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HAIGHTON, John (c1755-1823) ›

Papers relating to John Haighton, 1796-1817, comprising notes on his lectures titled 'Lectures on physiology', 1795, and 'Lectures on the physiology of the human body, delivered at Guy's Hospital by John Haighton, MD, 1796', taken by an unidentified students.

HAIGHTON, John (c1755-1823) and BLUNDELL, James (1790-1877) ›

Papers of John Haighton and James Blundell, comprising printed syllabus and manuscript notes on a course of their lectures on midwifery, delivered at Guy's Hospital, probably taken by a student, Richard Stocker Junior, [1821].

HAIGHTON, John (c1755-1823): St Thomas's papers ›

Papers relating to John Haighton, 1810-[1811], comprising his lectures on physiology, delivered at Guy's Hospital [1809-1811], and on the gravid uterus, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, 1810, taken by a student, William Gruggen.

HALL, Hubert (1857-1944) ›

Manuscript notes by Hubert Hall on the Red Book of the Exchequer (a volume, originating in the 13th century, containing precedents and memoranda), undated [1896].

HALL, Marshall (1790-1857) ›

Papers relating to Marshall Hall, comprising notes on his lectures on dropsy and neurology, 1835, as well as notes on lectures by Frederick Tyrell and John Morgan, 1833, taken by an unidentified student.

HALL, Stuart George (b 1928) ›

The papers of Professor Stuart George Hall comprise correspondence, journals and papers, 1967-1980; in particular a draft typescript paper on the origins of Easter, 1976; correspondence relating to lectureships in ecclesiastical history, the training for the ministry at King's and student assessment, 1978-1979; correspondence and papers relating to Hall's diocesan work in Nottinghamshire and as a Nottingham…

HALLIDAY, Sir William Reginald (1886-1966) ›

Papers, 1945-1966, of Sir William Halliday including letters, 1945-1966, to M T Tudsbery, variously addressed from the Athaeneum, King's College London and Lynton, Devon, and covering subjects such as verse, health, meetings, acquaintances and family, travels and work; privately printed Christmas cards, 1945-1949; original verse and literary exercises; copies of Anecdotage , a privately printed Christmas…

HANBURY, William (d 1768) ›

Manuscript volume, 18th century, entitled 'Britannia', containing topographical descriptions of places in England and Wales including parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Shropshire and Cheshire. Towards the end of the volume places in various counties are listed, according to whether the author has visited them, but are not described. At the front of the volume are various financial accounts, perhaps recording…

DETAILED CATALOGUEHANSON, Professor (Emmeline) Jean (1919-1973) ›

Papers of Professor Jean Hanson, 1938-1975, comprising undergraduate lecture notes; drafts for lectures, revised annually, for undergraduate teaching in zoology at Bedford College, 1938-1948; lectures in Biophysics given at King's College London, 1960-1973; research papers, comprising extensive laboratory notebooks and working papers, 1938-1973, which include ideas for research and comments on current…

HARDY, Thomas (1840-1928) ›

Two brief notes from Thomas Hardy to Dr Ernest Barker, Principal of King’s College London, 19 Jun and 23 Nov 1926, confirming Hardy’s attendance at King’s College London evening classes in French, 1865-1866, and subsequently declining an invitation to the Annual College dinner.

HARRIES, Clifford Vivian (fl 1933-1960) ›

Typescript copy article by Surgeon Commander C V Harries comprising 'Typhus fever, a historical review with special reference to the Epidemics in Algeria and Naples during the Second World War' [1950s].

HASLER, Irene Rose (fl 1929-1931) ›

Manuscript volume of Irene Rose Hasler titled 'Sister tutor's lectures, 1929, Miss K Armstrong, Anatomy and Physiology' containing notes on lectures, with accompanying sketches, which have been annotated in red ink. Inserted are a number of duplicated notes and diagrams relating to physiology and treatment.

DETAILED CATALOGUEHAYMAN, William Speed (1858-1950) ›

Collection consists of photographs taken by William Speed Hayman of Joseph Lister and his colleagues with related correspondence and Hayman's personal papers. Comprises one file of photographs of Joseph Lister and his colleagues in King's College Hospital, Portugal Street taken by Hayman 1890-1891; one file of correspondence between Miss Morwenna Hayman, daughter of William Speed Hayman, Walter Frank…

HEARNSHAW, Fossey John Cobb (1869-1946) ›

Manuscript of The Centenary History of King's College London, 1828-1928 (G G Harrap & Co, London, 1929); research notebooks for The Centenary History , including minutes of Council and notes from calendars, 1926-1929, and notebooks compiled for Hearnshaw by William H Wickwar a former student of King's College London, 1927; 'Rough notes for King's College History' broadly arranged as draft chapters,…

HELMCKEN: family papers (1842-1939) ›

Papers of John Sebastian Helmcken, comprising manuscript volume of notes taken on anatomy and surgery lectures, November 1847, in the back of the volume. 85 folios; Notebook inscribed 'Helmcken, Guy's Hospital' attributed to John Sebastian Helmcken, student at Guy's 1845-1847, containing manuscript notes on lectures and medical subjects, 134 ff, with loose notes in same hand, with titles: rheumatic…

HENDERSON, Edward Erskine (fl 1891-1902) ›

Manuscript thesis for MB degree, Cambridge University, 'The Diagnosis, treatment and results of perforated gastric ulcer', Edward Erskine Henderson BA, St John's College, Bruntsfield Lodge, Bromley, 1895.

HERBEDEN, William (1710-1801) ›

Papers relating to William Herbeden, comprising notes on his lectures containing observations on the history, nature and cure of poisons, delivered at the College of Physicians, 1749, copy notes made by Richard Whitfield, 1792.

HERBERT, Julia Ashbourne (Daisy) (1881-) ›

Papers of Julia Ashbourne (Daisy) Herbert comprising letter to Herbert from Sidney Brown, TFNS Matron-in-Chief, concerning joining the TFNS unit in Lincoln, Aug 1914; from Matron-in-Chief British Expeditionary Forces, congratulations on award of Military Medal, 20 Oct 1917; certificate recording Herbert's mention in dispatches, 7 Nov 1917; telegram and letter relating to investiture ceremony at Buckingham…

HEY, Professor Donald Holroyde (1904-1987) ›

Papers covering Hey's career, 1930-1971, including scientific papers, lectures, notes relating to departmental administration, and papers by others. File of correspondence, 1936-1937, chiefly with Professor William Alexander Waters, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Durham, relating to Waters' investigations into reactions involving free radicals and the subsequent publication of a paper…

HILL, Richard (fl 1820) ›

Richard Hill's certificate of admission as a patient at Guy's Hospital, 29 Jun 1820.

BOX LISTHILTON, John Robert (1908-1994) ›

Papers of John Robert Hilton 1934-1941, comprising: correspondence and papers on his appointment as Director of Antiquities, Cyprus, 1934 and his dismissal in 1935; correspondence with Sir George Hill, Director, British Museum, 1935; press cuttings and printed reports on the Cyprus Committee and the Department of Antiquities, 1935-1941; personal correspondence, 1934-1935; photographs of Cypriot antiquities,…

HIPPISLEY, Evelyn Waters (1878-1968) ›

Correspondence, 1924-1936, notably with Catherine R Newby, Vice Principal of St Christopher's College at Blackheath, London, Deaconness Dorothy Batho, Archibishop's Examiner in Theology at Roedean School, Sussex, and Miss G M Bevan, Archbishop's Examiner in Theology, concerning women theological students taking the 'Lambeth Diploma' at King's College London; volume of transliterations of Babylonian…

HISTORY: King's College London Department of History and Philosophy of Science postgraduate student records ›

King's College London History and Philosophy of Science postgraduate student files, [1964-1992] (Ref: 1994 KDP/FP). Information typically includes correspondence, application for admission as a postgraduate, confirmation of receipt of application, enrolment forms, essays, with later files containing extended essays and articles.

HISTORY: King's College London Department of History and Philosophy of Science Records ›

The records of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at King's College London comprise minutes, correspondence and reports, 1964-1992. These notably include minutes of the committee charged with setting up a department at Chelsea College, 1964; Chelsea College Academic Board minutes, 1966-1969; School of Humanities minutes, 1990-1992; University of London Board of Studies in History and…

HISTORY: King's College London Department of History Records ›

Department of History records at King's College London comprises minute books, correspondence, committee papers, student and staff records, sound recordings of lectures and photographs, [1876]-1988. These notably include departmental minute books, 1956-1991; University of London Board of Studies in History minutes and papers, 1973-1989; correspondence relating to the examining of postgraduate degrees…

HISTORY: King's College London Department of History Student Records ›

King's College London Department of History undergraduate student files, 1949-1992, 1994 (Ref: KDH/FP), undergraduate record cards, 1952-1968, 1971-94 (Ref: KDH/FPC), postgraduate files, 1947, 1960, 1962-1993 (Ref: KDH/FPPG), postgraduate record cards, [1950-1992] (Ref: KDH/FPPGC). All students listed in the undergraduate file series from 1949-1966 have both a record card and a file. The majority of…


Registers of student nurses at Hither Green Hospital, 1955-1967, including names, personal details, dates of training, ward allocation and examination results.

HOBBS, Joan (died 2003) ›

Papers of Joan Hobbs comprising: King's College Hospital certificates of Invalid Cookery, 21 Jul 1934; nursing training 1934-1937; and Maternity Department training, 10 Mar 1939; Central Midwives Board certificate, 13 Aug 1938; Certificate of Membership of the College of Nursing, 20 Jul 1939; King's College of Household and Social Science certificate of attendance and practice of Elementary Dietetics,…

HOLDSWORTH, Edna (fl 1913-1928) ›

The papers of Edna Holdsworth, 1913-1928, comprise one file of correspondence and prospectus information relating to the student record of Edna Holdsworth, nee Johnson, who studied Household and Social Science at King's College for Women, Kensington, notably application letters, references and some printed information booklets and examination papers, 1915-1916.

HOLMES, Maj Oliver Wright- (b 1909) ›

Lecture, course and revision notes written by Wright-Holmes whilst studying History at King's College London, 1931-1934; typescript copy of his PhD thesis entitled 'Tertullian on prayer', 1951.

HOME, Sir Everard (1756-1832) ›

Papers relating to Everard Home, comprising notes on his lectures on practical surgery, delivered at Guy's Hospital, 1794-1795, transcribed from notes taken by George Rose.

HORDER, Thomas Jeeves, 1st Baron (1871-1955) ›

Papers of Thomas Horder comprising list of references and notes for his article on 'Diseases old and new' published in Health and a day , 1937.

HORTON-SMITH, Raymond John (1873-1899 ) ›

Papers relating to Raymond John Horton-Smith, (1873-1899), including printed notices of his death, obituaries, photograph, and various published articles.

HUDSON, Helen Muriel (1919-2006) ›

Correspondence, 1968-1975, with and concerning Mrs Helen Joseph, a graduate in English at King's College, London, who became a social worker in South Africa and was later tried for treason and put under extended house arrest, including a petition by female public leaders for her release, 1968; correspondence regarding Helen Joseph's election as a Fellow of King's College, London, 1975.

HUDSON, Professor William Henry Hoar (1838-1915) ›

Papers of Hudson comprising 'Angle Generator for use in the study of trigonometry' by W B Bushell, 1873; a letter from H Orfleur concerning surfaces, with photograph of geometrical model attached, 1898; invitation to Hudson from Principal Henry Wace to the Medical Department Prize Distribution, with geometrical drawing on the reverse; mathematical model (quadratic surface: ellipsoid).

HUGHES, Anthony Dowdall (b 1933) ›

Handwritten notes and newspaper cuttings, 1955-1968, on legal subjects, including Common Law, Equity, Conflicts, Evidence, Land Law and Trade Law.

HUGO, Thomas Byrdall (fl 1780) ›

Papers of Thomas Byrdall Hugo comprising notes on lectures on anatomy and surgery by Joseph Else, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, 1780.

HULBERT, John (fl 1807) ›

Two volumes of manuscript notes bound together, containing lectures on the principles and practice of surgery by Astley Paston Cooper, and Benjamin Travers's lectures on diseases of the eye, taken by Hulbert as a pupil, 1807.

HUMANITIES: Chelsea College Department of the Humanities Student and Other Records ›

Chelsea College of Science and Technology and Chelsea College Department of the Humanities student and other records, 1958-1983. This class of material contains some student information on BSc and visiting BA undergraduate and DCC (Diploma of Chelsea College) students, 1967-1983. BSc and DCC information typically includes name, course work including aggregate marks, percentage marks, letter grading,…

HUMANITIES: King's College London Faculty of Arts Student Files/School of Humanities Student Records ›

King's College London Faculty of Arts student files, 1971-1984 (Ref: KFA/FP), Faculty of Arts record cards, 1962-1988 (Ref: KFA/FPC), Faculty of Arts mark sheets, 1981-1988 (Ref: KFA/FP), School of Humanities undergraduate files, 1988-1998 (Ref: KSH/FP), School of Humanities postgraduate files, 1988-1997 (Ref: KSH/FPPG), School of Humanities undergraduate withdrawals, 1984-1995 (Ref: KSH/FP(W)), School…

HUMANITIES: King's College London Faculty of Arts/School of Humanities Records ›

The records of the Faculty of Arts/School of Humanities at King's College London comprise minutes, correspondence and other papers, 1898-1995. These notably include bound Faculty Board minutes covering academic issues such as teaching, examinations and staffing, 1898-1989; minutes of the Humanities Computer Users' Committee with supporting materials, 1990-1993; correspondence on the relationship between…

HUNT, [Eva Knightley] | fl 1920-1937 ›

Letter to Eva Knightley Hunt, 1 May 1937, from Amy Katherine Bullock, matron of the Welsh Mission Hospital, Shillong, Assam, India, relating to common acquaintances from King's, and the running of the Mission Hospital.

HUNTER, John (1728-1793) ›

The collection comprises one manuscript volume of notes on lectures delivered by John Hunter, Surgeon Extraordinary to King George III, at the operating theatre in Great Windmill Street, London, summarised under the general heading 'The true principles of surgery'. The subject of the lectures include comparison of plant and animal life, such as sensation and movement; treatment of inflamed organs;…

HUNTER, John (1728-1793): St Thomas's papers ›

Papers relating to John Hunter, comprising notes on his course of anatomical and chirurgical lectures, [1780], taken by an unidentified student; notes on his surgical lectures, 1786, taken by a student, Richard Whitfield; notes on his lectures on the 'Principles of Surgery', 1777, copied from notes by Cline by an unidentified student.

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