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Correspondence, notes, reports, research data, diaries, photographs and artefacts relating to the life and work of Dame Cicely Saunders, 1918-2005, including: Personal papers, 1918-2003, notably appointment, travel and prayer diaries, 1952-2003 (ref K/PP149/1). Case notes, correspondence, research data, interview transcripts and draft MD thesis relating to Saunders’ research at St Joseph’s Hospice,…

SAVORY, William (fl 1788-1789) ›

Papers of William Savory comprising notes on Henry Cline's lectures on anatomy and surgery, 1789 (missing the lectures on surgery), and including a few notes from the clinical lectures of John Rutherford; also notes on William Saunders' lectures on the theory and practice of physic, 1788,

DETAILED CATALOGUESCHOOL OF NURSING: King's College Hospital School of Nursing student nurse records ›

Records of King's College Hospital School of Nursing (later Normanby College of Nursing) comprising registers relating to the admission and training of student nurses at King's College Hospital, London, 1885-1967: including Trial Appointments Register, 1890-1902; Student Nurses' Candidates Register, 1924-1964; Student Nurses' Interview Book, 1954-1959; Pupil Midwives Candidates' Registers, 1939-1954;…


Records, 1968-1984, of the Schools Council Integrated Science Project (SCISP), created by the senior members of the SCISP team, comprising papers of the SCISP consultative committee, 1969-1981, including minutes and other meeting papers, correspondence, comments on the trials course material, and publicity; papers relating to Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials schools, 1970-1979, largely correspondence with…

BOX LISTSCULLARD, Professor Howard Hayes (1903-1983) ›

Papers, [1909] and 1930-[1975], relating to Scullard's published work, notably lists of contributors and articles for the first edition, [1938], and correspondence with contributors to the second edition, 1964-1965, of the Oxford classical dictionary (Clarendon, Oxford, 1949 and 1970); annotated photocopy of typescript of The elephant in the Greek and Roman world (Thames and Hudson, 1974), [1973-1974],…

SHARP, Samuel (? 1700-1778) ›

Manuscript of Samuel Sharp's 'Treatise on the Operations of Surgery, with a Description and Representation of the Instruments used in performing them', [1739].

SHARROCK, Professor Roger Ian (1919-1990) ›

Correspondence, [1940-1989], about his texts, mainly in regard to the work of William Wordsworth and John Bunyan, including one photocopy of a letter from Professor Clive Staples Lewis about Bunyan, 1963; proofs, offprints and typescript texts, reflecting Sharrock's own literary work (including poems), and literary criticism including Spiritual autobiography in the pilgrim's progress , Keats and the…

SHAXSON, Evelyn Margaret (fl 1924-1925) ›

Papers of Evelyn Margaret Shaxson comprising manuscript volume of lecture notes, with diagrams on Anatomy and Physiology, Mar-Apr 1925, also including loose copies of examination question papers, 1925; notebook containing water colour paintings of flowers, each named with a note where seen [1920s].

SHEARING, Edwin Albert (b 1915) ›

Personal correspondence, 1937-1952, between Shearing and Samuel Smiles, Daniell Professor of Chemistry at King's College London, relating to the publication of Shearing's research, and Shearing's work and career; letters, 1938, from Arthur John Allmand, Daniell Professor of Chemistry at King's College London, requesting information on Shearing's career and the Samuel Smiles Prize Fund; 'Report of the…

SHELDON, John (1752-1808) ›

John Sheldon's notes on lectures by Alexander Monro on anatomy and surgery, delivered at Edinburgh [1770].

SHEPPARD, William Henry (b 1914) ›

Copy notes and diagrams, 1988, on 'General theory of colour', and planetary motion, with diagrams and covering letters; paper, Jul 1988, on 'The foundations of knowledge', listing an ideal syllabus.

SHERRINGTON, Sir Charles Scott (1857-1952): Brown Animal Sanatory Institution ›

Register, [1895-1904], entitled 'Rabies Investigations' of tests on the bodies of dogs sent to the Brown Institution for suspected rabies. Descriptions and results of the tests are given, with some related correspondence pasted into the register. Cases were investigated by Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, Sir John Rose Bradford and Frederick William Twort, Professor-Superintendents of the Institution.

SIMON, Sir John (1816-1904) ›

Letters to John Simon, from Joseph Henry Green, [1850]; and letter from E Headlam Greenhow (1814-1888), Apr 1866 relating to a 1849 report on cholera.

SIMONS, Lewis (1888-1972) ›

Manuscript notes from lectures, comprising, 'Second year calculus'; 'Pure maths'; 'Honours physics BSc lectures, special first year course delivered by Professor Harold Albert Wilson', 1908; 'Mathematics', 1909; 'Theoretical physics, second year honours BSc'.

SKEAT, Reverend Walter William (1835-1912) ›

Papers, 1868-1932, of and concerning Walter William Skeat, including correspondence relating to the English Dialect Society, 1887-1912, letters to Skeat, 1868-1912, fragments of letters and drafts of letters by Skeat, 1873-1905, and correspondence of the Skeat family, 1914-1928. The bulk of the collection comprises working papers, almost all undated, including notes and transcripts of various manuscripts…

SMART, Thomas (fl 1786-1845) ›

Papers of Thomas Smart comprising lecture notes of 'Mr Cline's physiological, anatomical, and chirurgical lectures', [1790], delivered 1786-1787, taken by Smart when a student.

SMITH, Professor George Charles Moore (1858-1940) ›

George Charles Moore Smith's undated transcripts, first lines and titles of 17th-century poems before 1660. The sources include British Library Additional MSS, MSS Sloane, Lansdowne, Dyce, Harleian and Egerton; Oxford University, Bodleian Library, MS Ashmole, MS Malone, MS Rawlinson Poet; Corpus Christi Library, Oxford, MS 32B; Cambridge University Library, Add MS 4138; manuscripts at St John's, Emmanuel,…

SMITH, Robert Percy (1853-1941) ›

Papers of R P Smith comprising artworks including a sketch book containing pencil sketches and watercolours, (some incomplete) including images of the pleasure boat of the Rajah of Jehore; humorous cartoon; Knockholt House, Knockholt, Kent; Hobson's Bay, Victoria; Sir Walter Scott's Memorial, Edinburgh; Stirling Castle; Rumbling Bridge, Dunkeld; Loch Lomond; hand-coloured maps of the Western Hemisphere…

SMITH, Sir James Edward (1759-1828) ›

'Lectures on Botany by James Edward Smith, MD FRS, President of the Linnaean Society, delivered in the theatre, Guy's Hospital, 1796'- manuscript volume of 18 lectures, titles include: A general view of the three kingdoms of nature; vegetable anatomy; parts of a plant; the various effects of light upon plants; the seed vessels; the sexual system of plants; the Linnaean system; illustrations of the…

SMITH, William Alexander Lauder (fl 1886-1916) ›

Papers of William Alexander Lauder Smith, 1890s, comprising a manuscript thesis for MB degree, University of Cambridge, titled 'The Pathology of pernicious anaemia', 34pp.

SOCIAL WORK: Chelsea College Social Work Studies Student Records ›

Chelsea College Social Work Studies MSc student files, 1976-1983 (Ref: CDS/FP). Information typically contained includes correspondence; details of work placements, including placement reports; references; assessments; coursework, including essays, dissertations, case studies; examination scripts. The records also contain a small quantity of administrative material including reports of examiners' meetings…

SOLLY, Samuel (1805-1871) ›

Papers of Samuel Solly, [1826-1856] comprising surgical casebook containing notes on patients examined by him at St Thomas's Hospital, privately, and at Hanwell, including operative details and post mortem findings, [1828-1846], with some water colour sketches, mostly of the brain; letter to Solly from Sydney Jones, 1856; and two letters from John Sharpe (undated).

SOUTER, Professor Alexander (1873-1949) ›

Working papers of Alexander Souter, 1889-1930s and undated, comprising 20 notebooks, 1889-1913, on his studies in Aberdeen and Cambridge and on classical and patristic sources for his later work in Oxford, Aberdeen and Italy, and also including a diary for 1890, with entries noting work completed, news cuttings relating to his interests, and a book containing short publications such as Souter's The…

SOUTH, John Flint (1797-1882) ›

Papers of John Flint South, comprising surgical case notes of patients admitted to St Thomas's Hospital, 1859-1862, with index classified by disease, 1841-1861; also notice of meeting of the British Medical Association - South Eastern Branch, 17 Sep 1863.

SPANISH: King's College London Department of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies Records ›

King's College London Spanish and Spanish-American Studies Department records comprising correspondence with staff and students, departmental minutes, University of London Board of Studies' papers, papers relating to the University Grants' Committee, course outlines, mark sheets and photographs, 1949-1992. These notably include departmental minutes, 1975-1989; correspondence relating to research funding,…

SPANISH: King's College London Department of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies Student Files ›

King's College London Department of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies undergraduate and postgraduate student files, [1960-1990] (Ref: KDS/FP/FPPG). File information typically consists of correspondence and references. Some may also include examination entry forms, giving papers taken, record sheets with course marks, and application for admission forms giving name, address, date of birth, nationality,…

SPEEDY, Doris Macdonald (b 1903) ›

Letter, 1923, to certify Speedy's attendance at a practical course in Bacteriology, King's College London; Dispenser's certificate, Society of Apothecaries of London, 1925; testimonials, 1925, from Fulham Tuberculosis Dispensary, Farringdon General Dispensary and Lying in Charity, and 'The Westminster Classes', Queen Anne's Chambers, London; application letter, 1925, for a part time dispenser's position…


St Francis Hospital Record of Service Book, 1949-1956, (SFH/FP), including details of name of nurse, position, date of birth, date of entering service, date and cause of leaving, previous appointments, comments on work and conduct; photographs of St Francis Hospital, [1960-1965], (SFH/F).


St Francis Hospital nursing records including St Francis' Hospital - A complete Training School for Assistant Nurses [1958]; Record of [Nurses]Service Book, 1949-1956; Photographs of the hospital, [1960-1965].


St Giles Hospital case papers, 1946; St Giles Hospital out-patient case notes, 1946-1947, for a named patient suffering from Addison's disease, who was treated at various hospitals and clinics.


St Giles Hospital School of Nursing register of Student Nurses particulars, 1944-1949; Student Nurses Register, 1944-1957; Lectures and Examination Particulars, 1952-1966; and photographs of nursing staff, 1931.

ST GILES HOSPITAL: Nursing School Register ›

St Giles Hospital School of Nursing Student Nurses Register, 1952-1954, (SGH/FP), including details of name, age, date of birth, address, previous occupation, education, date of entry, date of commencement and termination of training, student nurses index roll, annual leave, sick and special leave, wards worked on and dates, details of examination results, transfers; list of medical and nursing staff…


Registers of St John's Hospital student nurses, 1955-1959, 1967-1969, including personal details, dates of training, ward allocation and examination results.


St Saviour's Infirmary Register of Assistant Matrons, Night Superintendents, Head Nurses, and Staff Nurses, [1890]-1931, including details of name, address, age, religion, date of entry, name and type of ward worked on, previous experience, remarks.

ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL SCHOOL: Illustrations and works of art of ›

Miscellaneous non-medical illustrations and works of art [1720s-1960s] including illustrations of St Thomas's Hospital and Medical School buildings at Southwark and Lambeth; botanical subjects [1800-1900]; buildings in the Southwark district, London Bridge, [1805-1860s]; printed portaits of Mr Ludlow, John Leake, Thomas Sydenham, William Withering (1744-1799), R D Grainger (1801-1865), William Chesleden…


Administrative records of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, 1836-2001, comprising minutes of meetings of St Thomas's Hospital Medical & Surgical School 1836-1845; St Thomas's Hospital Collegiate Establishment Committee 1847-1852; Committee of Lecturers 1849-1979; Medical and Surgical Staff Officers 1864-1901; Obstetric Physicians 1866-1879; Surgeons' Meetings 1867-1924; Physicians Meetings 1871-1879;…


Correspondence held by St Thomas's Hospital, 1829-1974, comprising testimonials commending William Wegg for positions at the Public Dispensary and St Thomas's Hospital, 1844-1849, from Thomas Alfred Barker, Sir James Risdon Bennett, Henry Burton, Frederick Le Gros Clark, Daniel W Cohen, Richard Henry Goolden, Joseph Henry Green, Marshall Hall, Henry B Leeson, Gilbert Wakefield Mackmurdo, Henry Shuckburgh…


Admission cards [1800-1900]; Orders of service for anniversary and funeral services, and obituaries 1932-2000; Programmes and flyers for performances, sporting events, building ceremonies, and menus, 1886-1984; Notices 1865-1977; Miscellaneous papers, including standing orders for hospital procedures, dessecting schedule, press cuttings, 1800-1990; Audio recordings of Dr Goadby, [1900-2000], and Dr…


Photographs of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, [1859-2003], comprising photographs of notable hospital events, 1892-[2000], including opening of the new wing of the medical school, 1892; theatricals and musicals, 1818-[1980s]; roayl visits 1940s-[1970s]; and of facilities including operating theatre 1896-[1990], wards [1900-1960s]; School of Physiology, 1935-1946; Biochemistry Department,[1950s-1990s];portraits…


Prize essays of St Thomas's Hospital, [1834]-1928, comprising an essay by Marc Anthony Bazille Corbin on typhus fever, [1834], a clinical medicine prize essay; essay by Richard Hodges on haemorrage, 1843, a surgical prize essay; an essay by Edward Clapton on sciatica, 1855, a student's prize essay; 'Essay on the heart', submitted for the Grainger Testimonial Prize by an unknown student, ('Cordifolia'),…


Student records of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, 1723-1986, comprising - Index of Pupils and Dressers St Thomas's 1723-1819,and Guy's 1768-1819; Registers of [Anatomy] Pupils 1808-1821; Physicians Pupils 1729-1842; [Surgeon's] Pupils 1723-1775, and Dressers 1750-1796; [Surgeon's] Pupils 1775-1833; [Surgeon's] Dressers 1796-1834; Surgeons Dressers and Pupils entering to the Medical Practice 1788-1812;…

ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL: Cholera and choleraic diarrhoea casebook ›

Casebook of St Thomas's Hospital, 1854, recording details of 149 cases of cholera and choleraic diarrhoea admitted to the hospital, by an unidentified compiler, including printed instructions on hygiene practices from the Royal College of Physicians, 1853.

ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL: Correspondence relating to cholera ›

Correspondence between physicians of St Thomas's Hospital and the City of London Board of Health, [Court of Common Council], Guildhall, 1831, concerning the hospital's potential accommodation for patients in the event of an outbreak of cholera in London, with replies to the Secretary of St Thomas's from the physicians Henry Shuckburgh Roots, Robert Williams, Henry Burton and John Elliotson expressing…

ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL: Medical and Physical Society ›

Records of the Medical Society, later Medical and Physical Society of St Thomas's Hospital, 1841-1964, comprising minutes of the Society, 1841-1850, 1868-1878, 1894-1938, 1942-1964; members book, 1892-1901;prize debate papers read before the Society, by Frederick Rowland Barker on the medical education of women, [1874]; Frederick Gordon Brown on diptheria, 1860; Frederick Henry Ward on diabetes, 1864;…


Records of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, comprising administrative records, 1842-1939, including minutes of Committees 1832-1982; administrative files,1870-1975; museum catalogue, 1829; library administrative minutes and files, 1925-2001; Departmental Records 1945-1955; School timetables and notices 1932-1940; Examinations question papers 1909-1976; correspondence relating to cholera outbreak…

ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL: Personal papers, miscellaneous correspondence and manuscripts ›

Miscellaneous collection of autographed letters including letter from Henry Hugh Clutton, concerning the removal of a patient's appendix, with diagram, 1899; letter from Charles Darwin, concerning book references, [1859]; agreement by J Dikson, surgeon, to attend poor patients and provide medicine for the parish of Sholden, Kent, 1829; letter from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1929, concerning books relating…

ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL: Publications ›

Copies of St Thomas's Hospital Reports, 1836, 1870-1952, St Thomas's Hospital Gazette, 1891-1996, containing articles concerning the Hospital and Medical School, including notable patient cases, obituaries of staff; copies of containing reports of medical and surgical work at the hospital; Calendars and Prospectuses, 1888-1992; Old Students Directory, 1919-1987; magazines including Circle 1970-1991,…

ST THOMAS'S HOSPITAL: Student clubs and societies  ›

Records of students' clubs of St Thomas's Hospital, 1888-1942, comprising minutes of the Student's Club, 1888-1912; Rugby Football Club programs, caps and tankard, 1873-1978; minutes of the United Hospitals Cricket Club 1881-1889; minutes of the Amalgamated Clubs of St Thomas's Hospital, 1893-1925, and rules and bye-laws, 1919-1975; minutes of the Fencing Club, 1927-1942; Rifle Club handbook, 1953;…


St Thomas's Hospital student nurse records, [1950-1980], includes detailed application forms, correspondence and training records.

STAGG, Margaret Annie (fl 1924-1939) ›

Papers of Margaret Stagg comprising: King's College Hospital (KCH) certificates of Invalid Cookery, 26 Dec 1924; nursing training, 1924-1927; nursing service, Jan-Oct 1928; Central Board of Midwives certificate, 25 May 1929; Battersea Polytechnic Certificate, Department of Hygiene and Public Health, course for Sister Tutors, Jul 1937; The College of Nursing Certificate of registration, 20 Apr 1939;…

STILL, Alicia Frances Jane Lloyd (fl 1913-1944) ›

Material relating to Alicia Still comprising printed copy of Dame Alicia Lloyd Still, DBE RRC, a memoir, Lucy Ridgley Seymer, Nightingale Fellowship, St. Thomas's Hospital: London, May 1953; and two black and white photographs of Dame Alicia.

STONE, Sir (John) Leonard (1896-1978) ›

Bound manuscript classical dictionary, [19th century]. Compiler unknown.


Records, c1869-1979, of the Strand School and its predecessors, comprising Headmaster's general and policy files, 1875-1977 (Ref: KSS/GPF); minutes of the Strand School, 1913-1938, and minutes relating to staff, 1957-1978, Houses of the school, 1942-1969, school societies, 1936-1957, parents' open evenings, 1956-1969, and conference of Headmasters and mistresses of London County Council (LCC) secondary…

STRAND SCHOOL: Headmaster's general and policy files ›

General and policy files, 1875-1977, of the Headmaster of the Strand School, comprising correspondence and papers on the Civil Service Department, King's College London, including a formal agreement between King's College London and William Braginton for him to conduct classes at the College for the second class clerkship in the Civil Service, 1875, Headmaster's reports, 1898-1911, staff appointments,…

STURTON, William (fl 1830-1838) ›

William Sturton's certificate of attendance at lectures in surgery, St Thomas Hospital Theatre, 1830-1831.

SUBOTSKY, Fiona (b 1944) ›

Papers of Dr Fiona Subotsky, 1903-2002 including minutes, correspondence and notes of the District Children's Mental Health Review Group, 1990-1998; papers relating to the Children's Directorate including management information, plans and budgets, 1994, 1995 and 1998; correspondence on the staffing and structure of the Brixton Child Guidance Unit (CGU) 1976-1978. Papers relating to Belgrave Clinic…

SWAN, Alexander (1906-1980) ›

Papers, 1930-1988, of Alexander Swan (formerly Alexander Lebedeff), including general correspondence relating to his career appointments and leukaemia research, 1959-1974; reports and associated correspondence relating to conferences attended by Swan, notably concerning leukaemia, haematology and fibrinolysis, including a paper delivered in 1962 at a Congress of the Society of Haematology in Mexico…

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