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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1969-1970-495

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Annual Report 0J the Delegacy exxxiii Chapman and Hagan Spectra of whistlers and related phenomena Proc Gen Assembly IUGG 1967 Collins and Lightowlers י Photothcrmal ionization and photo-induced tunnelling in the acceptor photoconductivity spectrum of semiconducting diamond Phys Rev 1968 171 843 Cundill Μ Α and Sherman 'Lattice sidebands of vibrational spectra and their pressure dependence Phys Rev 1968 168 1007 Dcnham Lightowlers and Dean Ultraviolet intrinsic and extrinsic photoconductivity of natural diamond Phys Rev 1967 161 762 Domb 'Thermodynamics of critical points Physics today 1968 21 Configurational studies of the Ising and Heisenbcrg models Appl Phys 1968 29 'Equation of state of ferromagnetic in the critical region Appl Phys 1968 29 'Multiple-correlation functions and scaling laws Phys Rev Letters 1968 20 25 1425 Essam and Hunter 'Critical behaviour of the Ising model above and below the critical tern- perature Phys Soc 1968 Field and Sherman 'Cyanide ion environmental perturbation when isolated in alkali halides Chem Phys 1967 47 2378 Ganguly Ν Rush Α Α Burge and Smith 'The 24Mg reaction at 50 MeV Phys 1968 208 73 Gaunt 'Hard sphere lattice gases II Plane triangular and three dimensional lattices Client Phys 1967 46 Gaunt and Domb 'The specific heat of the three dimensional Ising model below Tc Phys Solid State 1968 1962 Jones 'Atmospherics-M and radio propagation 1967 36 204 'The use of operational amplifiers in narrow-band filter systems for spectrum analysis at audio and sub-audio frequencies Electronic Engineering 1967 November
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