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MOTTRAM, Professor Eric Noel William (1924-1995)

Eric Mottram: A bibliography

Compiled by Bill Griffiths

Introductory Note

This bibliography is a reworking and expansion of the provisional bibliography issued early in 1998, and now constitutes, it is believed, a reasonably complete list of printed works by and about Eric Mottram (1924-1995), late Professor of English and American Literature at King's College London.

Though the principal checking and location of additional entries has been undertaken by Bill Griffiths at the Archives, King's College London, there has been necessarily a considerable debt to previous lists of Mottram's work as published by T. Wignesan in The Journal of Comparatve Poïetics (Revue de Poïetique Comparée) 1/1 (1989-1990) pp. 56-63 and the 'Supplement to Eric Mottram's works listed in vol. 1 no. 1 (1989-90)' in the same journal 1/2-3 (1990-1991) p. 68. This pioneering work is gratefully acknowledged.

The framework for these earlier versions seems to have been a document supplied by Mottram himself, that he had typed up in 1988, and subsequently updated to 1990 (Mottram Archive at 3/12). It contained some recognisable minor errors (e. g. 'old wood' instead of 'new wood' in the title of a review article of 1962) that have entered print unnoticed. As one cannot be certain that Mottram's typing was not free of other inaccuracies, it proved necessary to recheck dates and page numbers, throughout. More positively, Mottram's own holdings, especially of newspaper cuttings, have supplied many new minor entries such as reviews. Perhaps some few more entries of this kind remain to be discovered: press articles are often mentioned in the diaries, but are not easy to identify. (Information on further articles by Mottram and on further reviews of Mottram's work will be very welcome.) Meanwhile, more of his poetry enters print or is reprinted, and new research work based on the Archive begins to be published and increases the list.

Arrangement The bibliography is arranged overall in sections as noted above in the List of Contents. Within sections, the arrangement is chronological and then alphabetical by first word of the title.

Bill Griffiths
Jan 1999

1. Academic Books (published as single items)

  • American Studies in Europe(J. B. Walters, Groningen & Djakarta, 1955)
    • reprinted: Democratic Vistas 1/1 (London, 1992) 11-23
    (Mottram's Inaugural Lecture at Groningen University, Holland)
  • Books on America: American Literature (British Association for American Studies, U. K. ,1966, as 'Books on America series no. 4')
  • William Burroughs: the algebra of need (Intrepid Press, Buffalo, New York, 1971, as Beau Fleuve series no. 2)
  • William Faulkner (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1971)
  • Allen Ginsberg in the Sixties(Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton & Seattle, 1972)
    • Note: paragraphs from this essay were reprinted in Allen Ginsberg: De Verandering trans. Gerard Bolart (Cold Turkey Press, Rotterdam, 1973)
  • ed. (selected with an introduced by Mottram) The Rexroth Reader (Jonathan Cape, London, 1972)
  • Poetry of the Americas (1): Entrances to the Americas: poetry, ecology, translation (Polytechnic of Central London, 1975)
  • Paul Bowles: staticity & terror(Aloes Books, London, 1976)
    • revised reprint: Review of Contemporary Fiction 2/3 (Elmwood Park, Illinois, 1982) 6-30
  • Towards design in poetry (Writers Forum, London, 1977)
  • William Burroughs: the algebra of need (Marion Boyars, London, 1977)
    • translated into French as W. S. Burroughs, l'algèbre du besoin by Emilia Smirmopki (Christian Bourgois, Paris, 1980)
    • revised edition: Algebra of Need: William Burroughs and the Gods of Death (Marion Boyars, London, 1992)
  • A reading of Thomas Meyer's first ten years (Reality Studios, London, 1985, as Occasional Paper no. 2)
    (this may have previously been published in a New York magazine, Text, in 1981, but no copy has been located as yet)
  • editor of Section III, 'A treacherous assault on British poetry', in The new British poetry (Paladin, London, 1988); includes an introduction, pp. 131-133
  • Blood on the Nash Ambassador: investigations in American culture (Hutchinson Radius, London, 1989)
    (selected essays)

2. Individual Essays (including reviews)


  • 1952
    • 'Sergei Eisenstein, 1898-1948' Cambridge Review 74 (1952) 520 (not seen)
      (review of M. Seton Sergei Eisenstein: a biography (Bodley Head, London, 1952)
  • 1956
    • Review of Robert Lowell Poesie 1943-1952 translated and edited by Rolando Anzilotti (Italian and English text, Edizioni Fussi, Florence, 1955) English Studies 37 (Amsterdam, 1956) 39-40
    • Review of Modern Fiction Studies (a critical quarterly issued by Purdue University, Indiana) English Studies 37 (Amsterdam, 1956) 184-185
  • 1957
    • Review of John Press The fire and the fountain: an essay on poetry (Oxford University Press, 1955) English Studies 38 (Amsterdam, 1957) 36-40
    • Review of Ulisse 4/23 (special issue of the magazine, entitled 'L'Inghilterra oggi', 1956) English Studies 38 (Amsterdam, 1957) 129-130
    • Review of Arthur L. Sells Animal poetry in French and English literature and the Greek tradition (Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1955) English Studies 38 (Amsterdam, 1957) 175-177
    • Review of Albert S. Gérard L'Idée romantique de la poésie en Angleterre (Paris, 1955, as Bibliothèque de la Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres de l'Université de Liège vol. 136) English Studies 38 (Amsterdam, 1957) 278-282
  • 1958
    • Review of Studi Americani 1-3 (Rome, 1955-1957) English Studies 39 (Amsterdam, 1958) 181-183
    • 'Thuraiappah Wignesan' Forum Academicum (Heidelberg University, July 1958) (article on Wignesan in German, with three of his English poems)


  • 1960
    • 'American imagination in the arts' The Times 24 Jun 1960
      (review of The American imagination: a critical survey of the arts from The Times Literary Supplement (Cassell, London, 1960))
    • Review of Light blue, dark blue: an anthology of recent writing from Oxford and Cambridge Universities ed. J. Mitchell et al. (Macdonald, London, 1960) London Magazine 7/7 (1960) 84-87
  • 1961
    • 'Dreams in the mirror' The London Magazine n. s. 1/6 (1961) 83-90
      (review of Norman Friedman's E. E. Cummings: the art of his poetry, Oxford University Press, 1960)
    • 'Great robust soul' The Times Literary Supplement 6 Jan 1961
      (review of The letter and journals of James Gennimore Cooper ed. J. F. Beard (Harvard University Press and Oxford UniversityPress, London, 1960))
    • Review of Willard Thorp American writing in the Twentieth Century (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1960) Modern Language Review 56/2 (Cambridge, 1961) 258-259
    • 'Striking through the mask' The Times Literary Supplement 25 Aug 1961
      (review of Merlin Bowen The long encounter -a book about Herman Melville-(Chicago University Press and Cambridge University Press, London, 1960))
  • 1962
    • 'A pig-headed father and the new wood: (review of) An introduction to the New American Poetry (ed. Donald M. Allen, Grove Press, New York, 1960)' The London Magazine new series 2/9 (1962) 63-73
    • 'Action Writing' The Spectator 19 Oct 1962
    • 'Beat: genesis and writings' Ark 33 (London, 1962) 1-7
    • 'Faulkner's man' Lucifer: King's College Review no issue number (London, Michaelmas 1962) 17-25
    • 'Laughing Jeremiah' The Spectator 17 Aug 1962 (article on Henry Miller)
    • Review of L. S. Dembo Hart Crane's Sanskrit charge: A study of 'The bridge' (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and Oxford University Press, London, 1961) The Modern Language Review 57 (Cambridge, 1962) 601-603
  • 1963
    • 'American poetry in 1963: a diagram of health' Books U. S. A. 5 (London, 1963) 2-6
    • 'American poetry 1963' unpaginated in Souvenir programme to Festival of Poetry at the Royal Court Theatre 1963
      (text differs from preceding article)
    • Introduction to Golden boy, Awake and sing!, The big knife (Three plays of Clifford Odets, Penguin, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, 1963)
    • 'Men and gods: a study of Eugene O'Neill' Encore 45 (London, 1963) 26-44
    • 'New World poetry' The Times Literary Supplement 1 Nov 1963
      (review of Five American poets ed. Thom Gunn and Ted Hughes (Faber & Faber, London, 1963))
    • Review of Charles L. Sanford The quest for paradise: Europe and the American moral imagination (University of Illinois Press, Urbana, 1961) Modern Language Review 58 (Cambridge, 1963) 569-571
    • Review of B. R. Crick & Miriam Alman (eds) A guide to manuscripts relating to America in Great Britain and Ireland (Oxford University Press, 1961) The Library 5th series, vol. 18 (London, 1963) 149-151
  • 1964
    • 'American attitudes' The Times Literary Supplement 25 Jun 1964 p. 547
      (review of D. W. Brogan American aspects (Hamish Hamilton, London, 1964))
    • 'American literature 1919-1964' Antiphon 1/1 (London, 1964) 24-27
    • 'American poetry in the Thirties: some revisions and bearings' The Review 11-12 (Oxford, 1964) 25-41
    • 'Blues and roots,cool, funky and soul' The Times Literary Supplement 18 Jun 1964
      (multiple review of books on jazz);
    • 'Connolly and Warren (review)' Stand 7/1 (Leeds, 1964) 59-63
      (reviews of Cyril Connolly Previous convictions (Hamish Hamilton, London, 1963) and Robert Penn Warren Selected essays (Random House, New York, 1958, reprinted Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1964))
    • 'Is it just the scholarship system?' Antiphon 1/2 (London, 1964) 6-10
    • Letter to editor (on William Burroughs controversy) Times Literary Supplement 28 Nov 1963;
      • reprinted pp. 49-50 in William S. Burroughs at the front: critical reception 1959-1989 ed. Jennie Skerl and Robin Lydenberg (Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale & Edwardsville, 1991)
    • 'Living words and meanings' The Times Literary Supplement 25 Jun 1964 p. 547.
      (review of Elizabeth Hardwick A view of my own (Heinemann, London, 1964));
    • 'Prophets of the West' The Times Literary Supplement 10 Sep 1964, 833-835;
    • Review of American literature: a representative anthology ed. Geoffrey Moore (Faber, London, 1964), British Book News 291 (1964) 829-830 (issued by The British Council)
    • 'The devil made the town' The Times Literary Supplement 13 Feb 1964 (multiple review of American fiction)
    • 'The higher vaudeville' The Times Literary Supplement 9 Jul 1964, p. 614 (review of Selected poems of Vachel Lindsay ed. Mark Harris (Collier-Macmillan, London, [1963])
    • 'The mimeograph revolution' The Times Literary Supplement 6 Aug 1964, p. 714;
    • 'The moralized ape and the bear mountain' The Times Literary Supplement 18 Jun 1964
      (review of Babette Deutsch Collected poems 1919-1962 (Indiana University Press, [1964]), Vassar Miller My bones being wiser (Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, Connecticut, 1963) and Louis Simpson At the end of the open road (Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, Connecticut [1963]))
    • 'The New American Wave' Encore: The voice of vital theatre no. 47 or 11/1 (London, 1964) 22-41
    • 'The stoic virtues' The Spectator 7113 (London, 23 Oct 1964) p. 546
      (review of The letters of Robert Frost to Louis Untermeyer (Jonathan Cape, London, 1964))
    • 'Towards a theatre of cruelty?' The Times Literary Supplement 27 Feb 1964 p. 166
      (review of Edward Albee Who's afraid of Virgina Woolf? (Jonathan Cape, London, 1964))
    • 'Without it' (letter to the editor) The Times Literary Supplement 3 Dec 1964, p. 1107
    • 'Wong Phui Nam' pp. 229-233 in Bunga Emas: an anthology of contemporary Malaysian literature, 1930-1963 ed. T. Wignesan (A. Blond, London, and Rayirath Publications, Kuala Lumpur, 1964)
      (review of Wong's books of poems, How the hills are distant (University of Malaya, not dated))
  • 1965
    • 'Americans protect their "innocence"' Tribune (London, 17 Sep 1965) p. 14
      (review of Tony Tanner Reign of wonder (Cambridge University Press, 1965))
    • 'Between Africa and wasp land' The Times literary Supplement 8 Jul 1965
      (review of New Negro poets: U. S. A. ed. Langston Hughes (Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana, 1965))
    • Introduction to George Dowden Flight from America (Mandarin Books, London, 1965)
    • 'Ishmael in America' The Times Literary Supplement 19 Aug 1965 p. 714
      (review of Edward Dahlberg Alms for oblivion (University of Minnesota Press and Oxford University Press, London, 1964) and Because I was flesh (Methuen, London, 1964))
    • 'New light on the invisible' The Times Literary Supplement 25 Nov 1965
      (on Negro Armerican literature)
    • 'One-act festival' King's News 29/20 (London, 18 Mar 1965) p. 7
      (drama review)
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      (multiple review of discs of American authors reading from their works)
    • 'Pre-fab plastic and passionate ice-picks' The Times Literary Supplement 11 Mar 1965, p.196
      (review article)
    • 'Science solo', Time Literary Supplement 11 Mar 1965, p.198
      (a review of Michael Polanyi Science, faith and society (University of Chicago Press, 1964))
    • 'This is Geryon' The Times Literary Supplement 25 Mar 1965
      (review of Michael McClure's books Ghost tantras and Meat science essays (City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1964, 1963 respectively))
    • 'Zoo-maze: The world in vaudeville' The Times Literary Supplement 15 Apr 1965 p. 292
      (review of John Berryman 77 dream songs (Faber & Faber, London, 1964))
  • 1966
    • Review of Joesph Blotner William Faulkner's Library (University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1964) and William W. Kelly Ellen Glasgow: a bibliography (University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1964), The Library 5th series, vol. 21 (London, 1966) pp. 260-262
    • 'The making of Paterson' Stand7/3 (Leeds, 1966) 17-34
      • Reprinted in Profile of William Carlos Williams ed. Jerome Mazzaro (Merrill, Columbus, Ohio, 1971) (not seen)
    • 'The methods of Marshall McLuhan' pp. 37-42 in feature 'The world and Marshall McLuhan' Journal of Canadian Studies 1/2 (Peterborough, Ontario, 1966) 37-54
      (The full article represents a BBC Radio Third Programme broadcast of May 1966: p. 37 includes an introduction by Philip French; Mottram's talk is pp. 37-42; pp. 42-47 is Mottram in conversation with McLuhan; pp. 47-54 is a panel discussion featuring George Steiner, Jonathan Miller, Andrew Forge.)
  • 1967
    • 'Arthur Miller: the development of a political dramatist in America' pp. 127-161 in American Theatreed. J. R. Brown, Bernard Harris (Edward Arnold, London, 1967);
      • Reprinted in Arthur Miller ed. Robert Corrigan (Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1969) (not seen)
    • 'Music for the people' The Times Literary Supplement 19 Oct 1967 992-993
    • 'The American game of happy families' The Times Literary Supplement 21 Dec 1967
      (review of Philip Roth's When she was good (Random House, New York, and Cape, London, 1967), Walker Percy's The last gentleman (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, New York, and Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1967) and Herbert Gold's Fathers (Secker & Warburg, London, 1967))
  • 1968
    • 'An American, a Negro' Times Literary Supplement 18 Jan 1968
      (review of R. Ottley and W. J. Weatherby (eds) The Negro in New York (Oceana Publications, New York, 1967), Herbert Hill (ed.) Anger and beyond: the Negro writer in the United States (Harper and Row, New York, 1966) and Ralph Ellison Shadow and act (Secker and Warburg, London, 1967)
    • 'Family man' Times Literary Supplement 4 Jan 1968
      (review of Philip Whalen You didn't even try (Coyote Press, San Francisco, 1967))
    • 'Mississippi Faulkner's glorious mosaic of impotence and madness' Journal of American Studies 2 (Cambridge, 1968) 121-129
    • 'The movement-1' The Times Literary Supplement (18 April 1968) 385-387, and possibly also author the 'The movement-2' ibid. 393-394
    • 'Voice from the spirit house' The Times Literary Supplement 7 Nov 1968 p. 1250;
      (review of LeRoi Jones Home: social essays (MacGibbon and Kee, London, 1968))
  • 1969
    • 'Keeping pace with the Beats' The Times Literary Supplement 12 Jun 1969 p. 640
      (review of John Clellon Holmes Nothing more to declare (Andre Deutsch, London, 1968))
    • 'New time and space structures' part 1, IT (International Times) 60 (London, Jul 1969);
      'New time and space structures' part 2, IT (International Times) 62 (London, Aug 1969) 20-21;
      • Translated as 'Neue Raum-und Zeitstrukturen' Planet 5 (Munich, 1972) (not seen)
    • Review of Clarence Gohdes Literature and theater of the states and regions of the USA (Duke University Press, Durham NC, 1967), and others... The Library 5th series, vol. 24 (London, 1969) 78-79


  • 1970
    • 'Roy Fisher's work' Stand 2/1 (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1969-1970) pp. 9-18
    • 'William Burroughs' Intrepid 14-15 (Buffalo, New York, 1969-1970) 8-66
    • 'Charles Olson' The Guardian 14 Jan 1970
      (obituary notice)
    • Introduction to Allen De Loach's Third part unordered (Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton, 1970)
    • Introduction to Jack Kerouac's The scripture of the golden eternity(Corinth Books, New York, 1970) (not seen)
      • Reprinted by City Lights Editions, San Francisco, 1994
      • Translated into German by Stewart Coltman as Die Schrift der goldenen einem Nachwort von Eric Mottram (Sadhana, Berlin, 1980)
      • Translated into Czech as Písmo zlaté vecnosti (Votobia, 1996)
    • 'Ishmael in America' Triquarterly19 (Evanston, Illinois, 1970) 10-24
      • Reprinted: pp. 10-15 in Edward Dahlberg: a tribute ed. Jonathan Williams (David Lewis, New York, 1970)
    • Review of Linton R. Massey 'Man working', 1919-1962. William Faulkner: a catalogue of the William Faulkner collections at the University of Virginia (Bibliographical Society of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1968) and Audre Hanneman Ernest Hemmingway: a comprehensive bibliography (Pinceton University Press and Oxford University Press, 1967) The Library 5th series, vol. 25 (London, 1970) 78-79
    • Review of George N. Belknap Oregon imprints 1845-1870 (University of Oregon Books, Eugene, Oregon, 1968) The Library 5th series, vol. 25 (London, 1970) 170-172
  • 1971
    • 'D. A. Levy: Cleveland's survival artist' The Serif 8/4 (Kent, Ohio, 1971) 5-13
    • Introductory note to Bill Butler Savanorola's drum: four poems (Claude Rains, Brighton, 1971)
    • 'The hostile environment and the survival artist: a note on the Twenties' pp. 233-262 in The American novel and the Nineteen Twenties ed. Malcolm Bradbury, David Palmer (Edward Arnold, London, 1971 as Stratford-upon-Avon Studies no. 13)
  • 1972
    • '(Ezra) Pound, (Charles) Olson and The secret of the golden flower' Chapman 2/2 (Edinburgh, 1972) 20-31
    • 'Jean Paul Sartre's Les Sorcières de Salem' pp. 93-94 in Twentieth Century interpretations of the 'The crucible': a collection of critical essays ed. John H. Ferres (Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1972)
    • 'Living mythically: the Thirties' Journal of American Studies6 (Norwich, 1972) 267-287
      • Reprinted in Blood on the Nash Ambassador (1989)
    • 'The limits of self-regard: (Donald) Hall, (Carolyn) Kizer, (Denise) Levertov, (Diane) Wakoski' Parnassus 1 (New York, 1972) 152-162
    • 'The triumph of the mobile: the structure of information, the language of computers and contemporary poetry' Intrepid 23-24 (Buffalo, New York, 1972) 7-21
    • 'Tom Pickard', Lip1 (Philadelphia, 1972) 14-25
      • (revised and enlarged to appear as 'Tom Pickard' Poetry Information 18 (London, 1978) 69-79)
  • 1973
    • '1924-1951: politics and form in Zukofsky' Maps 5 (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, 1973) 76-103
    • 'A first appreciation of Fielding Dawson' Vort 4 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1973) 43-53 (not seen)
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      • (Also reprinted as individual item, with errata listed)
    • 'Charles Olson's Apollonius of Tyana' Sixpack 3-4 (London/New York, 1973) unpaginated
    • 'John Wieners: guide through the suspended vacuum' Contact7 (Philadelphia, 1973) 20-35
      • Reprinted: Poetry Information 12-13 (London, 1975) 5-18
    • 'Jonathan Williams' Vort4 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1973) 102-111
      • Reprinted by Polytechnic of Central London as pamphlet, Jonathan Williams at the Polytechnic of Central London, on December 1st, 1973
    • 'Sixties American poetry, poetics and poetic movements' pp. 1-34 in Programmeof Modern American Poetry Conference, Polytechnic of Central London, 1973
      • Revised and reprinted as pp. 271-311 in The new history of literature. 9. American literature since 1900 ed. Marcus Cunliffe (Sphere, London, 1975)
      • Revised and reprinted as 'American poetry, poetics and poetic movements since 1950' pp. 237-282 in new edition of preceding (Bedrick, New York, 1987)
  • 1974
    • 'Performance: Charles Olson's rebirth between power and love' Sixpack 6 (London and Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, 1973-1974) 95-114
    • 'The black polar night: the poetry of Gilbert Sorrentino' Vort 6 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1974) 43-59
    • 'The British poetry revival 1960-1974' pp. 86-117 in Conference booklet for Polytechnic of Central London's Modern British Poetry Conference, 31 May-2 Jun 1974
      (cf. similarly titled but apparently not directly related article issued in 1993)
    • 'The ear and muscle under music' Sixpack 7-8 (London & Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, 1974) 182-199
      (essay on Paul Blackburn)
    • 'The performance of the comedian under law: the criticism of Donald Phelps' Vort 6 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1974) 141-157
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      • Reprinted: Margins 27 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1976) 28-32
    • 'Writers Forum: a successful campaign' Ceolfrith 26 (Sunderland, 1974) 15-24
      (this issue of the magazine also designated as a book: Bob Cobbing & Writers Forum ed. Peter Mayer (Ceolfrith Press, Sunderland, 1974))
  • 1975
    • 'Beware of imitations: Writers Forum poets and British poetry in the '60s' Poetry Student 1 (Warwick, 1975) 6-7, 32-35
    • 'Compositions of the magus: the art of Jackson Mac Low' Vort 8 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1975) (not seen)
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    • 'The romantic politics of the body in Michael McClure' Margins 18 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1975) 6-12
    • 'Where the real song begins: The poetry of Jerome Rothenberg' Vort7 (Silver Spring, Maryland, 1975) 163-179
      • Reprinted: Dialectal Anthropology 11/2-4 (Netherlands, 1986) 225-238 (not seen)
  • 1976
    • 'Dionysus in America' Other Times1/1 (London, 1975-1976) 38-48
      • Revised and reprinted for The Open University, 1976 (not seen)
      • Reprinted in Blood on the Nash Ambassador (1989)
    • 'Faulkner: an introduction to his writings' in A Faulkner perspective: a companion-guide to the limited first edition of the selected letters of William Faulkner (Franklyn Center, Philadelphia, 1976) (not seen)
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      • Reprinted in Blood on the Nash Ambassador (1989)
  • 1977
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  • 1978
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      • Revised and reprinted as pp. 77-105 in Basil Bunting: man and poet ed. Carroll F. Terrell (National Poetry Foundation, Orono, Maine, 1981)
    • 'Foreword' to Catalogue of Little Press books in print, 1978-79 (Association of Little Presses, London, 1978) unpaginated
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      (in response to letters by David Watson and Lawrence Upton)
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      • Reprinted in Blood on the Nash Ambassador (1989)
    • 'The red bank: Indians in white lives' pp. 17-37 in Essays by Eric Mottram and Philip Davies (Polytechnic of Central London American Resources Centre, London, 1978)
  • 1979
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  • 1980
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      • and in Blood on the Nash Ambassador (1989)
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    • 'The pursuit of innocence: populism and intellect in the poetry of Tom Pickard' Primary Sources 6 (London, 1980) 15
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  • 1981
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3.Poetry Publications

  • Inside the whale (Writers Forum, London, 1970, as Writers Forum Quarto no. 7)
    (illustrated by Jeff Nuttall)
  • Shelter Island & The remaining world (Turret Books, London, 1971, as Tall Turret 1)
  • The he expression (Aloes Books, London, 1973)
    (illustrated by Peter Donnelly)
  • Local movement (Writers Forum, London, 1973)
  • Kent journal (prose and verse; published by author in 10 copies, 1974)
  • Two elegies(Poet & Peasant, Hayes, Middlesex, 1974)
    • 2nd edn (new format) 1976
  • Against tyranny (Poet & Peasant, Hayes, Middlesex, 1975, as item 16)
  • '1922 earth raids', and other poems 1973-1975 (New London Pride, London, 1976)
  • A faithful private (Genera, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1976, as issue 13)
  • Homage to Braque (Blacksuede Boot Press, [London], 1976)
  • Descents of love: songs of recognition(Mugshots no. 6, card in set, no publisher given, 1977)
    • (Also appeared, translated into French by Pierre Joris, in Anglo-French Poetry Translation Conference (The Poetry Society, London, 1977) p. 90)
  • Spring Ford (Pig Press Hasty Editions, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1977)
  • Tunis (Rivelin Press, Sheffield, 1977)
  • Precipice of Fishes (Writers Forum, London, 1979)
    (issued as set of A6 cards in clear plastic sheath)
  • Windsor Forest: Bill Butler in memoriam (Pig Press, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1979)
  • From shadow borders (Twisted Wrist, Paris, 1979, as publication no. 5)
  • 1980 Mediate (Zunne Heft, Maidstone, Kent, 1980)
  • A book of Herne: 1975-1981 (Arrowspire Press, Colne, Lancashire, 1981)
  • Elegies (Galloping Dog, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1981)
  • Interrogation rooms; poems 1980-1981 (Spanner, London, 1982)
  • Address (Shadowcat, [Gateshead] 1983)
    (text handwritten and illuminated by Maria Makepeace)
  • Three Letters (Spanner, London, 1984, as Open Field no. 2)
  • The legal poems: 29 December 1980-30 May 1981 (Arrowspire, Colne, Lancashire, 1986)
  • Peace projects & brief novels, 1986-1988 (Talus Editions, London, 1989)
  • Selected poems (North & South, Twickenham & Wakefield, 1989)
  • Season of monsters: poems 1989-1990 (Writers Forum, London, 1991)
  • Resistances: A homage to René Char (RWC, Sutton, 1991, as RWC 9-10)
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  • Hyderabad depositions (University of Salzburg Press, 1997)
  • Periodical contests: Masks book four (Anarcho Press, Badninish, Sutherland, with Mainstream, St Albans, Hertfordshire, 1997)
  • Limits of self-regard (Talus Editions, King's College London, 1998)

4.Individual Poems in journals and anthologies

  • 1959
    • 'The cat sat on the mat' Poetry 93 (Chicago, 1959) 306-307
      (cf. diary entry for 16 July 1958, and 9 Feb 1959 'My first payment for a poem-a cheque for $15 (about £4).')
  • 1961
    • 'Take me to your leader' Lucifer 59 (King's College, London, 1961) 30
  • 1962
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  • 1964
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  • 1968
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  • 1969
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  • 1970
    • 'Good life' Anonym 5-6 (Buffalo, New York, 1970) 25-28
  • 1971
    • 'To the Indian poets: 1968', 'Underground' Intrepid 18-19 (Buffalo, New York, 1971) 88-95
    • 'Two poems: Armed men, (and) Brighton & Hove Albion' Lon Chaney no issue number (Brighton [1971]) unpaginated
  • 1972
    • 'Counterjustice' Sixpack 2 (London, 1972) 13-17 'Kent Diptych' ('Invasion', 'Return room') Toucan 3/1-3 (Kent, Ohio, 1972) unpaginated
    • 'On a letter from Oregon', 'Islamic mosaic near Jericho', 'A "Picture"' Human Issue 3/3 (Kent, Ohio, 1972) 28-30
    • 'Underground: beginning from a passage in Neruda', 'Gardiner's Island' Intrepid 23-24 (Buffalo, New York, 1972) 2-6
  • 1973
    • 'Left for California: the slow awakening' Sixpack 5 (London & Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, 1973) unpaginated
    • 'Profession' When the last trumpet sounded ed. Mike Dobbie as Poet and Peasant 5 (Hayes, Middlesex, 1973) unpaginated
    • 'Schneebaum snow tree' WF100 ed. Bob Cobbing and John Rowan (Writers Forum, London, 1973) unpaginated
    • 'Uncertainty of West', 'Ancestor variants' Second Aeon 15 (Cardiff, 1973) 57-58
    • 'What is to be done' Poetry presented by Transgravity 4 (London, 17 Oct, no year given but pre-1974)
  • 1974
    • 'Concord of Fludd: Homage to Diter Rot' Strange Fæces 10 part B (no place of publication given, 1973-1974) 10-13
    • 'Elegy 2: for Paul Blackburn' Sixpack 7-8 (London & Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, 1974) 200-204
    • 'Northumberland dark event', 'Crete', '"Fanatacism is when you redouble your effort, having forgotten your aim"', pp. 72-75 in Conference booklet to Polytechnic of Central London Modern British Poetry Conference (31 May-2 Jun 1974)
    • 'Tropics' pp. 198-199 in Active anthology ed. George Quasha (The Sumac Press, Fremont, Michigan, 1974)
  • 1975
    • 'Starless edge' in Fix 2 (Hayes, Middlesex, 1975) unpaginated
    • 'To the snowline' Shelley's 3 (Kent, Ohio, 1975) 60-61
  • 1976
    • 'The apples of Paris' Alembic 4 (London, 1975-1976) 19-22
    • 'A line of enquiry' (from The book of Herne) Third week in September (Arvon Foundation, Lumb Bank, 1976) unpaginated
    • 'But it does change', 'Elegy 3: Parker' Branch Redd Review 1 ((London)
    • 'Year of the Snake' i. e. 1976) unpaginated
    • 'Elegy 6','The way of Miyamoto Musashi', 'Howard Vincent's 75th birthday' Fix 3 (Hayes, Middlesex, 1976) 29-35
    • 'Elegy 7: David Jones', 'A revolution: Elegy 8-for Bela Bartok', 'Homage to Ferenc Juhász' (all from A Book of Herne) Pod 1 (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1976) 39-44
    • 'Elegy 10: Lorca' in Curtains, le prochain step 14-17 (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, 1976) 154-155
    • 'Green Man: from A book of Herne' in leaflet A freebook: one poem four poems & a bit more accompanying a reading at the White Swan, London, 1 Dec 1976
    • 'Moving through here' Jam 2 (King's College, London, 1976) 18-19
    • 'Raids: knot and keel' pp. 230-236 in A decade and then some: contemporary literature-1976 ed. Allen De Loach (Intrepid 25-35, Buffalo, New York, 1976)
  • 1977
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    • 'from "Matrix"' (from A book of Herne), pp. 81-84 in Conference booklet of Polytechnic of Central London British Poetry Conference ('Inheritance, Landscape, Location'), June 1977 pp. 81-84
    • 'Matrix-from A book of Herne' Saturday Morning 4 (London, 1977) unpaginated
    • 'Wing commanded salutation'in Madeira and toasts: for Basil Bunting's 75th birthday ed. Jonathan Williams (The Jargon Society, Dentdale and Highlands, North Carolina, 1977 for 1975, as Jargon 66) unpaginated
  • 1978
    • 'Elegy 15: Neruda' in Spanner 13 (London, 1978) unpaginated
    • 'Two poems from A book of Herne' ('Pierre Vidal the wolf', 'Herne the Hunter'); '3 poems from The dark time' Rune 2 (London, 1978) 14-17
  • 1979
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    • 'Deer hunt-from A book of Herne' Soma 1 (Colchester, Essex, 1979) 21-22
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    • 'Midsummer: the longest day' (from A book of Herne) Windows 7 (Eastbourne, Sussex, 1979) unpaginated
    • 'Pollock record' P. S. (Primary sources on the international performing arts) 2 (London, 1979) 12-13
    • 'Spicer: elegy', 'Friends, writers' Maxy's Journal 2 (Nashville, Tennessee, 1979) 38-40
  • 1980
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    • 'Terre: Hommes: Anges' translation by Pierre Joris of 'Earth: men: angels', as dual text at pp. 77-91 in Voix-Off / Angleterreed. Pierre Jean Buffy (Editions du Castor Astral, Talence, Bordeaux, 1980);
      • reprinted in Interstice 2 (London, 1997) 9-13
    • 'When the days: from Jauffre Rudel' in Bunting at eighty (Coventry Arts Centre, University of Warwick, 1980) (not seen)
  • 1981
    • 'A revolution: Elegy 8, for Béla Bartók', 'New Year 1977: for Gyula Illyés', 'Homage to Ferenc Juhász' pp. 72-77 in 'Four Poets' in The New Hungarian Quarterly 82 (Budapest, 1981) 72-83
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  • 1983
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  • 1989
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7.Interviews by

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For interview of Jerome Rothenberg, see under collaborations, above.

8.Interviews of

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9.Studies of

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10.Reviews of

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11.Anthologies and items dedicated to Mottram

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    (This whole issue of Talus Magazine is noted as 'In memoriam Eric Mottram')

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