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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Mottram collection, new accessions, 1960-1999

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MOTTRAM: 15/1 Items accessioned in 1997, 1975-1997

MOTTRAM: 15/1/1-5

1995 Jan

Copies of obituary notices of Eric Mottram (died 16 Jan 1995): from the Independent, 19 Jan 1995 by John Calder and Clive Bush; from The Times, 25 Jan 1995 by Clive Bush; from The Guardian, 26 Jan 1995 by Chris Brookeman and Ralph Willett; unsourced obituary by Dale Carter, University of Århus; tribute to Mottram by Charles Bernstein, from the internet, 16 Jan 1995

MOTTRAM: 15/1/6

1996 Mar 14

Print-out of Andrew Duncan's article, 'Agitator blues', on Mottram from the internet, last modified 14 Mar 1996

MOTTRAM: 15/1/7-8

1997 Feb

Bill Griffiths, Mottram Archives, King's College London, letter of enquiry, to Jeff Nuttall, 10 Feb 1997, typescript with manuscript reply from Jeff Nuttall, 19 Feb 1997, on arrangement of contents at Mottram's home at Guernsey Grove, London

MOTTRAM: 15/1/9

1997 Apr 7

Obituary notice on Allen Ginsberg from The Times, 7 Apr 1997

MOTTRAM: 15/1/10-12


Mottram, letters to Betty Radin about possible cover for Poetry Review (copies): letter, 16 Aug 1975, typescript; letter, 13 Mar 1976, manuscript; letter, 18 Dec 1976, typescript

MOTTRAM: 15/1/13

1997 May 10

Alaric Sumner, editor of Words:Worth magazine, letter to Bill Griffiths, about Mottram and Words:Worth, typescript

MOTTRAM: 15/1/14-16

1997 Aug

Obituary notices on William Seward Burroughs (died 2 Aug 1997): by Beatrice Colin from The Scotsman, 4 Aug 1997 ; by Ed Vulliamy from The Guardian, 4 Aug 1997 ; by James Campbell from The Guardian, 4 Aug 1997

MOTTRAM: 15/1/17

1997 Sep 19

Flyer and booklet for conference 'Poetics and Cultural Studies' held in honour of Mottram at the Senate House, University of London

MOTTRAM: 15/1/18

1997 Nov 19-1998 Jan 30

Program for exhibition 'Sampling the Visible: Work with a visual emphasis from the Little Magazines & Poetry Store Collections in the Library at University College London'

MOTTRAM: 15/1/19

1997 Nov 12

Bill Sherman, letter to Bill Griffiths, with details on places of publication of his work, typescript

MOTTRAM: 15/1/20

1997 Nov 25

Will Rowe, letter to Bill Griffiths, enclosing material relating to Rowe and Mottram translating Garcia Lorca poems together, 1979-1980, typescript, 1 file

MOTTRAM: 15/2 Items accessioned in 1998, 1988-1998

MOTTRAM: 15/2/1

1998 Jan 1

New year's card from Bob Cobbing

MOTTRAM: 15/2/2-4

1998 Jan

Items relating to the official opening of the Eric Mottram Archive 19 Jan 1998: copy of article on Mottram Archive by Shamoon Zamir published in The Times Higher Education Supplement, 2 Jan 1998; Eric Mottram: Bibliography in progress (King's College, London, 1998), 3 copies; Opening of the Eric Mottram Archive, programme, 3 copies

MOTTRAM: 15/2/5-6

1988, 1998

Robert Vas Dias, letter to Bill Griffiths, 20 Jan 1998, enclosing a copy of typescript letter from Mottram to Vas Dias, 12 Nov 1988, with comments on Michael Horovitz

MOTTRAM: 15/2/7

1995 Jan 2

Mottram, letter to Geoffrey Soar on literary events, copy of manuscript original

MOTTRAM: 15/2/8


Postcard with 1916 photograph of Basil Bunting and his father, published by Basil Bunting Poetry Centre, Durham

MOTTRAM: 15/2/9


Correspondence from 1994 about organisation of the Alive in parts of the 20th century anthology (North & South, Twickenham and Wakefield, 1994), 13 original items

MOTTRAM: 15/3 Items accessioned in 1999, 1960-1999

MOTTRAM: 15/3/1

1998 Feb 27

Text of talk 'Basil Bunting and Eric Mottram', delivered by Bill Griffiths at the University of Durham, 27 Feb 1998, with check-list of Bunting's letters to Mottram

MOTTRAM: 15/3/2-42


Letters from Mottram to Wilentz family, and supplementary material, presented by Ted Wilentz for inclusion in the Archive: Mottram letter, 15 Oct 1960, to Wilentz on return to London, manuscript; letter, 17 Apr 1961, on work at King's and on current American writing, typescript; letter, 2 Feb 1962, mentioning William Carlos Williams' work, and surveying many other American authors, typescript; copy to Wilentz of typescript letter from James Laughlin of New Directions, Norfolk, Connecticut, to Mottram, 11 Apr 1962, seeking Mottram's help in publication of William Carlos Williams' work in England; letter, 9 Jun 1962, from Mottram, with comments on literature, music and film, typescript; copy of Mottram's article 'American poetry in 1963' published in Books U.S.A. 5 (1963) and inscribed to Ted; letter, 29 Feb 1964, mostly on current articles being written, also requesting tape copy of Allen Ginsberg reading poems, typescript; letter, 11 Jun 1970, reflecting on hearing news of shootings at Kent State University, typescript; manuscript note to Joan, 1 Aug 1970, about forwarding article on Jack Kerouac (introduction to The scripture of the golden eternity); copy of book The scripture of the golden eternity by Jack Kerouac (Totem and Corinth, New York, 1970), with introduction by Mottram, and separate photocopy typescript of Mottram introduction; letter, 15 Jan 1971, from Kent State University describing his work load at the University, typescript; letter, 12 Feb 1971, from Kent State University commenting on teaching there and 'silly' student activity, and on award of editorship of Poetry Review, typescript; letter, 5 May 1971, from London on problems facing Robert Lee with Black Literature anthology, and other projects on hand, typescript; letter, 23 Jan 1972, seeking contacts for Poetry Review noting F. T. Prince's dislike of the magazine, and some general comments on racism and socialism, typescript; letter, 12 Mar 1972, commenting on achievement of first year's Poetry Review, on miners' benefit reading with Tom Pickard, and on Bill Butler's publishing and writing, typescript; letter, 1 Aug 1972, noting problems with housing and decisions on employment, and criticising Ted Berrigan and John Ashbery and the post-William Carlos Williams crowd in New York, typescript; manuscript note, 1 Jul 1973, from 'Sally B.' to Mottram praising his Kerouac preface, written on copy of The Eternal Flame, a mystical magazine from Aurora, California 1972; letter, 10 Mar 1975, enclosing (specially commissioned?) poem 'The Cup', typescript; letter, 16 Dec 1980, on state of Britain, trips round England and visit to Budapest, typescript; letter, 4 Jan 1981, to Joan on his own writing, and his visit to Hungary, typescript; letter, 19 Feb 1983, with news of professorship, and reflections on Thatcherism and William Burroughs, typescript; letter, 7 May 1984, arranging to meet in America, typescript; letter, 20 Jun 1984, with thanks for hospitality and visit to the Smithsonian, typescript; letter, 27 Jul 1984, from Buffalo, staying with Allen De Loach after long tour that has taken in '10 states and Canada!' manuscript; see photograph albums at MOTTRAM 13; letter, 6 May 1985, mentioning Lynn Gingrass, Allen de Loach and Allen Ginsberg, and including description of 1984 tour of United States typescript; letter on forthcoming William Burroughs Conference at Naropa, 15 Jul 1985, typescript ; note, 27 Sep 1985, on three postcards to John Eric; letter, 23 Dec 1985, on events in London, and mentioning Lynn Gingrass typescript; manuscript note, 20 Aug 1986 on two postcards of Wales, to John Eric; letter, 20 Dec 1986, recalling the importance of 1965-1966, and mentioning articles written during the current year, typescript; letter, 26 Jan 1987, expressing thanks for tapes lent for use in Beat Generation presentation at Goldsmith's College, London, with flyer for the event, typescript; letter, 4 Feb 1987, expressing concern on condition on tapes lent, typescript; letter, 15 Mar 1987, accompanying return of tapes, typescript ; manuscript note, 23 Mar 1987, to John Eric on three postcards of London; letter, 1 Oct 1988, mentioning Caroline Cassady, and recounting events including Sir George Cayley exhibition, typescript; letter, 10 Sep 1989, on plans for celebration of Jonathan Williams' 60th birthday, manuscript; letter, 16 Apr 1990, to Joan, on plans to leave London, manuscript; manuscript note, 16 Aug 1990, on two postcards of Wales, to John Eric with birthday greeting; letter, 8 Aug 1991 on travels, events, including a radio slot with Allen Ginsberg and Carolyn Cassady, and enclosing photocopies of article '"Live all you can": American experience, 1960 and 1965-6' from The British-American 1/2 (1989) and 2/2 (1990), typescript; letter, 2 Sep 1993, mentioning Buffalo, teaching at King's, and holiday plans, typescript; letter, 24 Dec 1994, to Joan and Ted, on launch of 70th birthday anthologies, and plans to leave Herne Hill, typescript; letter, 12 Feb 1995, from Peterjon Skelt to the Wilentz's, giving account of Mottram's death and funeral, typescript; invitation to attend 'A Celebration of the Life of Eric Mottram' at King's, 3 Mar 1995

MOTTRAM: 15/3/43

1997 May

Unsent letters by Lawrence Upton (Writers Forum, London, 1997, booklet of poems including poems titled 'Letters to Eric Mottram'

MOTTRAM: 15/3/44

1988 Oct 4

Mottram, letter to Robert Vas Dias, photocopy of typescript

MOTTRAM: 15/3/45


Photograph of Franciszka and Stefan Themerson (of Gaberbocchus Press), supplied by Ted Wilentz

MOTTRAM: 15/3/46-55


Further letters of Mottram forwarded by Ted Wilentz: letter, 3 Nov 1960, about beginning teaching at King's College London, typescript; letter, 6 Jun 1961, with some comments on Allen Ginsberg, typescript; letter, 13 Sep 1961, on moving into flat at Vicarage Gate, Kensington, typescript; letter, 7 Apr 1963, on beginning to write on William Burroughs, typescript; letter, 19 May 1963, on declining a professorship at Munich University, typescript; letter, 15 Nov 1965, about prosecution of Dave Cunliffe over Poetmeat magazine, typescript ; letter, 5 Jun 1967, noting events in London, typescript; letter, 14 Sep 1967, referring to his own recent articles published, typescript; letter, 16 Apr 1968, on current lectures and articles, typescript; letter, 23 Sep 1968, on problems on arriving at Kent State University, typescript

MOTTRAM: 15/3/56

1999 Feb 2

Obituary for Marion Boyars the publisher, from The Times

MOTTRAM: 15/3/57

1999 Feb 20

Copies of flyer for conference 'American Music of the Twentieth Century', organised at King's College London by the Centre for American Studies and Eric Mottram Archive

MOTTRAM: 15/3/58

1999 May 28

Letter, 28 May 1999 from Graça Capinha of Coimbra, Portugal, enclosing typescript of Mottram's essay 'Resources for poetics' which was translated into Portuguese and published in Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais 47 (Coimbra, Portugal, 1997) 39-54

MOTTRAM: 15/3/59

1999 Jun 18

Photocopy of original notes made by Patricia Methven at time of original transfer of material from Mottram's house at Gurensey Grove, Herne Hill, London to King's College Archives, Feb 1995, detailing rooms, contents and initial reference marks, with sketch map of plan of rooms

MOTTRAM: 15/3/60

1999 Jun 18

Two plans of rooms in Mottram's house at Guernsey Grove by Shamoon Zamir, 10 Feb 1997, with some further annotations by Bill Griffiths

MOTTRAM: 15/3/61

1999 Jun 18

Letter from Mike Hrebeniak, 11 Mar 1997, about contents of rooms at Mottram's house in Guernsey Grove, with detailed plans of both floors, typescript

MOTTRAM: 15/3/62

1999 Jun 18

Photocopy of manuscript summary of Mottram books, giving some details of subject areas covered, when shelved at rare books section, Manresa Road Library, Chelsea campus, 1 Mar 1995 (note: books repacked and transferred to the Library Special Collections section at Hampstead Campus in 1999)

MOTTRAM: 15/3/63

1999 Jun 30

Photocopy of Mottram obituary from Daily Telegraph, 4 Feb 1995, no author given, tribute to Mottram by Robert Sheppard, headed 'Recording and informing a generation', published as Pages 280-281 (London, 1995), and notice of commemorative reading at Morden Tower, Newcastle on Tyne, 24 Feb 1995, titled 'Alive in parts of this century: a celebration of Eric Mottram'

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