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GARNER, William Langham (fl 1891-1922) ›

Typescript thesis for MB Degree Cambridge 'Gastric ulcer and its perforation', William Langham Garner, Guy's Hospital, Nov 1896. 26pp

DETAILED CATALOGUEGATES, Professor Reginald Ruggles (1882-1962) ›

Papers of Reginald Ruggles Gates, 1896-1969, including diaries and research notebooks, papers relating to Botanical Biology ; Gates' research files; photographs; appointment diaries; correspondence; papers relating to professional memberships and conference material; press cuttings and published articles on his research interests. Including diaries and research notebooks, 1906-1962. Papers relating…

GATTER, Ellen V (fl 1905-1909) ›

Papers of Ellen Gatter comprising note/sketch book containing anatomical drawings, mostly pencil sketches, occasional colour added, as well as some notes on anatomy. The volume also contain sketches of classical designs, and patterns and ornaments, and notes on 'the principles of ornament' [1905-1909]; note/sketch book, containing pencil drawings of anatomical subjects and human models, as well as…

GAYLARD Christopher (fl 1855-1859) ›

Christopher Gaylard's printed programme cards for the Pupil's Physical Society, Guy's Hospital, 1856-1859.

GENERAL LITERATURE: King's College London Department of General Literature and Science Minutes ›

The collection consists of the minutes of meetings of the staff of the King's College Department of General Literature and Science and the Faculty of Arts, 1866-1898.

GEOGRAPHY: King's College London Department of Geography Records ›

The records of King's College London Department of Geography include staff committee minutes, correspondence, working papers and publications, 1930-1996; most notably departmental staff committee minutes, 1980-1993; papers relating to the organisation and reorganisation of the department and the implications for geography of the merger of King's with Queen Elizabeth and Chelsea Colleges, 1967-1988;…

GEOGRAPHY: King's College London Department of Geography Student Files ›

Undergraduate files for BA and BSc degrees, 1931, 1941, 1944, 1948, 1951, 1953-1987 (Ref: KDGG/FP), undergraduate withdrawals, 1963, 1966-1985, 1987-1988 (Ref: KDGG/FP(W)), postgraduate files for MSc and MPhil/PhD degrees, [1964-1979] (Ref: KDGG/FPPG). Information contained in undergraduate files typically includes entrance form, school education, date of birth, addresses, photograph, correspondence,…

GEOLOGY: King's College London Department of Geology Records ›

Geology departmental records at King's College comprise correspondence, diagrams of fossils, exhibition photographs and negatives, 1828-1975. These notably include correspondence between Sir Charles Lyell, Professor of Mineralogy and Geology, King's College London, William Buckland, one time Professor of Geology, University of Oxford, and others concerning glaciation and descriptions of a tour of Italy…


The collection comprises manuscript notebooks, printed pamphlets, correspondence, a minute book, and photographic and other catalogues, 1768-1970. These notably include notebooks containing descriptions and viewing data relating to astronomical observations carried out at Kew Observatory, Richmond, Surrey, on behalf of King George III, with a printed pamphlet by Nevil Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal, entitled…

GERMAN: King's College London Department of German Records ›

The records of the King's College London German Department consist of correspondence, order books and photographs, 1932-1995. These include correspondence concerning awards and prizes to students, correspondence with alumni, the method of student appraisals, applications for research funding granted to members of staff, the appointment of language assistants in the department as part of a German academic…

GERMAN: King's College London Department of German Student Records ›

King's College London Department of German register of students, 1918-1937 (Ref: KDG/RG), record cards, [1950-1952], 1966-1982 (Ref: KDG/FPC), postgraduate student files, 1997-1998 (Ref: KDG/FPPG), student correspondence in the administrative series, 1955-1992 (Ref: KDG). The record cards cover all pass students and are subdivided into those taking German as part of a general degree or subsidiary subject,…

GIBBS, Henry Hucks, (1819-1907) ›

Letter to Henry Hucks Gibbs (Lord Aldenham) from Francis [Knollys], 5 Mar 1896, relating to agreement of the Prince of Wales [later King Edward VII} to preside at the dinner to be held in May 1896, in aid of the re-endowment fund of Guy's Hospital.

GOLD, Professor Victor (1922-1985) ›

List of works by Gold published from 1947-1986, [1988].

GOLLANCZ, Sir Israel (1863-1930) ›

A pencil sketch of Sir Israel Gollancz, Professor of English at King's College, by Dorothy Parker, and annotated 'Golly', a student nickname for the Professor, [1918-1921].

GOUDGE, George Wilfred (1907-1979) ›

Papers of George Wilfred Goudge, 1924-1935, 1968-1973, reflecting his training and work as a dentist. Papers include examination papers of University of London General School, pre-medical, dental anatomy and physiology papers of Royal College of the Physicians of London and Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1924-1931; notes taken whilst studying at King's College Hospital, [1930]; personal letters…

GRAHAM, Professor Gerald Sandford (1903-1988) ›

Correspondence, [1947-1983], with fellow academics and graduate students, notably Professor Charles Ralph Boxer, Professor of History, Yale University, and former Camoens Professor of Portuguese, King's College London; Professor John Bartlett Brebner, Professor of History, Columbia University, New York; Professor Donald Grant Creighton, Professor of History, University of Toronto, Canada; Professor…

GRAHAM, Professor Ilse (b 1914) ›

Offprints of Schiller's drama: talent and integrity , (Methuen, London, 1974), and Goethe: portrait of the artist (de Gruyter, Berlin, 1977), both by Graham.

GRAINGER, Edward (1797-1824) ›

Papers relating to Edward Grainger, comprising notes on his lectures on anatomy, [1819-1824], taken by an unidentified student. The volume is the second of two; the first volume of notes is not held.

GRAVESON, Professor Ronald Harry (1911-1991) ›

Papers, 1929-1988, containing articles relating to law by Graveson, correspondence with academic institutions and publishers concerning Graveson's articles, reviews by Graveson of others' work, texts of lectures and addresses given by Graveson, contributions to various law committees and law conferences, Graveson's notes taken as a law student, and papers of the Commonwealth-American Legal Studies…


Film and sound interviews conducted with Greek and Greek Cypriot migrants, chiefly 1991-2000, in the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, France, Germany and Cyprus, and related background research material. The interviews include: the interviewees’ lives before and after migration; the role of the Greek Orthodox Church in migrant communities; business ventures among migrant communities; the…

GREEK RELIEF FUND: (Modern Greek Archive) ›

Records, 1947-1984, of the League for Democracy in Greece Relief Committee and its successor the Greek Relief Fund, including minutes; administrative, legal and financial material; correspondence with donors and with organisations including branches of the Red Cross, relief funds, and pro-Greek democracy organisations in various overseas countries; material relating to appeals for funds for relief…

GREEN, Joseph Henry (1791-1863) ›

Papers of Joseph Henry Green, comprising notes of his lectures on anatomy, physiology and surgery, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, taken by an unidentified student, 1825; clinical reports of cases in St Thomas's Hospital under Mr Green, 1824-1826, prepared by one of his dressers for a prize; clinical reports of cases in St Thomas's Hospital under Mr Green, 1832-1836, probably prepared by John…

GREGORY, James (1753-1821) ›

Papers of James Gregory, comprising notes on his lectures on the practice of physic, delivered at Edinburgh, 1814, taken by an unidentified student.

GRUGGEN, William (fl 1809-1811) ›

Papers of William Gruggen comprising his notes on lectures on surgery, delivered by Sir Astley Cooper, 1809-1811; also his notes on John Haighton's lectures on physiology 1810-[1811], delivered at Guy's Hospital [1809-1811], and on the gravid uterus, delivered at St Thomas's Hospital, 1810.

GUEST, Professor Anthony Gordon (b 1930) ›

The papers of Professor Anthony Guest consisting of minutes and correspondence, notably relating to a working party on Religious Studies at King's College London, set up to consider the future of the discipline, and of which Professor Guest was chairman, 1976-1977.

GUINNESS, Gerald Henry, GRATTAN- (1909-1985) ›

Mathematics lecture notes, 1927-1930, taken from lectures delivered by Dr James Henderson, John Theodore Combridge, Professor Arthur Ernest Jolliffe, Professor Stuart Arthur Frank White, and Assistant Professor John Borthwick Dale; matriculation and degree certificates, 1927-1934.

GULL, Sir William Withey (1816-1890) ›

Papers relating to Sir William Withey Gull, comprising notes on his clinical lectures delivered at Guy's Hospital, February 1864, taken by an unidentified student. Lecture titles include 'The principals of investigating and treating disease', 'The disease of paraplegia' and 'The condition of acute rheumatism'. Also certificate of attendance at Clinical Lectures at Guy's Hospital, with daily reports…

DETAILED CATALOGUEGUNN, John Charles (b 1937) ›

Papers of John Gunn, 1926-2002, including extensive correspondence, notes, memoranda, funding applications, lecture presentations and press cuttings. The collection includes: files concerning the administration of the Institute of Psychiatry and its Department of Forensic Psychiatry, 1975-2000 (including policy, planning, funding, assessments and staffing), and the running of the Denis Hill Unit forensic…

GUNNING, John (d 1798) ›

Papers of John Gunning, relating to the regulations for the teaching of pupils, dressers and apprentices at Guy's Hospital, including letter to Gunning from Joseph Warner, 29 Dec 1792, describing regulations in the hospitals in 1734; letter to Gunning from William Lucas, [1792] also describing the system for apprentices, dressers and pupils; also three manuscript copies of regulations.

GUY'S '89 Club ›

Records of Guy's '89 Club, comprising minutes, 1895-1938, including details of the establishment of the Club; rules and resolutions; list of presidents.

GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL: Clinical and surgical records ›

Clinical and Surgical records of Guy's Hospital Medical College, 1823-1982, comprising patient registers for Guy's Hospital, namely admission registers for female patients, 1809-1833; clinical reports for male and female patients, 1823-1847; clinical case book, 1900; clinical cases index, 1911; female patients surgical register of John Hilton, Assistant Surgeon, 1846-1847; indexes of surgical cases,…

GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL: College Catering Company Limited ›

Records of Guy's Hospital Catering Company Limited, 1926-1981, comprising memorandum and articles of association, 1926; minutes of Directors' meetings, 1926-1980; minutes of shareholders' meetings, 1927-1980; register of members and share ledger, 1926-1980; annual accounts and balance sheets, 1928-1968; reports and accounts, 1969-1980; correspondence and papers concerning the liquidation of the company,…


Records of Committees of Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1852-1985, comprising minutes of the School Governors, later Council of Governors, 1925-1982, with agendas and related papers, including reports, financial estimates and correspondence (Ref: G/M1); minutes and papers of the Finance Committee, 1903-1982 (Ref: G/M2); minutes of the School Council, later Academic Board, 1925-1982  (Ref: G/M3), with…


Records of the Dental Society of Guy's Hospital, 1894-[1955], comprising minutes of the Society, 1894-1906, 1918-1947, including duties of the Honorary Secretary and list of Presidents and Honorary Secretary, 1918-1941; papers relating to the Society, including annual dinner programme and ticket, 1948; provisional programme of addresses for the Society, 1954-1955.


Financial records of Guy's Hospital Medical School, notably Medical School and College balance sheets and statements of receipts and payments, [1905-1935]; College balance sheets, 1894-1902, 1903-1930, 1930-1937; Medical School guard books containing balance sheets, 1893-1907, 1923-1938; auditors' accounts for Medical School, 1881-1930; Medical School general ledgers, 1883-1976; departmental ledgers,…

GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL: Gazette and Guyoscope ›

Copies of Guy's Hospital Gazette, 1872-1996 (incomplete series), containing articles, obituaries, events, photographs and news; copy of the Guyscope, Guy's Hospital satirical magazine, 1920. copies of the Tablet, Guy's Hospital Medical School students' magazine, 1977-1980.

GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL: Guy's Society for Clinical Reports ›

Records of Guy's Society for Clinical Reports, 1836-1874, comprising general reports, 1836-1845, comprising annual and half yearly reports of the Society; surgical and clinical registers for various wards of Guy's Hospital, 1837-1848, containing brief details of patients, including name, complaint, treatment and outcome; case reports, 1836-1845, giving detailed reports on patients admitted to Guy's…

GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL: Guyites Club and Junior Guyites Club ›

Records of the Guyites Club of Guy's Hospital, 1845-1959, comprising minutes, 1845-1857, 1872-1886, which include details of the establishment of the Club, regulations, annual dinner expenses; letter concerning the deposit of the minute book with Guy's Hospital, 1959; 'Laws of the Guyites Club', undated; 'Rules of the United Guyites', undated; letter concerning annual meeting, 1905; Guyite Club Reports,…

GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL: Lectureships and scholarships ›

Records of Lectureships, Scholarships, prizes and examinations of Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1891-1985, comprising minutes and related papers of the Board of Electors to the Gull Studentship, 1891-1926; minutes of the Board of Electors to the Gordon Lectureship, 1912-1915; minutes of the Board of Electors to the Gordon Lectureship in Experimental Pathology, 1901-1912; minutes and papers of the…


Photographs of Guy's Hospital Medical School, [1850s-1981], comprising photograph portraits of physicians and surgeons of Guy's Hospital, [1850s-1935]; photographs of Deans of the Medical and Dental Schools, 1874-1945; photographs of 'Guy's men', [1862-1948], mainly surgeons and physicians; photographs of dental students, 1983-1987; Guy's Hospital staff, 1891, 1893, 1925; Guy's Hospital Dressers, 1889,…

GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL: Prints and illustrations ›

Prints and illustrations of Guy's Hospital Medical School, [1647-1970], comprising prints and engraved views of Guy's Hospital Medical and Dental Schools, including prints of Guy's Hospital, c1725, c1734; prints of hospital exterior views by Hanslip Fletcher, 1947-1949; prints of buildings close to the site of Guy's Hospital, [1647-1787]; prints of St Bartholomew's Hospital, [1813], and buildings of…


Essays written by Guy's Hospital Medical School students for prizes, 1844-1915, comprising Astley Cooper Prize winning essays, namely 'Drawings illustrating the Physiology of the Thymus Gland', 1844 by J Simon; 'Pyoemia or Suppurating Fever', by Dr Braidwood of Birkenhead, 1867, (winner, 1868); 'Diseases and Injuries of the Spinal Cord, with plates', [1874], by D J Hamilton; 'An Essay on Diseases and…

GUY'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL: Prospectuses, handbooks, reports and directories ›

Prospectuses, handbooks, reports and directories of Guy's Hospital Medical and Dental Schools, 1846-1996, comprising Medical School prospectuses, 1846, 1858-1985; Dental School prospectuses, 1899-1981; prospectus for Guy's Hospital School of Nursing, [1963]; United Medical and Dental Schools prospectuses, 1983-1995; Guy's Hospital Medical School calendars, 1900-1914; Medical School handbooks, 1925,…


Records of Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1755-1992, comprising records of Committees, 1852-1985, notably minutes of the School Governors, later Council of Governors, 1925-1982; minutes and papers of the Finance Committee, 1903-1982; minutes of the School Council, later Academic Board, 1925-1982; minutes of Guy's Hospital Medical (Examining) Council, 1852-1989; minutes and papers of the Dental Committee,…


Student records of Guy's Hospital and Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1725-1992, comprising register of pupils and dressers at Guy's and St Thomas's Hospitals, 1755-1823, arranged alphabetically; registers of general entry for pupils, 1805-1859, containing names, addresses, lecture fees paid; books of entry of physicians and surgeons' pupils and dressers, 1725, 1762, 1778-1845, containing names and…

GUY'S HOSPITAL: Medical Research Club ›

Records of Guy's Hospital Medical Research Club, 1913-1923, comprising minutes of meetings.

GUY'S HOSPITAL: Medical School College ›

Records relating to Guy's Hospital Medical School College, 1888-1982, comprising minutes and papers of Guy's Hospital College Committee, 1888-1982, relating to fundraising for the establishment of the College and its management; correspondence files relating to the establishment of the College, including accounts and fees, 1888; papers and correspondence concerning purchase of debentures, 1888-1889;…

GUY'S HOSPITAL: Medical School general publications ›

General publications collection comprising: bibliographies of Guy's men including Sir Henry Greenway Howse, Philip Henry Pye-Smith, Thomas Bryant, Sir James F Goodhart, Sir Frederick Taylor, Walter Hamilton Acland Jacobson, Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird, Sir William Arbuthnot Lane, 1915-[1939]; miscellaneous Guy's publications 1724, 1732, 1868-[2002]; publications relating to Guy's Nurses including…

GUY'S HOSPITAL: Most Distinguished Order of Clinicals ›

Records of 'The Most Distinguished Order of Clinicals' of Guy's Hospital, 1889-1939, containing names and signatures of physicians, surgeons, clinicals and house physicians of Guy's Hopsital clinical wards; cartoons of staff and students; summary of notable cases admitted to Guy's Hospital by month.

GUY'S HOSPITAL: Physical Society ›

Records of the Physical Society of Guy's Hospital, 1775-1851, comprising minutes of weekly meetings, 1775-1825, 1835-1851, including discussions of the papers presented to the society and lists of members; laws of the Society, 1775-1778; case reports on patients, presented to society meetings by members, 1818-1825; volumes of dissertations and essays presented to society meetings, [1799], [1808-1809],…

GUY'S HOSPITAL: Physiological Society ›

Records of the Physiological Society of Guy's Hospital, 1901-1963, comprising minutes, 1955-1963; papers read at Physiological Society meetings, 1901-1926, 1949, 1958-1962 (approximately 10 papers per year), on human and animal physiology. Papers cover a vast range of topics, including metabolism, digestion, vision, speech, heredity, nervous system, sex determinism, sleep, blood etc.

GUY'S HOSPITAL: Pupil's Physical Society ›

Records of the Pupil's Physical Society of Guy's Hospital, 1830-1966, comprising minutes, 1830-1966, and copies of papers presented to the Society, covering a wide range of subjects such as diseases, poisoning, wounds, fractures, pregnancy and surgery; printed session programmes of meetings and papers, 1930-1960; lists of members, 1874-1913, with expenses and minutes of Presidents' meetings, [1887]-1913;…


Records relating to Guy's Hospital Reports, 1856-1985, comprising minutes and papers of the Advisory Committee of Guy's Hospital Reports, 1907-1921; minutes and papers of the Editorial Committee, 1922-1974; administrative papers, comprising notes on the printing and delivery of Reports, 1835-1838; list of subscribers, 1875-1897; correspondence of the editor, relating to contribution of articles and…

DETAILED CATALOGUEGUY'S HOSPITAL: School of Nursing student nurse records ›

Guy's Hospital School of Nursing records comprising a register of Student nurses, 1949-1972; and examination number book, 1963-1978.

GUY'S HOSPITAL: Student societies ›

Records of the Clubs' Union of Guy's Hospital, 1887-1986, comprising members' book of the Students' Club and Clubs' Union, 1887-1938; Clubs' Union members book, 1982-1986; minutes and related papers of the Clubs' Union Council, 1891-1973; agenda books, 1947-1966; minutes, with reports, of the Clubs' Union Committee, 1931-1946; minutes and related papers of the Clubs' Union Blues Committee, 1893-1904,…

GUY, Thomas (1645?-1724) ›

Papers of Thomas Guy' comprising a receipt for £25 received by Thomas Guy, from the His Majesty's Exchequer, 10 Apr 1716.

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