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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1969-1970-497

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Annual Report of the Delegacy exxxv department of zoology Arthur Oviposition and the developing immature stages of Hyalonnna anatoli- cum anatolicum Essay in presentation volume to Prof Srivas- tava 19 pp 'The immature stages of Ixodes tatei Arthur Ixodidae Parasitology 38 165-69 'The biological problems of littoral pollution by oil and emulsifiers In The Biological Effects of Pollution in Littoral Communities Field Studies Council Symposium supplement to Vol 159-64 Different kinds of death New Scientist 37 625-7 Editorial to Quantitative Biology Eggleston English Univ Press Joint Editor Proceedings of Second Acarological Congress 1967 joint Editor with Carthy The Biological Effects of Pollution in Littoral Communities Field Studies Council Symposium supplement to Vol 244 pp with Snow The implications of size as shown in Hyaloinma anatolicum anatolicum Koch 1844 Ixodoidea Ixodidae Wiad Parazyt Poland 13 497-509 with Eichler Hoogstraal and Lachmajer 'Kritische Liste mitteleuropaischer Zeckewarten Angew Parasitol 88-97 Dawes Preface to Advances in Parasitology Vol Academic Press Inc 'Experimental fascioliasis in small mammals apparent effects of bithionol on Fasciola hepatica in rats Helminthologia 1-4 The Trematoda Cambridge University Press Re-issued 1968 Cox 'Changes in terrestrial vertebrate faunas during the Mesozoic The Fossil Record ed Harland et al London Geological Society 77-89 'Anapsida and Synapsida The Fossil Record cd Harland et ah London Geological Society 685-98 718-24 'The Chanares Argentina Triassic reptile fuana IV The dicynodont fauna Breviora Mus comp Zool Harv 2g3 1-28 'Two new dicynodonts from the Triassic Ntawere Formation Zambia Bull Brit Mus Nat Hist Geol 18 1-35 Cox 'Monocystic gregarincs of Nigerian earthworms Adelphocystis aeikincta gen nov sp now from the coelom of Keffia variabilis Clausen 1963 Parasitology 37 507-13 Ά quantitative method for measuring the uptake of carbon particles by Tetrahymena pyriformis Trans Amer micro Soc 86 261-7 'Rodent phylogeny and susceptibility to infection with the malaria para- site Plasmodium bcrghei Vincke et Lips 1948 Acta Parasit Polonica 13 61-8
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