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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1969-1970-496

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cxxxiv Annual Report of the Delegacy Joyce 'Exact results for the one-dimensional anisotropic classical Heisenberg model Phys Rev Letters 1967 lg 10 Lewis 'Mg24 Zn64 66 68 Cd144 ρ ρ ρ p' at 49-5 MeV RHEL Progress Report 1967 133 Lightowlers Collins Denham and Walsh 'Photoconductivity and thermoluminescence measurements in natural and synthetic diamond Industrial Diamond Rev September 1968 10 Martin Sykes and Hioe 'Probability of initial ring closure for self avoiding walks on the face centred cubic and triangular lattices Chem Phys 1967 46 McKenzie and Domb 'The second osmotic virial coefficient of athermal polymer solutions Proc Phys Soc 1967 g2 632 Price 'Developments in photoelectron spectroscopy Proc IV Conf Mol Sped 1968 18 Price and Lempka 'Ionization energies of HF and DF Chem Phys 1968 48 1875 Price Passmorc and Lempka 'The photoelcctron spectra and ionized states of the halogen acids Proc Roy Soc Α 1968 304 53 Rush Α Α Burge Lewis Smith Α and Ganguly Ν 'Elastic and inelastic scattering of 50 MeV protons by 24Mg Nuclear Physics 1967 A104 340 Rush Α Α and Ganguly Ν 'Mg24 ρ ρ p' at 495 MeV RHEL Progress Report 1967 131 Thomas and Burge 'Differences in proton optical parameters for pairs of isotopes RHEL Progress Report 1967 135 Watson 'Critical behaviour of boundary susceptibility and boundary tension Phys 1968 Wilkinson Study by far infra-red and Raman spectroscopy of intcrmolecular vibra- tions and forces in solids and liquids Proc IV Conf Mol Sped 1968 'Infra-red and Raman studies in molecular structure and motion in con- densed phases Proc 2nd Material Science Conf 1968 NBS publication
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