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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Essays by subject; with associated material, 1947-1995

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MOTTRAM: 9/1 Mottram essays by subject: Art

MOTTRAM: 9/1/1-3


American art in 1950s and 1960s, for course at Pennsylvania, 1976: manuscript essays 'Towards 1941-Art intersections' and 'Revolution in art'; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources; newspaper cuttings, 1970-1971, including material on tribal masks

MOTTRAM: 9/1/4-6


American art: typescript and carbon of essay or talk 'Transformations: American arts in the 1950s'; manuscript draft and typescript of project on 'Twentieth-century US art', possibly a slide presentation; typescript essay headed 'Artists and pop artists', with some accompanying notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/1/7


Art, notation and poetry: Mottram manuscript essay, unheaded, but dealing with art, notation and poetry, pages 5-27 only

MOTTRAM: 9/1/8-11


Thomas Eakins (1844-1916, American artist): typescript of talk, opening 'Eakins' production years...'; correspondence and promotional material for the talk, at the University of Westminster, and at the National Portrait Gallery, London; Mottram's manuscript notes on Eakins' works and secondary works about Eakins; brochures on the Eakins exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London, 1993-1994

MOTTRAM: 9/1/12-16

1973, 1990-1991

Jasper Johns: Mottram manuscript draft, bibliography and typescript form of essay 'Jasper Johns and Post-War American Literature and Arts'; two typescript letters to Mottram form The South Bank Centre, 5 Nov 1990 and 10 Dec 1990, with contract of 3 Dec 1990, commissioning the talk on Johns for 22 Jan 1991; brochures and publicity material for the talk and the exhibition of Johns' work; newspaper cuttings and articles on Johns, 1973, 1977 and 1990; Mottram manuscript notes on Johns and the cultural background to his work

MOTTRAM: 9/1/17-19


David Jones: typescript letter dated 20 Feb 1991 from curator of Tenby Museum, seeking Mottram essay to accompany 'Our summer exhibition, "West Wales by a selection of modern masters"'-including David Jones. Enclosed are examples of flyers for previous exhibitions; two sets of manuscript notes on David Jones, prefatory to final article; typescript and carbon of article, 1995, on Jones beginning, 'The great British writer on art, Adrian Stokes...'

MOTTRAM: 9/1/20-23


Landscape 1, 19th century American landscape painting: manuscript essay 'The dark imagination'; typescript and manuscript essay 'American landscape painters'; manuscript essay '19th century American landscape painting: Inheritance'; manuscript notes on 'Luminism', on Emerson's Transcendentalism or 'Nature philosophy', and on individual painters; a select bibliography

MOTTRAM: 9/1/24-27


Landscape 2, Hereford lecture: invitation from Allen Fisher to Mottram to lecture as part of the Picturesque Landskip study day at Hereford College of Art & Design, 11 Jun 1994, with copy of promotional sheet; typescript of Mottram essay 'Landscape painting and writing in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries'; draft of above essay opening, 'The term 'landscape' appears in English...', and endorsed 'notes to be added'; manuscript notes on individual artists, including Graham Sutherland, Samuel Palmer and John Constable, with some notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/1/28-32

1947, 1987

Non-figuration: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Non-figuration in the American Arts of the 1950s'; flyer listing lunchtime lectures at the Tate Gallery, July 1987, including Mottram with above title, and some correspondence from Richard Humphries of the Tate; offprint of Marshall McLuhan article 'Time, life and fortune' from View 7/3 (New York, 1947) 33-37; Mottram manuscript notes on individual artists and secondary sources; programme notes for National Film Theatre London series 'Art in cinema'; invitation to and flyer for concert 'American Musical Colourists', 1987, including settings of poems by Gary Snyder

MOTTRAM: 9/1/33-38


Harold Rosenberg: short (two page) typescript essay headed 'Philosopher in social adventure'; untitled manuscript essay opening 'One way in which the American intellectual can know himself...'; manuscript and typescript notes on Rosenberg and his work; article 'The art establishment' by Rosenberg, from Esquire, Jan 1965; newspaper cuttings, 1962 reviews of his collection of essays The tradition of the new (Thames & Hudson, London, 1960); two typescript notes from The Spectator, Aug (1962), inviting Mottram to undertake review of Rosenberg's The tradition of the new

MOTTRAM: 9/1/39-44


Peterjon Skelt: typescript of Mottram introduction to American shore by Peterjon Skelt (Solaris, Twickenham, Middlesex, 1993); Mottram manuscript notes on Skelt's artwork, 1992; typescript letters from Skelt, 29 Jul 1992, 16 Aug 1992, and 18 Nov 1992, about Mottram introduction, enclosing photocopies of the drawings to be published; manuscript letter from Skelt, 30 Nov 1992, enclosing proofs of the introduction; booklet Lines of force: the art of Peterjon Skelt by David Annwn (no details but 1993); invitation to exhibition 'Hazardous Route', drawings by Skelt at Wakefield, with typescript postcard, 27 Jan 1993

MOTTRAM: 9/2 Mottram essays by subject: Black studies

MOTTRAM: 9/2/1-11


Black American literature. 1: typescript carbon essay with manuscript corrections headed 'The ironic rainbow: Negro American literature in the sixties'; typescript essay headed 'Ham and bacon', about American jazz; typescript carbon essay-review of Herbert Hill's Anger and beyond: the Negro writer in the United States (Harper and Row, New York, 1966) and related works; typescript notes on secondary sources; three typescript bibliographies on post-War Black writers; copy of A. Robert Lee's pamphlet Black American fiction since Richard Wright (British Association for American Studies, 1983); single sheet typescript summary or review of Black fiction ed. A. Robert Lee (Barnes & Noble, New York, and Vision, London, 1980), to which Mottram contributed an essay; typescript copy of Jacqueline Kaye's essay 'Slavery in the Americas: Cecilia Valdes and Uncle Tom's Cabin'; newspaper cuttings 1959-1985 on Black issues, including interview with Ralph Ellison; poster for performance by Black trumpeter and poet Ted Joans at the I. C. A. (Institute for Contemporary Art) London, not dated; Essay by Mottram opening, 'Specifically "Black" poetry necessarily includes built-in reactions....', 3 pages, typescript carbon

MOTTRAM: 9/2/12-16


Black American literature. 2: Manuscript essay on 'American literature since 1945: Black writers', 88 pages;manuscript notes, paginated 3-12, headed 'Race'; manuscript account headed 'Watts', 2 pages; typescript notes on desegregation, with newspaper cuttings 1963-1964; manuscript notes on Jim Pine's book Blacks in films (Studio Vista, 1974)

MOTTRAM: 9/2/17-26


Civil Rights issues 1: manuscript notes for talk on Civil Rights movement in America, 1950-1970; manuscript introduction to talk on Black Civil Rights leaders, 2 pages; manuscript notes on Stokeley Carmichael's 1968 speech at Oakland Auditorium, with newspaper cuttings, mainly 1966; manuscript notes on secondary sources; typescript 'Civil Rights timetable' and 'A selected Malcolm X bibliography'; Kevin Rozario's typescript essay headed 'Why did the Black Panthers happen?'; offprints of articles 'The ambiguous legacy of Malcolm X' by Tom Kahn and Bayard Rustin, and 'The apostate Muslim' by Stanley Diamond from Dissent 12/2 (1965); booklets, A selected bibliography of Black literature: the Harlem Renaissance by Martin Olsson (Exeter University, 1973) and Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement in America by John White (British Association for American Studies, 1991); newspaper cuttings 1967-1987 on Black leaders, including Jesse Jackson; essay 'The movement-1' in The Times Literary Supplement (18 April 1968) 385-387, on the Black Civil Rights Movement, 2 offprints (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 9/2/27-32


Civil Rights issues 2: Manuscript essay headed 'The Negro American situation', probably intended for The Times Literary Supplement, whose encouraging letter, 7 Oct 1965 is attached, 45 pages; essay headed 'Anti-Christianity' i.e. as an aspect of Black awareness, 2 pages; page of manuscript comments on television documentary, 'Who killed Martin Luther King?', 27 Sep 1989; National Film Theatre, London, programme Jul-Oct 1959, with special supplement on 'The Negro World'; manuscript letter from Mary Ellison, Keele University, 15 Dec 1985, enclosing copies of her articles on jazz musicians Joe Liggins, published in Juke Blues, Dec 1985, and on B. B. King and Ray Charles, published in Jazz Express, Nov 1985; newspaper cuttings, 1967-1986, dealing mainly with Black politics, including Africa and the Caribbean

MOTTRAM: 9/2/33-34


Civil Rights issues 3: Mottram typescript essay, untitled, but on the development of the Civil Rights Movement and especially the role of Malcolm X. It opens 'Those changes in American life which were called the Civil Rights Movement...'; newspaper cutting, 1985, on Black leader Louis Farrakhan

MOTTRAM: 9/2/35-41


Jazz 1: manuscript 'Preface', 'Opening' and typescript and manuscript essay headed 'The Black jazz musician as artist in America: 1965'; untitled Mottram manuscript essay on modern music opening 'Zhdanov, the Soviet commissioner of the arts...'; manuscript notes on 'Changes: creativity against repetition' and 'Changes: social history and theory'; three slightly different typescript lists of books and records of Black jazz, up to 1970; Mottram notes on secondary sources; photocopy of article 'Protest music as social criticism: the Lyriks of Gil Scott-Heron' by Mary Ellison, Gulliver 13 (1983) with covering manuscript letter from the author, 11 Jun 1985; newspaper cuttings on jazz, 1968-1988

MOTTRAM: 9/2/42-48


Jazz 2: two differing versions of manuscript essay headed 'Jazz: 1900 to 1960', with numerous manuscript alterations; typescript essay in note form, headed 'Jazz. November 1967'; typescript essay headed 'Jazz (1) Negro origins'; typescript appendix to preceding item, headed 'Part One. The records'; typescript and manuscript notes on performers and secondary sources; newspaper cuttings, 1956-1965 on various performers and aspects of jazz; typescript essay 'Jazz and poetry', Feb 1961

MOTTRAM: 9/2/49-52


Black literature: Mottram manuscript and typescript essay 'Negro American literature in the Sixties', with covering letter from Times Literary Supplement, 21 Jul 1965; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Commentary on Black Orpheus, [1966]; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Ralph Ellison-Invisible man' [1958]; articles, 'Homage to Duke Ellington' by Ralph Ellison from Dialogue 7 (1974), 'Robert Penn Warren and Ralph Ellison' from The Reporter, 25 Mar 1965, '"A very stern discipline": an interview with Ralph Ellison', Harper's Magazine (Mar 1967), and 'An introduction to Frantz Fanon', Ramparts, (Mar 1966)

MOTTRAM: 9/2/53-56


Malcolm X: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'The Black overreacher: Malcolm X' (pages 1-14 based on Malcom X's autobiography, pages 15-23 more in essay format); manuscript notes on The autobiography of Malcolm X (with Alex Haley, Grove Press, New York, 1965); photocopy of publication Malcolm X on Afro-American history (Pathfinder Press, NewYork, 1970), with Mottram manuscript note on contents; newspaper cuttings, 1965-1966, on his life and ideas

MOTTRAM: 9/3 Mottram essays by subject: Comedy

MOTTRAM: 9/3/1-5


American comedians: Mottram typescript of essay 'The American comedian as social critic, 1950-1970', published in 1992; a second copy, photocopy, with further corrections and extra notes on Mort Sahl; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Introduction', on comedians; manuscript essay, untitled, opening 'In 1956 Lenny Bruce...'; manuscript essay headed 'W. C. Fields' on page 2; two newspaper cuttings on comedian Dick Gregory, 1966

MOTTRAM: 9/3/6-7


Donald Phelps: Mottram typescript essay headed 'The performance of the comedian under Law: the criticism of Donald Phelps', published in Vort 6, 1974; manuscript draft of the essay, with corrections and inserts

MOTTRAM: 9/3/8-12


James Thurber: Mottram typescript essay 'James Thurber 1894-1961: obliterature' with manuscript inserts; manuscript precursor of the above, with final pages in typescript; photocopies of Thurber cartoons; newspaper cutting on Mrs Thurber, 1968; two pages Mottram manuscript notes on history of humour

MOTTRAM: 9/4 Mottram essays by subject: Concepts

MOTTRAM: 9/4/1-4

1977, 1984

Boundaries 1: essay 'Boundary, centre and path', 2 typescript carbons with manuscript alterations, June 1977, one opening 'Let's start from the fact...', the second 'Since we have a spine...', representing two halves of the one project 'Boundary, centre and path'; typescript and photocopy of revised text, in which both parts are united into one essay, with sub-heading 'a pair of broadcast talks for the Open University written and delivered in 1977, revised in 1984, for the Faculty of Technology'; typescript letter, 20 Sep 1977, from Chris (Crickmay) of The Open University to Mottram, enclosing photocopy of the course notes, being the context of Mottram's talk/essay; a further copy of the course notes, as booklet titled 'Boundaries 1 & 2' (The Open University, 1977)

MOTTRAM: 9/4/5-6


Boundaries 2: two typescript versions of Mottram essay headed 'Exploded narrative, imploded analysis', the later of the two opening, 'The implosion in the design of poetry...'; programme of colloquium 'Changing boundaries', 28 May 1977, at Institute of Unites States Studies, London, where paper first delivered, with separate hand-bill

MOTTRAM: 9/4/7


Centre-Way: manuscript and typescript essay headed '*Centre-Way' (kept by Mottram in association with essay on 'Ta'wil')

MOTTRAM: 9/4/8-11


Design: typescript essay headed 'Design', dedicated to Chris (Crickmay); material from Crickmay concerning collaboration with Mottram on Open University courses; Mottram notes, manuscript and typescript, on secondary sources; typescript carbon of Mottram review-essay 'Notes on Christopher Jones' Dear Architects 1975'

MOTTRAM: 9/4/12


History of ideas: Mottram manuscript essay with some typescript component, headed 'History of ideas scheme' and 'Introduction to 19th century ideas', possibly early teaching material

MOTTRAM: 9/4/13


Ta'wil 1: typescript essay with manuscript corrections headed 'Ta'wil and Henry Corbin's legacy for radical poetics: Charles Olson, Robert Duncan, Robert Creeley, Norman O. Brown' published 1994

MOTTRAM: 9/4/14-16


Ta'wil 2: material on essay 'Ta'wil and Henri Corbin: a legacy for radical American poets' published in Talus magazine issue 8 (1994): partial manuscript drafts and corrected version of whole essay, largely manuscript; extensive manuscript notes on Henri Corbin, Charles Olson, and Islam

MOTTRAM: 9/4/17


Tao: manuscript essay headed 'A comment re Tao in Place as a New Year greeting to Allen Fisher and Lee Harwood', 18 Dec 1974 (in envelope marked 'Radical poetics')

MOTTRAM: 9/4/18-24


Organicism: draft manuscript essay headed 'Law / Organicism / Organization'; draft manuscript essay headed 'The myth of scientific management'; partial manuscript essay on R. W. Emerson and Henry Thoreau, paginated 31-38; manuscript essay headed 'Melville against Trandscendentalists'; manuscript essay headed 'Thoreau'; manuscript notes on J-J Rousseau, 'Universe' (with newspaper cuttings), 'Transcendentalism', 'Organic = mechanical', and typescript notes on 'Tim Maher / H. G. Wells'; circular on course of Organicism designed by John Woolford

MOTTRAM: 9/4/25


Order: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Order, adaptation, creativity and chaos', 32 pages with occasional newspaper cuttings as insert (in folder marked 'Technology etc.')

MOTTRAM: 9/4/26-27


The parasite: manuscript notes on Hegel, and on the concept of the parasite; manuscript essay headed 'A partial reading of (Michel) Serres and (Georges) Bataille'

MOTTRAM: 9/4/28


Space 1: fragment of manuscript essay on Space, opening 'Western man's vision of space wavers...', and paginated 90-118

MOTTRAM: 9/4/29


Space 2: typescripts of linked essays 'The triumph of the mobile' and 'A model of space and time', published 1968-1969

MOTTRAM: 9/4/30-33


Fact: Mottram typescript essay headed '"Thought is always prior to fact": an introduction', with manuscript sheet giving background to composition; photocopy version with corrections and additions; manuscript draft, unheaded, opening 'each culture exists in the limited mobilities of complex fiction...'; draft manuscript essay headed 'Fiction of history and histories of fiction', related in subject matter to the above

MOTTRAM: 9/5 Mottram essays by subject: Cultural Studies

MOTTRAM: 9/5/1-3


The American experience: manuscript essay or draft lecture headed 'The American experience 1955-1965'; typescript carbon chronologies for the period, using categories: political, fiction, poetry, theatre, sociological, film, radio and television, jazz, pop and rock, 'classical' and experimental music, painting and sculpture, fine arts, science and technology; newspaper cuttings 1983-1984, including Don DeLillo article 'American blood' (on the assassination of Jack Kennedy, 1963) from Rolling Stone, 8 Dec 1983

MOTTRAM: 9/5/4-13


The American presence: programme and extra information on the Conference at the Institute of United States Studies, London, 10-11 Nov 1989, titled 'The American presence in Britain', with Mottram scheduled to speak on 'American arts and American culture in Britain'; Mottram manuscript essay opening 'The title of this session of the conference...' and apparently the paper read in 1989; invitation to event inaugurating new degree in United States and Latin American Studies, 21 Apr 1994, with Mottram scheduled to speak on 'The American presence and American Cultural Studies in Europe'; typescript essay opening 'By the 1880s, the American fiction writer, Henry James...', and by internal reference the paper read in 1994. 2 copies; two page essay opening 'In 1955 the European Association for American Studies recorded in its first Newsletter...', manuscript; two page essay, possibly a fragment, opening 'When people who assume they belong to one so-called "culture"...', 2 copies, typescript ; typescript essay opening 'When Benjamin Franklin, co-constructor of the Declaration of Independence, wrote...'. 2 copies; manuscript essay opening 'One of the most powerful events in American presence occurred in 1967...'; manuscript essay headed 'N, Publishing' and opening with a consideration of the Anglo-Americanisation of Oxford Street, London; subsidiary manuscript notes, including material on 'Pop music' and on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/5/14-22


The city 1: Schedule of conference on 'Urban USA since 1945' at Liverpool, 1977, including note of talk by Mottram, 'Critical images of the city in the American arts' scheduled for 20 Apr 1977; typescript essay headed 'The City', followed by manuscript draft notes headed 'City' and 'Opening'; extensive manuscript notes on secondary sources relating to the city, including material drawn from Charles Bukowski, Hugh Selby, Edward Dahlberg and Allen Ginsberg; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'A city intersection' (on working class America) with some associated newspaper cuttings, 1972; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Towards a morphology of city: a commentary on some ideas in Buckminster Fuller's Ideas and integrities (1963) and Operating manual for Spaceship Earth (1969)', paginated 1-9, 9-14; typescript essay headed 'The city: Pound, Brown, Fuller', with inserted newspaper cutting and notes of 1968-1970; manuscript notes on secondary sources including Ezra Pound; typescript sheet headed 'The City' with summary notes as for a seminar or talk, and spirit-duplicator copies of Lew Welch's 'Chicago poem' as for class discussion; typescript sheet of notes headed 'City underground', manuscript sheet of notes headed 'Blacks' and unattributed spirit-duplicator bibliography 'Recent trends in the study of American urban politics since 1945'

MOTTRAM: 9/5/23-28


The city 2: copy of Dialogue 3 (Washington, D. C., 1970), issue on 'The environmental crisis'; booklet Process and product in human society by John Blacking (Inaugural Lecture, Witwatersrand University, 1969); duplicator copy of essay by John Blacking headed 'The myth of urban man'; pamphlet The city (Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Santa Barbara, California, 1962) containing interviews by Donald McDonald of Allan Temko, architectural critic, and Arthur Naftalin, Mayor of Minneapolis; booklet The new city: architecture and urban renewal, programme to an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1967; newspaper cuttings, 1963-1977, on urban and ecological issues

MOTTRAM: 9/5/29-36


The city 3: manuscript sheet marked 'Intro.' and opening 'In his "prologue" to Cities....'; fragmentary typescript essay headed 'City perception in America-documents since 1945', opening 'In the dialectic of perception between hatred and exhilaration...', 5 pages; typescript essay headed 'Documents of city perception in America since 1945', opening 'In 1940 Ezra Pound inscribed...'. 16 pages interleaved with blanks, with many extra manuscript notes and inserts; manuscript chart headed 'City' and showing cultural interreactions; photocopy typescript bibliography headed 'Documents of city perception in America since 1945' with manuscript additions. Subheaded 'bibliography of the paper given during the Urban USA conference held by the Polytechnic of Central London's American Studies Resources Centre, 1977'; programme details of the Polytechnic conference mentioned above, with note of a further delivery of a paper, 'Documents of city perception in America since 1945', by Mottram at a staff-student weekend, 11 Jun 1977; Arts Council brochure Cityscape 1910-89: urban themes in American, German and British art (London, 1977-1978), with accompanying summary sheet; newspaper cuttings, 1973-1979, on urban issues, with offprint of article 'Slowing urban growth' by Lester Brown from Dialogue (no further details)

MOTTRAM: 9/5/37-44


Confidence in America 1: description of course 'Confidence in America' and reading lists; manuscript essay headed 'Confidence-6-Ecology'; typescript essay headed 'Commitment in literature and criticism', 1962; manuscript notes or draft essay headed 'Confidence and balance'; bound copy of poem, North America: continent of conjecture by Robert McAlmon, 1929; extracts from magazine Dialogue 1975 on ethnicity and obedience; article from Esquire Feb 1970 by Philip Meyer, headed 'If Hitler asked you to electrocute a stranger, would you?', with related newspaper cuttings; article 'Autobiography and American culture' by Albert E. Stone, from American Studies 9/2 (Washington, Winter 1972); offprints of articles by Sandford Marovitz and Robert Burchell, 1974-1975, on concepts of America, with notes from the authors

MOTTRAM: 9/5/45-46


Confidence in America 2: manuscript essay headed 'Confidence-7-Oliver La Farge Laughing boy (1929)', 69 pages, dealing with many aspects of ethnicity and culture; manuscript notes and some newspaper cuttings 1969-1973 on Carlos Castaneda

MOTTRAM: 9/5/47-49


Confidence 3: manuscript essay 'Self-confidence and culture-confidence'; manuscript notes on Preserved Smith and on Saint-Jean Perse's letters to Joseph Conrad, including manuscript slips from books; newspaper cuttings, 1993, on related cultural issues

MOTTRAM: 9/5/50-53


Creativity: lecture notes or draft essay headed 'Creativity'; extensive manuscript notes or draft essay developed from the book The roots of civilization by Alexander Marshack (Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London, 1972); other manuscript notes on books and theorists, including Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962); corrected proofs of Mottram article '"Forget about being original": recent American poetics', published in 1988 (in envelope marked 'Radical poetics')

MOTTRAM: 9/5/54-59


Dionysus: correspondence from the magazine Other Times and from The Open University about publication of the Mottram essay 'Dionysus in America'; a reading list to accompany its presentation as two lectures; typescript carbon of essay, in form submitted to Other Times; essay in situ in Other Times 1 (1976); proof copy for The Open University; two photocopies of essay as reprinted by The Open University, 1976

MOTTRAM: 9/5/60


Entrances to the Americas 1: photocopy of Mottram typescript essay Entrances to the Americas: poetry, ecology, translation published by The Polytechnic of Central London, 1975, in their conference booklet Poetry of the Americas

MOTTRAM: 9/5/61-62


Entrances to the Americas 2: typescript carbon of Mottram essay 'Entrances to the Americas: Poetry, ecology, translation'; newspaper cuttings, 1975-1976, relevant to the theme of the Americas

MOTTRAM: 9/5/63


Inheritance 1: typescript version by Will Rowe of 'Inheritance' seminar by Mottram, 2 Dec 1994

MOTTRAM: 9/5/64-66


Inheritance 2: draft Mottram essay headed 'Inheritance-"human nature"'; notes on existentialism, referred to on p. 9 of above essay; manuscript letter, 3 Jan 1995 from Steve Bernstein of University of Michigan regretting being unable to publish ?this essay

MOTTRAM: 9/5/67-68


Inheritance 3: 'Inheritance, Landscape, Location: data for British poetry 1977' published in Conference booklet to Polytechnic of Central London poetry conference, June 1977, with some inserts on sources to the essay; a second printed copy, with signatures of poets at the conference on the cover

MOTTRAM: 9/5/69-73


Invasion: typescript (longer version) of essay, 'Fears of invasion in American culture', with appended newspaper cutting and typescript notes; photocopy of longer version, as printed in Talus (1987); offprint of essay (shorter version), with letter from Hungary, 29 Nov 1983 about its publication; photocopy of offprint of essay (shorter version) with manuscript comments in a hand not Mottram's; typescript and carbon of essay (shorter version)

MOTTRAM: 9/5/74


'The nature of American studies': manuscript draft of inaugural lecture at Groningen University, Holland

MOTTRAM: 9/5/75-78


Permissive innocence 1: manuscript essay 'Eden stuff / Permissive innocence'; manuscript preparatory notes; newspaper cuttings, 1992-1993, on political, ethical matters; brief reports of related television programmes

MOTTRAM: 9/5/79-84


Permissive innocence 2: manuscript draft essay headed 'Innocence'; three page manuscript essay on utopias; manuscript draft essay headed 'Post-modernism'; manuscript notes including sections on permissive innocence, violence, and Herman Melville's White Jacket; copy of typescript essay headed 'Modernity' by Douglas Tallack; newspaper cuttings, 1987-1988, on Utopias

MOTTRAM: 9/5/85-91


Synthesis 1, The American imagination of synthesis course: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Power', with further manuscript notes headed 'Power relationships...'; untitled manuscript essay opening 'At the end of November 1968...'; untitled manuscript essay opening 'To speak of war and war novels...'; typescript essay headed 'Women's liberation and the idea of the family'; typescript carbon of letter, 7 Nov 1972 to Robert Lewis and Gerald Casale, dealing with critical aspects of American popular culture; manuscript essay, 'The false synthesis: Teilhard de Chardin'; extensive manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources relevant to the course, including essay-review of Robin Blaser's 'The fire' (Caterpillar 12, 1970), annotated by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 9/5/92-99


Synthesis 2, The American imagination of synthesis course: photocopied course bibliography; part of typed bibliography, paginated 7-10; offprint of Mottram article 'Henry Adams: index of the twentieth century', published 1975; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Henry Adams'; manuscript essay headed 'Lifton/Brown' (Robert Jay Lifton, Norman O. Brown); manuscript essay, headed 'Kent intersections'; photocopy of Mottram typescript essay headed 'D. A. Levy: Cleveland's survival artist', published 1971; manuscript essay headed 'The myth of the fecund virgin', paginated A-Z, and continued 1-33

MOTTRAM: 9/5/100


Synthesis 3, The American imagination of synthesis course: typescript essay headed 'Entrances to Synthesis'

MOTTRAM: 9/5/101-110


Synthesis 4, The American imagination of synthesis course: manuscript of essay headed 'Imagination of synthesis. 1', paginated 15-45; typescript of essay-review on The new radicals: a report with documents by Paul Jacobs and Saul London (Penguin), and A prophetic minority by Jack Newfield (Anthony Blond), with corrected proofs as set for "LIT. SUPP"; typescript essay headed 'Fuller: Goodman' (Buckminster Fuller, Paul & Percival Goodman), with photocopy of Fuller article 'This is your grand strategy' (unsourced, 1968); typescript notes 'and my commentary' (i.e. Mottram's) on B. Novak American Painting of the nineteenth century (New York, 1969); manuscript and typescript notes on cultural issues, 1955-1965, including a section headed 'TV'; manuscript Art bibliography, chronological list of Vietnam novels, and list of common American abbreviations; photocopy of typescript essay by John Bond, headed 'Bob Dylan, the tradition of folk music and as a sociopolitical weapon, and the synthesis of folk rock' dated 1983, with marginal comments by Mottram; photocopy of typescript essay by David Ingram, headed 'Andy Warhol's factory and 60s' libertarianism'; photocopy of manuscript essay by Sarah Green, headed 'American woman from silent housewife to radical feminist, 1955-1965'; extensive newspaper cuttings on the period 1955-1965, from 1966-1983, including section on the House Unamerican Activities Committee

MOTTRAM: 9/5/111


The sacred: partial, untitled Mottram manuscript essay on the role of the sacred in society, pages 7-68 extant (in Radical Poetics folder)

MOTTRAM: 9/5/112-114


The Twentieth Century: Mottram manuscript essay, 35 pages, headed 'The Twentieth Century in the West'; manuscript notes on secondary sources, Hans Kohn The twentieth century (Victor Gollancz, London, 1950) and K. R. Poppe The open society and its enemies (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 2nd edn, 1952); duplicated bibliography 'Twentieth Century Literature'

MOTTRAM: 9/6 Mottram essays by subject: Education

MOTTRAM: 9/6/1-8


Cultural Studies: Mottram typescript essay 'Developing Cultural Studies and American Studies'; essay by Stuart Kidd, 'Eric Mottram: Cultural Studies, post-method', from Journal of American Studies 24 (1990); typescript and carbon of Mottram essay headed 'Developing Cultural Studies and American Studies'; typescript essay headed 'The documentation of American Studies', opening 'In his introduction to Literature and the occult...', with manuscript addition at end; typescript essay also headed 'The documentation of American Studies', but opening '"American Studies" is a form of cultural studies...', and different in content; typescript essay headed 'Utopian fictions', 3 pages; manuscript essay headed 'Interdisciplinary = Across the tracks', 2 pages; printed hand-out entitled 'American Studies at Manchester Polytechnic'

MOTTRAM: 9/6/9


English Studies: Mottram typescript essay headed 'English Studies in Dutch Universities'

MOTTRAM: 9/6/10-13


Free universities: typescript essay headed 'Free university'; catalogues and newspaper cuttings, 1965-1966 on the Free University, New York; promotional material on an Anti-University in London, with courses by Bob Cobbing, Ed Dorn, Lee Harwood, R. D. Laing, Jeff Nuttall, Yoko Ono, Mottram and others; Mottram manuscript essay 'Literature of subversion' with letters from IT (International Times) commissioning and commenting on the essay

MOTTRAM: 9/6/14-18


Linear education: Mottram typescript essay headed 'design politics / linear politics, design education / linear education', 2 pages; Mottram typescript copy of the Situationist Manifesto (Strasbourg, 1968); manuscript note on university education, headed 'For Holland Park'; untitled manuscript and typescript notes on human behaviour; manuscript notes headed 'heroes and tragedy'

MOTTRAM: 9/6/19-27


Postgraduate training: typescript draft and fair copy of text of talk titled 'Post-Graduate training in the Arts', delivered at King's College London, 1985; manuscript background notes; Research student and supervisor-a discussion document, 1982; newspaper cutting, 10 Dec 1984 about revising college curriculums; article 'Let the fresh air in: graduate studies in the Humanities' by Ihab Hassan from Cream City Review (1991); 'The shame of the graduate schools' by William Arrowsmith, from Harper's Magazine of Mar 1966; article 'Failing the masses, passing the buck' from New Statesman, 11 Sep 1987; pamphlet Two nations... an educational problem by Melville Hardiment, published by Antiphon Magazine (London, 1967); copy of typescript essay 'Gerald O'Grady: medievalist of the future' by Howard H. Lindsay [1969]

MOTTRAM: 9/6/28


'Without it': 'Without It'-correspondence in The Times Literary Supplement over a leading article on English at universities, including a letter from Mottram published 3 Dec 1964. 6 items

MOTTRAM: 9/7 Mottram essays by subject: Ethnic and travel material

MOTTRAM: 9/7/1-3


Angkor Wat: Mottram typescript essay headed 'The temples of Angkor' and preceded by manuscript diagram and list of kings; notice of Mottram talk, with slides, on Angkor Wat, at Groningen University, 2 Feb 1959; newspaper cuttings on Angkor Wat, 1960-1964

MOTTRAM: 9/7/4-9


Arabia and the Near East: manuscript essay headed 'Fanatic Arabia: three Englishmen in the Waste Lands' (Alexander Kinglake, Charles Doughty, T. E. Lawrence), with notice of its delivery at the University of Groningen, 1959; Mottram typescript essay, headed 'The glamour of strangeness: three British desert texts', a reworking of the preceding item, of about 1985; flyer for two Mottram talks at Polytechnic of Central London on 'Britons in the Near East in the nineteenth century', 1986; Mottram notes in manuscript and typescript on secondary sources, including some 'additional notes on Lawrence'; material on the East from the University of Essex Department of Literature, notably Kemel Rasul's essay on 'Ibn Khaldun's scientific theory of history' and Jackie Kaye's 'Islamic imperialism and the creation of some ideas of "Europe"' for a conference in 1985; newspaper cuttings, 1963-1985, on Orientalism, and article on the history of tourism, in situ, in Observer magazine, 24 Dec 1967

MOTTRAM: 9/7/10-14


Native Americans: typescript and manuscript essay 'Native American cultural ideas', delivered at Horniman Museum, London, 20 Feb 1993; manuscript notes for the talk, and notes on secondary works, with typescript bibliography; programme of conference 'Native American culture and society' at Horniman Museum, with supplementary leaflets published by the Museum; newspaper cutting, Times Literary Supplement, 4 Dec 1970, on 'Greenland before 1700', and photocopy map showing distribution of Indian villages and tribes in United States circa 1768; unsourced photocopy of article 'Yellow woman' by Leslie Marmon Silko, probably conference hand-out

MOTTRAM: 9/7/15-20


'North Atlantic record-navigation-America-Odin-berserker': typed prefatory sheets including Mottram poem 'Gardiner's Island'; manuscript essay 'North Atlantic record' with inserts including Bill Griffiths' note on wild hunt; background material on maps, including John Wolter article 'Source materials for the history of American cartography' from American Studies 12/3 (Washington, 1974)12-28; Mottram manuscript notes on the Northwest Passage; Newspaper cuttings, 1967, on Vikings in America; Jackdaw pack on 'Columbus and the discovery of America', not dated

MOTTRAM: 9/7/21-24


The Pacific: Mottram manuscript essay 'Japan vs America and vice versa'; Motram draft manuscript essays on Herman Melville and Henry Adams, stressing racial issues; Mottram hand-drawn map of the Pacific with notes on secondary sources on exploration of the Pacific and Asian elements in America; newspaper cuttings 1986-1990 on Asian influence in the Pacific and America

MOTTRAM: 9/7/25-30


'The Red Bank': Programme of conference at Polytechnic of Central London (Polytechnic of Central London) 26-27 Nov 1976 on 'Native American culture and history and the idea of the frontier in American Studies', including a paper on 'Native/American-White cultural connections in U. S. A' by Mottram; invitation to a lecture 'The red bank: Indians in the American culture' by Mottram at King's College London, 4 Mar 1977; manuscript draft of lecture 'The red bank', opening 'Since "America" meant new Eden or a New Canaan...'; typescript version of 'The red bank', opening 'For errors of geographical myth...'; typescript and photocopy of further version of 'The red bank', opening 'Among the Christian invasions of Indian systems...'; newspaper cuttings, 1977 and 1980, on Red Indian issues

MOTTRAM: 9/7/31-33


The shaman: manuscript draft essay on the 'Shaman'; manuscript notes on 'The 1960s-70s counter-power' and 'Language of mental ability/capacity'; photocopied section of G Spencer Brown Laws of form (Allen & Unwin, London, 1969)

MOTTRAM: 9/7/34


United States: Mottram typescript essay headed 'The United States-a series of incidents-Summer 1960'. An account of Mottram's first journey to America, preceded by some extra manuscript notes

MOTTRAM: 9/7/35-36


Voyage: manuscript essay, untitled, on images of voyage, opening 'Train, car, airplane transform the terms of voyage'; brief manuscript notes on secondary sources; offprint of unsourced article 'Source materials for the history of American cartography' by John A. Wolter

MOTTRAM: 9/8 Mottram essays by subject: Fiction

MOTTRAM: 9/8/1-3


American fiction: Mottram essay on Scot Fitzgerald and Edward Albee, titled 'Great Gatsby and the zoo story: methods and materials in American Studies' [1976]; 'American fiction between the two world wars', carbon copy of typescript of talk for World Service, transmitted 11 Nov 1959; newspaper cuttings and notes by Mottram on secondary sources, 1958-1959

MOTTRAM: 9/8/4-7


The Gothic novel 1: typescript and manuscript essay 'Monsters. spies, detectives, police: the myths'; manuscript notes on Charles Brockden Brown, 'Vathek', 'Notes on Romanticism in Otranto and Vathek', '18th century novel esp. Gothic novel', '18th century', 'Novels of sex, sentiment and sensation, 1742-89', 'Wuthering Heights 1847', 'Jane Eyre 1847', 'Jane Austen' (particularly Northanger Abbey); pamphlet The Gothic form in fiction and its relation to history by David Jarrett (King Alfred's College, Winchester, 1980); photocopied reading lists

MOTTRAM: 9/8/8-10


The Gothic novel 2: Mottram typescript essay, with manuscript insertions, headed 'The Gothic Novel and its society'; brief Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Mary Shelley; typescript reading list headed 'Gothic fiction: selected bibliography of criticism and historical relevance'

MOTTRAM: 9/8/11-13


The Gothic novel 3: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Charles Brockden Brown 1771-1810' (originator of the American gothic novel); duplicated 'basic bibliography', with date '1968/9' added, and description of course seminars ('Self and community in American literature'); draft essays and manuscript notes on Brown, covering some secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/8/14-20


Introduction to fiction: course summaries and a chronology; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Introduction to fiction'; Mottram manuscript notes or draft essays on theoretical topics: 'Character and narrative', 'Time', 'Parameters', 'Plots', 'Motivation: character', 'History: the past'; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes or draft essays on literary themes: 'Books and women: understanding fiction', 'Books, power and women...', 'Joyce, Proust and the twentieth century novel: notes on post war novels', 'Temptations of plot: American novelists'; some Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources; newspaper cuttings 1951-1962 on especially literary criticism; pamphlet The tale and the teller by Kathleen Tillotson (inaugural lecture, University of London, 1959)

MOTTRAM: 9/8/21


Novels in the 19th and 20th century: manuscript notes or evaluations of Lawrence Sterne, Charles Dickens, George Eliot's Daniel Deronda (2 items), E. M. Forster, James Joyce's Ulysses, Franz Kafka, and Virginia Woolf

MOTTRAM: 9/8/22-32


Popular fiction: typescript essay headed 'Popular fiction on campus 1965 to 1973', probably the basis of discussion topic at Inner London Education Authority's one-day course 'Modern American fiction' in 1973; talk 'What young Americans are reading and why' at seminar 'American Literature of the Sixties' at Tunis University [?1975], and paper presented to the Austrian Association for American Studies in 1977; typescript essay, headed 'Popular books on the campus '65-'73' (not identical with the preceding essay); typescript and manuscript draft of essay headed 'Realism and fabulation in American fiction since 1960'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Soldiers, consumers and protesters: American fiction in the Sixties'; manuscript notes or draft essay on Hermann Hesse; spirit duplicator reading list 'American literature in the Fifties and Sixties' and typescript and photocopy of reading list 'American fiction of critical realism and satire 1920 to 1968'; unattributed essay on Raymond Federman's writing, with marginal comments by Mottram; newspaper cuttings 1974-1980 on popular culture, including items on J. D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., J. R. R.Tolkien and Terry Southern, with a letter (1964) commenting on the film of Dr Strangelove; untitled manuscript and typescript essay on censorship, opening 'The books which adults, school boards, teachers and priests...'; manuscript essay headed 'Popular literature' [1958]; essay 'America: populism, pleasure, politics' (1989)

MOTTRAM: 9/8/33-34


Realism and fabulation: manuscript essay headed 'Realism and fabulation in American fiction since 1960'; two copies of typewritten booklist

MOTTRAM: 9/8/35-37


Science fiction: manuscript and typescript essay 'Science Fiction'; typescript essay 'The location of dangerous shoals: American fictions on the science of power' published in 1983; Mottram manuscript notes on Moby-Dick and newspaper cutting on 'Robots', inserted between pp. 70-71 of 'Science Fiction' essay, above

MOTTRAM: 9/8/38-41


The thriller 1, Dashiell Hammett: essay on Dashiell Hammett, headed 'Sure, there's such a thing as law', in manuscript and typescript form, part of Polytechnic of Central London 'American thriller in fiction and film' course, Spring 1985; background notes on a range of books and films; related newspaper cuttings; offprint of article 'American detective fiction' by Robin W. Winks from American Studies International 19. 1 (1980)

MOTTRAM: 9/8/42-44


The Thriller 2, Ross Macdonald: manuscript of talk on Ross Macdonald 1915-1983, most probably for Polytechnic of Central London 'American thriller in fiction and film' course, Spring 1985; manuscript and typescript with photocopies, of Mottram essay 'Ross Macdonald and the past of a formula', with some background notes; correspondence 1981-1982 relating to its intended publication in volume from Macmillan, ed. Benstock, Essays on detective fiction for 1983

MOTTRAM: 9/8/45-46


Twentieth century fiction: typescript essay '"The wasted sacrifice": Twentieth Century American fiction', dated 1969; extracts from magazine Dialogue, 1978-1979, with articles on Vladimir Nabokov, Willa Cather and I. B. Singer

MOTTRAM: 9/8/47-48


Vampires: typescript carbon and photocopy of essay on theme of Vampires, in form of letter to Lynn (?Gingrass), 21 Jul 1979; manuscript notes on vampire-related literature

MOTTRAM: 9/9 Mottram essays by subject: Film and theatre

MOTTRAM: 9/9/1-5


American theatre: typescript and manuscript essay headed 'The conditions of the American theatre'; typescript essay 'American theatre since 1950: Negroes and order'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Recent developments in American theatre', dated 1979; typescript carbon and photocopy reading lists on the theme 'Recent developments in American theatre'; duplicated reading list on American drama for 1965 course

MOTTRAM: 9/9/6-8


Emile di Antonio: brief Mottram typescript on American film-maker Emile di Antonio, intended as an introduction to a screening of his film 'Painter painting', part of the 'American painters, New York painters' exhibition at the Tate Gallery, 1990; background information on Antonio photocopied from secondary sources; Mottram manuscript notes on the exhibition itself

MOTTRAM: 9/9/9


Greek theatre: Mottram manuscript essay 'A note on myth and symbol in 'Phèdre'', with notes on Aeschylus and Sophocles, and printed bibliography and list of essay questions as supplied at Pembroke College

MOTTRAM: 9/9/10-15


Horror films: typescript essay on 'Films of underground forces in American society', opening 'Hangovers from Christian demonology...', with manuscript additions on facing pages, the latest being 1986; programme of conference at Roehampton Institute advertising talk by Mottram, February 1980; manuscript essay headed 'Terror', 2 pages; Carol Tavris article 'Right from wrong' from The Nation, 17-14 Aug 1985; Mottram notes on horror films; Mottram manuscript note on 'Fear' [1986]

MOTTRAM: 9/9/16-24


The Living Theatre of New York: duplicator-printed reading list for course 'American contemporary and experimental theatre' at University of London Department of Extra-mural Studies, 1963; untitled typescript essay, with manuscript inserts, opening 'The production of Kenneth Brown's The Brig...', with special emphasis on The Living Theatre of New York; typescript and manuscript notes on aspects of modern theatre, including Joel Oppenheimer's play 'The Great American Desert' of 1961; programme for performance of 'The brig' at the Mermaid Theatre, London, 1964, with newspaper reviews; programme for performance of film 'The connection' at The British Film Institute, 1961; programme for The Living Theatre's production of 'Mysteries' in 1969, 'Prometheus' in 1979 and 'Frankenstein' not dated, at the Roundhouse, London; booklet The Living Theatre in Europe (Mickery Books, Amsterdam, 1966); newspaper cuttings, 1968-1969, on Living Theatre activites; flyer for Living Theatre performances in Jun 1969 with manuscript note from Jim (?Haynes)

MOTTRAM: 9/9/25-31


Modern American theatre: typescript essay headed 'Modern American theatre'; typescript essay headed 'American theatre: contemporary and experimental'; manuscript draft essay headed 'Literature of dissent and hope: British and American'; manuscript and typescript notes on individual playwrights and themes; a manuscript chronology of the American theatre 1918-1960; newspaper cuttings, 1963-1968, on the theatre and on individual performances; programme of Gallows humour, a play by Jack Richardson performed at Traverse Theatre Club, Edinburgh, 1964, with manuscript and typescript notes by Mottram and manuscript letter, 8 Sep 1964 from Jim (?Haynes) on the theatre committee regretting late arrival of Mottram data

MOTTRAM: 9/9/32-37

[1964], 1985

Modern drama: manuscript essay headed 'Modern drama: introduction'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'The two basic terms: Drama, Theatre'; manuscript essay with inserts, headed 'Experimental theatre, 1874-1963'; manuscript note on Shakespeare and typescript note on Metatheatre; duplicated reading lists, 'European theatre since 1800' and 'Modern European and American theatre' to 1985; Mottram typescript essay [1964] headed 'Midcentury British theatre: Wesker, Pinter and Osborne-the structure of power relations'

MOTTRAM: 9/9/38-39


Modern European Drama course: manuscript and typescript notes on dramatists including Bertold Brecht, Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg; theatre programmes for performances of Strindberg's 'The dance of death' (1967) and Chekov's 'The cherry orchard' [1962]

MOTTRAM: 9/10 Mottram essays by subject: Interviews by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 9/10/1-10


Collected interviews 1: typescript carbon sheet, 9 Oct 1972, and headed 'Conversation with Lee Harwood', but actually an outline for a publication bringing together all the interviews undertaken by Mottram in 1971-1973 under the general title of 'Poetry Information'; typescript carbon of Mottram interview of Lee Harwood, corrected by Mottram, with note, 19 Nov 1973 from the transcriber 'Catherine' attached, and a Mottram manuscript list of intended contents; typescript of Mottram interview with Bill Butler, 7 Nov 1972; typescript of Mottram interview with Thomas A. Clark, 5 Feb 1973; typescript of Mottram interview with Bob Cobbing, 5 Mar 1973; typescript carbon of Mottram interview with Roy Fisher, including a typescript letter, response from Fisher received 19 Feb 1975; photocopy of typescript of Mottram interview with Allen Ginsberg, 8 Jun 1965; typescript of Mottram interview with Dom Sylvester Houedard, 9 Apr 1973; typescript letter, 23 Mar 1974 from the transcriber, 'Catherine', on the conclusion of her work; two typescript letters, 16 Dec 1975 and 14 Jan 1976, from Jim Green of Aquila Publishing, expressing an interest in bringing out the collected interviews project with promotional material for Aquila

MOTTRAM: 9/10/11-17


Collected interviews 2: typescript of interview of Mottram by unidentified speaker, 20 Nov 1972, touching on Poetry Review and little press concerns; typescript of Mottram interview of Barry MacSweeney, 14 Dec 1974, with corrections; typescript of Mottram interview of Stuart Montgomery of Fulcrum Press, 19 Mar 1973; typescript of Mottram interview of Opal L. Nations, Allen Fisher and Doug Lang, 19 Feb 1973; typescript of Mottram interview of Jeff Nuttall; typescript of Mottram interview with Tom Pickard, 23 Oct 1972, with corrections; typescript of Mottram interview with Ken Smith, 23 Sep 1974, with corrections

MOTTRAM: 9/11 Mottram essays by subject: Law

MOTTRAM: 9/11/1-4

1964-1969, [1994]

Law 1: talk or draft essay (untitled) on law and American literature; typed notes on Perry Miller and article on the same by Harry Levin; newspaper cuttings, 1967-1969, including issue of The New York Review of Books 10/5 (14 Mar 1968) with section on 'What lawyers do'; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Law and literature in America: an introduction' [1994]

MOTTRAM: 9/11/5-11


Law 2: notice of three Mottram lectures on 'Aspects of law and violence' at The Polytechnic of Central London, 1980, with photocopied bibliography; manuscript and typescript text of the three lectures (lecture two largely based on pre-existant typescript material about Hubert Selby); typescript essay 'The wasted sacrifice: twentieth century American fiction', dated 1969; manuscript essay headed 'Emerson's "Pattern Democrat"'; manuscript sections 'Racism and law', and 'Custom and law', with a set of manuscript and typescript insertions; programme of a colloquium on 'Law and American Society' in 1985, to which Mottram contributed, with photocopies of papers by other contributors; photocopy of article 'Crossing boundaries ... the merger of family and legal history' by Michael Grossberg, from the American Bar Foundation Research Journal 4 (1985) 799-847

MOTTRAM: 9/11/12-15


Law 3: manuscript essays 'Dwight Macdonald' and 'Power needs death'; notes, principally in manuscript, on the law (perhaps assembled as material for a talk at a colloquium on Law and American Society at the Institute of United States Studies in 1985); a handwritten card on Bach and the law from Allen Fisher; a typewritten Mottram item headed 'About what follows on from the naturalist position in literature...'

MOTTRAM: 9/11/16-20


Law 4, Law and the film: programme of colloquium on 'American facts, Hollywood fictions' at the Institute of United States Studies in 1989 including note of Mottram talk on 'Law in American cinema'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Law and American film'; manuscript notes on films, with some newspaper cuttings; notice of Mottram talk 'Hollywood cinema and the idea of law' at the American Studies Resources Centre of The Polytechnic of Central London, 1987, with accompanying manuscript and typescript draft essay or talk headed 'The lawyer'; group of manuscript notes on various film topics, opening with 'Law and film'

MOTTRAM: 9/11/21-27


Law 5: notices of Mottram delivery of lectures in Portugal (1993), Odense (1994), and a series of four lectures on Law in America at King's College London in 1991; manuscript notes or components of a lecture, including item headed 'Intro-Lecture 1'; manuscript and typescript notes or components of a lecture, beginning with a module headed 'Lecture 3: Law and dissent 1950-1970' and concentrating on Black issues; manuscript of lecture 4, part 1, headed 'Comedians as social critics', with appended newspaper cuttings; typescript essay headed 'Literature and protest in the American sixties'; two versions of typescript essay headed 'Law and literature in America: an introduction', the earlier one using a serif'd typeface; typescript essay headed ' Law and literature in the US' (United States)

MOTTRAM: 9/11/28-36


Law 6: typescript essay, untitled, opening "Public ambivalence towards law..."; draft manuscript essay, with some resemblances to the preceding, headed 'Law in America'; manuscript essay headed 'Promethean rebellion'; letter concerning the date of Mottram's inaugural lecture, and notices for the lecture, given on 29 Nov 1983; untitled manuscript essay on attitudes to the law of James Fenimore Cooper and Herman Melville; manuscript and typescript notes, 1957, on James Gould Cozzens The just and the unjust (Jonathan Cape, London, 1943), with newspaper cuttings 1957-1965, on his work; manuscript notes on Edmund Wilson The little blue light (Victor Gollancz, London, 1951); offprint of essay 'Property, liberty and the State' by Marcus Cunliffe from Dialogue 11/4 (1978) 3-12; newspaper cuttings on the subject of law, 1958-1985

MOTTRAM: 9/11/37


Law 7, Inaugural lecture: typescript and typescript photocopy of Mottram essay '"Laws scribbled by law-breakers": law, confidence and disobedience in American culture', subtitled 'An Inaugural Lecture in the Department of English by the Professor of English and American Literature given on November 29, 1983, King's College University of London'

MOTTRAM: 9/11/38-43


Law 8, Mottram essays: manuscript essay '"In America Law is King"', with 3 pages of notes on secondary sources; manuscript essay headed 'Law', 15 pages plus inserts; manuscript essay headed 'Communism, the Courts, the Constitution'; manuscript notes, some cancelled, on heading 'for Law / Technology'; manuscript notes on 'Western and City Western', covering law in the movies, 2 pages; typescript selected bibliography headed 'Law in America: acceptances and resistances', with most recent entry 1991

MOTTRAM: 9/12 Mottram essays by subject: Literature by author

MOTTRAM: 9/12/1


Collected notes 1: Material for literature course comprising typescript notes on authors from Aristotle, Horace, to Spencer, and Hopkins

MOTTRAM: 9/12/2


Collected notes 2: manuscript and typescript notes on novelists of the 18th to 20th centuries, including Lawrence Sterne, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf

MOTTRAM: 9/12/3


Typescript drafts and some background notes and correspondence relating to Mottram entries in reference works Makers of nineteenth century culture 1800-1914 ed. Justin Wintle (Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1982) and Makers of modern culture ed. Justin Wintle (Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1981)

MOTTRAM: 9/12/4-5


Henry Adams: typescript and photocopy typescript, the latter marked 'March 1972', of Mottram's essay 'Henry Adams: Index of the Twentieth Century', published in 1975; typescript letters, 21 Apr 1975 and 30 May 1975 from the editors of the volume American Literary Naturalism (Carl Winter, Heidelberg, 1975), in which the essay was published

MOTTRAM: 9/12/6-9


Matthew Arnold: manuscript essay headed 'Arnold-The Scholar Gypsy -1845-1853'; separate manuscript essay, title not securely legible, opening 'Arnold understood that cultural health...'; typescript notes on Arnold headed 'Nostalgia / Anxiety', 2 pages; extensive manuscript and typescript notes on Arnold's poems, critical works and on secondary works

MOTTRAM: 9/12/10-14


William Blake 1: manuscript essay headed 'William Blake and the 18th Century'; manuscript essay headed 'Jerusalem: the reverend city'; manuscript essay on Blake, opening with views from T. S. Eliot; duplicated list of articles on Blake available in the Frewen Library; newspaper cuttings on Blake and his work, 1955-1962

MOTTRAM: 9/12/15-19


William Blake 2: manuscript essay headed 'William Blake 1757-1827', 2 pages; typescript and manuscript notes on Blake's individual works, especially 'Jerusalem'; reproduction of plate from Blake (text concerns Albion's Angel acting against the American rebels); photocopies of pictures from Blake's work; typescript reading list on Blake

MOTTRAM: 9/12/20-23


Robert Browning: letters, 1992-1994, from John Woolford of King's College London, principally on the 1993 Browning Conference, with manuscript letter, response from Mottram, 16 Apr 1993; material on the King's College London Conference 'Robert Browning in contexts', 8 May 1993, including programme and conference hand-outs; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Browning and law', with note from Joe Phelan, 20 May 1994, about its forthcoming publication; substantial manuscript notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/12/24-27


Lord Byron 1: manuscript essay headed 'Byron-Life'; manuscript essay on Byron's work headed 'From Childe Harold to Don Juan'; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources including item headed 'Romanticism and Rousseau'; newspaper cuttings, 1961-1967, on Byron and his work

MOTTRAM: 9/12/28-31


Lord Byron 2: substantial manuscript and typescript essay headed, '"A free mind" (Goethe): Byron 1788-1824', composite in form; typescript essay on 'Childe Harold'; manuscript essay headed 'Manfred'; photocopied reading lists on Byron

MOTTRAM: 9/12/32-33


Thomas Carlyle: manuscript essay headed 'Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881'; untitled manuscript essay on Carlyle opening 'In Hegel's Philosophy of History...'

MOTTRAM: 9/12/34-40


Samuel Taylor Coleridge: manuscript essay, 28 Oct 1948, opening 'Coleridge's peculiar frame of mind...'; manuscript essay headed 'Coleridge: political theory and morality'; manuscript essay headed 'Introduction to Coleridge as literary writer, philosophical thinker and political thinker'; manuscript essay headed 'Coleridge 1772-1834'; typescript draft and extended manuscript essay headed 'Coleridge: 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' and 'Kubla Khan''; manuscript and typescript notes on Coleridge's poems and on secondary sources; newspaper cuttings, 1956-1967, on Coleridge and his work

MOTTRAM: 9/12/41-45


James Fenimore Cooper: manuscript essay on Cooper, opening 'Inside the word "America"'...; manuscript essay on Cooper opening 'As a novelist Cooper is remembered and read...'; manuscript essay opening 'Cooper's leatherstocking novels...', 4 pages; manuscript essay opening 'After political independence...'; manuscript and typescript notes on Cooper's works and on secondary works

MOTTRAM: 9/12/46-48


Stephen Crane: manuscript and typescript versions of essay headed 'Stephen Crane 1871-1900; manuscript and typescript notes on The red badge of courage and secondary sources, with a group of Crane's poems typed out; newspaper cuttings, 1958-1967

MOTTRAM: 9/12/49-52


Emily Dickinson: Mottram manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Emily Dickinson 1830-1886'; typescript and manuscript notes on Dickinson, with some use of secondary sources; individual poems by Dickinson typed or written out for class use; unsourced offprint of article 'Emily Dickinson: The spatial drama of centering' by David L. Green

MOTTRAM: 9/12/53-55


Ralph Waldo Emerson: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'IV. American self-reliance... Emerson', as though chapter in a larger project; manuscript notes on Emerson and typescript notes on a secondary source; newspaper cuttings, 1964-1966, on Emerson and his work

MOTTRAM: 9/12/56


Donald A. Hall: typescript carbon of Mottram review-essay on Hall's The yellow room (Harper & Row, New York, 1971)

MOTTRAM: 9/12/57-58


Thomas Hardy: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Hardy 1840-1928'; newspaper cuttings 1961-1974 on Hardy and his works

MOTTRAM: 9/12/59-69


Nathaniel Hawthorne: manuscript essay headed 'Utopia and prison: Hawthorne'; manuscript essay headed '"The education of intellect and soul"-The marble faun'; manuscript essay headed 'NH' (Nathaniel Hawthorne); manuscript essay headed 'Law in The scarlet letter'; manuscript essay opening 'American literature begins in a time of religious and political conflict...'; manuscript essay headed 'The marble faun'; typescript essay headed 'Nathaniel Hawthorne 1804-64. 1. The scarlet letter (1850)'; fragment of a manuscript essay on The scarlet letter, paginated 14-22; typescript carbon and photocopy version or 'master' of essay headed 'Power and law in Hawthorne's fictions', published 1982; manuscript notes on individual works and secondary sources, with a photocopied reading list, and newspaper cutting of 1984 on Hawthorne's life and family; offprint of article on Hawthorne by Clive Bush headed 'The circle and the labyrinth' printed in Acta Litteraria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 20 (1978) 29-51

MOTTRAM: 9/12/70


Washington Irving: typescript essay headed 'Washington Irving 1783-1859'

MOTTRAM: 9/12/71-73


Henry James: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Henry James'; extensive manuscript and typescript notes on individual works of James'; duplicated reading list on Henry James headed 'Criticism: Biography: Editions' prepared in 1963; (note: bibliography in damaged condition)

MOTTRAM: 9/12/74-80


James Joyce: Mottram typescript essay headed 'James Joyce 1882-1941'; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Finnegans Wake'; Mottram manuscript notes on Ulysses and Finnegans Wake with typescript reading list and duplicated exceprts from Finnegans Wake for teaching material; Mottram manuscript notes on secondary sources; extensive newspaper cuttings on Joyce, his brother Stanislaus and Dublin, 1956-1966; pamphlet with Richard Ellman's account of Ulysses, and offprint of P. van Caspel's article 'The theme of the red carnation in James Joyce's Ulysses' from Neophilologus (1954) 189-198; poster announcing Penguin Books' publication of Ulysses

MOTTRAM: 9/12/81-87


John Keats 1: manuscript annotations around self-typed text of 'Ode to a nightingale', with supplementary notes; manuscript annotations to similarly typed text of 'Ode on a Grecian urn', with supplementary 'analytical notes'; manuscript essay headed 'John Keats' and opening 'John Keats was born into a lower-class cockney family...'; manuscript essay headed 'John Keats 1795-1821' and opening 'We began our examination of Shelley...'; typescript notes on Keats' poems of 1820; manuscript notes on secondary sources; newspaper cuttings 1959-1963 on Greek philosophy and Plato

MOTTRAM: 9/12/88-92


John Keats 2: manuscript essay headed 'An analytical comparison of Adonais and Ode on a Grecian Urn'; manuscript essay 'Three aspects of Keats and his poetry'; manuscript notes on 'Ode to a Grecian Urn'; typescript and manuscript notes on secondary sources; newspaper cuttings, 1963-1964, on Keats and his work

MOTTRAM: 9/12/93-95


D. H. Lawrence: Mottram typescript and manuscript essay headed 'D. H. Lawrence: Existentialist'; Mottram manuscript notes on individual Lawrence works and on secondary sources; newspaper cuttings 1955-1965 on Lawrence and his work

MOTTRAM: 9/12/96-97


Stéphane Mallarmé: Mottram manuscript essay on Mallarmé, entitled 'This dark world at war'; typescript letter, 2 Jun 1980 from Pierre Joris commenting on Mallarmé and the Siege of Paris

MOTTRAM: 9/12/98


Christopher Marlowe: Mottram typescript dissertation 'The meaning of Tamburlaine the Great', in original binding as part of his English Tripos Part 1 at Pembroke College Cambridge, with separate manuscript summary

MOTTRAM: 9/12/99


Herman Melville 1: Mottram manuscript and typescript essay on Herman Melville headed 'Moby-Dick, Pierre and suicide'

MOTTRAM: 9/12/100-101


Herman Melville 2: Mottram manuscript, typescript and proof forms of article 'Orpheus and measured forms' published in New perspectives on Melville (1978); letters from editor and publishers, Edinburgh University Press

MOTTRAM: 9/12/102-116


Herman Melville 3: Mottram manuscript essay, 'Melville. 1. Beasts, animals and men 1770 to 1846'; manuscript essay, 'Moby-Dick'; manuscript of untitled essay on Clarel and Billy Budd; photocopy of article 'Grown in America: Moby-Dick and Melville's sense of control', published 1984; typescript carbon and photocopy of printed article 'Orpheus and measured forms: law, madness and reticence in Herman Melville', published 1978; manuscript and typescript essay 'The Confidence-Man'; manuscript and typescript essay 'Pierre-1852'; manuscript essay, 'Moby-Dick (1851) 1. The sea and survival; 2. Ahab and Ishmael', presented as chapter 4 of some larger work; manuscript essay, 'Clarel'; manuscript essay, 'Confidence in America II. Melville'; manuscript essay, 'Bartleby the Scrivener (1853)'; manuscript essay, 'Benito Cereno-1855'; manuscript and typescript essay 'Melville and the dramatic symbol', concentrating on Bartleby; manuscript essay, 'Melville's criticism of America'; manuscript essay, 'Herman Melville 1819-91. I. Moby-Dick 1851, II. Ship societies and laws'

MOTTRAM: 9/12/117-119


Herman Melville 4: manuscript and typescript carbon of Mottram essay '"Grown in America": Moby-Dick and Melville's sense of control', published 1984; Mottram manuscript notes on Meville's works, especially Moby-Dick; seven letters from Bob (Lee) at University of Kent, Oct 1982-Aug 1983, lauding the essay and arranging publication

MOTTRAM: 9/12/120-131


Edgar Allan Poe 1: manuscript essay headed 'Poe 1809-49' and opening 'Far from refusing to acknowledge the seriousness of the morbid...'; manuscript notes or draft essay on The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym; typescript essay on Pym; manuscript essay on Poe, headed 'Poe 1809-1849. 1. Introduction' and opening 'Paul Valéry's term for Edgar Allan Poe...', with a second manuscript essay with similar opening, probably drafts for the Mottram article on Poe published in 1975; manuscript essay on Poe headed '2' and opening 'Poe's first story was published 1833'; incomplete manuscript essay on Poe and especially Pym, paginated 6a-28; three versions of the essay published 1987 headed 'Law, lawlessness and philosophy in Edgar Allan Poe', the first a manuscript opening with 'In Poe, the atmosphere of obedience and disobedience...', the second a typescript with many manuscript alterations, opening 'In the Poe domain that atmosphere of obedience and disobedience...', the third also typescript and opening 'In Poe's domain that atmosphere of obedience and disobedience....'; brief manuscript and typescript notes on Poe and his work including a fragment of a manuscript essay paginated 32-41; photocopy of a biography of Poe printed in Boston Nation, 29 Apr 1843; photocopy of an article 'The other wordly (sic) landscapes of E. A. Poe and René Magritte' by R. Hubert from Sub-Stance 21 (1978) 68-77; duplicated 1963 bibliography of Poe headed 'Criticism: Biography'; newspaper cuttings 1961-1966; flyer, 1975

MOTTRAM: 9/12/132-134


Edgar Allan Poe 2: correspondence between Mottram, Bob De Mott and others at Kent State University, about Mottram's essay contribution to a festschrift for Howard Vincent. Nine items, 1974-1976; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Poe's Pym, and the American social imagination', with frequent manuscript alterations; typescript photocopy of a later version of the same essay, as designed for the festschrift

MOTTRAM: 9/12/135-139


John Ruskin and Aestheticism: Mottram typescript essays headed 'Ruskin' and '(William) Morris'; newspaper cuttings, 1962-1967, on Ruskin and Morris; Mottram manuscript essay headed '(Walter) Pater and Aestheticism'; Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Tolstoy and Pater'; reproduction of John Millais' portrait of Ruskin; postcards of Ruskin's own paintings

MOTTRAM: 9/12/140-150


William Shakespeare: Mottram manuscript essay or seminar guide, headed 'Shakespeare-introductory'; typescript essay headed 'Shakespeare-introductory lectures' bound with manuscript essay on 'As you like it'; typescript essay headed 'Tragedy: Shakespeare and King Lear'; manuscript essay headed 'Shakespeare: 'As you like it' and 'The Tempest'; manuscript notes and essay on 'Anthony and Cleopatra', opening 'The pay opens with an explicit series...'; Mottram essay on (Shakespeare's) 'Tragedies', 45 pages; manuscript essay on 'Anthony and Cleopatra' opening 'William Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra" is assumed to be one of later mature plays...'; manuscript essay headed 'Measure for measure', with later typescript essay on the same play; manuscript essay on 'The Tempest' with manuscript notes on the text and typescript notes on secondary sources; manuscript and typescript notes on 'Macbeth', 'Twelfth Night' and 'Shakespeare-history'; incomplete Mottram manuscript essay on 'Shakespeare', comprising probably title page and pages 3-7, with some notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/12/151-154


Percy Bysshe Shelley 1: Mottram manuscript essay, headed 'Shelley 1792-1822... I. Two Poetic Examples', composite in form; manuscript and typescript summary of the above, also headed 'Shelley 1792-1822'; manuscript essay headed 'Prometheus unbound'; photocopied reading list on Shelley, up to 1967

MOTTRAM: 9/12/155-159


Percy Bysshe Shelley 2: Mottram manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Romantic idealism: Preface for Shelley'; manuscript notes on secondary sources; typescript text of 'Ode to the West Wind'; pamphlets Shelley and his circle ed. K. N. Cameron (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Oxford, England, 1961) and Shelley by Stephen Spender (The British Council, London, 1952); newspaper cuttings, 1964-1967, on Shelley

MOTTRAM: 9/12/160-162


Harriet Beecher Stowe: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-96) and Uncle Tom's cabin'; manuscript fragment on Uncle Tom's cabin; newspaper cuttings, 1962-1963

MOTTRAM: 9/12/163-169


Algernon Charles Swinburne and Gerard Manley Hopkins: Mottram typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Hopkins'; manuscript essay headed 'Swinburne, Hopkins and the Romantic agony', 9 Nov 1948; further manuscript notes headed 'Swinburne-Hopkins'; detailed notes on Swinburne's 'Atalanta', and print-outs of Swinburne and Hopkins poems for teaching purposes; manuscript notes on Hopkins' 'Binsley poplars', 'Wreck of the Deutschland' and 'God's grandeur'; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources; some newspaper cuttings, 1959, on Hopkins' works

MOTTRAM: 9/12/170-172


Alfred Lord Tennyson 1: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Tennyson: 'Locksley Hall'-1842'; fragmentary notes, paginated 2-3, on Tennyson's work; newspaper cuttings on Tennyson, 1959-1969

MOTTRAM: 9/12/173-175


Alfred Lord Tennyson 2: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Poetry and doubt in the 19th Century: In memoriam'; fragmentary notes, manuscript and typescript, on Tennyson; manuscript notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/12/176-177


Henry Thoreau: Mottram typescript essay headed 'VII-The Nineteenth Century: Thoreau'; manuscript draft and notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/12/178-193


Mark Twain 1: two manuscript drafts headed 'Mark Twain's criticism of America', varying in content and neither identical to the published version of 1985; manuscript and typescript draft of 'Huckleberry Finn: disobedience and censorship in America', a talk delivered at the Institute of United States Studies in 1985; manuscript essay headed 'Mark Twain' and opening 'Using, from the outset...', 4 pages; typescript essay headed 'Mark Twain' and opening 'Mark Twain once remarked...'; typescript essay headed 'Controlled hysteria-Mark Twain. 1. Huckleberry Finn'; typescript essay headed 'Mark Twain. 2. Pudd'nhead Wilson'; typescript essay headed '3', on the Carnival of crime and other works; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Mark Twain: the pessimism'; manuscript notes in the form of essays on Four innocents abroad, Pudd'nhead Wilson, A Conecticut Yankee; manuscript and typescript notes on individual works of Twain, and on secondary works; newspaper cuttings, 1956-1985, including a speech on Twain by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.; offprints of article on Twain by Dennis Welland, and of 2 articles by Robert Regan; notices of the colloquium 'Huckleberry Finn at one hundred' at the Institute of United States Studies, 1985; letters, 1983-1984, from Robert Giddings about Mottram contribution to an anthology on Mark Twain, published in 1985, and style-sheets for Vision Press, with a letter from Boris Ford on the Mottram entry on Twain for the New Pelican Guide published 1988; typescript bibliographies for Twain dated 1960, 1975; visitors guide to Mark Twain's Hannibal, Missouri, with a manuscript note from Pierre Joris

MOTTRAM: 9/12/194


Mark Twain 2: manuscript essay, 'Free enterprise and castles: Twain' (in folder marked 'Science Fiction'), 213 pages

MOTTRAM: 9/12/195-198

1985, 1988

Mark Twain 3: typescript essay 'Mark Twain (1835-1910)', published in New Pelican guide to literature 1988; typescript essay 'A raft against Washington: Mark Twain's criticism of America', published 1985; brief manuscript notes on Twain's life and writings; typescript selected reading list

MOTTRAM: 9/12/199-207


Walt Whitman: versions of Mottram article 'Law and the open road: Whitman's "America"', published 1985, including manuscript, typescript and photocopy of printed article; manuscript essay 'Whitman's healing imperialism'; manuscript essay opening 'In 1855 he published... Leaves of grass'; manuscript essay opening 'Whitman's Preface to the 1855 edition...'; manuscript essay on Whitman's Song of myself; manuscript notes on individual poems, and a typescript summary of Whitman's life and work; typescript carbon of a Mottram letter on Whitman's association with John Burroughs and Oscar Wilde, 2 Aug 1974; newspaper cuttings 1955-1986; incomplete copy of magazine American Dialogue (New York, Oct-Nov 1965) with articles on Whitman

MOTTRAM: 9/12/208-215


William Wordsworth 1: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Wordsworth and the prelude', 19 Oct 1948, written while at Pembroke College Cambridge; manuscript essay on Wordsworth's poem 'Strange fits of passion...'; manuscript essay 'Coleridge and Wordsworth'; manuscript essay 'Some critical statements on Wordsworth'; typescript essay headed 'Wordsworth's poetical career'; typescript essay 'Wordsworth's theory of poetry'; some manuscript and typescript notes on Wordsworth's works and secondary sources; newspaper cuttings 1963-1966 on Wordsworth and his poetry. Also notes on literature lectures taken down by Mottram as an undergraduate, c 1948.

MOTTRAM: 9/12/216-219


William Wordsworth 2: Mottram draft manuscript essay headed 'Wordsworth (b. 1770)'; typed sheet with proposal for dissertation on 'The dramatic writings of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats and Shelley'; copy of booklet Wordsworth by Helen Darbishire (The British Council, London, 1953); manuscript notes on sceondary sources on Wordsworth, by Mottram at Pembroke

MOTTRAM: 9/13 Mottram essays by subject: Literature by group

MOTTRAM: 9/13/1-4


On American poetry and its influence: manuscript essay headed 'On American poetry and its influence', designed for delivery at the South Bank Centre 27 Oct 1990; revised version of above essay, typescript and manuscript, still headed 'On American poetry and its influence'; three letters, May-Oct 1990, from the South Bank Centre, about Mottram talk at forthcoming festival; brochure for 'Brave New Worlds' Festival at South Bank Centre, Sep-Nov 1990

MOTTRAM: 9/13/5-9


The Beat poets 1: programme of colloquium '"A permanent etcetera": engagements with America' at the Institute of United States Studies, London, 12 May 1990, with Mottram scheduled to read a paper '"What a place to sleep!": intercultural and countercultural actions from 1950 in America'; manuscript essay headed '"What a place to sleep!": intercultural and countercultural interactions in America since 1950'; programme of Conference in Cross-cultural Studies at University of Essex, 11-13 Jul 1986, with Mottram scheduled to read a paper on 'Crossing the American frontiers: the Beat Generation and deterritorialisations'; typescript essay headed 'Intercultural and countercultural interactions in the Beat Generation writers'; assembled background notes to both the above projects, mostly manuscript, and including items of Jerome Rothenberg, Michael McClure, DuBois, 'Afro-American', Alan Ginsberg, 'Beat Generation', Marshall McLuhan, William Burroughs, 'American Art 1955-1965', Herbert Marcuse, with some printed and promotional material relating to the Beat poets

MOTTRAM: 9/13/10-21


The Beat poets 2: typescript essay 'The Beat Generation and the San Francisco poets'; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources, with information on The Village Voice magazine (Greenwich Village, New York); article by Rexroth on San Francisco, in situ in Nugget Jun 1962; a copy of Huncke's journal by Herbert Huncke (The Poets Press, New York, 1965); photocopies of a series of articles by Alfred G. Aronowitz on the Beat Generation, 1959; copy of little magazine Beatitude 16 (San Francisco, July 1960) including contributions by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski; the Whole Earth Catalog (Fall, 1969) (oversize item); newspaper cuttings, 1958-1963, on the Beat Generation; (note: newspaper and photocopy material pose conservation problems); unsourced article 'Berkeley/San Francisco poetry communities in the early 1940s' by Richard O. Moore, with item on Moore himself from 1994; obituary of Beat era poet and letterpress printer William Everson (1912-1994), from Outlook (July 1994); partial photocopy of M. F. K. Fisher, Julia Child & Alice Waters celebrating the pleasures of the table by Joan Reardon (Harmony, New York, 1994), on Alice's Restaurant; booklet The fake revolt by G. Legman (Breaking Point, New York, 1967)

MOTTRAM: 9/13/22-23


The Beat poets 3: manuscript essay headed 'America since 1945'; typescript essay headed 'Notes for Feldman Lecture Tate Gallery 7.7.87', on Mark Rothko, published in Spanner magazine, 1989; typescript chronology and bibliography of Beat Generation, with charts showing cultural development of period

MOTTRAM: 9/13/24-26


The Beat poets 4: manuscript essay 'Beat poetry and after', later published in Ark 33 (1962); a spirit-duplicator printed bibliography of the 'Beat' literary movement in American 1955-1970; newspaper cuttings of 1980, 1985 on the Beat movement (some outsize)

MOTTRAM: 9/13/27-32


Black Mountain College: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Black Mountain College'; typescript and manuscript notes on secondary sources; manuscript letter, 7 Apr 1961 from Porter Williams of North Carolina with notes on the College and a recommendation to get in touch with Jonathan Williams; newspaper cuttings 1962-1964 on literature from the College; typescript letter from Ted Wilentz, 23 Apr 1961, with paragraphs on Allen Ginsberg and friends in Paris, on Black Mountain College, and on Norman Mailer; extensive photocopies of articles on Black Mountain College, apparently from periodical Form 4 (1967)

MOTTRAM: 9/13/33-35


French poets: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Under the influence of Rimbaud' [1973-1978]; Mottram manuscript notes on mid-20th century French poets [1973-1978]; a section of photocopies of modern French poets' work, including Marcelin Pleynet, Denis Roche, Anne-Marie Albiach, Jean Daive [1984]

MOTTRAM: 9/13/36-44


Little Press movement: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Lee Harwood' and seemingly a draft of 'Beware of imitations: Writers Forum poets and British poetry in the '60s' Poetry Student 1 (Warwick, 1975) 6-7, 32-35; manuscript essay notes headed 'V. study and meditation', associated with the above, and containing references to Lee Harwood, Alan Price, Bob Dylan, Carl Jung; printed note on 'Antibody Quippu', by Paula Claire for Writers Forum, 1976; typescript proof of Mottram introduction to George Dowden's Flight to America (Mandarin Books, London, 1965); typescript essay headed 'Migrant poets' i.e. about Migrant Press, Worcester, England [1966]; typescript essay titled 'Fifteen years of Little Press Activity' [1981], with loose typescript leaf designated '4' also on little press matters; photocopy of Mottram typescript essay 'For the twentyfifth anniversary of The New Hungarian Quarterly' [1985]; photocopy of article 'Little magazines in the British Isles today' by Geoffrey Soar and R. J. Ellis, from British Book News, Dec 1988; guide to exhibition 'Little Magazines and how they got that way' at Royal Festival Hall, Sep-Oct 1990

MOTTRAM: 9/13/45-51


The New York poets: Mottram manuscript list of New York poets; photocopy of Paul Blackburn article 'The grinding down' from Kulchur 10 (1962) 9-18; Mottram manuscript note headed 'Charles Bernstein: the mistaken reading of Frank O'Hara'; Mottram manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Poetics'; duplicated sheet from the I. C. A. (Institute of Contemporary Arts) London, 17 Jun 1971, including a statement by James Schuyler; stapled selected of some New York poets' work including Kenneth Koch and Frank O'Hara; brief Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/13/52-54


Psychedelic writing: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Drugs', with 'Drugs biblio(graphy)'; typescript essay headed 'The psychic or psychedelic synthesis'; extensive manuscript and typescript secondary notes, including material on Timothy Leary

MOTTRAM: 9/13/55-59


Romanticism 1: brief manuscript notes on 'Romantic literature' and 'Ossian', with notes on Robert Creeley talking on Coleridge in 1975, postcards and newspaper cutting; manuscript essay headed 'Poets of the Cherub', (1994), 44 pages; manuscript essay headed 'Mythology'; essay headed 'Place, Usury and Aphrodite', 41 pages; manuscript essay headed 'Reaction'

MOTTRAM: 9/13/60-62

1977, 1990-1991

Romanticism 2: manuscript essay headed 'Romantic-original-genius-creative', followed by notes on secondary sources; manuscript essay developed from Alfred Korzybski's book, Science and sanity: an introduction to non-Aristotelian systems and general semantics (4th edition, 1958), and looking at the 'primitive' in language and culture; notes on secondary sources including typescript headed 'A learning from Bronowski's The ascent of man 1969/1971/1973/1977' (in envelope marked 'Radical poetics')

MOTTRAM: 9/13/63-66


Romanticism 3: manuscript essay 'Critical issues of the Romantic Ode'; background notes on 'framework' and 'Nature'; some magazines cuttings, 1991, on ecology and idealism; photocopies of poems by Shelley and others for discussion in class context

MOTTRAM: 9/13/67-68


Romanticism 4: manuscript essay headed 'The Romantic poets: introduction'; reading list, 'The English Romantic Poets and their World', Nov 1967

MOTTRAM: 9/13/69-80


San Francisco renaissance: manuscript essay headed 'San Francisco Renaissance', opening 'The cultural liveliness...', 5 sides with attached notes; typescript essay headed 'San Francisco Renaissance', opening 'The idea of a renaissance of the arts...'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'San Francisco 1940-1965: an American renaissance', opening 'Writing of his vocation as a printer and publisher...'; typescript essay with manuscript additions and corrections, unheaded, but opening 'As a city culture, San Francisco...'; typescript essay 'San Francisco: arts in the city that defies fate', later published in Cracking the Ike Age: aspects of Fifties America ed. Dale Carter (Aarhus University Press, Denmark, 1992); Mottram typescript and manuscript notes on secondary sources, including Kenneth Rexroth essays; programme of Polytechnic of Central London conference on 'Governing and planning the modern city', 19 May 1982, with note of Mottram lecture on 'The poets and artists of the San Francisco renaissance'; typescript letter, 17 Sep 1962, from Ted Wilentz, mentioning James Baldwin and Jonathan Williams, typescript letters, 13 Jun and 14 Sep 1962 from Lyman Andrews, about literature in San Francisco, typescript letter, 26 Sep 1962 from Joyce Lancaster Wilson, with mention of Herb Blau and Kenneth Rexroth, and 2 letters, typescript and manuscript, 29 Sep and 6 Oct 1962, from Mack Rosenthal, enclosing 2 copies of programme of 1962 San Francisco Poetry Festival; map and postcards of and guidebook to San Francisco, 4 items; Philip Davies booklet The metropolitan mosaic: problems of the contemporary city (British Association for American Studies, Durham, 1980); newspaper cuttings, 1962-1966, on San Francisco; folder on the Listener-supported Pacifica Radio Stations, with information about the corporation, a newspaper cutting from 1963 about a Senate inquiry into 'Communist infiltration in the Pacifica Foundation', and a typescript letter, 27 Apr 1963 from Trevor Thomas of Pacifica to Mottram, 6 items

MOTTRAM: 9/13/81-87


The South (Southern states of America): PCL (Polytechnic of Central London) information on course, 'The South in Hollywood cinema', held 29-30th November 1985; typescript of talk opening 'This short course... focusses briefly... on some of the major issues...'manuscript and typescript draft of second talk, opening with reference to film The reivers; manuscript bibliography, with further information from correspondent at Exeter University; programme of National Film Theatre season on the American South (Marc, 1985) with Mottram manuscript notes, and his notes on other films; photocopy of codes adopted by American film-makers; review of Anthony Dunbar's Against the grain: Southern radicals and prophets 1929-1959 (University of Virginia Press) by Jason Berry in The Nation, 13 Mar 1982

MOTTRAM: 9/13/88-97


The Transcendentalists 1: manuscript and typescript essay on Benjamin Franklin and 19th century forms of locomotion; typescript essay on Hawthorne's The Blithedale Romance; manuscript essay or notes on '(George) Riply and Brook Farm'; manuscript and typescript essay on 'Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862', marked 'V. American Self reliance' as though a chapter in some larger enterprise; an earlier manuscript essay, headed 'Thoreau: Walden' and a three page manuscript essay headed 'Henry David Thoreau'; manuscript essay 'Slavery as obedience to false social training'; manuscript essay on 'John Brown', 67 pages; a range of relevant newspaper cuttings, 1973-1985; bibiography on 'Self and community: autobiographical writing in America 1608 to 1963'; Jackdaw study pack on 'Communes and Communitarians in America'

MOTTRAM: 9/13/98-101


The Transcendentalists 2: typescript essay opening 'Thomas Kuhn writes...'; manuscript essay opening 'The use of Louis Marin's Utopics...'; manuscript notes on secondary sources, including Melville's Mardi; newspaper cuttings, 1994, on political change and reform (in folder marked 'Utopia')

MOTTRAM: 9/13/102-107


'Underground' literature: Mottram typescript carbon letter, 19 May 1974 to Jeff Nuttall about current work on the 'underground'; two short manuscript essays headed 'Underground', one opening with a quote from Weller Embler, the other with a quote from D. H.Lawrence; manuscript essay headed, 'The Underground and America', 19 pages; typescript essay headed 'Kore', predominantly on Greek myths; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources, including Greek religion and the work of Robert Duncan, 4 items; photocopy of William Blake 'Preludium' opening 'The shadowy daughter of Urthona stood before red orc...'

MOTTRAM: 9/13/108-115


Women writers in 19th century America: manuscript essay on Emily Dickinson; 'A selection of Emily Dickinson's poems'-list of titles as reading guide in Mottram manuscript and printed items; unsourced copy of article 'My Emily Dickinson' by Susan Howe; Mottram manuscript essay on Margaret Fuller (Transcendentalist writer); brief bibliographies/biographies of United States 19th century women writers, photocopied from source; manuscript note on Margaret Fuller by Mottram, 2 pages; review of The letters of Margaret Fuller ed. Robert Hudspeth (2 vols, Cornell University press, Ithaca, New York, 1982) by James R. Mellow from The New York Times Book Review, 19 Jun 1983 (outsize); unsourced newspaper cutting with items on Emily Dickinson

MOTTRAM: 9/13/116-117


Women writers 2: Mottram manuscript draft essay headed 'Feminist criticism'; newspaper cuttings, 1985-1987, on feminism

MOTTRAM: 9/14 Mottram essays by subject: Literature by period

MOTTRAM: 9/14/1-2


17th century literary concepts: group of manuscript and typescript essays by Mottram on Shakespeare, Richard III, John Milton and Andrew Marvell, headed 'Practical criticism-The 17th Century-The Theme of Liberty'; duplicated copies of Marvell's poem 'Clorinda and Damon', one marked 'Master copy' and annotated in pencil by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 9/14/3-9


The 17th century: typescript address to the Rector and members of the University of Groningen headed 'Poetry and freedom, and the study of English Literature', which includes passages on William Shakespeare, John Milton, Andrew Marvell; short essays typescript and manuscript, including work on 'Seventeenth Century poetry', 'Galileo to Leibnitz', 'John Milton', and general historical surveys; manuscript notes on Seventeenth Century culture, including general literature notes written on Naval Message forms, notes on Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, with excerpts from his 'Treatise on civil government' of 1690, notes on Andrew Marvell, and on John Milton, especially the 'Aeropagitica'; photocopied extract from Thomas More's 'History of Richard III'; typescript reading list headed 'Seventeenth Century'; offprints of Anthony Birrell's article 'Marvell's 'A dialogue between soul and body'' from Downside Review 1955, Frank Kermode 'Marvell transposed' from Encounter, 1956, Arnold Stein 'The paradise within and the paradise without' from Modern Language Quarterly 26/4, 1965, David Pole 'Milton and critical method' The British Journal of Aesthetics 3/3, 1963, and Nigel Alexander 'The performance of Christopher Marlowe's Dr. Faustus' from Proceedings of the British Academy 57, 1971; newspaper cuttings, 1964-1977, including reviews of Frances Yates' work

MOTTRAM: 9/14/10-11


17th to 18th century writing: manuscript essay headed 'Dryden and Pope'; manuscript essay headed 'Eighteenth century poetry'

MOTTRAM: 9/14/12-21


American writers, 1600-1800: series of typescript essays, with some manuscript inserts, headed 'Self and community in American literature', comprising 1. Introduction, 2. The seventeenth Century, 3. Crevecoeur, 4. Benjamin Franklin, 5. The Great Awakening and Jonathan Edwards, 6. John Woolman; manuscript and typescript essay, 'American identity in American writing and culture from 17th century to 1920s'; manuscript essay headed 'Benjamin Franklin-1706/1790'; typescript essay 'American literature comes of age'; manuscript essay headed 'Melville and Hawthorne'; two manuscript essays headed 'American literature 1600-1800' 1 and 2; manuscript essay headed 'Introduction to American fiction, part one: the nineteenth century'; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources; brief reading lists, lacking dates; newspaper cuttings, especially on the Puritan period, including article by Eugene Genovese 'William Appleman Williams on Marx and America' from Studies on the Left 6/1 (1966) 69-86

MOTTRAM: 9/14/22-25


American writers of the Mid 20th century: manuscript essay headed 'American poetry-1967', opening 'More concern with technique...'; manuscript essay headed 'Plath/Bly/Vliet'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'The necessity for obscenity and destructiveness in mid-twentieth century literature', with further notes on secondary sources; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'American style' and dealing principally with Gertrude Stein, with accompanying notes on writers including Ed Dorn, Tom Wolfe, Jack Kerouac

MOTTRAM: 9/14/26-32


20th century poetry: typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Twentieth century poetry in English: the international scene'; typescript carbon reading list for Twentieth Century poetry in English; manuscript list of 'Journals / Presses'; manuscript and typescript draft essay on Modernism and literary criticism; manuscript notes on 'the language of pattern', with pictures of Hindu architecture; manuscript notes on 20th century British poets; manuscript and typescript reading list, 1978, headed 'Exploded narrative; imploded analysis'

MOTTRAM: 9/14/33-37


The Twenties: typescript carbon and photocopy of essay headed 'The hostile environment and the survival artists: A note on the Twenties', dated 1970, published 1971; typescript bibliographical note on the Twenties; typescript and manuscript notes on secondary sources; programme of Colloquium on American Studies at Institute of United States Studies, London, 1968, to which Mottram contributed a talk titled 'Stabilizing and Change in the 1920s'; National Film Theatre pamphlet, 1968, on films on the Twenties

MOTTRAM: 9/14/38-41


The Thirties 1: manuscript essay headed 'The case of Conrad Aiken'; manuscript and typescript notes on drama, proletarian literature and political ideas in the Thirties; typescript notes or draft review by Mottram of article by Josephine Herbst on post-World War One America, with her response in a typescript letter, 10 Aug 1962; newspaper cuttings 1962-1968 on politics and literature in the 1930s, including article by Robert Kostelanetz, and items on Virginia Woolf and W. H. Auden

MOTTRAM: 9/14/42-53


The Thirties 2: manuscript and offprint of article 'American poetry in the Thirties: some revisions and bearings' published 1966; offprint of article 'Living mythically: the Thirties', published 1972; typescript essay 'Poets in America: the Thirties', published 1985 as 'Invention and the collapse of capitalism: American poets in the Thirties', with photocopy of printed version and correspondence 1983-1985 about its publication; manuscript essay headed 'Thirties' and opening 'The major American poet George Oppen...'; manuscript essay headed 'Poets in America' and 'Attitude of American poets in America to America'; manuscript notes or draft essay on Mina Loy; manuscript notes on topics and poets including 'The Objectivists', Sherwood Anderson, Randall Jeffers, Laura Riding', 'E. E. Cummings' and 'Walter Lowenfels', with newspaper cuttings on Nelson Algren; reading lists and notices of events on the Roosevelt era; Poetry in agitation: American poetry in the 1930s-a mini-anthology and bibliography compiled by Barry Wallenstein and Shamoon Zamir, 1987; guide to the exhibition 'The Thirties in America' at the American Embassy in London, 1971; guide to exhibition 'America in the Thirties' at Durham; programme to a piano recital on the theme 'America in the Thirties', Durham, 1971

MOTTRAM: 9/14/54-57


The Thirties 3: essay 'Living mythically; the Thirties', published in 1972, in typescript form with manuscript alterations, headed 'Living mythically: documenting the Thirties'; fair typescript and partial carbon of corrected essay, headed 'Living mythically: ways in to the Thirties'; proofs and offprint of final article; associated manuscript booklist

MOTTRAM: 9/14/58-60


The Thirties 4: manuscript essay on 'Thirties American Poetry', with subsections on Ezra Pound, Hart Crane, Louis Zukofsky and William Carlos Williams, 78 pages; photocopies of illustrative poems; typescript essay headed 'Final chapter ????', mainly on William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway

MOTTRAM: 9/14/61


The Forties: typescript and manuscript essay on poetry in the 1940s opening 'The end of Stephen Spender's Daily Worker article...'

MOTTRAM: 9/14/62-64


The Fifties in Britain: typescript essay 'The Nineteen Fifties in England', with special attention to the theatre and John Osborne; typescript introduction to delivery of essay in Groningen, with duplicated reading lists as handouts; manuscript and typescript notes on individual works mentioned in essay

MOTTRAM: 9/14/65-72


The Fifties in America: manuscript and typescript essay 'The response to catastrophe'(covering pre-and post-World War II); typescript of conference paper entitled 'American literature in the Fifties', with manuscript corrections; manuscript version of conference paper 'New heroes for old: American fiction since 1946'; manuscript draft of review of books on American fiction; typescript of essay 'Suburbia and the subterraneans: aspects of American fiction and poetry in the Fifties'; newspaper cutting comprising Mottram article 'Action Writing' from The Spectator, 19 Oct 1962; newspaper cuttings 1962-1963 on American novelists; Mottram reading lists for courses 'Post-War American fiction and society', 'American literature and society in the Fifties', and 'American literature in the Fifties'

MOTTRAM: 9/14/73


British poetry since 1960: various forms of the essay 'British poetry since 1960' including that published in Polytechnic of Central London programme, 1974, and in Forked tongues ed. Ann Massa, Alistair Stead (Longman, Harlow, Essex, 1994)

MOTTRAM: 9/14/74-85


British poetry 1960-1975: typescript essay 'American poetry and the British poetry revival 1960-1975'; correspondence with Ann Massa and Longmans about its publication in Forked Tongues (1994); proof copies of the article; typescript essay 'The New British Poetry 1960-1975 [1979]', 3 copies; typescript photocopy of essay 'The New British Poetry 1960-1979', marked 'to be revised'; typescript essay 'The British Poetry revival 1960-1974'; typescript essay 'Recent developments in American and British poetry'; manuscript of 'The South Bank talk'; manuscript notes or draft essay 'American and British poets in radical poetics and "Strife"'; offprint of Mottram article 'American poetry, poetics and poetic movements since 1950'; typescript of article 'The British poetry revival 1960-1975'; version 'The British poetry revival 1960-1974' in situ in handbook to Modern British Poetry Conference at Polytechnic of Central London, 1974

MOTTRAM: 9/14/86


American poetry 1960-1970: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Poetry in the United States 1960-1970-a personal over-view'

MOTTRAM: 9/14/87-92


The Sixties 1: 'Sixties American poetry, poetics and poetic movements' from pp. 271-311 of The new history of literature 9: American literature since 1900 ed. Marcus Cunliffe (Sphere, London, 1975); pasted up revised form of article, for 1987 edition, with manuscript pages listing check-pointed and proof corrections; typescript letter, 3 Jul 1986 from editor, Marcus Cunliffe, about the new publication; photocopy of typescript version of article; some Mottram manuscript draft notes towards the article, largely cancelled through; two forms of printed bibliography headed 'American poetry since 1955', with manuscript additions by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 9/14/93


The Sixties 2: 'Sixties American poetry, poetics and poetic movements', typescript with some manuscript corrections in place in mock-up of Conference booklet for Modern American Poetry Conference at Polytechnic of Central London 25-27 May 1973

MOTTRAM: 9/14/94


The Sixties 3: typescript of essays 'The American imagination of synthesis' (with manuscript corrections), 'America in the Sixties', 'Darwin, Marx, Freud, Frazer: method as permissive alibi'; a draft essay on Stanley Kubrick's film Clockwork orange; related notes and newspaper cuttings; a typescript letter from Mottram to 'Bill' of 31 July 1973, concerning a Fiedler article; (note: 1973 letter may need conservation)

MOTTRAM: 9/14/95-100


American poetry, 1963: article 'A pig-headed father and the new wood: an introduction to the New American Poetry', typescript and in situ in The London Magazine vol. 2 no.9 (Dec 1962) 63-73; article 'American poetry in 1963: a diagram of health' in situ in Books U. S. A. 5 (June 1963) 2-6, 2 copies; similar but briefer article 'American Poetry 1963' in situ in the Festival of poetry at the Royal Court Theatre 1963 programme; typescript notes on secondary sources, with incomplete typescript and manuscript note on William Carlos Williams; copy of New Poetry 1963 (Apr 1963) with poems by Olson, Creeley, Ashbery, Wieners, Duncan, and others; manuscript essay headed 'American poetry 1963', with introductory lists

MOTTRAM: 9/14/101-103


The New British poetry: manuscript essays 'British poetry' and 'Notes for contemporary poetry preface'; manuscript and typescript drafts of Mottram preface to The New British Poetry Anthology (Paladin, London, 1988); manuscript of two-part talk, headed 'British poetry' (Paris, 1991)

MOTTRAM: 9/14/104-113


New British poetries, 1970-1993: flyer and programme for the day conference on 'New British poetries, 1970-1993: radical innovation' at the Centre for English Studies, London University; Mottram typescript essay headed 'Civic poetry and innovatory form', as delivered at the day conference; manuscript introduction to the above essay, 2 pages; Mottram manuscript notes on the conference itself; Mottram manuscript notes in preparation of his own paper; draft typescript and typescript of item headed 'Techniques'-"a response to Gilbert Adair's first area for the Colloquium"; manuscript notes on modern English poetry, beginning 'Genesis 1 basis of capitalism...'; manuscript notes on D. Egbert Social Radicalism and the Arts (New York, 1970); typescript of Andrew Marvell's poem to Richard Lovelace; copy of Mottram article 'Action Writing'from The Spectator, 19 Oct 1962

MOTTRAM: 9/15 Mottram essays by subject: Literature by theme or type

MOTTRAM: 9/15/1-7


Censorship 1: typescript and manuscript notes by Mottram on censorship, with specific reference to the Unicorn Bookshop (Bill Butler) trial, 1968; typescript letter from the headmaster of Mill Hill School, 10 Aug 1971, inviting Mottram "to talk to our Sixth Form Current Affairs group about censorship of modern literature;"newspaper cuttings, 1971, on the Oz obscenity case, censorship, and police powers; special issues of Ink magazine (London, Aug & Sep 1971) dealing with censorship and repression; a second batch of newspaper and magazine cuttings, 1971, centring on the Oz trial and its implications; booklet Not for publication by Peter Lloyd (Bow Publications, London, 1968), which surveys the laws on censorship and obscenity; a memorandum from The Publishers Association, dated 1966-1968, on the Obscene Publications Act

MOTTRAM: 9/15/8-17


Censorship 2: invitation to Mottram to talk at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, in July 1965, and manuscript sheet of Mottram brief notes for talk on 'The necessity of obscenity and destructiveness in Mid-Century literature'; copy of Censorship 2 (London, 1965) with contributions on the censorship of films; newspaper cuttings, 1965, on police action against Dave Cunliffe and his little press in Blackburn; newspaper cuttings, 1962-1963, on American comedian Lenny Bruce's expulsion from Britain; newspaper cuttings, 1963, on reactions in Britain to Henry Miller's work; article, 'Writing and publishing: or, wickedness reveal'd' by B. S. Johnson, from Socialist Commentary (June 1965) 33-37; newspaper cuttings, 1964-1967 on censorship in plays and films, with description of the Lord Chamberlain's office, and copy of Flourish: Royal Shakespeare Theatre Club Newspaper 2 (London, 1964-1965) discussing violence on stage; newspaper cuttings, 1963-1964, on official action against John Cleland's book Fanny Hill; newspaper cuttings 1964-1966, on pornography and censorship; extracts from Encounter magazine, 1965-1966, dealing with censorship issues

MOTTRAM: 9/15/18-20


The epic 1: manuscript book list on American sense of the epic; newspaper cutting (1978), review of Régis Debray's novel Undesirable alien (Allen Lane, London, 1978); offprint of Mottram article 'Henry Adams' index of the twentieth century', published 1975; manuscript essay 'The American epic sense'

MOTTRAM: 9/15/21-32


The epic 2: typescript essay headed 'Pound, Whitman and the American epic transmission'; correspondence relating to its publication in Pound in multiple perspective ed. Andrew Gibson (Macmillan, Basingstoke, 1993), with a synopsis of the volume; invitations to deliver papers on Pound to the 12th International Pound Conference, 1987, and as an intercollegiate lecture, University of London, 1987; undated note of conference sessions or conference publication on 'Ezra Pound and modern literature' to include Mottram's essay on 'Pound and epic'; photocopy of thesis by Christopher Phipps headed 'His country: Ezra Pound and America', 1988; manuscript essay headed 'Hart Crane plus'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Predecessors' i.e. the epic tradition through early writers to Whitman, Pound Olson; manuscript essay on Whitman's Preface of 1855; manuscript essay opening 'In 1938 Ezra Pound published Guide to Kulchur...'; manuscript essay headed 'Epic'; manuscript notes or draft essays headed 'Oppen etc', 'Olson' and 'Rakosi, Oppen, Z (Zukofsky), Reznikoff'; notes, mainly manuscript, on secondary sources, with a photocopy of some unsourced printed material on Noah Webster by Charles Swan

MOTTRAM: 9/15/33-34


Faust: Mottram manuscript essay 'The myth of Faust' for Pembroke College, 3 Feb 1950; manuscript notes on versions of the legend

MOTTRAM: 9/15/35-38


The hero 1: manuscript essay headed 'Tragic hero'; manuscript essay opening 'Since "tragic hero" means largely Shakespeare's tragic heroes...'; manuscript notes on individual plays and themes; offprints of Simone Weil's article 'A war of religions' from Twentieth Century, 1961, Raymond Williams 'From hero to villain' New Left Review 20, 1963, R. D. Laing on Herbert Marcuse's One-dimensional man (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1964) from New Left Review 26, 1964, Michael B. Folsam 'Shakespeare the Marxist', Studies on the Left 5/4 (1965)

MOTTRAM: 9/15/39


The hero 2: typescript essay headed 'Visions that we need: The hero of the 50s', with manuscript and pasted in additions, and epigraph from Kingsley Amis

MOTTRAM: 9/15/40-41


The hero 3: typescript notes or draft essay headed 'The American's macho toughness'; National Film Theatre notes on American cinema and newspaper cuttings on the masculine and the hero

MOTTRAM: 9/15/42-45


Myths 1: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Myth'; manuscript and typescript essay, 'Entropy and the choice of inertia', based largely on Norman Mailer; untitled manuscript essay on Marshall McLuhan; manuscript notes on 'Myth: Frazer' and typescript notes on 'Political justice-1793'

MOTTRAM: 9/15/46-48


Myths 2: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Definitions by European myth and experience'; manuscript essay headed 'Wright Mills and the intellectual withdrawal'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Henry Adams, Thoreau and their legacy of failure and anarchism'

MOTTRAM: 9/15/49-55


Performance 1: manuscript essay headed 'the poet as performing artist', intended to be read at P. S. (Poetry Student magazine) Poetry Festival at University of Warwick Arts centre, 14-15 Feb 1975; typescript essay headed 'The poetry performance' and opening 'The answer to those...'; typescript carbon of revised essay headed 'The poetry performance' and opening 'During the 1960s...'. The essay was later published in Rawz 1 (London, 1977); manuscript draft of essay '"Declaring behaviour": the poetry performance', published in Rawz 1 (London, 1977); typescript essay 'Transformation of music and poetry', published in Spanner 19 (London [1980]) 220-232; typescript letters from Godfrey Rust of Poetry Student magazine to Mottram of 5 Dec 1974, enclosing sample of circulated material, of 16 Dec 1974 and 14 Jan 1975 concerning Mottram's article for the magazine and talk for forthcoming festival; manuscript letter from Toby Sachs, 8 Feb 1975 to Mottram, enclosing poster and details of festival

MOTTRAM: 9/15/56-57


Performance 2: review-essay headed 'Confidence and performance: introduction to The Life of Poetry'; photocopy mock-up of A selection from 'The Life of Poetry' by Victor Bokriss and Andrew Wylie, being interviews with poets including Gregory Corso, John Giorno, Michael McClure, Tom Raworth, Aram Saroyan, Anne Waldman, John Wieners

MOTTRAM: 9/15/58-60

1973, 1985

Puritan influence: manuscript essays on 'Puritan violence' and on Jonathan Edwards; typescript essay 'From colonialism to republicanism: The American identity', [1973]; brief correspondence and booklist enclosed in pamphlet British America 1607-1776 by W. A. Speck (British Association for American Studies, Brighton, 1985)

MOTTRAM: 9/15/61-66


Satire 1: manuscript essay headed 'Satirical fiction in the 1960s'; fragment of manuscript and typescript essay opening '23 Pat O'Brien movies...'; fragment of manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Comic satire in contemporary US Lit.'; fragment of manuscript and typescript essay opening 'To account for the increase in satire...'; typescript and manuscript notes on books including Terry Southern's work and William Burroughs' novels; select bibliography on 'Law and Satire'

MOTTRAM: 9/15/67-70


Satire 2: schedule of King's College English Society weekend at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, with note of talk by Mottram 'Definitions of satire' on 15 Nov 1963; manuscript essay headed 'The roots of satire in 1963'; extra notes to the above, manuscript and typescript, headed 'Satire' and 'The origins and purpose of satire'; Private Eye 49 (London, 1963), with partial, unbound copy of another 1963 issue, and essay on the magazine by Malcolm Muggeridge from Esquire (Feb 1964)

MOTTRAM: 9/15/71-73


Satire 3: typescript of review of novels by Philip Roth, Walker Percy and Herbert Gold, headed 'The American game of happy families', with proof copy and printed result as published in The Times Literary Supplement, 21 Dec 1967; newspaper cutting and Mottram manuscript notes on humorist Stanley Elkin, with invitation from BBC (British Broadcasting Company), 10 Jan 1980 to speak about Elkin's new book on radio arts programme 'Kaleidoscope'; review of Ishmael Reed's novel Mumbo jumbo in The Nation, 25 Sep 1972

MOTTRAM: 9/15/74-76


Structuralism: manuscript essay headed 'Elements of structural analysis'; photocopied reading lists on 'Critical approaches'; photocopied items on psychoanalytic criticism and gender studies

MOTTRAM: 9/15/77-81


Surrealism: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Surrealism'-main body of text paginated 16-29; manuscript essay headed 'Functions from surrealism'; brief manuscript notes on Mallarmé, Cubism, and Pound's Cantos; incomplete photocopy of bibiography; typescript master of selected surrealist poems, for photocopying for teaching purposes

MOTTRAM: 9/16 Mottram essays by subject: Music

MOTTRAM: 9/16/1-9


Music 1: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Charles Ives 1874-1954'; typescript fragment on Ives, paginated 13-18; manuscript notes on John Cage's composition, 'HPSCHD', 1 side; manuscript essay headed 'John Cage'; typescript notes on Cage's composition 'Silence' and on secondary sources; copy of Spanner 1 (1974), including text of Mottram conversation with Cage; manuscript and typescript essay headed ' Pop and Rock'; incomplete photocopied hand-out, paginated 3-22, a mosaic of texts on the philosophy of modern culture; typescript carbon bibliography headed 'Music', paginated 11-15 (in folder 'American imagination of synthesis 3')

MOTTRAM: 9/16/10-18


Music 2: manuscript essay headed 'American Music', in 3 numbered parts; typescript essay headed 'Charles Ives and John Cage'; typescript essay headed 'Self-reliance and community experience in American music', 1978; manuscript notes on 'Country music', and typescript list of 20th century composers; typescript bibliographies, 1965-1984, on American music; notices of courses on American music in London, 1978-1984; copy of paper on 'American music-a British perspective' by Peter Dickinson, 1977, with covering note from author; photocopy of article 'Empty words' by John Cage, from Interstate 2 (Austin, Texas, 1974); newspaper cuttings, 1978-1985, on various aspects of American music, including article on Charles Ives

MOTTRAM: 9/16/19-22


Music 4: extended Mottram typescript and manuscript essay, with frequent inserts, headed 'Music and the city', comprising pages 1-17 on the physics of sound, pages 18-19 on theatre, with inserted notes and newspaper cuttings, pages 20-28 on structure, followed by a closing summary; typescript essay headed 'Randomness', complete in itself but positioned originally as an appendix to the previous essay; photocopy of article by Alfred M. Bork, 'Randomness and the Twentieth century' from Antioch Review 27/1 (1967); Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on the history of music and especially on works about modern composers

MOTTRAM: 9/16/23-36


Music 5. John Cage: typescript of Mottram 1972 interview with John Cage, with numerous manuscript corrections; photocopy typescript of a different version of the same interview; copy of magazine Spanner 1 (1974) publishing the second version of the interview above; Mottram typescript notes for the Cage interview, opening 'Silence -1961-a sound...'; typescript essay headed 'Silence'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'John Cage: Silence and after'; note on John Cage, headed 'for The Independent', kept with Cage's obituary in The Independent, 14 Aug 1992; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on Cage and his work and on secondary sources; copy of article 'Milton Babbitt and John Cage' by Eric Salzman from Stereo Review (no publications details); information folder titled Cage at 70, produced for the Almeida Festival, London, 1982; John Cage: etchings 1978-1982 (Point Press, Oakland, California, 1982); unsourced photocopy catalogue of Cage's work; programme for concert by John Cage and David Tudor, Royal Albert Hall, London, 22 May 1972; photocopy of article 'John Cage & Morton Feldman' from Circuit 4 (1967)

MOTTRAM: 9/16/37-42


Music and performance: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Performance', 2 pages ; typescript essay with manuscript additions, headed 'transformations of music and poetry'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Media' and paginated 1-3, 8-14; brief manuscript essay headed 'Beginning-Guerrilla Th(eatre)', paginated 1, 4-5; manuscript notes, primarily on secondary sources, but also on particular performers including Bob Cobbing and David Toop; newspaper cuttings and photocopies of articles, 1978-1979, on performance art, including an article 'Sartre et la musique' from the magazine Entretien 1979

MOTTRAM: 9/17 Mottram essays by subject: Philosophy

MOTTRAM: 9/17/1-4


Jacques Derrida: typescript carbon and photocopy of Mottram essay 'No centre to hold: a commentary on Derrida', dated 1976, published in Curtains, 1976; three typescript drafts of the essay, with the headings 'A comment on Derrida for Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher', 'No centre to hold: A comment on Derrida for Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher' and 'No centre to hold: on an essay by Jacques Derrida'; brief Mottram manuscript notes from secondary sources, 1971-1976; manuscript notes on Jacques Lacan, Karl Marx and Derrida, 1967-1979

MOTTRAM: 9/17/5-7


Michel Foucault 1: Mottram manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Foucault: archaeology'; manuscript notes on Michel Foucault and Georges Canguilhem; photocopies of article 'Politics and the study of discourse' by Foucault, from Ideology and Consciousness 3 (London, 1978) 7-26, and of article 'What is psychology?' by Canguilhem, from Ideology and Consciousness 7 (London, 1980) 37-50, with partial text of essay on Canguilhem by Foucault in same issue

MOTTRAM: 9/17/8-12


Michel Foucault 2: manuscript essay headed 'Foucault', opening 'In The order of things, Michel Foucault places psychiatry's critical function for law...'; brief manuscript notes on Foucault and law, 1 page; manuscript notes on aggression; typescript proposal for a thesis on the reporting of the Vietnam War, with marginal comments by Mottram; newspaper cuttings, 1967-1985, on political issues, including Vietnam, and the assessment of human nature

MOTTRAM: 9/17/13-16


Michel Foucault 3: brief (4 page) Mottram manuscript essay headed 'The principles of cultural studies as they relate to the Poly papers, the Yearbook paper, and the BAAS paper'; manuscript and typescript notes on Michel Foucault; newspaper cuttings, 1973-1974, with reviews of Foucault publications; extract from The Atlantic (Jan 1971) with article by James S. Gordon on the radical psychiatry of R. D. Laing

MOTTRAM: 9/17/17-18


French philosophy: Mottram manuscript draft essay headed 'Principles of Anti-Oedipus and Milles Plateaux' (works by Gilles Deleuze); Mottram manuscript notes on Antonin Artaud and French literary criticism

MOTTRAM: 9/17/19-23


Buckminster Fuller: manuscript outline of sessions to be taught by Mottram, 1971; manuscript essay headed 'Introduction to Fuller', with inserts including photocopy of Robert Duncan's essay 'Towards an open university' from Poets on poetry (New York 1967); manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Kahn, Skinner, Parsons' (Herman Kahn, B. F. Skinner, Talcott Parsons); manuscript essay opening 'M. C. Richards is aware that the centering of our lives in community...'; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/17/24


Herbert Marcuse: Mottram manuscript notes on Marcuse, expanded into essay form

MOTTRAM: 9/17/25-30


Marshall McLuhan 1: copy of Journal of Canadian Studies 1/2 (Peterborough, Ontario, 1966) containing section 'The world and Marshall McLuhan', with contribution 'The methods of Marshall McLuhan' by Mottram; transcripts of the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) transmission of 1966 on which the above magazine feature was based, including essay and interview; typescript carbon transcript of Mottram interview of McLuhan from above broadcast; typescript letters from the Journal of Canadian Studies, 1966, and the BBC, 1967, about reproducing the McLuhan material; typescript carbon of Mottram talk/essay 'The methods of Marshall McLuhan'; booklet 'I'm the only one who knows what the hell is going on': the message of Marshall McLuhan by Barry Day (Lintas, London, 2nd edn, 1966)

MOTTRAM: 9/17/31-43


Marshall McLuhan 2: Mottram typescript carbon of brief (2 page) summary headed 'Marshall McLuhan'; manuscript essay headed 'Marshall McLuhan' and opening 'McLuhan's view of American culture...'; typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Marshall McLuhan' and opening 'McLuhan's ability is obvious...'; typescript essay headed 'Media'; manuscript essay on McLuhan, paginated 2-18, with opening page lacking; typescript carbon of set of questions to be put to McLuhan; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on McLuhan's publications, notably on The mechanical bride (Vanguard press, New York, 1951) and including a copy of Glenn Gould's article 'The prospects of recording' from High Fidelity Magazine April 1966; Mottram typescript notes on McLuhan, including a paragraph framed in Malaysia, 1953; manuscript letter to Mottram about McLuhan from Richard Dimbleby, 21 Dec 1970; photocopy of Tony Dunn article 'How right was he? Marshall McLuhan in the eighties' from Journal of Area Studies 12 (1985), and other articles on McLuhan; typescript of McLuhan article 'The relation of environment to anti-environment'; transcript of McLuhan film for NBC-TV 'The medium is the massage'; promotional material for McLuhan events and publications

MOTTRAM: 9/17/44-47


Lewis Mumford: Mottram manuscript essay 'Mumford on the city'; manuscript essay 'Mumford and technology' for the 1991 Institute of United States Studies Colloquium; autobiographical note of Mottram's relating to 1941-1942; newspaper cuttings, 1965-1991 on Mumford

MOTTRAM: 9/17/48-51


Wilhelm Reich 1: manuscript essay headed 'Wilhelm Reich and Anarchism'; manuscript and typescript essay headed 'Sex-economy'; manuscript notes on Reich's What is class consciousness? and The mass psychology of Fascism; brief typescript notes on Reich's career

MOTTRAM: 9/17/52-53


Wilhelm Reich 2: manuscript essay headed 'Wilhelm Reich 1897-1957'; manuscript and typescript background notes, including appraisal of William Burroughs Exterminator! (Viking Press, New York, 1973); (among Radical Poetics Seminar material)

MOTTRAM: 9/17/54-57


Michel Serres, and others: manuscript notes or draft essay headed 'Serres'(Michel Serres); manuscript essay headed '(Ezra) Pound', also covering Otto Spengler; manuscript essay headed 'Body', with subheading 'History of individualism'; manuscript notes or draft essay headed 'Sacrifice: Law'; manuscript notes on secondary sources relevant to 'Technology and health'

MOTTRAM: 9/17/58


Paul Virilio: Mottram manuscript essay, in situ in A4 exercise book, on Paul Virilio's Vitesse et politique (1977, translated 1986)

MOTTRAM: 9/18 Mottram essays by subject: Poetics

MOTTRAM: 9/18/1-2


American poetics 1: typescript essay with manuscript corrections headed '"Forget about being original": recent American poetics', published 1988; photocopy of 1975 printed version of essay 'American poetry, poetics and poetic movements since 1950', with corrections for its reprinting in 1987

MOTTRAM: 9/18/3-6


American poetics 2: further material on essay '"Forget about being original": recent American poetics': manuscript and typescript photocopy of the article; correspondence over the publication of The new Pelican guide to English literature vol.9, predominantly from the editor, Boris Ford, and apparently from 1984-1985, though seldom dated, includes revised contract, 20 Aug 1985; manuscript draft of part of essay

MOTTRAM: 9/18/7


American poetics 3: photocopy of printed text of Mottram essay '"Forget about being original": recent American poetics' from The new Pelican guide to English Literature 9 American Literature (1988), with manuscript corrections

MOTTRAM: 9/18/8


Design in poetry 1: typescript photocopy, marked 'master', of Mottram essay headed 'Towards design in poetry', published by Writers Forum in 1977

MOTTRAM: 9/18/9


Design in poetry 2: typescript carbon essay 'Towards design in poetry', published by Writers Forum in 1977

MOTTRAM: 9/18/10-13


'Open field' poetry: Mottram typescript draft with manuscript corrections, dated 1974, and fair typescript carbon version of essay 'Open field poetry', published in Poetry Information 17, 1977; associated typescript carbon book list; Mottram typescript letter, 5 Apr 1976 to Ian-----, giving further corrections to the latest typescript form of the essay; postcard, postmarked 25 Feb 1977, from Peter (Hodgkiss), editor of Poetry Information, querying a point in the essay prior to publication

MOTTRAM: 9/18/14-16


Poetry and mathematics: manuscript, typescript and partial carbon of essay headed 'Poetry and mathematics', published in Reality Studios, 1980; correspondence from The Open University, 1977-1978, about the unit 'Mathematics: a social perspective' and the possible use of the article; copies of articles 'Poetic responses to the Copernican Revolution' by Margaret Byard (no source given), and 'Mathematical games: the combinatorial basis of the I Ching"' by Martin Gardner from Scientific American 230/1 (Jan, 1974)

MOTTRAM: 9/18/17-21


Radical poetics 1: typescript and manuscript essay 'The poetics of "Framework" and "Nature"'; draft essay or notes on 'Poetics / Radical Poetics'; brief manuscript notes headed 'Our poems form at the intervention of everything we do' and 'The quality of poetry is structure fundamentally...'; manuscript notes on writers and themes, including Lorine Niedecker, Tom Raworth, T. S. Eliot ('The waste land'), Pound ('The Cantos'), Charles Bernstein; newspaper cuttings,1991-1992, on contemporary poets, with photocopy of Bernstein article 'Time out of motion' (1986)

MOTTRAM: 9/18/22-25


Radical poetics 2: typed and photocopied outlines of course on 'Radical poetics' for Winter 1990-Summer 1991; extensive manuscript material on the theme of 'Innovation'; manuscript essay headed 'The Great Arch / Lewis Mumford', developed from the book The great arch: English state formation as cultural revolution by Philip Corrigan and D. Sayer (Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1985); manuscript notes on secondary sources, including The education of Henry Adams (1918)

MOTTRAM: 9/18/26-29


Resources for poetics: typescript essay headed 'Resources for poetics'; a second copy, typescript with manuscript corrections; Mottram manuscript notes on secondary sources; two typescript letters from Coimbra University, Portugal, 1994, who published the article posthumously as 'Meios ao dispor da poética' Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais 47 (Coimbra, Portugal, 1997) 39-54

MOTTRAM: 9/19 Mottram essays by subject: Politics

MOTTRAM: 9/19/1-3


Advisers: typescript essay headed 'Advisers to the Nation', Nov 1978; typescript letter, 30 Aug 1978, from Chris Brookeman of The Polytechnic of Central London, mentioning Mottram's appointment as Associate Lecturer, with advert for public lecture series by Mottram entitled 'Advisers to the Nation'; newspaper cuttings, 1978-1980, on cult religions

MOTTRAM: 9/19/4-7


Authority: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Aut(hority)'; manuscript essay headed 'Freedom'; part essay (pages 4,5,5,6) on psychoanalysis; manuscript notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/19/8-13


Conquest: Mottram typescript and manuscript essay headed 'Conquest', in 2 parts; manuscript essay headed 'Louis Agassiz'; manuscript and typescript essay, untitled, but opening with a statement of Louis Zukofsky's on the criteria of poetry; manuscript poem headed 'Pound-Olson-Order' after Dave Murray, and ending with what seem to be two visual poems; photocopy of Robert Duncan article 'Man's fulfillment in order and strife' from Caterpillar, 8-9, 1969; manuscript and typescript notes including material on synchronicity and advertising ('The screaming yellow zonkers box')

MOTTRAM: 9/19/14-16


Power 1: typescript essay headed 'The location of dangerous shoals: American fictions on the science of power'; photocopy of the same, with alterations in line with house style of The Modern Language Review, and their separate 'Notes for contributors'; correspondence, 1976-1977 from the offices of The Modern Language Review, insisting on conformity with house style. (The essay was eventually published in the journal Over Here in 1983)

MOTTRAM: 9/19/17-21


Power 2: typescript essay, untitled, opening 'In the summer and fall of 1940 the philosopher and resistance worker, Simone Weil...', dealing generally with issues of power; a further typescript essay headed 'Summary of the kind of work to be examined and some of the ideas reached already', with reference especially to American literature; typescript essay 'In the summer and fall of 1940... Simone Weil...'; typescript notes on 'Power'; notes on 'Writers and politics', 1965

MOTTRAM: 9/19/22-28


Protest in literature: typescript essay 'Protest and ideology in American literature from Thirties to Sixties', with notes on characters, themes and further reading as an appendix; typescript essay, with frequent manuscript emendations, 'American fiction in the Sixties: Roth, Mailer, Burroughs, Pynchon, Delany'; manuscript and typescript essay, headed 'A synopsis of ideas', opening 'In the coercive state...'; Mottram manuscript bibliography on American radicals; photocopy publication Smoking typewriters (core sample) 'assembled by Allen Ginsberg, March 1979' reprinting Government and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) documents; newspaper cuttings 1977-1979 on CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and conspiracy theories; Mottram typescript and manuscript summary of Burroughs' theory of addiction, need, and evil

MOTTRAM: 9/19/29-30


Vietnam: short (one page) review-essay on the book Tell me lies about Vietnam ed. Alf Louvre and Jeffrey Walsh (Open University, Milton Keynes, 1988); manuscript notes on popular culture, and on secondary sources about the Vietnam War, especially on film and television

MOTTRAM: 9/20 Mottram essays by subject: Technology

MOTTRAM: 9/20/1-4


Aviation 1: manuscript essays 'Aviation: powered flight' and 'Before aviation'; manuscript notes on secondary sources, including notes on the Lindbergh case; newspaper cuttings, 1975-1985, on aviation; a copy of a typed bibliography

MOTTRAM: 9/20/5-8


Aviation 2: manuscript essay 'Aircraft flight from Sir George Cayley to the Wright brothers: 1799-1909'; short sections of typed notes on the history of flight, preceded by manuscript page headed 'order of lecture notes'; notice of exhibition and talks, 1989, 1990; illustrative material, principally postcards

MOTTRAM: 9/20/9-11


Aviation 3, Exhibition material with emphasis on Sir George Cayley: typescript of talk on 'Sir George Cayley-a 19th Century scientific pioneer-1773 to 1857', with single page headed '"A man of the most universal knowledge": Sir George Cayley, 1773-1857'; pamphlets on Charles Stewart Rolls (1877-1910); manuscript summary list, not by Mottram, of visuals to be displayed in exhibition

MOTTRAM: 9/20/12-19


Aviation 4, Sir George Cayley: manuscript essay headed '"A man of the most universal knowledge": Sir George Cayley 1773-1857', talk delivered at Polytechnic of Central London, 27 Sep 1988; typescript assessment of Cayley's career, 2 pages; manuscript notes on secondary sources, including biographical notes on Horne Took, and on the Cayley family; brochures, notices and cards relating to the Polytechnic of Central London's 150th anniversary; correspondence, 1986-1988, principally from Chris Brookeman, on Mottram's involvement in the Polytechnic of Central London's celebrations; photograph of reconstruction of Cayley flying machine; envelope with stamps featuring helicopter development; newspaper cuttings, 1984-1988, on aviation with copy of article 'William Blake's graphic imagery and the Industrial Revolution' by Albert Boime, from Arts Magazine 19/10 (New York, 1985) 107-119

MOTTRAM: 9/20/20


Aviation 5: Items relating to the Cayley Arms hotel, including photographs, teatowel, publicity sheet

MOTTRAM: 9/20/21


Tony Benn: press relapse from Tony Benn as Minister of Technology, 24 Jan 1968

MOTTRAM: 9/20/22-26


Cars 1: essay headed 'Car', opening 'In John Houston's film Wise Blood (1979)...'; draft essay opening 'Basic principles of technology...', with material related to the preceding item; essay in 3 sections headed 'Film Cars'; three copies of the essay 'Blood on the Nash Ambassador: cars in American films', published in 1981: a typescript with minor manuscript corrections, a photocopy with further manuscript corrections, and a photocopy with the corrections entered in place; notes including material on De Lorean, and on the Futurist Manifesto

MOTTRAM: 9/20/27-33


Cars 2: manuscript essay headed 'Patents: mass production'; manuscript essay headed 'Car-1', opening 'Ford's cars were assembled...'; manuscript essay headed 'Car-2', opening 'Not only is technology the extension of man', with newspaper cuttings as inserts; typescript essay headed 'That dark instrument' and opening 'The techniques of cultural studies', prepared for the B. A. A. S. (British Association for American Studies) conference of 15 April 1984; typescript essay headed '"That dark instrument": the American automobile', opening 'In the issue of Life magazine...', dated 1985, but published 1988; manuscript and typescript notes on Henry Ford; manuscript essay headed 'That dark instrument' and opening 'Included in his 1950 album... Bruce Springsteen has 12 numbers... which use cars...'

MOTTRAM: 9/20/34-39


Culture and technology 1: typescript summary of course 'Culture and technology in America since 1800'; manuscript essay headed 'Culture and Technology 1', opening 'The six lectures I am responsible for...'; manuscript essay headed 'Introduction' and opening 'In act five of part two of his Faust...'; manuscript draft essay headed 'Colonial and Republican'; manuscript essay, headed 'The Philadelphia Exposition 1876', 89 pages; manuscript essay headed 'Jefferson to 20th century-city and building'

MOTTRAM: 9/20/40-44


Culture and technology 2: typescript copy of essay 'The metallic necessity and the new American: culture and technology in America 1850-1900', with some extra typescript and manuscript material; offprint of printed version of the same essay, as published by the Polytechnic of Central London in 1978; photocopy of Claus Iversen article 'Freedom and civilization, a Western perspective' from Journal of Peace Research 1 (1971) 37-54; Mottram manuscript notes on Marshall McLuhan and Martin Heidegger; newspaper and magazine cuttings, 1977-1978, mainly on technology and war

MOTTRAM: 9/20/45-47


Culture and technology 3: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Culture and technology in Nineteenth Century America'; essay headed 'Culture and technology in the C19', 4 pages; different typescript essay headed, 'Culture and technology in America 1850 to 1900', 1976

MOTTRAM: 9/20/48


Culture and technology 4: Mottram typescript essay headed '"The carriers of social transformation": culture and technology in America'

MOTTRAM: 9/20/49-55


Electricity: essay on 'Electricity', 3 pages; some manuscript notes on science; typescript letter from Bob (Lee) criticising Mottram talk in 1977, with marginal notes by Mottram; manuscript notes on the contents of magazine series Explorations (Toronto); newspaper cuttings, 1968-1977, on aspects of science; photocopies of articles 'The radicalisation of science' by Hilary & Steven Rose, and 'Love, hate and architecture' by J. Christopher Jones; part of a photocopy of an unattributed thesis on the brain

MOTTRAM: 9/20/56-64


Guns 1: typed notes of poems on guns by John Greenleaf Whittier, Letter... 1854, and Louis Zukofsky; manuscript essay opening 'One of the most urgent needs today is to de-mystify the weapon...'; fragment of manuscript essay opening 'Out of the cattle economy...', paginated 7, 7, 4, 9, 9, 18, 18; two typescript versions of the essay 'The persuasive lips: men and guns in America, the west', the earlier on green and white paper, the later on all white paper, with separate typed and manuscript footnotes and booklist, and proofs and photocopy of same article as published in 1976; two letters commenting on the article 'The persuasive lips', and invitation (1983-1984) to talk at the West London Institute of Higher Education on the topic of guns; photocopies of typescripts of 2 unattributed essays headed 'The American West' and 'One man and his gun', with marginal comments by Mottram; Mottram manuscript and typescript notes on secondary sources; copies of magazines Guns 20/4 (Skokie, Illinois, April 1974) and Soldier of Fortune 3/6 (Boulder, Colorado, November 1978); newspaper cuttings and articles 1972-1980, on guns and gun laws

MOTTRAM: 9/20/65


Guns 2: manuscript essay headed 'Guns: towards: Motorcycles / Cars'

MOTTRAM: 9/20/66-70


Guns 3: typescript letter, 3 Jan 1993 from Victoria & Albert Museum, London, confirming unspecified talk to be given by Mottram on 20 Jan 1993, plus page of Mottram manuscript notes on design issues; Mottram manuscript essay, untitled, on the history of guns in America; further manuscript notes headed 'American law; additions'; photocopy of Mottram essay '"The persuasive lips": men and guns in America, the West'; newspaper cuttings on guns from Time, 6 Feb 1989, and other articles, 1968-1987

MOTTRAM: 9/20/71-74


The motorcycle 1: typescript and manuscript essay headed 'The American Motorcycle Cult', November 1978; manuscript essay headed 'Bike', and opening 'Marshall McLuhan's theory of environment...'; manuscript essay, untitled, opening 'The difference between the members of the American motorcycle Association and the Hell's Angels...'; with extensive manuscript notes on secondary sources, both films and books

MOTTRAM: 9/20/75-78


The motorcycle 2, Hell's Angels: typescript essay headed 'the American motorcycle cult'; newspaper cuttings on motorcyclists, 1959-1984; manuscript notes on biker films; postcard of 1919 Royal Enfield motorcycle

MOTTRAM: 9/20/79-85


Technology 1: typescript essay opening 'A 1980 issue of Time magazine...', 2 pages; manuscript notes or draft essay on Oliver Larkin Art and life in America (New York, 1960); manuscript notes or draft essay on the theme of 'A liberating technology'; manuscript and typescript notes on secondary works on science; typescript essay 'The pathology of birth: the values of medical technology and women in 19th and 20th century America' by Joyce Lowry, with brief comment by Mottram; duplicated compilation headed 'Post-industrial living' by C. L. Crickmay, 1972; extracts from magazine Hi-Chem, 1989, on science and ecology

MOTTRAM: 9/20/86-88


Technology 2: manuscript notes or draft essays headed 'Technology and culture' and '20th century technology 1900-1940'; two manuscript essays or talks on 19th century technology and culture; accompanying reading lists

MOTTRAM: 9/21 Mottram essays by subject: Theory of language and literature

MOTTRAM: 9/21/1-7


Criticism 1: manuscript and typescript essay headed 'The New Criticism, Cambridge and F. R. Leavis'; manuscript essay on Jacques Derrida; manuscript draft essay headed 'Modern critical thought'; manuscript notes on critical topics and figures including Karl Marx, Jacques Lacan, Alfred Korzybski, I. A. Richards, Gilles Deleuze, and hermeneutics; book lists on criticism, one dated 1961, with a chronology of French cinema; offprints of articles 'The rhetoric of experience' by Janet Montefiore, from New Language Review 145 (1984) 122-128, and 'Beyond Geography and Literature' by J. Silk, from Environment and planning D: society and space (1984) vol. 2, 151-178; newspaper cuttings 1961-1985 on critical theory

MOTTRAM: 9/21/8-9


Criticism 2: manuscript essay headed 'Intertextuality and Inter-referentiality: Sophisticated sterility at the deconstruction of convention and genre?'; article by Robert Hughes headed 'Careerism and hype amidst the image haze', in American painters on the 1980s, from Time, 17 Jun 1985

MOTTRAM: 9/21/10-14


Criticism 3: manuscript essay headed 'Marxist criticism'; manuscript notes or draft essay opening 'the poem, play, novel, composed for a purpose...'; manuscript notes on critical issues and writers, including 'Freud-Jung', Walter Benjamin, Paul de Man, Louis Althusser; typescript summary of lectures and reading lists for course 'Twentieth century critical approaches'; article on Mikhail Bakhtin by Sidney Monas, from Encounter (May, 1986) 30-35

MOTTRAM: 9/21/15


The poetic 'canon': manuscript essay headed 'Poetry Collection', on the poetic 'canon'

MOTTRAM: 9/21/16-17


Density: Mottram manuscript essay headed 'Density' and opening '...the nature of density in poetry'; manuscript essay headed 'The literary product'

MOTTRAM: 9/21/18


Imagination: 'Imagination and invention in contemporary British poetry', notes assembled by Lee Harwood for a poetry forum given with Mottram at the Cambridge Festival 20 Apr 1975

MOTTRAM: 9/21/19-21


Information: Mottram typescript and manuscript essay headed 'The making of poetry information', with inserts. This is a general article on structural issues, not concerned with the magazine Poetry Information; posters and printed information for the series of weekly colloquies on contemporary French, American and East European poetry at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London) called 'Poetry Information'; duplicated set of poems headed 'Poetry discussion' and dated 30 Jul 1965, with manuscript annotations by Mottram, that may have been used in an earlier session of this type

MOTTRAM: 9/21/22


Language: Mottram typescript essay, with manuscript additions, headed 'Language' and including material on Mottram's many editorial projects. Produced for the Poetics Program at the State University of New York at Buffalo

MOTTRAM: 9/21/23-24


The mobile 1: typescript of essay 'The triumph of the mobile: the structure of information, the language of computers and contemporary poetry', delivered at The Public House Bookshop, Brighton; typescript and manuscript essay on 'Noam Chomsky' of apparently the same date (in blue folder in 'MSS notes on books')

MOTTRAM: 9/21/25-28


The mobile. 2: Mottram manuscript essay, opening 'Cultural studies, of which American Studies is a sector...', 2 pages; typescript essay headed 'The structure of information, the language of computers and contemporary poetry' and 'The triumph of the mobile', with many inserts including newspaper cuttings and letters from Marcus Cunliffe; typescript essay with the same headings, and frequent manuscript alterations; typescript carbon of above essay in revised form, with same 2 headings, as published in Intrepid magazine 23-24 (1972)

MOTTRAM: 9/21/29-31


Semiology: manuscript essay headed 'Semiology and American Studies', 1978; manuscript and typescript notes on Don DeLillo and Jean Baudrillard; Michael Sorkin article headed 'The path always taken', on Paul Goldberger, from The Nation, 6 Feb 1982

MOTTRAM: 9/21/32-33


Signs: 'Sign madness', manuscript essay by Mottram with manuscript notes on Noam Chomsky, Nietzsche and 'Poetics'; manuscript notes on secondary sources

MOTTRAM: 9/22 Mottram essays by subject: Documentation of major essay projects

MOTTRAM: 9/22/1-8


Correspondence about the publication of Blood on the Nash Ambassador (Hutchinson Radius, London, 1989): typescript letters from Niel Belton of Radius (an imprint of Century Hutchinson) to Mottram, 22 Apr 1988, 16 May 1988 and 3 Jun 1988, enclosing contract, with manuscript letter, 16 Aug 1988 about proofs, and memo of payment due on signature; set of authorities to republish, 4 items; photocopies of correspondence between Dale Carter as editor and Marcus Cunliffe, Jun-Jul 1988, eliciting a blurb for the book from Cunliffe; letters, predominantly typescript, from Carter to Mottram, Feb-Jul 1988, mostly on textual matters, 6 items; typescript letter, 13 Jun 1988 from Carter to Clive Bush on editorial matters, and manuscript note from Bush to Mottram, 27 Jun 1988; typescript notes of contents of Blood on the Nash Ambassador, 2 similar versions; typescript draft of acknowledgements, with Mottram manuscript corrections; Mottram manuscript draft of foreword to the book, with other brief notes

MOTTRAM: 9/22/9-10


Blood on the Nash Ambassador 2: typescript of component essays, 'The metallic necessity and the new American: culture and technology in America 1850-1900', '"That dark instrument": The American automobile', 'Blood on the Nash Ambassador: cars and trucks in American films', '"The persuasive lips": men and guns in America, the West', 'Dionysus in America'; offprint versions of essays '"The persuasive lips": men and guns in America, the West', 'fears of invasion in American culture', and 'The location of dangerous shoals: American fictions on the science of power'

MOTTRAM: 9/22/11-15


Blood on the Nash Ambassador 3: collection of reviews of the book, 11 items; letters from Hutchinson Radius, 1988-1989, covering the take-over by Random House, and accompanied by a statement of royalties and a flyer for the launch on 22 Mar 1989, 9 items; photocopy of review by Stuart Kidd from Journal of American Studies 24 (no year given) 117-119; letter, 14 Jun 1991 from Hutchinson as part of the Random Century Group notifying Mottram of the intention to remainder the title; Closing statement from Random House, 30 Mar 1993, on royalties for Blood on the Nash Ambassador

MOTTRAM: 9/22/16-17


Blood on the Nash Ambassador 4: individual essays as chapters, in computer print-out, with 2 versions (marked original and revised) of 'Blood on the Nash Ambassador: cars and trucks in American films' and 'Living mythically: The Thirties'; letters from Sep 1987-Jun 1988, from Dale Carter to Mottram, about the progress of the book, 5 items

MOTTRAM: 9/22/18


Blood on the Nash Ambassador 5: Proofs of Blood on the Nash Ambassador forwarded to Mottram, 23 Aug 1988, with a note from Radius, the publishers

MOTTRAM: 9/22/19


Blood on the Nash Ambassador 6: Bound set of uncorrected proofs

MOTTRAM: 9/22/20-22


Live all you can (Solaris, Twickenham, Middlesex, 1992): Mottram essays 'Live all you can: American experience, 1960 and 1965-6', in situ in The British-American: Bulletin of the Former Students' Association, Institute of United States Studies vol. 1/2 (London, 1989) 30-33 and vol.2/2 (1990) 14-17; manuscript and typescript of expanded form of the essay; proofs, marked 'Draft 1', of the expanded essay, to appear in Live all you can (Solaris, Twickenham, Middlesex, 1992) 34-46

MOTTRAM: 9/22/23-29


Mottram's own proposal and account of projects: typescript proposal by Mottram for a collection of his shorter essays to be entitled 'The limits of survival: alternative American fiction' [1991]; typescript proposal by Mottram for a collection of his work to form a book of essays, Contemporary American fiction, with responses from publisher, Verso and a letter commenting on the situation from Dale Carter of Aarhus University, 1991-1992; Mottram manuscript 'Scheme for US Studies Reader' [1969]; brief biographical notes, probably typed by Mottram, on contributors to a Cold Turkey Press production, Rotterdam, 14 May 1972; printed list of suggested poets for a Consortium of London Presses anthology, with annotations by Mottram, [1977]; Mottram typescript carbon notes on contents of project headed 'Towards design in poetry' with a parallel project in which essays on prose are grouped into 4 sections; Mottram's manuscript notes and emendations for Prospect into breath (North & South, Twickenham, 1991), with typescript letter, 24 Feb 1991 from Peterjon and Yasmin Skelt

MOTTRAM: 9/23 Mottram essays by subject: Correspondence relating to essays

MOTTRAM: 9/23/1-17


Correspondence from publishers: correspondence from Penguin Books Ltd, 23 Jun 1961-25 Mar 1971, on The Penguin companion to American Literature, published 1971, with one response of Mottram's, 29 Aug 1970; two letters, 12 Mar and 15 Mar 1963, from the Registrar of the Royal College of Art, London, representing Ark magazine, on a question on photograph royalties; letter from Jonathan Vickers of Mandarin Books, enclosing proofs of Mottram introduction to George Dowden's Flight from America (1965); correspondence from Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, 29 Apr 1966-14 May 1970, on William Faulkner, published 1971, with copy of contract, series outline and statement of royalties, 1971; correspondence from Jonathan Cape Ltd, 8 Jan 1969-15 Mar 1971, on the Rexroth Reader, published 1972; letter commenting on the transaction with Jonathan Cape from James Laughlin of New York, 1 Dec 1970; statement of royalties, 30 Sep 1977 from Marion Boyars Ltd and 4 letters from Marion Boyars, 22 Sep 1972-30 Nov 1978, including 6 Jul 1977 transmitting William Burroughs' reaction to the publication of Mottram's book about him; royalty statement by Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, 1977-1979; card, 9 Nov 1979, from publishers Unmuzzled Ox Books, inviting Mottram to launch of the Poets' Encyclopaedia; typescript letter, 24 March 1987, from Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, about publication of Mottram essay on Garcia Marquez, with promotional material and undated typescript letter from Alok Bhalla, the editor; two letters from Marion Boyars, 3 Apr 1989 and 7 Feb 1990, on William Burroughs matters; two letters from Marion Boyars, 27 Aug 1991 and 16 Sep 1991, asking for news of revised 3rd edition of Algebra of need; fax of letter, commendation from Marion Boyars to State University of new York at Buffalo over Mottram appointment, with added note on Burroughs publication; letter from Marion Boyars, 30 Mar 1993, pointing out urgency on republishing of Algebra of need; letter from Gunter Narr Verlag, West Germany, 27 Aug 1992, on forthcoming (1993) publication of Mottram essay on Howard Barker; statement of royalties from Harper Collins, 1993; typescript letter from Ken Hollings, Chief Editor at Marion Boyars, requesting manuscript of revised Algebra of need

MOTTRAM: 9/23/18-23


Correspondence from or via Mottram's literary agents: copies of contracts for Allen Ginsberg book with Unicorn Bookshop, 1973, for Burroughs book with Calder and Boyars, 1975, and for French translation of the same, 1975; brief correspondence from literary agents Anthony Sheil Associates Ltd, Nov 1968; correspondence from literary agents Shaw Maclean, 13 Mar 1972-7 Mar 1975, including note of 20 Mar 1973 on possible collection of Mottram essays proposed by Muriel Rukeyser; correspondence from literary agents Curtis Brown, 10 Mar 1975-6 May 1981; royalty accounts from Penguin Books Ltd, 1971-1971-1974; royalty accounts from Penguin Books Ltd, 1976-1978

MOTTRAM: 9/23/24-56


Correspondence from editors: typescript correspondence from Robert Corrigan, New York, 1 Nov 1967-20 Nov 1967, seeking permission to reprint article on Arthur Miller; typescript letter from Barry Miles, 1 Aug 1968, on publication plans for his bibliography of William Burroughs (eventually published by the University Press of Virginia, 1978); typescript and manuscript correspondence from Malcolm Bradbury, 12 Aug 1968-5 Sep 1972, on the Penguin companion to American Literature, published in 1971; manuscript and typescript correspondence from Alex Gildzen of Kent State University, 5 Mar 1971-9 Jul 1971, on Mottram contributions to magazines Serif (1971) and Toucan (1973); manuscript correspondence from Ian Bell, 28 Mar 1980-9 Sep 1981 on anthology Ezra Pound published in 1982, with typescript letter, comment from Philip Grover to Mottram, 9 May 1981; typescript correspondence from Bob (Robert A.) Lee on a series of anthologies: 22 Mar 1972 on Black fiction publication; 28 Jul 1981 on Hawthorne, published 1982; 26 July 1984 on Melville and Faulkner volumes, enclosing copy of review of Herman Melville: Reassessments (1984) by Lyman Andrews; 27 Dec 1984 on Henry James article; 31 Mar 1985-1 Jul 1987 on Studies in American autobiography, published 1988; 30 Jun 1985, enclosing Vision Press style sheet; 7 Nov 1985, with reproaches on Poe article; 11 Sep 1986, on progress of Autobiography and Poe volumes; 20-22 Sep 1988 on Autobiography project12 Apr 1989 on William Faulkner project; 14 May 1989, with reference to enclosed Ishmael Reed tape; 18 Jul 1989, acknowledging Faulkner articles; postcard, 29 Dec 1990 from Spain; postcard, Dec 1991 from Boulder; typescript letter (undated) from Peter Finch inviting article on Bob Cobbing (published in Second Aeon 1973); manuscript letter from Marcus Cunliffe, 5 Apr 1973, on forthcoming American Literature since 1900 volume, published 1975; typescript letter from Jeff Goldberg, of Contact magazine, Philadelphia, 11 Apr 1973, acknowledging arrival of Mottram article on John Wieners; manuscript and typescript correspondence, 12 Jul 1978-Sep 1979, principally from Philip Davies, concerning the publication of Mottram's essay on the role of cars in American culture; two typescript letters, one, 24 Oct 1985 and a second undated [1986], from Enrique Diez in Valencia, concerning publication of essay on cars; typescript letter from Andrew Gibson on Pound in multiple perspective volume, with notes for contributors, 16 Nov 1988; same, 30 Sep 1988 (check); same, 26 Nov 1991, with Mottram manuscript draft of contributor's note added; two typescript letters, Apr 1990, from Simon Tesler of Blitz magazine, enclosing his version of essay 'That dark instrument...' for Mottram's approval before publication, and offprint of published article; manuscript letter from Robert Hampson, 16 Mar 1993 on forthcoming New British Poetries volume; correspondence from Brian Docherty: typescript letter, 28 Jan 1994 reassuring contributors that proposed volumes will go ahead; typescript letter, 25.8.94 'enclosing page proofs for your Eugene O'Neill essay in the American Dream book'; manuscript letter, 9 Sep 1994 enclosing 'page proofs for your Frank O'Hara chapter in the American Modernist Poetry volume'; typescript letter from T. Wignesan, 16 Aug 1994, reminding Mottram to send material for his journal, Revue de Poïétique Comparée

MOTTRAM: 9/23/57


Further correspondence from editors, not yet described in detail, 71 items

MOTTRAM: 9/23/58-64


Correspondence in the form of comment on Mottram publications: letter from Robert Bly, published in The Times Literary Supplement, 8 Apr 1965, in criticism of Mottram's review of McClure, with response from Mottram; manuscript letter, 1969, from John Sharkey apparently commenting on 1966 essay 'A model of space and time'; typescript letter, 15 May 1973, from Klaus Poenicke, Munich, commenting favourably on Mottram book on William Burroughs and seeking a meeting to talk further; typescript postcard from Richard Kostelanetz, 2 Jan 1974, enquiring about Mottram booklet on Allen Ginsberg; manuscript letter, undated [1976], from Simon----, concerning Mottram essay on guns, with printed Mottram bibliography attached, as though for despatch in response; typescript letter from Toronto, 1978, enclosing hostile review of 1977 edition of William Burroughs: the algebra of need; typescript letter, 12 May 1984 from Ed Foster in New Jersey, expressing appreciation of the Mottram essay on cars and enclosing an offprint of his own article 'This cowboy is an engineer: popular fiction, politics and the west' from Rendezvous 19 (1983)

MOTTRAM: 9/23/65-74


Letters relating to uncertain or unconfirmed projects: typescript letter from Rainbird, McLean Ltd, 16 Oct 1961, thanking Mottram for contributing articles to an unnamed project; typescript letter from Oliver & Boyd Ltd, 9 Apr 1962, suggesting a book on The Beatniks; typescript letters from The Times Literary Supplement 19 Aug 1963-24 Oct 1963, about review articles; typescript letter from University of Tulsa, no year date, suggesting a dictionary of literary biography dealing with British mystery writers; two typescript letters from Rufus Camphausen, 9 Oct 1972 and 18 Oct 1972, and 2 manuscript cards, seeking Mottram's co-operation on an Allen Ginsberg project, and enclosing a visual and a brochure on a William Burroughs project; typescript letter, 30 Nov 1972 and manuscript letter, [1 Jan 1973], from Matthew Corrigan in New York, seeking a contribution on Olson for the magazine Boundary; typescript letters, 28 Feb 1977 and 29 Apr 1977, from John Jacob of Northwestern University, seeking articles on Michael McClure and on phenomenology; typescript letter with manuscript postscript, undated, from Charles Doria and Charles Potts of Margins magazine, Utah, seeking contribution on Charles Olson; typescript letter, 8 Apr 1980, from Christine Bold, seeking contribution to Cencrastus magazine; typescript and manuscript letters from John Moore, 16 Jan 1992-4 Aug 1992, hoping to arrange a collection of essays on Jimi Hendrix

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