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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1974-1975-509

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CXXV111 Annual Report of the Delegacy Brett and Gold 'Radiolytic displacement of substituent groups in benzene by hydrogen tritium Perkin II 1453 1973 Brett and Gold 'Kinetics of hydrogen isotope exchange reactions Part 22 Reactivity comparisons for series of aromatic substrates towards radiolytically generated tritium atoms in aqueous solution Perkin II 1437 1973 Caldin Crooks and O'Donnell 'Kinetics and thermodynamics of the proton-transfer reactions of 4- dinitrophenol with some amine bases in chlorobenzene studied by microwave temperature-jump apparatus Faraday 993 1973 Caldin Crooks and O'Donnell 'Kinetics and thermodynamics of hydrogen-bond formation and proton transfer in the reactions of tetrabromo-phenolphthalein ethyl ester with amine bases in chlorobenzene by microwave temperature-jump method Faraday 1000 1973 Caldin Crooks O'Donnell Smith and Toner 'Kinetics and thermodynamics of the formation of the donor-acceptor complex of tetracyanoethylene with hexamethylbenzene by micro- wave temperature-jump method Faraday 849 1972 Cattalini Coe Marsala and Rotondo 'Alcune reazioni di chelazione complessi del platino Π Acad Pelori- tana dei Pericolanti Messina 51 255 1971 Clark Hider and John 'N-Phthaloylation of chloro- and hydroxy-2-amino-acids Perkin 230 1973 Clive and Denyer 'New method for converting epoxides into olefins use of triphenyl- phosphine selenide and trifluoracetic acid Chem Comm 253 1973 Colli Η Gold and Pearson 'Deuterium isotope effects on carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra Chem Comm 408 1973 Couch and Robinson 'Cationic complexes of the platinum and coinage metals containing phosphorus donor ligands Inorg Nuclear Chem Letters 1079 1973 Crook Emsley Middleton Τ and Williams '2 -pentamethyIphosphetan acid anhydride C8HleP OP C6H16 compound with relatively unreactive Ρ-Ο-Ρ bond Phosphorus 4s 1973 Davies 'Addition reactions MTP International Review of Science Organic Chem- istry Series One Volume 10 Free Radical Reactions ed Waters 49
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