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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1974-1975-519

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cxxxviii Annual Report of the Delegacy Sykes Gaunt Mattingly Essam and Elliott 'Derivation of low-temperature expansions for Ising model III Two- dimensional lattices-field grouping Math Phys 1973 Sykes Gaunt Martin Mattingly and Essam 'Derivation of low-temperature expansions for Ising model IV Two- dimensional lattices-temperature grouping Math Phys 1973 Sykes Martin and Essam Ά note on the convergence of the series expansions for the mean cluster size in random mixtures Phys Math Nucl Gen Vol 1973 Sykes and Gaunt 'Derivation of low-temperature expansions for the Ising Model with spin Phys 643-8 1973 Tait and Edwards Ά Study of 30 MeV proton inelastic scattering from isotopes of molybde- num and zinc' Nuclear Physics A203 193 1973 Thomas Sinha and Duggan 'Effective interactions in the proton optical model potential Nuclear Physics A203 305 1973 Woollam Griffiths and Clarke Ν 'Elastic and Inelastic scattering of 53 MeV helions from 144Sm Nuclear Physics A18g 321 1972 DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY Arthur Scanning electron microscope studies on the morphology of the immature stages of Amblyomma hebraeum ent Soc Sth Afr 36 63-85 1973 'The histopathology of skin following bites by Hyalomma rufipes Koch 1844 and theory on feeding by this tick ent Soc Sth Afr 36 117-24 1973 'Host and Tick relationships review Wildlife Dis 74-84 1973 'Perspectives in Pollution' English University Press in press Reviews in The International of Environmental studies with Londt 'The parasitic cycle of Boophilus decoloratus ent Soc Sth Afr 36 87-116 1973 Brown 'High frequency peaks in the cochlear microphonic response of rodents Comp Physiol 83 377-92 1973 Brown 'High levels of responsiveness from the inferior collicus of rodents at ultrasonic frequencies Comp Physiol 83 393-406 1973 'An investigation of the cochlear microphonic response of two species of echolocating bats Rousettus aegyptiacus Geoffroy and Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber comp Physiol 83 407-413 1973 with Pye 'Auditory responses to high frequencies in mammals Adv comp Physiol Biochem Academic Press 1973
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