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THEOLOGY: King's College London Department of Theology Records ›

The papers of the Theology Department of King's College London comprise correspondence, minutes, lectures, press cuttings and photographs, [1871]-1989; notably including correspondence and papers relating to scholarships, examination results, visiting academics, admissions policy, Faculty structure and strategic development, 1926-1975 (1983 KFT, KFT/1984/3, 6-7); Theological Board and Faculty minute…

THEOLOGY: King's College London Department of Theology Student Records ›

Theology student records, [1852]-1998, specifically undergraduate and postgraduate male student files, 1886, 1908, 1910-1974 (Ref: KFT/FPM), undergraduate and postgraduate male withdrawals, [1914-1951] (Ref: KFT/FPMW), miscellaneous correspondence relating to students whose date of entry is not known, [1939-1969] (Ref: KFT/FPMM), undergraduate and postgraduate female student files, 1929-1974 (Ref:…

THEOLOGY: King's College London Department of Theology: History and Philosophy of Religion Postgraduate Student Records ›

King's College London History and Philosophy of Religion postgraduate student files, 1975-1981 (Ref: KDPR/FPPG). These generally relate to MTh courses and information typically contained includes applications for admission as a postgraduate student, results, title of thesis/dissertation, references and general correspondence.


Records of the Thomas Guy and Lewisham School of Nursing comprising files of course tutor and course administrator for students entering in 1985 and 1990.

THOMSON, Professor St Clair (1859-1943) ›

Volume of case notes and lecture notes taken by St Clair Thomson from lectures on surgery delivered by Jospeh Lister, Professor of Clinical Surgery, King's College London, 1879-1880, including the treatment of abscesses, carcinoma, gall stones and the importance of dressing wounds and the use of antiseptics.

THORNTON, Charles James (b 1865) ›

Certificate of honorary membership of King's College Engineering Society, 1885; Associate of King's College certificate, 1885.

THUDICHUM, Johann Ludwig Wilhelm (1829-1901) ›

Letter to Dr Johann Ludwig Wilhelm Thudichum, from F Hoppe-Seyler, Tubingen, 1869; and letter from Justus Liebig, Academie der Wissenschaften, 1871. Research notes (in English and German), 1867-1869, on topics including: urine; the thyroid gland; spectral analysis of organic substances (including blood, urine, egg yolk and the brain); and ‘Theobromine preparation from cocoa by phospho-woframic acid…

DETAILED CATALOGUETIRARD, Professor Sir Nestor Isidore Charles (1853-1928) ›

Typescript papers concerning hospital reform with particular reference to King's College Hospital, including preferred co-operation between hospitals and public provident dispensaries, 1905-1906; proposals from the British Medical Association designed to correct perceived abuses in the charitable status of hospitals, 1906-1909; report by the King Edward's Hospital fund for London into the treatment…

TOMALIN, Ruth (1919-2012) ›

One file comprising a copy transcript of Ruth Tomalin's diary, May-Dec 1938 as a Journalism student at King's College London, with brief notes on College lectures attended and giving an interesting flavour of student life in London during the late 1930s with descriptions of West End theatre productions, parties and the geography of London; lecture notes in two notebooks, 1938; copies of press articles…

TOMKINS, John Newton (fl 1831-1834) ›

Papers of John Newton Tomkins, 1831-[1834], comprising his essay on the mechanism of the circulation and the diseases of the heart and large arteries, illustrated by cases and with references to preparations in St Thomas's Hospital's Museum, [1834] (medical prize essay); surgical case notes of 110 patients admitted to St Thomas's Hospital, 1831-1832.

TOMLINSON, Herbert (1845-1931) ›

The papers of Herbert Tomlinson, [1895-1904], comprise a printed volume of lectures delivered to the Royal Society by Tomlinson between 1881 and 1889, mainly concerning the effects of strain in materials and on viscosity.

TOOGOOD, Jonathan (d 1869) ›

Papers of Jonathan Toogood, 1810-1843, comprising letters from Henry Cline, 1814, J Clarke, 1815, R Willan, 1810, Sir Astley Cooper, 1823-1833, and Thomas Turner, 1843, concerning medical conditions and treatment; letter from Gilbert Wakefield to Rev C Toodgood, Sherborne, Dorsetshire, (uncle of Jonathan Toogood) Jan 1795 (damaged). Also contains correspondence of depositer concerning the Toogood family…

TOULMIN family papers [1772-1884] ›

Papers of Frederick Toulmin, and J[oseph] Toulmin, including letters relating mostly to particular medical cases from C Aston Key, 1841, 17 Aug 1843, 6 Dec; Bransby B Cooper, 8 Aug 1844, 5 Dec 1846; W Laurence, 13 Nov 1846; J[ames] Pereira, 19 Jan 1847; Samuel Soley, 21 Dec [1860]; William Withey Gull, 6 Jul 1867, ND, 11 Aug 1884, 24 Apr 1865, 11 Apr 1865; K Letheby, 2 May [1882]; S[amuel] Wilks, 10…

TRAVERS, Benjamin (1783-1858) ›

Papers relating to Benjamin Travers, [1834], comprising notes, with sketches, on his lectures on diseases of the eye, [1834], possibly taken by Marc Anthony Bazille Corbin, a medical student.

TROUP, Sir (Charles) Edward (1857-1941) ›

Papers, 1923-1932, relating to Troup's work as Treasurer and Member of the Council, King's College, London, including notes and drafts of a letter, Jul 1923, to the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers, requesting an increase in their grant to King's College; agenda of the War Memorial Trusteeship Committee, 1924; correspondence, 1925, with the Union Society of King's College, London, relating to the…

TUBBS, Frederick A (1910-1978) ›

Papers of Frederick A Tubbs, comprising his City of Westminster Air Raid Warden's notebook, 1939-1943, containing press cuttings and notes concerning the duties of wardens and relating to Westminster.

TUPPER family papers [1794-1844] ›

Notes taken from lectures and texts by Martin Tupper and James Tupper 1795-1797, including: 'Lectures on botany by James Edward Smith MD FRS, President of the Linnaean Society, Proprietor of the Linnaean Collection, delivered at the theatre, Guy's Hospital, London, taken by J P Tupper, 1795', manuscript volume of lecture notes with botanical illustrations, 364pp; volume entitled 'Philosophy, 1795'…


Comprising a series of questionnaires completed by parents and children participating in the TEDS project, 1994-2003; including initial contact questionnaires completed when twins were approximately one year old containing the name of mother or father, address, telephone details, consent signatures, information on twins such as whether identical or non-identical, differences in appearance, sleep patterns,…

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