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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1970-1971-499

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cxxiv Annual Report of the Delegacy Coe and Slaney 'Low temperature attachment for the Unicam SP500 spectrophotometer Phys 1969 98 Crosby and Stirling 'Effects on reactivity in ElcB reactions Atner Chem Soc 1968 go 6869 Davies and Rowley 'Free-radical reaction of halogenated bridged polycyclic compounds Part IX The addition of methanethiol and bromotrichloromethane to tetrachloronorborn-2-ene and of bromotrichloromethane to some chlorine-substituted norbornadienes Chem Soc 1969 424 'The reaction of some chlorine-substituted norbornadienes and nor- bornenes with sodium thiomethoxide Chem Soc 1969 288 Davies and Parfitt 'Observations on the allylic bromination of some bridged polycyclic olefins Tetrahedron Letters 1969 293 'Free-radical addition reactions of some olefins related to bicyclo octane Chem Soc 1969 1401 Davies Done and Hey 'Aspects of the metallic halide-catalysed reaction of Grignard reagents with organic halides Part II Effect of variation in reactants Chem Soc 1969 1392 Davies Parfitt and in part Alden 'Some free-radical addition reactions of norbornene and related com- pounds Chem Soc 1969 1585 Emsley and Paddock 'Phosphonitrilic derivatives Part XVI Triphosphonitrilic and tetra- phosphonitrilic fluoride chlorides Chem Soc 1968 2590 Flowerday and Perkins Ά novel heterocyclic transformation Amer Chem Soc 1969 gi 1035 Gold 'Rule of the geometric mean its role in the treatment of thermodynamic and kinetic deuterium solvent isotope effects Trans Faraday Soc 1968 64 2770 'Kinetic studies in the H20-D20 solvent system In 'Hydrogen-bonded solvent systems' ed by Covington and Jones Taylor and Francis London 1968 295 'Protolytic processes in H20-D20 mixtures Adv Phys Org Chem 19 59 259 Edited Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry Academic Press Lon- don and New York 1969
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