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DANIELL, John Frederic (1790-1845)


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DANIELL 1: Correspondence, principally with John Frederic Daniell, 1821-1857


1837, Aug 17

Letter from Charles Babbage, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, University of Cambridge, regarding the experimental deployment of batteries in mining and their proposed employment as a source of motive power, and seeking Daniell's recommendation of suitable literature on the subject, 1837. 1 item


1841, Jun 15

Letter from Jons Jakob Berzelius, Swedish chemist, relating to the work of the Royal Society, London, 1841. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/3-4

1836, May 23, 1839, Apr 5

Correspondence with Charles James Blomfield, Bishop of London and member of the Council of King's College London, comprising draft by Daniell concerning King's College Medical School and professorial appointments; thanking Daniell for the loan of a copy of his An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy (London, 1839), 1836, 1839. 2 items


1823, Sep 1

Letter from William Thomas Brande, Professor of Chemistry, Royal Institution, London, exclusively concerning private and family matters and thanking Daniell for his friendship, 1823. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/6-7

1841, Feb 28, May 21

Correspondence with Sir Marc Isambard Brunel, engineer, announcing that he has seen Charles Babbage who 'will readily take the office', before discussing some business matters; also letter of introduction by Brunel for a man interested in hearing Daniell lecture, 1841. 2 items


1824, Jun 16

Letter from Parker Cleaveland, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Bowdoin College, Maine, US, relating to the difficulty of comparing meteorological observations due to differences in the specification and calibration of instruments, 1824. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/9-10

1830, Jul,1830, Dec 22

Correspondence between Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet, and Daniell's sister, Georgiana Louisa Rogers, in which Coleridge criticises Daniell's attempts to reconcile the story of the Pentateuch with geological theory, and in which he proclaims the appeal of the Bible to the senses; Coleridge's high opinion of Daniell regarding his potential appointment as Professor of Chemistry, King's College London, with remarks upon the other candidates, 1830. 2 items


1839, Jun 14

Letter from Sir Astley Paston Cooper, surgeon, on behalf of the Duke of Wellington, communicating the Duke's support of Daniell and his work and his lament that commitments prevented the Duke from taking a closer interest, 1839. 1 item


1839, Apr 29

Letter from James Cumming, Professor of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, congratulating Daniell on An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy (London, 1839), particularly for its concise summary of the researches of Michael Faraday, 1839. 1 item


1823, Dec 20

Letter endorsed by Humphry Davy, President of the Royal Society, thanking Daniell for the present of his book, Meteorological essays and observations (London, 1823), 1823. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/14-16

1824, Oct 29,1832, Nov 6,1839, Apr 11

Correspondence with Michael Faraday concerning Daniell's request that Faraday examine a sample of gases including hydrogen and oxygen and comment upon the effects of sunlight on oxidation; Faraday's apology for cancelling a dinner engagement with Daniell due to an attack of cholera; Faraday praising Daniell for his book, An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy (London, 1839), 1824-1839. 3 items


1839, Nov 27

Printed letter drafted by Robert Ferguson, Professor of Midwifery, King's College London, and addressed to Sir Benjamin Brodie of the Council of King's College, entitled 'The expediency of retaining the present Professors of Medicine and Surgery at King's College', annotated, probably by Daniell, 1839. 1 item



Letter from Henry Foster, navigator and astronomer, offering to send Daniell his meteorological register of the polar regions, [1831]. 1 item


1843, [Oct]

Letter from Franz Dorotheus Gerlach, classical philologist, to Dr Roget, Secretary for Foreign Correspondence of the Royal Society, London, regarding the absence from Basel library, Switzerland, of copies of the Royal Society's Philosophical transactions, 1843. 1 item


1826, Oct 3

Letter from William Galbraith, mathematics scholar, describing his work on proofs of a book, possibly his Mathematical and astronomical tables (Edinburgh, 1827), corrections to Daniell's calculations relating to the specific gravity of dry and saturated air, 1826. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/21-22

1825, Aug 18,Nov 2

Correspondence with Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, French chemist, acknowledging the receipt of a hygrometer, on the expansion of gases and questions regarding the manufacture of sugar. French, 1825. 2 items


1830, Oct 1

Letter from Davies Gilbert (formerly Giddy), President of the Royal Society, London, announcing his intention to stand down as President, 1830. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/24-37

1839, Apr 6-1840, Dec 11

Correspondence with Joseph Henry Green, surgeon at St Thomas's Hospital, London, and literary executor for Samuel Taylor Coleridge, notably including resistance as a proof of the existence of matter, ontological reflections concerning the proposed reconciliation of phenomenal experience with the atomic theory of matter; Green challenging Daniell's faith in the atomic theory and stressing the dynamic component in chemical reactions; assigning polarity to elements, on magnetism being a force unconfined to magnetic metals and opinion on the subject of Henrik Steffens, German natural philosopher; whether elements be discreet 'sensuous phenomena' or representations of forces; on God in nature; copies of replies from Daniell to Green on God in nature, the circularity of mutability and rebirth, refuting the opinions of the German philosophers regarding the role of force in chemistry. Also including note on Daniell's theories leading to a single commentary of the fall and redemption chronicled in Scripture; draft of a lecture by Daniell describing the instruction of chemistry students and comparing students at King's College London with those of other schools; copies of letters from Daniell to William Snow Harris, electrical pioneer, on the conduction of electricity, Daniell suspending his study of meteorology due to lecturing commitments; on the illness of Michael Faraday and in consequence, Daniell's offer to deliver some of Faraday's lectures at the Royal Institution, London, 1839-1840. 14 items.


1842, Mar 16

Note signed 'A M G' giving an extract of remarks made by an Admiral in 1783 on the coppering of ships, 1842. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/39-41

1825, Jun 9-1840, Sep 21

Correspondence with William Snow Harris, electrical pioneer, concerning the collection of meteorological data, especially those compiled using the hygrometer; potential problems with tables of data in Daniell's Meteorological essays and observations (London, 1823), and with barometer readings, 1825-1840. 3 items


1824, Jul 4

Letter from George Harvey of Plymouth concerning Daniell's hygrometer and its utility in investigating the properties of dew, 1824. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/43-46

1831, Nov 24-1843, Sep 18

Correspondence with John Frederic William Herschel, astronomer, concerning a sub-committee of the Council of Physics to revise the magnetic and meteorological instructions issued to observatories; on the possible supply of instruments by Charles Wheatstone; Herschel's vindication of treatise on sound against presumed calumny by Daniell in his introductory lecture at King's College London, 1831, copy; on the actinometer and solar radiation, 1831, 1843. 4 items


1824, Feb 24

Letter from Luke Howard, meteorologist, concerning his publication of a paper in the Journal of the Royal Institution, London, 1824. 1 item


1843, Feb 16

Letter from Robert John Kane, of the Royal Irish Academy, thanking Daniell for the presentation of a copy of An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy (2nd edition, London, 1843), 1843. 1 item



Fragment reading 'I am my dear Sir, yours faithfully William Kitchener', author and expert on music and optics, [1827]. 1 item


1822, Jul 20

Letter from Sir Gilbert Elliott, 2nd Earl Minto, requesting copy of tables of data that accompany Daniell's hygrometer and praising the accuracy of his version of the hygrometer over equivalent instruments, 1822. 1 item


1837, Aug 18

Letter from Eilhardt Mitscherlich, German chemist, thanking Daniell for the gift of some apparatus, 1837. 1 item


1831-1832, Apr 27

Letter from Gerard Moll, Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Utrecht, thanking Daniell for a reference to Moll in his introductory lecture, King's College London, 1831; defence of Thomas Young, editor of the Nautical almanac, in face of criticism of his work, and Moll's trenchant views on the participation of the French scientific establishment in the French Revolution. With copy of Moll's anonymous pamphlet, On the alleged decline of science in England (London, 1831), 1831-1832.1 item, 1 pamphlet


1842, Nov 20

Letter from Georg Simon Ohm, Professor at Nuremberg, to Daniell, acknowledging election to the Royal Society, London, and praising Daniell for his work on batteries, 1842. 1 item


1822, Feb 12

Letter from John Oldham, naval engineer, congratulating Daniell on his pyrometer and declaring his intention to purchase an example, on furnaces to fuse or melt metals, 1822. 1 item


1833, May 29

Letter from Samuel Orwin, student of King's College London, thanking Daniell for the award of silver medal in chemistry, King's College, 1833. 1 item



Letter from William Otter, Bishop of Chichester and Principal of King's College London, regarding Daniell's candidature for the Secretaryship of London University, [1836-1840]. 1 item


1840, May 20

Letter from D F Van der Pant, secretary of the Society of Experimental Philosophy, Rotterdam, Netherlands, conferring upon Daniell the fellowship of the Society, 1840. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/58-59

1840, Jun 18,1842, Oct 18

Correspondence with James Renwick, Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy and Chemistry, Columbia College, New York, US, relating to a schools' edition of Daniell's An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy (London, 1839); acknowledging his intellectual debt to Daniell and on behalf of Columbia College offering him an honorary Doctorate of Laws. Pamphlet by Renwick entitled Meteorology, 1840, 1842. 2 items



Letter by James Clerk Ross, navigator and polar explorer, introducing a Captain Johnson, member of the Navy committee for improving ships' compasses, [1831-1845]. 1 item

DANIELL: 1/61-63

1823, Jun 11, [1824]

Correspondence with Edward Sabine, polar explorer, relating to observations by John Frederic William Herschel using Daniell's hygrometer including suggested improvements to the hygrometer; field observations collected using a barometer; enquiry regarding maps and mean temperatures, East Greenland and Spitzbergen, notice of essay on meteorology by James Renwick, Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy and Chemistry, Columbia College, New York, US, published in the Philosophical magazine; remarks on Daniell's hygrometer reported by the Annales de chemie; comments on characterisation of George Gordon Noel Byron, 6th Baron Byron, in article published by the London magazine, [1823-1824]. 3 items

DANIELL: 1/64-65

1839, Nov 21,1844, Feb 19

Correspondence with Christian Friedrich Schöenbein, Swiss-German chemist, relating to the election of Daniell as member of the Philosophical Society of Bâle for his work on the constant battery; congratulating Daniell on An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy (London, 1839) and praising the work of Michael Faraday on 'common electricity', 1839, 1844. 2 items

DANIELL: 1/66-68

1824, Mar 12-Jul 12

Correspondence with Heinrich Christian Schumacher, astronomer, including the design and application of barometers and hygrometers, the construction of portable barometers, with sketches and formulae, 1824. 3 items


1821, Feb 21

Letter from James Sealy, naturalist, regarding the possible appointment of Sealy as naturalist to New South Wales and the meteorological and zoological observations he intended to make were he successful, 1821. 1 item


1823, Sep 2

Letter from J Wilkinson of the Navy Office, London, acknowledging receipt of Daniell's Meteorological essays but warning that Daniell's criticisms of the ineffectiveness of the Meteorological Committee of the Navy Office would cost him their disapproval, 1823. 1 item


1833, May 31

Extract from letter to 'George', probably from Daniell, relating how the author is shortly to be awarded medals of achievement by the Royal Society, London, 1833. 1 item


1847, Jun 7

Extract from an unsigned letter in which the author describes his reconciliation of the existence of God with the study of natural philosophy, 1847. 1 item


1857, Oct 14

Letter addressed to 'Hale', describing how Professor Belli of Pavia possesses a letter addressed to Charles Wheatstone, 1857. 1 item

DANIELL 2: Manuscript lecture notes, publishing agreement and poem by John Frederic Daniell, [1831-1845]



Manuscript notebook containing extracts from lecture, probably delivered by Daniell, entitled 'On the objects, advantages and pleasures of science', [1831-1845]. 1 notebook



Manuscript extract from Joseph Butler's Analogy of religion (1736), [1831-1845]. 1 item



Manuscript notebook containing extracts of various lectures delivered by Daniell at King's College London and the Military School of the East India Company, Addiscombe, Surrey, comprising mainly introductions to courses with general remarks on the purpose and practice of chemistry, 1835-1842; manuscript copy of remonstrance by Daniell addressed to the editor of the British Magazine concerning the possibility of reconciling divinity with natural philosophy, devoting considerable attention to Daniell's religious beliefs and state of mind, including critical remarks on a sermon implying science and religion to be irreconcilable and on deficiencies in clerical education, March 1844. With printed obituaries of Daniell pasted into front of volume from The lancet, The morning post, The medical times, 1845, [1835-1845]. 1 volume



Memorandum of agreement between Daniell and John Parker, publisher, relating to the publication of An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy (London, 1839), 1838. 1 item



Manuscript poem by Daniell entitled 'For a sick friend', 1841. 1 item



Manuscript note on final lecture by Daniell at the Military School of the East India Company, Addiscombe, Surrey, 4 October 1844. 1 item

DANIELL 3: Printed articles, offprints and reviews of publications by John Frederic Daniell and others, 1823-1860



Review of Daniell's Meteorological essays and observations (London, 1823), appearing in issue of The literary chronicle and weekly review, 4 October 1823. 1 newspaper



Printed review of Daniell's Meteorological essays and observations (London, 1823), appearing in Literary and critical proëmium, November 1823. 1 pamphlet



Offprint of review of Daniell's Meteorological essays and observations (London, 1823). 1 broadsheet



Pamphlet by Daniell entitled On voltaic combinations (London, 1836), reprinted from the Philosophical transactions, 1836. With annotated dedication to Samuel Hunter Christie, a mathematician who described the Wheatstone Bridge. 1 pamphlet



Pamphlet by Daniell entitled Further observations on voltaic combinations (London, 1837), reprinted from the Philosophical transactions, 1837. With annotated dedication to Samuel Hunter Christie, a mathematician who described the Wheatstone Bridge. 1 pamphlet



Offprint booklet entitled Chemistry covering basic chemical decomposition, combinations of gases, and of gases and metals, properties and experiments relating to the non-metallic elements. Possibly Daniell's An introduction to the study of chemical philosophy (London, 1839), first section of book only, 2 copies



Manuscript exegesis on Mark 14.4 concerning the value of charity, signed by 'E H' inside cover of pamphlet entitled Proposed tower and spire of All Saints, Norwood, 1840. 1 pamphlet



Pamphlet by John Frederic Daniell entitled On the spontaneous evolution of sulphuretted hydrogen in the waters of the western coast of Africa, derived from a lecture delivered by Daniell to the Royal Institution, 21 May 1841, reprinted from article in Philosophical magazine, series 3, vol. 19, no, 121. With author's annotated dedication to William Prout, physiologist and chemist. 2 copies of pamphlet



Offprint of letter from Daniell to Richard Phillips, chemist, entitled On the constant voltaic battery, reprinted from the London, Edinburgh and Dublin philosophical magazine and journal of science, April 1842. With letter to Phillips concerning a disagreement with William Grove over credit for the invention of Grove's cell. 1 pamphlet with insert



Offprint of reply by Daniell to comments by Robert Hare, Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, in Some observations on the electrolysis of salts. Reply published in the London, Edinburgh and Dublin philosophical magazine and journal of science, May 1843. 1 pamphlet



Cutting from The gardeners' chronicle describing the contribution made by Daniell to the science of horticulture and in particular the greenhouse and measurement of atmospheric moisture, 1845. 1 newspaper cutting



Pamphlet entitled In memoriam Robert Bentley Todd, M.D., F.R.S., for the centenary of his birth, celebrating life of the one-time Professor of Physiology, King's College London, and Physician, King's College Hospital, 1860. 1 pamphlet

DANIELL 4: Certificates acknowledging the membership by John Frederic Daniell of various learned societies, 1839-1845



Certificate of membership of Daniell to Die Naturforschende Gesellschaft, Basel, 1839. 1 certificate



Certificate of the election of Daniell to the National Institute for the Promotion of Science, Washington, US, 1845. 1 certificate



Membership certificate awarded to Daniell by the Regia Scientiarum Academia Borussica, 1845. 1 certificate

DANIELL 5: Obituaries and biographies of John Frederic Daniell, 1845-1990



Newspaper obituary of Daniell, 1845. 1 cutting



Manuscript 'Life' of Daniell by unknown author, incorporating printed text of introductory lecture delivered in King's College London by Daniell, 1831, printed text of correspondence published in the British magazine concerning clerical education, March 1844; extracts from correspondence with Daniell, [1845]. 1 volume



Typescript essay by Victor Gold, Professor of Chemistry, King's College London, entitled 'Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Appointment of J. F. Daniell, F.R.S. as Professor of Chemistry at King's College London', [1973]. 1 typescript essay



Offprint of article by David Davies, Professor of Chemistry, King's College London, entitled 'John Frederic Daniell, 1790-1845', reprinted from Chemistry in Britain, October, 1990. 2 copies of pamphlet


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