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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Notes and newspaper cuttings by topic, 1945-1995

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MOTTRAM: 10/1/1-24 Press cuttings, catalogues, invitations and other items relating to art

MOTTRAM: 10/1/1


Press cuttings relating to US art historian Bernard Berenson, including: 'A sage with a view', by Stuart Preston, The New York Times Book Review, 1962; reviews of Sunset and twilight by Eric Newton, in The New York Times Book Review, 1963, and by Philip Toynbee in The Observer, 1964; review of The selected letters of Bernard Berenson, by Derek Patmore, in The New York Times Book Review, 1964.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/2


Pamphlets and other items relating to British artist Ian Breakwell, including: 'Diary extracts, 1968 – 1976', 1977; 'Continuous diary and related works, 1965-1978: circus 1978', published by the Scottish Arts Council, 1978; 'Fiction texts, 1966-1978', published by the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, 1978; 'Selected biography', c 1980; 'Monologues and dialogues', published by Carlisle Museum and Art Gallery, 1981; undated typescript, 'The artist's dream'; invitations to exhibitions in the UK, 1981-1988.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/3


Items relating to visual poetry and mail art, including: a pamphlet, 'Cavpo 67: BroIAC: Mar', relating to an exhibition of 'typescracts' and other concrete poems by Cavan McCarthy, Bristol Arts Centre, March 1967; a hand-folded book, 'Arlington Quadro', relating to a 1968 exhibition of British and Portuguese poetry and related works, with contributors including Simon Cutts, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Edwin Morgan and Tom Phillips; a catalogue, 'sound texts - ? concrete poetry, visual texts', for an exhibition, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1971, with an introduction by Bob Cobbing; mail art, 'don't be afraid ok?', posted to Eric Mottram from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1972; undated mail art sent to Mottram, possibly from Baltimore, USA, featuring unconnected printed images.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/4

1973 Apr-Dec

Mail art pieces consisting of 'made' postcards and other paper works, sent to Eric Mottram by 'Pauline' in 1973, including: a card, 13 April; an envelope of works on tissue paper, 18 June; a hand-painted work in black, 'Listen to me', 28 Oct; a photocopy of 'Chelsea News' stamped 'Adolf Hitler fan club', 7 November; a postcard stamped 'Lost marbles dump', 24 November; a postcard, 9 December, with additional glued items (fragile).

MOTTRAM: 10/1/5


Mail art works and other items, including: four 'made' postcards sent to Eric Mottram by musician, poet and performance artist Genesis P Orridge, May-June 1973; a hand-printed letter from Orridge to Mottram, May 1973; a chain letter, including names and addresses, c 1974; an envelope containing toilet paper stamped 'waste art/want art' (fragile), 1975; a booklet, 'Script images: investigations into writing and language', by Michael Gibbs, Servie Janssen, Rod Summers and Jenne van Eeghen, Netherlands, 1974.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/6


Exhibition catalogues and press cuttings relating to modern art, including: catalogue (in Italian) for an exhibition of contemporary art, Davanzati Palace, Florence, Italy, 1949 (fragile); catalogues for exhibitions of works by British artist William Scott, at the Martha Jackson Gallery, New York, 1962, the Tate Gallery, London, 1972, and the Martha Jackson Gallery, 1973, with a list of exhibits for an exhibition at the Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, USA, 1992; a book, Art in progress: Alan Davie, by Michael Horovitz (Methuen, 1963); catalogue for an exhibition of the works of German artist George Grosz, 1963; catalogue (in Dutch) for an exhibition of works by Chilean artist Roberto Matta, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1964; New Statesman article, 1965, on an exhibition of works by Josef Albers, Gimpel Fils Gallery, London.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/7


Exhibition catalogues, press cuttings and other items relating to modern art, including: catalogue for a USA touring exhibition, 'the Washington color painters', 1965-1966; details of an exhibition of work by American artist Morris Louis, Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York, 1966; undated article by John Richardson on the Surrealist movement; invitation to the opening of an exhibition of works by American artist Kenneth Noland, Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York, 1966; manuscript letter to Eric Mottram from American Beat poet and artist Jack Micheline, July 1966, requesting money for a painting sold to Mottram; articles by John Perreault published in The Village Voice, 1967, on exhibitions by Paul Harris, Pannagiotis 'Takis' Vassilakis, Les Levine and Willem de Kooning; Observer review by Mary Holland, of an exhibition of works by Roy Lichtenstein, Tate Gallery, London, 1967.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/8


Exhibition catalogues, press cuttings and other material relating to modern art, including: a Time magazine article on Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely, 1970; an original artwork by Ed Schlossberg, 1974, with a note to Mottram; a typescript letter to Eric Mottram from Barbara Putt, Director of the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, 1976, with a catalogue to the gallery's exhibition, 'an honest patron: a tribute to Sir Edward Marsh'; catalogue for an exhibition at the Carlisle Museum and Art Gallery, '1975-80: work about the North: for Wordsworth: for West Cumbria'.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/9


Catalogues, press cuttings, invitations and other items relating to contemporary art exhibitions, including: catalogue for an exhibition at Greenwich Theatre Gallery, London, 1980, with additional material on the Surrealist movement by John Lyle; invitation to an exhibition of work by Alan Rankle, 1982, with a note by Rankle stating that some pieces were inspired by Eric Mottram's A book of Herne, 1975-1981 (see also 10/1/10); leaflet for a course, 'Art, politics and the machine, 1914-1939', Liverpool University, 1984, with a manuscript letter from Mottram to course organiser Paul O'Keefe; invitation to a private view of work by British artist Stuart Reid, Vortex Gallery, London, 1986, with a manuscript letter to Mottram from the gallery co-founder Irving Kinnersley; photocopy letter (poor quality) from Mottram to British artist Ralph Steadman, 1986, with thanks for signed books and praise for Steadman's work; invitation to an exhibition of work by Paul Davie, Vortex Gallery, 1987; Time magazine article on the death of Andy Warhol, 1987; invitation to an exhibition at The Gallery by The Park, Nelson, Lancashire, 1988; manuscript notes by Mottram on Willem de Kooning's Collected writings, 1988; printed work by Peterjon Skelt, 'Drawings from the Camberwell book of hours', signed by Skelt to Mottram, 1989; personal invitation to Mottram from Scottish artist David Cook to an exhibition at Cleveland Bridge Gallery, Bath (undated); catalogue (undated) to an exhibition of work by Jim Bird, Kenneth Noland and Arthur Secunda at Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona, with an introduction by Nissa Torrents (a former PhD student of Mottram's).

MOTTRAM: 10/1/10


Notes, invitations, press cuttings and other items relating to contemporary art, including: invitation to a retrospective exhibition of the work of British artist Tom Philips at the Royal Academy London, 1992; Time magazine reviews, 1993, by art critic Robert Hughes of French artist Jean Dubuffet and of Handpainted pop: American art in transition, 1955-1962; Time articles by Robert Hughes on American artist Robert Ryman and Spanish artist Joan Miro, 1993; leaflet for a National Portrait Gallery conference, 1993, that included talks by Eric Mottram on American artist Thomas Eakins and on American art in the twentieth century; catalogue for a Royal Academy exhibition, 'American art in the 20th century: paintings and sculpture', 1993; manuscript notes (7pp) by Mottram on US/English artist R B Kitaj (Ronald Brooks Kitaj), 1994; catalogue for an exhibition of work by Alan Rankle at Southampton City Art Gallery, 1993, with brochures concerning other Rankle works, and a letter from Rankle to Mottram, 1994, referring to possible future collaboration (see also 10/1/9).

MOTTRAM: 10/1/11


Invitations to exhibitions by contemporary artists, including: David Taborn at the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, 1981; Ian Breakwell at the Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London, 1985; John Davidson at the Vortex Gallery, London [1988]; Summer Exhibition, Gallery by The Park, Nelson, Lancashire, 1988; Robert D Clark, Woodland Art Gallery, London [1989]; an exhibition of computer art, 'No touch, no smell no mess', Gallery Downstairs, Burnley [1989]; Mary Boochever at John Havelda Pictures, New York, 1994 Bill Culbert and Simon Cutts at Workfortheeyetodo, London, 1994. Also postcards of works by modern and contemporary artists, mostly undated, including: Graham Sutherland, Herb Burke (with a note to Mottram from Burke, 1977), Ralph Steadman, Alan Halsey (sent to Mottram by Halsey, 1985 and 1990), Francis Picabia, Paul Klee, Mark Rothko, Stephen Buckley, Jasper Johns, Phil Shaw, Marcel Duchamp, Peterjon Skelt, Robert Rauschenberg, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Richard Hamilton and Henri Matisse.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/12


Writing on art by Eric Mottram and others, including: a book, Graham Sutherland, by Edward Sackville-West (London, Penguin, 1943); manuscript review (5pp) by Mottram of Feeling and form by Susanne K Langer, c 1953; brochure for an exhibition, 'Seven Indian painters in Europe', Gallery One, London, 1958; text relating to a Gregory Fellowship exhibition, ICA Gallery, London, 1958; New Yorker article (33pp) on American sculptor Richard Lippold, 1963; text of a talk, 'Auto-destructive art', given by Gustav Metzger at the Architectural Association, London, 1965, with additional annotations by Mottram; New York Times Book Review articles, 1965, on American art; a book, Flypaper, by Norman Ogue Mustill, 1967.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/13


Writing about art, including: New York Times article by art critic John Canaday, 'What do you mean you're against Order?', 1970; a booklet produced by the State University of New York at Buffalo, 'East Island petroglyphic art', c 1978; typescript article by Eric Mottram, 'Tom Hines on Kandinsky', 1974; an article (9pp) by Toni del Renzio, 'Robert Cottingham: the capers of the signscape', published in Art and artists, 1975; article (in French, 5pp) by Sabine Wolf and Michel Giroud, 'Raoul Housmann: Dadasophe', published in Art Paris, 1975; leaflet for a performance by Filipino artist David Medalla, 'Tatlin at the funeral of Malevitch', at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, 1976; an offprint article (9pp), 'The "White writing" of Mark Tobey', by John Russell, originally printed in Dialogue, 1977; catalogue (in Italian, 54pp) to the 1978 Venice Biennale exhibition; an article (49pp) on Jackson Pollack, published in Arts magazine, 1979, with annotations by Mottram; press cutting, undated, on city wall art.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/14


Press cuttings and other material relating to modern and contemporary art, including: Time magazine article by Robert Hughes on Pablo Picasso, 1980; booklet (24pp), 'Marcel Duchamp's travelling box', 1982; guide (105pp) to New York art galleries, 1984; article (16pp) by Kay Larson, 'MOMA unveils its treasures', published in New York magazine, 1984; leaflet for an exhibition of work by German American artist Konrad Cramer, Whitney Museum of American Art, 1984; catalogue and July/August 1984 calendar for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, USA; Time magazine article, 'The urban poet as scavenger: Kurt Schwitters' collages receive a long-overdue retrospective', 1985; London Transport poster (3 copies), 1987, originally designed in 1938 by Graham Sutherland; New Statesman article critical of the administration of the Tate Gallery, 1987, annotated by Eric Mottram; text of a lecture (6pp) on Mark Rothko by Chris Brookman, given at the Tate, 1987, with inscription to Mottram from Brookman; CV for stained glass artist Ruth Adams, with an invitation to an exhibition of her work, and a note from Adams to Mottram, 1988; invitation to an Autumn Exhibition, Gallery by The Park, Nelson, Lancashire, 1988; letter to Mottram from Robert Bank, Director of Gallery by The Park, enclosing illustrations and information about the work of David Cook, 1988; invitation to an exhibition of David Cook's work, Linton Court Gallery, Settle, North Yorkshire, 1991, with a thank you note to Mottram from Cook for having bought a drawing.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/15


Press cuttings, exhibition invitations and other items relating to modern and contemporary art, including: article (12pp) by Julie Markus, 'The legacy of Andy Warhol', published in Dialogue, 1989; invitation to an exhibition of work by Sylvia Guirey and John Lancaster at the Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London, 1989; catalogue (20pp) and invitation for an exhibition of lithographs by Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka at the Marlborough Gallery, London, 1990; invitation to an exhibition of work by American artist Alfred Cohen, Battle, Sussex, 1991; invitation to an exhibition of work by American artist and writer William Burroughs and by British artist Gerald Wilde; articles from The Independent on US/English artist R B Kitaj (Ronald Brooks Kitaj), 1994.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/16


Letters and notes from American artist Raymond Goerig to Eric Mottram, including: a Christmas card illustrated by Goerig, 1976; brief note from Goerig, Ohio, 1977; an illustrated note (2pp), 1978; three illustrated letters from Goerig in Togo, West Africa, 1979-1981; typescript letter from Goerig in Seattle, USA, 1985; postcard relating to an exhibition of works by Goerig and other artists, 'Art gang, with lost architects', 1985.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/17


Typescript draft book (c 290pp), 'The selected art writings of James Schuyler', edited by Simon Pettet, with a title page inscription by Pettet to Eric Mottram, 1990 (subsequently published by Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa, California, 1998).

MOTTRAM: 10/1/18


Catalogue (207pp) for a Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) exhibition, 'Information', New York, 1970. Also a catalogue (141pp, in French) for an exhibition of the work of Juan Gris, Paris, 1974, with 8 postcards of Gris' works, and an article on Gris by art critic Robert Hughes, published in Time magazine, 1974.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/19


Catalogues, articles, invitations and other items relating to modern and contemporary art, including: a catalogue (60pp) for an Arts Council exhibition of works by US/English artist R B Kitaj (Ronald Brooks Kitaj), 1976; invitation to an exhibition, 'Cold societies', at Leeds Polytechnic, including work by British sculptor Rod Tye, 1981; an essay (5pp) on Kitaj by American poet and art critic John Ashbery, 'Hunger and love', published in Art in America, 1982; offprint article (12pp), 'Homage to Milton Avery', by Milton Kramer, published in  Dialogue, 1983; invitation to a symposium on Oskar Kokoschka, Tate Gallery, 1986; invitation to an exhibition of work by Rod Tye at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, 1984, with a note to Eric Mottram from Tye; invitation to an exhibition of Tye's work at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 1986; article by critic Brian Sewell on German art, published in Artscribe, 1986; invitation, leaflet and postcards relating to an exhibition of work by Mark Rothko, Tate Gallery, London, 1987; Christmas card from Rod Tye to Mottram, undated.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/20


Letters, invitations and catalogues relating to Peter Donnelly (cover illustrator for some of Eric Mottram's books of poetry), including: four letters from Donnelly to Mottram, 1965-1966; catalogue and invitation for an exhibition of Donnelly's work, Drian Gallery, London, 1967; invitation to an exhibition of work by Donnelly at University College London (UCL), 1973; catalogue (16pp, in Spanish) for a Donnelly exhibition (location unknown), 1987; list of Donnelly paintings exhibited at the Architectural Association, undated.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/21


Letters and other items relating to Timothy Emlyn Jones (illustrator of Eric Mottram's Hyderabad depositions, 1997), and to the Gallery by The Park, including: invitation to an exhibition of work by Jones at Sunderland Arts Centre [1984]; manuscript letter from Jones to Mottram, 1984, including reference to the possible publication of a little magazine, to involve Jones, Mottram, Jeff Nuttall and Robert Bank; invitation to an exhibition of Jones' work, 'Intimate images', at Lancashire Polytechnic Arts Centre, Preston, 1985; a list of Jones' exhibitions, installations, performances and publications; letter to Mottram, 1980, from Robert Bank, head of the Gallery by The Park, Nelson, Lancashire, including reference to Bank's publication of Mottram's The legal poems; invitations to exhibitions at the gallery, 1986-1987; text for an exhibition, 'Mottram's mates', 1987, of works by Jeff Nuttall, Peter Donnelly, Allen Fisher and Rod Tye, with a manuscript draft speech [by Bank] praising Mottram's support for British artists; letter from Bank to Mottram, 1987, relating to the transport of two works recently purchased by Mottram.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/22


Items relating to medieval art, including: postcards of early books held in Hereford Cathedral Library; a colouring book (unused), of designs based on medieval calligraphy, 1970; brochures and postcards relating to stone work and woodwork in Exeter Cathedral, c 1980; article by L S Patterson, 'Stories in stone: carvings from the "Dark Ages"', c 1990; photocopy images (14pp) of runic objects found in England, undated.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/23


Notes by Eric Mottram, catalogues, press cuttings and postcards relating to pre-twentieth century art, including: catalogue (22pp) produced by the Arts Council, 1961, for an exhibition of work by Irish artist Francis Danby (1793-1861); catalogue for an exhibition, 'Four centuries of American masterpieces' at the Better Living Center, New York, 1964; catalogue for an exhibition of European drawings at the Guggenheim Museum, New York, 1966; manuscript notes (3pp) by Mottram on the work of Spanish artist Francisco Goya, c 1970; an article by critic Robert Hughes on an exhibition of Chinese ink paintings, New York, published in Time magazine, 1974; manuscript notes (4pp) by Mottram on Common landscape of America, 1580-1845, by John Stilgoe, 1983; manuscript notes (5pp) by Mottram, c 1985, on how the landscape of the USA has influenced artists; booklet (32pp), The Norwich school of painters, by Miklos Rajnai (Jarrolds Arts Series, 1985); a typescript bibliography of nineteenth century American landscape painters, 1988; invitation to an exhibition of Victorian and Edwardian painting at the Gallery by The Park, Nelson, Lancashire, 1989; leaflets for an exhibition, events and talks on 'The Romantic spirit in German art, 1790-1990', at the Haywood Gallery, London, 1994-1995; manuscript notes (3pp, incomplete) by Mottram, possibly on the paintings of Paul Cezanne, undated; postcards of works by artists including Winslow Homer, John Sell Cotman, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Pieter Bruegel and William Blake.

MOTTRAM: 10/1/24


Catalogues, press cuttings, postcards and other items relating to sculpture, including: an article by critic Calvin Tomkins on Swiss painter and sculptor Jean Tinguely, published in The New Yorker, 1962, with annotations by Eric Mottram; catalogue (36pp) produced by the Arts Council for an exhibition of work by American abstract expressionist sculptor David Smith at the Tate Gallery, 1966; catalogue (64pp) for an exhibition, 'British sculptures – attitudes to drawing', at the Sunderland Arts Centre, 1974; a folder of photographs of sculptures by Edward Kirkham and Rod Tye exhibited at Leeds Polytechnic Gallery, 1981, compiled for Mottram by Kirkham; catalogue for an exhibition of paintings by Paul Davie and sculpture by Jim Jack, at the Vortex Gallery, London, c 1986; an invitation and catalogue to an exhibition of work by David Tye at the Anna Bornholt Gallery, London, 1989.

MOTTRAM 10/2/1-68: African American and Indigenous American Studies

MOTTRAM: 10/2/1


Photocopy of essay, 'Black Orpheus', by Jean-Paul Sartre (originally published Paris, 1948 as the preface to an anthology of African and West Indian poets, edited by Leopold Sedar-Sengher), published in translation in the Massachusetts Review


MOTTRAM: 10/2/2

1970 Jan

Article published in Encounter magazine, 'Black culture and White America', by Marcus Cunliffe.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/3


Offprint article from Dialogue, Vol 9 no 4, 'A strong man's tragedy' by Eugene D Genovese, a review of Booker T Washington: the making of a black leader, 1856-1901 (OUP, 1975), by Louis R Harlan.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/4

1986 Nov

Offprint article, 'Frantz Fanon: a gospel for the dammed' by Aristide R Zalberg, originally printed in Encounter magazine.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/5


Photocopy of 'Harold Cruse: an interview' [by C W E Bigsby], transcript of an interview recorded 8 June 1969, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/6


Photocopy article, 'White standards and negro writing' by Richard Gilman.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/7


Press cuttings, chiefly of book reviews, including: article by Jake A Williams, 'Up from slavery' a review of six books on civil rights and participation in American life, [May] 1967; a review by Charles A Larson of Harlem Renaissance, by Nathan Irvin Huggins (OUP, 1971), published in The Nation ,15 Nov 1971; a review by Michael Specter of The harder we run: black workers since the Civil War, by William H Harris (OUP, 1982), published in The Nation, 17 Apr 1983; a review by Clayborne Carson of The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association papers (University of California Press, 1983, edited by Robert A Hill), from The Nation, 31 Mar 1984; a review by Ina Berlin of George Washington Williams: A biography, by John Hope Franklin (University of Chicago Press, 1985), published in the New York Times Book Review, 17 Nov 1985; 'Taking the measure of racism', an interview with Mark Mathabane, published in Time magazine, 12 Nov 1990.

MOTTTRAM: 10/2/8


Pressure Drop, a magazine on African American music.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/9

c 1970

Photocopy article, 'The White critic in a Black world', by C W E Bigsby [published in Negro American Literature Forum].


MOTTRAM: 10/2/11

c 1965

Draft manuscript text, 'The Negro collective fiction'.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/12


Photocopy article by Robert A Lee, 'Richard Wright's inside narratives', published in American fiction: new readings.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/13

1966 May

Offprint article, 'Marxism and the Negro revolt', by William Ash, published in Monthly Review.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/14


Offprint article, 'Revolutionary nationalism and the Afro-American', by Harold W Cruse, published in Studies on the Left, vol 2, no 3.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/15


Press cuttings, including: extract from an article about the Dominican Republic, published in The Realist, no 60, Jun 1965; article by C E Wilson, 'Black Power and the myth of Black racism', published in Liberation, Sep 1966; article, 'Black voices speak up', from Time magazine, 18 Dec 1978; review by Joel Kovel of The victims of democracy: Malcolm X and the Black revolution by Eugene Victor Wolfenstein (University of California Press, 1981), published in The Nation, 23 May 1981; review by John William Ward of William Hastie: grace under pressure by Gilbert Ware (OUP, 1984), from the New York Times Book Review, 10 Mar 1985; Time magazine article by Garry Wills, 1990, on Andrew Young's standing for election as Governor of Georgia.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/16

1970 April 29

Programme for a seminar at the University of East Anglia, 'The Black writer: Africa and America'.

3 copies

MOTTRAM: 10/2/17


Typescript letter, 3 Mar 1988, from Prof Alistair Hennessy to Eric Mottram enclosing two pamphlets published by the Centre for Caribbean Studies at the University of Warwick: 'Creative schizophrenia: the Caribbean cultural challenge', by Michael Gilles, 1986, and 'From the sugar estate to the suburbs: images of diversity and change in Indo-Caribbean fiction', by Jeremy Pointing (undated).

MOTTRAM: 10/2/18

1994 Oct

Pamphlet by Thomas Pettitt, 'The lion's part: some Afro-Elizabethan compatibilities' published by the Centre for American Studies, Odense University.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/19


Press cuttings, including: article from The Nation, 16 Jul 1973, by Ross Baker, 'Panthers outgrow their rhetoric'; article from The Nation, 18 Jan 1975, by J B Lieber, 'Gunfights in the graveyard:  Philadelphia's brotherly death'; article from Time magazine, 31 Oct 1988, on Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide, President of Haiti; an article from Time magazine, 1 Nov 1993, on legal proceedings following the 1992 Los Angeles race riots.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/20


Press cuttings, including: article by Alexander Cockburn on US involvement in Haiti, published in New Statesman, 23 Sep 1991; article by Richard Lacayo in Time magazine, 18 May 1992, on the Los Angeles riots; article by Paul Sieveking on voodoo in West Africa, published in New Statesman, 23 Sep 1994.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/21

1993 Dec

Pamphlet by Helle Potsdam, 'The Black experience and the law: promising alchemical reaction or dangerous trap?', published by the Centre for American Studies, Odense University, Denmark.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/22

1965 Mar 11-25

Scripts for a three-part radio documentary series, 'The Negro in America: ten years of integration', made by D G Bridson, originally broadcast on the BBC Home Service, 1965.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/23


Press cuttings, including articles in Time and New Statesman, May 1992, on the trial of Los Angeles Police Department officers for the assault of Rodney King, and articles on the race riots that ensued.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/24

1992 May 28

Brief Guardian article concerning fundraising to rebuild the Market Hall Clock, Birmingham, which had formerly included figures of a Saracen and a Crusader.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/25


Notes by Eric Mottram on books by Frederick Douglass relating to crime and punishment in the southern states of the US.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/26


Photocopy transcript from a hearing by The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in San Francisco, 13 May 1960 (at which a student protest was violently quelled by police).  The transcript was used in a KPFA radio documentary, 11 Jun 1960.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/27

1963 May

Photocopy transcript, 'Freedom Now', on campaigning for racial equality in Birmingham, Alabama and New York City, broadcast by Pacifica Radio.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/28

1983 Nov 26

Article published in The Nation, 'Black Power in the age of [Jesse] Jackson', by Andrew Kopkind.

2 copies

MOTTRAM: 10/2/29

1984 April

Article published in The Nation, 'The other side of the rainbow', by Paul Berman, on Jesse Jackson, with photocopy letters published in response.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/30

1986 Nov 1

Programme for a study day at the Polytechnic of Central London, on 'Themes in Afro-American history and culture'.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/31


Offprint from American Studies', vol 3, no 2, 'Race, class and power: the New York decentralization controversy', by Louis Kushnick (University of Manchester, 1969), annotated 'To Eric, with best regards', by Kushnick.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/32


Press cuttings on African Americans, including: 'The untogether peoples: separate but gilded', by Clarence Funnye, published in The Village Voice, 26 Sept 1968; article, 'Turn-around and integration', Time magazine, 9 Mar 1970;  special edition of Time magazine, on 'Black America 1970', published 6 Apr 1970; article, 'Historians and Black families' by Ira Berlin, The Nation, 18 Mar 1978; article, 'Why didn't slaves rebel?' by Winthrop D Jordan, New York Review, 17 Apr 1979; article 'Beyond the Race-Class Dilemma', by Manning Marable, from The Nation, 11 Apr 1981.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/33


Press cuttings, including: an article, 'Looking for lightning (1): a blues odyssey' by Grover Lewis, published in The Nation, 9 Jan 1969; an article on painter Thomas Cole by Lawrence Alloway and an article, 'Black theatre in America', by Isaiah Sheffer, both published in The Nation, 25 August 1969; an article, 'Remember reggae?', by George de Stefano, The Nation, 26 Jan 1985.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/34


Press cuttings, including: obituaries for American civil rights activist and historian William Edward Burghardt Du Bois (W E B Du Bois), Aug and Sep 1963; Ramparts magazine review, Nov 1967, of The man who cried who I am (Little, Brown, 1967), by John A Williams; Times review by Richard Boston of Soul on ice (Dell, 1968) by Eldridge Cleaver; article, 'The action everywhere the black man goes' (on black American writers in Paris, France) by Herbert Lottman, published in The New York Times Book Review, 21 Apr 1968; review by Jack Newfield of Eldridge Cleaver, edited by Robert Schear, published in The Village Voice, 6 Mar 1969; Time magazine review, 11 Jul 1969, of Sons of darkness, sons of light (Little, Brown, 1969), by John A Williams; profile of comedian Eddie Murphy, 'The good little bad little boy', by Richard Corliss, published in Time magazine, 11 Jul 1983; article, 'They've gotta have us: Hollywood's black directors', by Karen Grigsby Bates, published in the Guardian, 27 Jul 1991.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/35


Press cuttings chiefly relating to Native Americans (Indigenous Americans, American Indians), including: reviews, 1960, of Apologies to the Iroquois by Edmund Wilson (W H Allen, 1960); review by Jim Brosnan of two books on baseball, The high hard one by Kirby Higbe (Viking Press, 1967) and The education of a baseball player, by Mickey Mantle (Simon & Schuster, 1967), published in The New York Times Book Review, 1 Oct 1967; article on the American West by Hal Bridges, published in The New York Times Book Review, 17 Aug 1968; article by Richard Arens on the persecution of the indigenous Ache people of Paraguay, published in The Nation, 24 Sept 1973; article on legal proceedings following the occupation of the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, by members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), published in Time Out, May 1974; article on the Mohawk occupation of a site in New York state, published in Time magazine, 23 Dec 1974; review by Jerry Muskrat of Fire and the spirit: Cherokee law from clan to court, by Rennard Strickland (University of Oklahoma Press, 1975), published in The Nation, 13 Sept 1975; article, 'The battle of Yellow Thunder', by John Stokdyk, published in New Statesman, 26 Nov 1982.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/36

1979 Mar

Promotional leaflet for a performance and video by Allen de Loach on his experience of living with the Hopi Indians, shown at the Union Gallery, San Hose State University, California, 26 Mar 1979.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/37


Illustrated promotional leaflet for People of the sacred mountain: a history of the northern Cheyenne chiefs and warrior societies, 1830-1879 by Peter J Powell (Harper & Row, 1981).

MOTTRAM: 10/2/38

1968 July

Programme for a play by Arthur Kopit, Indians, performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) at the Aldwych Theatre, London, in a season of new American plays.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/39

[1975] – 1986

Pamphlets and leaflets relating to USA national parks and tourist sites, including: a pamphlet, 'The American Indian', produced by the US Information Service; guide to the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona; guide to the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado; guide to the Chaco Canyon, New Mexico; booklet on the Lava Flow Trail, Arizona; postcard of the Germany Valley, West Virginia, 1986.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/40


Guides to the Wupatki National Monument and the Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona, USA.  Five copies (no.s 2-6) of 'The American Indian Catalogue', produced by the Public House Bookshop, Brighton, Sussex, 1980-1983.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/41

1973 Jan

Article, 'Contemporary Indian art' by William Dunn, on the work of Native American artists Fritz Scholder (1937-2005) and Tommy Wayne Cannon (T C Cannon, 1946-1978).


MOTTRAM: 10/2/42


Programme for a study day at the Institute of United States Studies, University of London, 7 Mar 1986, 'Culture brokers in the history of Indian/White relations'.  Manuscript notes (2pp) by Eric Mottram on the film The Wind River Reservation: home of the eastern Shoshome and northern Arapaho (1983), and a reading list on Native American subjects compiled for a Polytechnic of Central London study day, 'Themes in Native American culture and history', 4 Oct 1986.  Also photocopy notes on an exhibition at the Museum of Mankind, Burlington Gardens, London, on North American Indians.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/43


Press cuttings, including: Life magazine article, 'Indians!', 11 Dec 1967; copy article, 'The world of Jaime de Angulo' [an anthropologist who studied the Pit River Indians, California], by Warwick Bray, published in Nezahualcoyotl News, Vol 1, no 1, 1979 (sent to Mottram by Allen Fisher); article, 'Chronicler of a dying race' by A T Baker, on the painter George Catlin, published in Time magazine, 1981; article, 'Wind River's lost generation', by Dan Goodgame, concerning suicides on a Native American reservation, Wyoming, published in Time magazine, 21 Oct 1985; copy article, 'Finding the earliest Americans' by Warwick Bray, published in Nature, Vol 321, 18 Jun 1986 (sent by Allen Fisher); article by Michael Riley on the relocation of the Navajo, 'Bury my heart at Big Mountain', published in Time magazine, 7 Jul 1986.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/44

1988 Mar 19, 1993 Feb 15

Two press cuttings: 'Despairing Indians: looking to tradition to combat suicides' by Timothy Egan, published in New York Times, 19 Mar 1988, and 'I can't cry anymore' by Gavin Scott, on an indigenous Canadian community in Labrador with a high suicide rate, published in Time magazine, 15 Feb 1993.  Also a copy map of Native American villages in the 1760s.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/45

[c 1980]

Guides to US National Parks, notably the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. 

MOTTRAM: 10/2/46


Chaco Canyon: a study guide by Frank Lee Earley (possibly published by the Museum of New Mexico).


MOTTRAM: 10/2/47


Brochure, 'Rocky Mountains and Mesa Verde National Parks', published by National Parkways, Casper, Wyoming, USA.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/48


Pamphlets and maps relating to tourist sites in Wyoming and Colorado, including Mesa Verde National Park and Purgatory Resort.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/49


Large-format booklet, 'Rocky Mountain National Park' by Richard G Beidleman, with photographs by Ron Redfern.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/50


Pueblo Indian religious architecture by Patrick King (Salt Lake City, 1979).


MOTTRAM: 10/2/51

1985 Oct 30

Draft typescript article, 'Against the grain: oppositional ideology in Howard Fast's Freedom Road', 30pp, by Joshua and Cathy Silk, University of Reading (submitted to the Journal of American Studies), with manuscript covering letter to Eric Mottram from the authors.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/52


Photocopy article by Eric Mottram, 'Towards an alternative: the prose of LeRoi Jones', published in Black fiction: new studies in the Afro-American novel since 1945, edited by A Robert Lee, University of Kent.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/53


Manuscript notes (undated) on The souls of black folks by W E B Du Bois, 1905.  Also a 3pp article published Radio Times and further manuscript notes on a Channel 4 television documentary, Murder in Mississippi, broadcast 12 Dec 1991.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/54


Press cuttings, including: 'An oversupply of doubt', by Wilbur Wood, on the trial of Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P Newton, published in The Nation, 30 Sep 1968; 'Baraka's power is said to wane' by Joseph F Sullivan, on poet Amiri Baraka (1934-2014, also known as LeRoi Jones and Imamu Amear Baraka), published in New York Times, 23 Mar 1974; 'Genocide mumbo jumbo' by Jack E White, on fears of a secret genocide plot against African Americans, published in Time magazine, 22 Jan 1990; 'Two centuries of stereotypes' by Robert Hughes, on depictions of African Americans in art, published in Time magazine, 29 Jan 1990; 'Poor politics' by Alexander Cockburn, on the marginalisation of African Americans during US mid-term elections, published in New Statesmen & Society, 4 Nov 1994.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/55


Typescript notes by Eric Mottram on novels with African American themes: Brown girl, brownstones, by Paula Marshall (Random House, 1959); The cool world, by Warren Miller (Little, Brown & Co, 1959); The siege of Harlem, by Warren Miller (McGraw Hill Book Co, 1964); The messenger, by Charles Wright (Farrar Strauss, 1963); One hundred dollar misunderstanding, by Robert Gover (Grove Press, 1961); Night song by John Williams (FSC, 1961); A different drummer, by William Melvin Kelley (Doubleday, 1962); Nigger: an autobiography, by Dick Gregory (E P Dutton, 1964).

MOTTRAM: 10/2/56

1978 Apr

Article, 'Hurts, absurdities and violence: the contrary dimensions of Chester Hines', by A Robert Lee, University of Kent, published in the Journal of American Studies, vol 12, 16pp.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/57


Photocopy article by A Robert Lee, University of Kent, 'Making new: styles of innovation in the contemporary Black American novel', published in Black fiction: new studies in the Afro-American novel since 1945, edited by Lee (Vision Press, 1980).


MOTTRAM: 10/2/58

[c 1970]

Manuscript notes by Eric Mottram on Black American society.


MOTTRAM: 10/2/59


Typescript note from A Robert Lee to Eric Mottram, relating to African American literature.  Typescript notes by Mottram on African Americans in the early nineteenth century, with bibliographic references.


MOTTTRAM: 10/2/60


A leaflet produced by New York Public Library detailing publications relating to Africa.  Promotional leaflet for a series of lectures by poet Arna Bontemps, 'American negro history', given at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Feb 1966, and a list of Bontemps' publications.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/61


Press cuttings and offprint articles chiefly relating to US civil rights protests and race riots, including: Newsweek article on civil rights, 4 Feb 1963; article on the civil rights marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama USA, by the Rev James R McGraw, published in The Realist, May 1965; articles on freedom of the press published in Village Voice, 23 Dec 1965; article on Jean Paul Sartre's essay, 'Black Orpheus', published in Stand Magazine, Vol 5, no 4, c 1965; article, 'United front against state troopers' by Jonathan Steele, published The Guardian, 16 Mar 1965; article, 'The superiority of the Negro', by Herbert Aptheker, published in American Dialogue, Oct 1965; article, 'the Los Angeles riot', published in Time magazine, 20 Aug 1965.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/62


Press cuttings and offprint articles, including: 'Black farce, white lies', about African American sports personalities, by Stanley Diamond, published in Dissent, 1965; 'A four-letter word that hurts', on the use of the word 'race', by Morton H Fried, published in the Saturday Review, 2 Oct 1965; 'The Watts 'Manifesto' and the McCone Report' by Bayard Rustin, published in Commentary, 1966; 'The last steep ascent', by Martin Luther King Jr, published in The Nation, 14 Mar 1966; 'Mutual aid and the Negro', by John Slawson, published in Commentary, Apr 1966.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/63


Press cuttings including: 'The American Negro's new comedy act' by Louis E Lomax, published in Harper's Magazine, June 1961; 'New findings on the origin of race' by Carleton S Coon, published in Harper's Magazine, Dec 1962; 'From protest to politics: the future of the civil rights movement' by Bayard Rustin, published in Commentary, vol 39, no 2, Feb 1965; an article, 'Civil rights in the US, published in  Time Magazine, 19 Mar 1965; 'James Eastland: child of scorn' by Robert G Sherrill, published in The Nation, 4 Oct 1965; 'Riot as weapon: the language of Watts', by Stanley Sanders, published in The Nation, 20 Dec 1965.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/64


Press cuttings relating to the Black Panther movement, including cuttings on the trial of Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale, 1970.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/65

1980 May 19

Article on race riots in Miami, Florida USA, published in the Evening Standard, 1980.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/66

1965-1967, 1990

Published essay, 'The decline and fall of the "Spectacular" commodity-economy' on the aftermath of the 1965 Watts race riots in Los Angeles, California USA, produced by Frontier Press, 1965; pamphlet for an African studies programme at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, 1967; promotional leaflet for a book, Racism and anti-racism in American popular culture, by Catherine and John Silk (University of Manchester Press, 1990).

MOTTRAM: 10/2/67


Interview with author Rosa Guy, published in English Magazine (no date). Review of Edith Jackson by Rosa Guy (Gollancz, 1979), published in The Guardian, 24 Apr 1979.

MOTTRAM: 10/2/68


Photocopy article by James Leahy, 'Notes on the Navajo films', published in Film Form, 1977.


MOTTRAM: 10/3/1


Notes and cuttings about Comedy, unsorted, 1 box

MOTTRAM: 10/4/1-2


Notes and cuttings about Film, TV and Photography, unsorted, 2 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/5/1-4


Notes and cuttings about Human sciences, unsorted, 4 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/6/1-2


Notes and cuttings about Law, unsorted, 2 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/7/1-7


Notes and cuttings about Literature, unsorted, 7 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/8/1-2


Notes and cuttings about Music, unsorted, 2 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/9/1


Notes and cuttings about Philosophy, unsorted, 1 box

MOTTRAM: 10/10/1-2


Notes and cuttings about Politics, unsorted, 2 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/11/1-7


Notes and cuttings about Technology, unsorted, 7 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/12/1-2


Notes and cuttings about Theatre and Dance, unsorted, 2 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/13/1-2


Notes and cuttings about Travel, and Ethnic material, unsorted, 2 boxes

MOTTRAM: 10/14/1-130


Marker slips, some annotated by Mottram, removed from books in his collection, 1 box

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