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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Little magazines in alphabetical order of title, with related material, 1942-1995, A-L

References on this page: MOTTRAM: 7a

MOTTRAM: 7/1/1


# Magazine (sic) 8 (New York, 1978): includes work by Basil King, Paul Metcalf, Susan Sherman

MOTTRAM: 7/2/1-5


0 to 9 issue 1, (New York, 1967): contains experimental poetry and prose;
0 to 9 issue 2, 1967: includes work by Gertrude Stein, Aram Saroyan, Thomas Clark, Stefan Themerson, and translations of Andamese, Australian, Dama, Eskimo and Semang songs;
0 to 9 issue 3, 1968: includes work by Clark Coolidge, Aram Saroyan, Ted Berrigan;
0 to 9 issue 4, 1968: includes work by Clark Coolidge, Harry Mathews, Jackson Mac Low, Dick Higgins;
0 to 9 issue 6 (1969): includes work by Jasper Johns, and Clark Coolidge

MOTTRAM: 7/3/1-2


3¢ Pulp 1/10 (Vancouver, 1973): poems, articles and Canadian archive items;
Issue 1/11, 1973

MOTTRAM: 7/4/1-4


A: an envelope magazine of visual poetry (London, 1971-1972), edited by Jeremy Adler: contributors include Bob Cobbing, Peter Finch, Paula Claire;
Ab, 1973, loose pages in envelope: contributors include Betty Radin, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Bill Griffiths, Clive Fencott, Bob Cobbing, Paula Claire, Jeremy Adler;
ABC, 1975, loose leaf in envelope: contributors include Lawrence Upton, Betty Radin, bpNichol, Jackson Mac Low, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Jeremy Adler;
ABCD, 1977, loose pages in envelope: contributors include Sylvia Finzi, Sean O Huigin, Cris Cheek, Paula Claire, Lawrence Upton, Alaric Sumner, P. C. Fencott, Bob Cobbing, Dom Sylvester Houedard

MOTTRAM: 7/5/1


A. 3 (Hackney, London, 1985): calendar-style issue of visual material, including work by Roger Ely (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/6/1


A3+, issue 2/5 (Oxford, 1987), broadsheet of the Oxford University Poetry Society (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/7/1


Abyss 3/1 (Somerville, Massachusetts, 1971): includes work by Jackson Mac Low, Dick Higgins

MOTTRAM: 7/8/1


Ads News 5/3 (Buffalo, New York): includes articles on 'Kwanzaa', a Black end-of-year festival, and on Allen De Loach's work with the Hopi Indians of Arizona (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/9/1-3


Adventures In Poetry 6 (New York, 1970), edited by Larry Fagin: includes work by James Schuyler, Peter Schjeldahl, Tom Clark, Tom Veitch;
Issue 8, 1971: includes work by Ron Padgett, Andrei Codrescu and Philip Whalen;
Issue 9, 1972: includes 'Distant heels' by William Burroughs, and items by Clark Coolidge, Allen Ginsberg, Harry Mathews, Anne Waldman

MOTTRAM: 7/10/1


African News: Newsletter of the Centre of African Studies, SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) 24, 1993

MOTTRAM: 7/11/1


L'Âge du Cinéma: le documentaire expérimental et le film d'avant-garde 6 (Paris, [1952])

MOTTRAM: 7/12/1-6


Agenda 2/7-8 (London, 1962): includes Hugh MacDiarmid's long poem 'Direadh' and William Carlos Williams' 'Construction';
Issue 4/1, 1965: includes poems by David Jones, Geoffrey Hill, Jon Silkin, Nathaniel Tarn;
Issue 7/2, 1969: includes poems by Peter Dent and Michael Hamburger, and Basil Bunting on Herbert Read;
Issue 9/1, 1971: poems by Michael Hamburger, Kevin Crossley-Holland, articles and reviews;
Issue 11/2-3, 1973: includes work by George Oppen, Louis Zukofsky, and review by Hugh MacDiarmid;
Issue 16/1, 1978: 'Basil Bunting special issue', with Bunting talking about Briggflatts, and essays by Kenneth Cox, Peter Makin, Robert Creeley and others;
(Note: for Agenda 4/2, 1965, on Ezra Pound, see MOTTRAM 5 / Pound; for issue 4/5-6, 1966, with 'Two new odes' by Basil Bunting and with essays on Bunting, see MOTTRAM 5 / Bunting)

MOTTRAM: 7/13/1-2


Aggie Weston's 8 (Belper, Derbyshire, 1975): includes short stories by Trevor Winkfield;
Issue 17 (London, 1981): includes poems by Roy Fisher, Thomas A. Clark, Gael Turnbull, and visual material;
(Note: for Aggie Weston's 5, 1974, comprising Thomas A. Clark's poems Stumbling on lemons, see MOTTRAM 5 / Clark; for issue 18, Ten photographs by Jonathan Williams, 1982, see MOTTRAM 5 / Williams)

MOTTRAM: 7/14/1-2


Akron Beacon Journal (Kent State, Ohio, 24 May 1970): issue devoted to the 'confrontation' between students and State Guard on 4 May 1970, with photograph of Mary Vecchio;
Issue, 17 Oct 1970: extract concerning Kent State shootings (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/15/1-3


Akros 18 (Nottingham, 1972), edited by Duncan Glen: articles and concrete poems by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Edwin Morgan and others;
Issue 41, 1979: issue on Scottish writers, plus promotional insert;
Issue 45, 1980: includes poems by Alastair Mackie, Duncan Glen

MOTTRAM: 7/16/1


Albatross 'pilot issue' (no place of publication, 1963): includes 'Short piece' by William Burroughs, with copy of letter from M. L. Lowes explaining the story of Albatross and Burroughs's cut-up technique

MOTTRAM: 7/17/1


Albion 1 (London, 1968): includes work by Michael Horovitz and article, 'UFOs and the message from the past' by John Michel

MOTTRAM: 7/18/1


Album internationale de communication non verbale 1 (Angers, France, [1978]) (Note: date inferred from box context)

MOTTRAM: 7/19/1-10


Alcheringa: ethnopoetics 1 (New York, 1970), edited by Jerome Rothenberg and Dennis Tedlock, 2 copies;
Issue 2, 1971;
Issue 3, 1971: features 'mini-anthology of South American Indian poetry';
Issue 4, 1972: includes plastic gramophone record, 'Easter sunrise sermon';
Issue 5, 1973: includes gramophone record of text in Zuni language, and work by Armand Schwerner, Louis Zukofsky, Charles Olson, Ezra Pound;
Special Issue titled, 'A first international symposium (on ethnopoetics)' Boston University, 1976, edited by Michel Benamou and Jerome Rothenberg: includes articles by Gary Snyder, George Quasha, David Antin;
New series, Issue 1/1 (Boston, 1975): features work of Jaime de Angulo;
New series, Issue 1/2, 1975: includes work by Gary Snyder, Paul Kahn, David Antin, bpNichol;
New series, Issue 2/1, 1976: includes insert gramophone record and appeal on behalf of poet Breyten Breytenbach in South Africa;
New series, Issue 3/2, 1977, edited by Dennis Tedlock

MOTTRAM: 7/20/1-4


Alembic no issue number ('for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1973'): loose-leaf issue with poems by Peter Barry, Ken Edwards, Robert Hampson and Jim Stewart;
Issue 4 (London, 1975-1976), edited by Peter Barry, Ken Edwards and Robert Hampson: includes work by Allen Fisher, Jeremy Hilton, Bernard Kelly, Roy Fisher, Ulli McCarthy (Freer), Ken Edwards, Mottram;
Issue 5, 1976: includes work by Opal Nations, Jeff Nuttall, Ulli McCarthy (Freer);
Issue 7, 1978: includes work by Peter Finch, Ulli McCarthy (Freer), Allen Fisher, Paula Claire

MOTTRAM: 7/21/1-2


ALMS (Association of Little Magazines) Newsletter Aug 1977: appointment of Officers, and statement from COLP (Consortium of London Presses);
Issue, Sep 1977

MOTTRAM: 7/22/1-2


ALP (Association of Little Presses, London) Bulletin, 20 Jan 1968: information about applying for grants;
Issue, 3 May 1968: about a loose-leaf catalogue

MOTTRAM: 7/23/1-69


ALP (Association of Little Presses, London) Newsletter Jul 1977: prior to AGM, in aftermath of severance from The Poetry Society;
Issue, Aug 1977: AGMs of ALP, ALMS (Association of Little Magazines) and COLP (Consortium of London Presses), 2 copies;
Issue, Sep 1977, with note of AGM, 22 Jul 1977;
Issue, May 1978;
Issue, Nov-Dec 1978: includes letter from Allen Fisher on boycotting The Poetry Society;
Issue, Jan 1979: material on little presses and The Poetry Society;
Issue, May 1979: includes profile of Oleander Press, and records of the Arts Council of Great Britain's attitude towards little presses;
Issue, July 1979: includes profile of Kropotkin's Lighthouse Publications (Jim Huggon);
Issue, Aug-Sep 1979, celebrating ALP's 15th year: features on Pig Press and Keepsake Press;
Issue, Oct 1979: includes profile of Openings Press (John Furnival);
Issue, Dec 1979: includes profile of Lobby Press (Richard Tabor);
Supplementary issue, Jan 1980, announcing bookfair at Whitechapel Art Gallery;
Supplementary issue, Feb 1980, advertising Whitechapel bookfair;
Issue, March-April 1980;
Issue, May 1980;
Issue, July 1980;
Issue, Aug-Sep 1980;
Issue, Jan-Feb 1981, with Arts Council press notice on Trio Exvoco;
Issue, March-May 1981, with members' flyers;
Issue, July 1981, 2 copies;
Issue, Aug-Sep 1981, with flyers from New Departures;
Issue, Oct 1981: announces Darlington bookfair, and includes list of poets reading at King's College London for autumn 1981;
Issue, Nov 1981;
Issue, Jan 1982;
Issue, Apr-May 1982;
Issue, Oct-Nov 1982, with flyer for abortive publication of Allen De Loach's Mudhead Kachina in this country;
Issue, Dec 1982;
Issue, Mar-Apr 1983: includes poster for New Departures Third International Poetry Olympics;
Issue, May-Jun 1983;
Issue, Sep 1983;
Issue, Nov 1983;
Issue, Sep 1984: includes note on the genesis of New River Project;
Issue, Nov 1984;
Issue, March 1985;
Issue, May 1985, with promotional enclosures, including material from Pig Press;
Issue, Sep 1985: opens with a note from Allen Fisher as Chairman;
Issue, July 1986, with financial statement 1985-1986;
Issue, Oct 1986;
Issue, Dec 1986: includes letters from Michael Farley of Taxvs Press and Roland John of Hippopotamus Press;
Issue, Jan-Feb 1987: includes article, 'Publishing by photocopier' by Bob Cobbing, accompanied by leaflet, 'Summary of answers to ALP Questionnaire, June 1986';
Issue, Mar-Jun 1987, supplementary newsletter with financial statement for 1986-1987;
Issue, Jul-Sep 1987: contains inserts on forthcoming ALP Catalogue;
Issue, Oct-Dec 1987;
Issue, Jan-Mar 1988;
Issue, Apr-Jun 1988: news on the Arts Council of Great Britain, and on the Basil Bunting Archive appeal;
Issue, Jul-Sep 1988;
Issue, Sep 1988;
Issue, Dec 1988;
Issue, Feb-Mar 1989;
Issue, Apr 1989: announces new role for PALPI;
Issue, Mar-Jun 1989: includes note on new Poetry Library at South Bank Centre, and flyer for summer bookfair;
Issue, Oct-Nov 1989: introducing the PCW (personal computer and word processor);
Issue, Apr 1990;
Issue, Jan 1990;
Issue, Aug-Sep 1990;
Issue, Dec 1990-Jan 1991;
Issue, Feb-Mar 1991: signals ALP's 25th year;
Issue, Apr-May 1991;
Issue, Jun-Jul 1991, 2 copies;
Issue, Nov 1991;
Issue, Mar 1992: includes tribute to Dom Sylvester Houedard (died 15 Jan 1992);
Issue, Apr 1992;
Issue, Jun 1992;
Issue, Aug-Sep 1992: includes visual by Jeremy Adler;
Issue, Dec 1992: includes obituary for Ivor Waters of The Moss Rose Press;
Issue, Mar-May 1993;
Issue, Jan-Feb 1994;
Issue, Mar-Apr 1994;
Issue, Nov-Dec 1994

MOTTRAM: 7/24/1


Alpha Beat Soup 3 (Montreal, 1988): includes work by Carl Solomon, Chris Challis, Charles Bukowski, accompanied by brief manuscript letter from editor, Dave Christy, and copy of review of magazine

MOTTRAM: 7/25/1


Amaranth 2 (London, 1966), edited by Criton Tomazos: devoted to 'cage' project, involving Jeff Nuttall, with work by Keith Musgrove, Bill Butler, Bob Cobbing

MOTTRAM: 7/26/1


Amazing Grace 5 (London, 1971), edited by Elaine Randell: includes work by Nicholas Moore, Tom Pickard, Jeff Nuttall

MOTTRAM: 7/27/1-14


Ambit: a quarterly of poems, short stories, drawings and criticism 24 (London, 1965): includes poems by Alan Brownjohn, reviews by B. S. Johnson;
Issue 25, 1965: includes poems by George MacBeth and Michael Horovitz, and Nathaniel Tarn on poetry in Prague;
Issue 26, 1965-1966: includes poems by Gavin Ewart and prose by Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 27, 1966: includes letters from Dylan Thomas, articles by Alan Brownjohn and George Macbeth, and fiction by J. G. Ballard;
Issue 77, 1979: includes work by Tina Fulker, Nicki Jackowska, Jim Burns;
Issue 78, 1979: includes work by Peter Porter, Dannie Abse, and Anthony Thwaite;
Issue 79, 1979: includes work by Jeff Nuttall, Harry Guest, Jim Burns;
Issue 80, 1979: includes work by E. A. Markham, Adrian Henri, Ivor Cutler, Asa Benveniste, Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 81, 1979: includes work by Rupert Mallin, David Tipton, Michael Moorcock, James Kirkup;
Issue 82, 1980, 'A Very Especial Art Number.';
Issue 83, 1980: poems and artwork including David Hockney, Alan Brownjohn, Adrian Henri;
Issue 85, 1980: includes work by Ivor Cutler, J. G. Ballard, Adrian Henri;
Issue 88, 1982: includes work by Jeff Nuttall, E. A. Markham and Michael Moorcock;
Issue 90, 1982, centring on the Falklands War, 3 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/28/1-6

1982, 1994

American Book Review 4/6 (Newark, New Jersey, 1982): reviews of fiction and poetry (outsize), with postcard of recommendation from Tom Meyer attached;
Issue 7/1, 1984: includes feature on Puerto Rican literature, and reviews of Dick Higgins and Armand Schwerner (outsize);
Issue 10/3, 1988: includes reviews of Michael McClure, accompanied by typescript note from editor, Barry Wallenstein (outsize);
Issue 16/1, 1994;
Issue 16/2, 1994;
Issue 16/3, 1994

MOTTRAM: 7/29/1


American Dialog 3/1 (New York, 1966): articles on politics and culture

MOTTRAM: 7/30/1


American Studies in Europe 33 (London, 1994), newsletter of the European Association for American Studies

MOTTRAM: 7/31/1-7


American Studies International 13/3 (Washintgon, D. C., 1975): includes list and addresses of specialists in American Studies worldwide;
Issue 15/3, 1977: includes articles by Saul Bellow and John Updike;
Issue 19/2, 1981: includes article on Saul Bellow;
Issue 19/3-4, 1981;
Issue 20/4, 1982;
Issue 21/2, 1983;
Issue 21/5, 1983: includes essay on William Carlos Williams by Christopher Sten

MOTTRAM: 7/32/1-3


American Studies Newsletter 8 (London, 1983): includes notices and reports of events, reviews of publications;
Issue 9, 1984;
Issue 11 (Newark, 1986)

MOTTRAM: 7/33/1-2

1966, 1973

Américas 18/10 (Washington, D. C., 1966): includes Kirby Congdon's essay on Aesop;
Issue 25/3, 1973: includes review of Penguin companion to American literature ed. Mottram and Malcolm Bradbury (New York, 1971), 3 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/34/1


Ampersand (spelt Amper&and), March 1969 (San Francisco): includes poems by Charles Bukowski, Bill Bissett, Douglas Blazek (a poem on D. A. Levy), D. R. Wagner, 2 copies



(Note: for Anarchy 115 (London, 1970) on 'McLuhanism', see MOTTRAM 10)

MOTTRAM: 7/35/1-4

1963-1969, 1994

And 3 (London, 1963): includes work by Bob Cobbing, Anselm Hollo, 2 copies;
Issue 4 [1966]: includes work by Anselm Hollo, Dom Silvester Houedard, Ernst Jandl, Stefan Themerson, Bill Butler, Jeff Nuttall, 2 copies;
Issue 5 [1969]: includes work by Henri Chopin, D. A. Levy, Ulli McCarthy (Freer), Jeff Nuttall, published in loose-leaf format;
Issue 8, 1994: includes Charles Bernstein, Robert Hampson, Paula Claire, Bill Griffiths

MOTTRAM: 7/36/1-10


Anerca 1/1 (Vancouver, British Columbia, 1986): includes evaluations of Robert Creeley and Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl', and poems by Bill Bissett;
Issue 1/2, 1986: includes work by Opal Louis Nations, Bill Bissett;
Issue 1/3, 1986: feature on Michael McClure and work by Opal L. Nations;
Issue 1/4, 1986: includes work by Tim Lander, and review of Michael McClure Selected poems (New Directions, 1986);
Issue 1/5, 1986: includes work by David Bromige and Bill Bissett;
Issue 1/6, 1987: includes work by Jill Duerr, Tim Lander, Li Min Hua;
Issue 2/1 [1987]: includes work by bpNichol;
Anerca Compost 2/2 (Montreal, 1988): includes Bill Bissett, bpNichol, Jerome Rothenberg;
Issue 'Model number 3, serial number 2' (not dated): includes work by Bruce Andrews and Paul Dutton;
typescript letter, 24 Aug 1987, from the editors to Mottram, responding to previous comments;
(Note: Anerca is Inuit: 'to breathe, poetry')

MOTTRAM: 7/37/1-2


Angel Exhaust 3 (London, 1980): includes poems by Maggie O'Sullivan, and review of Words Worth magazine with reference to its comments on Poetry Review;
Issue 10 (Cambridge, 1994)

MOTTRAM: 7/38/1-4


Angel Hair 1 (New York, 1966): includes poems by Pierre Reverdy, Lee Harwood, Denise Levertov, Anne Waldman, Gerard Malanga;
Issue 2, 1966: includes work by Anne Waldman, Lee Harwood, Ted Berrigan;
Issue 3, 1967: includes work by John Wieners, Aram Saroyan, John Ashbery, Clark Coolidge, Robert Duncan, 2 copies;
Issue 4, 1967-1968: includes work by Kenward Elmslie, Sotere Torregian, Dick Gallup, Ron Padgett, Philip Whalen, Kenneth Koch (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/39/1


The Anglo-Welsh Review vol 6 or no. 57(Cardiff, 1976): includes poems by Chris Torrance, Alison Bielski



Anonym (Buffalo, New York): (for Anonym issue 5-6, (1970), including Mottram poem, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/40/1


The Ant's Forefoot 4 (Toronto, 1969), published by Coach House Press: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Lee Harwood, Anselm Hollo, Clark Coolidge (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/41/1


Antaeus 2 (Tangier, Morocco, 1971): includes work by William Burroughs, Roy Fuller, Michael McClure

MOTTRAM: 7/42/1


Anthems 1 (Stoke-on-Trent, 1978), 'A stand for essentially new/young/non-commercial music'

MOTTRAM: 7/43/1-3


Antiphon 1/1 (London, 1964): includes article 'American literature 1919-1964' by Mottram, and contributions by Caroline Benn and Rhodes Boyson;
Issue 1/2, 1964): includes Mottram article, 'Is it just the scholarship system?', 2 copies;
Issue 1/3, 1964-1965: educational articles;
(Note: Mottram was an associate editor of Antiphon)

MOTTRAM: 7/44/1


APM (The Journal of Art, Performance and Manufacture) 1 (London, 1977), broadsheet, claiming to be a reprint from an American journal of the same name: with comment on Robert Vas Dias' situation at The Poetry Society, and opposition to Charles Osborne of the Arts Council of Great Britain's Literature Panel, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/45/1


Approach Magazine 2 (Oxford, 1968): includes article, 'An introduction to Concrete Poetry' by Glyn Pursglove

MOTTRAM: 7/46/1-2


Approches 1 (Paris, [1965]): visual poetry, including work from John Furnival, Dom Sylvester Houedard and Ian Hamilton Finlay;
Issue 4 [1968]: includes work by Julien Blaine and Jean-Claude Moineau, with gramophone disk

MOTTRAM: 7/47/1


Arcade 2 (London): mostly visual (cartoon) material, includes one pair cardboard, cut-out, rose-tinted spectacles

MOTTRAM: 7/48/1


Arima 1 (London, 1976), edited by Clive Fencott and Lawrence Upton: a magazine devoted to all kinds of poetry by school-children'

MOTTRAM: 7/49/1-2


Arizona Highways 53/3 (Phoenix, Arizona, March 1977): pays special attention to rocks and canyons with evidence of prehistoric life and art of the Navajo;
Issue 55/4 (Apr 1979): issue on contemporary Red Indian jewelry

MOTTRAM: 7/50/1-3


Ark: the journal of the Royal College of Art 35 (London, 1964): includes articles by Ray Bradbury, Evan Parker, Henry Miller, Norman Mailer and full text of Martin Luther King's address at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, 28 Aug 1963;
Issue 38, 1965: includes article, 'The new arts in America' by Richard Kostelanetz;
Issue 40, 1966: issue on divination;
(Note: for issue 33 (1962), including Mottram essay, 'Beat: genesis and writings', see MOTTRAM 3/2)

MOTTRAM: 7/51/1


Art and Artists 1/12 (New York, 1967): features and reviews

MOTTRAM: 7/52/1


Art Monthly 32 (London, Dec 1979-Jan 1980): articles, exhibition reviews, correspondence

MOTTRAM: 7/53/1-7


Art News 70/5 (New York, 1971): includes article on 'Art and the Corporations' by David Antin;
Issue 70/9, 1972: includes illustrations of work by Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein;
Issue 71/1, 1972: includes article on B. Marden by John Ashbery;
Issue 71/2, 1972:includes articles by John Ashbery and Salvador Dali;
Issue 71/5, 1972: articles on the visual arts, including an interview with Willem de Kooning;
Issue 71/6, 1972: includes article by David Antin on Marcel Duchamp;
Issue 72/7, 1973: includes article on Pablo Picasso

MOTTRAM: 7/54/1


The Artful Reporter (Manchester, 1982): Issue 51, 1982: includes an autobiographical sketch by Craig Raine (outsize);
(Note: for issue 45, 1982, with review of Mottram's A book of Herne (Arrowspire Press, Colne, Lancashire, 1981), see MOTTRAM 2/3)

MOTTRAM: 7/55/1


Arts News, no issue number (Tunbridge Wells, May 1978), broadsheet of South East Arts: notice on p. 5 of Brighton Festival of Contemporary Arts, Extended Series, events, included reading by Mottram and Paul Evans, 24 May 1978 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/56/1


Arts North (Sep 1980, Newcastle), newsletter of Northern Arts (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/57/1-3


Artscribe 23 (London, 1980): includes article, 'The Golden Bough, Apocalypse now' by Eric Shanes, with marginal notes by Mottram;
Issue 26, 1980: includes article on Wyndham Lewis;
Issue 34, 1982: issue on The Fifties

MOTTRAM: 7/58/1-2


Artscribe International 62, (London, 1987);
Artscribe International 65, 1987, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/59/1


Artvoice 3/23 (Buffalo, NY, Nov 1992), bi-weekly arts coverage' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/60/1


Asylum 6 (Bootle, Lancashire, 1968): includes poems by B. S. Johnson and George Dowden, with special supplement on 'Eleven Cleveland poets' including T. L. Kryss and D. A. Levy



(Note: for Athanor (Clarkson, New York) issue 4, 1973, a Robert Creeley issue, see MOTTRAM 5 / Creeley)

MOTTRAM: 7/61/1


Atlantic Review n. s. 1 (London, 1979), edited by Robert Vas Dias: includes work by Carl Rakosi, Andrew Crozier, Robert Creeley, Diane Wakoski, Jackson Mac Low, Paul Green, Wendy Mulford, Nathaniel Tarn, Paul Blackburn, Paul Evans, Gilbert Sorrentino

MOTTRAM: 7/62/1


Atlas Anthology 1 (London, 1983): includes work by Harry Mathews

MOTTRAM: 7/63/1


Attila 17 ([Brighton], 1971): issue includes excerpt from Carlos Castaneda's work

MOTTRAM: 7/64/1


The Auckland Star alias Canberra Telegraph (Mildura, Australia, 1974), spoof newspaper item advertising arts festival: includes work by Allen Fisher (outsize)



(Note: for Audit (Buffalo, New York) issue 4/3, 1967, featuring Robert Duncan, see MOTTRAM 5 / Duncan; for issue 5/1, 1968, comprising lecture by Robert Creeley, with Allen Ginsberg, Contexts of poetry, see MOTTRAM 5 / Creeley)

MOTTRAM: 7/65/1


The August no issue number (Brighton, 1969): includes poems by Chris Torrance, Paul Evans, Peter Riley, Lee Harwood

MOTTRAM: 7/66/1-17


AUT (Association of University Teachers) Bulletin 81 (London, 1980);
Issue 82, 1980;
Issue 95, 1982;
Issue 96, 1982;
Issue 115, 1984;
Issue 117, 1984, with supplement on 'The future of universities';
Issue 118, 1984, accompanied by separate sheet giving details of action over pay;
Issue 119, 1984;
Issue 124, 1985;
Issue 126, 1985;
Issue 128, 1985;
Issue 136, 1986: on salary campaign;
Issue 137, 1986;
Issue 151, 1988: on the new Education Bill;
Issue 152, 1988: 'Education Bill committee and timetable';
Issue 153, 1988;
Issue 173, 1990

MOTTRAM: 7/67/1-2

1972, 1975

Avalanche 4 (New York, 1972): interviews, visual and verbal texts;
Issue 12, 1975: articles on dance and live performance (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/68/1


Avec 6/1 (Penngrove, California, 1992): includes work by Charles Bernstein, David Bromige, Steve McCaffery

MOTTRAM: 7/69/1


Axle Quarterly 1 (London, 1962): includes article, 'A night on peyotl' by Tony Tanner

MOTTRAM: 7/70/1


The Back Door 7-8 (Athens, Ohio, 1975): includes work by Robert Bly, Daniel Curley, Theodore Enslin, Clayton Eshleman, Paul Metcalf

MOTTRAM: 7/71/1


Bananas 1 (London, 1975): includes article on Ezra Pound by Claud Cockburn, short story by J. G. Ballard, and interview with William Burroughs by Miles (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/72/1


[Bard College Magazine], no publishing details, edited by Jonathan Kaplan: includes, 'A talk with Allen Ginsberg', and work by Claude Pelieu, Pierre Joris

MOTTRAM: 7/73/1


BC Monthly 5/4 (Vancouver, 1981): comprises poems by Gerry Gilbert

MOTTRAM: 7/74/1-5


Beat Scene 9 (Coventry, 1990), edited by Kevin Ring: includes work by Charles Bukowski, Paul Bowles, William Burroughs;
Issue 10: includes work by Gregory Corso, Charles Bukowski, Carolyn Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, second copy at MOTTRAM 5 / Ginsberg;
Issue 11: includes features on Anne Waldman, Charles Bukowski, Herbert Huncke;
Issue 12: includes work by Michael McClure, Gary Snyder, Charles Bukowski (including a gramophone record), Ken Kesey, William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Paul Bowles;
Issue 15: includes work by Neal Cassady, Charles Bukowski, Brion Gysin, with accompanying letter from editor to Mottram

MOTTRAM: 7/75/1


Beatitude 15 (San Francisco, 1960): includes work by Jack Kerouac, Peter Orlovsky, Bill Butler, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso;
(Note: for issue 16, 1960 see MOTTRAM 9/13)

MOTTRAM: 7/76/1


Before your very eyes! no issue number (London, 1967): includes work by Charles Olson, Tom Raworth

MOTTRAM: 7/77/1-2


Benzene 1/2 (New York, 1981): includes material on William Burroughs by Allen De Loach;
Issue 5-6, 1982: includes work by Opal Nations, Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, and article by Allen De Loach, 'Ritual as act, not idea' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/78/1


Bête Noire 1 (Hull, Autumn 1984): mix of poetry, photographs and articles, including John Osborne on 'American male mythology'



(Note: for Better News (1974), see MOTTRAM 10 regarding R. Buckminster Fuller)

MOTTRAM: 7/79/1-60


Bezoar 2/2 (Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1975): includes excerpts from Barry MacSweeney's 'Black Torch' sequence;
Issue 4/3, 1976: includes work by Paul Metcalf, Robert Kelly;
Issue 5/2, 1977: includes work by Peter Riley;
Issue 5/'whatever', an extra issue comprising prose by Douglas Woolf;
Issue 5/3, 1977: comprises an extract from Jonathan Bayliss' novel 'Prologos';
Issue 5/4, 1977: more of Jonathan Bayliss;
Issue 5/5, 1977: more of Jonathan Bayliss;
Bayliss Bezoar, 1977, supplementary issue concluding Bayliss' work;
Issue 6/2, 1977: Lee Harwood and Larry Eigner;
Issue 6/3, 1977: Clayton Eshleman, Jerome Rothenberg, Eliot Weinberger;
Issue 7/1, 1977: includes work by Clifford Post and Larry Eigner;
Issue 7/4, 1977: includes work by Paul Kahn;
Issue 8/2, 1977: prose by Barbara Barracka;
Issue 8/3, 1977: includes poems by Chris Torrance, Bobby Byrd, Michael Rumaker;
Issue 8/4, 1977: poems by Allen Fisher and Ron Silliman;
Issue 9/1, 1977: work by Larry Eigner and Fred Buck;
Issue 9/2, 1977: includes work by Philip Whalen, Lewis MacAdams;
Issue 9/3, 1977: includes poems by Elaine Randell and Larry Eigner;
Issue 9/4, 1977: includes poems by Ted Enslin;
Issue 10/1, 1977: work by William Corbett;
Issue 10/2, 1977: includes prose by Bobby Louise Hawkins;
Issue 10/(3), 1977: translation of Cesar Vallejo, work by Michael McClure;
Issue 10/4, 1977: includes work by Jonathan Bayliss and Clifford Post;
Issue 11/1, 1977: John James, George Bowering, Ken Irby;
Bezoar Resonator 11/2, 1978: includes poems by Chris Torrance, Robert Creeley, Eliot Weinberger;
Issue 11/3, 1978: includes prose by Joel Oppenheimer;
Issue 11/4, 1978: poems by Franco Beltrametti and Harry Hoogstraten;
Bee Zoe Are 12/2, 1978: poems by Lyn Hejinian and William Corbett;
Issue 12/3, 1978: 'Dreamland Court' by Dale Herd;
Bezoar on the road 12/5, 1978: includes work by Jonis Agee, Nathaniel Tarn;
Issue 13/1, 1978: poem by John Taggart;
Issue 13/3, 1978: includes work by Ron Silliman and Peter Gurnis;
Issue 13/4, 1978: 'Oikos' by Marc Weber;
Issue 14/1, 1978: 'Early morning sun' by Paul Kahn;
Issue 14/2, 1978: Lee Harwood and Ken Irby;
Issue 14/4, 1979: includes work by Larry Eigner, 2 copies;
Issue 15/1, 1979: includes work by Norman Fischer and Peter Gurnis;
Due Process Bezoar 15/2, 1979: includes work by Harrison Fisher and Peter Riley;
Issue 15/3, 1979: prose by Ron Silliman;
Issue 15/4, 1979: comprises work by Jonathan Bayliss and Clifford Post;
Issue 16/1, 1979: further material by Jonathan Bayliss and Clifford Post;
Issue 16/2, 1979: further material by Jonathan Bayliss and Clifford Post;
Issue 16/3, 1979: further material by Jonathan Bayliss;
Issue 16/4, 1979: further material by Jonathan Bayliss;
Issue 17/1, 1979: further material by Jonathan Bayliss;
Issue 17/2, 1979: comprises work by Norman Fischer;
Issue 17/3, 1979: 'Three poems' by Marc Weber;
No Private Income Bezoar 17/4, 1979: contains work by Joanne Kyger and Lee Harwood;
Loamedan Bezoar Issue 18/1, 1979: poem by Joel Oppenheimer;
Bezoar 18/2, 1979: includes poems by Philip Whalen;
Bezoar Multinational 18/3, 1980: translations of Flavio Ermini;
Issue 19/4, 1980: Japanese haiku with a poem by Lee Harwood;
Aural Bezoar 20/2, 1980: prose by Stephanie Buck;
Video Bezoar 20/3, 1980: two short stories by Eric Obermayr;
Two Bezoars 20/4-21/1, 1981: work by Larry Eigner and Robert Grenier;
Heads and Tales Bezoar 21/2, 1981: work by Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Kenneth Irby and Hettie Jones;
Issue 21/3, 1981: comprises poems by Paul Kahn;
The rest is silence Bezoar 21/4, 1981, last issue, including index;
1977 unnumbered issue, '3 poems, 3 poets' featuring William Corbett, Michael Palmer, Bruce Andrews;
1977 unnumbered issue, '5 poems' by Philip Whalen;
(Note: for Bezoar on the road issue 14/3, 1979, see MOTTRAM 5 / Torrance; for Birds and Paradise Bezoar 19/2, 1980, see MOTTRAM 5 / Nations; for The Secret Graces of our Enemies Bezoar (20/1, 1980), comprising poem series, 'One leaf at no time' by Robert Kelly, see MOTTRAM 5 / Kelly)

MOTTRAM: 7/80/1


Bias 1/3 (The University of Sussex, Falmer, 1964): issue includes two poems by George Dowden

MOTTRAM: 7/81/1


Big Deal 3 (New York, 1975): includes work by Jackson Mac Low, Jerome Rothenberg, Jasper Johns, Fielding Dawson, David Antin

MOTTRAM: 7/82/1-3


The Big Issue 20 (1992-1993), magazine to help the homeless;
Issue 22, 1993, open at feature on Jo Brand the comedienne;
Issue 48, 1993

MOTTRAM: 7/83/1-3


Big Sky 6 (Bolinas, California, 1973): includes work by Anne Waldman, Fielding Dawson, Clark Coolidge, Aram Saroyan;
Issue 7, 1974: issue devoted to 'The world of Leon' (poems);
Issue 10, 1976: includes work by Clark Coolidge, Federico Garcia Lorca, Kenneth Rexroth, Bob Perelman, Philip Whalen, Lewis MacAdams, Allen Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 7/84/1-2


Birth 3/1 (New York, 1960), edited by Tuli Kupferberg: issue on stimulants;
Issue 3/2, 1960: stimulants, continued

MOTTRAM: 7/85/1


Black Country Meat Chronicle 17 (Edgbaston, [1969]), poems and visual material as loose leaf magazine in plastic bag: includes work by Jeff Nuttall, Thomas A Clark, Bill Butler, Jim Pennington, Peter Finch, Paul Brown

MOTTRAM: 7/86/1-3


The Black Panther: Black community news service 3/25 (San Francisco, 11 Oct 1969): includes interview with Eldridge Cleaver, and details of Denang military stockade riot;
Issue 3/26, 18 Oct 1969: including details of racism in the armed services;
Issue 3/28, 1 Nov 1969: includes anti-Vietnam War statement (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/87/1


Blacklist 6 (New York, 1965): includes contributions from Ed Sanders, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Ted Berrigan

MOTTRAM: 7/88/1-2


Blast 1 (London, 1914): includes work by Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound;
Issue 2, 1915: includes Wyndham Lewis, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound;
(Note: these copies are reprints by Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, California, 1981)

MOTTRAM: 7/89/1


Blitz 90 (London, 1990): includes Mottram article, 'That dark instrument: the cultural significance of the car stateside', 100-106

MOTTRAM: 7/90/1-2

1982, 1988

Block 7 (East Barnet, 1982), open at interview with Victor Burgin, photographer;
Issue 14, 1988: includes interview with Paul Virilio

MOTTRAM: 7/91/1


The Blue Cloud Quarterly 20/2 (Marvin, South Dakota, 1974): issue titled, 'personal poems to American Indians', including poem, 'Ornithology Reserve' by Colin Simms

MOTTRAM: 7/92/1-5


Blue Pig 1, (Paris, 1968), with covering letter from Val Raworth;
Issue 2, not dated: includes poems by Tom Raworth;
Issue 3, not dated: includes poems by Dick Gallup;
Issue 5-6 (Paris, [1971]): poems by George Tysh and David Bell;
Issue 10, not dated: No eating by Ted Greenwald

MOTTRAM: 7/93/1


Blueprint 5 (Cambridge, 1979): includes work by Paul Buck, P. C. Fencott, Allen Fisher, Glenda George, Ulli McCarthy (Freer), Edwin Morgan, Carlyle Reedy

MOTTRAM: 7/94/1


Bo Heem E Um 4 (Sherborne, Dorset), edited by Thomas A. Clark: includes poems by Dom Sylvester Houedard, George Dowden, Edwin Morgan, John Hall

MOTTRAM: 7/95/1-3


Bombay Gin 4 (Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado, 1977), editors Mary McCarty, Jan Johnson: includes work by Gregory Corso (with photograph on front cover), Diane Di Prima, Philip Whalen, Frank O'Hara, Michael Brownstein, Sidney Goldfarb, Michael McClure;
Issue 5, 1977-1978: includes work by Michael Horovitz, Allen Ginsberg, Tom Clark, William Burroughs;
Issue 6, 1978-1979, editors Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Larry Fagin: includes work by Ted Berrigan, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Robert Creeley, Diane DiPalma, Robert Duncan, Michael McClure



(Note: for issue 1 Bone Idol (Portsmouth Polytechnic student magazine, 1972), see MOTTRAM 8)

MOTTRAM: 7/96/1


The Book Review: an alternative magazine 18 (San Francisco, 1971): includes reviews of Jeff Nuttall and William Burroughs, article by Richard Kostelanetz, interview with Kenneth Rexroth

MOTTRAM: 7/97/1


The Bookpress: the newspaper of the literary arts 2/9 (Ithaca, New York, 1992): includes report on lecture by Jacques Derrida, and view of the Ramayana myth (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/98/1


Books 2/8 (New York, 1965): featuring 'The McLuhan Galaxy' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/99/1-3


Books U. S. A. 4 (London, 1963): includes unattributed article, 'American drama since 1940: the search for an ideal', and photograph of Tennessee Williams on cover;
Issue 5, 1963: includes, 'Elegy for a photograph of William Carlos Williams' by Jonathan Williams and essay, 'American poetry in 1963: a diagram of health' by Mottram, 2 copies;
Issue 7, 1963, cover photograph, 'Jonathan Williams reading to children'

MOTTRAM: 7/100/1-2

1973, 1974

The Boston Eagle (1) (Boston, Massachusetts, 1973): includes work by Lee Harwood and John Wieners;
Issue 2, 1974: includes work by John Wieners, Lee Harwood, William Corbett

MOTTRAM: 7/101/1


Boulder Monthly 1/5 (Boulder, Colorado, 1979): includes Ed Sanders investigation of the actions of Trungpa Rinpoche of the Naropa Institute, and Allen Ginsberg's response

MOTTRAM: 7/102/1-2


Branch Redd Review 2 (no location given, 1978): includes work by Pierre Joris, Allen Fisher and Asa Benveniste;
Issue 3, 1979, 'at the close of the year of the horse': includes work by Cid Corman, Pierre Joris, Jeremy Hilton

MOTTRAM: 7/103/1


Brilliant Corners: a magazine of the arts 6 (Chicago, 1977): includes poems by Philip Whalen and Ted Berrigan

MOTTRAM: 7/104/1-3


The British-American: Bulletin of the Former Students' Association, Institute of United States Studies 1/1 (London, 1989), college news and articles;
Issue 2/1, 1990;
Issue 3/1, 1991, contains news of the intended dissolution of the Institute of United States Studies

MOTTRAM: 7/105/1-11


British Association for American Studies Newsletter 45 (Dundee, 1982), mostly internal announcements;
Issue 48, 1983: includes report on Poetry Workshop session by Mottram and David Murray at 1983 Edinburgh Conference;
Issue 49, 1984, with note of Mottram's talk at 1984 Conference on 'Cars and motorcycles in America';
Issue 56 (Stafford, 1987): includes promotional material for recent publications;
Issue 57, 1988: includes insert questionnaire on 'American Studies in Higher Education';
Issue 59, 1989;
Issue 63, 1991;
Issue 65, 1992;
Issue 66, 1992: includes announcement of 1993 Conference at University of Sunderland;
Issue 68, 1992;
Issue 70, 1994



(Note: for British Book News (The British Council, London), issue 291, 1964, including review by Mottram, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/106/1-2


The Buddhist Thirdclass Junkmail Oracle 4 (Cleveland, Ohio, Feb 1969): includes report into D. A. Levy's death, and publication of 'Prose: on poetry in the wholesale education and culture system' by Levy;
Issue 5 (May 1969): includes poetic tribute to D. A. Levy by Ray DiPalma (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/107/1


The Buffalo News: TV Topics (New York, 22 Jul 1984), weekly television guide (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/108/1


Bulletin of The Cleveland Museum of Art 53/5 (Cleveland, Ohio, 1966)

MOTTRAM: 7/109/1-3


Bulletin of the International Association of University Professors of English, issue Summer, 1987);
Issue, Summer 1990;
Issue, Summer 1991

MOTTRAM: 7/110/1


The Bulletin of University College London 4/12 (London, 1979): includes article, 'Little mags in big trouble...' by Geoffrey Soar, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/111/1


Bust 2-3 (Toronto, 1968): poems, prose, reviews, with advertisement for L. Ron Hubbard

MOTTRAM: 7/112/1-12


C: a journal of poetry 1 (New York, 1963): comprises work by Dick Gallup, Ron Padgett, Joe Brainard, Ted Berrigan;
Issue 2, 1963: includes translations of Max Jacob and Pierre Reverdy;
Issue 3, 1963: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Ron Padgett, Gerard Malanga;
Issue 4, 1963: includes poems by John Wieners, Ted Berrigan, Frank O'Hara, Edwin Denby;
Issue 5, 1963: includes article by John Ashbery and poems by John Wieners, Barbara Guest, LeRoi Jones;
Issue 6, 1964: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Kenneth Koch, Ron Padgett;
Issue 7, 1964: edited by Ted Berrigan. Includes poems by John Wieners, Frank O'Hara, Harry Fainlight; second copy with covering letter by Harry Fainlight at MOTTRAM 5 / Fainlight;
Issue 8, 1964: includes poems by Ron Padgett, Gerard Malanga, Peter Orlovsky, Ed Sanders, Kenneth Koch;
Issue 9, 1964: includes poetry by Ted Berrigan, Allen Ginsberg, prose by William Burroughs, Tristan Tzara;
Issue 10, 1965: includes work by John Giorno, Aram Saroyan, Brion Gysin, Philip Whalen, Gregory Corso, Jerome Rothenberg, Kenneth Koch, Michael McClure, John Ashbery, William Burroughs, Ed Sanders, Charles Olson;
Issue 11, 1965: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Aram Saroyan, Tom Veitch, 2 copies;
Issue 13, 1966: includes work by Pierre Reverdy, Harry Matthews, Max Jacob

MOTTRAM: 7/113/1-2


C Comics 1 (New York, 1964): comic strip collaborations between writers and artists;
Issue 2 [1966]: poem-cartoons with scripts by John Ashbery, Barbara Guest, Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch and others

MOTTRAM: 7/114/1


Cahiers du Cinema 355 (Paris, 1984): includes articles on Jean-Luc Goddard and Federico Fellini

MOTTRAM: 7/115/1


CAM: the University of Cambridge alumni magazine, Lent Term 1994: includes article by Denise Riley



(Note: for Cambridge Opinion (Cambridge), issue 41, 1965, focusing on 'Carlos Williams in England', see MOTTRAM 5 / W C Williams)

MOTTRAM: 7/116/1-4


Camerawork 9 (London, 1978): photographs of an eviction and of British soldiers in Northern Ireland;
Issue 16, 1979: includes articles on the Manchester Studies Archive, Nicaragua, and the political photographer;
Issue 19, 1980: features photographs from the Thirties;
Issue, Nov 1982

MOTTRAM: 7/117/1


Canadian Dimension 12/3 (Winnipeg, 1977), 'An independent left magazine': cover endorsed by John (Calvert), contributor of article about UK Budget

MOTTRAM: 7/118/1


Le Canard Laqué: La revue de l'Association Asie extrême de sciences Po 5 (Paris, 1991): includes article on the I Ching in English



(Note: for Canberra Telegraph, see The Auckland Star)

MOTTRAM: 7/119/1-3


Casablanca 1 (London, 1992), current affairs magazine;
Issue 2, 1993;
Issue 4, 1993
(Note: for issue 3, 1993, including Mottram's review of Ann Charters The Penguin book of the Beats (London, 1993), see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/120/1-2


Catalyst: magazine of the independent Left 7 (London, 1991), reports on world politics;
Issue 8, 1991

MOTTRAM: 7/121/1-2


Caterpillar 1 (New York, 1967): includes poetry by Gary Snyder, Paul Blackburn, an essay by Norman O. Brown, essay on Wallace Stevens by Cid Corman, essay, 'Rites of participation' part 1 by Robert Duncan and his poem, 'Passages 30';
Issue 2, 1968: includes poems by Clayton Eshleman, Armand Schwerner, and part 2 of the Duncan essay

MOTTRAM: 7/122/1


Caw! Magazine of Students for a Democratic Society 2 (New York, 1968), a magazine for 'poetry, essays, drawings, photographs, visions, thoughts....'

MOTTRAM: 7/123/1


CEAA (Centre for Editions of American Authors) Newsletter 1 (NewYork, 1968): includes articles on Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Henry Thoreau, Emily Dickinson

MOTTRAM: 7/124/1


Cencrastus 2 (Edinburgh, 1980): includes article on David Lindsay's science fiction



(Note: for Censorship (London), issue 2, 1965, on the censorship of films, see MOTTRAM 9)

MOTTRAM: 7/125/1


Central City News (Central City, Colorado, 1859), spoof reprint with headline, 'Eric Mottram made sheriff of Central City' (outsize)



(Note: for Ceolfrith (Sunderland Arts Centre), issue 14, 1971, featuring John Furnival, see MOTTRAM 5 / Furnival; for issue 18, 1972, devoted to Henri Chopin, see MOTTRAM 10; for issue 26, 1974, devoted to Bob Cobbing and Writers Forum, see MOTTRAM 5 / Cobbing)

MOTTRAM: 7/126/1


Ceolfrith Arts 3 (Sunderland, 1974-1975): includes note of Poets Conference meeting, 16 Nov 1974 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/127/1


Chaplin, '25th anniversary issue' (Stockholm, 1984), film magazine

MOTTRAM: 7/128/1


Chapman 2/5-6 (Hamilton, Lanarkshire, 1974): issue on Modern Dutch writing edited by Paul Brown and Peter Nijmeijer

MOTTRAM: 7/129/1


Chelsea 49 (New York, 1990): includes interview with Laura (Riding) Jackson, poems, translations and prose

MOTTRAM: 7/130/1-9


Chicago 1/1 (Chicago, 1972), editor Alice Notley: includes work by Anselm Hollo, James Schuyler, Ted Berrigan;
Issue 2/2-3, 1972: includes work by Michael Brownstein and Frank O'Hara;
Issue 3/4-5, 1972: includes work by Clark Coolidge;
Issue 4/6, 1972: includes work by Anne Waldman and Ted Berrigan;
Issue 5/1, 1972, edited by Ted Berrigan: includes work by Robert Creeley, Anselm Hollo, Philip Whalen, Kenneth Koch, Ed Dorn;
Issue 6, 1973, edited by Alice Notley: includes work by Anne Waldman, Bob Rosenthal, Lewis MacAdams;
'European edition 1' (Wivenhoe, Essex, 1973), edited by Alice Notley: includes work by Allen Ginsberg, Philip Whalen, Ted Berrigan, George Oppen, 2 copies;
Issue 2, 1974: includes poems by Tom Clark, Anselm Hollo, Doug Oliver, Clark Coolidge, Anne Waldman, Aram Saroyan, Pierre Joris, Ted Berrigan, Ron Padgett, 2 copies;
Issue 3, 1974: includes work by Tom Clark, Carl Rakosi, Robert Creeley, Jack Kerouac

MOTTRAM: 7/131/1


Chicago Review 9/4, 1956: essays, poetry and fiction

MOTTRAM: 7/132/1


Chimera: an official publication of King's Poetry Society 1 [1988]

MOTTRAM: 7/133/1-2


Christmas Broadside 10 (University of New York at Buffalo, 1977): comprises poem, 'The wilderness' by John Fuller;
Issue 11, 1978: comprises poem, 'Ithaka' by Carl Dennis, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/134/1


Chroniques de l'Art Vivant 1 b (Paris, 1969): includes feature on modern American painting (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/135/1


CineAction 12/13 (Toronto, 1988)

MOTTRAM: 7/136/1


Cinema Rising 1 (London, 1972), independent film-makers and problems of censorship: includes article on Anthony Balch and William Burroughs

MOTTRAM: 7/137/1


Cinemantics 1 (London, 1970): articles by Umberto Eco and Malcolm Le Grice, interview with Jean-Marie Straub

MOTTRAM: 7/138/1


Cinim 3 (London, 1969), published by the London Film Makers Co-operative: includes article on Austrian film makers by Bob Cobbing

MOTTRAM: 7/139/1-5


Circuit 5 (London, 1968), includes work by Jim Haynes and Spike Hawkins, with a review of the art of Allen Jones by Raymond Durgnat;
Issue 6, 1968: includes work by Bob Dylan, Luciano Berio, J. G. Ballard, Maureen Duffy;
Issue 9 [1969]: issue stressing 'the need for an artists council';
Issue 10-11, 1969: reports on conference of artists held at St Katherine's Docks, 8 Jun 1969, with statement by Ian Breakwell (outsize), 2 copies;
Issue, unnumbered [1969]: includes slogans and posters (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/140/1


City Lights Review 1 (San Francisco, 1987): includes work by Federico Lorca, Allen Ginsberg, Ernesto Cardenal, Lawrence Ferlinghetti

MOTTRAM: 7/141/1


City Limits Magazine 184 (London, 1981), open at article on Millie Jackson

MOTTRAM: 7/142/1


The City of San Francisco 1/7 (San Francisco, [1967]): features conversation between Allen Ginsberg, Alan Watts, Gary Snyder and Timothy Leary, exceptional pop art illustrations (outsize)



(Note: for Clare Market Review, see CMR)

MOTTRAM: 7/143/1


Class War (London, (1984)), no issue number or date: features photographs of miners' demonstration outside Parliament (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/144/1-2


Clear Creek 1/4 (San Francisco, 1971): includes Michael McClure essay, 'Wolf Net pt. 2', 8-10;
Issue 2/2 (1972), environmental matters, with section of photographs of American Indians

MOTTRAM: 7/145/1


Cleft 1 (Edinburgh 1964): includes work by William Burroughs, Robert Garioch, Anselm Hollo, Henry Miller, Norman Mailer, Michael McClure, Edwin Morgan, Gary Snyder, Jonathan Williams

MOTTRAM: 7/146/1


Clothes: a Spanner Magazine special issue, 1983-1984: includes work by Bruce Andrews, Cris Cheek, Bob Cobbing, Ken Edwards, Paige Mitchell, Geraldine Monk, Ulli Freer

MOTTRAM: 7/147/1-9


Clothes Bulletin 1 (London, 1981), edited by Allen Fisher;
Issue 2, 1981;
Issue 4, 1981;
Issue 5, 1981, pages have separate titles, e. g., 'Wealth', 'Movement in cities', 'Blood Immunology Technology';
Issue 6 a, 1981: includes contributions from Charles Bernstein, Opal Nations, Bill Sherman;
Issue 8 a, 1982, with contributions from Paul Buck, Ulli Freer, Chris Jones, Paige Mitchell;
Issue 10, 1982: includes work by Cris Cheek;
Issue 11, 1982: includes work by Paul Buck, Ken Edwards, Simon Pettet;
Issue 12, 1982, announcing the end of the project

MOTTRAM: 7/148/1


Clump, no publication details, epigraph, 'This is not a school magazine'

MOTTRAM: 7/149/1


CMR (Clare Market Review: Magazine of the L S E (London School of Economics) Students' Union, no issue number (London, Spring 1963): includes articles on Berthold Brecht, 'The English suburb' and poems by Roy Fisher and Gael Turnbull

MOTTRAM: 7/150/1-3


Cobbing Kith & Kin 1 (London, 1991), family history newsletter compiled by Bob Cobbing;
Issue 2, 1991;
Issue 3, 1992

MOTTRAM: 7/151/1


Coconino Chronicle, items from 1927-1928, reprinted 1988: includes many Krazy Kat cartoons (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/152/1


Coda: poets & writers newsletter 6/3 (New York, 1979): articles, mostly on commercial art scene

MOTTRAM: 7/153/1-2


The Co-Evolution Quarterly 18 (Sausalito, California, 1978), published by the Whole Earth Catalog;
Issue 20, 1978

MOTTRAM: 7/154/1


Coldspring Journal 9 (Cherry Valley, New York, 1976): includes work by Victor Bokris and Aram Saroyan, with covering note from Victor (Bokris)

MOTTRAM: 7/155/1-5


Collection 1 (Hove, Sussex, 1968), edited by Peter Riley: includes work by Andrew Crozier, John Hall, Lee Harwood, John James, J. H. Prynne, Jack Spicer;
Issue 2, 1968: includes work by David Chaloner, Barry MacSweeney, Stephen Rodefer and Charles Olson, with insert page with extra Olson poem;
Issue 3, 1969: includes work by John James, Andrew Crozier, Douglas Oliver;
Issue 4, also titled Tzarad 3, 1969: includes work by Tristan Tzara translated by Lee Harwood, Francis Ponge translated by Peter Riley, and poems by J. H. Prynne, Thomas Clark, Tom Raworth, Anne Waldman, John James, Chris Torrance, Andrew Crozier, Wendy Mulford;
Issue 7, 1970: includes poems by J. H. Prynne, Douglas Oliver, Thomas A. Clark, Wendy Mulford, Peter Riley, Barry MacSweeney, Andrew Crozier, John Weiners, Frank O'Hara, Jack Spicer, Barbara Guest, Anne Waldman

MOTTRAM: 7/156/1-3


Collusion: putting music in its place 1 (London, 1981): notably articles on Black music;
Issue 2 (1982): includes items by David Toop and Lol Coxhill;
Issue 4, 1983

MOTTRAM: 7/157/1


Columbia Forum: a quarterly journal of fact and opinion 12/2 (New York, 1969): includes articles on population, biochemistry, human rights, and poems and views

MOTTRAM: 7/158/1


Comment (King's College London newsletter) 27, 1988

MOTTRAM: 7/159/1


Community: an independent quarterly journal 1/1 (Colombo, 1954): includes article 'The poetry of Wallace Stevens' by Robin Mayhead

MOTTRAM: 7/160/1


Composer 54 (London, 1975): includes articles on the composes Arnold Schoenberg and Vaughan Williams

MOTTRAM: 7/161/1-7


Contact 1 (Philadelphia, 1972): work by Jeff Goldberg. Victor Bokris / Andrew Wylie, Marty West, Ken Bluford;
Issue 2, 1972, same authors;
Issue 3, 1972, same authors;
Issue 4, 1973: interview with Larry Fagin, and work by poets including John Wieners, Tom Pickard, Anne Waldman;
Issue 5 [1973]: interview with and poems by Anne Waldman;
Issue 13, 1976: includes interviews with Murray Schafer and Philip Glass;
Issue 16, 1977: includes feature on electronic music studios;
(Note: for Contact, issue 6, 1973, featuring Tom Pickard, see MOTTRAM 5 / Pickard)

MOTTRAM: 7/162/1


Contact II (i.e. roman numeral 2) 2/10 (New York, 1978): includes special feature on Jerome Rothenberg

MOTTRAM: 7/163/1-2

1974, 1977

Contemporary Music Newsletter 8/3 (New York, 1974): includes conversation with Milton Babbit;
Issue 10/1-2, 1977: includes report of John Cage concert

MOTTRAM: 7/164/1


Cosmos 2 (York, 1969): includes work by Michael Horovitz and Jeff Nuttall

MOTTRAM: 7/165/1


Cottonwood Review (Lawrence, Kansas): unnumbered issue, 1968, including interview with Robert Creeley

MOTTRAM: 7/166/1


Counter-spy 6/3 (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1982): articles on United States activities in Meso-America, and interview of Noam Chomsky

MOTTRAM: 7/167/1-2


Coyote's Journal 4 (San Francisco, 1965): includes poems by Robert Kelly, Thomas Clark, Gary Snyder;
Issues 5-6, 1966: includes poems by Gary Snyder, Robert Duncan, Paul Blackburn, Allen Ginsberg, Anselm Hollo, Tom Pickard, Philip Whalen, Clark Coolidge, 2 copies;
(Note: for Issue 7, 1966, comprising New Sharon's prospect and journals by Theodore Enslin, see MOTTRAM 5 / Enslin)

MOTTRAM: 7/168/1-3


Credences 4 (Kent, Ohio, 1977): includes poems by Thomas Meyer, Robert Duncan, prose by Douglas Woolf, interviews with Joel Oppenheimer, Ed Dorn;
Issue 5-6, 1978: includes poems by Thomas Meyer, Robert Duncan, essays by John Wieners and Ken Irby;
Issue 8-9, 1980: includes section on Robert Duncan

MOTTRAM: 7/169/1


Critical Quarterly: Poetry: an anthology of the best poems by new writers in the '50s-a Critical Quarterly supplement (Hull, 1960): includes work by Kingsley Amis, D. J. Enright, Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin

MOTTRAM: 7/170/1


Crowbar 34 (London, (1985)): local issues in Brixton, especially reports on police action against squatters

MOTTRAM: 7/171/1


Crucible (Auckland, New Zealand, Summer 1969): material on Yannis Ritsos and James Baldwin

MOTTRAM: 7/172/1


R. Crumb's Comics and Stories 1 (no place of publication given, dated 1964 and 1969): an adult-style cartoon of Fritz the Cat

MOTTRAM: 7/173/1


Cultural Correspondence 9 (Providence, Rhode Island, 1979): 'Sex roles and humour' issue

MOTTRAM: 7/174/1


The Curiously Strong 4/9-10 (London, 1975): 'Final issue' including work by Anthony Barnett, Allen Fisher, Lee Harwood, Jeff Nuttall, John Seed, Iain Sinclair, Chris Torrance

MOTTRAM: 7/175/1-3


Curtains (edited by Paul Buck, Hebden Bridge):
A range of curtains (double issue, 1973): includes work by Anthony Barnett, Cid Corman, Kris Hemensley, Jeremy Hilton, Bernard Noël, Jeff Nuttall, Douglas Oliver, Peter Riley, Gael Turnbull, Rosmarie Waldrop, in unbound sections;
Split Curtains, 1975: includes work by Bernard Noël, Jacques Derrida, Michel Camus, Georges Bataille, Jeff Nuttall;
bal:le:d curtains, 1978: includes work by Ulli McCarthy (Freer), Allen Fisher, Georges Bataille, Clayton Eshleman, Brian Catling, Iain Sinclair, Bill Griffiths, Peter Riley, Danielle Collobert, with subscription forms;
(Note: for a supplement to Split Curtains, containing work by Glenda George and Geraldine Monk, see MOTTRAM 5 / Monk)

MOTTRAM: 7/176/1


Curtal Sails (Consortium of London Presses, 1976): includes work by Sean O Huigin, Bill Griffiths, Lawrence Upton, Bob Cobbing, Jeremy Adler, Cris Cheek, P. C. Fencott

MOTTRAM: 7/177/1-46


The Daily Kent Stater (Ohio) (outsize):
Issues for 19 Nov 1968, 20 Nov 1968, 29 Sep 1970, 30 Sep 1970 (comprising 2 different issues for same date), 1 Oct 1970, 6 Oct 1970, 7 Oct 1970, 9 Oct 1970, 13 Oct 1970, 14 Oct 1970, 19 Oct 1970, 20 Oct 1970, 22 Oct 1970, 27 Oct 1970, 28 Oct 1970, 3 Nov 1970, 6 Nov 1970, 10 Nov 1970, 11 Nov 1970 (2 copies), 12 Nov 1970, 19 Nov 1970, 20 Nov 1970, 24 Nov 1970, 8 Jan 1971, 12 Jan 1971, 14 Jan 1971, 19 Jan 1971, 20 Jan 1971, 21 Jan 1971, 26 Jan 1971, 28 Jan 1971, 29 Jan 1971, 2 Feb 1971, 3 Feb 1971, 4 Feb 1971, 5 Feb 1971, 9 Feb 1971, 10 Feb 1971, 12 Feb 1971, 16 Feb 171, 17 Feb 1971, 23 Feb 1971, 25 Feb 1971, 10 Mar 71 (2 copies), 11 Mar 1971, a total of 46 items, covering the shootings on the campus and their aftermath;
(Note: see also The Kent Stater, below)

MOTTRAM: 7/178/1


Daily Star 23 Feb 1993 (London), sample issue of 'The newspaper that cares' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/179/1


Damascus Road 2 (Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1965): includes poems by Joel Oppenheimer, LeRoi Jones, Jerome Rothenberg

MOTTRAM: 7/180/1


Departures: contemporary arts review 1/1 (Boulder, Colorado, 1979): includes interview with William Burroughs, and essay on Gilbert Sorrentino

MOTTRAM: 7/181/1


Diacritics: a review of contemporary criticism 7/1 (New York, 1977): includes article on Roland Barthes

MOTTRAM: 7/182/1-39


Dialogue 1/1 (Washington, D. C., [1968]): includes articles by J. K. Galbraith and R. Kostelanetz;
Issue 2/4, 1969: issue on 'Technology and human values';
Issue 5/4, 1972: on education;
Issue 7/1, 1974: on 'The frontiers of science';
Issue 9/2 (Washington, D. C., 1976): includes articles on 'The idea of America 1776-1976';
Issue 9/4, 1976: on 'America in autobiography';
Issue 11/2, 1978;
Issue 11/3, 1978: on 'The energy dilemma';
Issue 12/3, 1979: with ecological emphasis;
Issue 51, 1981: includes features on composer Philip Glass and artist Philip Guston;
Issue 53, 1981: articles on architecture, science, business, culture;
Issue 54, 1981;
Issue 57, 1982: includes feature on 'Ethnic America';
Issue 58, 1982: includes article on Marshall McLuhan;
Issue 59, 1983: includes articles on modern American music and dance;
Issue 62, 1983: includes material on and by Norman Mailer;
Issue 64, 1984;
Issue 65, 1984: includes article on American art 1760-1910;
Issue 66, 1984: includes selections from modern authors including Theodore Dreiser, Carl Sandburg, Saul Bellow;
Issue 67, 1985: includes sections on the Constitution and on medicine;
Issue 68, 1985: includes feature on Labor Unions;
Issue 69, 1985: includes Norman Mailer on Huckleberry Finn, and section 'At the frontiers of thought';
Issue 70, 1985: includes section on the American Stage;
Issue 71, 1986: 'Environmentalism reconsidered';
Issue 72, 1986: includes section on 'Architecture and life in the city';
Issue 73, 1986: includes article on Theodore Dreiser;
Issue 74, 1986: includes section, 'The role of technological innovation';
Issue 75, 1987: includes articles on the interpretation of the Constitution;
Issue 76, 1987: includes article on international law;
Issue 77, 1987: includes article on Ernest Hemingway;
Issue 78, 1987: includes 'The story of a schoolteacher' by John Barth;
Issue 79, 1988: includes a special section celebrating the Constitution;
Issue 80, 1988: articles include, 'The lure of California' and 'Nietzsche in America';
Issue 81, 1988: includes article on 'String theory';
Issue 82, 1988;
Issue 83, 1989: includes 'a special section on Black literature in the United States';
Issue 84, 1989: includes a special section on 'Ferment in Higher Education';
Issue 85, 1989: 'Can we save the Earth?';
Issue 87, 1990: includes feature on Nineteenth Century American painting

MOTTRAM: 7/183/1-2


Dialogue India 2 (Calcutta, [1971]), Indian poets' work in English;
Issue 3 [1972]

MOTTRAM: 7/184/1


Dictes & Measures (Lincoln, 1977), 'Not a magazine but a bulletin of work in the general area of poetry'

MOTTRAM: 7/185/1


The Dick: A newspaper of truth, rectitude, honor & knowledge 1/1 (New York, 1967), edited by Ed Sanders: includes short articles, visuals, a poem, 'For Anger' by Michael McClure, and a revealing quiz about literary personalities (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/186/1-3


Dissent: a quarterly of Socialist opinion 5/1 (New York, 1958): articles, including 'Reflections on Hipsterism' by Jean Malaquais, Ned Polsky and Norman Mailer;
Issue 7/4, 1960: includes articles on capitalism and poverty;
Issue 11/3, 1964: main feature, 'The Negro revolution-where shall it go now?'



(Note: for DM: The David Mamet Review see MOTTRAM 5 / Mamet)

MOTTRAM: 7/187/1


Doones 1/4 (Bowling Green, Ohio, 1971), edited by Ray DiPalma: includes work by Tom Raworth, Rosmarie Waldrop

MOTTRAM: 7/188/1-3


Down Beat 28/19 (Chicago, 1961): 'The rise of folk-blues';
Issue 29/3. 1962: includes article on Billie Holiday;
Issue 32/6, 1965: anniversary tribute to Charlie Parker

MOTTRAM: 7/189/1


Down Town: Arts activities in Lower Manhattan 5/5 (New York, 1982) (outsize)



(Note: for The Drama Review see TDR)

MOTTRAM: 7/190/1


Driff's: the antiquarian and second hand book fortnightly 1-3 (London, 1986), serving as a 3-part catalogue of the works of Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 7/191/1-11

1972, 1973

The Drummer 219 (Philadelphia, 30 Nov 1972): includes article on Gary Snyder;
Issue 245 (29 May 1973): includes feature on Watergate story;
Issue 268, 1973, open at interview with Mohammed Ali (formerly Cassius Clay): issue opens with article, 'Why it is necessary to impeach President Nixon';
Issue 270, 1973, open at article on Norman Mailer;
Issue 272, 1973, open at article on Bob Dylan;
Issue 273, 1973, open at interview with Gore Vidal;
Issue 274, 1973: includes interview with Timothy Leary;
Issue (275), 1973: includes part one of article on Andy Warhol by Bokris-Wylie;
Issue 276, 1974: includes part 2 of article on Andy Warhol by Bokris-Wylie;
Issue 279, 1974: includes feature on the 'Inner Peace Racket';
Issue 286, 1974: open at article, 'Robin Morgan and the Women's Rebellion' (outsize); (Note: for issue 282, 1974, a Ginsberg special, see MOTTRAM 5 /Ginsberg)

MOTTRAM: 7/192/1


Dust 3/2 (El Cerrito, California, 1967), fiction, translations and poetry;
(Note: for issue 3/4 (Paradise, California, 1969), featuring D. A. Levy, see MOTTRAM 5 /Levy)

MOTTRAM: 7/193/1


E magazine 1/2 (The Hague and Rockville, Maryland, 1976): includes work by Jiri Valoch, Richard Kostelanetz and Kirby Malone

MOTTRAM: 7/194/1-4


E Pod 2 (Baltimore, Maryland, 1978): includes work by Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, Ray DiPalma, Steve McCaffery, Ron Silliman, 2 copies;
Issue 3, 1978: work by Hannah Weiner and Jackson Mac Low, 2 copies;
Issue 4, 1978: documentation of the Belgian theatre group, 'Le Plan K', 2 copies;
Issue 7, 1980: includes short item on Clive Fencott and coverage of the 'Festival of Disappearing Arts', with insert posters

MOTTRAM: 7/195/1


The Ear in a Wheatfield n. s. 2 (Hawthorn, Australia, 1973), edited by Kris Hemensley: includes work by John Hall and Paul Buck

MOTTRAM: 7/196/1-3


Earthship 1 (Southampton, 1970), edited by Kris Hemensley and Colin Symes: includes contributions from John Hall, John Riley, David Chaloner;
Issue 2, 1971, edited by Hemensley: includes work by Jeremy Hilton, Bill Butler, John Freeman, Opal Nations, Bruton Connors;
Issue 3, 1971: includes work by Douglas Woolf, Kenneth Cox, Tim Longville, Peter Finch

MOTTRAM: 7/197/1-2


The East Village Other 1/7 (New York, 1966): emphasis on article, 'Total Field Awareness', 10;
Issue 2/2, 1966: includes article, 'Renaissance or die' by Allen Ginsberg (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/198/1-2


The East West Journal 5/6 (Boston, Massachusetts, 1975): includes interview with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, separate book review section;
Issue 6/5, 1976: features, 'Report from Naropa-Rocky Mountain Buddhism-with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/199/1


Eco Contemporaneo: Revista interamericana 5 (Buenos Aires, 1963): includes article (in Spanish), 'El artista y las revoluciones' by Allen Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 7/200/1


The Ecologist 1/1 (London, 1970): on man and the environment, the quality of life, pollution, conservation

MOTTRAM: 7/201/1


Ecuatorial 2 (King's College London, 1979), edited by Will Rowe and others: includes work by Robert Creeley, Enrique Molina, Jack Spicer, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/202/1-3


Editor Anonymous 2 (Leeds, 1980): mostly local poets, plus some visuals;
Issue 3, 1980: includes prose by Jeff Nuttall, with covering letter from editor, Ju Desborough, to Mottram;
Issue 4, 1980: includes work by Jeff Nuttall and Adrian Henri

MOTTRAM: 7/203/1


Elan: a journal of review and opinion 1/4 (Free University, London, 1966): issue devoted to Black Power

MOTTRAM: 7/204/1-2


Eleventh Finger 1 (London, 1965), edited by Paul Evans and Paul Matthews: includes work by Lee Harwood, George Dowden, Jerome Rothenberg, Anselm Hollo, two copies, one with enclosed manuscript note from Evans;
Issue 2 (Brighton, 1965): includes work by Günter Grass, Jerome Rothenberg, Paul Evans

MOTTRAM: 7/205/1-10


Encore: the voice of the vital theatre 9 (London, 1957): includes discussion involving Arthur Miller and Kenneth Tynan;
Issue 10, 1957: includes article on Tennessee Williams by Peter Hall;
Issue 13, 1958: articles by Bernard Kops, Ted Willis;
Issue 15, 1958: articles by Edwin Morgan, Bernard Miles, Garcia Lorca;
Issue 17, 1958: Edwin Morgan on Edinburgh Festival;
Issue 18, 1959;
Issue 21, 1959;
Issue 36, 1962: includes review of Jack Gelber's play The Apple;
Issue 42, 1963;
Issue 47, 1964: includes Mottram article, 'The new American wave', 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/206/1-6


Encounter 45 (London, 1957): articles, including Marcus Cunliffe on George Washington, and a poem by e. e. cummings;
Issue 52, 1958: includes article by Leslie A. Fiedler 'The Un-angry young men: America's post-war generation';
Issue 60, 1958: includes poem by St-John Perse;
Issue 99, 1961: includes review of Norman Mailer's work;
Issue 110, 1962: includes an article on Norman Mailer;
Issue 123, 1963: includes poems by W. H. Auden and Vernon Scannell

MOTTRAM: 7/207/1-3

1982, 1986

Enemy News (Newsletter of the Wyndham Lewis Society) 17 (no place of publication given, Autumn 1982);
Issue 22, 1986, with typescript letter from newly appointed editor, Paul O'Keefe;
Issue 23, 1986, with further typescript letter from Paul O'Keefe

MOTTRAM: 7/208/1


The English Intelligencer, series 2, issue 2 (Hastings, 1967), edited by Peter Riley: includes work by Barry MacSweeney, J. H. Prynne, John James

MOTTRAM: 7/209/1-2

1982, 1986

Equofinality 1 (Worcester, 1982): includes work by John Wieners and Barry MacSweeney;
Issue 3 (Birmingham, 1986): includes work by Andrew Duncan, J. H. Prynne, Denise Riley



(NOTE: for issue 8 of Esprit (University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, 1964), dedicated to Flannery O'Connor, see MOTTRAM 5 / O'Connor)

MOTTRAM: 7/210/1-3


Esquire: the magazine for men (New York, Jul 1963): includes items on writers William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Norman Mailer, Mickey Spillane and Allen Ginsberg (outsize);
Issue, October 1970: features pre-publication excerpts from Ernest Hemingway's novel Islands in the stream (outsize);
Issue, Apr 1974: includes article by Philip Roth on Milan Kundera and short stories by Kundera

MOTTRAM: 7/211/1


Etymspheres (David Miller, Balaclava, Australia): typescript letter, 30 Oct (1975), seeking Mottram contribution to a future issue of the magazine

MOTTRAM: 7/212/1


European Association for American Studies Newsletter (Liège, Feb 1988)

MOTTRAM: 7/213/1


The European English Messenger 1/2 (Cologne, 1992), newsletter of the European Society for the Study of English

MOTTRAM: 7/214/1


European Judaism 8/1 (Amsterdam, 1973-1974): includes poem, 'The Book of Job' by George Oppen

MOTTRAM: 7/215/1-2


Evergreen Review 2 (New York, 1957): issue devoted to the 'San Francisco Scene' including Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Duncan (note: should be accompanied by an L. P. gramophone record, see Mottram interview by Wignesan, 55);
Issue 46, 1967: includes short items by William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 7/216/1


The Everyday Theatre Bulletin (1) (New York, [1965]): includes articles by Allen Ginsberg and Gerard Malanga

MOTTRAM: 7/217/1


Exit 5-6 (Allenton, Derby, (1967)), 'British visual poetry double issue', including Tom Phillips, Edwin Morgan, Dom Sylvester Houedard, John Furnival, Bob Cobbing (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/218/1-2


Exquisite Corpse: a monthly of books and ideas 1/1 (Baltimore University, Jan 1983): includes article, 'The Surrealist influence in Black poetry' by Michael Weaver;
Issue 1/10-11 (Oct-Nov 1983): principally reviews



(Note: for Extra Verse 17 (London, 1966), featuring the work of Bob Cobbing, with article by Dom Sylvester Houedard, see MOTTRAM 5 / Cobbing)

MOTTRAM: 7/219/1


Extremes 2 (Leeds, 1976), '... a vehicle for artists, containing their views, criticisms, ideas, and articles....'

MOTTRAM: 7/220/1


The Face 94 (London, 1988), fashion magazine; short article on Charles Bukowski

MOTTRAM: 7/221/1-5


Fathar 1 (McNaughton, Buffalo, New York, 1970): includes work by John Wieners, Ted Berrigan, Robert Creeley, Frank O'Hara, Chief Seattle;
Issue 2, 1970, includes work by Michael McClure, Lewis MacAdams, Charles Olson, John Wieners, Ed Sanders;
Issue 3, 1971, poems by John Clarke;
Issue 5, 1973, includes work by John Wieners and Ed Sanders;
Fathar Sixty-six, 1974, includes work by Robert Duncan, Ed Dorn, Ed Sanders, Aram Saroyan;
Fathar Zayin, 1975: includes work by Charles Olson, Tom Raworth, Amiri Baraka

MOTTRAM: 7/222/1


Ferro-Botanica: prose art poetry (South Hoboken, New Jersey, Jan 1982, strong visual element

MOTTRAM: 7/223/1


Fétiche Journal 2 (Chiuduno, Italy, 1982), Italian texts and visuals, some English poetry

MOTTRAM: 7/224/1-4


Figs 1 (Durham, not dated), edited by Tony Baker: includes work by Ralph Hawkins, Colin Simms, Tony Jackson;
Issue 3, 1980: includes work by Ken Edwards, Allen Fisher, Bill Griffiths, Asa Benveniste, Elaine Randell, with manuscript note from editor, Tony Baker;
Issue 5 [1981]: includes poems by John Seed, George Evans, Ken Edwards, Ric Caddel, Robert Sheppard;
Issue 12, 1986: includes work by Bill Griffiths, Elaine Randell, Kelvin Corcoran, George Evans, John Seed, 2 copies;
(Note: for letters from Tony Baker about printing Mottram's 'Legal poems' in Figs 5, see MOTTRAM 2)

MOTTRAM: 7/225/1-2

1967, 1968

Fire 1 (London, 1967): includes essay by Gary Snyder and poems by R. D. Laing;
Issue 2, 1968: includes material by Che Guevara, as well as article by Gary Snyder and central pull-out visual by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/226/1


Fire Exit 3 (Boston, Massachusetts, 1972): includes work by Robert Creeley, John Wieners, Lee Harwood, accompanied by introductory letter, 27 Nov 1972, from the editor, Bill Corbett

MOTTRAM: 7/227/1


First Issue 5 (New York, 1971): includes work by Douglas Blazek, Andrei Corescu, Glen Baxter, John Perlman

MOTTRAM: 7/228/1-5


First Offence 1 (Stodmarsh, Kent, 1986), edited by Tim Fletcher and Chris Beckett: includes work by Allen Fisher, Maggie O'Sullivan;
Issue 3, 1987: includes work by Paul Buck, Kelvin Corcoran, Robert Hampson, Robert Sheppard, Rosemarie Waldrop;
Issue 6, 1990: includes work by Gilbert Adair, Bruce Andrews, Paul A Green, John Seed, John Wilkinson;
Issue 7, 1991: includes work by Clayton Eshleman, Pierre Joris, Lawrence Upton;
Issue 8, 1993.:includes work by David Annwn, Maggie O'Sullivan, Allen Fisher, Adrian Clarke

MOTTRAM: 7/229/1


Fix 1 (Hayes, Middlesex, [1970]): includes poems by Jeff Nuttall, Tom Raworth, Bernard Kelly, Ken Edwards, Carlyle Reedy, Ulli McCarthy (Freer)

MOTTRAM: 7/230/1-2


Flame 1 (Wivenhoe, 1968), titled, 'Some Flame poetry', representing 'some of those poets reading at the Arts Festival of the University of Essex'; includes Anselm Hollo, Andrew Lloyd, Lee Harwood, Andrew Crozier, Thomas A. Clark;
Issue 6, 1969, includes poems by Peter Riley and Chris Torrance and poems and translations by Lee Harwood

MOTTRAM: 7/231/1-2


Flash Art 23 (Rome, 1971), issue on Ben Vautier (outsize);
Issue 92-93 (Milan, 1979): includes survey of painting in New York

MOTTRAM: 7/232/1-16


The Floating Bear: a newsletter 10 (New York, 1961), edited by Diane Di Prima and LeRoi Jones: includes signed appeal (by Di Prima) for funds;
Issue 12, 1961: contains work by John Ashbery, A. B. Spellman, Carl Solomon;
Issue 13, 1961: contains work by A. B. Spellman, Joe Early, David Ossman, Steve Jonas, John Thomas, Fielding Dawson;
Issue 14, 1961: comprises playlet by Michael McClure, 'The feast';
Issue 16, 1961, edited by Diane Di Prima and LeRoi Jones: includes poem by Charles Olson;
Issue 17, 1961: includes work by Joel Oppenheimer, Hubert Selby, Charles Olson;
Issue 20, 1962: editorial on failure of obscenity prosecution against Floating Bear, plus work by Paul Blackburn, Ed Dorn and others;
Issue 21, 1962: includes work by Allen Ginsberg, Frank O'Hara and Charles Olson;
Issue 22, 1962: includes work by LeRoi Jones and Gary Snyder;
Issue 23, 1962: includes work by Diane Di Prima;
Issue 27, 1963: features unattributed sequence, 'The art of literature: for Lewis Welch';
Issue 29, 1964: features translation of Robert Grosseteste's Treatise on Light, plus poems by Frank O'Hara and Gerard Malanga;
Issue 32, 1966: includes work by Michael McClure and Allen Ginsberg, 2 copies;
Issue 33, San Francisco, 1969, edited by John Wieners, including work by Jack Spicer, Allen De Loach, Diane Di Prima;
Issue 36, 1969: edited by Bill Berkson;
Issue 37, 1969: edited by Diane Di Prima. Includes work by LeRoi Jones, Gary Snyder, Michael McClure

MOTTRAM: 7/233/1


Fly By Night 1 (Huntington, New York, 1981): poems, prose, visuals, including work from Opal L. Nations

MOTTRAM: 7/234/1


Focus on Polytechnics 11 (London, 1979): features a quasi-geodesic dome structure, carrier bag, blue folder marked, 'Technology and culture'

MOTTRAM: 7/235/1


Folder 3 (1954-1955). Includes work by Zoe Karelli, Frank O'Hara, Peri Paolo Pasolini, Kenneth Koch, John Ashbery (Note: issue number '3' on cover, 2/1 inside)



(Note: for For Now 12a (New York, not dated), comprising prose by Theodore Enslin, see MOTTRAM 5 / Enslin)

MOTTRAM: 7/236/1-8


Form 3 (Cambridge, 1966): includes poems by Ian Hamilton Finlay and Ernst Jandl;
Issue 4, 1967: includes features on Black Mountain College and the Brighton Festival Exhibition of Concrete Poetry;
Issue 5, 1967: continued material on Black Mountain College, and article on De Stijl architecture;
Issue 6, 1967: continued material on Black Mountain College, and article on Russian unofficial art;
Issue 7, 1968: concentrating on photography, cinema, kinetic art;
Issue 8, 1968: includes material on Black Mountain College, and on Pierre Albert-Birot;
Issue 9, 1969: includes studies of Marcel Duchamp, Theo van Doesberg, and 'notes on Theater at Black Mountain College';
Issue 10, 1969: includes article, 'Structuralism and literary criticism', poems by Jiri Valoch, and a study of Ian Hamilton Finlay

MOTTRAM: 7/237/1


Fortean Times: the journal of strange phenomena 31 (London, 1980), an article, 'The touch of death' on Far Eastern martial arts, by Michael Goss, has been emphasised

MOTTRAM: 7/238/1-2


Fragmente: a magazine of contemporary poetics 3 (Oxford, 1991): includes work by Peter Riley, Tony Baker, Geraldine Monk, Bill Griffiths, Richard Caddel;
typescript letter from Andrew Lawson [1990] seeking contributions to the magazine

MOTTRAM: 7/239/1


The Free Drummer (Philadelphia, 7 Dec 1972): includes interview with Michael McClure by Victor Bokris and Andrew Wylie (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/240/1


Freedom: the independent journal published by the Church of Scientology 38 (Hollywood, California, 1979): includes feature, 'CIA media manipulation' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/241/1


Frendz 28 (London [1972]), open at interview with Bill Butler (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/242/1


Frice 1/1 (Brightlingsea, (1966)): includes poems by Allen Ginsberg, Lee Harwood, Ted Berrigan, Thomas Clark;
(Note: compare Ice, Nice, Vice and Slice magazines)

MOTTRAM: 7/243/1


Friction 4 (Boulder, Colorado, 1983), presents 'four stars': Ted Berrigan, Denyse King, Sue Rhynhart, Nina Zivancevic

MOTTRAM: 7/244/1


Friendly Local Press 1/6 (New York, 1970): includes poems by Gilbert Sorrentino, Diane Wakoski, Jerome Rothenberg, Robert Kelly

MOTTRAM: 7/245/1


Fruit Cup 0 (sic) (New York, 1969): includes work by Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Claude Pelieu, Ed Sanders

MOTTRAM: 7/246/1-3


Fuck You: a magazine of the arts 3/5 (New York, 1963): includes work by Peter Orlovsky, Carol Bergé, Joel Oppenheimer, Jackson Mac Low, with attached manuscript note from Sanders;
Issue 4/5, 1963, edited by Ed Sanders: includes poems by Philip Whalen, Paul Blackburn, Joel Oppenheimer, Carol Bergé, George Montgomery, Michael McClure;
Issue 7/5, 1964: includes work by Norman Mailer, Paul Blackburn, Antonin Artaud, Philip Whalen, Michael McClure, Gary Snyder, Robert Kelly

MOTTRAM: 7/247/1


Fun-Dangos 5 (Holland, 1975), 'The most important European art scandalpaper', edited by Michael Gibbs (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/248/1


Gandalf's Garden: mystical scene magazine 6 (London, 1969)

MOTTRAM: 7/249/1-2

1992, 1993

Garuda 1 (no place of publication, 1992): includes work by Robert Hampson, John Wilkinson, Allen Fisher, Cris Cheek, Bob Cobbing;
Issue 2 (1993): includes work by Carlyle Reedy, Maggie O'Sullivan, Robert Sheppard, Geraldine Monk

MOTTRAM: 7/250/1


The Gatlingburg Press 13/46 (Tennessee, 28 Jul 1960), free copy: 'Visitor section' (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/251/1


Gay News 116 (London, 1977): accompanied by material asking for support in forthcoming blasphemy trial (outsize)



(Note: for Gay Sunshine 16 (San Francisco, 1973), including interviews with Allen Ginsberg, see MOTTRAM 5 / Ginsberg)



(Note: for Gazette 23 (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1971), with biographical material about Basil Bunting, see MOTTRAM 5 / Bunting)

MOTTRAM: 7/252/1


Genesis West 7 (Burlingame, California, 1965): feature on William Palmer, with fiction and poetry

MOTTRAM: 7/253/1


Ginger Snaps no issue number (Exeter, Mar 1972), edited by Michael Gibbs: 'A collection of cut-ups / machine prose / word & image trips' including work by William Burroughs, Tom Phillips, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin and Claude Pelieu

MOTTRAM: 7/254/1


Global Village Voice 1 (London, 1990): issue on the theme of 'Incendiary'

MOTTRAM: 7/255/1


Gnomon 2 (Lexington, Kentucky, 1967): includes work by Theodore Enslin, Robert Kelly, and translations by Ezra Pound

MOTTRAM: 7/256/1


Good Elf 5-6 (London, 1977), edited by Lawrence Upton: includes work by Bill Griffiths and Jeff Nuttall

MOTTRAM: 7/257/1


Gone Soft 1/3 (Salem, Massachusetts, 1974): includes transcript of conversation between Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky and Gregory Corso



(Note: for Graduate, see University of Toronto Graduate)

MOTTRAM: 7/258/1


The Great Society 1 (New York, 1966): includes poem by Allen Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 7/259/1-2

1974, 1976

Great Works 3 (Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, 1974): includes work by Jim Burns, John Seed, Andrew Crozier, John Welch;
Issue 6, 1976: includes work by A. E. Markham, Ric Caddel, Yann Lovelock, Andrew Crozier

MOTTRAM: 7/260/1-7


Greater London Arts Newsletter 79 (London, Sep 1974): features C. Day Lewis fellowships;
Issue 94 (Jul-Aug 1976): includes article on the Redcliffe Maud Report on funding;
Issue 96 (misnumbered 97), (Jan-Feb 1977): includes notes on 'London Calling' festival, co-ordinated by John Sharkey;
Issue 97 (Mar-Apr 1977): on Writers in Residence schemes;
Issue 101 (Nov-Dec 1977): features dance;
Issue 102 (Jan-Feb 1978);
Issue 193 (Mar-Apr 1978): includes feature on holograms

MOTTRAM: 7/261/1


Greater London Arts Yearbook 1974-1975



(Note: for Green Flag, see Journal for the Protection of All Beings)

MOTTRAM: 7/262/1


Grosseteste Review 8 (Pensnett, Staffordshire, 1975): comprises Roy Fisher's '19 poems and an interview'



(Note: for Guns 20/4 (Skokie, Illinois, Apr 1974), see MOTTRAM 9/20)

MOTTRAM: 7/263/1


Hapt 16 (Bournemouth, (1970)): includes poem, 'Victory: the dancers' by George Dowden; accompanied by an undated typescript letter to Mottram from the editor

MOTTRAM: 7/264/1


Haravec 3 (Peru, 1967): includes section, 'Twelve young British poets' with work by Roy Fisher and Lee Harwood

MOTTRAM: 7/265/1-4


Harper's Magazine vol. 218, no. 1305 (New York, Feb 1959): includes, 'The love song of J. D. Salinger' by Arthur Mizener;
Issue vol. 223 no. 1337 (Oct 1961): 'The college scene, a 64-page supplement on the new generation of undergraduates and their teachers...';
Supplement, Apr 1962: containing the novel, A long and happy life by Reynolds Price;
Issue vol. 230 no. 1379 (Apr 1965): special supplement, 'The South today... 100 years after Appomattox'

MOTTRAM: 7/266/1


The Hasty Papers (New York, 1960), 'A one-shot review': includes work by Gregory Corso, Frank O'Hara, Joel Oppenheimer, Allen Ginsberg, John Ashbery, Charles Olson, Jack Kerouac, William Carlos Williams, Gael Turnbull, Barbara Guest (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/267/1


Head 2 (New York, 1965), edited by Erik Kiviat, 'Head Second' contains poems by Judson Crews with drawings by D. A. Levy

MOTTRAM: 7/268/1


The Head and Freak Mad 5 (Brighton, 1969): includes Bill Butler's poem, 'Seattle: everybody died' (Note: caution! razorblade incorporated into cover!)

MOTTRAM: 7/269/1


Help for tired minds 1/2 (Philadelphia, 1960): cartoons plus, 'An occurrence at Owl creek ' by Ambrose Beirce and 'The liberation of earth' by William Tenn

MOTTRAM: 7/270/1-2


Heretic 1/1 (London, 1981): includes work by Allen Fisher, Bill Griffiths, Tom Raworth;
Issue 1/2, 1981: includes work by Ken Edwards, Tony Lopez, Paul van Ostaijen

MOTTRAM: 7/271/1-2


Hecate: a women's interdisciplinary journal 2/1 (St. Lucia, Queensland, 1976): articles, reviews, poems, prose;
Issue 2/2, 1976

MOTTRAM: 7/272/1


Horde 1 (London, 1964), edited by Johnny Byrne, Lee Harwood, Roger Jones and Miles: includes work by Pete Brown, George Dowden, Harry Guest, Mike Horovitz

MOTTRAM: 7/273/1


Horizon 117 (London, 1949), edited by Cyril Connolly: article, 'the literature of extreme situations' by Albert Votaw, emphasised

MOTTRAM: 7/274/1


The Human Handkerchief 1 (Colchester, [1974]), edited by Ralph Hawkins, Doug Oliver, Simon Pettet: includes work by Elaine Randell, Ted Berrigan, Iain Sinclair, Pierre Joris, Peter Riley

MOTTRAM: 7/275/1-3


The Human Issue 2/3 (Kent State, Ohio, 1971): poems, visuals, photographs, prose, with covering note from Mack Hassler;
Ralph La Charity's poem, 'Hey', intended as insert to Spring 1971 issue, but vetoed by the College, and distributed separately with covering note by the editors;
Issue 3/2, 1972, 'Special art edition', loose leaf, with covering manuscript letter, 4 Jul 1972 from Mary McConville;
(Note: for The Human Issue 3/3, 1972, including poems by Mottram, see MOTTRAM 3/4)

MOTTRAM: 7/276/1-2


The Huntington Library Quarterly: a journal for the history and interpretation of English and American civilization 26/3 (San Marino, California, 1963): largely historical articles;
Issue 27/4, 1964: includes article on Mark Twain

MOTTRAM: 7/277/1-2


ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) Bulletin 166 (London, Feb 1967): includes essay, 'Chaos and organisation' by Herbert Bruen, much emphasised;
Issue 169, 1967: open at article on theory of museums

MOTTRAM: 7/278/1


ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) Event Sheet (London, Jul 1970): includes note of reading by Ron Padgett and Larry Fagin, and talk on concrete poetry by Peter Mayer; (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/279/1


ICASM (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Nov 1972): news of events

MOTTRAM: 7/280/1


Ice 1/1 (Brightlingsea, not dated): includes poems by Allen Ginsberg, prose by Jack Kerouac;
(Note: compare Frice, Nice, Vice and Slice magazines)

MOTTRAM: 7/281/1-4


Iconolâtre Magazine 11 (West Hartlepool, [1964]): issue includes poem and article by George Dowden;
Issue 18-19 [1966]: includes work by Charles Bukowski, Arthur Moyse, Jeff Nuttall, Andrew Lloyd, Chris Torrance;
Issue 22-23, not dated, with 'special Greek supplement';
Anthology, Upper reaches: poetry from Iconolâtre Magazine, 1963-1968 (Hartlepool, 1969): includes work by Douglas Blazek, Charles Bukowski, Dave Cunliffe, George Dowden, T. L. Kryss, Andrew Lloyd, Arthur Moyse, David Tipton, Chris Torrance

MOTTRAM: 7/282/1


Ikon 1/3 (New York, 1967): includes articles, 'The schizophrenic experience' by R. D. Laing and, 'War Crimes tribunal' by Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russell

MOTTRAM: 7/283/1-2


Illuminations 2 (San Francisco, 1965-1966), folder containing drawings and poems, with emphasis on Red Indian and shaman culture (outsize);
Issue 3, 1967, centre-stapled format: includes poems by Doug Blazek, Ron Silliman

MOTTRAM: 7/284/1-3


Image no issue number (London [1965]): special feature, 'Kinetic art: Concrete poetry' with material on Dom Sylvester Houedard and Scriabin's colour-music, and article by Ian Hamilton Finlay;
Issue 6/1, 1967: includes essays on Wilhelm Reich, 'Potentization and the peripheral forces of nature' and 'Art and inner space';
Issue 7/1, 1968: includes report on the Dialectics Congress (London, 1967) with contributions from R. D. Laing, Allen Ginsberg and others

MOTTRAM: 7/285/1


Image 1 (Oslo, 1980), edited by Hanne Bramness and L. I. Grømer: includes Bramness interview of Tom Pickard and some Pickard poems

MOTTRAM: 7/286/1-2


Imago 7 (London, Ontario, [1967]): 'featuring Theodore Enslin', as well as work by Charles Olson, Anselm Hollo, Malay Roy Choudhury, Carol Bergé;
Issue 20, 1974: includes work by Joel Oppenheimer, Anne Waldman, Michael McClure, Larry Eigner, Fielding Dawson

MOTTRAM: 7/287/1


Impact 1/13 (Brighton, Sussex, 1993): includes feature on Brighton Festival and article on Lee Harwood by Will Ashon

MOTTRAM: 7/288/1-2

1976, 1978

Index on Censorship 5/4 (London, 1976): articles on censorship worldwide;
Issue 7/3, 1978: includes items by Arthur Miller and Tom Stoppard

MOTTRAM: 7/289/1


The Industrial Unionist 4 (Manchester [1975]), 'The official publication of the Industrial Workers of the World, British Section': includes poem and article by Jim Burns

MOTTRAM: 7/290/1


Infolio (Tom Raworth, Cambridge), form inviting further subscriptions, with added manuscript note, 6 Sep 1990 from Raworth

MOTTRAM: 7/291/1


Informations & Documents 187 (Paris, 15 Sep-1 Oct 1963): includes survey of American literature by Marc Saporta, covering Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kenneth Rexroth, Edward Albee

MOTTRAM: 7/292/1


Ingluvin: the magazine of Canadian writing 2 (Montreal, 1971): poems, essays, prose and reviews

MOTTRAM: 7/293/1-2


Inherited Magazine no issue number (Cheltenham [1969]), edited by Peter Hoida: includes work by Dave Cunliffe and Jeff Nuttall;
Inherited Poetry Magazine 7 (London, [1971]): includes work by Michael Horovitz and Barry MacSweeney

MOTTRAM: 7/294/1


Inkblot 1 (Oakland, California, 1983): poetry and prose

MOTTRAM: 7/295/1-3


Innerspace: the magazine of the psychedelic community (New York, not dated, not numbered), front cover green with mandala by Martin Carey: includes article, 'Orphic mystery trip' by R. T. Dorris, relevant to Mottram essay on Dionysus;
Issue with Hieronymus Bosch cover, (1966), open at article, 'The rhinestone in the artichoke' by Arthur Kleps;
'American Indian issue', with article on Sioux life and religion

MOTTRAM: 7/296


Insect Trust Gazette (Berkeley, Summer 1968): poems and visuals

MOTTRAM: 7/297/1


Inside Kung Fu presents (Burbank, California, Sep 1985), issue titled, 'The master's guide to street survival and self-defense'

MOTTRAM: 7/298/1


Interim Pad 1 (San Francisco, 1967): includes work by Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti

MOTTRAM: 7/299/1


Intermedia 1/4 (Los Angeles, 1976): emphasis on poetry and visual poetry, including work by Bruce Andrews, Dick Higgins, Richard Kostelanetz, William Mohr, with circular for subscriptions / contributions (outsize) (Note: the issue has 2 sections)

MOTTRAM: 7/300/1


International Exchange News 21/1 (Washington, D. C., 1976): includes material on John Updike

MOTTRAM: 7/301/1-11


International Socialism 36 (London, 1969): includes report on action by students at London School of Economics;
Issue 38-39, 1969;
Issue 40, 1969;
Issue 41, 1969-1970;
Issue 46, 1971: includes part of article by Ian Birchall on Jean-Paul Sartre;
Issue 47, 1971: includes reports on Ireland, Palestine and Chile;
Issue 48, 1971: includes article on Black Panther Party;
Issue 54, 1973: includes a history of the National Union of Seamen;
Issue 66, 1974, open at article on the need to build a rank and file movement of trade unionists;
Issue 67, 1974, open at article on Karl Marx;
Issue 70, 1974, special study of Northern Ireland situation



(Note: for International Times, see IT)

MOTTRAM: 7/302/1-2


Interstate 5 (Austin, Texas, 1976): includes poems by Tom Raworth, Lyn Lifshin;
Issue 6-7, 1976: includes work by Bruce Andrews, Richard Kostelanetz, Jackson Mac Low, bpNichol

MOTTRAM: 7/303/1-3


Intimacy no issue number (Maidstone, 1992), edited by Adam Mckeown: includes work by Paul Buck, Bernard Noel, David Rushmer;
Issue for 1993: includes work by David Barton, Jacques Derrida, Geraldine Monk;
Issue for 1994: includes work by Paul Buck, Antonin Artaud, Tristan Tzara

MOTTRAM: 7/304/1


Intransit (Eugene, Oregon, 1968), 'The Andy Warhol-Gerard Malanga Monster Issue': other contributors include Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Kenneth Rexroth, Barbara Guest, Anne Waldman, Harry Fainlight, Ted Berrigan, D. A. Levy, Frank O'Hara, Philip Whalen, Charles Bukowski, Diane Di Prima, Larry Eigner, Gilbert Sorrentino

MOTTRAM: 7/305/1-14


Intrepid [1] (New York, March 1964), edited by Allen De Loach: includes work by Peter Orlovsky, 2 copies, 1 slightly damaged;
Issue 2, 1964, includes prose by Herbert Huncke, 2 copies;
Issue 3, 1964: includes poems by Paul Blackburn;
Issue 4, 1964: includes work by Gregory Corso;
Issue 5, 1965: includes work by Brion Gysin, LeRoi Jones, Paul Blackburn, Herbert Huncke, Ed Sanders, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg. Diane Di Prima, 2 copies;
Issue 6, 1966: includes work by Allen Ginsberg, LeRoi Jones, John Wieners, William Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, D. A. Levy;
Issue 7, 1967: includes work by Walter Lowenfels, Tuli Kupferberg, Ted Berrigan, Charles Bukowski, 2 copies;
Issue 8, 1967: includes work by Charles Bukowski, Paul Blackburn, Theodore Enslin, Bill Sherman;
Issue 9, 1967: includes work by LeRoi Jones, Jack Micheline, Charles Bukowski, Joel Oppenheimer, Carl Solomon, Theodore Enslin;
Issue 10, 1968, 'Special issue-poetry of India': including excerpts from Allen Ginsberg 'Calcutta Journal';
Issue 14-15, 1969-1970, 'Special Burroughs Issue': including essay, 'William Burroughs' by Mottram, 3 copies;
Issue 16, 1969, 'Special issue-Canadian poetry-Toronto/Vancouver', 3 copies;
Issue 21-22, 1971-1972, 'Special COSMEP Conference issue', with work from Joan Wilentz, Jerome Rothenberg, John Wieners, Allen De Loach;
Issue 36-38 (Buffalo, New York, 1978): includes poems by Allen De Loach, prose by Richard Kostelanetz, 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/306/1


Invisible City 26-27 (Fairfax, California, 1980), newspaper format, with art, articles and poems by Gilbert Sorrentino, Ray DiPalma and others (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/307/1


Iota (Chesterfield, Derbyshire), form requesting poems and subscriptions for new magazine project, Iota

MOTTRAM: 7/308/1-2

1973, 1980

Iron 1 (Gateshead, 1973): features account by Ginsberg, 'Ginsberg in Newcastle', also poem by Tom Pickard;
Issue 27 (North Shields, 1979-1980), special Popeye issue

MOTTRAM: 7/309/1


IS 10 (Toronto, 1971): includes work by Tom Raworth, Stephen Rodefer, bpNichol, Paul Blackburn

MOTTRAM: 7/310/1


Island 7-8 (Toronto [1966]): includes work by Robert Kelly, Paul Blackburn, Theodore Enslin, bpNichol, Clayton Eshleman, accompanied by a supplement, 'New Wave Canada'

MOTTRAM: 7/311/1

[not dated]

Isthmus 2 (no publishing details): includes work by Michael McClure, Ken Irby, Ed Dorn, Michael Myers, Ezra Pound ('Program 1929')

MOTTRAM: 7/312/1-9


IT (International Times) 7 (London,1967) (outsize): includes 1966 address by Allen Ginsberg, 'Public solitude';
Issue 16, 1967, open at article referring to Ed Sanders and Timothy Leary, and including cartoon by Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 17, 1967, Allen Ginsberg on cover: John Furnival within, plus much drug-related discussion;
Issue 21, 1967, open at Buckminster Fuller's, 'Omnidirectional halo';
Issue 24, London, 1968, features prose work, 'The menacing eye' by Jeff Nuttall;
Issue 60, 1969: includes Mottram essay, 'New time and space structures, part 1', 4-5, 2 copies;
Issue 62, 1969: includes Mottram essay, 'New time and space structures, part 2', 20-21, 2 copies;
Issue 62, 'Plug in socket supplement': includes article on Bob Dylan;
Issue 148, 1973: includes interview with Allen Ginsberg;
(Note: for IT issue 5/5, 1966, comprising poster by William Burroughs, 'The invisible generation', see MOTTRAM 12)



(Note: for Jam (King's College London), issues 2 and 3, 1976, including poem by and interview with Mottram, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/313/1-2


Jargon 30 (published by Jonathan Williams, Highlands, North Carolina, 1959): work by Jonathan Williams and Fielding Dawson;
Issue 31 (New York, 1958, sic): including reproductions of hand-drawn poems by Allen Ginsberg, Louis Zukofsky, Paul Blackburn, Denise Levertov, Joel Oppenheimer

MOTTRAM: 7/314/1-7


Jazz: the magazine 12 (London, 1992): includes article by Michael Hrebeniak and Allan Titmus;
Issue 13 (1992), open at article on Courtney Pine;
Issue 14, 1992;
Issue 17, 1993: includes article on David O'Higgins by Mike Hrebeniak;
Issue 18, 1993: includes feature on Louis Armstrong;
Issue 19, 1993: includes article on Josh Redman by Mike Hrebeniak;
Issue 20, 1993: includes article, 'Holy Barbarians', on the Beat Generation, by Michael Hrebeniak

MOTTRAM: 7/315/1-6


Jazz FM 1 (London, 1990);
Issue 6, 1991;
Issue 7, 1991;
Issue 8, 1991;
Issue 9, 1991;
Issue 10, 1992: includes feature on Billie Holiday

MOTTRAM: 7/316/1


Jazz Journal 16/10 (London, 1963): articles on Jimmy Reed and Red Rodney, substantial record review section

MOTTRAM: 7/317/1


Jazz Monthly 9/8 (St Austell, Cornwall, 1963): articles on Joe Darensbourg, Lester Young, Oscar Brown, Jimmy Raney and Coleman Hawkins, jazz discography for October 1963 as insert

MOTTRAM: 7/318/1


Joe Dimaggio 11 (London, 1974): includes poems by Allen Fisher, Tim Longville, Colin Simms, Chris Torrance, Paul Matthews, Kris Hemensley, David Tipton, Ulli McCarthy (Freer)

MOTTRAM: 7/319/1


Joglars 3 (Providence, Rhode Island, 1966), edited by Clark Coolidge: includes work by Edwin Morgan, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Dom Sylvester Houedard, John Cage, Aram Saroyan

MOTTRAM: 7/320/1-3


Journal for the Protection of all Beings 1 (San Francisco, 1961): includes work by Gary Snyder, Gregory Corso, Michael McClure, Robert Duncan, Norman Mailer, and an interview with William Burroughs;
Issue 2, 1968, subtitled, 'On the barricades': includes photographs of the Paris insurrection of May 1968;
Issue 3, 1969, sub-titled, 'Green Flag', published by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (City Light Books) to raise money for the People's Park Bail Defense Fund: includes work by Denise Levertov, Michael McClure, Robert Duncan, Muriel Rukeyser, Gary Snyder

MOTTRAM: 7/321/1-4


Journal of American Studies 21/2 (Cambridge, 1987): includes articles and reviews;
Issue 22/1, 1988: issue, 'Civil Rights and Student Protest';
Issue 22/2, 1988: includes article by Clive Bush;
Issue 24/2, 1990: includes article by A Robert Lee on Langston Hughes and the Blues

MOTTRAM: 7/322/1


Journal of Area Studies 8 (Portsmouth, 1983): includes article, 'Area Studies: theory and practice' by Tony Dunn

MOTTRAM: 7/323/1


The Journal of Art 4/3 (New York, 1991), open at article, 'Art of the Forties' (outsize)



(Note: for The Journal of Art, Performance and Manufacture, see APM)



(Note: for Journal of Arts & Ideas (New Delhi) issue 5, 1983, see material on Mottram's trip to Hyderabad in 1984, at MOTTRAM 8)



(Note: for Journal of Canadian Studies (Peterborough, Ontario) issue 1/2, 1966, including Mottram article, 'The world and Marshall McLuhan', see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/324/1-2

1989, 1992

The Journal of Comparative Poietics (Revue de Poïétique Comparée) 1/1 (Paris, 1989): contains the dossier, 'Eric Mottram', including poems, biographical note and bibliography;
Issue 2/1, 1992: disquisitions on poietics by T. Wignesan, with marginal notes by Mottram

MOTTRAM: 7/325/1


The Journal of the Rutgers University Library 24/3 (New Jersey, 1961): contains appraisal of Mary Crowden Clarke's parody of Hiawatha

MOTTRAM: 7/326/1


The Judson Review 1 (Greenwich Village, New York, 1963): includes poems by Jackson Mac Low, Denise Levertov, Diane Wakoski, Joel Oppenheimer

MOTTRAM: 7/327/1-4


Juillard (6) (Leeds, 1970): includes work by John Giorno, Larry Fagin, Cavan McCarthy;
Issue 7, 1970: dedicated to Isidore Ducasse (1846-1870);
Issue 8, 1970-1971: includes work by Raymond Roussel, George Trakl, Pierre Reverdy, Andre du Bouchet;
Issue 9, 1972: includes work by Harry Mathews, Bill Zavatsky, Glen Baxter, Anne Waldman, Clark Coolidge

MOTTRAM: 7/328/1


Kaldron: a journal of visual poetry and language 10 (Grover City, California, 1980): includes work by John Furnival (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/329/1


KCL News: The newsletter of King's College London 5 (March 1985): explanation of failure of merger with Bedford College

MOTTRAM: 7/330/1-2


Kent Quarterly 14/2 (Ohio, 1969): poems, prose, visuals and statements;
Issue 14/3, 1969

MOTTRAM: 7/331/1


Kent State F. A. C. T. 1/2 (Kent State, Ohio, 1978): analysis of official responses to the shootings of 1970

MOTTRAM: 7/332/1-2


Kent State University F. Y. I. (Issued by the University Office of Internal Communications), 11 Jan 1971;
Issue, 1 Feb 1971 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/333/1


The Kent Stater (Kent, Ohio, 4 May 1976): includes report on dissatisfaction over civil suit over shootings of 1970 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/334/1-16


The Kerouac Connection 5 (Bristol, 1985): includes obituary of Richard Brautigan (1935-1984);
Issue 8, 1985: includes 'a guided tour' of the Kerouac biographies, and the second part of an article, 'My life-my art: the beat influence' by George Dowden;
Issue 9, 1986;
Issue 10, 1986: includes examination of typescript scroll basis of On the road (1957), and memorial for Bob Kaufman (1925-1986);
Issue 11, 1987;
Issue 12, 1987;
Issue 13, 1987;
Issue 14, 1987;
Issue 15, 1988: 'The John Clellon Holmes issue';
Issue 16, 1988: includes items by Dave Cunliffe, Jim Burns, Iain Sinclair, Jim Burns, George Dowden, Peter Finch;
Issue 19, 1990: includes material by Jim Burns and Dave Cunliffe;
Issue 21, 1991: 'Bumper Jazz Sex Issue', with contributions by Chris Challis and Kaviraj George Dowden;
Issue 23, 1992;
Issue 24 (Glasgow, 1992);
Issue 25, 1993: includes article of Carl Solomon;
Issue 26, 1994: includes interview with Michael McClure

MOTTRAM: 7/335/1


Key Notes 7 (Amsterdam, 1978), magazine of 'musical life in the Netherlands'

MOTTRAM: 7/336/1


King Mob 3 (London, 1968), direct action magazine



(Note: for King's News: The newspaper of King's College London Union Society 29/20 (London, 18 Mar 1965), including drama review by Mottram, see MOTTRAM 3)

MOTTRAM: 7/337/1-2


Kite 1 (Cardiff, 1986), edited by Chris Broadrib: includes work by Allen Fisher, Bob Cobbing, Paula Claire, Paul Brown, Lee Harwood;
Issue 3, 1989: includes work by Ken Edwards, Barry MacSweeney, John Seed, Tom Raworth, Robert Sheppard, Bill Griffiths, Elaine Randell, Lee Harwood, Jeremy Hilton, Paul Evans, Chris Torrance

MOTTRAM: 7/338/1-2


Klactoveedsedsteen 4 (Heidelberg, 1966): includes work by Diane Di Prima, Carol Bergé, Larry Eigner, Jeff Nuttall, William Burroughs;
Klacto 23 (1967): includes work by Diane Di Prima, Charles Bukowski, Jeff Nuttall, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Henri Chopin, François Dufrêne, Dick Higgins, Diter Rot

MOTTRAM: 7/339/1-4


Knuckleduster Funnies 1 (Todmorden, Lancashire, [1986]), 'Produced by Arrowspire Press of Colne, Lancashire': cartoons by Jeff Nuttall and others;
Issue 2;
Issue 3;
Issue 4;
(Note: all issues are signed by the artists)

MOTTRAM: 7/340/1-5


Kontexts: an occasional review of visual and experimental poetry and language arts (Exeter, 1969-1975; Amsterdam, 1975-1977), edited by Michael Gibbs:
Issue 2, 1970: includes work by Bob Cobbing, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Andrew Lloyd;
Issue 3, 1971: includes work by Jeremy Alder, Peter Finch, Peter Meyer;
Issue 6-7, 1975: includes work by Robin Crozier, Ulises Carrion, Michael Gibbs;
Issue 8, 1976: includes work by William Burroughs, Jackson Mac Low, Henri Chopin (outsize);
(Note: for Kontextsound, 1977, special issue on sound poetry, with items by Dom Sylvester Houedard, Henri Chopin, and Mottram interviewing Bob Cobbing, see MOTTRAM 3/7)

MOTTRAM: 7/341/1-4


Kroklok 1 (London, 1971): sound poems, with introduction by Dom Silvester Houedard (editor);
Issue 2, 1971;
Issue 3, 1972;
Issue 4 [1975], with article by David Toop, 2 copies



(Note: for LAMB (Letters, Arts, Music & Baa), issue 3 (London, 1982), ed. Anthony Barnett: including, 'The three lilies' by Douglas Oliver, see MOTTRAM 5 / Oliver)

MOTTRAM: 7/342/1-2


L=a=n=g=u=a=g=e 1/4 (New York, 1978), edited by Bruce Andrews and Charles Bernstein: includes items by Ron Silliman, Peter Mayer, Bruce Andrews, and brief study of Louis Zukofsky;
Supplement no. 3, 1981: 'The politics of poetry', with an explanatory flyer

MOTTRAM: 7/343/1


Language Issue 1 (London, 1991): includes work by Ashley Hayles and J. H. Prynne, accompanied by letter from Kelvin Corcoran

MOTTRAM: 7/344/1


Language (Cambridge, Summer 1969): includes work by Anthony Rudolf, issue editor, and Stephen Heath on 'Roland Barthes and semiology', 2 copies

MOTTRAM: 7/345/1


The Lesser Known Shag (1) (Newcastle-on-Tyne, [1969]), edited by Tom Pickard and Tony Jackson: includes poems by Ed Dorn, Barry MacSweeney, Gael Turnbull, Bill Butler

MOTTRAM: 7/346/1-3


Liberation 8/8 (New York, Oct 1963): articles by James Baldwin and Nat Hentoff have been emphasised;
Issue 9/10 (Jan 1967): reports on China by Dave Dellinger and on Vietnam by Jean-Paul Sartre;
Issue 19/2 (Feb 1975): includes article on Thomas Trantino by Allen Ginsberg

MOTTRAM: 7/347/1-3

1965, 1966

Liberator 5/11 (New York, 1965), 'The voice of the African-American';
Issue 6/3, 1966: editorial, 'Malcolm X vs. White Press';
Issue 6/8, 1966: articles on Black Power, Black students, East Africa

MOTTRAM: 7/348/1


Life (5 Sep 1960): features new work by Ernest Hemingway (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/349/1


Lines 6 (New York, 1965), edited by Aram Saroyan: includes work by Ted Berrigan, Clark Coolidge, William Burroughs, bpNichol, John Furnival

MOTTRAM: 7/350/1


Lines Review 37 (Edinburgh, Jun 1971): includes, 'The knitted claymore: an essay on culture and nationalism' by Alan Jackson

MOTTRAM: 7/351/1


Link (Cheltenham and London, Spring 1969): special issue on Antonin Artaud

MOTTRAM: 7/352/1


Lip 1 (Philadelphia, 1972): includes Mottram article on Tom Pickard and poems by Pickard, Aram Saroyan, Tom Raworth

MOTTRAM: 7/353/1-2


Literary Newsletter 1/5 (United States Information Service, London, 1959): with list, 'books recently received from the United States;'
Issue 2/1, 1959

MOTTRAM: 7/354/1


The Literary Review 20/4 (Madison, New Jersey, 1977): includes essay on W. B. Yeats, some prose and poetry

MOTTRAM: 7/355/1-3


Living Arts 1 (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1963): includes text of long poem, 'City' by Roy Fisher;
Issue 2, 1963: includes architectural feature, 'Living City';
Issue 3, 1964: includes poems by Roy Fisher, Geoffrey Hill, Patrick Fetherston

MOTTRAM: 7/356/1


Living Today (The Miami Herald, 28 Jun 1987, section G): includes feature on Harry Crews (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/357/1-15


Lobby Press Newsletter 3 (Cambridge, 1978), with comments on a Cris Cheek performance;
Issue 5, 1978: includes letters from Lawrence Upton and Ian Robinson, accompanied by typescript note from the editor, Richard Tabor;
Issue 6, 1979: includes article on grant-aid and letter from Henri Chopin, accompanied by a manuscript note from the editor, Richard Tabor, and a promotional leaflet;
Issue 7, 1979: includes letter from Chris Torrance, mentioning The Poetry Society and dealings with the Arts Council of Great Britain, accompanied by note from the editor on back of flyer for 1979 Cambridge Poetry Festival;
Issue 8, Cambridge, 1979;
Issue 9, Cambridge, 1979;
Issue 10, 1979, with contributions from Paul Buck and Lawrence Upton;
Issue 11, 1979: includes article, 'Notions and notations' by Bob Cobbing;
Issue 12, 1980: includes letters from Carlyle Reedy, Kris Hemensley, Cris Cheek;
Issue 13, 1980: includes poems by John Wilkinson and Allen Fisher, with manuscript letter and typescript statement from Richard Tabor;
Issue 14, 1980: includes Lawrence Upton on Bob Cobbing and poems by Cris Cheek;
Issue 15, 1980: includes visual work by E. E. Vonna-Michel and a defence of Bob Cobbing by Keith Musgrove;
Issue 16, 1981: includes work by Carlyle Reedy, P. C. Fencott, Cris Cheek, Allen Fisher;
Issue 17, 1981: includes interview of Glenda George, work by Lawrence Upton and Bill Griffiths;
Issue 18-19, 1982, double issue, A5 size: includes article by Charles Bernstein and feature on Paul Buck;
(Note: for Lobby Press Newsletter issue 4, 1978, including letter, 14 Aug 1978 from Mottram, see MOTTRAM 3/2)

MOTTRAM: 7/358/1


Lobster 23 (Hull, 1992): includes article, 'Mind control and the American Government'

MOTTRAM: 7/359/1-3


London Poetry Secretariat News (London, Autumn-Winter 1974): includes article on The Dulwich Poetry Group;
Issue, Spring 1975: includes article on Poetry in Croydon, enclosure: 'Notes for Poets';
Issue, 1976: list of poets reading under its auspices in previous three years, with biographical details

MOTTRAM: 7/360/1-2


London Review of Books 12/9 (London, 1990) (outsize): includes review-article, 'Isle of Dogs' by Iain Sinclair;
Issue 12/23, 1990, open at review-article by Sinclair, 'Bad news'

MOTTRAM: 7/361/1


London Student, 19 Jan 1984, open at civil rights spread on centre pages (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/362/1


Long Hair Magazine 1/1 (London, 1965), edited by Miles: features long poem, 'Ankor Wat' by Allen Ginsberg, also work by Ted Berrigan, Lee Harwood, Jeff Nuttall, Tom Pickard, Allen De Loach, Jack Micheline

MOTTRAM: 7/363/1


Loot 1/1 (Peterborough, 1979), edited by Paul Green of Spectacular Diseases as a supplement to that magazine: poems by John Freeman;
(Note: for Loot issue 4/2, 1984, see MOTTRAM 5 / Edwards; for issue 5/4, 1987, see MOTTRAM 5 / Joris)

MOTTRAM: 7/364/1-2


Los Angeles Free Press, 26 Jun 1967, special edition: '1967 Los Angeles Police Riots';
Issue, 17 Nov 1967 (outsize)

MOTTRAM: 7/365/1


Luciad, no issue number (Leicester, Winter 1979-1980): includes interview with Allen Ginsberg by Chris Challis

MOTTRAM: 7/366/1-2


Lucifer, no issue number (King's College, London, Lent Term, 1962): includes three poems by Mottram, 2 copies;
Issue, Michaelmas Term, 1962: includes article, 'Faulkner's men' by Mottram, 2 copies

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