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FAIRBANK, Sir (Harold Arthur) Thomas (1876-1961) ›

Papers, 1914-1961, including correspondence, mainly between Fairbank and Hubert Lyon-Campbell Wood, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, King's College Hospital, on various cases such as oxycephaly, cystic changes in the femora, dislocation of the elbow, Fairbank's birthday dinner, 1956, 1935-1961; scrapbook containing signatures of guests at dinners held in honour of Fairbank, 1936-1956; list of Fairbank's…

FARMER, Reverend George (1851-1925) ›

Papers, mainly notebooks of Farmer, 1881-1923, mainly comprising notes by Farmer on books of the Bible, including notebooks entitled 'Conjectural emendation in the New Testament', 'Parallels between the Revelation and other Johannine books'; notes for sermons by Farmer, 1891-1908, including sermons by Farmer entitled 'The Patriarchate and Exarchate', 'The Psalter as a Christian manual', and outlines…

FEREDAY, Edmund James (b 1959) ›

An account of a cycle tour of Jordan (8 Sep-6 Oct 1985), funded by a Convocation Trust Vacation Award; travelled mainly through Jordan, but also visited Israel and Egypt; an educational trip to find out about life in these countries; travelled away from the main routes but did see some important sights; visited archaeological sites, and participated in a dig in Jordan.

FERGUSSON, Professor Sir William (1808-1877) ›

File of case notes mainly relating to the work of Dr Robert Knox and William Fergusson at the Old Surgeon's Hall and Edinburgh Royal Dispensary, but also referring to earlier cases, 1827-1837, including an operation to correct a perforated anus in a young child, with accompanying correspondence recalling the case, 1841, and operations to rectify a hernia and hare lip, infant limb fractures, defects…

FIDO, Herbert Adamson (fl 1890-1893) ›

Papers of Herbert Adamson Fido, comprising certificate of attendance for surgical practice at Guy's Hospital, 1891; certificate after instruction in vaccination, Examining Board in England, 1891; notebook containing notes on surgery, diseases of joints, lectures on midwifery by Dr Horrocks, 1891; and notebook containing surgical outpatient notes from Guy's Hospital, 1892.

FIELD, Maj Harry Gooding (1866-1946) ›

Typescript copy of the memoirs of Harry Gooding Field entitled 'Adventures in Finance', 21 Oct 1942, detailing his accountancy career working in Canada, the United States, Malaysia and Singapore, with copies of birth, marriage and death certificate and other official documents relating to Harry Gooding Field.

FINCH, Reverend Rowland George (1881-1941) ›

Annotated typescripts, 1930, entitled 'The Tosephta Tractae Aboda Zara (idolatry). Text, translation and notes', 'The Law, the Prophets and the Writings. A study of the Old Testament Canon' and 'The Mishna and Tosphta Tractae Vadaim on the Washing of Hands. Text and translation of the Abendana'.

FORDYCE, George (1736-1802) ›

Papers of George Fordyce, comprising notes on his lectures on chronic diseases, 1786, and notes on his lectures on acute diseases, 1786, taken by a student, Daniel Jarvis.

FORDYCE, George (1736-1802) ›

Four manuscript volumes containing notes on the chemistry lectures of George Fordyce, taken by an unidentified student [1788]; one manuscript volume containing notes on George Fordyce's lectures on Physiology [1770].

FOXON, Professor George Eric Howard (1908-1979) ›

Papers of Professor G E H Foxon relating to the history of Guy's Hospital Medical School Biology Department, [1950-1971], comprising notes, correspondence, drafts and rough proof of his articles 'Some Teachers of Biology at Guy's Hospital and it's Medical School', 'Some Fellows of the Linnean Society and Guy's Hospital', 'The Teaching of Biology in Guy's Hospital before and after the publication of…

FRANKLIN, Alfred White (1905-1984) ›

Photocopies of letters, 1941, to Franklin replying to his enquiries about papers of Sir George Frederic Still, Consulting Physician for Diseases of Children and Emeritus Professor of Diseases of Children, King's College London; includes a newspaper cutting listing the memorial service held for Still.

FRANKLIN, Reginald George (b 1899) ›

Report to the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research entitled 'The photochemical interaction of hydrochloric and oxygen', 1924, comprising research conducted by Franklin at King's College London, under the supervision of Professor Arthur John Allmand, Professor of Chemistry, Dec 1922-Jul 1924.

FRANKS, George (fl 1827) ›

Letter from Richard Stocker, Apothecary to Guy's Hospital [1811-1834], to George Franks relating to Franks' application for the office of Apothecary to South London Dispensary, 1827.

FRAZER, Professor John Ernest Sullivan (1870-1946) ›

Papers relating to Professor John Ernest Frazer, comprising lecture notes on embryology, 1917, including sketches, taken by Percy Croad Brett, [?at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington].

FRENCH: King's College London Department of French Records ›

The records of the King's College London French Department comprise a series of personnel files of senior members of staff, 1926-1988, and a small quantity of correspondence and papers relating to student numbers and timetabling of courses, 1926-1934.


Minutes of monthly meetings, meeting papers, correspondence and annual reports of the Ladies Association and the Friends of King's College Hospital, 1955-1966; minutes of monthly meetings and annual reports the Friends of King's College Hospital (incorporating the Kingfishers), 1976-1988.

BOX LISTFRÖHLICH, Albrecht (1916-2001) ›

Papers of Professor Albrecht Fröhlich,1916-2001, reflecting his mathematical research, publications and correspondence with colleagues. Papers are divided into six sections comprising biographical papers; research papers; publications; papers relating to visits, conferences and lectures; correspondence and theses and examinations. Biographical papers include obituaries, memoirs and papers relating…

DETAILED CATALOGUEFURNIVALL, Frederick James (1825-1910) ›

Papers, 1841-1967, including: correspondence and papers relating to Furnivall's family, his inheritance and the family home, Great Fosters House, Egham, Surrey, 1865-1926; papers relating to Furnivall's university education, including notes of Professor Thomas Graham's lectures on chemistry and Professor Henry Malden's lectures on the Greek language, University College London, 1841-1842; personal accounts,…

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