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PAKES, Walter Charles Cross (died 1935) ›

Papers of Walter Charles Cross Pakes, including printed applications with testimonials, for posts of Bacteriologist and lecturer on bacteriology and pathological chemistry at the London Hospital, Jul 1897; for post of Professor of Hygiene at the Bedford College for Women, Dec 1898; and for post of Medical Officer of Health, to the Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead, May 1901. Also contains letters…

PANKRATIEN, Nicodemus (fl 1773) ›

Manuscript transcription of Johann David Lembke's Compendium Physicæ theoreticoexperimentalis, in usum auditorum concinnatum , 1740 by Nicodemus Pankratien, 1773.

PANZER, Georg Wolfgang Franz (1755-1829) and STURM, Jacob (1771 - 1848) ›

Bound volume containing 295 colour illustrations of flies (diptera) with Latin descriptions, with the manuscript inscription 'Diptera selected from a larger work published by G W Panzer, Nurnberg, 1793'. Probably extracts from Faunae Insectorum Germanicae Initia [Elements of the German insect fauna], Nuremburg, [1792-] 1793-1813, containing Panzer's short textual descriptions and individual hand-coloured…

DETAILED CATALOGUEPARGETER , Rita Blanche (1912-2001) ›

Papers of Rita Pargeter, 1929-1935, comprising study notes and papers relating to education at King's College, University of London. Loose notes, 1931-1933 on subjects including Chaucer, Shakespeare and poetry, prose and drama 1579-1700. Notebooks enclosing study notes on subjects including Old English, Middle English, Gothic grammar and translation, Modern English and Beowolf. Registration instructions…

PARK, Professor John James (1795-1833) ›

Volume entitled 'Questions for Debate', [1832-1833], being legal questions devised by Professor John James Park, with some references to cases.

PARKER, Mrs (fl 1900-1936) ›

Letter from student nurse at the Guy's Hospital Training School, [1914-1917], describing the daily routine in the nurses school; also medical related papers of Mrs Parker, including letter concerning her medical condition, 9 Jun 1900; nurses' bills, Mar-Apr 1900; chemist's bill, Apr 1900; letters relating to Mrs Parker's illness and convalescence, Sep 1923; doctor's bills, Jun-Jul 1925; spectacle…

PARKINSON, Elsie M (fl 1913-1919) ›

Small photograph album of Elsie M Parkinson containing images of King's College Hospital, nurses, staff, wards, patients, etc. Also includes some pencil sketches, rhymes and poems [1913-1919]. Most photographs have captions.


Administrative papers and data from the Parkside Project, 2000 investigating the needs assessment processes of health visitors. Including transcripts and audiotapes of interviews with 4 health visitors and their clients from the Parkside Trust area and administrative papers including the project research proposal, timeline and minutes.

PARSONS, Frederick Gymer (1863-1943) ›

Papers of F G Parsons comprising a catalogue of Comparative Anatomy Specimens in the Museum at St Thomas's Hospital, Oct 15th 1892, containing annotated descriptions of specimens. In the back of the volume are notes and illustrations on human anatomy; file containing Parsons' notes on the ward names and their location within the hospital, 1934. Artefacts comprise a three legged stool and two book…

PARTRIDGE, Alderman (fl 1817-1818) ›

Manuscript volume of sixty-eight lectures belonging to Alderman Partridge, titled 'An epitome of the anatomical lectures delivered by Astley P Cooper and Henry Cline Esquires at St Thomas' Hospital Borough, 20 January 1813'. Also contains loose folio titled 'fractures on their mode of union'.

PATIENT CASE BOOK: John Chandler (d 1822) ›

Case book, 1808-1809, of an unidentified physician, containing list of private patients treated, with brief details of medical complaints and accounts. (The name Chandler (perhaps John, surgeon to St Thomas's Hospital), appears on the first page).

PATIENT CASE BOOK: Sir John Simon (1816-1904 ›

Patient case book, 1832-1836, recording cases admitted to St Thomas's Hospital, some surgical, possibly compiled by Sir John Simon.

PEARCE, Joseph Channing (fl 1832-1833) ›

Two letters from J Channing Pearce, 1833, to his father James Pearce, Surgeon, Bradford, Wiltshire, concerning the outbreak of Cholera in London and cases he attended, 16 Feb 1832; and relating to his winning of the first anatomical prize given by Mr [Bransby Blake] Cooper including a description of the prize examination, 5 May 1833.

PEARSON, John Edward (b 1930) ›

The papers of John Pearson comprise manuscript notebooks of lectures and experimental write-ups compiled by Pearson when he was a student at Chelsea Polytechnic, 1954-1957, and include notes on electricity, optics, electronics and circuit theory, electromagnetic theory, diffraction gratings, wave mechanics and X-ray physics.

PENNY, Edward Austin (fl 1911-1955) ›

Papers of Edward Austin Penny, comprising manuscript list of house officers, dressers and ward clerks, and list of patients by disease, in Naaman, Dorcas, and Astley Cooper wards of Guy's Hospital titled 'Mr Dunn's take in'[1909]; also letter to Mr Tomlin from Edward Austin Penny, Jan 1955, who was the 'take in' dresser on the list.

PERRY, Edwin Cooper (1856-1938) ›

Commemorative volume containing testimonial to Sir Edwin Cooper Perry, (1856-1938), on the occasion of his retirement from the post of Superintendent to Guy's Hospital, signed by past and present students and staff, 29 Jan 1920.

PETT, Douglas Ellory (1924-2005) ›

Papers of Douglas Ellory Pett, 1942-2005, including essay by Pett entitled 'The Christian as Citizen' (Winner of the Warden's Essay Prize), [1947]; essay by Pett entitled 'The Cavalier Poets - Carew, Suckling and Lovelace' (Winner of the Plumptre Prize for English Literature), [1947]; black and white photographs including of staff and students of King's College London English School, 1942-1943; staff…

PHARMACY: Chelsea College Department of Pharmacy/King's College London Department of Pharmacy Records ›

Pharmacy material at the South-Western Polytechnic, Chelsea College and King's College London, comprises correspondence, minutes, theses, staff publications and exam question papers, 1935-1997. It includes correspondence relating to student prizes, examinations, enrolment of students, and the staffing and management of the Department of Pharmacy, Chelsea College and at King's College London, 1958-1995;…

PHARMACY: Chelsea College Department of Pharmacy/King's College London Department of Pharmacy Student Records ›

Chelsea Polytechnic/College Pharmacy undergraduate record cards, [1910-1940] (Ref: CDPM/FP1), undergraduate record cards, [1930-1970] (Ref: KDPM/FP2), undergraduate record cards, [1965-1996] (Ref: KDPM/FP), undergraduate withdrawal record cards (Ref: KDPM/FP(W)), undergraduate files, 1989, 1992-1998 (Ref: KDPM/FP), postgraduate record cards, [1965-1994] (Ref: KDPM/FPPG), postgraduate withdrawal record…

PHILLIPS, Dorothy (fl 1913-1922) ›

Certificates of Dorothy Phillips comprising East London Hospital for Children, certificate of training, 20 April 1913; King's College Hospital Certificate of Invalid Cookery, 3 Feb 1915; King's College Hospital Certificate of training, 1917; Central Midwives Board certificate, 10 Feb 1919; The College of Nursing, certificate of Registration, 27 Mar 1919; General Nursing Council of England and Wales,…

PHILOSOPHY: King's College London Department of Philosophy Records ›

The records of the Department of Philosophy at King's College London consist of correspondence and papers, 1959-1998, notably including correspondence with the Head of Department, Peter Winch, relating to teaching and administration, with obituaries and an order of service for his funeral, 1975-1998; correspondence relating to visiting academics, 1970-1989; papers of the University of London Board…

PHILOSOPHY: King's College London Department of Philosophy Student Records ›

King's College London/Bedford College Philosophy postgraduate student files, [1965-1985], 1993, Bedford College undergraduate and postgraduate students, [1965-1985], non-degree students, 1987-1989, (KDP), undergraduate student files, 1988-1990 (Ref: KDP/FP). Information contained in undergraduate student files typically includes an UCCA (Universities Central Council on Admissions) form giving name,…

PHYSICS: King's College London Department of Physics Records ›

The records of the King's College London Department of Physics comprise minute books, correspondence, staff records, mark books, research notes, lecture notes and texts, inventories of equipment, photographs, press cuttings and printed journal articles and catalogues, [1890]-1984. They notably include minutes and correspondence concerned with departmental equipment and maintenance, 1971-1975; records…

PHYSICS: King's College London Department of Physics Student Records ›

King's College London Department of Physics student record cards, 1935-1981 (Ref: KDPY/FP). Information typically contained includes basic biographical details: name, permanent address, nationality, date of birth, schooling, particulars of scholarships or exhibitions at King's, other funding, date of entering College, dates of taking exams, degree and class, and College activities. Some cards also…

PHYSIOLOGY: Chelsea College Department of Physiology Student Records ›

Chelsea College Department of Physiology undergraduate student record cards, 1969-1982 (Ref: CDPI/FP). Information contained typically includes transcript details, addresses, photograph, entrance qualifications, tutor, some course codes and marks obtained, but final degree results are not always given. This series also includes withdrawals.

PHYSIOLOGY: King's College London Department of Physiology Records ›

King's College London Physiology departmental records comprise minutes, correspondence and student files, 1966-2000. These notably include minutes and papers of the Subject Area Board in Physiology in the University of London, 1982-2000, University of London Board of Studies in Physiology minutes, agendas and related papers, 1972-1985; correspondence, notably relating to the Flowers Report on London…

PHYSIOLOGY: King's College London Department of Physiology Student Records ›

King's College London Department of Physiology student records, 1988 (Ref: KDPI/FP). These take the form of a single-sheet computer printout giving name, address, school, 'A' levels, tutor initials, course codes and results.

PHYSIOTHERAPY: King's College London Division of Physiotherapy Records ›

The records of physiotherapy research at King's College consist of correspondence, minutes and research survey material, 1978-1990. These notably include correspondence with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy regarding grants, conferences and comparisons between the international provision of physiotherapy services, 1985; relating to the tenth anniversary celebrations of the Society for Research…

PICKERING, Frederick Pickering (1909-1981) ›

Manuscript notes (attributed to F P Pickering, [1962]) on Johannes Rathofer, Der Heliand: theologischer Sinn als tektonische Form (Koln, 1962).

PICKSTOCK, George Newport (fl 1849-1854) ›

Manuscript volume of notes on lectures, with record of attendance at Guy's Hospital, 5 Jun 1849-20 Oct 1849, taken by George Newport Pickstock, including lectures on natural philosophy, Dr Lloyd; chemistry, [Alfred Swaine] Taylor; and physiology, [William Withey] Gull; also records receipts and payments, 1849-1854.

PLIMMER, Henry George (1856-1918) ›

Papers of Henry George Plimmer comprising letter from Ronald Ross to Captain Robert Henry Plimmer, stepson of H G Plimmer, 1910, relating to publication of a report, and the death of HG Plimmer; manuscript notes describing Plimmer's keen interest in music; notebook contains instructions for H G Plimmer's funeral; copies of letters and commonplace collection 1918; printed obituaries from the Proceedings…

PLUMPTRE, Very Reverend Edward Hayes (1821-1891) ›

Copy of Sermons by the Right Reverend Joseph Butler, late Lord Bishop of Durham (published by Scott, Webster, and Geary, London, 1841), inscribed by Edward Hayes Plumptre, University College Oxford, 1843, and annotated.


Manuscript translation, [late 19th century], of a Rule relating to the Abbey of Port Royal, France. Incomplete. The contents are: Small part of the Constitutions of the Abbey; Advice to the Mistress of the Novices; The manner of conferring the novice's habit; Thoughts on the ceremony of vesture; The manner of receiving women at their profession; Thoughts on the ceremony of profession; Spirit of the…

POTT, Percivall (1714-1788) ›

Papers relating to Percivall Pott, [1770-1792], comprising notes on his surgical lectures, taken by an unidentified pupil, [1770].

POTTER, William (fl 1936-1997) ›

Scrap album compiled by William Potter, Hon Secretary and President of the Students' Union at KCL, c. 1938-39; including Conversazione programmes, invitation cards to student association and other dinners and events, with designs by the war artist, Kenneth Cyril Bird, (Fougasse) for The Universities' Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW), Dec 1938; Commemmoration Week programmes, KCL Musical and Dramatic…

PRESTAGE, Professor Edgar (1869-1951) ›

Papers of Edgar Prestage, 1881-1949, largely relating to his work on the history of Portugal, 16th-19th centuries. Letters to Prestage from various correspondents, 1886-1948 and undated, relate to a variety of subjects pertaining to his work, publications and translations, sources and interpretation, and also to acquaintances and contemporaries, other publications, and some personal matters such as…

BOX LISTPRICE, William Charles (1909-1993) ›

The papers of William Price, chiefly relating to spectroscopic analysis and photoionisation, comprise correspondence, lecture and teaching notes, notes compiled while reviewing scientific articles, original research notes, papers concerning Price's employment as an examiner, obituaries and reprints of journal articles, 1929-1993. These notably include correspondence with colleagues describing projects…

PUBLIC HEALTH: King's College London Department of Public Health and Epidemiology Records ›

The records of the Department of Public Health and Epidemiology comprise patient survey data and questionnaire forms, printed reports, and glass slides of public notices promoting cleanliness and public health, [1895]-1999. These notably include completed volunteer questionnaires concerning the effects on the physiogomy of smoking and alcohol consumption, with photographs attached, 1996-1998; ovarian…

PULLING, Frederick Leopold (fl [1800-1900]) ›

Large volume of approximately 305 pressed botanical specimens, attributed to Frederick Leopold Pulling.

PURKIS, Margaret Joan (fl 1927-1956) ›

Papers of Margaret Purkis comprising three letters of thanks and acknowledgment on her resignation from membership of the Board of Governors of King's College Hospital, from Lord Normanby, Chairman, 10 Feb 1956; Robert Hunter, Minister of Health, 15 Feb 1956; and William Gilliatt, Chairman of the Board of Governors, 17 May 1956.

PYNE, [Mary] (fl 1880) ›

Letter to Miss [Mary] Pyne at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, from Florence Nightingale, 14 Aug 1880, relating to arrangements for Miss Pyne's visit to London for a meeting.

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