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GDA25/1-9 Material, 1979-2005, relating to the history, politics and culture of Cyprus

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Papers and publications relating to Cypriot history, politics and culture

Research, published books and other papers relating to the recent history, politics, and culture of Cyprus, collected in the course of Greek Diaspora Archive fieldwork, including:

Dr Ihsan Ali, Turkish Cypriot leader and champion of peaceful co-existence published by the Press and Information Office, Ministry of the Interior, Cyprus, 1979, in English.

The case of the missing Cypriots - An account of efforts to end human drama, published by The Pan-Cyprian Committee of Parents and Relatives of Undeclared Prisoners of War and Missing Persons, Nicosia, 1987, in English.

Άγιος Δημήτριος Μαραθάσας (Ayios Demetrios Marathasas), by Kostis Kokkinoftas, researcher for the Kykkos Holy Monastery Research Centre, on the history, genealogy, and cultural heritage of the village of Ayios Demetrios Marathasas, Cyprus, (Nicosia 1989), in Greek;

Οκτώ ιστορίες του αγώνα ('Eight stories from the EOKA revolution'), by the Greek Cypriot writer Kypros Chrysanthis (1915-1998) (Nicosia, 1993), in Greek;

Από την ιστορία του Κυπριακού Συνδικαλιστικού Κινήματος (The history of the Cypriots trade union movement), by Christos Zavros (published by the author, London 2000), in Greek.

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Interview with Ploutis Servas, Nicosia, Cyprus

Interview with Greek Cypriot journalist, writer and political activist Ploutis Servas (1907-2001), founding member (1926) and General Secretary (1935-1941) of the Cyprus Communist Party, founding member and first General Secretary of the subsequent socialist Party ΑΚΕΛ (AKEL) (1941-1945). Topics include: Cyprus during the late nineteenth century; the political and socioeconomic situation in Cyprus during the first half of the twentieth century; relationship and conflicts between Greek and Turkish Cypriots from the early twentieth century onwards; anti-British riots and subsequent reprisals, Oct 1931; the origins of the armed EOKA campaign against British rule, 1955-1959 (duration: 1 hour 20 mins). In Greek.    

1 VHS tape, 1 disk



Interviews with Eleni [Christofias] and Christoforos Alexandrou

Interview with Greek Cypriot Eleni [Christofias] (born in Dikomo village, Cyprus) on subjects including: traditional Cypriot lifestyle and customs; life under British rule; her personal experiences during the EOKA campaign against the British, 1955-1959; the Turkish invasion, 1974; relations between Greek and Turkish Cypriots throughout the twentieth century (duration: 2 hours 21 mins). In Greek.

Interview with Greek Cypriot Christoforos Alexandrou (born in Komi Kepir village, Cyprus, 1926) on topics including: his family history; his early life and schooling; Cypriot politics under British rule, 1920s-1950s; his personal experiences during the EOKA campaign, 1955-1959 (duration: 46 mins). In Greek.

1 VHS tape, 1 disk



BBC documentary, 'Plunder: the stolen Kanakaria mosaics'

BBC television documentary (broadcast 1990 in the arts documentary series Omnibus), 'Plunder: the stolen Kanakaria mosaics', on the looting, sale, and subsequent return of sixth century mosaics from the Church of Panagia Kanakaria, Lythragkomi village, northern Cyprus (duration: 50 minutes). In English.

1 VHS tape



Interview with Christofis Economides on the history of Cyprus

Interview with Greek Cypriot historian Christofis Economides on topics including: politics in Cyprus under Ottoman rule, 1571-1878, and British rule, 1878-1960; British policy in Cyprus; the socioeconomic status of Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and relations between the two groups; Economides' acquaintance with Archbishop Makarios III (1913-1977), first President of the Cyprus Republic, 1960-1977 (duration: 2 hours and 38 mins). In Greek and English.

1 VHS tape, 2 disks



Recording of a conference on resolving the division of Cyprus

Videotape recording of a conference held in London, Feb 1992, on the search for a solution to the division of Cyprus. Speakers include: British diplomat Sir David Hunt (1913-1998), British High Commissioner to Cyprus, 1965-1967; British writer and activist Mary Southcott,of UK-based society Friends of Cyprus; Greek Cypriot scholar Dr Zenon Stavrinides (duration: 4 hours 3 mins). In English.

1 VHS tape



Recording of a lecture seminar by Christofis Economides, Cyprus

Videotape recording of a Diaspora Centre Trust lecture seminar on relations between Cyprus, the Ottoman Empire and Great Britain, 1878-1914, by historian Christofis Economides, 28 May 1992. Preceded by Diaspora Centre Trustee Robert Browning (1914-1997), Professor of Classics and Ancient History, Birkbeck College London, and Vice President of the International Association of Byzantine Studies (duration: 1 hour). In Greek.

1 VHS tape



Recording of a Greek Cypriot political rally 'Remembering Famagusta', Deryneia, Cyprus

Videotape recording of a political rally, 'Remembering Famagusta', held by Greek Cypriot emigrants in the village of Deryneia, Aug 1993, close to the Deryneia roadblock leading to the city of Famagusta (bombed and occupied by Turkish forces, 1974). Participants include Glafcos Clerides (1919-2013), President of the Cyprus Republic, 1993-2003. The event also includes a performance by Greek Cypriot singer Antonis Kalogiannis (duration: 1 hour 28 mins). In Greek and English.

1 VHS tape



Issues of Cyprus Today

Issues of the cultural review Cyprus Today, published by the Press and Information Office, Ministry of the Interior, Cyprus, July 1994 - April 1995, Jan 1998 - Mar 2005 (some gaps). In English.

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