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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1973-1974-496

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Annual Report of the Delegacy cxxiii Hall Rao Κ and Cammack Ά stable and easily extractable ferredoxin from the blue-green alga Spirulina maxima Biochem Biophys Res Comm 47 798-805 1972 Jones and Mansfield 'Effects of abscisic acid and its esters on stomatal aperture and the transpira- tion ratio Physiol Plant 26 321-7 1972 Mansfield and Jones 'Effects of abscisic acid on potassium uptake and starch content of stomatal guard cells Planta 101 147-58 1971 Moore Studies in the vegetational history of mid-Wales III Early Flandrian pollen data from west Cardiganshire New Phytoh 71 947-59 1972 'The Influence of Post-Weichsellian Climatic Fluctuations upon Forest Composition and Development in mid-Wales Chapter II in 'Research Papers in Forest Meteorology' ed Taylor Aberystwyth 1972 'The Initiation of Peat Formation and the Development of Peat Deposits in mid-Wales Proc 4th International Peat Congress Helsinki 89-100 1972 Murray and Bradbeer 'Light-induced development of enzymes of glycollate metabolism in etiolated bean leaves Biochem 124 69-70P 1971 Palmer and Hall 'The mitochondrial membrane system Progr Biophys Mol Biol 24 125-76 1972 Passam and Palmer 'Electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation in Arum spadix mito- chondria exp Bot 23 366-74 1972 Rao Κ Johnson Cammack Evans and Hall 'EPR and Mossbauer studies on bacterial rubredoxins Abstracts of the 4th International Biophysics Congress Moscow 100-1 1972 Reeves and Hall Site of ferricyanide reduction photosystem II activity in stroma and grana lamellae of different chloroplasts Abstracts of the 6th International Congress on Photobiology Bochum 246 1972 Reeves Hall and West 'Correlation of the stoichiometry of photophosphorylation with the structural integrity of the chloroplast Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on photosynthesis research 1357-69 1972 Reeves Heathcote and Hall 'Stoichiometry of photophosphorylation basal electron transport and chloroplast structure Abstracts of the 6th International Congress on Photo- biology Bochum 284 1972
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