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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1970-1971-501

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cxxvi Annual Report of the Delegacy Powell and Hall 'Concerning the phosphinium radical cation Amer Chem Soc 1969 9L 5403 Rees and Storr 'Reactive intermediates Part IV The amination of naphtho 8-de triazine Chem Soc 1969 756 Satchell and Satchell 'Lewis acid strength and measurements Chem Comm 1969 no Quantitative aspects of the Lewis acidity of covalent metal halides and their organo derivatives Chem Reviews 1969 6g 251 'Substitution in the groups -COOH and -COOR Chapter 10 The Chemistry of the Groups -COOH and -COOR ed Patai Wiley and Co Ltd 1969 Satchell and Secemski 'The kinetics and mechanism of metal ion promoted thiol ester hydrolysis Tetrahedron Letters 1969 1991 'Acylation Part XXDC The mechanism of ester aminolysis in non- hydroxylic media and the effect of nitrogen-containing leaving groups Chem Soc 1969 130 Willhoft Ε Μ Α and Robertson 'Mass spectrometric investigation of the formation of di-imide by the catalytic decomposition of hydrazine at low pressures on platinum Mass Spectrometry ed Brymner and Penney Butterworths London 1968 161 DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY Hall 'Regional variation in the composition of Caledonian granitic rocks Proc Geol Soc Lond 1969 1654 51-4 withj Walsh Ά rapid method for the determination of fluorine in silicate rocks and minerals Anal Chim Acta 1969 45 341-2 Hancock with Donovan 'Moflusca Cephalopoda Coleoidea The Fossil Record Geol Soc Lond 1967 461-7 Howie with Smith Stephenson Α and Hey Μ 'Relations between cell dimensions chemical composition and size pre- ference of orthopyroxene Mid Mag March 1969 37 No 285 114 Howie with Chaudry Nawaz 'Axinites from the contact skarns of the Meldon aplite Devonshire England Min Mag March 1969 37 No 285 45-48
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