 'Love heat'; typescript letter, 19 Mar 1967, enclosing typescript carbon of poems 'A set of meditations', 'The hierarchies of sound', 'From the journal-Fire', with one page of Mottram manuscript notes on the poems; manuscript letter, 9 Aug 1967, enclosing manuscript poem, 'You yourself are what befalls and astonishes you', dedicated to Mottram; typescript letter, 13 Sep 1967, seeking assistance over problem with grant; manuscript letter, 30 Sep 1967; two manuscript postcards, 1968; typescript carbons of letters, 21 and 22 Apr 1968, Mottram to Evans, dealing with Evans' research, with particular reference to William Carlos Williams, Jeff Nuttall and Leroi Jones (Baraka); manuscript letter, 30 May 1968, Evans to Mottram, enclosing typescript of 'A poem with undertones of menace'; typescript letter, 1 Mar 1969, about work opportunities; typescript carbon letter, 18 May 1969, Mottram to Evans, dealing with Evans' research on Robert Duncan, with Mottram's manuscript notes on Evans on Duncan; manuscript letter, 10 Oct 1969; three airmail letters to Mottram in Kent State, Ohio, typescript 24 Nov 1970, manuscript 17 Dec 1970 and 9 Jan 1971; typescript carbon of letter, 16 Jan 1972, from Mottram to Evans, mostly on yoga with manuscript letter from Evans to Mottram, not dated, but containing questions on Charles Olson that seem to prompt Mottram's reply; manuscript letter, 9 Jul 1972, commenting on reviews of his book February (Fulcrum Press, London, 1972), with copies of reviews from New Statesman, 16 Jun 1972 (by Alan Brownjohn?), and Time Out, 7-13 Jul 1972; manuscript letter, postmarked 8 Oct 1976, enclosing typescript of poem 'Impressions of Africa'; manuscript note enclosing typescripts of poems 'Two sonnets' and 'Extempore, for Eric Mottram', the latter dated Jan 1977; manuscript letter, 4 Feb (1977), revising the 'Extempore' poem, and enclosing a new version 'Ask you guru', typescript; manuscript letter, 21 Sep 1977 about Polytechnic of Central London conference; manuscript letter, postmarked 15 May 1984, enclosing photocopies of poems headed 'The empty hill'; manuscript letter, 3 Jul 1984, with photocopy of self-portrait as letter-heading; manuscript postcard, 28 Sep 1987, conveying thanks for meal; manuscript postcard, 2 Apr 1989; typescript letter, undated, including poems, 'The window of autumn' and a section from 'Islands'; undated manuscript letter from Evans, declining Mottram's invitation to read at King's College, with, on the reverse, a print showing the Sussex coast; ten further undated manuscript letters from Evans, and one undated postcard, with 'Mud Water Falls' statement on obverse; typescript letter from Rhiannon Evans to Mottram, not dated, in thanks for Poetry Society award to Paul Evans; two manuscript postcards from Nathalie Evans to Mottram, 1993, introducing herself

MOTTRAM: 5/77/29-33


Paul Evans: typescript collection of Evans' poems, as though for publication, beginning with a poem headed 'The key'; Evans poems in typescript carbon, headed 'We are instruments of the adoration'; manuscript of poem opening 'A white curtain...', Nov 1967; Mottram manuscript draft, opening 'Working with Paul...', typescript and typescript carbon of second version opening 'Working with Paul...' and photocopy of final typescript version opening 'To work with Paul Evans...' of the tribute published as 'Paul Evans: a personal memoir', in The empty hill, memories and praises of Paul Evans, (1945-1991) ed. Peter Bailey and Lee Harwood (The Skylark Press, Hove, 1992); a copy of the booklet The empty hill

MOTTRAM: 5/77/34-43


Paul Evans poetry booklets: Current affairs (Arc, Gillingham, Kent, 1970), inscribed by author, and with manuscript note enclosed; True grit (Voiceprint Editions, Wivenhoe, 1970), inscribed by author; Prokofiev's Concerto (Skylark Press, Brighton, 1975), inscribed by author; O.I.N.C.: an adventure story (published as issue 4 of The Human Handkerchief, Wivenhoe, Essex, 1975); Impressions of Africa (Mungo Park Printing Co., no place of publication given, 1977); Schneider's Skink by Paul Evans and Peter Bailey (Near Zero Editions, 1977); Two sonnets by Evans and Peter Bailey (no publication details given, but apparently 1978); The mountain suite (Windows, Liverpool, 1982), inscribed by author and with enclosed manuscript postcard to Mottram, 27 May 1983; Sweet Lucy (Pig Press, Durham, 1983), inscribed by author with brief manuscript note to Mottram enclosed; The sofa book (Arc Publications, Todmorden, 1987); (note: found in association with February (Fulcrum Press, London, 1972), The manual for the perfect organisation of tourneys (Oasis Books, London, 1979))

MOTTRAM: 5/78/1-2


Harry Fainlight: manuscript letter, 13 Nov (1964), explaining enclosed gift of poems in magazine; copy of C magazine vol. 1, no. 7 (New York, 1964), including 'Ah, London' poems by Fainlight

MOTTRAM: 5/79/1-2


Patricia Farrell: two Christmas cards, one dated 1989, with visuals by Farrell on front and poems by Robert Sheppard inside; Untitled dance blasphemy, visuals and poems, as R.W.C. magazine 11 (London, 1991)

MOTTRAM: 5/80/1-5


William Faulkner, Mottram essays in manuscript form: manuscript essay or extended sequence of items opening 'In 1955, Faulkner told the students...'; two manuscript essays about 'the Snopes clan', creations of Faulkner, the second essay on white paper being apparently an enlarged revision of the first, on pink paper: manuscript essay headed 'Faulkner' and opening 'Light in August is Faulkner's eighth novel...'; sequence of essays on Faulkner's work, with titles 'William Faulkner-"As I lay dying" (1930)', 'Yoknapatawpha County...' and '"The sound and the fury" II'; second sequence of essays on Faulkner's work, with titles 'I. "The sound and the fury"', 'II, Faulkner, "The sound and the fury", and "Novels that are"' and 'V. "Light in August" 1932'

MOTTRAM: 5/80/6-12


William Faulkner, Mottram essays mainly in typescript format: typescript, 1971 book William Faulkner, paginated i-vii, 1-102, as returned subsequent to publication by the publishers, Routledge and Kegan Paul; typescript essay on Absolom, Absolom, presented as chapter 1 of a larger work and paginated 1-15; typescript essay on Go down, Moses, presented as chapter 2 from a larger work and paginated 16-42; typescript essay headed 'Faulkner' and opening 'In 1945 as William Faulkner's books...', 3 pages; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'William Faulkner-Introduction and The sound and the fury'; typescript essay headed 'Introduction' and opening 'In "Delta Autumn"...'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'William Faulkner; and opening 'The absence of a sense of an alternative future...'

MOTTRAM: 5/80/13-18


William Faulkner, printed material by Mottram: offprint of review of Joseph Blotner William Faulkner's Library (University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1964) and William W. Kelly Ellen Glasgow: a bibliography (same publishing details), The Library 5th series, vol. 21 (London, 1966), 260-262; corrected proof copy of essay 'Mississippi Faulkner's glorious mosaic of impotence and madness', published in Journal of American Studies 2 (Cambridge, 1968) 121-129; proof copy of William Faulkner by Mottram, with material on proof-reading from Routledge & Kegan Paul, the publishers; photocopy of pages 1-84 of Mottram's 1971 book William Faulkner; typescript, corrected photocopy of typescript, and photocopy of final published form of essay 'Law, justice and justification in William Faulkner', from William Faulkner: the Yoknapatawpha fiction ed. A .Robert Lee (Vision Press, London and St Martin's, New York, 1990), 85-127, with two typescript letters from Robert Lee, the editor, 1989; a second photocopy of above essay in published form, with further manuscript annotations by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 5/80/19


William Faulkner, notes, mainly manuscript, on individual Faulkner works and on secondary sources, going as far back as Mottram's time at the University of Malaya

MOTTRAM: 5/80/20-26


William Faulkner, article on Faulkner by Martin Dain, from Time, 17 Jul 1964; photocopy of typescript of article 'Racism, nationalism and the creation of a regional myth: the Southern States after the American Civil War' by Catherine and John Silk, with covering letter from the authors, 31 Jan 1984; photocopy of published version of the above essay, from Geography, the media and popular culture ed. J. A. Burgess et. al. (Croom Helm, Beckenham, Kent, 1985), 165-191, with covering letter, 20 Jun 1985; printed hand-outs with selected bibliography of Faulkner, one version dating to 1962, the other to 1990; typescript letter, 14 Dec 1987 from Dr Carina Gadourek-Backer in Holland, to Mottram, with details of her PhD on Faulkner; newspaper cuttings on Faulkner, 1958-1967, primarily reviews; magazine cuttings on Faulkner, [1950]-1958 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/81/1-3

1968, 1980

Elaine Feinstein: manuscript postcard to Mottram, postmarked 8 Apr 1968, about prospects in Essex; The feast of Eurydice (Next Editions, London, 1980); cutting from Radio Times (no further details of publication) with article on Russian women poets by Feinstein

MOTTRAM: 5/82/1-21


P. C. Fencott: manuscript postcard from Fencott to Mottram, with subsidiary note from Paige (Mitchell), 15 Oct 1979, enclosing Fencott project 'Domestic Espionage UNIX'; Mottram typescript letter to Fencott, 17 July 1979, with comments on the 'Jack O'Kent' sequence; page of Mottram manuscript notes on Fencott, especially his 'Jack O'Kent' performance; typescript letter, not dated, but apparently 1985, enclosing two recent computer graphics; Fencott collage postcard with address information; photocopy of visual poem, 'Grub screw worm gear' [1977]; S.M.L.O.E. (El Uel Uel U Press, 1974); A diagram an introduction (Shabby Books, London 1976), 2 copies; Canteen café boogie (Good Elf, London, (1976)), unsmeared copy; The spiral door stop (Pirate Press, London, (1977)); Yodelling up the canyon (Writers Forum, London, 1977), 2 copies; The legends of Jack O'Kent (Gronk, Toronto, 1978); The autobiographies of Dick Turpin (Lobby Press, Cambridge, 1979); Non hysteron proteron (El Uel Uel U Books, London, 1979); Chasing / The dragon / In clouds (Writers Forum, London, 1981); A manual of the permanent waver by Fencott and Steve Moore (no publication details, but likely 1984), 4 copies; At last! the big grips get to two..., computer visual in plastic wallet (Change at the Top, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, 1985); Boatshow, computer graphics in plastic wallet (Writers Forum, London, 1985); construct in plastic wallet inscribed, 'A limited edition, 26. This is M. P. C. Fencott (the Artist)'; microfiche edition of His dexter daylight utterly darkened, two microfiches (1980); flyers for events including Fencott, especially details of the 14th International Sound Poetry Festival, London, 1984

MOTTRAM: 5/83/1-16


Lawrence Ferlinghetti: manuscript letter to Mottram, 13 Sep 1962, with details of City Lights Bookshop; manuscript letter, 1 May 1961; brief typescript postcard postmarked 2 Oct 1963; manuscript letter, 19 Apr 1963, about forthcoming visit to England; brief manuscript postcard, 13 Nov 1967; typescript letter, 30 Jul 1967, about recent publications; brief manuscript letter, 18 Sep 1967; manuscript letter, 9 Dec 1976, enclosing 'News from New Directions', containing poem 'A vast confusion' by Ferlinghetti, and accompanied by two poster poems by Ferlinghetti, titled 'Director of Alienation' and 'Jack of Hearts-for Dylan'; manuscript letter, 3 Mar 1977, enclosing postcards of Allen Ginsberg and of City Lights Bookshop; manuscript letter, 20 Feb 1985, with bookmarks enclosed; card, postmarked 26 Aug 1991, reproducing Ferlinghetti's painting 'Unfinished flag of the United States, 1988'; manuscript letter, 5 Jan 1992, enclosing photocopy of typescript of poem by Ferlinghetti titled 'Belated palinode for Dylan Thomas' and flyer for exhibition of Ferlinghetti paintings; two undated manuscript postcards, and a Christmas card with print of the Tower of Babel; postcards carrying reproductions of Ferlinghetti paintings, 5 items; brief manuscript notes on Ferlinghetti by Mottram; manuscript essay by Mottram headed, 'Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1919' and opening, 'Born in New York, studied at Columbia U....', 5 pages

MOTTRAM: 5/83/17-31


Lawrence Ferlinghetti, booklets and newspaper cuttings: Pictures of the gone world (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1955), verse; Tentative description of a dinner given to promote the impeachment of President Eisenhower (Golden Mountain Press, 1958), prose-poem; Berlin (Golden Mountain Press, San Francisco, 1961), verse; One thousand fearful words for Fidel Castro (City Lights, San Francisco, 1961), verse, fold-out pamphlet; Where is Vietnam? (City Lights, San Francisco, 1965), verse, fold-out pamphlet; After the cries of the birds (Dave Haselwood Books, San Francisco, 1967), verse and prose; Moscow in the wilderness, Segovia in the snow (Beach Books, San Francisco, 1967), poster-poem; The old Italians dying (published by author, 1976), verse; (note: found in association with the following books by Ferlinghetti: A Coney Island of the mind (New Directions, Norfolk, Connecticut, 1958), Her (New Directions, Norfolk, Connecticut, 1960), prose, with annotations by Mottram, Starting from San Francisco (New Directions, Norfolk, Connecticut, 1961), verse, with gramophone record inside back cover; Unfair arguments with existence: seven plays for a new theatre (New Directions, New York, 1963), Routines (New Directions, New York, 1964), The secret meaning of things (New Directions, New York, 1968), Tyrannus Nix? (New Directions, New York, 1969), Open eye, open heart (New Directions, New York, 1973), Who are we now? (New Directions, New York, 1976), Northwest ecolog (City lights, San Francisco, 1978), Landscapes of living and dying (New Directions, New York, 1979), verse, Endless life: selected poems (New Directions, New York, 1981), Over all the obscene boundaries: European poems and transitions (New Directions, New York, 1984), with publisher's information insert, Seven days in Nicaragua libre (City Lights, San Francisco, 1984), prose, Wild dreams of a new beginning (New Directions, New York, 1988); and the following books about Ferlinghetti: Ferlinghetti: a biography by Neeli Cherkovski (Doubleday, New York, 1979), Lawrence Ferlinghetti: poet-at-large by Larry Smith (Southern Illinois University Press, 1983))The Riverside interviews. 2. Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Binnacle Press, London, 1980), with covering manuscript note from Gavin Selerie to Mottram; descriptive list of City Lights Publications, 1963; unsourced cutting of printed statement 'An artist's diatribe' by Ferlinghetti; newspaper cuttings, 1959-1968, principally reviews of Ferlinghetti's books; article on Ferlinghetti in The Paper of 1 Oct 1960 (Chicago); posters for a Ferlinghetti reading in London (outsize); newspaper cutting with poem 'After the cries of the birds has stopped' by Ferlinghetti, with cuttings about Ferlinghetti, 1963, 1966 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/84/1-5


Peter Finch: undated typescript letter, referring to Bob Cobbing article by Mottram, and problems over Poetry Review, enclosing Finch booklet Whitesung (Aquila, Solihull, 1972); typescript letter, not dated but likely 1973, on publishing Mottram's article 'A prosthetics of poetry: the art of Bob Cobbing' in Second Aeon 16-17 (Cardiff, 1973) 105-132; typescript letter from Finch to Mottram, 25 Jan 1987, about blurb for his forthcoming Selected poems, with confirmatory letter from Poetry Wales Press, 5 Feb 1987; photocopy typescript of text of Finch Selected poems (Poetry Wales, Bridgend, 1987); poem-card by Finch, titled 'Nightblat'

MOTTRAM: 5/84/6-13


Peter Finch, booklets: concrete poetry booklet Blats (Second Aeon, Cardiff, 1972); Welsh concrete poetry booklet Trowch eich radio 'mlaen (Writers Forum, London, not dated); Antarktika (Writers Forum, London, 1973); O poems (Writers Forum, London, 1981); sound poems Blues & Heartbreakers (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1981); sound poems, On criticism (Writers Forum, London, 1984); text and visuals, The Cheng Man Ch'ing variations (Writers Forum, London, 1990), 2 copies; Peter Finch: visual texts 1970-1980 microfiche (Pyrofiche 7, London, 1980)

MOTTRAM: 5/85/1-17


Ian Hamilton Finlay: typescript letter, 12 Dec 1972, seeking review; typescript letter, 7 Feb 1973, concerning possible contribution to Poetry Review, enclosing booklet The Weed Boat Masters Ticket, preliminary test (part two) (Wild Hawthorn Press, Dunsyre, Lanark, [1971]) and postcard 'Homage to Seurat'; typescript letter, 2 Mar 1973, arranging contribution for Poetry Review, with enclosure of folded visual Mid-Pacific elements; typescript letter, 25 Mar 1973, confirming arrangements; Fish-sheet One, a one-opening anthology, 1963; Canal game (Fulcrum Press, London, 1967); folded card poem Pole Night (Woodchester, [1969]); Lanes (Wild Hawthorn Press, 1969); mock-up for 'Centrefold Christmas card' from Morning Star Press, 1989; undated miniature booklets 'Snow / sail / drop / flake', published by Moschatel Press; I sing for the Muses and myself, texts by and about Finlay, in envelope (Longhouse, Green River, Vermont, 1990); collection of cards, designed by Finlay, published by The Wild Hawthorn Press (Dunsyre, Lanarkshire), 33 items; Ian Hamilton Finlay: an illustrated essay by Stephen Bann (Wild Hawthorn Press and Ceolfrith Press, 1972); Autumn 1972 catalogue of The Wild Hawthorn Press publications in print; photocopy of occasional pages from Ian Hamilton Finlay: a visual primer by Yves Abrioux (Reaktion Books, London, 2nd edn, 1992); unsourced newspaper cutting with 4 boat poems by Finlay [1965]; cutting from the Radio Times of 2-8 Jan 1988, regretting any embarrassment caused by allegations repeated in a BBC Radio 3 broadcast

MOTTRAM: 5/86/1-90


Allen Fisher, correspondence with Mottram: typescript letter, 27 Mar 1973, Fisher to Mottram, about current publishing work, enclosing performance text 'Milk in bottles'; typescript letter, 24 Sep 1973, on Anthony McCall's film 'Line describing a cone', accompanied by photocopied record of performance art projects including Fisher's 'Milk in bottles'; typescript letter, 24 Oct 1973 in note format, with visual material on reverse of sheets; typescript letter, not dated, but inviting Mottram to participate in performance on 28 Oct 1973; photocopy of circular letter, 11 Mar 1974, seeking contribution of work to American anthology; typescript and manuscript letter, 21 Aug 1974, explaining process of 'Place' series; typescript carbon of letter, 3 Nov, 1974, Mottram to Fisher, on Fisher's 'Place' poems; typescript letter, 11 Nov 1974, Fisher to Mottram, on receipt of 'Kent Journal & Mac Low piece'; typescript carbon of letter, 7 Dec 1974, Mottram to Fisher, 'Another and last letter on "place"...'; typescript carbon of letter, 16 Dec 1974, Mottram to Fisher, 'Further to "place" and December 15...'; typescript letter, 28 Feb 1975, Fisher to Mottram, seeking help in obtaining a reader's ticket to the British Library; manuscript note, 31 Mar 1975 on card designed by Fisher, accompanying typed-out quotations on Sufism, and kept with two manuscript pages of Mottram's own notes on Sufism; manuscript letter, 14 Apr 1975, after poetry event in Worcester; typescript letter, 29 Apr 1975 about recommended music listening; typescript carbon of letter, 12 Jun 1975, Mottram to Fisher, mainly on the Fluxus performance group; typescript letter, 17 Jun 1975, Fisher to Mottram, about his involvement with the Fluxus group; typescript letter, 30 Jun 1975, about 'Art of Flight' with photocopies of typescript excerpts; typescript carbon of Mottram letter, 22 Oct 1975 including notes on his book Against tyranny (Poet & Peasant, Hayes, Middlesex, 1975); manuscript postcard from Fisher, attached to photocopies of typescript excerpts from 'The art of flight' sequence, 19 Nov 1975; typescript letter, 1 Oct 1976 after teaching at the Arvon Foundation; typescript letter, 4 Oct 1976, enclosing photocopies of excerpts from typescript works, 'The apocalyptic sonnets' and 'Pit stops'; typescript letter, 6 Feb 1977, Fisher to Mottram, 'in response to yr letter oct on Paxton's fog-horn'; typescript letter, 14 Nov 1977, including notes on Fisher's Stane (Aloes, London, 1977); typescript letter, 15 Dec 1977, including some comment on topography of Herne Hill, with pamphlet version of Fisher's poem 'Samuel Matthews'; typescript letter, 8 Feb 1978, mentioning poor health of his wife, Elaine, and reading Ezra Pound and Plato, with photocopy of Fisher typescript poem 'Above all business'; typescript letter, 14 Feb 1978, with comments on the poetry scene, including Tom Raworth; typescript carbon of letter, 24 Mar 1978, Mottram to Fisher, on the concept of 'fire'; typescript carbon of letter, 25 Mar 1978, Mottram to Fisher, in two parts, on epic writing, and especially Alexander Pope's Dunciad; typescript letter, 27-28 May 1978, Fisher to Mottram, about boycott of The Poetry Society and censorship in general; undated typescript letter, [May 1978], opening 'You didn't, I take it, expect immediate response...'; typescript letter, 22 Jun 1978 from Mottram to Fisher, commenting on his 'Unpublished Mirrors' sequence; copy of Fisher draft essay 'Speech poetry', 12 Jun 1978, with typescript carbon of Mottram letter, 2 Jul 1978, commenting on the essay; typescript letter, 2 Sep 1978, regretfully cancelling a reading at King's College London; typescript letter, 4 Oct 1978, enclosing typescript poems for an unspecified American periodical; typescript letter, not dated, [1979], on yellow paper, about corrections to Mottram's essay on Allen Ginsberg; typescript letter, 24 Oct 1978 in reaction to Mottram's essay 'The metallic necessity and the new American: culture and technology in America 1850-1900' in Essays by Eric Mottram and Philip Davies (Polytechnic of Central London American Resources Centre, London, 1978), 1-16, with proof details on Mottram essay on Ginsberg for Spanner 15; manuscript note, 7-8 Nov 1978, red ink on yellow paper; typescript letter, 7 Feb 1979, in response to Mottram's article on Theodore Enslin in Truck 20 (Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1978) 69-85; two typescript letters, 6 Mar 1980, stapled together by Mottram, debating literary critical stances, and with brief mention of Cris Cheek; typescript letter, 8 Jan 1980 discussing 'Unpolished Mirrors' sequence; brief manuscript note, 10 Nov 1980, accompanying typescript essay 'The mathematics of Rimbaud', later published in Reality Studios magazine, 1980; manuscript letter, 16 Mar 1981, in new flat in London; manuscript letter postmarked 24 Sep 1981 to Mottram, about a recent visit to New York; typescript letter, 24 Nov 1981 about seeking studio space in Lambeth, with recommendatory letter from Mottram, 1 Sep 1981 attached; typescript letter, 14 Feb 1982 to Mottram, on William Burroughs, and on the lay-out of Mottram's Ferneyhough poem, not despatched until 1 Mar 1982; typescript letter, 1 Mar 1982 to Mottram, listing major influences; typescript letter, 4 Jun 1982 forwarding copy of cassette tapes, associated with Mottram typescript and manuscript sheet on aspects of pollution; typescript letter, 12 Oct 1982, being comments on Mottram's essay 'The new British poetry 1960-1979'; typescript letter, 5 Jan 1983 on application for Art & Design course; typescript note of Feb 1983, accompanying photocopy of article on Albrecht Dürer; typescript letter, 11 Mar 1983 about Fine Arts course at Goldsmiths College, London; typescript letter, 31 May 1983 to Mottram, submitting work on William Carlos Williams; manuscript letter, 7 Oct 1983 to Mottram, arranging to read in November; typescript letter, 9 Sep 1983, enclosing a copy of a typescript letter, 8 Sep 1983 to R.J. Ellis and Geoffrey Soar, about little press roles, and his own publishing enterprises; typescript letter, 17 Apr 1984, on publication of issue of Spanner magazine; manuscript letter, 17 May 1984, forwarding manuscript letter and review work by Bill Sherman; photocopied circular typescript letter, Jun 1985, headed, 'note to committee on "A London Anthology" from Allen Fisher'; manuscript letter, 6 Aug 1985, after housekeeping for Mottram; manuscript note, undated [Nov 1985], on back of flyer for reading of Brixton fractals; typescript letter, 15 Jul 1986, seeking reference for work with the London Borough Disability Resource Team; typescript letter, 21 Jul 1986 about Beat Generation day course at Goldsmiths' College; typescript letter or 8 Aug 1986 about 'Rasp' reading series; photocopy of circular letter, 12 Sep 1986 seeking permission to use poets' work in teaching at Goldsmith's College, London; typescript letter, 7 Oct 1986, enclosing photocopies of typescript poems in 'Bop' series; manuscript letter, 8 Nov 1986, enclosing summary of day course on The Beat Generation to be given by Fisher and Mottram, and flyer for Spanner Workshop event; typescript draft of letter, 27 Mar 1988, Mottram to Fisher, attached to manuscript notes on an unspecified text; typescript letter, 26 Apr 1988, referring to Paul Blackburn and enclosing a questionnaire from David Bromige; Mottram typescript response, 3 Jun 1988, recounting problems with noisy neighbours, and accompanied by manuscript jottings in response to questionnaire; typescript letter, 25 Oct 1988, on job applications; typescript letter, 4 Feb 1989, enclosing flyer for Fisher reading at Sub Voicive, Fisher poem pamphlet 'Camel walk' and folded card with reproduction of Fisher painting 'From Nature'; typescript letter, 3 Mar 1989; manuscript letter, 22 Jun 1989, on moving to new house in Hereford; manuscript note, 7 Oct 1989 on reverse of invitation to Hereford Crafts exhibition; computer printed letter, 14 Aug 1989, with thanks for hospitality; manuscript letter, 24 Nov 1989 on trip to London; Mottram manuscript letter, 14 Aug 1990 on prehistoric population movements, kept with manuscript note on 'Social Anthropology', and newspaper cuttings and an article on the Mayas; typescript carbon of letter, 6 Jan 1991, Mottram to Fisher, accompanied by manuscript and typescript carbon of notes made by Mottram on Fisher reading at Sub Voicive; manuscript letter, 14 Jan 1991 from Fisher on reverse of dense black visual; computer printed letter, 15-16 May 1991, with news of events in Hereford; computer printed letter, 28 Mar 1991, enclosing lecture notes on 'Celtic Art & Culture in Britain', followed by a page of manuscript notes by Mottram; computer printed letter from Fisher to Mottram, 12 Jul 1991, outlining possible colloquium topics, with Mottram manuscript annotations; computer printed letter, 14 Jul 1991, with some reference to Roy Fisher; computer printed letter, 27 May 1992 about Higher National Diploma in Design Crafts, with printed information sheet; computer printed circular letter, 12 Apr 1992 on modern American art; manuscript card of Jun 1992, accompanying poem pamphlet 'Jig walk' by Fisher and specifications of new post at Hereford College of Art & Design; computer printed letter, 29 Nov 1992, commenting on Six Towns Poetry Festival and other events; computer-printed letter, 13 Jun 1993, about show of Fisher's paintings in York, with flyer for subscriptions for publication of 'Breadboard' poems; computer-printed letter, 7 Aug 1993, about storage of paintings in garage; computer-printed letter, 4 Mar 1994 after Mottram reading in Hereford; manuscript note, 9 Jan 1995 about use of Mottram's garage, on card with Fisher visual and poem

MOTTRAM: 5/86/91-97


Allen Fisher, letters and notes by Mottram: undated typescript carbon of letter [1975-1976] from Mottram to Fisher, dealing with counterpoint, Gary Snyder, Kitaj, and Marxist-structuralism; typescript carbon of letter, 31 Jan 1976, Mottram to Fisher, criticising the magical concept of 'Action at a Distance' with reference to Druidism and James Joyce; typescript and carbon of undated letter from Mottram, in continuation, 31 Jan 1976 topics, with emphasis on Robert Duncan; a Mottram manuscript essay on poetics, based on Duncan's practice; Mottram essay on imagery, headed 'The mental traveller', 2 pages; Mottram manuscript notes on secondary sources, including Anglo-French critiques; Mottram typescript notes on Baudelaire, shamanism and Nature

MOTTRAM: 5/86/98


Allen Fisher, postcards to Mottram: postcards from Fisher to Mottram, covering 1973-1991, some cards designed by Fisher himself, 37 items

MOTTRAM: 5/86/99-107


Allen Fisher, studies of: Mottram manuscript notes on excerpts from Fisher's series 'Place' in Sixpack 9 (1975); Mottram manuscript notes on Fisher's 'Gravity as a consequence of shape'; Mottram manuscript and typescript 'notes on Paxton's Beacon' (Arc, 1976); Mottram manuscript notes on Unpolished mirrors Spanner, 1981); Mottram manuscript notes on Brixton fractals (Aloes, 1985); article on Fisher by David Bromige in 80 Langton Street Residence Program 1982 (San Francisco, 1983); Mottram manuscript notes on Fisher reading at White Swan, Covent Garden, 21 Jun 1988; short verse in Mottram's hand headed 'AF parody'; typescript of chapter of a thesis by Peter Barry headed 'Allen Fisher's Place I-XXXVII-The last fifty pages', paginated 121-173, and prefixed by three typescript letters to Mottram from Barry, 1978

MOTTRAM: 5/86/108-130


Allen Fisher: typescript carbon booklet with title 'A selection from The art of flight', 1974-1975, with annotations by Mottram; draft version of 'Docking', with photocopied or carbon typescript text pages, and manuscript inscription on cover, 11 Apr 1975; draft printing of poems 'Enclosed delight' and 'Cleopatra's sonority' by Fisher, May 1976; draft printing of 'Gripping the rail' from 'Pit stop' series, 1976; draft printing of 'Played against drum-beats' [1976]; draft printing, three songs form 'The apocalyptic sonnets', 1976; typed duplicator printed sheet, 1977, with Fisher poem 'Room to breathe', advertising forthcoming publication of 'The apocalyptic sonnets'; draft printing of 'Unpolished mirrors', 7 Aug 1978; draft printing on 'Unpublished mirrors', May 1978; duplicated A4 card with 'Programme notes for Allen Fisher's B2 presentation of ideas on the culture dreamed of'; two pages of photocopied A4 paper headed, 'The following items are from Ideas on the culture dreamed of...'; duplicator printed notes for the performance of 'Blood Bone brain' 1973, with Fisher poems, 1972 appended; photocopied score of 'Blood Bone Brain: London performance 'A' 28 Oct 1974'; photocopied booklet, 'Blood Bone brain-performers' aids', Mottram's copy for Oct 1974 performance; programme notes for Fisher's 'Roaring hearts & glowing brains: an illustrated talk on art in Germany', 26 Apr 1990; hand-coloured birthday card to Mottram from Elaine and Allen [1975]; A4 print titled 'In memoriam...The National Poetry Society 1975-76'; photocopier prints, from Fisher's 'South Thames Studios' series [1979], 9 A4 sheets; photocopier prints, from Fisher's 'South Thames Studios' series [1979], 7 A4 sheets, with handcuff motif on top sheet; maroon folder, with lettering 'allen fisher' on cover, and photocopy print of envelope inside. [1979]; glossy print featuring treated tree, dated by Mottram 12 Sep 1982; folded card with visual material and, inside, printing of poem 'Bugaloo', Jun 1986; A4 collage, headed 'Hidden persuasion', with warning of change of address

MOTTRAM: 5/86/131-135


Allen Fisher, photocopied and duplicated texts from poem sequence 'Place': 'Place forty'; 'from Place twenty'; '10 pages'; 'Place one to thirty seven', duplicated pages in slide binder; 'Place thirty-two' or 'Taken out of Place'

MOTTRAM: 5/86/136


Allen Fisher: Blood on rain: a composition in seven parts for piano with 2 pianists (part of Blood, bone, brain-3rd variation), hand-made score pasted into scrap book

MOTTRAM: 5/86/137-190


Allen Fisher, booklets: Bavuska or The rub (Big Venus, London, 1969); Thomas Net's Tree-birst, with introduction by Fisher (Edible Magazine, London, 1970); Before ideas, ideas (Edible Magazine, London, 1971); My bijou, with Dick Miller (IBHeld Books, Lundun-sic-1971); FFACECE (Aloes, London, 1972), with covering note from the author; Spaces for Winter Solstice (Beau Geste Press, Exeter, 1972); Taken the days after we had beef curry... (Beau Geste, Collumpton, Devon, 1972); Circles, lines & wheelbarrows (International Art Co-operative, Friedrichsfehn, Germany, 1973); Convergences in place, of the play volume 8 (Spanner, London, 1973) in newspaper format (outsize); Creek in the ceiling beam (Aloes, London, 1973); Sicily (Aloes Books, London, 1973); Five plages (Prison Clothes Press, no place of publication, 1974), 2 copies; Place-typescript...comprising most of book 1 place one to thirty-seven (Aloes Books, London, 1974), 2 copies; Long shout to Kernewek (New London Pride, London, 1975); Prosyncel: a sketch map of heat (Strange Faeces Press, Penfield, New York, 1975), with folder containing photocopied pages giving background to the composition process; Gripping the rail (Pig Press, Hasty Editions, Durham, 1976); The leer (Branch Redd Publications, London, 1976), 2 copies, one inscribed by author; Paxton's beacon (Arc, Todmorden, Lancashire, 1976); Place (Truck Press, Carrboro, USA, 1976); '"Der Verolene" Opera-action', poem-card published as Mugshots no. 3 (London, 1976); 'Doing (against aesthetics as such)' published as Twisted Wrist 1 (Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, 1977); Fire-place, 'jointly with Pierre Joris' Hearth-work as Fire-work (Hatch Books, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, 1977), bound as a "Z" book'; excerpt from 'Place Book IIII', published as Bezoar 8/4 (Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1977), with work by Ron Silliman; The preparation with David Miller (The X Press, London, 1977); Stane: Place book III (Aloes, London, 1977), 2 copies; Docking (Great Works Editions, Bishop's Stortford, 1978), with inscription by author; The apocalyptic sonnets with artist Robert Clark (Pig Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1978), 2 copies; London blight (chapbook, Tapocketa Press, London, 1978); Reich (Spanner, London, 1978); Kessingland studies (Spanner, London, 1979); Eros: Father: Pattern-Place 39 (Secret Books, Warehorne, Kent, 1980); Hooks: Place 32 taken out of place (Pod Books, Baltimore, 1980); Intermediate spirit receiver (Zunne Heft, London, 1980). 'Simultaneous with a book of same title by Ulli McCarthy (Freer), authors' names interchanged'; Poetry for schools (Aloes, London, reprinted 1980); Speech poetry, published as Spanner 19 (London, 1980); Bending windows (Spanner, London, 1981); Imbrications: business verse (Lobby Press, Cambridge, 1981); Unpolished mirrors (Spanner, London, 1981), 2 copies, one inscribed by the author; Careful absence, visual material (Fig Press, New Malden, Surrey, 1982); Stepping out (Spanner, London, 1982), with copy, 1989 Pig Press, Durham, edition; The topological shovel (Spanner, London, 1982); African boog (Ta'wil Books, London, 1983); Banda (Spanner, London, 1983), 2 copies; Defamiliarising (Spanner, London, 1983); Boogie break (Torque, Southampton, 1984); Unpolished mirrors (Reality Studios, London, 1985), inscribed by the author; Brixton fractals: gravity as a consequence of shape (Aloes Books, London, 1985); Buzzards and bees (Spanner, London, 1986), with second copy, 1987, with photocopied typescript sheet listing slides to be shown in conjunction with a reading of the text; 'A note on Allen Fisher', 'Allen Fisher: two poems' and 'An interview with Allen Fisher' in Angel Exhaust 7 (Southend-on-Sea, Essex, 1987); Gravity as a consequence of shape (1989, no further publication details), cover motif of badgers; copy of Fisher's poems 'Horse' and 'Hubble' published as issue 8 of RWC magazine (London, 1991); Breadboard 1982-1986 (Spanner, London, 1994); Fizz (Spanner, London, 1994); Scram, or the transformation of the concept of cities (Spectacular Diseases, Peterborough, 1994)

MOTTRAM: 5/86/191-198


Allen Fisher, Unpolished mirrors sequence of published poetry: Unpolished mirrors A (1979); Unpolished mirrors B (1979), enclosing separate printed 'dialogue'; Unpolished mirrors C (1980); Unpolished mirrors D (1980); Unpolished mirrors E (1980); Unpolished mirrors F (1981); Unpolished mirrors G (1981); Unpolished mirrors H (1981)

MOTTRAM: 5/86/199-205


Allen Fisher, microfiches: Blood bone brain: documents 5-visuals photographed by Judith Walker and published in microfiches format by Spanner, London, 1973; Plans: blood bone brain-documents 1: 98 pages on microfiche (Spanner, London, 1981); Actions: blood bone brain-documents 2: 98 pages on microfiche (Spanner, 1981); Musics & recyclings: blood bone brain-documents 3: 98 pages on microfiche (Spanner, London, 1981); Words: blood bone brain-documents 4: 98 pages on microfiche (Spanner, London, 1981); Books A&B: blood bone brain-documents 6: 98 pages in microfiche (Spanner, London, 1981-1982); Book C: blood bone brain-documents 7 & 8: 196 pages on two microfiches (Spanner, London, 1981-1982)

MOTTRAM: 5/86/206-215


Allen Fisher: programme of Goldsmith's College (School of Adult & Community Studies) 1986-1987; details of poetry workshop course by Fisher at Goldsmith's College; brochure for Small Studio Practice course at Herefordshire College of Art and Design; bibliography by Fisher of his own work with covering note to Mottram, 20 Oct 1982; bibliography by Fisher headed 'Orientalism, patchwork, hyperpainting', Nov 1985; flyers and programmes to Fisher readings, events and exhibitions, 1982-1994; flyers for Fisher publications, including appeal for subscriptions to first issue of Spanner, 1974; photographs of exhibition of Fisher paintings at Hereford, 1991; photographs of set of Fisher collages, marked 'Haute couture '80'; single photograph of Allen Fisher in front of rural church

MOTTRAM: 5/87/1-71


Roy Fisher, letters to Mottram: typescript letter, 18 Jan 1965, on Mottram's article in Antiphon and educational matters; manuscript letter, 24 Apr 1965, hoping to stay with Mottram in London; manuscript letter, 26 May 1965, about visiting London; manuscript letter, 10 Jun 1965, recalling their last meeting and mentioning Stand review; manuscript letter, 24 Jun 1965, enclosing typescripts of his poems, 'Ten interiors', 'Seven attempted moves', 'Linear', 'Bags' groove', 'A debt for tomorrow', 'Chirico', 'While the young hero', and 'Uncle Jim's will', also (though not specified) 'The double morning' and 'The moral'; manuscript letter, 3 Aug 1965, enclosing further poems, including 'Passing Cloud'; manuscript letter, 30 Aug 1965, about publication of 'Ship's orchestra', and on William Carlos Williams; typescript letter, 20 Dec 1965, on encouragement from Fulcrum, and work placed in magazines; typescript letter, 12 Mar 1966, about poetry conference in Nottingham; manuscript letter, 28 Jun 1966, on general matters; typescript letter, 18 Sep 1966, about looking for an M.A. course; manuscript letter, 10 Oct 1966, on rumour of problems for Mottram at King's; manuscript letter, 21 Jan 1967, on publication of Ship's orchestra; typescript letter, 30 Apr 1967, about possible summer work at Buffalo; typescript letter, 3 May 1967, looking forward to Mottram's review in Stand; manuscript letter, 12 Nov 1967, about declining work at Buffalo, and on forthcoming visit to London; typescript letter, 9 May 1968, on general matters; typescript letter, 7 Jul 1968, enclosing two poems for possible Bill Butler anthology; manuscript letter, 8 Aug 1968, on visit from Melville Hardiment; manuscript letter, 30 Aug 1968, on aftermath of Bill Butler trial; manuscript letter, 16 May 1969, on forthcoming sabbatical year and possible M.A. on Norman Mailer's novels; manuscript letter, 23 Jul 1969, seeking meeting and advice; manuscript letter, 5 Aug 1969, arranging for Mottram to stay in Birmingham; manuscript letter, 25 Aug 1969, after visit from Mottram; manuscript letter, 30 Sep 1969, with response to article in Stand; manuscript letter, 7 Oct 1969, on collecting his earlier poems together ready to send; manuscript letter, 26 Oct 1969, enclosing typescript carbon poems 'Continuity' and 'Five morning poems from a picture by Manet'; manuscript note, 9 Jan 1970, about a Radio Times item; manuscript letter, 11 Jan 1970, about new poem sequence 'On the cut pages'; manuscript letter, 5 Mar 1970, arranging to meet Mottram at Fulcrum event, and musing on his future career; treated text, postmarked 29 Mar 1970; manuscript letter, 29 Apr 1970, with comments on Thomas Pynchon; manuscript letter, 19 May 1970, on Open University job conditions, and enclosing a newspaper cutting 'Christ "was a mushroom"'; unspecified 1970 typescript letter with discursive curriculum vitae; manuscript, 16 Mar 1971, resuming contact after postal strike; manuscript letter, 16 May 1971, about opportunities to meet in London, Poets Conference, and the Open University; manuscript letter, 8 Jul 1971, accompanying submission of a poem to Poetry Review; manuscript letter, 4 Nov 1971, about academic work lined up; manuscript letter, 3 Dec 1971, about reading material, and first going through a carwash; manuscript letter, 9 Jan 1972 enclosing copy of pamphlet Three early pieces by Fisher (Transgravity Advertised, London, 1971); typescript letter, 22 Jan 1972, enclosing typescript carbon, two poems, 'occasional poem 7.1.72' and 'A literature for England'; manuscript letter, 8 Feb 1972, responding to books of Mottram, and with comment on Tom Pickard; manuscript letter, 30 Mar 1972, with account of recent illness; typescript letter, 28 Jun 1972, while house-hunting; manuscript letter, 17 Aug 1972, on forthcoming move to Keele University; manuscript letter, 24 Nov 1972, on move to Keele; typescript letter, 29 Dec 1972, accompanying '107 poems' published in Poetry Review 64/1 (1973); manuscript letter, 31 Dec 1972, on tracing Michael Shayer, and on Christmas season, enclosing a festive advert; manuscript letter, 8 Jan 1973, with remarks on Mottram's book on Allen Ginsberg, and on forthcoming poetry events; typescript letter, 25 Jan 1973 about collaborations with Ian Tyson and Tom Phillips; typescript letter, 30 Jan 1973, with autobiographical comments; typescript letter, 9 Feb 1973 on American Studies business; manuscript letter, 4 Oct 1973, hoping to meet Mottram in London; typescript letter, 16 Jan 1974 to Mottram in America; manuscript letter, 16 Apr 1974, on work and writing; typescript postcard, 14 Oct 1975, on non-receipt of Mottram's essay on Paul Bowles; the card itself was designed by John Furnival, 1972; manuscript letter, 2 Apr 1976, with some mention of thesis by Peter Riley; manuscript letter, 29 Jun 1977, on forthcoming meeting at Arvon Foundation; typescript letters, 14 Jul 1979, in parallel pair, about copyright permission, after argument over Fisher's reading at The Poetry Society after Mottram's withdrawal; manuscript letter, 29 Aug 1979, arguing at length against any retaliatory action in the case of The Poetry Society and Arts Council; card, postmarked 22 Mar 1980, from Fisher in Buffalo, New York; manuscript letter, 27 May 1980, about ambitions to return to America; manuscript letter, 9 Jun 1980, after Basil Bunting event at Warwick University; manuscript letter, 16 Sep 1980, with comments of Mottram's poetry, and some mention of Jeff Nuttall; manuscript letter, 4 Jan 1981, arranging meeting in London, with some comment on Frances Horovitz; manuscript letter, 16 Feb 1982, about pressure of work and Jeff Nuttall's money-making idea; manuscript letter, 16 Oct (1982), on retirement from Keele University; manuscript letter, 13 Sep 1985, on finishing the poem project 'A furnace'; undated Christmas card featuring repoduction of painting by Charles Rossiter; envelope with extra stamp on cover; treated material from 'Nostalgia Book Club'

MOTTRAM: 5/87/72-73


Roy Fisher: Fisher poems, typescript or typescript carbon, headed 'The ceremonial poems', 'At no distance', 'The memorial fountain', 'From an English sensibility', 'For realism', apparently typed and forwarded by Gael Turnbull; two volumes of Roy Fisher poems in typescript carbon headed 'The collected uncollected poems', inscribed to Mottram, 1969

MOTTRAM: 5/87/74-87


Roy Fisher, studies, and promotional material: Mottram typescript carbon essay on Fisher, comprising a review of The ship's orchestra (Fulcrum, London, 1966) and Collected poems 1968 (Fulcrum, London, 1969), later published as 'Roy Fisher's work' Stand 2/1 (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1969-1970), 9-18 typescript letters from Jon Silkin of Stand magazine, 28 Jan 1967 suggesting article, and, 18 Sep 1969, complaining at late submission; Mottram manuscript note on Fisher, headed 'Letters', and perhaps a spoken introduction for a poetry performance, 1968 or later; some loose leaf manuscript notes on Fisher by Mottram, especially on Matrix (Fulcrum, London, 1971); typescript transcript of Mottram interview of Roy Fisher at The Poetry Society, 22 Jan 1973, with many pencilled corrections by Mottram; photocopy of article 'Turning the prism: an interview with Roy Fisher' by Robert Sheppard, reprinted in Ship of Fools magazine, 1987; bound bibliography of Fisher's work by Derek Slade, with covering note to Mottram, 14 Feb 1987; subsequent typescript letter, 7 Aug 1987 from Derek Slade to Mottram enclosing Addenda to bibliography; Curriculum Vitae and bibliography of Roy Fisher up to 1973; elaborate flyer for publication Bluebeard's Castle (Circle Press, 1972) in which Fisher collaborated; flyer for Tom Pickard film, 1991, about Fisher, 'Birmingham is what I think with', 2 copies; photocopy of cartoon 'The adventures of Kirk the cat', unattributed; review of Fisher's Collected poems 1968 (Fulcrum Press, 1969) from Times Literary Supplement 14 Jul 1969; short article on Fisher's poetry by Andrew Motion from New Statesman 6 Feb 1981

MOTTRAM: 5/87/88-96


Roy Fisher, booklets: City (Migrant Press, Worcester, 1961), including supplement The hallucinations: City 2 (Migrant Press, Worcester, 1962); Ten interiors with various figures (Tarasque Press, Nottingham, 1966); The memorial fountain (Northern House Pamphlet Poets, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1966); Titles (Tarasque press, Nottingham, 1968), visual poems; Metamorphoses I-V (Tetrad Press, London, 1970)'; texts by Fisher and print by Tom Phillips, on card, in box (outsize);19 poems & an interview (Grosseteste, Pensnett, Staffordshire, 1975, as Grosseteste Review 8); Comedies (Pig Press, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1979); Talks for words (Blackweir Press, Cardiff, 1980), prose; (note: found in group with magazines Resusciator 6, Tarasque 5, Haravec (1967), Living Arts 1-3, and books by Fisher: The ship's orchestra (Fulcrum Press, London, 1966), Matrix (FulcrumPress, London, 1971), The cut pages (Fulcrum Press, London, 1971), Collected poems 1968 (Fulcrum Press, London, 1969)); from Diversions, 2nd series (Other Branch Readings item 8, Bath Place Community Arts Press, 1981)

MOTTRAM: 5/88/1-10


F. Scott Fitzgerald: Mottram typescript essay headed F. Scott Fitzgerald, with sections on The Great Gatsby and Tender is the night'; further Mottram typescript material with manuscript inserts, headed, '6. The last tycoon: The day of the locust'; Mottram manuscript notes on Tender is the night (Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1934); brief Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Fitzgerald's career and work; invitation to speak on BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) programme 'Kaleidoscope' about 1974 film of The Great Gatsby, with Mottram's typescript notes for the occasion, and other material about the film; invitation, 5 Sep 1979 to speak about 'the new Scott Fitzgerald Collection' on BBC radio arts programme 'Kaleidoscope'; BBC 1985 information pack on serialisation of Tender is the night; newspaper cuttings, 1973-1974; Morris Dickstein review of biography of Fitzgerald for New York Times Book Review [1974] (outsize); Portsmouth Polytechnic Library provisional list of articles about F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1960-1982

MOTTRAM: 5/89/1-33


Ulli Freer (formerly McCarthy), letters to Mottram, and other documents: manuscript card, postmarked 25 Nov 1974, acknowledging receipt of letter from Mottram; typescript letter, not dated [1975], about forthcoming magazine 'Fix One'; manuscript letter received Dec 1975, about invitation to serve on Yorkshire Arts Council; manuscript card, not dated, with message on white section against orange background. [1976]; typescript letter, 15 Mar 1977, enclosing photocopies of letters illustrating growing tension on the Yorkshire Arts panel; typescript letter, 7 Jul 1977; manuscript postcard, received 12 Oct 1977, with appreciation of Mottram essay on performance poetry in Rawz 1 (London, 1977); typescript card, postmarked 6 Jun 1978, about forthcoming move to London; typescript letter, 29 Nov 1978, with list of poems read by Freer at King's College London 'so you know whats what on the tape'; typescript letter, postmarked 2 Oct 1979, commenting on Paul Buck, housing problems and police powers, and enclosing booklet Persons unknown (London, 1979) on political trials; typescript letter, 2 Nov 1979, with a gift of a tape and pages headed, 'The news for Kris Hemensley, 12 Oct 1979-tape notes'; typescript letter, 13 Dec 1979, with considerable detail on his life and outlook; manuscript postcard, 1980, looking forward to receiving a manuscript from Mottram; typescript letter, 20 Jul 1980, on publication of Mottram's book of poetry 1980: Mediate; manuscript card postmarked 12 Aug 1980, on way to France; typescript letter, not dated, but enclosing copy of Radical Philosophy 24 (London, 1980) with article on 'the new philosophers'; typescript letter, 10 Dec 1980, explaining absence; manuscript letter, 14 Jan 1986, seeking poems on behalf of Gil Ott; manuscript letter, 8 Jul 1988, enclosing copy of his own booklet 2 poems from rushlight (Micro Brigade, London, 1988); typescript letter, 7 Jun 1991, enclosing photocopy of Adrian Clarke and Robert Sheppard 'Afterword' to their anthology Floating Capital (Potes & Poets Press, Elmwood, Connecticut, 1991), and a copy of his own booklet Levity head (Micro Brigade, London, 1991); 'Rushlight 8'-New Year's poem for 1988, with accompanying manuscript note; Rushlight 11'-New Year's poem for 1989; 'New Year poem...1986'; New Year poem for 1987, opening 'loch jade light...'; untitled poem, opening ;cloud thickens the grey...'-New Year's card for 1991; visual New Year's card for 1992; undated New Year's poem card, titled 'Happy new ear y' and attributed to U. Flamme; untitled, undated New Year's poem, opening 'When concrete frames posture...'; stapled sequence of poems, photocopied in blue, opening 'dog raised and / arc lowered...'; stapled sequence of photocopied typescript poems, three poems of Freer's translated into French, 1978; Mottram manuscript notes or draft essay on Freer and his work, headed 'Ulli McCarthy', with latest references to 1979; brief biographical note to accompany exhibition of 'Rushlight' paintings, with separate card advertising the event

MOTTRAM: 5/89/34-73


Ulli Freer (formerly McCarthy), booklets: Yours face your face (Writers Forum, London, 1970); Charlie and them (Aloes Books, London, 1972); Horsetalk (Joe DiMaggio Press, no place given, [1972]); Bone songs (Writers Forum, London, 1973), with illustrated note from Nuttall to Mottram on returning this copy, a second copy; Erire (Prison Clothes Press, no place of publication given, [1973]), drawings by Jeff Nuttall, with undated typescript covering note from McCarthy to Mottram; Sonnet brushes (Bonefold Imprint, London, 1973): poems by McCarthy and Bernard Kelly, with typescript letter from Kelly to Mottram, 15 Jan 1973; Nails dugout and shipped (Poet & Peasant, Hayes, Middlesex, 1974); Ivan Twelveman (Poet & Peasant, Hayes, Middlesex, 1974), with manuscript letter from Mike Dobbie, the publisher; Airtex and the blue boys (published by the author, 1975); Intra Venus songs (Arc, Todmorden, 1976); Mugshot no. 1, published by Mike Dobbie, 1976, 2 copies, one with covering manuscript note from Freer; Der Triumphzug (2nd edition, Spanner, London, 1976), with accompanying manuscript postcard to Mottram, postmarked 5 Mar 1979, a second copy; Clearage (Pig Press, Hasty Editions, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1977); Triptych (Pig Press, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1977); Backlog barks (Atman, London, 1979), 2 copies; Rooms: book 1 (Atman, London, 1979); Blue living room by Freer as Ulrich Flamme (Atman Press, no place of publication given [1979]); Links by Freer as U. Flamme (Presse anMann, London, 1979); Stationary waves by Freer as U. Flamme (Presses Anmann (London) [1979]); Intermediate spirit receiver (Zunne Heft, 1980) (in a booklet of the same title, Allen Fisher says, 'Simultaneous with a book of same title by Ulli McCarthy (Freer), authors' names interchanged'); From the sequence 'Fragments of Return Digest': Ju version (no publishing details [1980]); booklet From the sequence 'Fragments of Return Digest': Sh, Sh, Sh (no publishing details [1980]); booklet From 'Fragments of Digest': Di gest (no publishing details [1980]); booklet From 'Fragments of Digest': Frag ments (no publishing details [1980]); booklet Trophies / 4 (no publishing details [1980]); (Y) Fear (Micro Brigade, London, 1982): A3 poster poem in envelope; Rock room (Micro Brigade, London, 1982); Trophies, part 1 (Micro Brigade, London, 1982); Other fingers (Micro Brigade, London, not dated), in envelope; Robin Haad, vol. 2 (Micro Brigade, London, not dated), with manuscript postcard to Mottram, received 6 Apr 1982; Rooms 2 (Micro Brigade, London, 1982); Alten Kran / Olden Crane (Omi Print, no place of publication, 1985), visuals and text: yellow cover, with inside pages red or black on white; The diarist saw (Omi Print, no place of publication given, 1985); 2 poems from Rushlight (Micro Brigade, London, 1988); Run the disinfectant (Micro Brigade, 1990), with accompanying manuscript postcard, 4 Sep 1990; Stepping space (Spectacular Diseases, Peterborough, 1990); A hide of land (Micro Brigade, London, 1990), with a covering manuscript note bearing good wishes for 1991; Four poems from Rushlight published as R.W.C. 2 (London, 1991); V (Micro Brigade, London, 1992); Blvd.s (Equipage, Cambridge, 1994), with manuscript card bearing good wishes for 1995; 8 books downstairs think attributed to Fakenham Lox (Zopital Leaves, no other publishing information)

MOTTRAM: 5/90/1-6


Robert Frost: Mottram manuscript essay opening 'Robert Frost was born in San Francisco in 1875...'; Mottram manuscript and typescript draft essay on Robert Frost, opening 'The cunning developed over a long life...'; Mottram typescript notes on Frost's works, with notes on American poetry since 1880; Mottram reading list for Frost and selected bibliography, 1966; Frost poems from Atlantic Monthly December 1946, with 1961 transcript of other Frost poems; newspaper cuttings 1959-1967, including transcript of Frost 1953 poem 'One more brevity'

MOTTRAM: 5/91/1-4


John Furnival: flyer for exhibition Birmingham, 1968; flyer for exhibition at Arlington Mill, 1968; poem-card 'Bestiary', 1969; Catalogue of exhibition at Ceolfrith Arts Centre, Sunderland, published as Ceolfrith 14 (1971) (outsize)(note: for further work by Furnival, see section 12)

MOTTRAM: 5/92/1-3


William Gaddis: Mottram manuscript notes on Gaddis novels, especially Carpenter's gothic (Sifton Books/Viking, New York, 1985; review of Carpenter's gothic by Cynthia Ozick from The New York Times Book Review 7 Jul 1985 (outsize); photocopy of article on Gaddis by Louis Auchincloss from The New York Times Magazine 15 Nov 1987

MOTTRAM: 5/93/1-3

1967-1968, 1993

Jean Genet: Mottram manuscript notes on Genet, with photocopy of essay 'What remained of a Rembrandt...' from Tel Quel 1967, with Mottram annotations; article 'Genet's brutal revenge' by Julian Mitchell from New Statesman, 10 May 1968; review article, 'Forever queer' by Edmund White from New Statesman, 25 Jun 1993

MOTTRAM: 5/94/1-3


Glenda George: typescript letter to Mottram [1977], enclosing typescript of poem 'The corpse of Elmer McCurdy'; published form of above poem, as Mugshot 7 (1977); manuscript letter, 24 Jan 1980, seeking a reference

MOTTRAM: 5/95/1-6


Harry Gilonis: manuscript note to Mottram on poem card 'The matter of Britain', Dec 1990; poem card 'Content fitting form', Christmas 1992; Learning the warblers (Writers Forum, London, 1993); poem card of verse of Horace, with manuscript message, postmarked 23 Feb 1993; poem card 'The burning of the books', Spring 1993; undated Christmas card with quotation from Hegel; poem card 'Urlar', 1994, dedicated to Mottram

MOTTRAM: 5/96/1-14


Allen Ginsberg, letters and drawings: manuscript note, postmarked 22 Sep 1960, inviting Mottram to call while in New York; typescript statement for Fischback Gallery, New York, 1965; manuscript letter, 27 Jan 1969 describing recovery after broken hip (see p. 15, Best minds ed. Bill Morgan & Bob Rosenthal (Lospecchio Press, New York, 1986)); manuscript letter postmarked 23 Feb [1971] from Ginsberg to Mottram, in appreciation of his essay; photocopy of manuscript letter, 2 Aug 1971, widely circulated on behalf of the defence of the Living Theater group in America; manuscript letter, 16 Dec 1971, enclosing photocopy of typescript poem 'Bayonne entering N.Y.C., with some new alterations by Ginsberg; manuscript letter, 21 Jan 1972 on airmail letter, answering specific points of Mottram's; typescript letter, 2 Aug 1975 describing effects of overwork, and enclosing leaflet of Naropa Institute, Colorado, events; manuscript letter, 12 Jan 1985 to Mottram with admission of high blood pressure problems: 'What else did you notice? Madness? Idiot Egotism? The usual! I'm trying my best.'; manuscript letter, 15 Sep 1987 with postscript 'Do you see Miles? He'll next be editing several hundred hours of tapes of Naropa lectures on "Lit. History of Beat Generation"...', and enclosing typescript poem 'I notice the sea...' with numerous small corrections by Ginsberg; manuscript letter to Mottram, 4 Aug 1993, enclosing typescript poems 'After Lalon', 'The charnel ground', and 'Autumn leaves'; one further letter, undergoing conservation treatment; The wooden fish: basic sutras and gathas of Rinzai Zen prepared by Gutetsu Kanetsuki & Gary Snyder (The First Zen Institute of America in Japan, 1961), inscribed in Ginsberg's hand 'This copy belongs to Allen Ginsberg since before 1965', and containing various manuscript notes and inserts; photocopy of drawings and inscription from copy of Allen Ginsberg Collected poems 1947-1980 (Viking, New York & Harmondsworth, Middlesex, 1985), presented to Mottram, original in KCL rare books collection

MOTTRAM: 5/96/15-28


Allen Ginsberg, correspondence concerning Ginsberg: typescript cards and letters from Richard Kostelanetz to Mottram, 18 Dec 1968-11 Apr 1969 suggesting but then proving unable to publish a Mottram essay on Ginsberg, 6 items; typescript letter, 30 Jul 1969 from Lawrence Grauman of The Antioch Review expressing interest in Mottram's article on Ginsberg, as recommended by Kostelanetz; manuscript letter from Allen De Loach, postmarked 23 Jan 1971, enclosing photocopy of Ginsberg manuscript list of errors in Mottram article on Ginsberg, 17 Jan 1970 (sic); typescript letters and cards, 1972, from Rufus Camphausen and Klaus Mettig of Andromeda Press, Düsseldorf, on possible Ginsberg project; typescript letter, 22 Apr 1974 from Dave [McBride] to Mottram, mentioning Ginsberg reading in Philadelphia; typescript letters from Glen Burns in Germany, 1975-1977, about publication of Mottram article on Ginsberg for festschrift that seems never to have materialised, 7 items; manuscript letter and note from Allen Fisher to Mottram about publication of Mottram's 'Ginsberg essay, part II', 28 Nov 1978; typescript letter postmarked 7 Aug 1984 from Lynn (Gingrass) to Mottram with account of 'Ginsberg-Orlovsky-Ortiz-Baraka reading'; typescript letter, 17 Apr 1985 from Richard Dunn of Kaleidoscope, an arts programme of the British Broadcasting Corporation, inviting Mottram to review Ginsberg's Collected poems on radio; typescript letters 1984-1987 from Bill Morgan seeking contribution from Mottram to Ginsberg 60th birthday festschrift, 4 items; typescript letter to Mottram from (Barry) Miles, 12 Nov 1987, with some analysis of Ginsberg himself; card, 11 Jul 1988 from Julian Nangle offering Mottram a copy of Ginsberg's Capitol air (Red Ozier Press, Northouse, 1987); photocopy of manuscript letter from Sharon Naylor, 24 Jan 1992, about research project on Peter Orlovsky, forwarded to Mottram; typescript letter, 9 Dec 1992 from Bill Morgan to Mottram seeking bibliographical information

MOTTRAM: 5/96/29-42


Allen Ginsberg, Mottram essays: incomplete Mottram manuscript and typescript essay on Ginsberg, paginated 6-31, the first complete paragraph opening 'Zen is deeply connected here with American belief in self-reliance...'; Mottram manuscript essay on Ginsberg opening 'Allen Ginsberg was born in Paterson...'; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'The Beat Generation Writers: Jan 1964'; Mottram manuscript draft essay on Ginsberg, opening with a quote from Rexroth; typescript and carbon of essay headed 'Allen Ginsberg in the Sixties', both with the same manuscript corrections; further typescript of the same essay, Winter 1969-1970, and bearing further manuscript corrections; photocopy of the above corrected typescript with yet further manuscript alterations, published as a booklet by Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton and Seattle, 1972; typescript with manuscript insert of essay headed '7. Allen Ginsberg', as though a chapter in a larger project, paginated 75-85; typescript original of the essay 'The wild good and the heart ultimately', on yellow paper, preceded by four pages of manuscript opening 'Ginsberg was one of the ten or so non-academic poets...'; typescript carbon on yellow paper of Mottram essay 'The wild good and the heart ultimately', written in 1976 and published in Spanner 15 (London, 1979 for 1978), 70-118; typescript carbon of continuation of this essay, on blue paper, paginated 27-48; full form of essay as published in Spanner 15 (London 1978); typescript of Mottram essay headed 'Allen Ginsberg: Personal and social writings 1948-1978'; typescript essay headed 'Voice of America', 2 pages, 1984, with two page manuscript essay headed 'Allen Ginsberg' and opening 'Ginsberg's power and achievement...', which formed the basis of Mottram's contribution to the 60th birthday anthology, Best minds: a tribute to Allen Ginsberg ed. Bill Morgan and Bob Rosenthal (Lospecchio Press, New York, 1986)

MOTTRAM: 5/96/43-44


Allen Ginsberg, Mottram notes: manuscript and typescript notes on Ginsberg works including notably sections headed 'Kaddish', 'Howl for Carl Solomon', 'Mind breaths', 'Journals', on Ginsberg events including 'Reading at I.C.A. June 3'(Institute of Contemporary Arts) and 'Ginsberg on march' from Berkeley Barb, 19 Nov 1965, and notes on secondary sources from as early as University of Malaya, 1955; typescript and manuscript compilation, forming a bibliography of Ginsberg's work to 1974

MOTTRAM: 5/96/45-48


Allen Ginsberg, Mottram interview: typescript transcription of recorded interview of Ginsberg by Mottram, 8 Jun 1965, opening with text of poem 'Magic song', and with frequent manuscript emendations by Mottram; photocopy of typescript of revised interview text, with further manuscript corrections by Mottram; two further photocopies of the corrected revised typescript; typescript letter, 20 Jul 1965 from Philip French of the British Broadcasting Corporation about July broadcast including parts of June interview, and typescript introduction by Mottram to poem 'Magic Psalm' of Ginsberg to be used in the programme

MOTTRAM: 5/96/49-55


Allen Ginsberg, other interviews: U: Inter-University & College Magazine 3/7 (1965) featuring interview with Ginsberg by editor David Widgery, 2 copies, with reprint as a booklet from Grey Fox Press (Bolinas, California, 1974); Mystery in the universe: notes on an interview with Allen Ginsberg by Edward Lucie-Smith (Turret Books, London, 1965); newspaper cutting of interview with Ginsberg from Playboy, April 1969; Gay Sunshine interview with Allen Young (Grey Fox Press, Bolinas, California, 1974); Chicago Trial testimony (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1975); The Riverside Interviews. 1. Allen Ginsberg (Binnacle Press, London, 1980), interview of Ginsberg by Chris Schwarz with manuscript letter, 1 Mar 1981 from the publisher, Gavin Selerie; Beat Scene 10 (Coventry, [1990]), including interview with Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 5/96/56-64


Allen Ginsberg: photocopy of 'Sunflower Sutra' from Howl and other poems (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1956); photocopy of poem 'Howl' from Evergreen Review 1/2 (1957) 137-147; photocopy of poem 'Siesta in Xbalba' from Reality sandwiches (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1963); photocopy of poem 'Wichita vortex sutra' from unnamed printed source; magazine article 'The great marijuana hoax' by Ginsberg from Atlantic Nov 1966; newspaper cutting of article 'Berkeley Vietnam days' by Ginsberg from Liberation (Jan 1966), including 'How to make a march/spectacle' and 'To the Hell's Angels' (a poem), 2 copies; photocopy of article 'Reflections on the Mantra' from The Anonym Quarterly, 1968, with manuscript comment by Mottram; photocopy of poem opening 'Avalokiteshvara's many-faced towers Angkor Wat in windy night...' by Ginsberg, from Rolling Stone (23 May 1974); computer print-out headed 'Allen Ginsberg Autobiographical Precis' to 1989

MOTTRAM: 5/96/65-71


Allen Ginsberg, booklets: Ginsberg's Howl, and other poems (The City Lights Bookshop, San Francisco, 1956), with frequent marginal notes by Mottram; Ginsberg's Wichita vortex sutra (Housmans Bookshop, London, 1966); Ginsberg's Airplane dreams; compositions from journals (Anansi, Toronto, 1968); Ginsberg's Poems all over the place, mostly 'seventies (Cherry Valley Editions, Cherry Valley, New York, 1978); Wholly Communion (Lorrimer, London, 1965),with Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and others reading at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 1965, with typescript insert by Mottram on the production of the film; Sad dust glories: poems during work summer in woods (The Workingmans Press, Berkeley, 1975); Allen Ginsberg on tour (Lichtblick Video Book, Wuppertal, W. Germany, 1983), poems by Ginsberg and an interview with him

MOTTRAM: 5/96/72-86


Allen Ginsberg, booklets: Prose contribution to Cuban revolution (Artists' Workshop Press, Detroit, 1966); Ankor Wat (sic) (Fulcrum Press, London, 1968); Wales: A visitation July 29 1967 (Cape Goliard, London, 1968); Improvised poetics ed. Mark Robinson (Anonym, San Francisco, 1972), with manuscript note to Mottram, dated on title page 10 Sep 1973; Iron horse (The Coach House Press, Toronto, 1972); Empty mirror: early poems, with introduction by William Carlos Williams, (Totem Press with Corinth Books, New York, 1961), 2 copies, with copy of 1970 reprint; The change: poems (Writers Forum, London, 1963); T.V. baby poems (Cape Goliard, London, 1967); T.V. baby poem (Beach Books via City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1968), facsimile of typescript original; Notes after an evening with William Carlos Williams (Portents no. 17, no place of publication, [1970]; Bixy Canyon, Ocean breeze, Word breeze (Gotham Book Mart, New York, 1972); The gates of wrath: rhymed poems 1948-1952 (Grey Fox Press, Bolinas, California, 1972); First blues: rags, ballads and harmonium songs 1971-74 (Full Court Press, New York, 1975); Your reason & Blake's system (Hanuman Books, Madras and New York, 2nd printing 1992) (note: found in association with Bard College Magazine, filed at 7, and books Composed on the tongue (Grey Fox Press, Bolinas, California, 1980), Plutonian ode (City Lights Books, San Francisco as Pocket Poets no. 40, 1982), Reality sandwiches: Photographien (Nishen, Berlin, 1989)); Mostly sitting haiku (From Here Press, Paterson, New Jersey, 1978), with inscription from author, April Fool's Day 1979

MOTTRAM: 5/96/87-91


Allen Ginsberg, studies: Ann Charters Scenes along the road: photographs of the desolation angels 1944-1960, with three poems and comments by Allen Ginsberg (Portents / Gotham Book Mart, no place of publication given, 1970), photographs of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Herbert Huncke, Gregory Corso, John Clellon Holmes, Neal Cassady, Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, Michael McClure, Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Cometh with clouds (Memory: Allen Ginsberg) by Dick McBride (Cherry Valley Editions, New York, 1982), with inscription by the author and covering manuscript letter, 18 Mar 1984 from McBride to Mottram; photocopy of Michael Horovitz article 'Allen Ginsberg's Jewishness' from Jewish Chronicle, Literary Supplement, 15 Jun 1984 (outsize); Two lectures on the work Allen Ginsberg by Barry Miles (Turret Books, London, 1992); photocopy of article ;The Beat goes on...and on' by Robert Chalmers from Life 11 Dec 1994 (outsize). Also photograph of unidentified bearded man in glasses, c 1965.

MOTTRAM: 5/96/92-111


Allen Ginsberg, promotional material: programme and flyer for International Poetry incarnation at Royal Albert Hall, London, 11 Jun 1965; flyer for 1968 film about Julius Orlovsky at National Film Theatre, London; flyer, comprising sheets in envelope, for Ginsberg performance at Shaw Theatre, London, 22 Jul 1973; flyers for Best minds: a tribute to Allen Ginsberg ed. Bill Morgan & Bob Rosenthal (Lospecchio Press, New York, 1986), with manuscript note form Bill Morgan; press release from Viking on Ginsberg's Collected poems 1947-1980, with brief Mottram typescript note to introduce Ginsberg at London launch; flyer for Ginsberg performance at The Riverside Studios, London, not dated; flyer from Antilles on the release of a record of Ginsberg poetry in 1990; photocopy of statements, 1990, several endorsed by Ginsberg, challenging law on 'broadcast indecency'; promotional sheet for The Naropa Institute Summer Writing Program, Boulder Colorado, 1990, involving Ginsberg; flyer for conference 'Beats and other rebel angels: a tribute to Allen Ginsberg' at The Naropa Institute, 2-9 Jul 1994, 2 copies; photograph of Ginsberg as mailing from Iain Sinclair, 19 Mar 1982; photograph of Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, 1977, as postcard from Elaine (Randell), 4 Jul 1994; photograph of Ginsberg, as unsourced cutting from newspaper; group photograph with Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and others, in rural setting (outsize); newspaper cuttings, 1961-1990, on Ginsberg and his activities; (outsize newspaper and magazine cuttings, 1965-1989, including text of 'Wichita Vortex Sutra', report of Albert Hall Poetry Festival, 1965, and reports on the Hippie manifestation); copy of Czechoslovakian student newspaper, 1 Aug 1990, with report on Ginsberg in Prague, with his poem 'Kral Majales' (outsize); 'Wichita Vortex Sutra' printed in Spectrum 16/54 (Buffalo, New York, 29 Jul 1966), 2 copies of complete journal (outsize); The Drummer 282 (Philadelphia, 12 168 1974), 'Allen Ginsberg special' issue, interviewing Ginsberg on his views on heroes e.g. Ezra Pound, Bob Dylan (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 3/97/1-3


Herbert Gold: Mottram typescript note on Gold's career, as though a spoken introduction; flyer for Gold lecture at American Embassy 7 Apr 1964; newspaper cuttings 1960-1963, principally reviews of Gold's novels

MOTTRAM: 5/98/1-7


Paul Goodman: Mottram typescript and manuscript essay headed 'VI. Paul Goodman: sociolatry and anarchism', paginated 1-17, 29-62, with many inserts; closely associated Mottram manuscript essay, paginated 8-24, largely on the work of Norman Mailer, but also mentioning James Baldwin and Paul Goodman; Mottram typescript bibliography of Goodman; Mottram typescript headed 'Paul Goodman', 2 pages; Mottram manuscript notes headed 'Paul Goodman 1911-1972', 2 pages, with typescript notes on secondary sources; photocopy of poem 'The multiversity'; photocopy of data on the Free Speech Movement

MOTTRAM: 5/98/8-15


Paul Goodman: undated unsigned manuscript letter about working on Goodman as part of a thesis at the North East London Polytechnic; typescript letter, 6 Jan 1975 from M. Humm to Mottram, about research on Goodman; two plans for theses about Goodman; three bound unattributed typescript essays on Goodman, headed 'Fiction', 'Kafka's prayer', and 'Politics'; three unbound typescript essays on Goodman, unattributed, headed 'Paul Goodman in the 1940's', with manuscript corrections by Mottram, 'Paul Goodman: The idea of knowledge and the subject', and 'Discourse and the beginning of a writing career'; two unattributed typescript essays, headed 'Paul Goodman and his poems of childhood' and one untitled, opening 'Goodman's social criticism...' with manuscript corrections by Mottram; pamphlet Paul Goodman by David Miller, published as issue 27 of Spanner magazine (London, 1987); newspaper cuttings on Goodman and his theories, 1960-1972

MOTTRAM: 5/99/1-3


Paul A. Green: manuscript letter, 5 May 1982 to Mottram on employment outlook and current projects; typescript letter, 29 Sep 1982 to Mottram, explaining difficult work situation and enclosing photocopied 'CV and bibliography'; Basement mix (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1985)

MOTTRAM: 5/100/1-36


Bill Griffiths, correspondence: manuscript note, Griffiths to Mottram, not dated, but 1972, enquiring about change of address; typescript letter, 20 Jul 1973, Griffiths to Mottram, unsigned, on poems and publications; partial letter on airmail letter, 1 Mar 1974, to Mottram in America, explaining recent projects; typescript letter, 20 Jul 1974, on publishing projects; airmail letters from West Germany, Jul-Oct 1976, 6 items; typescript letter, 18 Nov 1977, explaining change of publisher and cover for Twenty-five pages booklet; typescript letter, 7 Dec 1977, seeking a reference for research project; manuscript letter postmarked 18 Feb 1980, about starting an M. A. course; manuscript letter, March 1980, describing choice of M. A. courses; manuscript letter, 17 Jun 1980 in response to criticism of Griffiths' role in Poetry and Politics Conference at the Polytechnic of Central London; manuscript letter, received 8 Oct 1981, including recipe for chutney; manuscript letter, postmarked 10 Sep 1981, from Staithes (home of Geraldine Monk and Bob Clark); manuscript card postmarked 16 Jun 1984, with note on first cruising on a canal; manuscript letter, summer 1984, reporting his father's death and the purchase of a canal-boat; manuscript letter, [1986], detailing damage to houseboat in boatyard's care; manuscript letter, Nov 1987 on move to Clacton, and final approval of PhD in Dec 1987; manuscript letter from Brightlingsea, Essex, 1988, about motivating solicitors; manuscript letter, 10 Aug 1988 from Brightlingsea, about Mottram's own wish to live further out of London; typescript letter, 9 Jun 1990, on move to Seaham; typescript letter, 17 Sep 1990; typescript letter, 9 May 1991, in response to Mottram's complaint about the timing of the Association of Little Presses 25th anniversary event; manuscript letter, 27 Sep 1991, looking forward to Mottram's visit to Durham; manuscript letter, 31 Mar 1992, after Mottram outing to Seaham; manuscript letter, 16 May 1992, expressing concern on Mottram's health; typescript letter, 7 Sep 1992, Mottram to Griffiths, after recovery from heart operation; manuscript letter, 12 Sep 1992, Griffiths to Mottram, hoping to regularise entries in anthology Verbi visi voco (Writers Forum, London, 1992); manuscript letter, 27 Jan 1993, Griffiths to Mottram, on recent events, including the plight of Delvan Ricardo McIntosh; manuscript note of May 1993, requesting emendation of cheque; manuscript letter, 12 May 1993 explaining subscription basis of Star Fish Jail project; manuscript letter, 28 Jul 1993, enclosing current Amra Imprint book-list; typescript letter, 13 Apr 1994, on current developments; manuscript letter, 5 May (1994), explaining breakdown of communication with the Skelts; manuscript letter, 12 Jan 1995 looking forward to Mottram reading in Durham scheduled for 20 Jan 1995; postcards and Christmas cards to Mottram, 1973-1990, including joint card with Bob Cobbing from Toronto, 1978, 12 items; some manuscript notes by Griffiths for Mottram on Taliesin [1984]; computer-printed notes for Mottram on how to print from an Amstrad PC, [1991]

MOTTRAM: 5/100/37-44


Bill Griffiths, Mottram essay and notes: typescript letter, 2 Dec 1981 from Fred Beake to Mottram, inviting work, including item on Bill Griffiths; typescript letter, 10 Mar 1982, from Beake to Mottram, reporting problems printing article on Griffiths; further typescript letter, 22 Mar 1982, Beake to Mottram, on word limits to any articles; manuscript letter, 14 Apr 1982 from Griffiths to Mottram raising some points of detail about the content of the essay, and Mottram's check-list of possible emendations; manuscript letter [1982] from Griffiths to Mottram, denying any influence over Beake, and enclosing a copy of The Poet's Voice magazine including 'Bill Griffiths retrospective' but not Mottram article; typescript of essay '"Every new book hacking on barz": the poetry of Bill Griffiths', with manuscript corrections and additions by Mottram; written in 1981 and published in Reality Studios 5 (London, 1983), 45-54; photocopy of above typescript without corrections; extensive Mottram manuscript notes on individual Griffiths works, with what could be two short draft essays, one headed '"Every new book hacking on barz"/Poems against "what power clapped it"', and the second 'Bill Griffiths'

MOTTRAM: 5/100/45-82


Bill Griffiths: typescript text of 'Assembly', 'Maps' and 'Dreaming ghosts...', 1973; typescript text of 'The gesta Alfredi, rex Anglie', 1975; typescript carbon of text 'At the grave of a Literary Director' [1976]; photocopy of typescript carbon of texts, 'Praise-song of Justice Melford Stevenson,', 'Hawkston', 'Song of the Hunnish victory of Pippin the King', 'Thor and the Mist-calf', forwarded to Mottram by Jeremy Adler, 18 Sep 1976; photocopy of typescript text 'An account of April and May...', 1977, 2 copies; letterpress offprint of 'Praise-song of Justice Melford Stevenson' translated into German by H-G. Adler [1978]; Transactional Poems-broadsheet publication with A3 size photocopy of manuscript poems (Apt Post, 1980-1981) (outsize); Pyrofiche Three: Found & Multivoice Texts by Griffiths, 1979, microfiche format; Tarot pack, 1973, silkscreen cards, 2 sets; The moon of Jupiter, star-form visual published by Writers Forum, London, 1979, 2 copies; The four winds, star-form visual published by Writers Forum, 1979, 2 copies; photocopy of manuscript music score 'Variations on a Newcastle/Liverpool song' by Griffiths, received 17 Aug 1978 (outsize); The Horseshoe Falls (Niagara), visual construct published by Writers Forum, London, 1979, 2 copies; set of hand-coloured visuals, 1983-1984, A4 size, given to Mottram in Nov 1984, and showing the Houseboat Cimmerian, wild flowers, the Church at Kingsbury, Middlesex, self-portraits, a treasure map, and key to Mahler's Wunderhorn songs, 7 items; Christmas card [1973] with silkscreen printing of lullaby from 'The Gododdin', in Welsh and English; birthday card [1974] with 'kingfisher' motif by Griffiths' nieces; Christmas mailing for 1974, with poem on shepherds in envelope with cut-out butterflies; Christmas card [1977], with calendar of folk events; Christmas card for 1979, with 'clog' calendar for 1980; Christmas card [1980] with tree and sun design by Joanne-Marie Harman; invitation to reading at Rose & Crown, Highgate Village, 17 Jul 1981; Christmas card for 1981 with 'dot' calendar; Christmas card [1982] with 'Maize poem'; invitation to reading in London, Aug 1983, with depiction of fishing vessel 'Sedulous' of Whitby; Christmas card [1983] with new Old English poem on the Magi; Christmas card for 1984 with new Old English poem on the Solstice; Christmas card for 1985, with depiction of Houseboat Amra at Cowley, Middlesex; Christmas card for 1987 with George and Dragon motif; Christmas card for 1988 with depiction of Brightlingsea caravan park, Essex; Christmas card for 1989, with bats and mistletoe; change of address card, with view, 21 Alfred Street, Seaham, Co. Durham, 1990; 'Thankyou for hospitality' card [1991]; Christmas card for 1991, with antique crystal shapes; Christmas card [1992], found poem titled 'Ima'; Christmas card [1993], with Janus poems; flyer by Arthur Moyse for 3rd Windsor Free Festival, Aug 1974; flyer for graduate seminar at King's College London on 'Anglo-Saxon times' [1990]; photograph of Griffiths in Dalston squat, 1973

MOTTRAM: 5/100/83


Bill Griffiths: manuscript original of Pyrofiche 10 'A draft history of A. L. P., compiled by Bill Griffiths for the fifteenth birthday of the Association of Little Presses', with copy of A. L. P. Newsletter July 1981 mentioning the publication

MOTTRAM: 5/100/84-109


Bill Griffiths, booklets from Pirate Press: Elizabeth, 1973; Mary Anning: Letters ed. Bill Griffiths, 1973; Miscellany, 1973; Alex the Polar Bear, 1973; War with Windsor / Funeraline / Vergil / Zookeeper / October, 1973; M. R. James Ghost Stories (found texts) 1973; To commemorate one year's free residence, 1974; Cycles 8-16 (with Writers Forum, London), 1974; Forming four dock poems, 1974; War with Windsor, including visuals by Sean O Huigin (with Writers Forum), 1974; Hwn yw e Gododdin (with Writers Forum), 1974, including manuscript poem ('Idylls of the Dog King') inserted as extra page; The story of the Flood from Gilgamesh, including covers by Sean O Huigin, 1975; Found sea texts, 1975; Riddlebook, 1975; The gesta Alfredi Rex Anglie, 1975; Poems for Ian Hamilton, 1975; Eight poems, 1975; Cycles 1-7 (with Writers Forum), 1975Cycles, including cover by P. C. Fencott (with Writers Forum), 1976, 2 copies; Reprinted and current poems 1976, 2 copies; Forming four dock poems (with Writers Forum, London), reprinted 1977; Spook book, 1977; Twenty-five pages (with Writers Forum), 1977; A History of the Solar System (with Writers Forum), 1978; The first three novellas of the second row (with Trumpet Press), 1978; Whitechapel: April & May, End, & Start texts 1978

MOTTRAM: 5/100/110-140


Bill Griffiths, booklets from Amra Imprint: The Great North Forest, 1991; Metrical Cookery, 1991; Morning Lands, 1991; A Pocket History of the Soul, 1991; A Seaham Reader part 5 The Mines, 1991; The Fams: An investigation into the concept of the family, 1992; Mid North Sea High, 1992; North Scenes, 1992; Review of Brian Greenaway; and Notes from Delvan McIntosh, 1992; Scaffold Hill, 1992; Variations on the Life of Cuthbert, with Clive Fencott, 1992; (ed. & trans.) St Cuthbert: Ælfric's Life of the Saint in Old English with Modern English Parallel, 1992; Delvan's Book, 1993; Essay on Entity, 1993, 2 copies; Joanne's Book, 1993; Revising prison: an essay, 1993; Satires, 1993; Skemmies an' Stanes: Two poems in dialect, 1993; Star Fish Jail, 1993. Signed limited editions nos. 17, 18, 19, with copies of circular letters that accompanied the project, and receipts; (ed.) Alexander Barrass: The Pitman's Social Neet, 1897, reprinted 1993; (ed.) Durham and Around: A dialect reader, 1993; (ed.) Durham and Around: Dialect word lists, 1993, with provisional cover; Seventy-six day Wanno, Mississippi and Highpoint journal from the work of D. R. McIntosh & Bill Griffiths, 1993; Amra Imprint Book List, 1994; A Century of self-service? 1994; Cycles (revised edition, with Writers Forum, 1994); In rebuttal of 'The Guardian' on the role of solitary confinement in British prisons, 1994; Some Notes on the Metropolitan Police, London; With some footnotes on Magistrates Courts, 1994, 2 copies; To the rescue of reality, 1994

MOTTRAM: 5/100/141-159


Bill Griffiths, booklets from other little presses: The Song of the Hunnish victory of Pippin the King (Earthgrip Press, London), 1976; Six walks around Tenby (Earthgrip Press) 1976, 2 copies; Three (with Jeremy Adler and P.C. Fencott, Gronk, Toronto), 1976; A preliminary account of Nordrhein-Westfalen (Arc Publications, Todmorden, Lancashire), 1978; An account of the end (Lobby Press, Cambridge, 1978); For rediffusion (New London Pride, 1978); Llywarch Hen in Welsh/English (Writers Forum) 1978, 2 copies; Sun-card showing sunrises, visual chapbook (Writers Forum, London, 1978); Variations on 'Morgenroth', music score (Tapocketa press, London, 1978); Building: The new London Hospital (Loot 1/4, Peterborough, 1980); (ed.) Nine Herbs Charm (Tern Press, Market Drayton, Shropshire, 1981); Further songs & dances of death (Anarcho Press, London, 1982); Materia Boethiana (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne & The Poetry Bookshop, Hay on Wye, 1984); Guthlac B: a translation (Spectacular Diseases, Peterborough, 1985); Quire book (Writers Forum, London, 1985), 2 copies; poetry pamphlet The Secret Commonwealth (Oasis Books, London, 1994); Coal, Coal 2 and Coal 3 (Writers Forum, London, 1990-1991)Calendar Contents (Spanner 31, Hereford, 1992); Liam's song (R.W.C. magazine, issue 23, Caversham, Reading, 1994)

MOTTRAM: 5/101/1-10


Brion Gysin: Mottram typescript notes on Gysin's 'cut up' technique and individual projects including 'The dream machine'; photocopies of material by Gysin on 'The dream machine' from The best of Olympia ed. Maurice Girodias, 1966, with photocopies of similar projects including Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulator; Gysin's Beat Museum-Bardo Hotel, chapter 2 (Inkblot Publications, Berkeley, California, 1982); review by William Burroughs of Gysin's novel The process (Doubleday, New York) from The Village Voice, 7 Aug 1969; unsourced review of Gysin's The last museum (Faber, London, 1986) by Chris Challis; postcards featuring Gysin paintings and photograph of Gysin, 3 items; typescript letter from Terry Wilson to Mottram about Wilson interview of Gysin, not dated; photocopy of pages on Gysin from Timothy Leary's Jail notes (Douglas Book Corporation, New York, 1970); entry on Gysin by Terry Wilson in 'Dictionary of Beat writers' ed. Ann Charters, later published as The Penguin book of the Beats (1993); promotional material for the Burroughs and Gysin exhibition at the October Gallery, London, 1981, with manuscript notes to Mottram by John Whiting and Terry Wilson

MOTTRAM: 5/102/1-4


Tony Harrison: typescript letter to Mottram, 15 Jan 1986, mentioning current work on short stories: 'I'm quite well at the moment, even if I'm a little despressed(?)....'; typescript letter in red, 16 Jul 1986, declining to forward his poems to Mottram: 'I'm trying to paint pictures at the moment, but NO WORDS ever again'; newspaper cutting with criticism of Harrison's rendering of Aeschylus from New Statesman, 4 Dec 1981; review of Harrison's The gaze of the Gorgon (Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle on Tyne, 1992) by Robert Winder, Independent, 4 Dec 1992

MOTTRAM: 5/103/1-41


Lee Harwood, correspondence: typescript letter, 21 Apr 1969, Harwood to Mottram, but signed as 'Uncle Remus'; typescript letter, 12 Jan 1970, seeking assessment of his work; manuscript letter, 29 Sep 1971, accompanying copy of Pennsylvania Review; typescript letter, 20 Jul 1971 from Greece, mentioning poem, 'The long black veil'; typescript letter, 29 Mar 1972 from Greece, enclosing typescript copies of poems 'With a photo by John Walsh' and 'Five postcards to Alban Berg'; typescript carbon of letter, 8 Aug 1972, from Mottram to Harwood, with comments on Harwood's poetry and metrics in general; typescript letter, 26 Aug 1972, Harwood to Mottram, from Greece, on his own poetry; typescript carbon of letter, 8 Sep 1972 from Mottram to Harwood, explaining further the issues of intonation and subject matter; typescript letter, 17 Nov 1972, Harwood to Mottram, from Boston; typescript letter, 12 Dec 1972, from Boston, commenting on Mottram's book on William Burroughs; typescript letter, 8 Feb 1973, from Boston, with suggestions for Poetry Review; typescript letter, 16 Feb 1973, from Boston; typescript letter, 15 May 1973, with comment on John Wieners; manuscript letter, 13 Nov 1973, with note on Mottram's Navy days; manuscript letter, 15 May 1974, with footnotes on a Mottram lecture; typescript letter, 30 Sep & 4 Oct 1974, with mention of Mottram's 'Kent State journals' project; manuscript letter, 11 Nov 1974, from Brighton, offering poems 'notes of a Post Office clerk' for publication; typescript letter, 15 Dec 1974; typescript letter, 12 Jan 1975; typescript letter, 23 Feb 1975, agreeing to contribute to Basil Bunting evening; typescript carbon of letter, 29 Apr 1975, Mottram to Harwood, on 'The sexuality of power'; typescript letter, 27 Dec 1975, on the concept of socialism; typescript carbon of letter, 4 Jan 1976, Mottram to Harwood, on hermeneutics and ontological interpretation; typescript letter, 19 Jan 1976, Harwood to Mottram, responding to letter, 4 Jan; typescript letter, 26 Jan 1976, reasserting his belief in a 'new socialist literature'; typescript carbon of letter, 5 Apr 1976, Mottram to Harwood, in which Fascism is partly defined as 'anti-technological primitivism'; manuscript letter, 29 Mar 1977, Harwood to Mottram, from Brighton, complaining of unfair treatment; manuscript letter, 9 Apr 1977, from Brighton, explaining his own role in The Poetry Society debacle; typescript letter, 10 Sep 1977 from Brighton, enclosing typescript carbon of poem 'Old Bosham bird watch' and flyer from Oasis Books; typescript letter, 14 Oct 1977 from Brighton, defending Chris Torrance; manuscript letter, 12 May 1978 from Brighton; manuscript letter, 1 Jun 1978, after Mottram reading; manuscript letter, 21 Aug 1978 from Brighton, with comments on Mottram's latest poetry; manuscript letter, 19 Sep 1978 from Brighton; typescript letter, 2 May 1980, accepting reading at King's College London; manuscript letter, 17 Nov 1983, from California, enclosing newspaper cutting with note of some American poetry readings; manuscript letter, 14 Feb 1992, on memorial project for Paul Evans; typescript letter, 14 Oct 1992, enclosing flyer for The empty hill: memories and praises of Paul Evans (1945-1991) ed. Peter Bailey and Lee Harwood (Skylark Press, Hove, Sussex, 1992); typescript letter, 16 Nov 1992, with mention of Paul Evans; typescript letter, 20 Jul 1993; ten postcards to Mottram, 1971-1989

MOTTRAM: 5/103/42-47


Lee Harwood: Mottram manuscript notes on individual Harwood publications in 1960s; typescript carbon of transcript of interview of Lee Harwood by Eric Mottram, 9 Oct 1972, published in Poetry Information 14 (London, 1975-1976) 4-16; photocopy of typescript poems 'from Night Scene Dada, Autumn 1963, ed. Lee Harwood', (a magazine printed in one edition only); typescript carbon of Harwood poems 'Postcards to a friend', 1977-1978, with covering manuscript note from author, 17 Jun 1978; typescript of Harwood poem, 'Dreams of Armenia' with covering manuscript note from author, 9 Mar 1993; photocopy of typescript bibliography of works by Harwood, and articles about Harwood's work, 1959-1979

MOTTRAM: 5/103/48-62


Lee Harwood, publications: Title illegible (Writers Forum, London, 1965); The man with blue eyes (Angel Hair Books, New York, 1966); The beautiful atlas published by the author, [1969]; Landscapes (Fulcrum Press, London, 1969); The sinking colony (Fulcrum Press, London, 1970); Destroyed days, Tristan Tzara translated Harwood (Voiceprint Edition, Wivenhoe, Essex, 1971); Captain Harwood's log of stern statements and stout sayings (Writers Forum, London, 1973); Cosmic realities vanilla tobacco dawnings, Tzara translated by Harwood (Arc Publications, Todmorden, Lancashire, 1975); Freighters (Pig Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1975); H.M.S. Little Fox (Oasis Books, London, 1975), includes promotional flyer and 2 inserts by Mottram giving background to poems; Old Bosham bird watch (Pig Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1977), 2 copies; Wish you were here, with Tony Lopez (Transgravity, Deal, Kent 1979); All the wrong notes (Pig Press, Durham, 1981); two poem cards, 'The first poem' and 'New year'; Assorted stories (Staple Diet 1, Pig Press, Durham, 1985); Monster masks (Pig Press, Durham, 1985) (note: found in association with Tristan Tzara: selected poems translated by Harwood (Trigram Press, London, 1975) and the following magazines filed at 7: The Boston Eagle (Apr 1973), Flame 6 (Wivenhoe, Essex, 1969), Impact 1/13, Pennsylvania Review 1 (1970), Poetmeat 7 (Blackburn, Lancashire, 1964-1965), and Tzarad 1 (London, 1965) and 2 (New York, 1966))

MOTTRAM: 5/104/1-2


John Hawkes: Mottram manuscript notes on Hawkes' novels The cannibal 1948, reprinted Neville Spearman, London, 1962), Second skin (1963, reprinted Chatto & Windus, London, 1966), Blood oranges (Chatto & Windus, London, 1971); review of Hawkes' novel Death, sleep & the traveler (New Directions, New York, 1974) from The nation 18 May 1974

MOTTRAM: 5/105/1-6


Ralph Hawkins: typescript letter, 22 Feb 1977, on lack of a proper bibliography; typescript letter, 2 Dec 1977, enclosing photocopy of typescript poems 'But it may be so', and 'Soft in the brains'; typescript letter, 13 May 1978, on disinclination to read in public; typescript letter, 9 Dec 1979, regretting failure to read at King's College London as arranged; typescript letter, 30 Jun 1981 on need for a reference; Soft in the brains, poems published as Spanner 2. 2 (London, 1981), 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 5/106/1-8


Piero Heliczer: Heliczer poem booklet & I dreamt I shot arrows in my amazon bra (The Dead Language, Brighton, 1959); Heliczer poem booklet The First Battle of the Marne (The Dead Language, New York, 1962); flyer for evening of Heliczer films at the London New Arts Laboratory, 1969; invitation to Christmas Show in New York, 1969; flyer for benefit evening of films, New Year's Eve, 1970; card postmarked 21 Jul 1971, announcing birth of a daughter to Patti and Piero; printed announcement of birth of son, 1992; undated flyer, 'Italian tour'; undated flyer for reading by Piero Heliczer and others at I.C.A. (Institute of Contemporary Arts), with typescript note for Mottram introduction

MOTTRAM: 5/107/1-2


Lillian Hellman: manuscript draft and typescript versions of Mottram essay headed 'Lillian Hellman: the successful playwright as political artist'; programme of performance of Hellman's 'Watch on the Rhine' at National Theatre London 1980, with newspaper review, 26 Sep 1980 by Benedict Nightingale

MOTTRAM: 5/108/1-10


Kris Hemensley: typescript letter to Mottram, 12 Jul 1971, with congratulations on achieving the editorship of Poetry Review; typescript review of Poetry Review ed. Adrian Henri (Spring 1971) and Peter Finch's work as poet and editor; manuscript letter, 12 Aug 1971, on arriving in England from Amsterdam; manuscript letter, 13 Jan 1972, with reaction to Mottram issue of Poetry Review: manuscript letter, 27 Dec 1973 from North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia; typescript letter, 17 Jan 1974; typescript letter to Mottram, 24 May 1975, enclosing extract from prose work, 'The ABC of cricketing'; manuscript letter postmarked 30 Oct 1975, from Australia; booklet, The soft poems (Prison Clothes Press, Llanllyfni, Caernarvonshire & Joe DiMaggio, Bexleyheath, Kent, 1972), 2 copies, with enclosed typescript letter from publisher John Robinson, 23 Sep 1972; photocopy of Hemensley note of Poetry Review from New Poetry 21/4 (Sydney, 1974), 62

MOTTRAM: 5/109/1-7


Ernest Hemingway, Mottram essays: versions of the essay headed 'Essential history: suicide and nostalgia in Hemingway's fictions', published in Ernest Hemingway: new critical essays ed.A. Robert Lee (Vision, London, and Barnes & Noble, Totowa, New Jersey, 1983), 122-150, including manuscript draft, typescript carbon, two photocopies, one marked 'master', one with manuscript alterations, page proofs with comments, and correspondence 1981-1982 with Bob Lee, the editor; versions of essay headed 'Tests of security: Hemingway & his biographers', published in 1986 including manuscript draft, typescript, proofs, and photocopy of printed item; manuscript essay headed 'Ernest Hemingway-towards political commitment'; manuscript essay opening 'The difference between Dos Passos' Three soldiers and Hemingway's war fiction...'; manuscript essay opening 'Soon after the end of the first World War...'; manuscript essay headed 'Introduction to Twentieth Century American fiction'; typescript essay on Hemingway's novels, opening 'Within the destructive processes of World War One...'

MOTTRAM: 5/109/8-12


Ernest Hemingway, Mottram notes: typescript note on Hemingway, 24 Aug 1978 from 'Tony' with typescript carbon of Mottram's letter of response, 15 Dec 1978, continuing the analysis of Hemingway's political stance; invitation to review Jeffrey Meyers' biography of Hemingway on B.B.C (British Broadcasting Company) radio programme 'Kaleidoscope' in 1986, with Mottram manuscript notes on available Hemingway biographical material, and promotional material from Macmillan, the publishers, for Hemingway: a biography by Jeffrey Meyers, 1986; further invitation, 2 Feb 1987 to talk about Hemingway on Kaleidoscope; extensive manuscript and typescript notes on Hemingway's individual novels; manuscript slips from books

MOTTRAM: 5/109/13-20


Ernest Hemingway: two photographs of Hemingway; typescript reviews of Hemingway's A moveable feast (1964), headed 'The final symbol' by Kirby Congdon; partial bibliography, printed 1961, with letter, 10 Feb 1962 from the compiler, Daphne Hook; offprint of article 'Eros Thanatos and the Hemingway soldier' from American Studies International 18 (1979)27-35; satirical poem on Hemingway by Harry T. Moore from Encounter (June 1958); offprint of note 'Hemingway's achievement' by M.L. Rosenthal (New York University, New York, 1961), with Mottram annotations; guidebook to Hemingway in Idaho, endorsed 1988, with extra postcards; newspaper cuttings, 1954-1966, including substantial article 'Papa Hemingway' by A.E. Hotchner from Saturday Evening Post 12 Mar 1966 (note: Hotchner article and 2 others are outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/110/1-16


Dick Higgins: typescript letter, 23 Nov 1975 from Higgins to Mottram, mentioning a past interview, and referring to health problems 1973-1975; Mottram typescript carbon letter, 26 Aug 1976 to Allen (Fisher), referring to enclosed transcript of interview with Higgins, and ending with a short book list; typescript carbon of interview with Dick Higgins at Kensington Palace Hotel, London, 14 Feb 1973, with manuscript corrections by Mottram published in 1977 as Spanner 9; photocopied circular, 1 Jan 1984 from Higgins and Robert Kelly requesting 'homeophonic translations' for an anthology; follow-up typescript letter, 30 May 1984, Higgins to Mottram, with further details of project; six postcard poems from Higgins, postmarked 1976-1982; photocopy of Higgins typescript essay with ms/ corrections, headed 'Towards an allusive referential', 1977; Higgins essay 'Intermedia' as The Something Else Newsletter 1/1 (New York, 1966); Higgins essay headed 'Games of art' as main feature in The Something Else Newsletter 1/2 (New York, 1966), with accompanying promotional material; Higgins essay 'Intending', as The Something Else Newsletter 1/3, 1966; Higgins essay, 'Boredom and danger' The Something Else Newsletter 1/9 (1968); Higgins essay, 'Mediocracy: getting the arts past the 1980s' The Something Else Newsletter 3/2, 1983; Higgins essay, 'A (very short) autobiography of originality' The Something Else Newsletter 3/3, 1983; 'An Exemplativist Manifesto' by Higgins, 1976 (outsize); promotional leaflet headed 'Books by Dick Higgins'; flyer for new title Of celebration of morning by Higgins, 1980 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 5/111/1-16


Jeremy Hilton: manuscript letter, 4 May (1973) to Mottram; typescript letter, 15 Oct (1973), about current projects; manuscript letter, 5 Apr (1975), enclosing details of reading in Worcester featuring Allen Fisher and Ulli McCarthy (Freer); manuscript letter from Hilton, 7 Jun 1976, a flyer for Dollar of Soul Press, and a flyer for the 2nd Malvern Midsummer Minifestival; circular letter, May 1977, inviting Mottram to Malvern Hills Overnight Poetry & Music Jamboree; manuscript letter, 12 Jul 1977 enclosing further typescript carbon poem, 'from Catherine in the shy travelling', paginated 17-27; manuscript letter, 25 Sep (1977) in appreciation of Poetry Review; fragment of letter [1981], describing new job in Cardiff; manuscript letter, 2 Jun [1987], proposing self for coming Paladin anthology; manuscript letter, 29 May, no year given, thanking Mottram for arranging a reading in London and enclosing flyer for Kris Hemensley reading in Worcester; Ornithology and ferry (Joe DiMaggio Press, Bexleyheath, Kent, 1973); Fox houses (published as Sesheta 6, Lancaster, 1974); Metronome (Arc Publications, Todmorden, Lancashire, 1974); Patterns of friendship (Rivelin Press, Sheffield, 1975), 2 copies; Slag green rekindle (Cwm Nedd Publications, Neath, 1976), verse; Short stout ghosts (Rivelin Press, Sheffield, 1977); To Poach River country (Dollar of Soul Press, Swanage, Dorset, 1977)

MOTTRAM: 5/112/1-2


Gadi Hollander: card announcing Hollander reading at Sub Voicive, 11 Oct 1983; photocopies of typescript poems from 'Six suites'

MOTTRAM: 5/113/1-26


Anselm Hollo: manuscript postcard to Mottram postmarked 25 Aug 1963, from Scotland, commenting on Waysgoose magazine; typescript letter, 3 Dec 1963, with comments on Michael McClure's work; manuscript letter, 8 Mar 1964, enclosing typescript carbon copy of long poem 'Heads to appear on the stands'; typescript letter, 25 Mar 1964, with comments on the 'bohemian'; manuscript letter, 3 Feb 1965, enclosing manuscript poem entitled 'Pomology'; manuscript letter, 30 Oct 1965, regretting lack of contact; typescript letter, 6 May 1966, on return from New York; typescript letter, 27 May 1966, mentioning London events and poets; manuscript letter, 4 Apr 1967, enclosing yellow-ink manuscript of 'Two Bear Poems'; manuscript letter, 22 May 1967, expressing reservation over Tom Pickard's latest book, and giving a miniature diagram of 'TP' sitting at the feet of 'BB' sitting at the feet of 'Ez'; manuscript letter, 20 Jul 1967, in red ink, from Buffalo, New York, enclosing academic cartoon; typescript letter, 2 Feb 1968, prior to visit to Iowa; poem-card, Dec 1966; poem-card produced in 1968; two Hollo poems, 'The arrival' and 'Streets of Saigon' as unsourced newspaper cuttings; typescript Hollo poems, 'Empress Hotel poems', inscribed to Mottram, 27 May 1966; duplicated 'Handlist of non-periodical publications' of Hollo, to 1966; typescript carbon biographical and bibliographical sheet on Hollo; brochure Nine Finnish writers [1966], including Hollo, photograph and brief biographical and bibliographical details of each writer; Loverman (Dead Language, New York, 1961); History (The Matrix Press, no place of publication given, 1963); Here we go (The Stranger's Press, no place of publication given, 1965); Word from the North: new poems from Finland ed. and trans. Hollo; The going-on poem (Writers Forum Quartos no.1, London, 1966); Leaf times (Exeter Books, 1968); Heavy jars (The Toothpaste press, West Branch, Iowa, 1977)

MOTTRAM: 5/114/1-34


Michael Horovitz, letters to Mottram: typescript letter, 28 Nov 1963, seeking advice on research openings; manuscript letter, 28 Jan (1971)manuscript letter. postmarked 21 Jul 1971, with photocopies of self-promotional items; typescript letter, not dated, but 1972, seeking publication of an article in Poetry Review; manuscript letter, 20 Oct 1972, with reaction to Mottram's Allen Ginsberg in the Sixties (Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton & Seattle, 1972); manuscript letter, 24 Oct 1972, arguing over editorial decisions by Mottram; circular letter, dated 'Egg Mass 1972-1973', seeking support in difficulties with Penguin Books, and enclosing photocopy of letter to The Times of 29 Dec 1972; typescript response by Mottram, with some further manuscript additions, to Horovitz in The Times and Poetry Review 8, also intended for publication in Poetry Information; typescript letter, 8 Jan 1973 about the way his poem 'Writing on the walls' appeared in Poetry Review, enclosing typescript carbon of poem 'Journey' by Frances Horovitz; typescript letter, not dated, [Jan 1973], and covering similar points; typescript letter [1978], about New Directions Poets Band; typescript letter, 13 Jan [1979], noting difficulties in contracting Allen Ginsberg to read; typescript note (1979), in red ink, alerting Mottram to broadcast of Horovitz' commentary, 'Poetry now'; typescript note, 9 Sep 1979, on green paper, opening 'My dear Egg', and enclosing photocopy of corrected typescript broadcast headed 'Poetry now'; typescript letter [1980] on Penguin Books memo sheet, referring to Fraser Steel, and enclosing photocopy of typescript poem 'Soho' by Tom McGrath; manuscript letter on green paper, received 10 Jul 1980, enclosing photocopies of typescript poems by Horovitz, including 'Mating call' and 'Ladbroke Grove'; typescript note, not dated, associated with manuscript letter to Mottram from Fraser Steel at the B.B.C. (British broadcasting Corporation), 8 Aug 1980; typescript letter, 9 Jan [1980], about selecting work for possible anthology to be called 'Voices and visions of Albion'; typescript letter [1980] enquiring about advance copy of Mottram's Elegies; typescript letter, 13 Mar 1980, on green paper, enclosing photocopies of typescript poems, 'Whatever happened to the Movement?', 'New York', and poster poem, 1979; typescript letter, 23 Apr (1981), on receipt of advance copy of Mottram's Elegies (Galloping Dog Press, Newcastle on Tyne, 1981); typescript letter, 15 Jun 1981, opening 'Me dear good Egg', and discussing Mottram material for an anthology-might racist references become outdated?; typescript letter, 9 Sep 1981 on sage-green paper, enclosing Horovitz articles on John Ashbery and Christopher Logue; typescript letter on blue paper, received 30 Oct 1981, seeking readers and photographs; manuscript letter (1984), enclosing copy of booklet A celebration of and for Frances Horovitz (1938-1983) (New Departures, Piedmont, Gloucestershire, 1984); manuscript letter [1985], including invitation to party in Gloucestershire on 27 Apr 1985; manuscript note (1986) accompanying photocopy of 'fly leaf' drawing by Jeff Nuttall and photocopy of Horovitz letter to Times educational Supplement, 20 May 1983; typescript letter, 13 Jan (1987) on pink paper, after Mottram reading, 12 Jan; typescript letter, 3 Aug 1987, on pink paper, enclosing photocopies of typescript poems including 'Gothic evanescence', 'Being' and 'Between stops'; typescript letter, 2-3 Jun 1988, on blue paper, about dispute on payment for authors included in forthcoming 'New British poetry' anthology, and proposing in his own case the poem, 'Gnarling song', enclosed as a photocopy of a typescript; manuscript note, 18 Nov 1994, 'High time we made friends again?'; manuscript letter, not dated, after return from visit to America; two manuscript cards, 1971-1972, and two poem-cards with verse by Frances Horovitz; decorated envelope, postmark illegible

MOTTRAM: 5/114/35-44


Michael Horovitz, poems and articles: photocopies of poems submitted to Mottram for Poetry Review, including 'Animal' 'New York', 'Carnival poem', and 'Glimpse'; photocopy of typescript of long poem 'Midsummer morning jog log'; photocopies of typescript poems including 'Staying switched on', 'For Leon Bismark Beiderbecke', and 'between stops'; photocopy of poem 'Le Poète allongé' from Jewish Chronicle Literary Supplement 26 Jul 1985 (outsize); typed script of 'Poetry now', a Radio 3 talk by Michael Horovitz, retransmitted 7 Nov 1980, including poems read by Adrian Mitchell and Eric Mottram; Love poems (New Departures, London, 1971); photocopies and cuttings of newspaper articles by Horovitz, including 'Blake and the voice of the bard in our time' from Books 10 (1978), and 'Poetry, 1987' from Words International; (note: for article 'Allen Ginsberg's Jewishness' from Jewish Chronicle, Literary Supplement, 15 Jun 1984, see 5/Ginsberg/oversize); photocopies of letters to newspapers on literary matters; photocopies of reviews in the press by Horovitz of books of poetry, anthologies and poetry events, 1979-1988

MOTTRAM: 5/114/45


Michael Horovitz, promotional material: flyers for events, including Pentameters, and The Poetry Olympics and publications, including New Departures, press releases, autobiographical material, reprints of extracts from reviews and articles on Horovitz and his work, programmes for exhibitions, including The Wolverhampton Wanderer Show, and notes of musical events

MOTTRAM: 5/115/1-14


Dom Sylvester Houedard (Houèdard, Houëdard): typescript carbon transcript of Mottram interview of Houedard at The Poetry Society 9 Apr 1973; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Houedard's work and on secondary sources on concrete poetry; The Aylesford Review 5/3 (Aylesford, Kent, 1963), featuring article 'Beat and Afterbeat-poetry and theology' by Houedard, and poems by Houedard and Gregory Corso; Plakat 1 by Houedard (Openings Press, Woodchester, Gloucestershire, 1965); Bob Cobbing Sound poems and Ernst Jandl Sprechgedichte with introduction by Houedard (Writers Forum, 1965), pamphlet to accompany Writers Forum record no. 1; photocopies of three Houedard typewriter poems from And 5, 1966; Tantric poems perhaps... group of Houedard typewriter poems published by Writers Forum, London, 1967; 12 dancepoems from the cosmic typewriter by Houedard (South Street Publications, Sherborne, Dorset, 1969); Kroklok 1 (London, 1971), magazine of sound poetry, edited and with introduction by Houedard; Ceolfrith 15 (Sunderland, 1972), issue devoted to Houedard with examples of work, statements by and about, and bibliography; contemplation... typewriter poems by Houedard on card, published by Writers Forum, London, 1972; invitation to retrospective exhibition of Houedard's work at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-on-Tyne, undated, featuring photograph of Houedard; copies of Houedard typewriter poems, 1983-1986, circulated as folded photocopied sheets, headed 'Le petit troglodyte', 'Yes but if...' and 'Sibyl & psalmist...', the last enclosing 'T'ai: Peace' poem published at Prinknash Abbey, Gloucestershire; offprint of unsourced article by Houedard, titled, 'd-r-a-w-n-I-n-w-a-r-d'

MOTTRAM: 5/116/1-4


Langston Hughes: typescript letter, 22 Jan 1966, after break-up of performance in Paris; press release [1965] for Hughes Simple's Uncle Sam (Hill & Wang, New York); printed biographical sheet and booklist; flyer for the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Corporation) radio series 'The Negro in America' edited by D.G. Bridson and Langston Hughes

MOTTRAM: 5/117/1-3


Sean O Huigin: Sean O Huigin (Pirate Press, London [1974]); Book (Writers Forum, London, 1975);Henry Morgan's delicate balance (Good Elf, London, 1975); Jo-Jo (Writers Forum, London, 1977)

MOTTRAM: 5/118/1-3

1973, [1990]

Herbert Huncke: Mottram typescript with manuscript emendations, forming an introduction to Huncke reading London [1990]; Mottram manuscript notes on individual Huncke publications and references to Huncke; The Unspeakable Vision of the Individual 3/1-2 (Pennsylvania, 1973), issue devoted to Huncke, with articles by Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Gold, and interview by John Tytell

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