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MAXWELL, Professor James Clerk (1831-1879)


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1860, Oct-1865, Feb

Manuscript notebook compiled by James Clerk Maxwell, Professor of Natural Philosophy, King's College London, comprising exam questions for students of King's, mainly on aspects of mechanics and geometry including efficiency, weight, the resolution of forces, pressure, problems involving pulleys and methods of calculating velocity, with sketches, tables of data and rough mathematical calculations. 1 volume



Manuscript notebook by Maxwell comprising a list of text books in the possession of King's College London library on the subject of practical mechanics including manufacturing machinery, optics, the strength of materials and steam engines, with page references; list of scientific instrument suppliers; a series of 136 scientific and mathematical problems including rules for the collision of smooth imperfectly elastic spheres; the dynamic consequences of air resistance; the velocity of light through various media; the attraction between particles located on the surfaces of spheres; the role of the eye as an optical instrument; the relationship between heat and volume in substances including the expansion of mercury in thermometers and barometers; the oscillation of pendulums and the orbits of particles about fixed points. 1 volume



Manuscript notebook comprising timetables of meetings and events, 1868; commonplaces collected by James Clerk Maxwell abstracted from scientific authorities including the works of Arthur Cayley, 1821-1895, Sadleirian Professor of Pure Mathematics, University of Cambridge, Franz Ernst Neumann, 1798-1895, Professor of Minerology and Physics, University of Königsberg, and Siméon Denis Poisson, 1781-1840, Professor of Pure Mathematics at the Faculté des Sciences, describing a number of experiments principally concerning induced currents, magnetizing potential, zonal harmonies and capillary action, with equations; outline of the contents of Maxwell's Treatise on electricity and magnetism (1873), with sketches of electrical diagrams; series of 38 mechanical and geometric problems mainly concerning the forces acting upon ellipsoids; the revolution of spheres about a fixed point and the stresses, tensions and interactions between other solid bodies in dynamic relationships; the refraction of light and specific heat and density. 1 volume


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