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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1973-1974-500

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Annual Report of the Delegacy cxxvii Genini Ugo LaMonica and Robinson 'Zero-valent platinum chemistry The reactions of nitric oxide with tris- and tetrakis triphenylphosphine platinum Inorg Chim Acta 182 1972 Gold 'Enthalpy of solvation of carbonium ions Faraday 68 1611 1972 editor 'Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry' Vol Academic Press London and New York 1971 Gold and Grist 'Deuterium solvent isotope effects in methanol solution Part The general acid-catalysed reaction of cyanoketen dimethyl acctal with solvent Chem Soc 2272 1971 'Deuterium solvent isotope effects in methanol solution Part Proton transfer from 2-nitropropane and from 3-methyl-i-phenylbutyl phenyl ketone to methoxide ion Chem Soc 2282 1971 'Deuterium solvent isotope effects in methanol solution Part The solvolysis of acetic anhydride Chem Soc 2285 1971 'Deuterium solvent isotope effects on reactions involving the aqueous hydroxide ion Perkin II 89 1972 Harding Mason Robbins and Thomson Magnetic circular dichroism spectra of some nickel complexes Part The temperature dependence of the spectrum of the nickel hexaquo- ion Chem Soc 3047 1971 'Magnetic circular dichroism spectra of some nickel li complexes Part Magnetic circular dichroism of d-d transitions in octahedral nickel complexes in solution Chem Soc 3058 1971 Hey Jones and Perkins 'Internuclear cyclisation Part 27 Further studies on the aromatisation of spirocyclohexadienyl dimers Perkin 105 1972 'Internuclear cyclisation Part 28 Free radical reactions of some spiro- cyclohexadiene lactams Perkin 113 1972 Internuclear cyclisation Part 29 Oxidation of some N-methylbiphenyl- 2-carboxamides with persulphate Perkin 118 1972 'Internuclear cyclisation Part 30 The photolysis and 2-iodo-2'- -3'- and '-methoxh-N-alkylbenzanilides in benzene Perkin 1150 1972 'Internuclear cyclisation Part 31 Cyclisation of N-Alkyl-N-phenyl- carbamoyl phenyl radicals formation of cyclohexadienones and cyclo- hexadienyl iodides by scavenging of the spiro-y-lactam intermediate Perkin 1155 1972 'Internuclear cyclisation Part 32 Dienol-benzene and related rearrange- ments of some spiro-cyclohexadienol lactams Perkin 1162 1972 'The formation of N-methylbenzanilide in the decomposition of ╬Ł
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