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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Promotional material, 1965-1995

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MOTTRAM: 11/1 Flyers for literary events, primarily poetry readings, featuring Mottram, with some administrative correspondence and contracts, 1965-1992



Flyers for literary events, primarily poetry readings, featuring Mottram, with some administrative correspondence and contracts, including: details of Writers Workshops at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London), 1965; note of payment from the BBC (British Broadcating Corporation), dated 24 Mar 1969, for participation in programme 'The arts this week'; brochure on 'The Poet's Lifestyle: a poetry seminar' 1972; schedule of events at conference on Herman Melville, at United States Embassy, 10-11 May 1974; details of Cambridge Poetry festival, 1975; invitation to tutor at Arvon Foundation, Hebden Bridge, 1976, with informational sheet; contract and flier for Brighton Contemporary Festival of Arts, 1977; invitation from Bob Cobbing to Writers Forum's 250th publication, the launch of Mottram's Precipice of Fishes (1979); letter of thanks, 8 Oct 1980, for talk at National Book League; correspondence and information from the Ilkley Literature Festival, about Mottram's performance there in 1982; correspondence from Tim Gluckman, 1982, about Mottram's participation in 'Dial-A-Poem Northwest'; Note from Village Voice, 15 May 1984 about Mottram reading in New York; invitation to a Poetry Party in honour of Mottram, 27 Jul 1984, New York, 4 copies; correspondence from Edward Larnissy, Warwick University, about poetry reading for Mottram at Leamington Spa, 1985, and Mottram's manuscript list of items to read; letter from Pig Press, Jan 1986, with details of Basil Bunting commemoration; photocopied circular letter, 31 May 1988, from T. Wignesan, seeking Mottram's participation in 'Premier Colloque International de Poietique'; photocopies of poems by Mottram endorsed 'read by Wignesan in Paris'; manuscript letter from Gilbert Adair, 28 Jun 1988, inviting Mottram to open Sub-voicive reading series; flyer, letter of invitation and Mottram's manuscript list of poems to be read, for the Shakespeare & Company Bookstore, Paris, benefit reading, Waterstones, Covent Garden, 1990; notice of poetry reading series, 1990, at Torriano Poetry, Kentish Town, including one by Mottram, with manuscript note from organiser, John Rety, on reverse; letter of thanks, 22 Feb 1991, for contributing to educational side of exhibition 'The drawings of Jasper Johns'; correspondence 1991-1992 on Walt Whitman event in Coimbra, Portugal; letter from the John Blair Film Company, 5 Aug 1992, inviting Mottram to participate in a television programme called 'The art of tripping', with a list of subsequent shots featuring Mottram; Mottram background notes on drugs and creativity, including a compact bibliography on a message pad; undated note from BBC (British Broadcasting Company) reminding Mottram of time of broadcast of programme 'The beat goes on' to which he contributed; undated manuscript letter from Connie Pickard thanking Mottram for participating in local reading; undated schedule of events at 'Taboo' festival, Brighton, with Mottram manuscript notes on contents of talks; undated notice for benefit reading for Talus magazine byAllen Fisher, Eric Mottram, Wendy Mulford and Iain Sinclair at Polytechnic of Central London, 2 copies; undated flier for series of readings at Zap Club, Brighton, including one by Mottram and Jeff Nuttall; notice for undated reading by Mottram and others at Pentameters, Hampstead, 4 copies; undated flyer and correspondence from 'London Calling' about reading by Mottram is series at Old Red Lion, Islington; undated notice of Mottram poetry reading and lecture 'Contemporary British poetry 1960 to the present', at New York; undated correspondence about reading in Bristol; correspondence and promotional material relating to Mottram's'Poetry Forum' at the Cambridge Poetry Festival, 1975

MOTTRAM: 11/2 Notices of events (literary, non-academic) not directly involving Mottram, 1967-1995



Notices of events (literary, non-academic) not directly involving Mottram, including: 'Poetry in motion' promotional booklet, including pages on Tom Pickard and Jeff Muttall, 1967; invitation, Aug 1968 to attend a celebration of new publications by Lucy and Richard Kostelanetz; duplicated circular letter, 28 Oct 1969, from Jim Haynes of the Arts Laboratory, serving as a newsletter; manuscript letter, 29 Apr 1969 from James Greene, inviting Mottram to a party at Kingsley Hall 'self-governing community'; spirit duplicator notice for performance of 'The Pyramid ... a multi-media extravanganza', Ravenna High School and Brown Junior High School, Ohio, 26-27 Sep 1970; invitation, Nov 1971 to view work by Michael Ginsborg, Derek Jarman and Peter Logan, with readings, at Bankside, London; duplicated newsletter sheet from Jim Haynes, 1971, with added manuscript note to Mottram, seeking co-operation in tape cassette project; Allington Castle, Maidstone, brochure of events, 1972, with typescript letter from Robert Coover inviting Mottram to Stanley Elkin reading; notice of talk by Paolo Soleri 'on arcology' at American Embassy Auditorium, 13 Nov 1972, with sheet of 'Program notes'; stick of edible rock promoting exhibition of concrete poetry at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, 1972, in original wrapper and postal tube; invitation to book signing and reading by Bobbie Louise Hawkins at Turret Bookshop (Bernard Stone), 1986; notice of benefit reading for Talus, 23 Oct (1987), at Kentish Town; notice of reading by Elaine Randell and Ken Edwards at Rasp (London), 3 Apr 1987, printing a short poem by each author; invitation to attend launch of North & South anthology on Louis Zukofsky, 2 Nov 1988; flyers for readings by Allen Fisher at Subvoicive, 21 Jun 1988, and by Frances Presley and Elaine Randell, undated; flyer for Writers Forum celebrating 25 years of publishing, 11 Jun 1988, with card noting reading by Hazel Smith at Subvoicive, 7 Jun; report of '25 years of writing' event, Essex University, 1990; notice of 'Devil's chaffeur' events, New York, 1991; publicity and booking form for 1991 Poets & Small Press Convention in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; brochure of Museum of the Moving Image, 1993, listing events celebrating Georges Méliès; brochure of small press exhibition at South Bank, Interaction & overlap, 1994, with separate list of exhibits, receipt for books purchased, and sample of publisher's wrapping paper; notice of book signings and readings at Bernard Stone's Turret Bookshop, London, April 1994, with brochure on the Spanish Arts Festival, London, Apr 1994; notice of 'workfortheeyetodo' exhibition, West Ferry, London, 1994; invitation to view work by Bill Culbert and Simon Cutts, Oct 1994 ; notice of Fourth Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry, 22-24 Apr 1994, New Year card, 1995, celebrating 'Sound & Language' (Cris Cheek, Sianed Jones, Osian Tam); notice of book-launch, Stress management (Boldface Press) by Tony Lopez at Compendium Bookshop, London, 19 Jan 1995; notice of ALP (Association of Little Presses) bookfair at Hampstead, 15 Jan 1995; undated notice of series of readings titled, 'Voices at Curfew' i.e. 'exiled and banned artists from three continents'; series of flyers for Writers Forum workshops; invitation to booklaunch, The red fez: art and spirit possession in Africa by Fritz Kramer, at Compendium Bookshop, London, undated; flyers for Sub Voicive readings series in London, including undated notices of reading by Adrian Clarke, James Sherry and David Bromige, and 'Predictions for the Nineties' (Cris Cheek); photograph of event ('surgical séance') featuring Iain Sinclair, with Mottram, Allen Fisher and Paul Brown also visible, undated

MOTTRAM: 11/3 Promotional material from little press and commercial publishers, with some associated documents and letters, 1965-1995



Promotional material from little press and commercial publishers, with some associated documents and letters including: flyer for new magazine Residu from Athens, 1965, 'The new review of hip thought writing & art'; Catalogues, 1976, 1977 from Marion Boyars, publisher; undated flyer for North & South publication, What Country by Lisa Raphals; advertising sheet for Atelier Papers, a new weekly in New York, 1965; promotional letter for new magazine from Rochdale College, Toronto, 1968; Coach House Press (Toronto) Newsletter, July 1974, with photo of William Burroughs; leaflet advertising the launch of Alcheringa, 'a first magazine of the world's tribal poetries', Boston, 1975; Hanuman Books, New York, Catalogue, 1982, including backstock; pamphlet advertising Exquisite Corpse: a monthly of books and ideas, published at Baltimore University, 1983; advertising sheet for Acts: a journal of new writing from the College of California, San Francisco, 1985; booklist from Burning Deck Books, Rhode Island, 1985-1986; promotional material from Red Hill Press, Fairfax, California, 1987; Catalogue from Agenda, London, 1988; flyer for Reality Studios vol. 10, ed Ken Edwards, London 1988; Catalogue from Rivelin Grapheme Press, Hungerford, Berkshire, 1988; flyer for New Left Review, 1988; City Lights Publications, San Francisco: two catalogues for 1988, one mail order catalogue, two rare book catalogues, and a map postcard; City Lights Publishers, San Francisco, Catalogue fall 1994-winter 1995; flyer for magazine Active in Airtime, Colchestser, Essex, 1992; Amra Imprint (Bill Griffiths) booklist, 1994; undated flyer for Neon poems by Charles Plymell, (Atom Mind Publications, New York); Catalogue from Full Court Press, New York, undated; New Year Card from The Eighth Street Bookshop, Greenwich Village, New York, with typescript letter, undated; Catalogue from Singing Horse Press, Pennsylvania, undated, 2 copies; typescript letter from Virago Press, 17 Jan 1986, acknowledging Mottram's 'words of encouragement'; typescript letter, 25 Oct 1968, from Margaret Randall, Mexico City, enclosing plea for funds for magazine El Corno Emplumado; typescript letter, 14 Aug 1972, from Tim Longville of Grosseteste Review on magazine's finances; brief printed and manuscript note from Cavan McCarthy of Location Press, not dated; undated typescript letter from Jim Pennington of Aloes Books

MOTTRAM: 11/4 Distributors' catalogues, with some associated documents and letters, 1966-1994

MOTTRAM: 11/4/1


Albion Village (Iain Sinclair, London): thirty-one catalogues, 1981-1991, covering modern poetry and fiction; two invoices and one manuscript postcard, 13 Oct 1988

MOTTRAM: 11/4/2


Compendium and Duck Soup (Nick Kimberley, London): brochure commemorating the first 25 years of Compendium Bookshop, 1968-1993; catalogues and promotional sheets from Compendium Books, 1972-1994; letters, mainly from Kimberley personally to Mottram, 1971-1982, including invoices and receipts; catalogues, promotional sheets, letters and invoices from Kimberley at Burleigh Parade, London, 1979-1980 and from Kimberley as Duck Soup, 1981-1983

MOTTRAM: 11/4/3


Oriel Bookshop (Peter Finch, Cardiff): promotional material for poetry publications, books of Welsh and Anglo-Welsh interest, spoken words records, and flyers for bookfairs

MOTTRAM: 11/4/4


The Poetry Bookshop (Alan Halsey, Hay-on-Wye): duplicator-printed catalogue, 1980, by Anne Stevenson and Michael Farley, Halsey's predecessors at The Poetry Bookshop; thirty-four duplicator-printed catalogues, by Halsey, 1980-1988; addenda to catalogues and some unnumbered catalogues, A4 size, 1980-1984; six offset-litho printed catalogues, 1988-1993; manuscript letters and invoices from Halsey to Mottram, 1980-1984

MOTTRAM: 11/4/5


Peter Riley Books (Peter Riley, Cambridge): sixteen catalogues, 1983-1994; seven notes and cards, Riley to Mottram, 1983-1989

MOTTRAM: 11/4/6


Spectacular Diseases (Paul Green, Peterborough): catalogues and flyers for Spectacular Diseases publications, and for other UK little presses and 'imported poetry and poetry related material', with some invoices, 1983-1994

MOTTRAM: 11/4/7


Turret Books (Bernard Stone, London): catalogue of 'Four modern poets: Anselm Hollo, Edward Lucie-Smith, George Macbeth, Jeff Nuttall', 1966; two typescript letters, Stone to Mottram, 1973, 1977, with presentation cards; typescript letter, 6 Feb 1989, Stone to Mottram, enclosing lists of archive material available from Miles, including collections on Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Wilhelm Reich and of photographs of William Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 11/4/8


L. A. Wallrich Books (Larry Wallrich, London, then after 1975, Toronto): ten literary catalogues [1970]-1980; typescript letter, 10 Dec 1969, Wallrich to Mottram

MOTTRAM: 11/4/9


Promotional material from various book distributors, including items from: Jim Lowell of The Asphodel Book Shop, Cleveland, Ohio, with some letters to Mottram; receipts, detailing titles purchased, from Eighth Street Bookshop, New York, 1971; material from I. Binnie, Islington, London, Covent Garden Bookshop, London, Daedalus, Hoogstraten Archive, Segue Distribution and others

MOTTRAM: 11/4/10


Promotional material from various book distributors including items from: Andrews Sclanders, London, on psychedelics and Timothy Leary; Robert Temple, London; Paul Brown, London; further material from Asphodel Bookshop, Cleveland; and Sand Dollar Books, Berkeley

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