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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1974-1975-508

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Annual Report of the Delegacy cxxvii Rahman and Cowan 'Effect of light on viability of Coprinus lagopus Heredity 29 125 1972 Rao Κ Cammack Hall Johnson Thompson and Dickson 'Mossbauer spectra of Clostridium pasteurianum ferredoxin evidence for the magnetic state of iron Proc 9th International Congress of Bio- chemistry 1973 Rao Κ Evans Cammack Hall Thompson Jackson and Johnson 'Mossbauer effect in rubredoxin BiochemicalJournal 129 1063-73 972 Rao Κ Smith Cammack Evans Hall and Johnson Spectroscopic characterisation of ferredoxin from the blue green alga Microcystisflos-aquae Biochemical Journal 129 1159-62 1972 Reeves and Hall 'The stoichiometry ATP 2e ratio of non-cyclic photophosphorylation in isolated spinach chloroplasts Biochim Biophys Acta 314 66-78 1973 Rehr Bell Ε Α Janzen and Feeny Paul 'Insecticidal amino acids in Legume seeds Biochemical Systematics 63-7 973 Williams Ross and Bradbeer Studies in seed dormancy VIII The abscisic acid content of the seeds and fruits oiCorylus avellana Planta 110 303-10 1973 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Ahmad Ainscough James and Robinson 'Transition-metal complexes containing phosphorus ligands Part Triaryl phosphite derivatives of palladium II and platinum II Dalton 1148 1973 Ahmad Ainscough James and Robinson 'Transition-metal complexes containing phosphorus ligands Part 10 ori 10-Metallation reactions involving some triaryl phosphite derivatives of palladium Π and platinum II Dalton 1151 1973 Alexander and Davies 'Free-radical reactions of halogenated bridged polycyclic compounds Part 15 The reaction of methyl-lithium with some chlorine-substituted norbornenes and norbornadienes Perkin 83 1973 Brett Gold and Perez 'Kinetics of hydrogen isotope exchange reactions Part 23 Isomer distri- butions in the radiation-induced tritiation of benzene derivatives in aqueous solution Perkin II 1450 1973
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