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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Little magazines in alphabetical order of title, with related material, 1942-1995, continued, M-Z

References on this page: MOTTRAM: 7b

MOTTRAM: 7/367/1


Madoc 2 (Cardiff, 1978-1979), the Magazine of the Creative Writing Class at Cardiff University Extra-Mural Department, tutor Chris Torrance

MOTTRAM: 7/368/1-3

1978, 1979

Mag City 4 (New York, 1978): includes work by Ted Berrigan and James Sherry;
Issue 5, 1978: includes work by Allen Ginsberg, Bob Rosenthal, Tom Weigel;
Issue 6, 1979: includes work by Alice Notley, Tom Weigel, Ralph Hawkins, Ted Berrigan, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/369/1-3


Magazine 1 (New York, 1965): includes poems by Robert Creeley, Gilbert Sorrentino, Denise Levertov, Paul Blackburn, James Broughton;
Issue 2, not dated: includes work by Paul Blackburn, Theodore Enslin, Ed Sanders;
Issue 3, not dated, subtitled, 'The Fist! in the City': includes work by Denise Levertov and Lewis Walsh, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/370/1-5


Magazine: a one-shot periodical (Crank Books, New York, 1964), edited by Kirby Congdon: includes work by Larry Eigner and an appreciation of Allen Ginsberg's Sunflower Sutra;
Issue 2, 1965: includes a poetry section, and essays by Carol Bergé, Gregory Corso, Jay Socin, with an insert flyer;
Issue 3, 1966: includes reports from London, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and summary by Dave Cunliffe of The Golden Convolvulus trial in Blackburn, Lancashire;
Issue 4, 1969: concentrates on motorcycles;
Issue 5, 1972, box format, containing individual booklets: includes work by Charles Bukowski, Allen De Loach, Gregory Corso

MOTTRAM: 7/371/1


Magazine littéraire 127-128 (Paris, 1977): special issue on '1955-1977, vingt ans de philosophie en France'

MOTTRAM: 7/372/1


The Magazine of the Institute of Contemporary Arts 5 (London, 1968), 'Cybernetic serendipity issue'

MOTTRAM: 7/373/1


Magic Sam no issue number (Darlington, New South Wales, not dated): includes work by David Miller, David Mayor, Allen Fisher, Kris Hemensley

MOTTRAM: 7/374/1


Manroot 6-7 (San Francisco, 1972): includes work by Andrei Codrescu, René Char, Paul Celan, Hans Magnus Enzenberger, Jack Spicer, Paul Eluard;
(Note: for issue 10 (1974-1975), 'The Jack Spicer issue', see MOTTRAM 5 / Spicer)



(Note: for Maps (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania): issue 6, 1974, devoted to Robert Duncan, see MOTTRAM 5 / Duncan)

MOTTRAM: 7/375/1-2

1989, 1991

Mar 2 (St Ives, Cornwall, 1989), editor anonymous [?Stan Trevor]: contributors include Jeremy Adler, Paul Buck, Herbert Burke, Robert Sheppard;
Issue 4, 1991: contributors believed to include Bob Cobbing, Paul A. Green, Giorgio Guglielmino

MOTTRAM: 7/376/1-4


Margin: a quarterly magazine of literature, arts and ideas 1 (London, 1986): includes work by Robert Vas Dias, Tom Pickard, John Heath-Stubbs, with an enclosed note from editor Robin Magowan;
Issue 3, 1987: includes Sorley MacLean on Hugh MacDiarmid;
Issue 4, 1987: includes articles on Argentina, Mexico, the British miners;
Issue 5 (Dunning, Scotland, 1987-1988): includes work by Clayton Eshleman and George Szirtes

MOTTRAM: 7/377/1


Margins (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), issue 21-22, 1975: literary criticism;
(Note:for Margins issue 18, 1975, 'Symposium on Michael McClure', including essay by Mottram, see MOTTRAM 5 / McClure)

MOTTRAM: 7/378/1-2


Marrahwannah Newsletter 1 (Cleveland, Ohio, 1966): news, views, and campaign items;
Issue 2/1, 1966, also titled, The Mary Jane Quarterly: includes work by Diane Wakoski and D. A. Levy, collage cover, publisher given as Renegade Press, Cleveland, Ohio, (Note: portions of some pages cut away)

MOTTRAM: 7/379/1-3


The Marrahwanna Quarterly 1 (The Renegade Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 1964): includes poem and visual by D. A. Levy, 2 copies;
Issue 2, 1964-1965: includes poems by Tuli Kupferberg, Douglas Blazek, D. A. Levy, 3 copies;
Issue 3, 1965: includes poems by Grave Butcher and George Bowering, 2 copies



(Note: for Marxism Today, May 1991: including Mottram article, 'Poetry in motion', see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/380/1-3


Matter 1 (New York, [1963]), edited by Robert Kelly: includes poems by Charles Olson, Theodore Enslin, Ken Irby, Cid Corman, LeRoi Jones, Paul Blackburn, Diane Wakoski;
Issue 2. 1964: includes poems by Charles Olson, Jackson Mac Low, Aram Saroyam, Clayton Eshleman, Ed Dorn, Diane Di Prima;
Issue 3, not dated: includes work by Robert Duncan, J. H. Prynne, Theodore Enslin

MOTTRAM: 7/381/1


Maxy's Journal 1 (Nashville, Tennessee, 1978): poetry

MOTTRAM: 7/382/1


Maya 4 (Croydon, 1975): includes poems by Chris Torrance and Phil Maillard

MOTTRAM: 7/383/1


Meantime 1 (Cambridge, 1977): includes work by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Roy Fisher, Tom Raworth, and an interview with Basil Bunting

MOTTRAM: 7/384/1


Melody Maker (Sutton, Surrey, 1 Nov 1975), open at interview of Alan Price by Tom Pickard (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/385/1-18


Melville Society: Extracts (U. S. A.): Issues 17, 28, 30, 31, 37-47, 50, 54-55

MOTTRAM: 7/386/1


Mermaid 35/3 (Birmingham, 1966): general articles including, 'Jazz: the fallacy of theory' by Evan Parker

MOTTRAM: 7/387/1


Meteore (Paris, Nov-Dec 1972): poems in French including work by Stanislas Rodansky and Gérald Neveu

MOTTRAM: 7/388/1-5


Metronome 78/4 (New York, 1961): includes, 'Ode' by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, and 'Supermale' by Alfred Jarry;
Issue 78/5, 1961: includes article by Kenneth Rexroth, and excerpt, 'No bueno' of William Burroughs' work;
Issue 78/7, 1961: includes items on Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington, and article by Charles Edward Smith;
Issue 78/10, 1961: includes items on Clark Terry and Benny Harris;
Issue 78/11, 1961: includes items on John Coltrane and Roland Kirk

MOTTRAM: 7/389/1


Microphone 4 (London, 1972): includes feature, and inserts, on John Cage

MOTTRAM: 7/390/1


Modern Drama 6/3 (Lawrence, Kansas, 1963): includes article on Eugene O'Neill by Doris V. Falk

MOTTRAM: 7/391/1


Modern Fiction Studies 5/4 (Lafayette, Indiana, 1959-1960): includes studies on Thomas Wolfe and William Faulkner;
(Note: for Modern Fiction Studies issue 6/1 (1960) on Robert Penn Warren, see MOTTRAM 5 / Penn Warren)



(Note: for Modern Poetry in Translation-see M. P. T.)

MOTTRAM: 7/392/1


The Modern Utopian 1/6 (Medford, Massachusetts, 1967), '... a modern utopian visualizes a clearly better society than the one that currently exists'

MOTTRAM: 7/393/1


Mondo 2000 3 (Berkeley, California, 1991): includes 'A Thanksgiving Prayer' by William Burroughs, and articles, 'The primal venting of buttheads' by Antonio Lopez and, 'Civilizing the electronic frontier'

MOTTRAM: 7/394/1


Montemora 3 (New York, 1977): includes poems by George Oppen, Clayton Eshleman, Hugh MacDiarmid, Cid Corman, Jerome Rothenberg, Roy Fisher, Iain Sinclair, and interview with Basil Bunting

MOTTRAM: 7/395/1


Monthly Review: an independent Socialist magazine 21/1 (New York, May 1969): includes studies of Frantz Fanon

MOTTRAM: 7/396/1-6


Moody Street Irregulars: a Jack Kerouac newsletter 1 (New York, 1978): includes Joy Walsh and John Montgomery on Kerouac;
Issue 2 (1978);
Issue 3 (1979): includes article by Jim Burns;
Issue 4 (1979);
Issue 5, 1979;
Issue 14, 1984, with covering typescript letter and poem from the editor, Joy Walsh

MOTTRAM: 7/397/1-2


The Moon 1 (Colne, Lancashire, 1984), speculation on future policy of the Arts Council of Great Britain, with specific reference to the Literature Panel: includes 'stop press' quotations from The Times, and covering letter from Robert Bank to Mottram;
Issue 2, 1984: includes item on The Poetry Society by Jeff Nuttall and Robert Bank, and article on little magazines by Geoff Soar and R. J. Ellis, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/398/1-2

1965, 1967

Mother: a journal of new literature 5 (Galesburg, Illinois, 1965): includes work by Ted Berrigan, Barbara Guest, Harry Mathews, and William Burroughs with Brion Gysin ('Pieces' a cut-up text);
Issue 8, 1967: includes work by John Wieners, Ted Berrigan, Harry Matthews, Ed Sanders, Robert Creeley

MOTTRAM: 7/399/1


Movie 22 (London, 1976), with articles by Andrew Britton and Richard Fleischer on the film 'Mandingo', with manuscript note from Britton to Mottram



(Note: for The Moving Times, see Project Sigma at MOTTRAM 12/2)

MOTTRAM: 7/400/1


MPT (Modern Poetry in Translation) 3 (London, 1967), edited by Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort: includes translations by Muriel Rukeyser and Michael Hamburger

MOTTRAM: 7/401/1-2

1971, 1974

Mulch 1/1 (New York, 1971): includes poems by Theodore Enslin and Paul Blackburn;
Issue 3/1, 1974: poetry by John Wieners and Diane Di Prima, fiction, history and reviews

MOTTRAM: 7/402/1


Music and musicians 10/10 (London, 1962): Igor Stravinsky 80th birthday issue

MOTTRAM: 7/403/1


Musics: An impromental experivisation arts magazine 2 (London, 1975), 'A magazine for new ideas and developments in music, performance and related arts'

MOTTRAM: 7/404/1-11


My Own Mag, edited and designed by Jeff Nuttall, typical contributors include William Burroughs, Jeff Nuttall, B. S. Johnson, Anselm Hollo, Keith Musgrove, Bill Butler; there is little publication information, but issues in probable date order exhibit:
gold cover;
multicolour cover;
green cover with blue label (Mar 1964);
discoloured white (Nov 1964);
white ('All British number');
cream (Feb 1965);
white over gold (May 1965);
green with pink addition (Dec 1965);
white over green (Apr 1966);
gold (May 1966);
also one copy of George son of My Own Mag, not dated

MOTTRAM: 7/405/1-2


Nadada 1 (New York, 1963): including Allen Ginsberg, Frank O'Hara, Barbara Guest, Ted Berrigan, Diane Di Prima, Jackson Mac Low, Charles Bukowski, Harry Fainlight;
Issue 2, 1965

MOTTRAM: 7/406/1


The Naropa Institute Bulletin no issue number (Mar 1979, Boulder, Colorado): features on courses

MOTTRAM: 7/407/1-31


The Nation (New York, 21 Apr 1962), open at article on the novel by Frederick R. Karl;
Issue, 20 Sep 1965, '10th anniversary issue';
Issue, 14 Aug 1967: study of violence in various American cities, and account of Sacco-Vanzetti incident of 1920s;
Issue, 18 Dec 1967, 'the war on campus';
Issue, 29 Jun 1970, comprises a colloquy on Law and Order;
Issue, 2 Aug 1971: main article, 'The theory and fallacies of counterinsurgency';
Issue, 1 Jun 1974: includes article, 'Hoover's legacy-a nationwide system of political surveillance';
Issue, 3 Aug 1974: article on nuclear issue emphasised by Mottram;
Issue, 28 Dec 1974: includes study of American 'taboo' on Socialism;
Issue, 27 May 1978, on Disarmament;
Issue, 16 Dec 1978, emphasis put on article on mass suicide at Jim Jones' People's Temple, Guyana;
Issue, 9 Jun 1979: discusses American military intervention;
Issue, 2-9 Aug 1980;
Issue, 24 Jan 1981 (New York): articles on nuclear weapons;
Issue, 2 May 1981, 'Spring books issue';
Issue, 3 Oct 1981, special issue investigating 'the writer's state';
Issue, 16 Jan 1982: includes feature on the arms race;
Issue, 13 Feb 1982;
Issue, 1 May 1982: features nuclear disarmament;
Issue, 12 Feb 1983: includes comment on President Reagan's new Indian policy;
Issue, 9 Apr 1983: on 'the new arms technology';
Issue, 21 Jan 1984, special issue on Central America;
Issue, 28 Jan 1984, open at article, 'Does literature exist?' by Lennard J. Davis, 59-60;
Issue, 18 Feb 1984: includes article on the 'drug economy';
Issue, 6 Oct 1984 (New York);
Issue, 29 Sep 1984, rights issue;
Issue, 25 May 1985: articles on books relevant to censorship theme;
Issue, 26 Mar 1988;
Issue, 1 Oct 1990: includes a range of articles about students;
Issue, 19 Nov 1990: about, 'The Looting Decade';
Issue, 7 Oct 1991: includes articles 'CIA and the cocaine crop' and 'Gays and the family'

MOTTRAM: 7/408/1


National Guardian (New York, 9 Sep 1967), 'an independent radical newspaper' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/409/1


National Lampoon issue, May 1979 (lacks colophon page), 'International Communism and terrorism issue'

MOTTRAM: 7/410/1


Navajo Times: the news magazine that covers the Navajo Reservation 21/8 (Window Rock, Arizona, 19 Apr, 1979), includes supplement on issues surrounding medicine (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/411/1-2


Negative Entropy 1 (Torquay, Devon, 1980), edited by Paul A. Green, Robin Peel, Mike Jacob;
Issue 3, 1981: articles and prose

MOTTRAM: 7/412/1-2


Negro American Literature Forum: for school and university teachers 2/2 (Indiana University, 1968): articles and reviews;
Issue 3/2, 1969

MOTTRAM: 7/413/1-2


New Age 7/10 (Allston, Maryland, May, 1982): interview with 'masculinist' Robert Bly;
Issue 7/12 (1982): includes article on Jack Kerouac, 'the spiritual seeker'

MOTTRAM: 7/414/1


New Comparison: A journal of comparative and general literary studies, proposal for a new magazine of this name to be launched in 1986 by the British Comparative Literature Association

MOTTRAM: 7/415/1-3


New Departures 6 (London, 1970), edited by Michael Horovitz: issue comprises The high tower, poems by Frances Horovitz;
Issue 13 (Piedmont, Gloucestershire, 1981): includes work by Ivor Cutler, Lee Harwood, Michael Horovitz, Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 14, 1982, 'Second International Poetry Olympics issue'

MOTTRAM: 7/416/1-4


New Directions: an international anthology of prose and poetry 34 (New York, 1977): includes poems by Cid Corman, Robert Duncan, Nathaniel Tarn;
Issue 40, 1980: includes poems by Robert Duncan, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jerome Rothenberg;
Issue 41, 1980: includes work by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Walter Abish and Edwin Brock, with translations by Paul Buck, a flyer is enclosed;
Issue 42, 1981: includes work by Octavio Paz, Charles Tomlinson, Yves Bonnefoy;
typescript letter, 4 Aug 1983 from editor James Laughlin, about trip to London

MOTTRAM: 7/417/1-2

1965, 1974

New Left Review 29 (London, 1965), comments on the condition of the novel from Alain Robbe-Grillet, Jean-Paul Sartre and others;
Issue 84, 1974: issue on environment and socialism, including item by Berthold Brecht on Hungarian writer Georg Lukács

MOTTRAM: 7/418/1


New Measure 7 (Northwood, Middlesex), edited by Peter Jay: includes work by John Cotton, Harry Guest, Matthew Mead, Peter Scupham, D. M. Thomas

MOTTRAM: 7/419/1


New Mexico Daily Lobo (Albuquerque, New Mexico, 17 Apr 1979), with notice of reading by Allen De Loach and Eric Mottram at The Central Torta, 'a restaurant coffee house next to Knadjian's Carpet on Central', on 17 April, 2 copies (outsize)



(Note: for New Musical Express (London), 8 Jan 1979, featuring interview with Bob Dylan, see MOTTRAM 10/music)

MOTTRAM: 7/420/1


New Poetry 24/4 (Sydney, New South Wales, 1976-1977): includes poems by Michael McClure, Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan

MOTTRAM: 7/421/1


New Quest 60 (Shivajinagar, Pune, India, 1986): includes article, 'Power and humiliation: Noam Chomsky on US intervention in Latin America' by Alok Bhalla

MOTTRAM: 7/422/1-5


New Statesman 6 Sep 1958: issue on American publishers and literature (outsize);
Issue, 6 Mar 1987, open at article on Art and Socialism by Harriet Gilbert;
'1968' special supplement to New Statesman, 1 Jan 1988, on the uprisings of 1968;
Issue, 8 Jan 1988;
Issue, 8 Oct 1993

MOTTRAM: 7/423/1-4

1988, 1994

New Statesman & Society (London, 15 Jul 1988);
Supplement, 2 Aug 1991: includes chart of civilian and military deaths in Twentieth century conflicts;
Issue, 17 Jun 1994, on the Co-operative movement;
Issue, 13 Jan 1995 (unopened)

MOTTRAM: 7/424/1


New Style (London, Christmas 1979-1980): Includes poems by Michael Horovitz

MOTTRAM: 7/425/1-4


New Wilderness Letter 1 (New York, 1977), edited by Jerome Rothenberg: includes article, 'The material of symbols' by Harold Cohen, 2 copies;
Issue 5-6, 1978, "Explores the wilderness of language & mind, time & space...";
Issue 7, 1979: includes poems by Mottram ('Against tyranny, elegy 4'), Gary Snyder, Clayton Eshleman, Allen DeLoach, Steve McCaffery, Charles Bernstein, Jackson Mac Low;
Issue 8, 1980: includes work by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, George Economou, Ernesto Cardenal, Clayton Eshleman, GeorgeQuasha, with manuscript postcard from Rothenberg relating to the magazine;
(Note: for New Wilderness Letter 9 (1980): including work by Allen Ginsberg, Robert Kelly, Antonin Artaud, Michael McClure, and a published letter from Mottram, referring to his own poetry publications Precipice of fishes and Pollock record, see MOTTRAM 3/2)

MOTTRAM: 7/426/1-2

1977, 1979

New World Journal 1/2-3 (Berkeley, California, 1977): includes poems by Charles Olson, Ed Dorn, Nathaniel Tarn, Ken Irby, Ishmael Reed;
Issue 4, 1979: includes work by Robert Kelly, Tom Raworth, and letters of Charles Olson

MOTTRAM: 7/427/1


New Worlds 187 (London, 1969): includes articles by J. G. Ballard and Thomas Pynchon's story, 'Entropy'

MOTTRAM: 7/428/1-3


The New York Quarterly no issue number (New York, 1970): includes interview with Paul Blackburn and poems by Allen Ginsberg;
Issue 6, Spring 1971: interview with Allen Ginsberg, and work by Michael Horovitz, Muriel Rukeyser, Richard Kostelanetz and others;
Issue, Winter 1971: interview with Jerome Rothenberg and work by Ron Padgett, Robert Lax

MOTTRAM: 7/429/1-15


The New York Review of Books (outsize):
Issue 7/6, 1966: includes review-article on human violence;
Issue 8/1, 1967: includes articles on Robert Frost, and on slavery in Western culture;
Issue 8/2, 1967: includes article on 'Berkeley and the university revolution';
Issue 8/3, 1967: includes articles by Noam Chomsky and Frances Yates;
Issue 8/4, 1967: includes two poems by Marina Tsvetaeva;
Issue 8/6, 1967: issue, 'Dodging the Draft';
Issue 8/12, 1967: includes article on the trial of Captain Levy;
Issue 9/3, 1967: issue, 'Violence and the Negro';
Issue 9/5, 1967: lead article, 'The New Left: Chicago and after' by Andrew Kopkind;
Issue 9/9, 1967: includes review article on Marshall McLuhan's work;
Issue 9/10, 1967, emphasised are an article by Noam Chomsky, 'On resistance' and a forum on racism;
Issue 10/4, 1968: features article by Christopher Lasch, 'The trouble with Black Power';
Issue 12/8, 1969: includes interview with Igor Stravinsky;
Issue 27/16, 23 Oct 1980, a Jason Epstein article on fascism is emphasised;
Issue 31/5, 29 Mar 1984, open at article on career of the biologist Barbara McClintock

MOTTRAM: 7/430/1


The New York Times Magazine (30 Aug 1987), Open at article on the film, 'Wall Street' directed by Oliver Stone (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/431/1-30

1968, 1980

The New York Times Review of Books:
Issue, 8 Apr 1984;
Issue, 15 Apr 1984;
Issue, 22 Apr 1984;
Issue, 29 Apr 1984;
Issue, 6 May 1984: includes review-article on Walt Whitman;
Issue, 13 May 1984;
Issue, 20 May 1984;
Issue, 27 May 1984;
Issue, 3 Jun 1984;
Issue, 10 Jun 1984: includes review article on Franz Kafka;
Issue, 17 Jun 1984;
Issue, 24 Jun 1984;
Issue, 1 Jul 1984;
Issue, 8 Jul 1984: includes review article on James Agee;
Issue, 15 Jul 1984;
Issue, 22 Jul 1984;
Issue, 29 Jul 1984;
Issue, 5 Aug 1984;
Issue, 12 Aug 1984;
Issue, 19 Aug 1984;
Issue, 26 Aug 1984;
Issue, 9 Sep 1984;
Issue, 16 Sep 1984;
Issue, 23 Sep 1984;
Issue, 30 Sep 1984;
Issue, 7 Oct 1984;
Issue, 14 Oct 1984: includes article on Robert Frost;
Issue, 21 Oct 1984;
Issue, 10 Jan 1988: emphasis on review-article on Primo Levi, issue also includes article on Ezra Pound and W. B. Yeats;
Issue, 17 Jan 1988, open at review of crime fiction (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/432/1-2

1967, 1992

Newsweek 70/2 (New York, 10 Jul 1967), special issue on, 'The Vietnam War and American life';
Issue, Nov-Dec 1992: on Bill Clinton's election

MOTTRAM: 7/433/1-17


Niagara-Erie Writers NEWsletter 1/1 (Buffalo, New York, 1978);
Issue 1/2, 1978;
Issue 1/3, 1978;
Issue 1/4, 1978;
Issue 1/5, 1978;
Issue 1/8, 1979;
Issue 1/9, 1979;
Issue 1/11, 1979;
Issue 2/2, 1979;
Issue 2/10, 1980;
Issue 2/12, Jul-Aug 1980;
Issue 3/1, Sep 1980;
Issue 3/2, Oct 1980;
Issue 3/3, Nov 1980;
Issue 3/4, Dec 1980;
Issue 3/5, Jan 1981;
Issue 3/6, Feb 1981

MOTTRAM: 7/434/1


Nice 1/1 (Brightlingsea, (1966)): includes poems by John Perreault, Aram Saroyan, Clark Coolidge, Harry Fainlight, Frank O'Hara;
(Note: compare Frice, Ice, Vice and Slice magazines)

MOTTRAM: 7/435/1


Ninth Decade 2 (London, 1983): includes prose by Douglas Woolf, poems by Kelvin Corcoran, with typescript note from editor, Robert Vas Dias, 11 Jan 1986

MOTTRAM: 7/436/1


North Atlantic Texts 1 (London, 1976), edited by Bill Griffiths and John Porter: texts in translation

MOTTRAM: 7/437/1


North Country Medicine Bulletin 2 (New York, 1972): discussion by Jacob Lititz

MOTTRAM: 7/438/1-3


Not: your guide to film, theatre, music, TV and London life from the sacked staff of Time Out 6 (London, 1981) (outsize), emphasis on listings;
Issue 9, 1981: includes reports on riots at Dalston, Brixton, Camberwell, Deptford, Toxteth and elsewhere;
Issue 19, 1981: includes detailed report on riot in Brixton

MOTTRAM: 7/439/1-5


Not Poetry 1 (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1980): includes work by Ken Smith, Tom Pickard, Allen Fisher;
Issue 2, 1980: includes prose by Tony Jackson, Peter Riley;
Issue 3, 1980: includes prose by Kathy Acker, Ralph Hawkins, Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 4, 1981: includes work by Allen Fisher, Kris Hemensley, and cartoons by Glen Baxter;
Issue 5-6, 1981-1982: includes work by Maggie O'Sullivan, Allen Fisher, Bill Griffiths, Clive Fencott, accompanied by typescript letter from editor, Peter Hodgkiss

MOTTRAM: 7/440/1-2


Notes from the Underground 1/14 (Dallas, Texas, 1967), student magazine, including notes on the Detroit riots;
Issue 1/15, 1967

MOTTRAM: 7/441/1-5


Notus: new writing 2/1 (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1987): includes work by Cid Corman, Clayton Eshleman, Robert Kelly;
Issue 2/2, 1987: includes work by Christopher Dewdney, Anselm Hollo;
Issue 9, 1991, incomplete copy, featuring the poetry of Gerrit Lansing, Ken Irby, Thomas Meyer, Pierre Joris, and review of Robert Kelly, 2 copies;
Issue 10, 1992: includes work by Ken Irby, Jerome Rothenberg, Ed Sanders, Pierre Joris;
Issue 11, 1992: includes work by Ken Irby, David Jones, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/442/1


Les Nouvelles littéraire, artistiques et scientifiques 1604 (Paris, 29 May 1958): features, 'Hommage á (Gérard de) Nerval' (outsize)



(Note: for Nugget, see MOTTRAM 9 (essay on The Beat Generation))

MOTTRAM: 7/443/1


Now Now 2 (San Francisco, 1965): includes Allen Ginsberg essay, 'Back to the wall' and poem, 'November 23, 1963', and work by Philip Whalen, Ken Irby

MOTTRAM: 7/444/1-7


Oasis 12 (London, 1975), prose, poetry, graphics, articles and reviews;
Issue 29: 'The very sheaves of our calendar' by Tom Lowenstein, 1980;
Issue 49, 1991: includes work by Ken Edwards, Peter Redgrove and Yann Lovelock;
Issue 65, 1994, with index to issues 31-65;
Issue 67, 1994;
Issue 68, 1994;
Issue 69, 1994;
(Note: for issue 18, 1977, see MOTTRAM 5 / Joris)

MOTTRAM: 7/445/1


Object Permanence 1 (Glasgow, 1994): includes poems by Charles Bernstein, Barry MacSweeney, Allen Fisher, Edwin Morgan, Bob Cobbing, Tom Raworth, Peter Finch. Clark Coolidge, Bob Perelman, Ron Silliman, Rosmarie Waldrop, David Bromige



(Note: forObrero Rebelde, see under English title, Wildcat)

MOTTRAM: 7/446/1-5


Ochre Magazine 1 (Ilford, Essex, 1976), edited by Charles Ingham and Ralph Hawkins: includes work by Ulli McCarthy (Freer), Pierre Joris, Tom Raworth;
Issue 3 (Little Clacton, [1977]): includes work by Lee Harwood, Iain Sinclair, Bill Griffiths, Anthony Barnett, Opal Nations;
Issue 4, not dated: includes work by John James, Paul Evans, Douglas Oliver;
Issue 5 (Stonesfield, Oxfordshire, not dated): includes work by Ralph Hawkins and Bill Sherman;
Issue 6 (Oxford, not dated): includes work by Andrew Duncan and J. H. Prynne

MOTTRAM: 7/447/1-4


Occurrence 3 (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, 1975): includes work by Theodore Enslin, Ron Silliman;
Issue 4, 1975: includes work by Theodore Enslin, Cid Corman, Ray DiPalma, Lyn Hejinian, John Perlman;
Issue 5 (Philadelphia, 1976): includes work by Russell Edson, Theodore Enslin;
Issue 6, 1976: includes work by Theodore Enslin, George Economou, Steven Roth;
(Note: for issue 8, 1978, 'An issue of Theodore Enslin', see MOTTRAM 5 / Enslin)

MOTTRAM: 7/448/1


Odyssey: publication of the James Joyce Society of London 6 (London, 1994): includes 'brief report' of talk by Mottram in February 1994

MOTTRAM: 7/449/1


Ole 7 (San Francisco, 1967), edited by Douglas Blazek: articles and reviews by Jeff Nuttall, Kirby Congdon, Larry Eigner, Lee Harwood, and others

MOTTRAM: 7/450/1


On Film 10 (Los Angeles, 1980), general and local articles

MOTTRAM: 7/451/1


On Yer Bike! A radical motorcycling journal 3 (London, 1979)

MOTTRAM: 7/452/1


One 4 (London, 1980): includes work by John James, Fielding Dawson, Doug Oliver, Peter Riley, David Chaloner

MOTTRAM: 7/453/1


Only Paper Today: a bi-monthly devoted to writing about art in Ontario 4/2 (Toronto, 1976): includes interview with Kathy Acker, photographs of Michael Ondaatje and bpNichol (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/454/1


Open City 19 (Los Angeles, 1967): includes prose item by Charles Bukowski (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/455/1


Open World 1 ([Glasgow] 1991), open at article, 'Original mind: an introduction to Gary Snyder' by John Hart

MOTTRAM: 7/456/1


Oracle 7 (California, 1967), hippie magazine with visual emphasis (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/457/1


Other World Poetry Newsletter 1/1 (Amsterdam, 1979): includes photograph of Brion Gysin (outsize)



(Note: for Ou, see Review Ou)

MOTTRAM: 7/458/1-2


Outburst 1 (London 1961), edited by Tom Raworth: issue includes work by Christopher Logue, Gary Snyder, Gael Turnbull, Ed Dorn, Michael Horovitz, Robert Creeley, Denise Levertov;
Issue 2, 1963: includes work by Douglas Woolf, Paul Klee, Paul Blackburn, Philip Whalen, Leroi Jones, Allen Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 7/459/1


Outposts 158 (Sutton, Surrey, 1988): includes poetry by John Heath-Stubbs, John Cotton, Fred Beake

MOTTRAM: 7/460/1-6


Over Here: An American Studies journal 1/2 (Leicester, 1981), from the American Studies departments of the Universities of Leicester, Birmingham and Nottingham;
Issue 5/2 (Nottingham, 1985): includes article, 'New York intellectuals', on the Partisan Review;
Issue 7/1, 1987;
Issue 7/2, 1987: includes interview with a Vietnam veteran;
Issue 8/1, 1988: Canadian Studies issue;
Issue 9/2, 1989: includes articles by David Murray and Tom Lowenstein;
(Note: for Over Here: An American Studies journal, issue 8/2, 1988, including Mottram article on George Oppen, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/461/1


The Oxford Literary Review 2/3 (Oxford, 1977): includes items on Jean-Paul Sartre and on American poetry, and sections from 'The art of flight' (poem) by Allen Fisher

MOTTRAM: 7/462/1


Oz (London, March 1967), satirical magazine

MOTTRAM: 7/463/1


PAC (Prisoners Aid Committee) News, Jul 1977: includes report on the Hull Prison riot

MOTTRAM: 7/464/1


Padma: Matrix issue (Pocatello, Idaho, 1981): includes work by Ken Irby, Ed and Jenny Dorn, Fielding Dawson, Charles Olson, J. H. Prynne

MOTTRAM: 7/465/1-17


Pages 1-8 (Southwick, Sussex, not dated): comprises work by Allen Fisher and David Miller, 2 copies;
Pages 9-16, 1987: comprises poems by Gad Hollander, Gilbert Adair;
Pages 25-32, 1987: poems by John Seed and Adrian Clarke;
Pages 33-40, 1987: poems by Hanne Bramness and Michael Carlson;
Pages 41-48, 1987: miscellany including Kelvin Corcoran;
Pages 49-56, 1988: poems by David Chaloner and Virginia Firnberg;
Pages 57-64, 1988: includes poem by Lee Harwood;
Pages 65-72, 1988: editorial, (Robert Sheppard) and responses by Adrian Clarke, Gilbert Adair;
Pages 73-80, 1988: work by Stephen Oldfield, Valerie Panucci;
Pages 89-96, 1988: Robert Hampson and Hazel Smith;
Pages 97-104, 1988: issue includes letter by Ken Edwards and visual poem by Bob Cobbing;
Pages 105-112, 1988: work by Richard Caddel, Catherine Walsh, Aidan Semmens;
Pages 113-120, 1988: work by Patricia Farrell, Tom Raworth;
Pages 121-128, 1988: work by Heywood Hadfield and Colin Simms;
Pages 129-136, 1988: a defence by Robert Sheppard of the New British Poetry anthology (Paladin, London, 1988), with poems by Ralph Hawkins and Maggie O'Sullivan.;
Pages 137-144, 1988: includes work by Peter Riley;
Pages 145-152, 1988: poems by Ian Davidson and John Wilkinson



(Note: for Paideuma: a journal devoted to Ezra Pound scholarship (Orono, Maine), 9/1, 1980, celebrating, 'The 80th Birth Year of Basil Bunting', with essays by Robert Creeley, Jonathan Williams, Tom Pickard, Roger Guedalla and others, see MOTTRAM 5 / Bunting)

MOTTRAM: 7/466/1


Pa'lante no issue number (New York [Summer] 1962): includes Allen Ginsberg's, 'Prose contribution to Cuban revolution'

MOTTRAM: 7/467/1-6

1977, 1982

Palantir 5 (Preston, 1977): includes poems by Ian Robinson, Jim Burns, Tina Morris, Michael Horovitz, Dave Ward;
Issue 18, not dated: includes poems by Roy Fisher, Gael Turnbull, Edwin Morgan;
Issue 19, 1982: includes Ewart Milne, Adrian Clarke, David Tipton, E. A. Markham, Jim Burns;
Issue 20, 1982: includes poems by Dave Cunliffe, Jim Vollmar, with typescript letter from editor, Jim Burns, 2 copies;
Issue 21, 1982: includes poems by John Welch, Martin Stannard, E. A. Markham, Gavin Selerie;
Issue 22, 1982: includes report of 1982 Kerouac Conference at Naropa Institute, and Gavin Selerie's review of Mottram's A book of Herne (Arrowspire Press, Colne, Lancashire, 1981)

MOTTRAM: 7/468/1-29


PALPI (Poetry and Little Press Information) 1 (London, 1980): includes article, 'Not for stones or horses' by Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 2, 1980: includes articles on the Menard Press's experience of the Arts Council of Great Britain, a review of the TV documentary, 'Running the Arts' by Bill Griffiths, and Keith Musgrove on the Poetry and Politics Conference at the Polytechnic of Central London, with typescript letter of response from Mottram, 18 Oct 1980;
Issue 3, 1980: includes press profile of Spectacular Diseases (Paul Green);
Issue 4, 1981: includes article by Bill Griffiths and checklist of Bill Butler's work by Mottram;
Issue 5, 1981: includes, 'ALP-the first fifteen years' by Bob Cobbing (on the Association of Little Presses);
Issue 6, 1981: includes debate on grant-aid and censorship, and interview with Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 7, 1981: includes articles by Bill Griffiths and Clive Fencott, and bibliography of Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 8, 1982;
Issue 10, 1983: includes, 'Transcript of a conversation between Ken Edwards and Paul A Green, and short articles by Bob Cobbing, Keith Musgrove and Bill Griffiths;
Issue 11, 1983: includes criticism of actions of Alan De Loach by Paul Green;
Issue 12, 1984: includes correspondence on Arts Council of Great Britain funding policies;
Issue 14, 1986, with notes on copyright deposit libraries;
Issue 15, 1986: includes article on little presses by Peter Finch and profile of Ivor Waters' Moss Rose press;
Issue 17, 1987;
Issue 18, 1988;
Issue 19, 1988;
Issue 20, 1988;
supplement to PALPI 20, ALP-the first 22½ years (Association of Little Presses), compiled by Bob Cobbing and Bill Griffiths;
Issue 21, 1989: includes Michael Horovitz' complaint against The New British Poetry (Paladin, 1988);
Issue 22, 1989, new format;
Issue 23, 1989: includes articles on Pages by Robert Sheppard;
Issue 24, 1990: includes articles by John Harvey of Slow Dancer magazine, Anthony Rudolf, and photographs of ALP (Association of Little Presses) officers;
Issue 25, 1990: includes short article, 'Words and some warnings' by Bill Griffiths;
Issue 26, 1990: review of Little Magazines exhibition at the South Bank by Ken Edwards and short article on recycled paper by Bill Griffiths;
Issue 27, 1991: includes profile of Fragmente magazine;
Issue 28, 1991: includes article on Paula Claire by Maggie O'Sullivan;
Issue 29, 1991, with features on The Keepsake Press and Deucalion Press;
Issue 32, 1994;
Issue 33, 1994;
(Note: for PALPI 9, 1982, including letter from Mottram on Rebecca magazine, see MOTTRAM 3/2)

MOTTRAM: 7/469/1


Panache (New York, 1971), special issue 'Future's fictions', edited by Richard Kostelanetz: including work by Dom Sylvester Houedard, Tom Phillips, Edwin Morgan, bpNichol, John Furnival

MOTTRAM: 7/470/1


Panurge: new writing by new writers 1 (Cleator Moor, Cumbria [1984]), with manuscript letter, 2 Nov 1984 from contributor, Harry Heckford

MOTTRAM: 7/471/1-4


The Paper (Chicago, 1 Oct 1960): includes feature on Lawrence Ferlinghetti;
Issue, 15 Oct 1960: includes article, 'The comedy of dissent';
Issue, 11 Mar 1961: includes, 'Letter to a lady actress' (Dorothy Zupancich) by Gregory Corso (outsize);
Issue, 15 Apr 1961

MOTTRAM: 7/472/1-3


Paper Air 2/1 (Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, 1979): includes work by Jackson Mac Low, Gil Ott, David Miller, Bruce Andrews;
Issue 3/2, 1984: includes work by Cid Corman, Jackson Mac Low, John Perlman, Bill Sherman;
Issue 4/3, 1990, last issue, with poetry by Maggie O'Sullivan, Cid Corman, Bruce Andrews, a section of Palestinian poets, and an index to the whole series

MOTTRAM: 7/473/1


Paranoids Anonymous Newsletter 1 (San Francisco & New York, 1976), with attached note from the editor (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/474/1


Paris Exiles 2 (Paris, 1985), 'fiction, poetry, images and private tragedy': including work by Robert Kelly, Pierre Joris, Douglas Oliver

MOTTRAM: 7/475/1


The Paris Magazine 1 (Paris, 1967), produced by Shakespeare & Company: issue includes Allen Ginsberg poem, 'Kansas City to Saint Louis' and Edward Lucie-Smith article, 'The Little Presses of England';
(Note: for The Paris Magazine, Summer 1989, with articles on Shakespeare & Co, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Henry Miller, see MOTTRAM 8 / Centre du Recherches)

MOTTRAM: 7/476/1


The Park 1, also titled, The Wivenhoe Park Review 3 (London, 1968), edited by Andrew Crozier: includes work by Jim Burns, Lee Harwood, John Wieners, Peter Riley

MOTTRAM: 7/477/1


Patrons of New Art Newsletter 4 (no place of publication, 1984), campaign against Alan Bowness, Director of the Tate Gallery, London, 5 copies (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/478/1-2


Pavement: A fighting paper for Wandsworth's working people 9/7 (London, 1979), local issues;
Issue 9/8, 1979: on hospital closures (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/479/1-3


Peace News (outsize) 1540 (London, 31 Dec 1965), 'Negro writers' issue: including poetry from LeRoi Jones, Langston Hughes;
Issue 1636 (3 Nov 1967): mary McCarthy on Vietnam War;
Issue 1642 (15 Dec 1967): features Paul Goodman writing on Vietnam conflict

MOTTRAM: 7/480/1-2


Pearl 8 (Tempe, Arizona, 1981): includes work by Paul Bowles, Gregory Corso, Pablo Neruda, accompanied by manuscript letter from editor, Gregory Stephenson;
Issue 9, 1982: includes work by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Denise Levertov, John Heath-Stubbs, Taner Baybars

MOTTRAM: 7/481/1-9


Peeping Tom 2 (Croydon, 1979), edited Cory Harding, satire against Bob Cobbing and others;
Issue 3 (undated): satire against Eric Mottram, Bill Sherman, Allen Fisher, Lawrence Upton, David Miller;
Issue 4, 1980: includes crude review of Mottram's essay on mathematics and poetry in Reality Studios 2/3;
Issue 6, not dated, emphasis on reviews;
Issue 7, not dated, targetting Lee Harwood, Rupert Mallin, Mottram;
Issue 8, 1980: includes, 'A visit to the Eric Snottram shrine';
Special summer issue, 1980, with a decidedly racist slant;
Issue 9, 1980: includes work by Opal Nations;
Issue 10 (last issue, 1981): supposed interviews with Opal Nations and Anthony Barnett, and substantial section of 'obituaries' (Note: Steve Pereira )

MOTTRAM: 7/482/1-4


Pembroke College Cambridge Society Annual Gazette 55 (Cambridge, 1981), encloses donation forms;
Issue 59, 1985: includes article concerning Ted Hughes on his creation as Poet Laureate;
Issue 64, 1990;
Issue 67, 1993

MOTTRAM: 7/483/1-2


Pennine: for Lancashire and Yorkshire folk everywhere 7/6 (Hebden Bridge, 1986): includes article on Robert Bank's Gallery by the Park, Barrowford, which held several exhibitions associated with Mottram;
Issue 8/4, 1987: includes, 'Pennine genius: Jeff Nuttall talks about his beloved Pennines'

MOTTRAM: 7/484/1


Pennsylvania Review 1 (University of Pennsylvania, 1970): includes interview with Lee Harwood and translations by Harwood

MOTTRAM: 7/485/1


The People's Comics no issue number (San Francisco, Sep 1972): cartoons

MOTTRAM: 7/486/1-2


Perfect Bound 3 (Cambridge, 1977): includes work by Lee Harwood, Tom A. Clark, Ken Smith, Paul Buck, Iain Sinclair, Simon Pettet, Gael Turnbull, Peter Riley, John Wilkinson, Cory Harding, Tom Raworth, Geoffrey Ward;
Issue 5, 1978: includes work by John Riley, Thomas A. Clark, Ralph Hawkins, Gael Turnbull, Chris Torrance, Iain Sinclair, Edwin Morgan

MOTTRAM: 7/487/1-2

1980, 1982

Performance: the regular review of live art in the UK 7 (London, 1980), features John Cage and Merce Cunningham;
Issue 15, 1982: includes interview with Yoshi Oida, performance artist

MOTTRAM: 7/488/1-3


The Performance Magazine (London, Jun 1979), reviews of performance art events;
Issue, Aug-Sep 1979: includes article by Jeff Nuttall, 'Subsidy in the U. K.';
Issue, Dec-Jan 1982-1983

MOTTRAM: 7/489/1


Picture Post (London, 22 Aug 1942): contains article on Japan at Pearl Harbour and Port Arthur by William Empson (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/490/1


Playboy (Dec 1968), incomplete, but including articles: 'Pacifism in America' by Norman Thomas; 'My Papa, Papa' by Patrick Hemingway; and 'Academic irresponsibility' by Leslie Fiedler

MOTTRAM: 7/491/1-9


Un Poco Loco, no issue number (New York, Feb 1979), edited by Larry Fagin: comprises poems by Ron Padgett;
Issue, Mar 1979: poems by Sam Kashner;
Issue, Apr 1979: poems by John Godfrey;
Issue, May 1979: poems by Bernadette Mayer;
Issue, Jun 1979: poems by Clark Coolidge;
Issue, Jul 1979: poems by Lewis Warsh;
Issue, Aug 1979: Peter Altenberg, translated by Anselm Hollo;
Issue, Sep 1979: poems by Iliassa Sequin;
Issue, Oct 1979: poems by Tony Towle



(Note: for Poe Studies Association Newsletter, see PSA Newsletter)

MOTTRAM: 7/492/1-4


Poems from the Floating World 2 (New York, 1960): poems and translations including work by Jerome Rothenberg, Robert Creeley, David Antin, Gary Snyder;
Issue 3, 1961: poems and translations including work by Robert Kelly, John Wieners, Paul Blackburn, Jerome Rothenberg;
Issue 4, 1962: includes poems by Milton Resnick, Michael Benedikt, translations by Jerome Rothenberg and David Antin, 2 copies;
Issue 5, 1963: includes work by Robert Duncan, Anselm Hollo, Robert Kelly, Jerome Rothenberg, Paul Blackburn, W. S. Merwin, Harry Fainlight, Theodore Enslin, George Economou, Armand Schwerner, Rochelle Owens, Blas de Otero, Jackson Mac Low, with a typescript letter from Anselm Hollo to Mottram

MOTTRAM: 7/493/1-2


Poet & Peasant 5 (Middlesex, 1973), emergency issue titled, 'When the last trumpet sounded', to raise funds for Chilean refugees: includes poems by Pierre Joris, Michael Horovitz, Bernard Kelly, Paul Brown, Eric Mottram ('Profession');
Issue 17, 1975: contains, Stumble, poems by Peter Hoida;
(Note: for Poet & Peasant 6, 1974, comprising Wolves at the door by Mike Dobbie with drawings by Nick James and Jeff Nuttall, see MOTTRAM 5 / Dobbie; for issue 8, 1974, a special Paul Brown issue, see MOTTRAM 5 / Brown)

MOTTRAM: 7/494/1-17


Poetic Briefs (Albany, New York), mostly short items of literary criticism:
Issue 1/1, 1991, 3 copies;
Issue 1/2, 1992, 3 copies;
Issue 1/3, 1992, 3 copies;
Issue 1/4, 1992, 3 copies;
Issue 1/5, 1992, 3 copies;
Issue 1/6, 1992;
Issue 1/7, 1992;
Issue 8, 1992;
Issue 9, 1992;
Issue 10, 1993;
Issue 11, 1993;
Issue 13, 1993;
Issue 14, 1993-1994;
Issue 15, 1994;
Issue 16, 1994;
Issue 17, 1994;
Issue 18, 1994, the 'Clark Coolidge issue';
(Note: for Poetic Briefs: interview issue, 1992, including interview with Mottram and material on Robert Creeley, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/495/1-5


Poetmeat 6 (Blackburn, Lancashire, 1964): features, 'Poetry in New York: the "war" of independence' by Kirby Congdon, a survey of new English poetry by Jim Burns, an article on Concrete Poetry by John Sharkey, and fiction and drawings by Arthur Moyse;
Issue 7, 1964-1965: includes prose by Lee Harwood, poem by Allen Ginsberg, and photograph of Harwood on cover;
Issue 8, 1965: anthology issue, entitled, 'The New British Poetry', inscribed to Jeff Nuttall, 1967, and, on cover, 'Remember this?' by Nuttall (presumably on being passed to Mottram), A second copy;
Issue 11, 1966: includes account of the Golden Convolvulus trial, 1965 (cf. MOTTRAM 6 / Screeches Publications);
Issue 13, 1967: includes work by Octavio Paz, Jack Micheline, Roy Fisher, George Dowden, Jim Burns

MOTTRAM: 7/496/1-6


Poetry 92/3 (Chicago, 1958): includes work by Louis Zukofsky, Octavio Paz (translated by Muriel Rukeyser);
Issue 95/6, 1960: includes poems by William Carlos Williams;
Issue 96/1, 1960: includes poems by Denise Levertov and Kenneth Koch, and Robert Creeley on Robert Duncan;
Issue 96/4, 1960;
Issue 107/4, 1966: includes first printing of Basil Bunting's poem, 'Briggflatts';
Issue 107/5, 1966: includes long poem, 'Fragment', by John Ashbery

MOTTRAM: 9/497/1-2

1989, 1994

Poetry Flash: The Bay Area's poetry review and literary calendar 190 (Berkeley, California, 1989) (outsize);
Issue 255, 1994: includes feature on Lawrence Ferlinghetti

MOTTRAM: 7/498/1-2


Poetry Information 7 (London, 1973), edited by Peter Hodgkiss: reviews and listings;
Issue 8, 1973: includes articles by Mike Horovitz and Lawrence Upton;
(Note: see MOTTRAM 3 for the following issues of Poetry Information containing items by or about Mottram: 11 (1974); 12-13 (1975); 14 (1975-1976); 15 (1976); 17 (1977); 18 (1978); 19 (1978); 20-21 (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1979-1980))

MOTTRAM: 7/499/1


Poetry London / Apple Magazine 1/1 (London, 1979): first section includes work by Alan Brownjohn, Ted Hughes, Craig Raine; second section includes: Bob Dylan, Nicholas Moore and Allen Ginsberg, with an insert gramophone record of Ginsberg's, 'Plutonium Ode'

MOTTRAM: 7/500/1-3


Poetry Presented by Transgravity 1 (London, 19 Sep, no year given): comprises poems by Barry MacSweeney, Tom Pickard;
Issue 2 (26 Sep, no year given): poems by Lee Harwood, 2 copies;
Issue 3 (3 Oct, no year given): poems by Mike Dobbie and Bernard Kelly

MOTTRAM: 7/501/1-9


The Poetry Project Newsletter 2 (New York, 1972), edited by Ron Padgett: news of New York poets;
Issue 14, 1974: reviews readings by Michael McClure and Allen Ginsberg;
Issue 15, 1974: includes letter from Aram Saroyan;
Issue 16, 1974: events and reviews, from the reading centre at St Mark's Church;
Issue 17, 1974;
Issue 18, 1974;
Issue 19, 1974;
Issue 72, 1980, edited by Vicki Hudspith;
Issue 93, 1982: includes reviews of Anne Waldman, Ted Berrigan



(Note: for The Poetry Review (London) issues 62/3-67/1-2, 1971-1977, edited by Mottram, see MOTTRAM 4/1)



(Note: for Poetry Society Newsletter, see MOTTRAM 4/3)

MOTTRAM: 7/502/1


Poetry Survey 1 (London, 1977): includes, article, 'Art for who's sake' by Peter Redgrove and book listings

MOTTRAM: 7/503/1


Poetry Walk 1 (Camden, 1979), broadsheet with street poems

MOTTRAM: 7/504/1


Poetry Workshop no issue number (Wolverhampton, 1973): special 'ecology edition', with poems by Pete Morgan, Adrian Henri, Iain Sinclair, Martin Booth, Peter Finch, Lawrence Upton

MOTTRAM: 7/505/1-3


Poets at Le Metro 7 (New York, 1963): includes handwritten poems by Paul Blackburn, George Montgomery, Ted Berrigan, Harry Fainlight, Carol Bergé;
Issue 9, 1963: includes reproductions of handwritten poems by Aram Saroyan, Ted Berrigan, Ron Padgett, Gerard Malanga, Carol Bergé, and typewritten poem by Paul Blackburn;
Issue 11, 1964: includes handwritten poems by Allen Ginsberg, Allen De Loach, Paul Blackburn, Jackson Mac Low

MOTTRAM: 7/506/1


The Poet's Voice 3 (Bath, 1983): includes work by Barry MacSweeney, Edwin Morgan, Maggie O'Sullivan, accompanied by typescript letter, 30 Jul 1983 from Fred Beake, the editor, concerning possible publishing venture with Mottram

MOTTRAM: 7/507/1


Pogamoggan 1 (Brooklyn, 1964): includes poems by Anselm Hollo, Paul Blackburn, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Robert Kelly, AllenGinsberg, Jackson Mac Low, Jerome Rothenberg, Theodore Enslin, Diane Wakoski, David Antin, Armand Schwerner

MOTTRAM: 7/508/1-3


Poor Old Tired Horse 9 (Edinburgh, not dated): includes poems by Lorine Niedecker, Ronald Johnson, Libby Houston;
Issue 10, not dated, 'concrete number', with poems by Robert Lax, Edwin Morgan, Dom Sylvester Houedard;
Issue 12 [1963]: includes work by Paul De Vree, Edwin Morgan, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Ernst Jandl

MOTTRAM: 7/509/1


Presence 3 (Buffalo, New York, Summer 1968): includes poems by Kathy Acker, Allen De Loach, Lewis MacAdams, George Montgomery



(Note: for Private Eye (London) 49, 1963, see MOTTRAM 9 / essay on satire)

MOTTRAM: 7/510/1


The Private Library 2nd series 6/2 (Pinner, Middlesex, 1973): includes article, 'Tracking down the Beats: a preliminary survey' by Jim Burns, and some notes on artist John Piper

MOTTRAM: 7/511/1


Procedures 1 (Tollesbury, Essex, 1983), edited by Richard Tabor and Richard Hammersley: includes work by Paul Buck, Glenda George, Bernard Heidsieck, Dick Higgins, Geraldine Monk, Steve McCaffery, Allen Fisher

MOTTRAM: 7/512/1-4

1979, 1981

P. S. (Primary Sources) 1 (London, 1979), edited by Roger Ely: includes work by Adrian Henry and Opal L. Nations, 4 copies;
Issue 5, 1980: includes Mottram article on poetry of Michael Horovitz;
Issue 6, 1980: includes Mottram article on poetry of Tom Pickard;
Issue 7, 1981: contains feature on shamanism

MOTTRAM: 7/513/1-13


PSA (Poe Studies Association) Newsletter (Memphis, Tennessee):
Issue 6/1, 1978;
Issue 6/2, 1978;
Issue 7/1, 1979;
Issue 8/2, 1980;
Issue 9/1, 1981;
Issue 9/2, 1981;
Issue 10/2, 1982;
Issue 11/1, 1983;
Issue 11/2, 1983;
Issue 12/1, 1984;
Issue 12/2, 1984;
Issue 13/1, 1985;
Issue 13/2, 1985

MOTTRAM: 7/514/1


Pssst! the cartoon and strip monthly for mature readers (London, 1982)

MOTTRAM: 7/515/1


PSLS (Publication of the Society for literature and Science) 3/3 (Philadelphia. 1988), 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/516/1-2


QU 1 (San Francisco, 1980): includes texts by Steve Benson;
Issue 8, 1983: features work by Kit Robinson, Delys Mullis and Charles Bernstein

MOTTRAM: 7/517/1


A Quarterly Review of Literature 11/1 (Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, 1961): comprises plays by Holley Beye



(Note: for A Quarterly Review, see X: A Quarterly Review)

MOTTRAM: 7/518/1


Quarto 22 (London, 1981), reviews, plus poems by Kit Wright, Charles Causley, Vernon Scannell, Andrew Motion, Martin Amis

MOTTRAM: 7/519/1-2


The Quayle Quarterly: a watchful eye on the Vice Presidency 1/4 (Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1990);
Issue 2/4, 1991

MOTTRAM: 7/520/1


Queen Street Magazine vol. 3, no. 1, issues 7-9 (Toronto, 1974), general arts review

MOTTRAM: 7/521/1


Quicksilver Times 2/23 (Washington, D. C., 1970): includes statement by Timothy Leary (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/522/1-2


Qya'toqti: serving the Hopi Nation 4/136 (New Oraibi, Arizona, 12 Apr 1979);
Issue 4/137, 19 Apr 1979 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/523/1-3


Radar 3 (Basel, 1981): includes material on William Burroughs;
Issue 4, 1984: includes material on Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg;
Issue 5-6, 1988: with articles on William Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 7/524/1-8


Radical Philosophy 13 (London, 1976);
Issue 14, 1976;
Issue 17, 1977: includes article by Michel Foucault;
Issue 18, 1978;
Issue 19, 1978;
Issue 22, 1979: includes article on Hungarian Marxism;
Issue 24, 1980: includes article on the Nouvelle Philosophie and the work of Giles DeLeuze;
Issue 28, 1981: includes article on Rawl's theory of justice

MOTTRAM: 7/525/1


Ram 5 (Bangor, 1972): includes poems by Ulli McCarthy (Freer), Jeremy Hilton, Gael Turnbull

MOTTRAM: 7/526/1-2


Ramparts 6/9-10 (San Francisco, May 1968): includes essay on Mark Twain, and essays on Martin Luther King, Jr., and on and by Eldridge Cleaver;
Issue 6/11, Jun 1968: includes letter from Eldridge Cleaver on Black Panthers

MOTTRAM: 7/527/1


The Raven: Anarchist quarterly 5 (London, 1988), issued by Freedom Press, Whitechapel

MOTTRAM: 7/528/1-2

1977, 1979

Rawz 1 (London, 1977): includes essay by Mottram and poems by Dick Higgins and Allen Fisher;
Issue 2½, 1979, loose-leaf in folder: includes self-contained poem on Croydon by P. C. Fencott

MOTTRAM: 7/529/1


Rayday 2 (Brighton, 1965), broadsheet with visual work and text, probably including work by Jeff Nuttall (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/530/1-3


Readings 1 (London, 1977), edited by Annabel Nicolson and Paul Burwell;
Issue 2 (1977), 'A bi-monthly publication devoted to writing on (reviews of) recent work that has no existence in time beyond its own structural duration-dance, performance, music, film';
Issue 3, not dated

MOTTRAM: 7/531/1-14


The Realist 30 (New York, 1961), 'Help put commerce back into Christmas';
Issue 39, 1962: includes, 'An impolite interview with Joseph Heller';
Issue 40, 1962: includes interview with Norman Mailer;
Issue 41, 1963: focuses on Lenny Bruce;
Issue 43, 1963: includes interview with Mort Sahl;
Issue 48, 1964: includes statement by Lenny Bruce;
Issue 49, 1965: includes material on Dick Gregory, Woody Allen and Steve Allen;
Issue 54, 1964: more material by Lenny Bruce and a section of Red Indian cartoons;
Issue 58, 1965: includes interview with Woody Allen;
Issue 63, 1965: opens with 'A little play' by Jules Feiffer;
Issue 64, 1966: includes article by Paul Krassner;
Issue 66, 1966: includes article on abortion by Krassner;
Issue 73, 1967: includes article, 'The murder of Malcolm X', and material on Lenny Bruce;
Issue 76, 1967

MOTTRAM: 7/532/1-12


Reality Studios 1/1 (Orpington, Kent. 1978), edited by Ken Edwards: comprises work by James Sherry and Opal L. Nations;
Issue 1/2, 1978: includes work by Marius Kociejowski and David Miller;
Issue 1/3, 1978: comprises work by E. E. Vonna-Michel;
Issue 1/4, 1978: excerpts from Ken Edwards, 'Tilth';
Issue 1/5, 1978: comprises work by Paul Green of Peterborough and Paul Green of Torquay;
Issue 1/6, 1978: includes work by Cory Harding and Dave Ward;
Issue 1/8-10, 1979: includes work by Alan Halsey, David Tipton;
Issue 2/2, 1979: includes articles by Richard Tabor, Robert Sheppard and Ken Edwards;
Issue 2/3 (London, 1980): includes Mottram essay on poetry and mathematics;
Issue 3/1, 1980: includes Allen Fisher essay, 'The mathematics of Rimbaud';
Issue 3/2, 1981: Tony Baker on Colin Simms, Tony Jackson and Ken Edwards on Jeff Nuttall, Bill Griffiths on microfiches, 2 copies;
Issue 6/1-4, 1984: includes work by Clive Fencott, Allen Fisher, Charles Bernstein, Tom Raworth, Peter Finch, Maggie O'Sullivan;
Ken Edwards & Reality Studios: an interview (Textures, London, 1985): about the origin and growth of Alembic and Reality Studios magazines;
(Note: for Reality Studios, issue '3', 1980-1981, including Mottram essay on Gilbert Sorrentino; and for issue 5, 1983, including Mottram essay on Bill Griffiths, see MOTTRAM 3/2)

MOTTRAM: 7/533/1-2


Record Courier (Kent State, Ohio) (outsize):
Issue, 16 Oct 1970;
Issue, 17 Oct 1970

MOTTRAM: 7/534/1


Red Clay Reader 2 (Charlotte, North Carolina, 1965): fiction, poetry, and criticism-in support of Southern writing

MOTTRAM: 7/535/1-2


Red Letters: Communist Party Literature Journal 5 (London, 1977): includes a review of a work on Jack London by Jackie Kaye;
Issue 7, 1978: includes a review by Colin MacCabe of Mottram's book on William Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 7/536/1


Red Letters: a review of cultural politics 25 (1990): includes Robert Hampson article, 'Contemporary poetry-an unofficial production' (outsize)



(Note: for Reporter-see State University of New York at Buffalo Reporter)

MOTTRAM: 7/537/1


Residu 2 (London, 1966): includes poems by Asa Benveniste, Gregory Corso, Anselm Hollo, Jeff Nuttall, and a short story, 'Martin's Folly' by William Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 7/538/1


Resurgence: Of small nations, small communities and the human spirit 61 (Crymych, Dyfed, 1977): includes a 'transatlantic poetry supplement'

MOTTRAM: 7/539/1-2


Resuscitator 5 (Bristol, 1965): includes poems by Peter Armstrong and John James;
Issue 6, 1966: includes poems by Jim Burns, Roy Fisher, Paul Evans, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/540/1-9


The Review: A magazine of poetry and criticism 13/1 (Oxford, not dated): translations of Antonio Machado by Colin Falck;
Issue 13/2, not dated: poems by Michael Fried;
Issue 13/3, 1964: poems by Ian Hamilton;
Issue 19/1 (London, not dated): twelve poems by A. Alvarez;
Issue 19/2, not dated: 'Tonight's lover' by David Harsent;
Issue 19/2, not dated: 'The art of love' by John Fuller;
The Review 24 (London, 1970), edited by Ian Hamilton: features, 'Poets of East Germany';
Issue 26, 1971: features Robert Lowell;
Issue 29-30, 1972: includes John Fuller's poem, 'To James Fenton' and James Fenton's poem, 'To John Fuller'; and supplement, 'Backwaters', poems by Douglas Dunn



(Note: for The Review of Contemporary Fiction (Elmwood Park, Illinois), 2/1, 1982, containing Mottram essay on Douglas Woolf, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/541/1


A Review of English Literature 4/4 (London, 1963): special American literature issue, with article on Saul Bellow by Malcolm Bradbury and article on Robert Penn Warren by John Strugnell

MOTTRAM: 7/542/1-6


Revue Ou 23-24 (Ingatestone Essex, 1965) 1965: includes work by Henri Chopin and Bernard Heidsieck, printed text with gramophone record (note: outsize, special box);
Issue 25 (1965): includes work by François Dufrêne, Ian Hamilton Finlay, John Giorno, Brion Gysin (note: outsize, special box);
Issue 33 (1967): includes work by Henri Chopin, Pierre Albert-Bicot, Brion Gysin, printed text with gramophone record (note: outsize, special box);
Issue 34-35 (1967): includes work by François Dufrêne and Bob Cobbing, printed text with gramophone record (note: outsize, special box);
Issue 42-44 (1973): includes work by Tom Phillips, Arrigo Lora Totino, Nicholas Zurbrugg, printed text with gramophone record (note: outsize, special box);
A propos de Ou-cinquième saison; 1958-1974, un quart de siècle d'avant-garde (Veys, Tielt, 1974), with covering manuscript letter, 30 Jun 1975 from Henri Chopin, including details of publications (note: outsize, special box);
(Note: see also MOTTRAM 6 / Collection Ou)

MOTTRAM: 7/543/1-3


The Rialto 3 (Norwich, Norfolk, 1985): includes work by Anne Beresford, Hans Magnus Enzenberger, Geoffrey Holloway;
Issue 8, 1987: includes work by Mike Horovitz, Gavin Ewart, Martin Stannard, Nicki Jackowska;
Issue 26, 1993: includes work by Sebastian Barker, Roy Fisher, William Oxley, William Scammell, Anthony Thwaite

MOTTRAM: 7/544/1-3


Rock Drill 3 (Norwich, 1981), edited by Penelope Bailey and Robert Sheppard: includes poems by Ken Edwards and Kelvin Corcoran;
Issue 4 (Southwick, Sussex, 1983): includes work by John Muckle, Alan Halsey, Lee Harwood;
Issue 5 (Southsea, 1985): includes Maggie O'Sullivan, George Evans, Ian Robinson, Lee Harwood, David Miller, John Welch and review by Tony Baker

MOTTRAM: 7/545/1-6


Rocky Ledge 1 (Nederland, Colorado, 1979), edited by Anne Waldman and Reed Bye: includes work by Allen Ginsberg;
Issue 2, 1979: includes work by James Schuyler, Michael Brownstein, Anne Waldman;
Issue 3 (Boulder, Colorado, 1979): includes work by William Burroughs and Anne Waldman;
Issue 5, 1980: includes work by Allen Ginsberg, Carol Rakosi, Ted Berrigan, Anne Waldman, Alice Notley;
Issue 7, 1981: includes work by Philip Whalen, Lyn Hejinian, Anne Waldman;
Issue 8, 1981: includes work by Anne Waldman, Ed Dorn, Anselm Hollo

MOTTRAM: 7/546/1-10


Rolling Stock 2 (Boulder, Colorado, 1982) (outsize), edited by Ed and Jennifer Dorn: general articles, small poetry content, including Anselm Hollo;
Issue 3, 1982: includes poems by Robert Creeley;
Issue 10, 1985: features, 'The return of The Fugs', and obituaries on Basil Bunting by Tom Pickard and Tom Raworth;
Issue 11, 1986;
Issue 12, 1986, open at review of Hugh MacDiarmid's Complete poems (Penguin 1985), other material by Allen Ginsberg and Tom Raworth;
Issue 12 (sic) 1987: includes article by Ed Dorn on the Third Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering at El Elko, 1987;
Issue 14, 1987: includes articles by Ed Dorn and Tom Pickard;
Issue 15-16, 1989, open at review of William Burroughs' The western lands (Viking Penguin, New York & London, 1987);
Issue 17-18, 1990, open at, 'Tribute to C. L. R. James: A great Trinidadian';
Issue 19-20, 1991, 'Berkeley 1965-1991: Olson revisited / Braverman, Berlin / Bukowski, Clark, / Raworth, V. H. Cruz / McFadden, Brakhage / Ellsberg Speaks'

MOTTRAM: 7/547/1-11


Rolling Stone (San Francisco) (outsize):
Issue 130, 1973: includes material on Timothy Leary and on Bob Dylan;
Issue 131, 1973, open at article on Jack Kerouac by Ann Charters;
Issue 171, 1974: includes article on American politics by Hunter S. Thompson (note: page 13 incomplete);
Issue 198 (San Francisco, 25 Oct 1975): includes material on the Patty Hearst story;
Issue 200, 1975: features the Patty Hearst story;
Issue 207, 1976: 'San Francisco ten years on', including item on Michael McClure;
Issue 211, 1976, open at article on Ram Dass;
Issue 218, 1976, open at article on Alfred Hitchcock;
Issue 214, 1976: features Jimmy Carter's story;
Issue 223, 1976: includes article, 'Rituals of the herd' by John Dean and Ralph Steadman, covering the Republican Convention of 1976;
Issue 309 (New York, 24 Jan 1980): on crowd crush at Cincinnati concert;
(Note: for Rolling Stone 47, 1969, with interview of Bob Dylan, see MOTTRAM 10 / music)

MOTTRAM: 7/548/1-2


Ronald Reagan: the magazine of poetry [1] (London, 1968): includes work by J. G. Ballard, John Giorno, Lee Harwood, Ron Padgett, Anne Waldman;
Issue 2, 1970: includes work by Michael Brownstein, Thomas M. Disch, John Giorno

MOTTRAM: 7/549/1-2

1978, 1979

Roof 6 (The Segue Foundation, New York, 1978): '27 poems by 18 poets' including Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, Ray DiPalma, Jackson Mac Low;
Issue 9, 1979: features five poets: Kit Robinson, Alan Davies, P. Inman, Lynne Dreyer, Charles Bernstein

MOTTRAM: 7/550/1


Room Service 5 (Chelsea Hotel, no other place of publication given, but United States, 1982), in-house news-sheet (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/551/1


Root, Branch & Mammal: a bulletin of animal discourse 1 (Tunbridge, Vermont, 1970)



(Note: for Rubber: a monthly bulletin of rubber stamp works (Amsterdam), 9, 1978, featuring work of Ray DiPalma, see MOTTRAM 5 / DiPalma)

MOTTRAM: 7/552/1


Rune (no issue number, 1978), poetry magazine from King's College London: includes work by Roger Sharrock and Peterjon Skelt

MOTTRAM: 7/553/1-2


The Running Man 1/2 (London, 1968): includes poem by Allen Ginsberg and articles by and on Leslie Fielder;
Issue 1/3-5, 1969: includes work by Timothy Leary, Norman Mailer, Anselm Hollo, Tom Raworth

MOTTRAM: 7/554/1-6


RWC 2 (Sutton, Surrey, 1991), edited by Lawrence Upton: poems by Ulli Freer;
Issue 12, 1991: She took by Virginia Firnberg;
Issue 20, 1994: comprises work by Paul Dutton;
RWC Extra, Jun 1994: preliminary documentation of Sub Voicive reading series;
RWC Extra, Summer, 1994: 'No one listens to poetry?' by Robert Sheppard-a statement for the Sub Voicive one-day colloquium at the Institute of United States and Latin American Studies, University of London, 20 Jul 1991;
RWC Extra, Sep 1994: documentation of the Sub Voicive series;
(Note: for RWC 1, (1990): comprising poems by Robert Sheppard, see MOTTRAM 5 / Sheppard; for issue 3, 1991: comprising Upton's 'Letter to Ulli' see MOTTRAM 5 / Upton; for issue 4-5, 1991: comprising work by Carlyle Reedy, see MOTTRAM 5 / Reedy; for issue 6, 1991: comprising poems by Ken Edwards, see MOTTRAM 5 / Edwards; for issue 7, 1991: comprising poems by Adrian Clarke, see at MOTTRAM 5 / Clarke; for issue 11, 1991: Untitled dance blasphemy by Patricia Farrell, see MOTTRAM 5 / Farrell; for issue 17, not dated: from Roxy by Gavin Selerie, see MOTTRAM5 / Selerie; for issue 18, 1994: comprising poems by Adrian Clarke, see at MOTTRAM5 / Clarke; for issue 31, 1994, see MOTTRAM 5 / Griffiths)

MOTTRAM: 7/555/1-12


RWC Bulletin 1 (Sutton, Surrey, 1991), single-sheet introductory issue;
Issue 2, 1991: promotional material;
Issue 3, 1991: lists publications and events, accompanied by letter from and visual by Upton;
Issue 4, 1992: includes Upton review of Floating capital: new poets from London, ed. Adrian Clarke and Robert Sheppard (Potes & Poets, Connecticut, 1991), distributed with visual card, 'Senza misura' by Ulli Freer;
Issue 5, 1991: 'Networking material', edited by Lawrence Upton;
Issue 6, 1991;
Issue 7, 1991, emphasises new address at Reading, Berkshire;
Issue 8, 1991-1992: news and reviews;
Issue, Jun 1994;
Issue, Jul 1994;
Issue, Oct-Nov 1994;
Issue, Sep 1994

MOTTRAM: 7/556/1


The Salem News no issue number (Salem, Kent State, Ohio, 22 Oct 1971) (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/557/1


Salted Feathers 8-9 (Portland, Oregon, 1967): on persecution of Indian writers, especially Malay Roy Choudhury, with supporting material from Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and others

MOTTRAM: 7/558/1-3


Salzburg Seminar in American Studies Newsletter 3 (Salzburg, Austria, 1977), American Studies information;
Issue 18, 1990;
Issue 21, 1993-1994

MOTTRAM: 7/559/1


Samphire 2 (Ipswich, 1968): includes poems by Gael Turnbull, Peter Armstrong, Taner Baybars, Jim Burns

MOTTRAM: 7/560/1-2


San Francisco Book Review 21 (San Francisco, Aug 1971): articles including Charles Bukowski on Allen Ginsberg;
Issue 23, Aug 1972: includes article on Brion Gysin and Wyndham Lewis

MOTTRAM: 7/561/1


San Francisco Review of Books 4/7 (1979): includes interview with Denise Levertov

MOTTRAM: 7/562/1


Sandwiches 'Champagne issue' (Canterbury [1973]): poems, prose, reviews

MOTTRAM: 7/563/1-2


Saturday Morning 3 (London, 1977), edited by Cris Cheek: interview with George Oppen, poems by Colin Simms, Bill Sherman, Andrew Crozier, Antony Lopez, Mike Dobbie, Simon Pettet;
Issue 5-6 (New York & London, 1978), New York City issue', edited by Simon Pettet: including work by John Cage, Ted Berrigan, Kathy Acker, Allen Ginsberg, Alice Notley, Anne Waldman, Peter Orlovsky, John Giorno, Dick Higgins;
(Note: for Saturday Morning 1, 1976, including interview by Mottram, see MOTTRAM 3; for issue 4, 1977, including article by Mottram, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/564/1


Saturday Review no issue number (New York, 13 Dec 1975), special double issue on 'America's impact on the world, 1776-1976'

MOTTRAM: 7/565/1-2


Scarlet 2 (no place of publication given, 1990): includes work by Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones), Ed Sanders, Alice Notley, and an interview with Philip Whalen;
Issue 5 (New York, 1991), edited by Alice Notley and Douglas Oliver: includes poems by Tom Clark, Ralph Hawkins, Denise Riley, prose by Doug Oliver

MOTTRAM: 7/566/1


Schmuck (Cullompton, Devon, 1972): places emphasis on 'concept art'

MOTTRAM: 7/567/1-5


Science Journal 3/10 (London, Oct 1967): articles on 'Forecasting the future';
Issue 4/2, Feb 1968: general interest articles;
Issue 4/3, Mar 1968: general interest articles;
Issue 4/10, Oct 1968: 'Special issue: Machines like men';
Issue 5A/6 (sic), Dec 1969: includes article on drug addiction

MOTTRAM: 7/568/1


Scottish International 6 (Edinburgh, 1969): includes review of Norman Mailer novels by Edwin Morgan, and article on Tennessee Williams plays by Marshall Walker

MOTTRAM: 7/569/1


Scripsi 1/3-4 (Melbourne, Australia, 1982): includes an interview with Basil Bunting

MOTTRAM: 7/570/1


Scripta Politica: A journal of international affairs 8/4 (Paris, 1991): mostly on American foreign policy, but also article on violence in New York

MOTTRAM: 7/571/1


The Scrivener 2 (London, not dated): magazine of King's College English Department, containing prose and poetry

MOTTRAM: 7/572/1


Searchlight: Britain's anti-fascist journal 32 (Birmingham, 1978)

MOTTRAM: 7/573/1-2


Seattle Arts: Newsletter of the Seattle Arts Commission 6/12 (1983), legitimate issue;
Parody issue of Seattle Arts using same title as above, 2 copies (outsize)
(Note: items forwarded to Mottram by Ray Goerig)

MOTTRAM: 7/574/1


Second Aeon 18 (Cardiff, 1973), edited by Peter Finch: includes translations of Paul Celan by Pierre Joris;
(Note: file includes a review from Time Out 19-25 Oct 1973, comparing Second Aeon to Poetry Review and a flyer for Second Aeon [1976])

MOTTRAM: 7/575/1


Semina 5 [San Francisco, 1960]: a folder with miniature contributions by John Wieners, Michael McClure and others

MOTTRAM: 7/576/1


The Serif 7/3 (Kent, Ohio, 1970): includes article on the University's collection of modern American poetry by Robert J. Bertholf

MOTTRAM: 7/577/1-2


Seventh Street: a literary quarterly no issue number (New York, Spring, 1962): includes poems by Ted Enslin and Don Katzman;
Issue, Fall and Winter 1962: includes poems by Carol Bergé and Diane Wakoski

MOTTRAM: 7/578/1


Shearsman 1 (Plymouth, 1981): includes work by Gustaf Sobin, Larry Eigner, Cid Corman

MOTTRAM: 7/579/1


Shelley's 9 (Ravenna, Ohio, 1979): featuring 'a potpourri of poetry and art generated in the Kent area'

MOTTRAM: 7/580/1


Shopping music 1 (Cambridge 1979): includes poems by Rod Mengham, Anthony Barnett, Andy Johnson, Dave Ward. Ken Edwards

MOTTRAM: 7/581/1-2


SHOT Newsletter n. s. 13 (Santa Barbara, 1981): on the history of technology;
Issue n. s. 14 (1981)

MOTTRAM: 7/582/1-67


Sight and sound: international film quarterly 41/4 (London, 1972);
Issue 42/2, 1973;
Issue 42/3, 1973: includes article on censorship and the Press;
Issue 42/4, 1973;
Issue 43/1, 1973-1974: includes article on Sergei Eisenstein;
Issue 43/2, 1974;
Issue 43/3, 1974: includes interviews with Jack Nicholson and Jack Gold;
Issue 43/4, 1974: includes article on Berthold Brecht;
Issue 44/2, 1975;
Issue 44/3, 1975;
Issue 44/4, 1975: includes article on Buster Keaton's, 'Steamboat Bill Jr';
Issue 45/1, 1975-1976;
Issue 45/2, 1976: includes article, 'Film and the Workers' Movement in Britain, 1929-1939';
Issue 45/3, 1976;
Issue 45/4, 1976;
Issue 46/1, 1976-1977;
Issue 46/2, 1977;
Issue 46/3, 1977;
Issue 46/4, 1977;
Issue 47/1, 1977-1978;
Issue 47/2, 1978;
Issue 47/3, 1978;
Issue 48/4, 1979: includes feature on Bernardo Bertolucci;
Issue 49/1, 1979-1980: includes articles on the film Apocalypse Now;
Issue 49/2, 1980;
Issue 49/3, 1980, open at report of Cannes Film Festival;
Issue 49/4, 1980;
Issue 50/2, 1981;
Issue 50/3, 1981;
Issue 50/4, 1981;
Issue 51/1, 1981-1982;
Issue 51/2, 1982;
Issue 51/3, 1982;
Issue 51/4 (1982), 'Fiftieth anniversary issue' with items by Satyajit Ray and Sir Denis Forman;
Issue 52/1, 1982-1983;
Issue 52/2, 1983: includes article on Alfred Hitchcock;
Issue 52/3, 1983;
Issue 52/4, 1983;
Issue 53/1, 1983-1984;
Issue 53/4, 1984;
Issue 54/1, 1984-1985;
Issue 54/2, 1985;
Issue 54/3, 1985;
Issue 54/4, 1985;
Issue 55/1, 1985-1986;
Issue 55/2, 1986;
Issue 55/3, 1986;
Issue 55/4, 1986;
Issue 56/1, 1986-1987, open at article on supply of TV news pictures;
Issue 56/2, 1987;
Issue 56/3, 1987;
Issue 56/4, 1987;
Issue 57/1, 1987-1988;
Issue 57/2, 1988;
Issue 57/3, 1988;
Issue 57/4, 1988;
Issue 58/1, 1988-1989;
Issue 58/2, 1989;
Issue, Summer 1989, lacks title page;
Issue 58/4, 1989;
Issue 59/1, 1989-1990;
Issue 59/2, 1990: includes article on 'A clockwork orange';
Issue 59/3, 1990: includes article on East European film-making;
Issue 59/4, 1990;
Issue 60/1, 1990-1991;
Issue new series 1/1, 1991: incorporating Monthly Film Bulletin;
Issue n. s. 1/4, 1991

MOTTRAM: 7/583/1


Silo 8 (Bennington, Vermont, 1965): includes poems by Robert Kelly and a play by Anne Waldman

MOTTRAM: 7/584/1


Singe 5 (Newcastle on Tyne & London, 1976-1977): includes work by Tom Raworth, Edwin Morgan, Louis Zukofsky

MOTTRAM: 7/585/1


Siren (no publication details, but apparently from Sussex University), inscribed by George Dowden

MOTTRAM: 7/586/1-4


Situation 4 (Buffalo, New York, [1993]): includes poem by Charles Bernstein;
Issue 5 (New York, not dated): includes poem by Bruce Andrews;
Issue 7, not dated: includes work by Kevin Killian and Ron Silliman;
Issue 8 (dated by postmark, Dec 1994): prose and poems;
(Note: for Situation 1/1, 1992, including poems by Mottram, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/587/1-2

1972, 1974

Sixpack 1 (London, 1972): includes work by Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, Jeff Nuttall, Claude Pèlieu and Paul Celan, 2 copies;
Issue 7-8 (London & Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, 1974): 'Paul Blackburn issue': contains Mottram essay on and poem for Blackburn

MOTTRAM: 7/588/1


Skylight 2 (Manchester, 1972): includes poems by Andrew Crozier, Chris Torrance, John James, Peter Riley, Douglas Oliver

MOTTRAM: 7/589/1


Slice 1/1 (Brightlingsea, not dated): includes poems by Ed Dorn, Tom Raworth, Sotere Torregian;
(Note: compare Frice, Ice, Nice, and Vice magazines)

MOTTRAM: 7/590/1


Slow Dancer 4 (London, 1979): includes work by Paul Evans and Barry MacSweeney

MOTTRAM: 7/591/1


Small Press Review 1/1 (El Cerriot, California, 1967): includes features, notes and reviews

MOTTRAM: 7/592/1


Smoke no issue number (Liverpool, not dated): includes poems by Barry MacSweeney, Dave Calder, Tina Fulker

MOTTRAM: 7/593/1-2


The Social Change Report 1/1 (Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, (1986)), newsletter-style summaries of research from Ball State University;
Issue 2/1, 1987: items on the death penalty, and interstate wild animal barter

MOTTRAM: 7/594/1-31


Socialist Worker (London, 9 Oct 1971) (outsize): includes articles on phone-tapping and the Long Kesh internment camp;
Issue, 16 Nov 1974;
Issue, 5 Jul 1975;
Issue, 26 Jul 1975: includes material on the USIS (United States International Socialists);
Issue, 20 Mar 1976;
Issue, 27 March 1976: emphasis on Alan Price's 'Jarrow Song', with emergency supplement on Right to Work March;
Issue, 7 Aug 1976;
Issue, 27 Nov 1976: includes article on political deportations;
Issue, 18 Dec 1976: includes feature on punk rock group the Sex Pistols;
Issue, 7 Jan 1978, opened at report of American miners' strike;
Issue, 2 Dec 1978, opened at report on mass suicide at Jim Jones' People's Temple, Guyana;
Issue, 9 Jun 1979: features the killing of Blair Peach;
Issue, 15 Dec 1979: leading article on Lord Denning;
Issue, 5 Jan 1980: steelworkers' strike;
Issue, 26 Jan 1980, open at article on Winfrith Nuclear Power Station;
Issue, 9 Feb 1980, open at articles on the Cold War, and police power;
Issue, 29 Mar 1980: steelworkers' strike;
Issue, 19 April 1980: special Patrol Group;
Issue, 26 Apr 1980: anniversary of Blair Peach's death;
Issue, 3 May 1980, opened at article on film 'Tom Horn';
Issue, 24 May 1980: includes article on Bob Dylan;
Issue, 31 May 1980: includes report of Blair Peach inquest verdict and article on Emma Goldman, American anarchist;
Issue, 28 Jun 1980;
Issue, 12 Jul 1980;
Issue, 26 Jul 1980: includes article on novelist B. Traven;
Issue, 2 May 1981: includes article on Black American leader, Harry Haywood;
Issue, 11 Jul 1981: headline. 'Riot storm shakes Tories';
Issue, 18 Jul 1981: reports on riots and feature on Tony Benn;
Issue, 1 Aug 1981: reports Toxteth riots;
Issue, 6 Mar 1982;
Issue, 9 Oct 1982

MOTTRAM: 7/595/1


Sociolinguistics newsletter 6/1 ([London] 1975), single sheet with information from Peter Mayer's research on semiotics of the alphabet

MOTTRAM: 7/596/1-2

1976, 1977

Soft Art Press 8 (Lausanne, Switzerland, 1976), an art magazine with magazine art;
Issue 11, 1977: special issue on Japan

MOTTRAM: 7/597/1


Soho: Bilingual review / Revue bilingue 1 (London, 1964), edited by Lee Harwood and Claude Royet-Journoud: includes work by Tristan Tzara, Anselm Hollo, Neil Oram, Harry Guest, Dave Cunliffe, Kirby Congdon



(Note: for Soldier of Fortune (Boulder, Colorado) 3/6, Nov 1978, see MOTTRAM 9 (essay on guns))

MOTTRAM: 7/598/1


Solidarity 30 (Bromley, Kent, 1968): 'Eye witness account of two weeks... in Paris... May 1968'

MOTTRAM: 7/599/1-2


Some/thing 1/1 (New York, 1965), edited by David Antin and Jerome Rothenberg: includes work by Paul Blackburn, Diane Wakoski, Jackson Mac Low, Armand Schwerner;
Issue 1/2, 1965: includes work by David Antin, Theodore Enslin, Ted Berrigan, Jerome Rothenberg, Clayton Eshleman, Jackson Mac Low, Diane Wakoski

MOTTRAM: 7/600/1


The Something Else Newsletter 1/4 (New York, 1966), reviews;
(Note: for issues 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/9, 3/2, 3/3 see MOTTRAM 5 / Higgins)

MOTTRAM: 7/601/1


Sow's Ear 6 (Stafford, [1983]): features poems and article by Allen Fisher

MOTTRAM: 7/602/1-20


Spanner 2 (London, 1975), magazine founded by Allen Fisher and Richard Miller in 1974: contains, 'Ironwork' by Martin Thom;
Issue 3, 1975: features David Mayor and Fluxshoe;
Issue 9, 1977: 'Dick Higgins in conversation with Eric Mottram';
Issue 10, 1977: 'A tale of Peter, and other poems' by John Welch;
Issue 14, 1978: includes American strange by Bern Porter;
Issue 16, 1978: Kevin Power in conversation with Michael McClure;
Issue 17, 1979: Christopher Jones issue, with insert, 'Once its typed its published' about microfiches;
The New York Spanner, with red cover motif, 1978;
The New York Spanner, with green cover motif, 1979;
The New York Spanner, with blue cover motif, 1980;
Issue 19-20, 1980: work by Allen Fisher and E. E. Vonna-Michell, with folded insert, 'Five events' by Ken Friedman;
Issue 20, Supplement, 1982: comprises E. E. Vonna-Michell's A Reinhold placed near;
A Spanner Special, 1981: titled, 'January 1981: a painting', constructed out of pages printed by individual contributors including Paul Brown, Paul Buck, Robin Crozier, Ulli Freer, Peter Mayer, Paige Mitchell and Lawrence Upton;
Issue 23, 1983: Charles Olson: his only weather, a study by Clive Meachen;
Issue 24, 1983: includes five photographs by Tony Baylis from Allen Fisher's ballgum jars, and insert booklet by Frank Sussaman;
Issue 25, 1985: 'Necessary business: a text produced by Allen Fisher from the works of Cris Cheek, Eric Mottram and J. H. Prynne';
Issue 29, 1990: comprises Mottram's, 'Beat Generation chart' and 'Notes for Feldman lecture, Tate Gallery';
Issue 30, 1991: comprises poems, Working the signs by Will Rowe;
Spanual 1 (London, 1974-1977), binds together issues 1-10;
Spanual 2 (London, 1977-1980), binds together Spanner, issues 11-20, with insert, 'Once it's typed it's published' by Chris Jones, about microfiches;
(Note: for Spanner 4, 1975, including essay by David Miller on Christopher Middleton and John Riley, see MOTTRAM 5 / Miller;
for issue 5, 1975, comprising a set of poems, 'Wasichi', by Ken Smith, see at MOTTRAM 5 / Smith;
for issue 8, see at MOTTRAM 5 / Maillard;
for issue 15, 1978, comprising Mottram essay 'The wild good and the heart ultimately: Ginsberg's art of persuasion', see MOTTRAM 5 /Ginsberg;
for issue 18, 1980, Improvisations by Paul Buck, see MOTTRAM 5 / Buck; for issue 22, 1981, Soft in the brains by Ralph Hawkins, see MOTTRAM 5 / Hawkins; for Spanner, Special Issue 'Clothes', 1983-1984, see MOTTRAM 7 / Clothes; for Spanner: Open field 3, 1984, comprising poem, 'Mud' by Cris Cheek, see MOTTRAM 5 / Cheek; for issue 26, 1986, comprising poem, 'Keep the curtains the farce is ended' by Gilbert Adair, see MOTTRAM 5 / Adair; for issue 27, 1987, comprising essay on 'Paul Goodman' by David Miller, see MOTTRAM 5 / Goodman; for issue 28 (Hereford, 1990) comprising, 'Tonkin Mundane' by Paige Mitchell, see MOTTRAM 5 / Mitchell; for issue 31, 1992, see MOTTRAM 5 / Griffiths)



(Note: for Sparrow (Los Angeles): all issues feature individual authors, and will be found in MOTTRAM 5 under authors' names)

MOTTRAM: 7/603/1-4


Spectacular Diseases 1 (Peterborough, [1975]): includes work by Wendy Mulford, Pierre Joris, Tony Jackson, Allen Fisher;
Issue 2 [1976]: includes work by Colin Simms, Ric Caddel, Jeff Nuttall, Paul Buck;
Issue 3 [1977]: includes work by Neil Oram, Chris Torrance, Ken Edwards;
Issue 6, 1982, edited by Robert Vas Dias: includes work by Armand Schwerner, Pierre Joris, Ralph Hawkins, Ed Dorn, Jackson Mac Low

MOTTRAM: 7/604/1-2


The Spectator 7113 (London, 23 Oct 1964): includes review-article, 'The stoic virtues' by Mottram;
Issue 7126, 22 Jan 1965: includes review-article, 'Personal statement' by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 7/605/1-2


The Spectrum 16/54 (State University of New York at Buffalo, 29 Jul 1966) (outsize): includes text of Ginsberg poem, 'Wichita Vortex Sutra';
Issue 20/53 (13 Feb 1970), main item on nuclear waste disposal (Note: this issue was sent to Mottram by Allen De Loach)

MOTTRAM: 7/606/1


Speculation 2/9 (Birmingham, 1969): includes interview with J. G. Ballard

MOTTRAM: 7/607/1-3


Spindrift 1 (Canterbury, (1977)): includes poems by Anthony Barnett and John Wilkinson;
Issue 2 [1978]: includes article by Geoffrey Ward with reflections on Mottram poetics;
Issue 3, 1978: Christopher Middleton issue

MOTTRAM: 7/608/1


Square One 1 (London, 1977): includes Mottram interview of Jeff Nuttall, and poems by Allen Fisher and Barry MacSweeney, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/609/1


The Staff 2 (Hollywood, California, 1972), inscribed to Mottram by Gerald Casale: 'Here is part 2 of the semi-hippie rag THE STAFF...' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/610/1-2

1966, 1972

Stand 8/2 (Jesmond, 1966): includes article on Basil Bunting's poetry by R. S. Wood, poems by Barry MacSweeney, Tom Pickard, and review of Ed Dorn Geography (Fulcrum Press, London, 1965) by Robert Creeley;
Issue 13/4, 1972: includes prose by Tom Pickard, and articles on Robert Creeley and Gary Snyder, inscribed to Mottram by Pickard

MOTTRAM: 7/611/1-7


Staple Diet 2 (Durham, 1990): edited by Ric Caddel of Pig Press: 'Journeys' by Jane Augustine, 1985;
Issue 3: 'Spelling' by John Cayley, 1985;
Issue 4: 'In a blue car' by Robert Christian, not dated;
Issue 10: 'Burning in colours' by Andrew Lawson, 1986;
Issue 11: poems by Paige Mitchell, 1986, with covering note from Mitchell, 2 copies;
Issue 12: 'Noughts & crosses' by Bronwyn Cayley, 1986;
Prior by Maurice Scully, issued as 'Dietary Supplement' to Staple Diet, Jun 1990; (Note: for Staple Diet 1, Assorted stories, by Lee Harwood, see MOTTRAM 5 / Harwood)

MOTTRAM: 7/612/1


State University of New York at Buffalo Reporter 24/7 (New York, 1992): includes insert on the University's poetry with poems from Charles Bernstein and Robert Creeley (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/613/1-6


Stepping Out 9 (Loughborough, 1986), East Midland Arts magazine;
Issue 18, 1986;
Issue 20, 1987;
Issue 21, 1987;
Issue 22, 1987;
Issue 24, 1987;
(Note: this set of issues was forwarded with a covering note from Chris Challis)

MOTTRAM: 7/614/1-4


Stereo Headphones: an occasional magazine of the new poetries 1/1 (Kersey, Suffolk, 1969): includes work by Thomas A. Clark, Dick Higgins, Anselm Hollo, Edwin Morgan, bpNichol, Jiri Valoch;
Issue 1/2-3, 1970: includes work by Henri Chopin, Eugen Gomringer, Ernst Jandl, Dom Sylvester Houedard, 2 copies;
Issue 5, 1972: includes work by Thomas A. Clark, Bob Cobbing, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Ernst Jandl;
Issue 6, 1974: concentrates on 'the treated text' with work by Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Tom Phillips, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/615/1


Straight Lines 7 (London, 1983): includes material on Paul Bowles, Jean-Paul Sartre

MOTTRAM: 7/616/1-7


Strange Faeces 5 [1969], with poems by Anne Waldman and others;
Issue 9, 1972: an 'overseas edition', edited by Opal Nations and published by Blue Suede Shoes Press, California;
Issue 10 (not dated), jointly published by Strange Faeces, London, and Kingdom Kum Press, San Francisco (outsize);
Issue 10A, 1972: subtitled, 'A quick J. Edgar', including work from Allen Fisher, Thomas A. Clark, Glen Baxter;
Issue 12-13, 1973:includes work by Ron Silliman, Allen Fisher, Stuart Montgomery, inserted is spoof letter from Mottram to 'Polly Lanyard';
Issue 16, titled Étrange Faeces (New York [1974]), 'Special French to English translations issue';
Issue 20 (Cambridge, Maryland, 1980): includes work by Opal L. Nations, Ken Brown;
(Note: for Strange Faeces 11, see MOTTRAM 5 / Joris)

MOTTRAM: 7/617/1


Street Works (New York, 1969), especially records of performance art: includes items by Jasper Johns, Vito Acconci, John Giorno, Clark Coolidge (Note: linked to 0 to 9 magazine)

MOTTRAM: 7/618/1-3


Streetword 1-2 (Hayes, Middlesex, 1972, reprinted 1973), edited by Mike Dobbie: includes poems by Mike Horovitz, Roger McGough, Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 4, 1973: Includes poems by Mike Horovitz, Dave Calder, Mike Dobbie;
Issue 6, 1973: includes poems from Adrian Mitchell, Dave Ward

MOTTRAM: 7/619/1


Strath 1 (Bletchley, 1972), 'Verse... in Scots, English, Yorkshire dialect'

MOTTRAM: 7/620/1


Strophes 11/4 (Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1975), Bulletin of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, with list of member organisation

MOTTRAM: 7/621/1


The Studio no. 834 (London, 1962): features the paintings of D. H. Lawrence

MOTTRAM: 7/622/1-2


Sub-stance: a review of theory and literary criticism 2 (Madison, 1971-1972): critical essays;
Issue 3, 1972: articles on literature and psychoanalysis

MOTTRAM: 7/623/1-2

1985, 1989

Sulfur 12 (Los Angeles, 1985), edited by Clayton Eshleman: includes work by Allen Fisher, Charles Olson, Jackson Mac Low, Jerome Rothenberg, Eliot Weinberger;
Issue 25, 1989: includes work by Charles Olson, George Oppen

MOTTRAM: 7/624/1-4


Sum 4 (Buffalo, New York, [1965]): includes work by Frank O'Hara, Paul Blackburn, LeRoi Jones, Kirby Congdon, Diane Wakoski, Gilbert Sorrentino, Ted Enslin, Jackson Mac Low;
Issue 5, 1965: titled, 'Thirteen English poets', including Gael Turnbull, Roy Fisher, Anselm Hollo, Tom Raworth, Jim Burns, Andrew Crozier, Tom Pickard, Basil Bunting;
Issue 6, 1965: includes poems by David Bromige, music score by Lew Welch, and cover by John Wieners;
Issue 7, 1965: includes work by Charles Olson, John Wieners, Larry Eigner

MOTTRAM: 7/625/1


Sumac 1/1 (Fremont, Michigan, 1968): includes poems by Denise Levertov, Kenneth Koch, Jerome Rothenberg, and Robert Duncan

MOTTRAM: 7/626/1


Swank 8/2 (New York, 1961): includes poems by Norman Mailer, Frank O' Hara and Lawrence Ferlinghetti

MOTTRAM: 7/627/1


Talk talk 3/6 (Lawrence, Kansas, 1981): includes interview with William Burroughs and 45 rpm record, and a short feature on Peter Tosh (McIntosh), associate of Bob Marley

MOTTRAM: 7/628/1


Talus 4 (London, 1989): includes interview with Ishmael Reed, and poems by Bob Cobbing, Denise Levertov, Bruce Andrews

MOTTRAM: 7/630/1-4


Tamarisk 4/3 (Philadelphia, 1981): devoted to the poems of Denise Barone, 'Echo of the imperfect';
Issue 4/4, 1982: includes work by John Perlman, Dennis Barone, Jackson Mac Low, David Miller, Gil Ott;
Issue 5/1, 1982: includes work by Bobby Byrd, Gil Ott, Bill Sherman, Jackson Mac Low;
Issue 5/3-4, 1983: includes work by John Perlman, Pierre Joris, Bill Sherman, Rosemary Waldrop, Jackson Mac Low, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/631/1


Tangent 7 (London & Devon, 1981), 'Transatlantic poetry and prose edition', with contributions from George Oppen, Ken Edwards, Peter Riley

MOTTRAM: 7/632/1-2


Tangerine 4 (New York, 1983), edited by Tom Weigel: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Anne Waldman;
Issue 6, 1984: includes work by Alice Notley, Anne Waldman, Tom Weigel;
(Note: for Tangerine 7, 1985, see MOTTRAM 5 / Weigel)

MOTTRAM: 7/633/1-2


Tansy 7 (Lawrence, Kansas, 1978): issue devoted to poem, 'The heart too is a flower, a leaf' by John Moritz;
Issue 8, 1978: issue devoted to, 'Two fragments', poems by Elliot Coues

MOTTRAM: 7/634/1-3


Tarasque 5 (Nottingham, [1966]): includes reviews of Roy Fisher's books Interiors (Tarasque Press, 1966) and The ship's orchestra (Fulcrum Press, London, 1966), and poems by Gael Turnbull;
Issue 6, not dated, anthology issue;
Issue 7, 1967: unattributed poems and visuals

MOTTRAM: 7/635/1


TDR: The Drama Review 13/3 (New York, 1969), features, 'the return of The Living Theatre'

MOTTRAM: 7/636/1


Techqua Ikachi: Land and Life-the traditional viewpoint from the Hopi Nation 22 (no place of publication given, [1979])

MOTTRAM: 7/637/1


Telephone 10 (New York 1975): includes work by Lyn Hejinian, Pierre Joris, Stephen Rodefer, Jack Spicer

MOTTRAM: 7/638/1-5


Tempo: a quarterly review of modern music 9 (London, 1948): Aaron Copland issue;
Issue 40, 1956;
issue 112, 1975;
issue 113, 1975;
issue 117, 1976: includes Elliott Carter correspondence with Charles Ives

MOTTRAM: 7/639/1


Temporary Hoarding 7 (London, 1979), political comment and Rock against Racism (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/640/1-2


Text 8 (New York, 1978): includes work by Robert Kelly, Kenneth Irby, John Perlman, Theodore Enslin, Clayton Eshleman;
Issue 9-10, 1979: includes work by David Miller, Jerome Rothenberg, Cid Corman, Pierre Joris, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/641/1


The Third Eye (London, 1983): 'Special primitive issue', with Edwin Morgan, Dinah Livingstone, Allen Fisher, Jay Ramsay, Ken Edwards

MOTTRAM: 7/642/1


This Week Magazine (New York, 20 Feb 1966), magazine of the Sunday Herald Tribune: features, 'The inspiring story of the immigrants who built America' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/643/1-2


Three-Sixty: British Film Institute News 4 (London, 1985): includes note on Derek Jarman's film 'Caravaggio';
Issue 6, 1985

MOTTRAM: 7/644/1-14


Time 36 (Amsterdam, 3 Sep 1990): on likely Gulf War;
Issue, 8 July 1985 (colophon page removed): concentrates on immigration in America;
Issue, 6 July 1987: concerning the United States Constitution;
Issue, 3 Sep 1990, partial issue, on the 'Gathering Storm';
Issue, 28 Jan 1991: 'War in the Gulf';
Issue, 4 Feb 1991: the Gulf War continued;
Issue, 11 Feb 1991: continued;
Issue, 18 Feb 1991: continued;
Issue, 25 Feb 1991: continued;
Issue, 30 Aug 1993: on the Japanese yen;
Issue, 10 Jan 1994;
Issue, 17 Jan 1994;
Issue, 24 Jan 1994;
Issue, 16 May 1994: main feature on the violence in Rwanda

MOTTRAM: 7/645/1-3

1973, 1988

Time Out 179 (London, 27 Jul-2 Aug 1973): includes article, 'The small press' featuring Gaberbocchus, Fulcrum, and Trigram, with manuscript letter to Mottram from the writer of the piece, thanking him for assistance;
Issue 188, 28 Sep-4 Oct 1973, fifth anniversary issue;
Issue 947, 12-19 Oct 1988, twentieth anniversary issue



(Note: for The Times Higher Education Supplement (London, 24 Mar 1989), including 'At the edge of darkness', a profile of Mottram by Brian Morton, see MOTTRAM 3/9 (outsize))

MOTTRAM: 7/646/1-5


The Times Literary Supplement (23 Jun 1961) (outsize): issue on 'crime, detection and society' with article, 'The criminal as hero and myth' by Eric Hobsbawm, emphasised by Mottram;
Issue, 6 Aug 1964: includes statements by Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Robert Creeley, Marshall McLuhan, Michael Horovitz;
Issue, 10 Sep 1964: on 'Crime, detection and society';
Issue, 29 Jul 1965: 'Sounding the Sixties', includes review of concrete poetry;
Issue, 27 Jul 1967, incomplete copy: emphasis on 'Poetic justice' article by David Cooper, 687;
(Note: for The Times Literary Supplement, 18 Jun 1964, see MOTTRAM 3; for further issues, see MOTTRAM 3/2)

MOTTRAM: 7/647/1-3


Tlaloc 13 (Leeds, 1966), edited by Cavan McCarthy: includes poems by D. A. Levy, Henri Chopin, reviews, information;
Issue 15, not dated, incomplete copy: includes poems by Anselm Hollo and bpNichol;
Issue 16, 1967: mostly small press listings

MOTTRAM: 7/648/1


Tliedboek 35 (Brussels, 1975), accompanied by typescript letter from editor, seeking material from Mottram

MOTTRAM: 7/649/1-2


TLK (Teaching London Kids) 20 (London, 1983), with manuscript letter, 25 Apr (1983) in recommendation;
Issue 23 [1985]: gender issues, with some discussion of miners strike

MOTTRAM: 7/650/1


Tottel's 18 (San Francisco, 1981), edited by Ron Silliman: issue comprises poem by Steve Benson, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/651/1-2


Toucan 1/2 (Kent, Ohio, 1968): includes articles, art work, and poems, with contributions from Thomas Kinsella and D. A. Levy;
Issue 2/2-3, 1970, loose leaf in envelope: includes poems by Douglas Blazek, Ray DiPalma

MOTTRAM: 7/652/1-2


Tract 24 (Lewes, Sussex, [1977]: includes article by George Grant, 'Can we think outside technology?';
Issue 28, not dated: essays on the 'crisis in the visual arts'

MOTTRAM: 7/653/1-2

1950, 1952

Trans Formation: Arts, communication, environment, a world review 1/1 (New York, 1950): includes articles by Buckminster Fuller, Le Courbusier, Piet Mondrian;
Issue 1/3, 1952: includes articles by Werner Heisenberg and Merce Cunningham



(Note: for Transforma(c)tion, see Surrealist Transforma(c)tion)

MOTTRAM: 7/654/1


Transitions: Cortland prose & poetry 1965-1975 (Cortland, New York, 1976): anthology issue, with covering note to Mottram



(Note: for Travesia: Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 2/1 (King's College London, 1993), see MOTTRAM 3/2)

MOTTRAM: 7/655/1


Triage 2/1 (Sterling Heights, Michigan, 1991): includes work by Clark Coolidge, Richard Kostelanetz



(Note: for Tribune (London), 17 Sep 1965, including article, 'Americans protect their "innocence"' by Mottram, p 14, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/656/1


TriQuarterly 21 (Evanston, Illinois, 1971): issue devoted to anthology of 'Contemporary British Poetry' edited by John Matthias, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/657/1-2

1961, 1964

Trobar 3 (New York, 1961): includes work by Paul Blackburn, Ed Dorn, Robert Duncan, Clayton Eshleman, Robert Kelly, Jerome Rothenberg;
Issue with no number, dated 1964: includes work by Jerome Rothenberg, Paul Blackburn, Charles Olson, David Antin, Robert Kelly, Theodore Enslin, Anselm Hollo, Robert Duncan, Armand Schwerner, LeRoi Jones, Jackson Mac Low, John Wieners

MOTTRAM: 7/658/1-2


Twentieth Century vol. 173 (London, 1964-1965), issue on violence;
vol. 174, 1965: features discussion of pornography, with articles by Richard Kostelanetz and John Calder

MOTTRAM: 7/659/1


Twentieth Century Literature 21/1 (New York, 1975): issue on surrealism

MOTTRAM: 7/660/1-2


Twisted Wrist 3 (Hebden Bridge, 1978): comprises drama, 'Planctus' by Jean Paris;
Issue 7 (Paris, not dated): excerpt from Paul Green's poem, 'The fetishes';
(Note: for Twisted Wrist issue featuring Colin Simms, 1978, see MOTTRAM 5 / Simms; for issue 4 (Maidstone, 1979), see MOTTRAM 5; for issue 6, 1979, see MOTTRAM 5)

MOTTRAM: 7/661/1


Two Cities: La revue bilingue de Paris 9 (Paris, 1964): essays, prose, poetry

MOTTRAM: 7/662/1


Typewriter 4 (New York, 1973): includes typewriter poems by Bob Cobbing and Peter Finch, and insert of two copies of 'Electronic TV & Colour TV experiment' by Nam June Paik, copy inscribed by Cobbing

MOTTRAM: 7/663/1-2


Typographica 8 (London, 1963): includes article, 'Concrete poetry and Ian Hamilton Finlay' by Dom Sylvester Houedard;
Issue 11, 1965: includes articles on Alexander Rodchenko and Eric Gill

MOTTRAM: 7/664/1-2

1965, 1966

Tzarad 1 (London, 1965), edited by Lee Harwood: contributions by John Ashbery, Dom Sylvester Houedard, George Dowden, Paul Evans;
Issue 2 (New York, 1966): contributions by George Barker, Barbara Guest, Ted Berrigan

MOTTRAM: 7/665/1


U (Inter-University & College Magazine) 3/7 (London, 1965): includes interviews with Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso

MOTTRAM: 7/666/1-2

1968, 1970

Umbra Anthology 1967-1968 (New York, 1968), Mottram has ticked entries by Marilyn Lowen, Bob Fletcher, Langston Hughes, Calvin C. Hernton, David Henderson, LeRoi Jones, Bob Kaufman, Ray Durem;
Umbra's Blackworks 1 (New York, Summer, 1970), magazine of young black writers (prose and verse) and artists including Cecil M. Brown, Langston Hughes, Ishmael Reed, Leroi Jones, included as a supplement was, Diet book of junkies by Hart Leroi Bibbs (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/667/1


Undercurrent 2/1 (State University of New York at Buffalo, 20 Aug 1969): includes long poem sequence, 'Fragments' by Allen De Loach, of which the seventh is subtitled, 'a letter for Eric', and a review by Anselm Hollo of The East Side scene (Buffalo University Press, New York, 1968), an anthology edited by De Loach (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/668/1


Undercurrents: the magazine of 'alternative' science and technology 1 (London, 1970), plastic envelope containing separately printed contributions

MOTTRAM: 7/669/1


Undercut: the magazine from the London Filmmakers' Co-op 2 (London, 1981): includes two articles on Paul Burwell

MOTTRAM: 7/670/1


Unit 9 (Keele, 1967): includes article on Jim Haynes and the Arts Lab, Drury Lane

MOTTRAM: 7/671/1


United Artist 15 (New York, 1982): includes work by Alice Notley, Ted Berrigan, Clark Coolidge

MOTTRAM: 7/672/1


Universities & Left Review 7 (London, 1959), open at article, 'The realism of Arthur Miller' by Raymond Williams

MOTTRAM: 7/673/1-2


University of Toronto Graduate 4/1 (1972): issue on Persian themes, followed by, 'Explorations' or 'Marshall McLuhan's magazine';
Issue 4/2, 1972: includes section, 'Explorations' edited by Marshall McLuhan

MOTTRAM: 7/674/1-2

1974, 1981

The Urbane Gorilla 2 (Sheffield, 1974), with covering note from Tom Owen;
Issue 13, 1981: includes work by James Kirkup, Rupert Mallin



(Note: for Unmuzzled Ox 23 (New York), 1984-1985, comprising poetic tributes to Ezra Pound by John Cage and Jackson Mac Low (incomplete copy), see MOTTRAM 5 / Pound)

MOTTRAM: 7/675/1


USA Today: International edition 3/52 (Richmond, Surrey, 29 Nov 1984), includes brief article on drugs issue by Timothy Leary (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/676/1


Vanessa and One (London, 1981), 7th issue of Vanessa and 5th issue of One magazines: includes articles by Tom Lowenstein and Fielding Dawson

MOTTRAM: 7/677/1


Vice 1/1 (Brightlingsea, [1965]): includes poems by Ed Sanders, Gregory Corso;
(Note: compare Frice, Ice, Nice and Slice magazines)

MOTTRAM: 7/678/1


Viewpoint: The bulletin for staff and students of King's College 4/1 (London, 1976): focuses on issue of new constitution

MOTTRAM: 7/679/1-3


The Village Voice 7/35 (Greenwich Village, New York, 21 Jun 1962) (outsize): includes photograph of Marianne Moore; article on jazz;
Issue 18/41, 11 Oct 1973, open at article on poet Abbie Hoffman, p 4;
supplement to The Village Voice, 7 May 1979, 'Tales of power: a special section on nuclear power, the No Nukes Movement and alternative currents'

MOTTRAM: 7/680/1


A vision very like reality: radical writings 1 (London, 1979): work by Nick Totton, Anthony Barnett, Peter Riley, and others, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/681/1-2


Vort no. 1 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1972): features Ed Dorn and Tom Raworth;
Issue 2, 1972: interviews with Anselm Hollo and Ted Berrigan;
(Note: for Vort 6, 1974, containing Mottram articles on Gilbert Sorrentino and Donald Phelps, see MOTTRAM 3; for vol. 3 part 1 or no. 7, 1975, see MOTTRAM 5 / Rothenberg)

MOTTRAM: 7/682/1


Wallpaper 1 (London & New York, 1974): text and art

MOTTRAM: 7/683/1


The Warwick Boar: Warwick University's weekly newspaper 438 (24 Oct 1979): article on Tom Pickard, 16-17, with photographs and quotations from poems (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/684/1


The Washington Monthly 10/3 (Washington, D. C., May, 1978): includes feature, 'Making it in the Military'

MOTTRAM: 7/685/1


The Washington Square Review (New York, 1966): poems, prose and visuals with an article on Ezra Pound's 'The alchemist'

MOTTRAM: 7/686/1-2


Waysgoose 1 (Oxford, 1963), poems and reviews, with covering manuscript note from Anselm (Hollo);
Issue 2 (1963): featuring the poetry of Taner Baybars and Fernando Garcia-Bravo, with further manuscript note from Anselm Hollo

MOTTRAM: 7/687/1-2


We: a magazine of poetry and prose 1 (New York, 1964): includes work by Harvey Greenwald, Tuli Kupferberg, Ted Berrigan;
Issue 1/2, 1965: includes poems by Harvey Greenwald, Carol Bergé

MOTTRAM: 7/688/1


West End: A magazine of poetry and politics 1/1 (New York, 1971): features interview with Allen Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 7/689/1


The Western Gate no issue number (Buffalo, New York, 1970): includes poems by Michael McClure, John Wieners, Anselm Hollo

MOTTRAM: 7/690/1


White Pine Journal 24-25 (Buffalo, New York, 1980): includes section of Chinese poetry in translation, poetry by Theodore Enslin, and an interview with Michael McClure

MOTTRAM: 7/691/1


Wild Dog 15 (San Francisco, 1965): includes work by Ed Dorn and Elaine Feinstein

MOTTRAM: 7/692/1-5


Wildcat 3/6 (San Diego, California, 1974): english version of Obrero Rebelde South American issues and trade unionism in California;
Issue 3/7, 1974: Californian issues;
Issue 3/8, 1974: covers unemployment and crime;
Issue 3/9, 1975: on civil rights in Boston and problems of 'forced sterilization' campaign against non-white women;
Issue 3/11, 1975: includes material on the war in Vietnam (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/693/1


Win (peace and freedom through nonviolent action) 4/14 (New York, 1968), guest editor Grace Paley: 'Urban arts issue'

MOTTRAM: 7/694/1-3

[1976], 1978

Windows 4 (Eastbourne, [1976]): includes poems by Bernard J. Kelly, Jim Burns, and translation by Bill Griffiths, with insert typescript letter from editor to Mottram, 23 Sep 1978;
Issue 5, 1978: includes poems by Allen Fisher with a short introductory article by 'P. B.' (Paul Buck?);
Issue 6, 1978: special feature on David Miller (born Australia 1950)

MOTTRAM: 7/695/1-2

1985, 1990

The Wire: the jazz and new music magazine 13 (London, 1985): features Charlie Parker;
Issue 75, 1990: promoting new Lol Coxhill cassette



(Note: for The Wivenhoe Park Review 2, see MOTTRAM 5 / Olson; for The Wivenhoe Park Review 3, see above, under The Park)

MOTTRAM: 7/696/1


Words no issue number (Chesterfield, 1978): includes work by Paul Brown and Jeff Nuttall, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/697/1-3


Words Worth 1/1 (London, 1978), edited by Alaric Sumner: includes work by Paul Buck, Cris Cheek, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Cory Harding, Herb Burke;
Issue 1/2, 1978: includes work by Jackson Mac Low, Paul Buck, Allen Fisher, Glenda George, Cris Cheek, Bill Griffiths, 2 copies;
Issue 1/3, 1979: includes work by Ken Edwards, Robert Sheppard, Peter Finch, Glenda George, Carlyle Reedy

MOTTRAM: 7/698/1-2


Work 2 (Detroit, 1965), issue dedicated to Jack Spicer, includes work by Gael Turnbull, Fielding Dawson, Anselm Hollo;
Issue 3, 1965-1966: features, 'A homage to Rainer Gerhardt' compiled by Tom Raworth, with contributions from Robert Creeley, Jonathan Williams, Charles Olson, Anselm Hollo

MOTTRAM: 7/699/1


Works: a quarterly of writing 1/1 (New York, 1967), poems, fiction, drama, reviews

MOTTRAM: 7/700/1-2


Workshop: a magazine of new poetry 7 (London, not dated), guest edited by Edward Lucie-Smith: includes work by Jeni Couzyn, Bob Cobbing, John Cotton;
Issue 10 (London [1970]), guest editor, Brian Patten: includes poems by Ted Hughes, Jeni Couzyn, Norman Hidden, Jeff Nuttall

MOTTRAM: 7/701/1-6


The world: a New York City literary magazine 4 (New York, 1967): includes work by Ted Berrigan, Lewis MacAdams, DianeWakowski, Anne Waldman;
Issue 5, 1967: includes 'love works' by Ted Berrigan, Tom Clark, Lee Harwood, Joel Oppenheimer, Anne Waldman;
Issue 7, 1967, edited by Anne Waldman: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Tom Clark, Lee Harwood, Joel Oppenheimer, Frank O'Hara;
Issue 8, 1967: includes work by Andrei Codrescu, Clayton Eshleman, Lee Harwood, Ed Sanders;
Issue 9, 1967: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Anne Waldman;
Issue 13, 1968: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Clark Coolidge, Ray DiPalma, Ed Dorn, John Giorno, Frank O'Hara

MOTTRAM: 7/702/1


The Wormwood Review vol. 5/1 or Issue 17 (New York, 1965), this issue guest edited and with introduction by Allen De Loach: includes poems by Diane Wakoski, Paul Blackburn, Ed Sanders, Peter Orlovsky, Ted Berrigan, Gerard Malanga

MOTTRAM: 7/703/1


Writing 12 (Vancouver, 1985): includes Basil Bunting article, 'The use of poetry'

MOTTRAM: 7/704/1


'Y' Magazine: York University arts magazine 3 (York, 1978), articles, photographs, interviews

MOTTRAM: 7/705/1-3


Yanagi (Sausalito, California, May 1974): includes work by Michael McClure, Tom Clark, John Wieners, Ron Padgett;
Issue [2] 1975: includes work by Joe Dunn, Jack Powers, Gerard Malanga;
Issue 3, 1976: includes work by Charles Olson and Ed Sanders

MOTTRAM: 7/706/1-7


Yeah: a satyric excursion 2 (New York, 1962), edited by Tuli Kupferberg: includes poem 'St. Pancras' by Alan Sillitoe, accompanied by a flyer for Birth Publications;
Issue 5, 1962: 'Gala Xmas number';
Issue 6, 1963, sub-titled, 'A frigid wife ruined me': poems and found texts, accompanied by flyers for Birth Press, publishers of Yeah magazine;
Issue 7, 1963, subtitled, 'A look at the White problem';
Issue 8, 1964, subtitled, 'True professions part 1', accompanied by 'A Yeah extra, issue no. 7' about police dogs, and a flyer for Yeah 9;
Issue 9, 1964, subtitled, 'True professions part 2';
Issue 10, 1965, subtitled, 'Kill for peace': anti-war satire, accompanied by flyers on same theme;
(Note: see also MOTTRAM 7 / Birth magazines and MOTTRAM 6 / Birth Press)

MOTTRAM: 7/707/1-3


Yorkshire Miner strike issue 4 (Barnsley, Sep 1984): on Mrs Thatcher's role, and on police tactics;
Strike issue 7, Dec 1984: against accepting current deal on offer;
Strike issue 9, Feb 1985: miners strike news plus flyers for strike events (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/708/1


Yorkshire Review: a magazine of literature and the arts 3 (Bradford, 1976): poems and literary criticism

MOTTRAM: 7/709/1


Your Friendly Fascist 6 (Sydney, New South Wales): includes poem by Lawrence Upton

MOTTRAM: 7/710/1


Yowl 6 (New York, (1964)): includes work by Paul Blackburn and Carol Bergé

MOTTRAM: 7/711/1-4


Yugen 5 (New York, 1959): includes work by William Carlos Williams, Allen Ginsberg, Barbara Guest, Paul Blackburn, Diane Di Prima, John Wieners, Michael McClure, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso;
Issue 6, 1960, edited by LeRoi Jones: including work by Michael McClure, Charles Olson, Paul Blackburn, Hubert Selby, Ed Dorn, Robert Creeley, Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac, Kenneth Koch, Edward Dahlberg, Frank O'Hara, Larry Eigner;
Issue 7, 1961: includes work by Gilbert Sorrentino, Robert Creeley, Kenneth Koch, John Ashbery, Joel Oppenheimer, Diane Di Prima, Charles Olson, Allen Ginsberg;
Issue 8, 1962, edited by LeRoi Jones: includes Gilbert Sorrentino on Robert Duncan and Jack Spicer, William Burroughs on 'The cut up method', Robert Creeley on Olson, and prose by Ed Dorn

MOTTRAM: 7/712/1-2

1992, 1993

Z Magazine 5/10 (Boston, Massachusetts, 1992): includes article on American foreign policy by Noam Chomsky and interview with Amiri Baraka;
Issue 6/3, 1993: includes material on Malcolm X

MOTTRAM: 7/713/1-14


Al-Zahaf Al-Akhdar: the weekly ideological journal of the revolutionary committees (Tripoli and London) (outsize), pro-Palestine Arab newsletter in English;
Issue, 27 Feb 1981;
Issue, 6 Mar 1981;
Issue, 13 Mar 1981;
Issue, 20 Mar 1981: includes note on the new regime in Grenada;
Issue, 27 Mar 1981: includes articles on American influence in Central America, and racial bias in Britain;
Issue, 29 Jan 1982;
Issue, 5 Feb 1982, 2 copies;
Issue, 19 Feb [1982];
Issue, 26 Feb 1982;
Issue, 5 Mar 1982;
Issue, 12 Mar 1982;
Issue, 19 Mar 1982;
Issue, 26 Mar 1982;
Issue, 2 Apr 1982

MOTTRAM: 7/714/1-13


ZG 1, 1980 (London);
Issue 2, 1980: issue on 'sadomasochism, its expression and style';
Issue 1, 1981;
Issue 2, 1981: features German influences in culture, 2 copies;
Issue 3, 1981: issue on New York;
Issue 6 (London & New York, not dated): on street art and activities;
ZG-Breakdown no issue number (London & New York, 1983): includes article on 'The algebra of news', heavily annotated by Mottram (outsize);
Issue 7, not dated (outsize)
Issue 8, not dated, double issue on heroes (outsize);
Issue 10, 1984: articles on the human body (outsize);
Issue 11, 1984, double issue including article by Rosetta Brooks, 'Guys and dolls', of relevance to Mottram's Masks series (outsize);
Issue 12, 1984: general cultural articles, several with pencilled emphases by Mottram (outsize), 2 copies;
Issue 13, 1985: mostly art criticism (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/715/1


Zone 7 (Tempe, Arizona, 1992): includes interview with William Burroughs by Rodrigo Garcia Lopes

MOTTRAM: 7/716


Correspondence from little magazines, 1969-1995, including letters from Andrew Duncan and Steve Pereira of Angel Exhaust, Paul Kahn of Bezoar, Bill Sherman of Branch Redd Review, Margaret Randall of El Corno Emplumado, Tim Fletcher of First Offence, Victor Bokris of Lip, John Taggart of Margins, Joan De Loach of Niagara-Erie Writers, Ian Robinson of Oasis, Caroll Terell of Paideuma, Jim Burns of Palantir, Peter Hodgkiss of Poetry Information, Henri Chopin of Revue Ou, Gil Ott of Singing Horse, Jon Silkin of Stand, Nicholas Zurbrugg of Stereo Headphones, Dennis Barone of Tamarisk, Alaric Sumner of Words Worth. 1 file

MOTTRAM: 7/717/1-3

1978, 1985

Samples of their own work sent to Mottram by little magazine editors:
Andrew Wilson of Words, 1978;
Tim Fletcher of First Offence, 1985;
Roger Ely of P. S., not dated

MOTTRAM: 7/718/1-4


Newspaper cuttings relating to little magazines:
Gay News: typescript letter, 20 May 1977 from Gay News's solicitors seeking Mottram's support over blasphemy action, enclosing photocopied information about the case including a copy of the poem, 'The love that dares to speak its name' by James Kirkup;
International Times: cutting from New Statesman 24 Feb 1967 in which Miles, editor of IT refutes criticism of his editorial crew, together with flyer headed 'The Death & Transformation of IT', inviting the public to join in a procession underground to mourn the police raid on IT premises, and information sheet issued by IT with details of police raid and seizure of copies in March 1967;
Rebecca: newspaper cutting from New Statesman, 30 Jul 1982 about grant and political problems facing Rebecca;
Second Aeon: brief notice in Time Out, 19-25 Oct 1973

MOTTRAM: 7/719/1-7


Indices of contents of little magazines:
European Judaism, 1966-1978;
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, 1978-1981;
Poetry Information, 1970-1978;
manuscript and typescript indices by Mottram for Boundary, 1975-1981, Caterpillar, 1967-1969, Credences, not dated, Conjunctions, not dated

MOTTRAM: 7/720/1


Catalogues of little magazines:
Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines' Catalog of Literary Magazines (New York, 1978-1979)

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