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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1973-1974-498

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Annual Report of the Delegacy cxxv Alexander Davies Hey and in part Dome 'Free-radical reactions of halogenated bridged polycyclic compounds Part 14 The cobalt chloride-catalysed reaction of methylmagnesium iodide with io-bromo-1 7-hexachloronorborn-2-ene and related compounds Chem Soc 2367 1971 Atkinson Perkins and Ward 'Reactions of arylcyclohexadienyl radicals rearrangement versus fragmen- tation Chem Soc 3240 1971 'Formation and rearrangement of 6-diphenylbicyclo hex-2-ene Chem Soc 3247 1971 Baldwin and Walker '2 3-Sigmatropic rearrangement of nucleophilic carbenes new approach to stereospecific synthesis of carbon-carbon bonds Chem Comm 354 1972 Barr Holman and Perkins 'Absorption mode spectra simple integrator for the Varian E4 Spectrometer Chem and Ind 43 1972 Bayrakceken Fink and Nicholas 'Reactions of hydrogen atoms of high translational energy with ethane Chem Soc 2646 1971 'Threshold energy in the abstraction reaction between hydrogen atoms and ethane Chem Phys 56 1008 1972 Beddoe Harding Mason and Peart 'The chelate ring conformations of the tris trimethylenediamine cobalt III ion Chem Comm 1283 1961 Boopsingh and Satchell 'Acylation Part 35 The silver ion catalysed n-butaminolysis of 2-ethyl thiobenzoate in aqueous solutions Perkin II 1288 1972 'Acylation Part 36 The kinetics and mechanism of the alkaline hydrolysis and the n-butaminolysis of ethyl thiolbenzoate in aqueous solution Perkin II 1972 Silver ion promotion of thiol ester aminolysis Chem and Ind 426 1972 Brett and Gold 'Homolytic halogen replacement in halogenobenzenes by radiolytically formed aqueous hydrogen tritium atoms Chem Comm 1426 1971 Camaggi Holman and Perkins Ά probe for homolytic reactions in solution Part Reactions of poly- halogenomethyl radicals with nitrosobutane Perkin II joi 1972 Camaggi and Perkins Ά probe for homolytic reactions in solution Part Hindered phenols as spin traps Perkin II 507 1972
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