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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Art works and posters, 1953-1994

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MOTTRAM: 12/1 Framed, boxed and free-standing artworks, by alphabetical order of artist

MOTTRAM: 12/1/1


J. Cheong: folder contining nine photo-montage prints and introductory card, titled, 'Words & Images', each 540 x 370mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/2


Bob Cobbing: duplicator monotype, 1954

MOTTRAM: 12/1/3


David Cook: framed print titled, 'Postcard from Yorkshire', with accompanying letter from the artist to Mottram, 20 Dec 1994, 220 x 170mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/4


Peter Donnelly: 'White collage', acrylic and canvas patches on canvas, 570 x 680mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/5


Peter Donnelly: 'Ladyday' (tribute to Billie Holiday), acrylic on canvas over irregular frame, 2400mm overall

MOTTRAM: 12/1/6-7


Allen Fisher: two collages, 'Melody Chambers 1' and 'Melody Chambers 2', oil on canvas and sacking, with wood and other material applied, 910 x 1820mm each

MOTTRAM: 12/1/8


Allen Fisher: framed picture inscribed, 'Coffee at Tabou, (19)88', watercolour on paper with collage element, 600 x 405mm in a frame 810 x 605mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/9-10


John Martin: two framed prints of Old Testament scenes, one titled, 'by Babel's streams we sat and wept', 285 x 370mm; the second untitled but similar Old testament theme, 245 x 305mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/11


Jeff Nuttall: assemblage around a case with appendages and interior detail, approximately 700mm vertical

MOTTRAM: 12/1/12


Jeff Nuttall: framed picture with wording, 'Gutsbubble Light', watercolour on paper, 1977, 297 x 397mm,

MOTTRAM: 12/1/13


Jeff Nuttall: framed picture in 'landscape' series, watercolour on paper, 240 x 170 in a frame 380 x 313mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/14


Tom Raworth: framed print of Raworth poem 'Continuations' with design by Barry Hall, 470 x 290mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/15


Roderick Tye: framed print in triptych form inscribed, 'Neither vehicle, refuge nor comfort', 1981, 380 x 840mm in a frame 630 x 1080mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/16


Roderick Tye: framed assemblage on wax base featuring a pair of spectacles, 345 x 375mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/17


E. E. Vonna-Michel: 'Box of Mein (study no.1)', labelled, 'Process before 3 Jun 1982', 190 x 190 x 24mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/18


[E. E. Vonna-Michel]: box containing '14 inside nibbles petroleum jelly' and labelled, 'Poetry & Politics', associated with Blsam Flex, [1978], 190 x 190 x 24mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/19


Unattributed framed reproduction of Dürer-style pen-and-wash of Madonna and Child, 397 x 313mm

MOTTRAM: 12/1/20


Photocopy enlargement of newspaper photograph captioned, 'Another sober evening at Morden Tower'; recognisable figures include Gregory Corso, Basil Bunting, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 275 x 320mm

MOTTRAM: 12/2 Posters (large size), by alphabetical sequences of personal name, place name and topic, [1945-1995]

MOTTRAM: 12/2/1


David Attoe: poster poem titled, '71 pines', undated

MOTTRAM: 12/2/2


William Blake: reproduction of plate, 'When all the Morning Stars sang together'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/3


Hieronymus Bosch: reproduction of triptych, 'The Garden of Delights'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/4


Hieronymus Bosch: reproduction of triptych, 'The Hay Wain'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/5


Pieter Bruegel, the Elder: reproduction of 'Census at Bethlehem' (detail)

MOTTRAM: 12/2/6-7


Peter Donnelly: two original prints with flower-like motifs, signed, 'PD 1968'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/8


Peter Donnelly: poster for exhibition of Donnelly paintings at Architectural Association, London, undated

MOTTRAM: 12/2/9


Richard Estes: poster for exhibition of Estes photographs, 1973-1983, New York

MOTTRAM: 12/2/10-12


Allen Fisher: three artworks, 'Sketch for Triptych 1', 'Empiric Drama no.17' and 'Sketch for Triptych no.10'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/13


Allen Ginsberg: poster with photograph of Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 12/2/14


Harunobu: reproduction Japanese print by Harunobu

MOTTRAM: 12/2/15


Martin Johnson Heade: poster for Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, featuring reproduction of Heade's painting, 'The Coming Storm'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/16


Toulouse Lautrec: reproduction of sketch of box at opera

MOTTRAM: 12/2/17


Jack Micheline, American poet and artist, died 1998: original watercolour of human and bovine forms, signed 'Micheline '64'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/18


Claude Monet: poster for Monet exhibition, at Kunsthaus, Zürich

MOTTRAM: 12/2/19


Pablo Picasso: poster for Picasso exhibition, Louisiana, 1981

MOTTRAM: 12/2/20


Pablo Picasso: reproduction of painting, 'Guernica' (note: kept in separate tube)

MOTTRAM: 12/2/21


Peter-Paul Rubens: reproduction of painting, 'Adoration of the Magi' (detail)

MOTTRAM: 12/2/22


George Seurat: reproduction of painting, 'The Bathers'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/23


Vincent van Gogh: reproduction of painting, 'Crows and Cornfield'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/24


Lois Wilson, film actress: poster with englarged photograph of Wilson, with poems to her by Alex Gildzen, and on the reverse, details of Wilson's career

MOTTRAM: 12/2/25


Berlin: poster for Völkerkunde Museum, Berlin

MOTTRAM: 12/2/26


Budapest: reproduction of panaroma of Buda, 1493, in colour

MOTTRAM: 12/2/27


Durham: reproduction of panorama of Durham City, 1745

MOTTRAM: 12/2/28


New York: poster for Festival of Latin American poetry, New York, 19-20 May 1983

MOTTRAM: 12/2/29


New York: poster for Festival of Indian Poetry, New York, 1985-1986

MOTTRAM: 12/2/30


Tenby, South Wales: tourist poster showing Tenby Harbour

MOTTRAM: 12/2/31


Film: poster promoting film, 'The Men's Club'

MOTTRAM: 12/2/32


Tobias Conrad Lotter: reproduction of Lotter's celestial map, 'Planisphærium coeleste', backed on card

MOTTRAM: 12/2/33


UFO: poster for band, 'UFO Mk 2', London

MOTTRAM: 12/3 Posters (medium size), similarly arranged, [1945-1995]

MOTTRAM: 12/3/1


Aglaja: original print of modern (?continental) seaside scene endorsed, 'Aglaja '55'; (note: Mottram diary, 1952 notes a lady friend 'Aglaja' or 'Aglaia': 'Climbed the Lengerhorn with Aglaja. A wonderful day-warm and clear. Tea with her aunt in the evening.')

MOTTRAM: 12/3/2


Edward Albee: poster for his play, 'The zoo story' at Soho Polytechnic Theatre, London

MOTTRAM: 12/3/3


Pierre Albert-Bicot: 'Poême-Pancarte' from Wild Hawthorn Press, 1964

MOTTRAM: 12/3/4-5


Anonymous: two unattributed prints, black on white, figurative and surreal in tone

MOTTRAM: 12/3/6


Anonymous: unattributed print [Peter Donnelly?] with blue bird and patch of yellow and patch of black

MOTTRAM: 12/3/7


Anonymous: unattributed print in blue, depicting grasses, leaves, flowerheads

MOTTRAM: 12/3/8


Earl Birney: poster for Birney reading at Morden Tower, Newcastle on Tyne, undated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/9


Max Blagg: poster for Blagg reading, titled, 'Pirahna Republic'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/10


William Blake: reproduction of his plate, 'Death on a pale horse'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/11


William Blake: reproduction of his plate,'The Lord answers Job'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/12


William Blake: reproduction of his plate,'Michael binding Satan'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/13


William Blake: poster for Blake exhibition at FitzWilliam Museum Cambridge, 1973

MOTTRAM: 12/3/14


Georges Braque: reproduction of his painting, 'The Pink Table'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/15


Georges Braque: reproduction of his painting, 'La table de toilette', (1942)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/16


Basil Bunting: poster for Bunting at 7th anniversary reading at Morden Tower, Newcastle on Tyne, 1971, with photograph of Allen Ginsberg and Bunting together

MOTTRAM: 12/3/17


Basil Bunting: poster for 'Basil Bunting at Eighty' festival at Warwick University, 1980

MOTTRAM: 12/3/18


Basil Bunting: poster for event, 'A Tribute to Basil Bunting', 1-8 Mar [1986], Newcastle upon Tyne, with photograph of Bunting, 8 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/19


William Burroughs: 'The invisible generation' by Burroughs; this poster forms issue 5/5 of IT (International Times), 1966

MOTTRAM: 12/3/20


William Burroughs: poster for Mottram's lecture on Burroughs, 1970

MOTTRAM: 12/3/21


William Burroughs: poster for The Nova Convention, New York, 1978, featuring Burroughs, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/22


William Burroughs: poster for 'The Final Academy', a programme of events celebrating Burroughs, Brixton, London, 29 Sep-2 Oct 1982

MOTTRAM: 12/3/23


William Burroughs: poster of the Naropa Institute, Colorado, presentation of Burroughs and Norman Mailer, with photographs of both

MOTTRAM: 12/3/24


Bill Butler: poster poem, titled, 'Flowers for Midwinter's Day', 1964, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/25


Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto: reproduction of untitled etching of a bridge, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/26


Brian Catling: poster for exhibition of his sculptures at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 23 Feb-5 Apr 1980

MOTTRAM: 12/3/27


Paul Cezanne: reproduction of his painting, 'The Bridge at Maincy'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/28


Paul Cezanne: reproduction of his painting, 'Gulf of Marseille'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/29


Paul Cezanne: reproduction of his painting, 'Pot of flowers with pears'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/30


Marc Chagall: poster for Chagall exhibition in Paris

MOTTRAM: 12/3/31


Geoffrey Chaucer: peproduction of page from Ellesmere Manuscript of 'The Canterbury Tales', with portrait of Chaucer

MOTTRAM: 12/3/32


Bob Cobbing: poster poem, 'Beethoven today', [1972], printed in pink and lilac

MOTTRAM: 12/3/33


Bob Cobbing: poster poem, 'Tomato', [1974], two items which would be exhibited side by side forming a continuous horizontal band

MOTTRAM: 12/3/34


Bob Cobbing: poster poem, 'A peal in Air', not dated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/35


'A.C.C.': poster titled, 'Jean Cocteau' with inscription to Mottram by the artist. 'A.C.C.', 1974

MOTTRAM: 12/3/36


Gustave Courbet: poster for Courbet exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1978

MOTTRAM: 12/3/37


Tony Crosland, Labour MP: placard from Evening Standard on Crosland

MOTTRAM: 12/3/38


Leonardo Da Vinci: poster for exhibition of his anatomical drawings at Royal Academy of Arts, London

MOTTRAM: 12/3/39


Allen De Loach: poster poem, 'Epithalamium', 1970

MOTTRAM: 12/3/40-45


Peter Donnelly: six prints, some inscribed, 'Working Proofs', dated 1964 or 1965

MOTTRAM: 12/3/46


Bob Dylan: 'Love Dylan' poster

MOTTRAM: 12/3/47


Desmond Egan: poster poem, 'Needing the sea', 1983

MOTTRAM: 12/3/48


Ian Hamilton Finlay: poster poem, 'Le circus', Wild Hawthorn Press, 1964

MOTTRAM: 12/3/49


Roy Fisher: poster for Fisher reading at Curwen Gallery, London, not dated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/50


Christopher Franke: poster comprising poems by Franke, 1971

MOTTRAM: 12/3/51


John Furnival: print, 'The Leaning Tower of Pisa', 1964

MOTTRAM: 12/3/52


John Furnival: poster poem, 'Devil trap', 1966

MOTTRAM: 12/3/53


John Furnival: poster poem based on the Eiffel Tower, 1966

MOTTRAM: 12/3/54


John Furnival: poster for Furnival exhibtion at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 26 Jul-30 Aug 1972

MOTTRAM: 12/3/55


John Furnival: print, with lettering 'Christofero Columbia presenta...'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/56


Allen Ginsberg: poster poem, 'Who be kind to', 1965

MOTTRAM: 12/3/57


Allen Ginsberg: poster poem, 'Kral majales', on his expulsion from Czeckoslovakia, 7 May 1965

MOTTRAM: 12/3/58


Allen Ginsberg: poster poem, 'Entering Kansas City High', 1967

MOTTRAM: 12/3/59


Allen Ginsberg: poster poem, 'For the soul of the planet', including a photograph

MOTTRAM: 12/3/60


George Gower: reproduction of his protrait of Mary Denton, 1573

MOTTRAM: 12/3/61


Martha Graham Dance Company: undated poster for the company

MOTTRAM: 12/3/62


Barabara Guest: poster for poetry reading by Guest at the University of Minnesota, 17 Nov 1975,

MOTTRAM: 12/3/63


Thom Gunn: poster poem, 'The spell'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/64


Tony Harrison: poster for Harrison reading at Morden Tower, Newcastle on Tyne, pre-1971

MOTTRAM: 12/3/65


Piero Heliczer: poster promoting The soap opera, a book of poems by Heliczer (Trigram Press, London, 1967)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/66


Dick Higgins: poster poem titled, 'Five traditions of art history, an essay', 1976

MOTTRAM: 12/3/67


Dick Higgins: poster poem headed, 'Some poetry intermedia', 1976

MOTTRAM: 12/3/68


Mike Horovitz: poster for The Wolverhampton Wanderer Show, London, 17-30 Nov 1972, devised by Horovitz, with illustration of wolf-footballer by Jeff Nuttall

MOTTRAM: 12/3/69


Ted Hughes: poster poem, 'Autumn song'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/70


Jasper Johns: poster for his exhibition of artworks 1954-1964, at Whitchapel Art Gallery, London

MOTTRAM: 12/3/71


David Jones: poster for his exhibition at Tate Gallery, London, 1981

MOTTRAM: 12/3/72


David Jones: reproduction of caligraphic poem, 'Cara Wallia Derelicta', 1959

MOTTRAM: 12/3/73


Jacob Jordaens,17th century painter: poster for Jordaens exhibition, Amsterdam, 1978

MOTTRAM: 12/3/74


James Joyce: poster to promote Penguin Books edition of Joyce' Ulysses, with archival photographs reproduced on reverse

MOTTRAM: 12/3/75


R. B. (Ronald Brooks) Kitaj: poster for Kitaj exhibition, Marlborough Gallery, London, 8 Oct-7 Nov 1980

MOTTRAM: 12/3/76


Paul Klee: reproduction of painting, 'The Departure of the Ships', 1927

MOTTRAM: 12/3/77


Richard Kostelanetz: visual poem, 'Modulations', 1975, as poster with Henry Hames Korn's poem, 'The pontoon manifesto', 1970

MOTTRAM: 12/3/78


Henri Toulouse Lautrec: reproduction of his poster for the 'Divan Japonais'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/79


Christopher Logue: poster poem, 'I shall vote Labour' (Turret Books, London, 1966)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/80


Federico Garcia Lorca: poster for exhibition celebrating Lorca, at Barcelona, 1986-1987

MOTTRAM: 12/3/81


Edward Lucie-Smith: poster for Lucie-Smith reading at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art, London), 4 Apr 1967

MOTTRAM: 12/3/82


Kasimir Malevich: reproduction of his painting, 'Airplane flying' (1914)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/83


Michael McClure: playlet, The shell , published in long strip (here two pieces) by Cape Goliard, London, 1969

MOTTRAM: 12/3/84


Michael McClure: poster poem, featuring Billy the Kid and Jean Harlow

MOTTRAM: 12/3/85


Michael McClure: poster for performance of his,'Spider Rabbit'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/86


Jackson Mac Low: poster poem, 'A vocabulary for Sharon Belle Mattlin', 1973

MOTTRAM: 12/3/87


Marino Marini: reproduction of his picture, 'The Rider'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/88


John Martin: reproduction in artificially vivid colours of Martin's artwork, 'Crossing the Red Sea'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/89


Henri Matisse: reproduction of his painting, 'Plum blossoms'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/90


Henri Matisse: poster for Matisse exhibition, Chicago, 1966

MOTTRAM: 12/3/91


Henry Miller: poster advertising Miller's Order and chaos chez Hans Reichel (Loujon Press, New Orleans and Tucson, Arizona, 1966)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/92


Adrian Mitchell: proof for jacket for his Out loud (Cape Goliard, London, 1968)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/93


[Richard B. Monck]: poster of a shell, signed Richard B. [Monck], 1979

MOTTRAM: 12/3/94


[Piet Mondrian]: unattributed reproduction of work in geometric style, believed to be of Piet Mondrian

MOTTRAM: 12/3/95


Eric Mottram: poster for Mottram reading his poetry at Satterfield Hall (Kent State University, Ohio, [1971]), 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/96


Eric Mottram: poster for Mottram and Allen De Loach reading at Morden Tower, Newcastle on Tyne, 30 Jul 1971, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/97


Eric Mottram: poster for Mottram and Tom Pickard reading at Morden Tower, 5 Dec 1973, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/98


Eric Mottram: poster for 'Land Poetry' event: readings by Jonathan Williams, Thomas Meyer, Alastair Reed, to be introduced by Mottram, not dated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/99


Jeff Nuttall: two mounted, unframed watercolours titled, 'nice woman Manchester train' and 'Sociology lecturer', 1983

MOTTRAM: 12/3/100


Jeff Nuttall: poster for his 'Retrospective 1950-1990' exhibition at Halifax, 2 copies, 1 signed

MOTTRAM: 12/3/101


Frank O'Hara: poster for evening of his plays, 'Try! Try!', 'Awake in Spain', and 'The General returns' at Café Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/102


Charles Olson: poster poem, including photograph of Olson

MOTTRAM: 12/3/103


Neil Oram: flyer for 'An epic cycle of ten plays', titled, 'The warp', at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art, London), 1975

MOTTRAM: 12/3/104


Samuel Palmer: reproduction of his painting, 'The Magic Apple Tree'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/105


Samuel Palmer: reproduction of his painting, 'Valley of a bright cloud' (1825)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/106


Samuel Palmer: reproduction of his painting, 'Valley thick with corn' (1825)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/107


Eduardo Paolozzi: poster for Paolozzi exhibition of artwork, London [1967]

MOTTRAM: 12/3/108


Louis Pasteur: poster for exhibition, 'Louis Pasteur and rabies' at Science Museum, London,1985

MOTTRAM: 12/3/109


Pablo Picasso: poster for Picasso exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London, 1981, reproducing 'The embrace'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/110


Pablo Picasso: reproduction of his painting, 'The Artist's Studio'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/111


Pablo Picasso: poster for Picasso exhibition in Japan

MOTTRAM: 12/3/112


Pablo Picasso: reproduction of Picasso poster for 'Exposition Vallavris'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/113


Pablo Picasso: reproduction of untitled painting by Picasso, showing dancers round a yellow sun (1959)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/114


Tom Pickard: poster poem, 'San Francis Kan Snake Poem'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/115


Simon Poë: print, 'The visible man', 1981

MOTTRAM: 12/3/116


Ezra Pound: poster for exhibition 'Pound's artists', Tate Gallery, London, 1985

MOTTRAM: 12/3/117


Robert Rauschenberg: poster for Rauschenberg exhibition at Tate Gallery, London, [1981]

MOTTRAM: 12/3/118


Kenneth Rexroth: poster comprising 'Four ancient folksongs from the Chinese' (Unicorn Broadsheet 4, 1969)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/119


Alan Riddell: poster poem 'Creve-Coeur'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/120


Jerome Rothenberg: poster by Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, titled, 'Aztec Offering', 1968

MOTTRAM: 12/3/121


Jerome Rothenberg: poster for his reading at the Serpentine Gallery, London

MOTTRAM: 12/3/122


Kurt Schwitters: poster for exhibition of Schwitters' artwork at the Tate Gallery London, 6 Nov 1985-5 Jan 1986

MOTTRAM: 12/3/123


Louis Simpson: poster for Simpson reading at Morden Tower, Newcastle upon Tyne, undated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/124


Peterjon Skelt: poster, 'The Boy who cried Wolf', 1981

MOTTRAM: 12/3/125


E. E. (Edward Elmer) 'Doc' Smith: promotional poster for 'Doc' Smith's classic Lensman series, from Panther Books

MOTTRAM: 12/3/126


Jack Spicer: poster poem, 'Indian Summer: Minneapolis 1950'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/127


Ralph Steadman: poster, feauring a blank canvas

MOTTRAM: 12/3/128


Ralph Steadman: poster, 'Inspector Mouse' by Steadman and Bernard Stone

MOTTRAM: 12/3/129


Ralph Steadman: poster advertising new edition of R. L. Stevenson's Treasure Island with illustrations by Steadman

MOTTRAM: 12/3/130


Graham Sutherland: poster for Graham Sutherland Gallery, Haverfordwest, South Wales

MOTTRAM: 12/3/131


Roderick Tye: poster for exhibition of sculpture and drawings by Tye at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 12 Apr-10 May 1986

MOTTRAM: 12/3/132


Vincent van Gogh: reproduction of his painting, 'Blue sky and white clouds'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/133


Vincent van Gogh: reproduction of his painting, 'Les Alpilles'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/134


Jan Vermeer: reproduction of his painting, 'The artist in his studio'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/135


Jan Vorsterman: reproduction of panorama of Greenwich (1680)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/136


James Ward: poster for exhibition of landscape art by the Arts Council of Great Britain, featuring 'Gardale Scar' by Ward (1813)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/137


Whitney family: poster for 'Whitney Family Computer Films: a retrospective' at American Embassy London

MOTTRAM: 12/3/138


John Wieners: poem, 'Home-duty', over photograph of the poet

MOTTRAM: 12/3/139


Binche, Belgium: poster for exhibition at International Museum of Carnival and Mask, at Binche, 1978

MOTTRAM: 12/3/140


Bisbee, Arizona: poster for poetry festival at Bisbee, 1979, with covering letter from organiser

MOTTRAM: 12/3/141


Brighton festival: poster for 'Festival '79 Brighton', including Lol Coxhill, David Toop, Roger Ely, 21-28 Jul 1979

MOTTRAM: 12/3/142


Brighton: poster advertising the Public House Bookshop, Brighton (Bill Butler)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/143-144


Budapest, Hungary: reproduction of panorama of city of Buda (1493), with second view (1617), both black and white

MOTTRAM: 12/3/145


Buffalo, New York: poster for Canadian Poetry Festival at State University of New York at Buffalo, 15-21 Oct 1980

MOTTRAM: 12/3/146


Cambridge: calendar for Feb 1953, printed in Cambridge

MOTTRAM: 12/3/147


Cambridge: poster for Cambridge Poetry Festival, 14-16 Jun 1985

MOTTRAM: 12/3/148


Durham: poster for exhibition, 'America in the Thirties' at Durham

MOTTRAM: 12/3/149


Kent StateUniversity, Ohio: poster promoting 'Tuesday Cinema at Kent State University', not dated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/150


Leeds Polytechnic: poster for exhibition, 'Cold Societies', a show of artwork by Rod Tye, Ruth Fettis, Edward Kirkham, Leeds Polytechnic, 1981

MOTTRAM: 12/3/151


Liège, Belgium: poster showing detail of 13th Century font at Liège

MOTTRAM: 12/3/152


London: poster for Concrete Poetry exhibition at St Pancras Library, London (1972)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/153


Hampstead, London:poster for Festival of Contemporary Poetry at Keats' House, Hampstead, Feb 1982, with photograph of Eugenio Montale, and note of readings by Basil Bunting, W. S. Graham and others

MOTTRAM: 12/3/154


Polytechnic of Central London:poster for Festival of Poetry of the Americas at Polytechnic of Central London, not dated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/155


Chalk Farm, London:poster and programme for performance evening 'Mother Dada and her chicks' at Chalk Farm, including Asa Benveniste and Bernard Kelly

MOTTRAM: 12/3/156


Wapping, London:poster for 'Performing the word' series, at Wapping, featuring Bob Cobbing, Allen Fisher, Cris Cheek, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/157


Wellcome Museum, London: poster for the Wellcome Museum of the History of Medicine

MOTTRAM: 23/4/158


Luxembourg: poster for 'Festival International de Poesie' at Théâtre des Capucins, Luxembourg, including performances by Allen Fisher, Pierre Joris, Wendy Mulford, Robert Kelly, 22-24 May 1987

MOTTRAM: 12/3/159

Mississippi river: peproduction of Currier & Ives print 'Midnight race on the Mississippi'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/160


New York City: poster for Central Park poetry events, 1968

MOTTRAM: 12/3/161


New York City: promotional poster for Something Else Press publications, New York, 1968

MOTTRAM: 12/3/162-163


New York City: poster for Hungarian Poetry Festival, New York, 13-14 Dec 1984, 4 copies with handout on The Committe of International Poetry, also 4 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/164


New York City: poster for festival of British Poets, White Columns Gallery, New York, [1984], 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/165


New York City: poster for Festival of Japanese Poetry, New York, 7-8 Nov 198, 7 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/3/166


New York City: poster for 'Festival of Caribbean poets' in New York, not dated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/167


Newcastle upon Tyne: poster for benefit reading for miners during 1984-1985 strike, at Newcastle upon Tyne, 12-13 Feb 1985

MOTTRAM: 12/3/168


Newcastle upon Tyne: poster featuring a group of Morden Tower posters in reduction, with explanatory key

MOTTRAM: 12/3/169


Newcastle upon Tyne: poster featuring Don Quixote, advertising McKenna's Bookshop

MOTTRAM: 12/3/170


Newcastle upon Tyne: poster for exhibition, 'Building the Tyne Bridge', Side Gallery

MOTTRAM: 12/3/171


Tish Murtha: poster for exhibition of photographs and text by Murtha, 'Youth Unemployment' at Side Gallery

MOTTRAM: 12/3/172


Paris: hand-drawn poster for La Rotozaza, Paris, 1967

MOTTRAM: 12/3/173


Jeff Berner: poster for avant-garge workshops by Berner in San Francisco, 1966

MOTTRAM: 12/3/174


Anatomy: Poster showing Japanese anatomical chart of the male human, with acupuncture points

MOTTRAM: 12/3/175


Biff Products: cartoon poster, 'Being and Nothingness', undated

MOTTRAM: 12/3/176


Edinburgh: poster promoting Chapman magazine

MOTTRAM: 12/3/177


Electric Light: reproduction of poster advertising Electric Light

MOTTRAM: 12/3/178


Map: reproduction of 1610 map of Bedfordshire

MOTTRAM: 12/3/179


Map: reproduction of the Mappa Mundi, Hereford Cathedral, with separate key giving modern place-names

MOTTRAM: 12/3/180


Map: reproduction of 'An exact map of New England and New York' after Cotton Mather (1702)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/181


Map: reproduction chart of New York Harbour (1779)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/182


Map: reproduction chart of North Atlantic (1650)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/183


Map: map of Western Reserve Lands, Ohio

MOTTRAM: 12/3/184


Map: reproduction of Saxton's Map of Pembrokeshire (1578)

MOTTRAM: 12/3/185


Map: geological map of Pembrokeshire in black and white

MOTTRAM: 12/3/186


Map: heritage map of South Pennines

MOTTRAM: 12/3/187


Map: reproduction of map of Switzerland (1548), and map of Europe of similar date in black and white

MOTTRAM: 12/3/188


Map: relief map of the Yorkshire Dales

MOTTRAM: 12/3/189


Map: map of the constellations, original print, 1856

MOTTRAM: 12/3/190


Maritime: reproduction of maritime painting, 'Portuguese Carracks, 1520'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/191


Maritime: reproduction plans of Paddle Steamer 'Persia'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/192-193


Marxism: two posters with Marxist slogans

MOTTRAM: 12/3/194


Music: reproduction of medieval manuscript page of a Graduale, with illustration of the Resurrection

MOTTRAM: 12/3/195-198


Oriental calligraphy: four reproductions

MOTTRAM: 12/3/199


Oriental calligraphy: calendar

MOTTRAM: 12/3/200


Oriental rubbing: carving of old man with spade

MOTTRAM: 12/3/201


Oriental calligraphy: featuring bearded face and lettering in ink

MOTTRAM: 12/3/202


Sea shell: poster showing cross-section of chambered shell

MOTTRAM: 12/3/203


Sigma Project: copy of The Moving Times, part of the 'Sigma experiment', edited by Trocchi and Jeff Nuttall, with item 'Martin's folly' by William Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 12/3/204


Wells Fargo: reproduction poster, 'Rules for passengers travelling by Wells Fargo'

MOTTRAM: 12/3/205-206

1977, 1979

Yanagi Series: list of items in Yanagi IV Broadside Series (Bolinas, California, 1977); brief typescript letter, 29 Aug 1979 from Louis Patler of Yanagi broadside series

MOTTRAM: 12/3/207


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'I love you De Kooning' by Bill Berkson and Joe Brainard

MOTTRAM: 12/3/208


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, from 'NYC Variations' by Jim Carroll

MOTTRAM: 12/3/209


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'An Arthur Flegenheimer Sachet' by Tom Clark

MOTTRAM: 12/3/210


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'Seneca' by S. Fox, 1976

MOTTRAM: 12/3/211


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'The Heroes' by Jim Gustafson, 1977

MOTTRAM: 12/3/212


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'For Peter' by Duncan McNaughton

MOTTRAM: 12/3/213


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'Poem', by Ron Padgett

MOTTRAM: 12/3/214


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'The Boulders' by Louis Patler

MOTTRAM: 12/3/215


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'Love & the falling iron' by Ed Sanders, 1977

MOTTRAM: 12/3/216


Yanagi Series: Yanagi poster poem, 'The Book of See' by Michael Wolfe

MOTTRAM: 12/3/217-218

1961, 1978

Yanagi Series: a letter associated with the Yanagi poster series from Louis Patler, 9 Sep 1978, and a manuscript poem by [?Drauk], dated 10 Jun 1961

MOTTRAM: 12/4 Posters (small), similarly arranged, [1945-1995]

MOTTRAM: 12/4/1


Anonymous: visual poster poem, 'The ruts', 1979

MOTTRAM: 12/4/2


Anonymous: oil on board showing nude human figure in modernistic manner, 205mm x 130mm,

MOTTRAM: 12/4/3


Robin Blaser: poster poem, 'the truth is laughter' by Blaser, published by the State University of New York, 1979

MOTTRAM: 12/4/4


A. C. Bowman: Silkscreen abstract artwork signed, 'A. C. Bowman'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/5


Edwin Brock: poster poem, 'Birth ward', published by the State University of New York, 1980

MOTTRAM: 12/4/6


William Bronk: poster poem, 'Rule book', published by the State University of New York, 1980

MOTTRAM: 12/4/7


Peter Bruegel: reproduction of painting, 'The temptation of St Anthony'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/8


Charles Bukowski: flyer for his book of poems, Mockingbird wish me luck (Black Sparrow, Los Angeles, 1972)

MOTTRAM: 12/4/9


Bob Callahan: flyer for book, Slouching towards the stars by Bob Callahan and Fielding Dawson (Pulp Press, Vancouver, 1976)

MOTTRAM: 12/4/10


Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto: reproduction of panorama of City of London by Canaletto, Christmas card from Allen and Elaine Fisher

MOTTRAM: 12/4/11


Cris Cheek: poster poem, 'The projects', 1979

MOTTRAM: 12/4/12


Bob Cobbing: monotype photocopier print of sunflowers, [1991]

MOTTRAM: 12/4/13-16


Bob Cobbing: four duplicator-printed monotypes

MOTTRAM: 12/4/17


Gregory Corso: photograph of Corso

MOTTRAM: 12/4/18


Peter Donnelly: draft cover for Mottram's book Homage to Braque (Blacksuede Boot Press, [London], 1976)

MOTTRAM: 12/4/19


Peter Donnelly: draft cover for Mottram's book 1980 mediate (Zunne Heft, Maidstone, Kent, 1980), 1980

MOTTRAM: 12/4/20


Peter Donnelly: print, black and white, with lettering, 'when ordering spares...'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/21


Peter Donnelly: print, black and white, with lettering 'Brahms'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/22


Peter Donnelly: print, black and white, with head and letters 'OS'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/23


Ed Dorn: poster for reading at South Bank Polytechnic, London, by Dorn, 16 Jan 1992

MOTTRAM: 12/4/24


Ed Dorn: poster for Dorn poetry reading at A Space, Toronto

MOTTRAM: 12/4/25


Maso Finiguerra: reproduction of print with lettering 'Pirra' and 'Deuhalion'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/26


Allen Fisher: brush and ink visual

MOTTRAM: 12/4/27


Allen Ginsberg: poster poem, 'Police state blues', 1970

MOTTRAM: 12/4/28


Ray Goerig: photo-poster, 'Towerism' by Goerig and C. Barker, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/4/29


Donald Hall: poster poem, 'On reaching the age of two hundred', published by the State University of New York, 1979

MOTTRAM: 12/4/30


Rockwell Kent: print of the whale, Moby-Dick

MOTTRAM: 12/4/31


Paul Klee: reproduction of painting, 'Ad merginem' (Penguin Print 5)

MOTTRAM: 12/4/32


Michael McClure: poster poem, 'Centaur', 1964

MOTTRAM: 12/4/33


John Marin: reproduction of watercolour, 'Boats and sea, Deer Isle-Maine'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/34


David Meltzer: poster poem, 'A poem for my wife'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/35


Eric Mottram: poster for art exhibition titled, 'Mottram's mates', at Gallery By The Park, Nelson, Lancashire, 4-29 Mar 1987, central visual by Peter Donnelly, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/4/36


Jeff Nuttall: poster for jazz performance at Barrowford Civic Hall

MOTTRAM: 12/4/37


Samuel Palmer: small book print showing labourer returning to cottage at nightfall

MOTTRAM: 12/4/38


Pablo Picasso: reproduction of print, 'Le chardonneret' (Penguin Print 4)

MOTTRAM: 12/4/39


Tom Pickard: flyer for Pickard's book, Jarrow March (Allison & Busby, London, 1982)

MOTTRAM: 12/4/40


Jerome Rothenberg: poster for Rothenberg reading at Serpentine Gallery, London, 27 June, year not given

MOTTRAM: 12/4/41


Jack Shoemaker: poster poem, 'I might have been a monk...'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/42-43


Joseph Skipsey: poster for 'Coal: en exhibition' and a reading of Skipsey's work by Basil Bunting, at Northern Arts Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, Jul 1975, with an A4 handbill containing photograph of Skipsey, 'The pitman's poet'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/44


Gary Snyder: poster-poem by Gary Snyder headed, 'Everybody lying on their stomachs, head toward the candle, reading, sleeping, drawing'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/45


Vincent van Gogh: reproduction of his painting of street scene in Arles

MOTTRAM: 12/4/46


Diane Wakoski: flyer for Wakoski's book, Greed (Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1968) with text of a poem

MOTTRAM: 12/4/47


Diane Wakoski: flyer for Wakoski's book, Smudging (Black Sparrow, Los Angeles, 1972) with text of a poem

MOTTRAM: 12/4/48


Brighton Festival: poster for 'Extended series' at Brighton Festival of Contemporary Art, Music, Poetry and Exhibitions, 1978, listing events including readings by Eric Mottram and Paul Evans

MOTTRAM: 12/4/49


Brighton Festival: poster for Independent Book Fair, 'an Extended Series Festival Event', Brighton, 1978

MOTTRAM: 12/4/50


Brighton Festival: poster for Brighton Festival, 21-28 Jul 1979

MOTTRAM: 12/4/51


Brighton Festival: poster for Brighton Festival, 21-28 Jul 1979, featuring listing of free events

MOTTRAM: 12/4/52


Brighton Festival: poster for Brighton Festival, 21-28 Jul 1979, featuring screen-time listing

MOTTRAM: 12/4/53


Brighton: poster promoting 'Performing the Word Events', workshops and readings at The Zap Club, Brighton, including Jeff Nuttall and Eric Mottram

MOTTRAM: 12/4/54


Pembroke College, Cambridge: reproduction of print of Pembroke Hall and College

MOTTRAM: 12/4/55


Durham University: poster for 'Beyond London' readings at Basil Bunting Poetry Centre, Durham University [1992], 3 copies

MOTTRAM: 12/4/56


Edinburgh, Scotland: poster for 'Poesis' exhibition, 23 Oct-19 Dec 1992

MOTTRAM: 12/4/57


The White Swan, London: poster for 'Future events', i.e. poetry readings, at The White Swan, including reading by Mottram, 1 Dec [1976]

MOTTRAM: 12/4/58


Arts Lab, Drury Lane: flyer for reading at Arts Lab, by Asa Benveniste and Stuart Montgomery

MOTTRAM: 12/4/59


Goldsmiths' College, London: poster and map for Exhibition by Art Education students at Goldsmiths' College, inscribed by Allen Fisher

MOTTRAM: 12/4/60


King's College London: poster for plays by David Mamet, Harold Pinter, Stephen Jeffrey, performed at King's College London

MOTTRAM: 12/4/61


The Roebuck, Tottenham Court Road, London: poster for experimental poetry and music performances at The Roebuck

MOTTRAM: 12/4/62


New York: reproduction of panorama of New Amsterdam with Manhatten [1655]

MOTTRAM: 12/4/63


Morden Tower, Newcastle: poster for Morden Tower reading by Bill Martin and Cynthia Fuller, 7 Feb 1992

MOTTRAM: 12/4/64


Aztec medicine: reproduction of manuscript painting of Aztec oral operation

MOTTRAM: 12/4/65


'Penguin Books': spoof poster for 'The Penguin Book of Geriatric Verse'

MOTTRAM: 12/4/66


Boston, Massachuestts: reproduction of tapestry detail showing Wild Man, from Boston Museum of Fine Arts

MOTTRAM: 12/4/67

Jun-Jul 1970

Merce Cunningham and Dance Company poster for performances across Europe with illustration by Jasper Johns (copyright 1968)

MOTTRAM: 12/5 Oriental Scrolls, [1945-1995]

MOTTRAM: 12/5/1


Oriental scroll with reproduction of portrait of 'Kwan Yin' (Goddess of Mercy), black on white, by rubbing technique

MOTTRAM: 12/5/2


Oriental scroll with original ink drawing of crabs and grasses

MOTTRAM: 12/5/3


Oriental scroll with reproduction of ink drawing of man riding deer, labelled 'Priest Sengai'

MOTTRAM: 12/5/4


Oriental scroll with original painting of throned emperor

MOTTRAM: 12/5/5


Oriental scroll with reproduction of scene of two riderless horses galloping side by side, black on white, by rubbing technique

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